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Sarka Ni'ra

"You are such a lovely little flower, yes you are... You grow nice and strong now you hear?" -chuckles

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a character in “Warriors of a World”, as played by Enkisama


Age: 21
Type: Fey
Height: 4’ 9”
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Bobbed, frames the face and very straight. Very fair hair that it is almost a glistening white like snow.
Eyes: Large ovals of deep blue, dark like the night sky, but have a glow about them to make it seem like there is a light behind them to cause them to stand out even more.
Description: Her skin is warm, almost oak wood colored, as if someone had cut into the tree. She has a small frame and delicate look about her, some mistake her to be a small ten year-old child, when she in her culture is considered and elder woman. Most people in Artemidoros only live to see their 30th season. She wears a small slimming white dress that if it was any lighter people could see through it. Her staff is almost always in her hand, she holds it dear to her.


Very shy, much like a little child who does not know what is going on. She is often mistaken as a child not only because of her looks but her personality as well. She listens to everyone before speaking and finds interest in everything around her. She often becomes distracted and will even stare off at times not hearing what others have to say to her. When she speaks it is very soft, and surprises most because she more knowledgeable than she comes off to be. At times she will move through the forest like a happy little child.
Does not like to fight unless she absolutely has to, when she does she often puts people into her dream state so that she has an advantage, but if she is fighting on her own without her power she goes by the defense, wearing her opponent out before striking them with her staff. She sways in her movements, almost like watching a dancer glide across the dance floor.
Hobbies/ Interests:
Loves almost anything that moves, or doesn’t move, she just likes to further her own knowledge on the land around her. She enjoys being outside the most because of her home land, and stays quiet so that she can listen to what the land has to say to her.


Carries a beautifully carved white staff from some of the rare Alker trees in Artemidoros, the top wraps around a very rare stone that is so light blue it too almost looks white.
Feeling people’s emotional state and being able to tap into their memories with a touch of her hand, which is why she wears gloves. She also can put everyone in a very real dream state when fighting, but it will seem so real, basically kills people in their sleep. She can also summon small ghost like creatures or plants to her side if she wishes.


As all the Fey people are born by the land in Artemidoros, so was Sarka. She does not have a mother or father, but does claim to have two parental figures, humans, who live in Artemidoros’ lower cities. She meets them during her travels through the woods, and became fond of them both. They love her like she was their own daughter, event though, due to her species, she’ll die off quicker than they. When she turned ten, she was drafted into Dream Core, a group of Fey with similar dream state powers as herself to help protect the forest from outsiders during the threat.

Even though most Fey do not stay in contact with anyone in the lower cities, she would often visit them and through their high status met with the king of the land Faidor. Her ties with both the human world and the Fey world was of great interest to the king because other fey would not associate with the people of the Lower Cities. She was then consider a high social status among both species because she was able to communicate with both, and was eventually sent to the island to make peace with the other countries on request.

So begins...

Sarka Ni'ra's Story


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The wind began to spin around madly as the new form hit the barrier. It cooled the flaming water enough to allow the ice barrier to increase in size. Soon the barrier was larger and the wind was moving more rapidly as if angered by the intrusion trying to destroy it. Elyshia felt the barrier react to the next attack and was pleased that her new toys were doing their job to keep her and her new friends inside instead of falling apart so easily. Her arms relaxed for a moment and before Sarka could say another word to Keizer, the woman had her arms wrapped around the fae. Rashad, on the other side of the barrier watched, the woman was phasing through the barriers so quickly that one moment she wanted to question him and Narik'ta and the next she was holding onto a hostage.

"Does she have the power to do such things?" Rashad asked Narik'ta. Turning his gaze over to his sister who was stilling holding onto her blades. She did not often pull them out unless she was angry or felt threatened by something. "I do hope we manage to get out of here before the girls rip one another apart." He mumbled, summoning a dragon to his side that held fire powers. He turned large ruby swirled with ebony dragon toward the barrier and soon fires were eating up their cell. The wind great in size though, blowing out the fire before it could touch the icy core. "She's smart..." Rashad stated.


Sarka's body froze when Elyshia's arms wrapped around her, and her nose snuggled into the girl's neck. She took in a deep breath and then opened her crimson-eyes to study Keizer. "She smells so good, like a forest in blossom." Elyshia whispered, but did not let the girl go. The Fae stood still, keeping her eyes on the barrier, before turning her attention to Cain, who was doing some type of sadistic power to drain the barriers out. Sarka only hoped that the demon was successful enough to free them so that they had a better chance against this demonic woman. "Her heart is so big for you, yet you still manage to lie to her. Don't you?" her voice brougth Sarka's attention back to Kezier and the woman holding her tightly in her arms. "She doesn't know what you did to her people while you were Cain, or the woman you two both cared for only to bring pain to the demon and yourself in the end. Am I wrong?" she asked.

"Keizer..." Sarka spoke, her voice soft because of the hold the woman had around her throat. "Keizer.... kill her..." She pleaded, then remembered the symbol he had handed her earlier. She wondered what it was for but lifted it up enough to put it close to Elyshia, hoping something would happen.


Anya listened to Salvia for a moment. Her blades began to disappear and she nodded. "You're right." They had no personal problems with one another. This woman had not personally killed her friends, though they were at war with one another. In all she didn't even know who the woman had killed and couldn't hold her accountable for them. She glanced around the barrier and saw her brother trying desperately to escape. His fire kept being put out by the barrier when she noticed it faulter. Soon the barrier's winds were dying down. The fire slowly starting to melt through the ice. That was when she noticed Cain sucking in the power of the barrier. "It seems we won't be in here much longer."


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Keizer Shosolas Character Portrait: Sarka Ni'ra Character Portrait: Anya Anais Character Portrait: Salvia Character Portrait: Narik'ta Character Portrait: Elyshia Paleheart
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Elyshia began to melt away, her body shifting into water before running away. Soon her voice wrapped around the group. "Don't think I wasn't expecting you two destroy my giants. You've taught me well Keizer, to not let my personal being be right there with my enemies, it could cause us both problems." Her laughter echoed through the forest, and started to fade out as if she were magically throwing her voice from a totally different direction.

Sarka glanced over at Salvia, who was now standing with her staff aimed at Keizer, instead of the woman who was once there. The fae then turned her eyes over to Cain and the rest of the group for only a moment before turning away without any words and walking back toward the house. Anya allowed her weapons to fall at her sides as she moved closer to Cain and Keizer then watched the young woman leave without a sound. The girl didn't even run to Keizer with thanks for helping her, or said anything to Salvia who had shown up to protect her as well.

"Odd," she mumbled, staring at the fae then returning her gaze to Keizer. "So we know now that she learns from what she sees, for sure. And her main element is water and ice."

"Which means fire is a weakness, like Cain had mentioned before our little run in with the witch." Rashad stated, gliding past Narik'ta and standing beside his sister. "But we don't know what abilities she can learn and which abilities she can not. It would best that we don't show our powers until we are sure we can capture and kill the woman." He took in a deep breath just as the dragon climbed back onto his face and became the black tattoo that wrapped around his right eye.