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"If you do not fear your own fighting power you do not deserve to wield the power you own." A motto of sort that Jallin learned from his mentor and father figure.

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a character in “Warriors of a World”, originally authored by GamerX, as played by Fatal_Flaw_Enki


Name of Country: Canifis - A country that is covered mostly by jungle and has a mountain in the center called Twin Peaks Mountain for obvious reasons. Inside the more eastern peak of Twin Peaks Mountain is an icy cave that was constructed into a castle. There is a similar cave in the western peak but this one seems to be warm inside, and this too was constructed into a castle. It is unknown as to why these two caves are so different when they are only a simple 400 feet away from one another. These two caves have a bridge that connects them, and usually only the royal family and those selected for the duty of keeping peace stay within them. Most of the land near water is a 100-400 foot cliff, although there is a bit of beach that only stretches for about 200 or so feet. Due to this low amount of water access they don't have much with fishing, but they are commonly know for supplying highly potent poisons and some of the juiciest fruit around. In this country most residents have only known other natives or the rare tourist that hires a guide to safely take them around the dangerous jungle. There are some merchant cities scattered along the boarder of this country and the others were many of the fruits, furs clothes, and intricate wood workings can be found for reasonable prices. As far as wealth goes Canifis is not the richest but by no means is it the poorest country around.

Name of Character: Jallin; has abandoned his last name for reasons he tends to keeps secret.
Physical Description: Jallin stands at 5' 10" and has a slim figure that is definitely well toned. Jallin spent most of his life training in the eastern cave of Canifis and his skin shows signs of this originally being a light peach color that had darkened slightly and has a yellow tinge to it. It is rare to see Jallin with more than a light clothing in even heavy blizzards. Jallin's icy blue eyes match his outfit he uses for every occasion. This outfit is entirely light blue; the top piece being a sleeveless vest with a stiff high top collar with metal adorning the tips. Leading from the bottom of this top are two triangular sections that have an intricate interlace of chain on them followed by four tassels arranged in a square about in the middle of the triangular pieces. Just below the tassels is a piece of ribbon that forms a spiral design. The bottoms are pants that stop in the middle of Jallin's shins and is close fitting to his body but highly flexible to allow easy movement. These bottoms are a solid light blue with a sapphire blue trim at the bottom edge. When attending more formal gatherings Jallin wears a matching jacket that is quite thin with white fur lining the edges excluding the bottom which ends slighlt lower than Jallin's bottoms. The cuffs of the jacket are also void of the white fur but are instead made with sapphire blue material. The design on the cuffs resembles that of two calla lilies with the tips opposite of each other. From the edge of the cuff to the smallest length of the inverted fabric is 3 inches. Embedded in the intricate sewing design on the cuff is a single ruby on each cuff opposite of the palm side. Jallin's hair is a muddy green that seems to turn icy blue if the light hits it just right. His hair reaches just below his eyes in the front, to his shoulder on the sides and a small bit in the back that reaches his hips is pulled into a loose ponytail held by a metal clamp with an inch space to the base of his head.

Personality: Jallin has known little else other than training, combat, and the meetings he is sent to. When it comes to romance Jallin doesn't feel it as something worth looking at even for a moment. He doesn't even think of love, and many would say it is not in his vocabulary. However, this doesn't mean he is a cold, heartless man as he would rather have peace than war. Jallin also would aid anyone he trusts, but if you betray him or he is not fond of you he won't hesitate to tell you so. Due to Jallin's high intellect most people prefer to befriend him, otherwise they will soon find out why he has very little enemies.

+Kind people
+Sparring with others (Jallin claims it is one of the best ways to get to know another fighter.)
-Senseless fighting
-Useless wars

Weapon of Choice:
Scythe - This scythe is unique as it is made from diamond with a bat wing shape with small (one inch) spikes on the outer side of blade. This design allows for both shredding and cutting. The handle of the scythe is five feet long and has groves down the whole thing for a good grip and to hide the hidden weapons within it. This was made within the eastern peak's castle is clear other than the handle due to the light reflecting through it.

Other weapons:
Kodachi - This kodachi is also made from pure diamond and is located in the lower part of the scythe, using the scythe's long handle as the scabbard. The kodachi has no hand guard so that it can easily be concealed in the scythe's handle without notice. Unlike most kodachi this one does not have a curve to the blade. The handle makes up two feet and six inches of the scythe's handle. The handle is made the same as the scythe. At times Jallin will use both the sword and the scythe at once when in combat. This was made within the eastern peak's castle is clear other than the handle due to the light reflecting through it.

Twin daggers - One of these daggers is hidden like the sword, making up eight inches of the sword's handle. The other dagger is in a scabbard made from diamond and is on Jallin's hip. Both of these daggers are made from diamond, but are different colors due to being made in separate places. The one within the sword/scythe has the same look as the kodachi other than size. The one in the scabbard is black (same with the scabbard) and has the same look as its twin. The scabbard has the same texture as the handle to the black dagger, which is the same as the scythe's handle.

Note: It is said that the reason the diamond has different colors is the same reason for the two caves being different, which is still undiscovered.

General Demeanor: Jallin's every movement is graceful and each has a reason for happening. Not a single motion he does is wasted, if there is not a reason for him to move a body part then it won't move. Jallin also makes use of every body part regardless of how odd it may seem; even his chin, elbows, shoulders, ect, each are used at some point in and out of combat.

Other Hobbies and Interests: Jallin has taken a liking to philosophy as he trained, seeing that it aids in calming his mind in times of high stress. He also gets a good deal of exercise from parkour and free climbing.

Background: Jallin was abandoned only days after he was born in front of the icy cave in the mountains of Canifis. No one even knows anything of his real parents as there was nothing but a note that read 'Please take care of Jallin. I am sure he will become a powerful asset to the country.' With that the people that lived in the cave took him in and raised him to be a strong fighter. They let him know that he was found in front of the cave as a baby and told that it was likely that his parents were dead. This didn't seem to phase him, presumably because he never was able to form a connection with them. Jallin was raised as a warrior and when he was seven years of age they tested him to how much magical potential he held. The results were that the most he could do was general things that would be able to even hold a candle to the fights he would be sent into. Due to this he was placed with the fighter Horan, who was at the time the best fighter of all Canifis. Over time Jallin started to match Horan in fighting prowess and even surpassed him. Horan was happy to see this as the man saw Jallin as a son and Jallin saw Horan as a father. At the age of 25 Jallin took over as the representative of Canifis in the warrior's section of the meeting he was sent to. In celebration to taking over Jallin was rewarded with his own personally made weapon set to take around with him where he wanted as a sign that he was a warrior of Canifis. Jallin is in his third year now and seems to know how things go quite well despite being so new to things. Then again Jallin always was a fast learner and learning how things go on around the meetings was a simple task for him to accomplish.

So begins...

Jallin's Story