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Warriors: The Chosen and the Willing

Warriors: The Chosen and the Willing


ForageClan and WoodClan rule these forests, but recently not everything has been under their control. Cats have been disappearing. Now it's up to three warriors, two chosen and one willing, to find out why.

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Please Note: This RP is semi-almost-completely-closed. Character have pretty much been decided upon in the interest check, but there will likely be need for a fourth player at a later date! (Although I’m sure anyone interested have completely forgotten about us by then ;D)



Plot Overview

Many generations ago, when those who are now elders were still unborn, it is said that StarClan sent a message to the medicine cat of Forageclan. “Do not kill.” The rustle of birds and the squeak of mice backed their command. Since then, a new tension has come between the clans of Forage and Wood and the once peaceful cats of each have come to distrust their neighbors. Those of ForageClan accuse WoodClan cats of being thirsty for lesser blood and suspect them of turning a deaf ear to StarClans' cries. To a ForageClan cat, those of WoodClan are savages, lawless and full of aggression. WoodClan cats also view their fellow clan cats through tinted eyes. To them, Forageclan is a once-proud clan of fallen warriors who, too weak to hunt for their own food, have stooped to eating Twoleg trash and crow food. They’re a disgrace to the warrior-kind and to StarClan itself. But for now… Perhaps their differences are not the most important thing. Perhaps one of the few things that unite them will bring them together once and for all.


You see, for two moons now, cats have been vanishing from the forest. The culprits, whomever they may be, have attacked blindly. Some were of WoodClan and others, though notably fewer, have been of ForageClan. A total of thirteen have been lost. Thirteen too many.

The attackers have left no signs of who, or what, they are. Only warrior blood and a stench so strong it could make a seasoned warriors’ stomach curl. They don’t even leave the body. And now, following the silent disappearance of two WoodClan warriors witnessing their first vigil, the clans are becoming extremely nervous. How can they send warriors out to hunt if they’ll only be killed? Can they make it to, and through, Leaf-Bare like this? Are even their camps safe?

Most warriors, being the brave clan cats that they are, push these doubtful thoughts from their minds. These were not questions! At least, not ones worth considering. Of course they would hunt, and forage. It was their duty. And so long as they were hunting, how would they not make it through Leaf-Bare? The season could be harsh, there was no denying that fact, but they’d always done it before.
The new warriors’ disappearances, though, made one fact concrete. No, their camps were not safe. And so long as those weren’t, no cat could be.

But now came the true question. How can they protect themselves? No one had seen the attackers, or heard them, and all they had to go on is their smell. It wasn’t that of foxes, or badgers, or even coyotes. And regardless of what it was, the scent ended at the Star Trails’ tide. It was then that StarClan saw fit to intervene. It was in those moments when each clan realized that they couldn’t do it alone that StarClan saw fit to bring them together.

To ForageClan, a direction straight from Silverpelt itself. A two tipped flock of geese, headed due east. Towards the Star Tunnel. That was where they must go. And to WoodClan? The knowledge of those who must follow that direction. A orange tabby, known for her calm spirit but also for her disfigurement, and a great warrior as watchful and intimidating as a Hawk. But not everything goes exactly as planned. Emotions that StarClan may or may not have expect do still exist and another warrior, young but destined to prove herself, would join their ranks. Together, the chosen and the willing would save them all. Or so they hope…


Now, when the moon is at its’ fullest, the clan cats are gathering once again at Twolegs’ Wheel. But this is a Gathering unlike any a cat, apprentice or elder, has ever seen. Everyone is there. Kits, Queens, and Elders, in addition to the expected Warriors and Apprentices in training, are all in attendance. This break from tradition is not on mere whim, but because it’s the only way anyone is safe. Even when the threat is unknown, strength can be found in numbers.

And so, with every clan cat before them, the medicine cats of Forage and Wood will share what precious little they know. From there the choice lies with two cats, one of ForageClan and one of WoodClan. Will they accept, leaving everything they’ve ever known behind for a kittens’ step of a chance, or will they decline this great responsibility, condemning every cat they’ve ever known to a nameless, faceless death?

Perhaps it’s not really a choice after all. Perhaps it’s destiny.


And there it is. Our warriors’ great quest!

I’m not going to bother posting rules, I’m pretty sure all of us know what’s expected in and from a literate roleplay, but there are several things related specifically to this roleplay!

Firstly, there’s going to be a ‘place’ called the Infocenter where map information (I finally got it down to a reasonable size!) and Allegiances will be located. As in the book, the latter is basically going to be a list of all clan cats (The Leader, the Deputy, the Medicine Cat, Warriors, Apprentices, Queens, Kits and Elders.) within each clan. Well, not all of them . Only those that are actually mentioned would be included. For example, in one of the first moments of roleplay the Medicine Cats of each clan will be speaking. As everyone (or at least those from their clan) is likely to known their name, they would be added to their clans’ roster. This would be mostly for the sake of continuity! After all, it wouldn’t make much sense if, the next time we see them, their fur color had changed or they’d switched genders! The descriptions wouldn’t be long, likely a sentence or less, and it’d be really helpful if you could create and post one each time you specifically mention a cat!

Example: Bluestar- Blue-gray she-cat, tinged with silver around her muzzle.
Whitestorm- Big white tom.

And that’s about all there is to it! If this system turns out to be too messy, or just a complete waste of space, then we can always abandon it.

Secondly, please be sure to make a post in the OOC when you submit your clan cat! Something to the affect of “I have arrived” would be great, I just want to make sure we all have the Out of Character in our ‘My Posts’ feed incase anything needs to be discussed!

And finally, don’t be afraid to speak up. If someone’s kitty is being some kind of ‘macho-ninja-tiger’ or a plot bit makes absolutely no sense, tell them/me! Also, I know you don’t know exactly what’s going on, but any ideas or suggestions you may have are desperately needed. Cus’ I’m not exactly sure either ;D (I’ve got the destination, and several possible points along the way, but there’s still quite a bit of empty space that needs to be filled!)

When creating your clan cat (Or submitting him/her if you’ve already done so) be sure to include both a description and, if possible, a picture. These don’t have to be independent of each other, your description can be fairly simple as it’s basically a supplement of the image, but be sure to include any differences. I’d prefer if you avoid “Looks like this but..”, but it’s really up to you. Also, be sure to mention any important ‘relationships’ your cat has with others of their clan, and (If applicable) those outside it. They haven’t spawned from nothingness after all. There must be some cats who’ve been a part of their life, even if they’re not especially close to them.
Some possible relations might be…

  • A friend or blood relative within the clan
  • A living mentor
  • A loved one who has moved on into Silverpelt
  • Any cat they really just don’t like

This section doesn’t have to be novel length, but a paragraph or two would be nice. I think it’d provide a nice ‘Slice of clan life’ from that cats’ perspective!

And that’s about all! There may be more in the future but, unless there’s anything that desperately needs to be added/changed, I suggest we hop into roleplaying as soon as possible!

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Stars, each a clan ancestor long gone from this world, dot the pitch sky. Though each cat must travel a distance to get where they’re going, no one is weary and no one feels lost. The guiding light of the full moon reveals their path.

The pale light, so different from the unnatural yellow that shines from Upwalker places, filters down through the leafs of WoodClan’s great forests and lights entire sections of the ForageClan trail.

Each clan must make a very different trek to get there. ForageClan goes north from their camp, slip under the Thunder Stream bridge, and skirt the banks of the Star Trail until Kitfoot Pass is in sight. Here they turn, and go west until they reach the rim of a rounded ditch. WoodClan, on the other hand, travels a path reminiscent of a flying bird. Down from their camp to Kitfoot Pass, across the Star Trail, and westward again until they too reach the ditch’s rim. Here both clans descend into their final destination. Twoleg’s Wheel. This place, a perfectly round hole in the ground, is where the clans converge every full moon, at peace, to discuss whatever is at the front of their minds. At this Gathering, it’s the disappearances. Thirteen cats, gone, and now StarClan has chosen to step in.

And tonight, the Wheel is more packed than ever. Every cat is here, from the oldest Elder to the Youngest kit, because no one is safe alone. Not even in camp.

There’s a sense of apprehension in the air, as if every cat is now awaiting attack, but also of eagerness. A single sniff would tell you that even those who don’t know what’s about to be revealed are excited to find out. Chatter fills the level pit, louder than ever before, and cats greet their cross clan acquaintances and friends. The pit is positively saturated with the scent of cat. Apprentices and kits, many of whom have never even attended a gathering, can’t help but run wild, sparring and yowling, completely overcome by the sheer thrill of being surrounded by so many cats.

Above it all, the moon rises higher still in the sky. Not a cloud mars it’s light, StarClan clearly wants this gathering to happen.

Eventually, the clan cat’s chatter dwindles off and six cats, the leaders of WoodClan and ForageClan, Nettlestar and Jaystar, their deputies, Bluecoat and Lionheart, and the clan Medicine Cats, Mossclaw and Brindlepelt, climb the Center Stone. In unison, the leaders call their clans to attention, their yowls echoing all about Twoleg’s Wheel. Their control is absolute. Every cat falls silent and no one can help but wonder… What will they say next?


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#, as written by Music
Sunpelt was certainly one of those cats who was aware of the apprehension in the air. The moonlight took on a sinister air to her eyes, especially in light of the one whom it now represented. Moonstep. Her quiet, reserved, loving brother. Gone. Dead or vanished.

The young tabby warrior hunched beneath the Center Stone, tail curled at her feet like a chain. Her green eyes, normally dulled after Moonstep's death, were exceptionally bright tonight. Tonight was a night for answers. Nettlestar and Jaystar would explain what they would do in light of the recent events. Mossclaw and Brindlepelt would enlighten the cats as the StarClan's guidance.

Skyclaw, her old mentor, walked up, accompanied by Tawnynose and a ForageClan cat. Her heart jumped a bit, even in grief, at the presence of the slightly older Tawnynose, who nudged her affectionately - in friendship - on the shoulder. "We'll figure out what's happened," he mewed, uncertain of how to comfort his friend. Skyclaw looked on introspectively. Her grey role-model's tail flicked uncomfortably; the ForageClan was clearly one of the more important ones.

She replied, "I know we will. But that doesn't change that he's gone. All of them are." She felt selfish for believing for that she was lucky for only losing one cat that she had known well. The entire situation was filled with pain and sadness.

But most importantly, vengence. Sunpelt truly desired only one thing: to find the thing that had torn her brother from her and make it suffer. Die.

"Well, I suppose that I'd better go," mewed the ForageClan cat unexpectedly. Sunpelt turned to him, uncertain. But then he leapt up to Center Stone, along with the other Clan leaders. Oh. That explains that. She still wasn't sure who the ForageClan cat was, but he was one of the important cats in ForageClan. Just then, their yowls echoed from the trees around Twoleg's Wheel, ricocheting off every cat, who fell silent at their call to listen. Sunpelt was sure that there had never been a more important Clan Gathering in the history of WoodClan and ForageClan. She sat on her haunches at the foot of the Center Stone, alongside Tawnynose and Skyclaw, prepared for whatever the leaders had to tell their Clans.


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Twoflower and Mossclaw arrived at the gathering very near the end of the pack. WoodClan’s medicine cat, also her brother, had slowed his step to keep pace with her and, though she valued the company, she couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed. Even now, kits, queens, and Elders filtered into the pit around them. At the north-east lip of Twoleg’s Wheel, Twoflower stopped and mewed something to her brother.

“You don’t need to wait for me next time Mossclaw. I’ll be just fine by myself, and I’m sure the leaders would’ve liked to talk to you.” In truth, the apprenticehood desire to not be treated like a kit had found its way to the surface. It’s not like she couldn’t run, but it often hurt to put continual stress on her twisted feet.

Still, fourteen toes or otherwise, she was just as much a warrior as anyone else. She would deal with it, and she’d keep quiet about it too. Mossclaw simply blinked at her.

“Yes, well… I thought you might not want to be left alone with the kits and elders this time. As deserving of respect as Beavertail is, his stories do get old…”

At this, Twoflower gave a small mewl of laughter. She wouldn’t have minded being back with the kits, not at all, but Beavertail’s stories… He was right about those.

“Mrrr! Like the one about Longtail and-“They spoke in unison now, “The battle for Kit’s Foot Pond!” Now both siblings, the only survivors of a litter of three, ‘Mr-owed’ at their memories of the old cat’s story.

In reality though, Twoflower admitted, that was quite an important victory. It was the day we won back the eastern shore from ForageClan paws. She looked to her brother. We weren’t even born yet.

Reveling in Mossclaw’s laughter, it was a stiff but pleasant baritone she rarely got to hear, Twoflower looked up into the stars. Brightpaw was up there somewhere, sharing in this moment from his spot in Silverpelt.

Thank you. She thought. Even among the killings and disappearances, horrible occurrences that were at the front of every cat’s mind, she knew she had to be grateful for this moment. It was so uncommon for her and Mossclaw to connect like this, to be almost completely at ease. Most of their conversations were short and detached, and ended in ‘Yes Mossclaw’ or ‘No Twoflower’. She was unsure what had forced this change, even temporarily, to her brother’s normally brooding and moody demeanor. She pondered this for a moment. It couldn’t be the message from StarClan, could it? What message would make him act like this, walking with her, even sticking around long enough to hear a joke?

Had they been warned of more deaths?

As his laughter died, silence fell between the cats. Together, they looked down upon Twoleg’s Wheel. Most of the cats she recognized sat or stood in groups, trying their best to predict what the clan leaders and medicine cats would have to say, but a few shared tongues with cats from WoodClan.

Those bonds must be very strong to whether all our differences, to withstand all the violence. Twoflower noted. I don’t think I could ever befriend a ForageClan cat. They’re too unstable, picking and choosing what codes to uphold… The fifteenth law, “I will reject the soft life of a kittypet”, came to mind.

With a quick shake of her head, Twoflower banished these thoughts from her mind and search the crowds below for her apprentice, Lilypaw. Twoflower hadn’t made the white she-cat walk with her, she knew that a comfortable pace for her would be several steps behind that of a young cat bursting with so much enthusiasm and energy, but she did want to make sure she’d arrived okay. Call it maternal instinct. Catching the eye of the snowy apprentice, she was play-fighting with a WoodClan friend, Twoflower gave her a nod. The site of young cats at play yanked her longing for kits to the surface. It was one she usually kept at the back of her mind, behind her responsibilities as a warrior and loyalty to her clan, and Twoflower tried her best not to indulge it. Returning her attention to Mossclaw, she now spoke to him not as her brother, but as WoodClan’s medicine cat.

“Mossclaw, has StarClan revealed anything truly important? Will it really save us?” Instead of answering, Mossclaw looked into the round pit. His eyes seemed to find rest on another cat, a large tabby from ForageClan. His gaze hovered there, on a cat she was certain he had never met, for several moments. Then the leader’s yowl, a call from Nettlestar and Jaystar to begin the meeting, rang about the Wheel.

“It is. And I think it will.” Then Mossclaw dipped his head, and ran down the slope in leaps and bounds until he reached the base of the Center Stone. As WoodClan’s medicine cat began to climb, Twoflower abandoned her place at the Wheel’s rim and took her spot among the other cats.

Though Greypad greeted her with a welcoming tongue, the disfigured warrior could barely take her eyes off Mossclaw to reply.


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Hawkfrost padded into the gathering, following behind his sister, Amberpelt. She was, as usual, ahead of brother as they walked. She was smaller than he was, and could run much more quickly. And she had no apprentice at her side. But all the same, her pace slowed as they reached the gathering and Hawkfrost came to her side. "Tonight, we will find out what we are to do." She remarked, turning her large green eyes on Hawkfrost. He mewed back at her, nodding his head. He opened his mouth to speak, but was quickly interrupted by a little voice at his side.

"Hawkfrost! Hawkfrost! I want to go over there." Darkpaw said, looking at his mentor excitedly. He was young still, and it was only his second gathering. And yet it was perhaps the most important gathering that he would attend in his life. Darkpaw, however, was not paying attention to the tension in the air. He was looking at a group of WoodClan apprentices, mingling with a few of the ForageClan apprentices. They were playing easily, the WoodClan and ForageClan youngsters showing off their newly acquired skills. He could hear fetches of their conversations; "Look what my mentor taught me!" or "I'm the fastest in my clan." The normal fare for apprentices to talk about at a gathering. Even though they were gathered together for a grave reason, some apprentices still couldn't hold back the urge to show off. Hawkfrost looked at Darkpaw, who was sitting attentively at his side, but he knew that the young cat did not want to be there. He looked up at his mentor with pleading eyes, until Hawkfrost nodded.
"Very well. But return as soon as she begin the meeting." He said to his over eager apprentice. Darkpaw was gone before Hawkfrost had even finished his sentence.

"He is such an exuberant young cat." Amberpelt commented with laughter in her voice. She flicked her tail easily as she looked around at the gathering. "Do you think they know what it is yet? And what they will do about it?" She asked her brother intently. Hawkfrost looked at her, his claws kneading into the ground.
"I don't know. I thought I heard something about Brindlepelt receiving a sign. But I don't fully understand it. This is too much." Hawkfrost replied, dipping his head to the ground. He had only heard whisperings among his clan, and that was not very much. He was sure that it would be revealed tonight, what else could such a large and prominent gathering be about. He raised his head again, and a cat's eyes on his pelt caught his attention. It was the WoodClan's medicine cat, Mossclaw. He was talking to another, a warrior that Hawkfrost did not know the name of, only that her feet were twisted on the right side. But Mossclaw's eyes were firmly set on Hawkfrost as he spoke. The large tabby flicked his tail, feeling uncomfortable with the stare. Surely he had done nothing to receive such a look?

Hawkfrost flicked his eyes back to his sister, who had not noticed the wondering medicine cat's eyes. And then all at once, the clan leaders, deputies, and medicine cats were beginning to assemble. The meeting was to begin now. He felt Darkpaw wonder back to his side quickly as she hush fell across all the cats. It was the moment that they all had been waiting for. It was time to determine what was to be done about their desperate situation.


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Jaystar, leader of ForageClan, cleared his throat as an electric hush settled around Twoleg’s Wheel. After locking eyes with Nettlestar, apparently seeking consent to speak first at the meeting, the large fluffy cat stepped forward.

“All cats of ForageClan and WoodClan, welcome.” The leader’s voice was deep and hearty, reassuring. Without a twitch or nervous movement, the stocky cat continued. “Our way of life is in danger. Clan cats have been disappearing and we are yet to find out why. There have been no true signs of an attacker, but-“Some cat’s patience, or perhaps their courage, snapped and a vicious yowl broke across the clearing.

“We know! Get on with it!” Several hisses of agreement backed their call. A second cat, a muscled ForageClan tom, shot up from his feet as their jeers rang about the pit.

“Silence WoodClan dirt! Listen when a great leader speaks!” Fur raised, and thick growls passes between the two cats. Almost instantly, clan cats of both sides jumped to their feet to defend their fellow warriors. Twoleg’s Wheel was quickly split between the two clans, ForageClan on the right and WoodClan on the left. Elders shifted from their spots, some standing to defend their clan and others simply curling inward to escape the angry cries. Kits hid behind their mother’s legs, and apprentices kneaded the ground with uneasiness and excitement.

“Kittypet!” Spat the WoodClan tom. “Does eating Upwalker garbage make you feel brave? No wonder ForageClan’s been left so alone, no true predator would waste their time!”

“Bite your tongue you murderous, worm-brained-“ Suddenly, a dark shadow passed over the clearing.

“QUIET!” The bellow, louder than all other voices combined, rained down on the tense cats. A shocked silence spread over the crowds like wild fire. WoodClan’s lithe leader, Nettlestar, stepped to the edge of the Center Stone. Though his voice carried, strong and sure, it was no louder than if he were speaking to a cat right in front of him. “Look skyward clan cats, see what StarClan thinks of your childish bickering.” He gave them a short moment to do so, looking straight forward as he waited. A tide of worry broke across the clearing, and muted whispers began flitting from cat to cat. The moon, which previously lit all of Twoleg’s Wheel, was gone. Obscured by a thick blanket of black cloud.

“Now, return to your seats.” Nettlestar, so confident that he was in complete control, turned without waiting to see the cats comply. Next he spoke to Jaystar, barely bothering to lower his voice. “The time for formalities is over Jaystar. The medicine cats will speak now.” The black leader stalked to the back of the Center Stone without another word, completely ignoring the slightly raised fur of Lionheart, the ForageClan deputy. Then the clan medicine cats, only slightly thrown off by the quick change in schedule, moved the forefront, their strides as wise and proud as the cats of LionClan.

After exchanging a nod with Mossclaw, Brindlepelt spoke first. “Clan cats, as you well know, StarClan has chosen to speak to both Mossclaw and myself on the grave matters at hand. Though what they’ve chosen to share may seem unintelligible at first, we have determined that this is because we are meant to work together. In order to save ourselves, we must share our answers.” Where the sweet voice of the speckled she-cat broke off, Mossclaw continued.

“To myself, StarClan has shown the path. A great, two-tipped flock of geese flew over head as I made my trek to the Star Tunnel. We believe that this, the east, is the direction from which our attackers have come. But this fact is rendered useless without Brindlepelt’s own realization.” The WoodClan medicine cat looked to the other, prompting her to continue. For only a second, a spark of regret twinkled in the tom’s eye.

“I, medicine cat of ForageClan, have received a dream of those who must follow that path. Two Warriors, each chosen by StarClan to fulfill this task. To help save our clans.” Brindlepelt paused, half expecting the other cats to erupt in another frenzy of words, but all eyes were on her. All mouths were locked tightly shut.

As the thick clouds above slowly drifted from the moon, bathing the Center Stone in silver light, Brindlepelt and Mossclaw spoke together. Their voices, deep baritone and gentle soprano, mixed like the verses of a queen’s nursery song.

“Of ForageClan, a tom. Hawkfrost. And of WoodClan, a she-cat. Twoflower. These cats, known for their bravery, loyalty, focus, and strength are the one’s chosen by StarClan to meet this great challenge. These Warrior’s paws are now forever entwined with the destiny of our clans.”

Twoleg’s Wheel had never been louder than it was in the moments that followed, but, as the leaders of ForageClan and WoodClan beckoned the chosen from the pit, it’s unlikely that that fact was anywhere near the front of their minds at all.

Not far from Twoleg’s Wheel, a small clearing waits. It is here that Hawkfrost and Twoflower, and anyone else who might be listening, will receiving their instructions…


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Hawkfrost mewed his approval when Jaystar stepped forward. He listened to his opening words with respect, his head bowed slightly as he did so. "We know! Get on with it! The angry cry from the other cat made Hawkfrost jerk his head up suddenly. His blue eyes narrowed on the cats, and a small hiss escaped his lips. None in ForageClan would have been so rude to speak out amongst the WoodClan leader at a gathering. His hair rose along his back slightly, and he to jumped to his feet. He could see Amberpelt at his side, her fur also raised as she let out a mew in protest, but held her tongue as well. Darkpaw, on the other hand, did not.
"Those stinking murdering-" The young apprentice began. He had jumped to his feet, and it was almost comical the way he looked. His hair was puffed out on all ends, his tail nearly twice the size of his body, and he was spitting in anger.
"Hold your tongue, Darkpaw." Hawkfrost scolded his apprentice, with a look that instantly silenced the younger cat. Hawkfrost turned his attention back to the two fighting cats, and he was about to walk toward them, to break up their ridiculous fighting when the yowl of Nettlestar silenced everyone.

Hawkfrost followed the leader's advice, and looked up to the sky. He lay his ears back against his head as he noticed the newly obscured moon. He dropped his head back down, sitting back once more on his haunches and blinked, kneading the ground with his claws once more. Gatherings were supposed to be the one time that the clans could come together peacefully. And while they usually agreed for a while, it was never long before one clan got on another. It was a disappointment to Hawkfrost, that even in this grave situation, there were still cats who would pick a fight over nothing. He gave a little sigh to himself, and bumped his nose into his sister's fur, knowing that she felt the same way he did.

Hawkfrost raised his eyes again to look upon Brindlepelt, the beautiful ForageClan medicine cat. He flicked his tail, giving a little chortle of pleasure at her voice. But he listened intently, who was chosen to go on such a journey? And by StarClan themselves. Surely this meant that the future of their clans was going to be settled? StarClan wouldn't let them down.

"Of ForageClan, a tom. Hawkfrost. And of WoodClan, a she-cat. Twoflower." These words were a shock to the tabby, and as he looked up, he realized that heads were turning toward him in all directions. He sat, rooted to the ground, his ice blue eyes opened wide in disbelief. All eyes were upon him, and on one other. At his side, both Darkpaw and Amberpelt were staring at him, their mouths opened. Hawkfrost ignored them, and looked through the rows of eyes that were staring at him, at the other. The warrior with the strange legs. The one that Mossclaw had been talking to earlier.

And that was when the roars of the other cats rose in Hawkfrost's ears. The protestors, the well wishers, the ones in complete disbelief, Hawkfrost heard none of them. He rose to his paws, and padded in the direction that Jaystar and Nettlestar had motioned, ignoring the eyes that followed his every move.


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As stances shifted and angry cats arose to defend their clan’s assaulted honor, Twoflower too felt her fur prickle up on her spine. Despite her best efforts, and with a good pawful of help from her own pride, she couldn’t help but be instinctually swept away by the aggression that pulsed through the gathering.

Murderous! Wormbrained! Why, those slothful, cowardly mouse- Twoflower broke herself from her own thoughts with an approving, though admittedly muted, yowl. It was all but lost in the chaos of the clearing. As she stepped forward, half intending to join the ranks of those who split Twoleg’s Wheel in two, a long tabby tail wrapped across her front from shoulder to shoulder.

“Peace child. We cannot fight this night, whatever insults they might throw.” Her mother, Graypad. Twoflower’s own tail came down to meet the former queens, acknowledging her guidance. Ashamed, Twoflower took a step back from the fray and closed her eyes to clear her head. Then another yowl, louder than all the rest, washed across and through the pelts of every cat in Twoleg’s Wheel. Nettlestar!

Twoflower, and a great many other WoodClan cats, crouched ever so slightly at the sound of their leaders call. Their legs bent even more deeply when he began to berate them.

’Childish bickering’. He was right about that of course. Then she looked skyward, her paw pads itching for the natural comfort of the glowing moon. Nothing. It was shrouded in a pelt of cloud. Another pang of shame echoed through her limbs. Even StarClan disapproves…

Hyperaware of the need to be in StarClan’s good graces, Twoflower returned to her original position. What if the cats of Silver Pelt decided to take back whatever aid they had bestowed upon them? The clans couldn’t stand to lose another cat…

Now, though she listened intently, even Mossclaw’s words seemed to pass through one pink ear and out the other.

“StarClan has shown the path…”

“Two warriors, each chosen…”

And finally, “Of ForageClan, a tom, Hawkfrost. And of WoodClan, a she-cat, Twoflower.” For a moment, the name didn’t register, and the warrior continued to stare skyward, lost in thoughts of Silver Pelt and fate. Then…

Twoflower? You mean… Me? Suddenly Twoflower’s right paws burned with the weight of a hundred eyes upon them. Old cats, young cats, cats she didn’t even know. All judging her. Could she do it? Could they do it?

I certainly hope so…

At the edge of her vision, Nettlestar and Jaystar waited. Transfixed, Twoflower barely took a second to dip her head in farewell before running, as fast as a cat such as she could, to meet their call.

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Character Portrait: Twoflower

A beautiful WoodClan tabby with twisted and disfigured right paws.


Character Portrait: Twoflower

A beautiful WoodClan tabby with twisted and disfigured right paws.

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Character Portrait: Twoflower

A beautiful WoodClan tabby with twisted and disfigured right paws.

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Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

wth? I totally never saw that post from Liden. I thought I was waiting on her...and ya'll were waiting on me. :( I still want to do this, but Liden hasn't been on since the 13th I believe....

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Yeah, it's based off the book series. (If you want to join, you'd have to ask Liden, since she's GM).

Hey, guys, what happened? I thought we were gonna make announcement posts, and then nothing happened. Are we still going to do this?

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Sorry to bump an old thread, but this is based on a book series isn't it?

I can't remember the name, but one of the books is entitled Twilight I believe(and no not the faggy sparkly vampires Twilight).

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Alrighty, sounds good!

Also, I've made Twoflower's post.
The Clearing storyteller post will be up a.s.a.p.

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

That sounds like a good idea. It's a problem.

Anyway, I have NOT posted, mostly because I'm not quite sure what to say until I have a few more details about the clearing. So you guys can just start the meeting and after I have some more to work with, I'll have Sunpelt follow along.

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Yeah. Thats a really good idea. Because it takes forever to go through the other thing just to check.

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Yeah, that's something I don't really like about the new system either.

Perhaps we should each make announcement posts in the ooc? Just short little 'I have posted' type things. That way we won't have to keep checking the actual RP each time we want to know if anyone's posted.

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

It was fine, Liden! I put up Hawkfrost already.

I'm having such a hard time though, checking to see if new posts have been made. ><

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Alright! The next 'Story Teller' post has been made! Sorry it took so long, I've been feeling rather out of it, but I think I'm getting back in the writing mood.

I hope it's not too much of a godmoddy post (I'm not sure if it /can/ be, seeing as my own character's not actually in it.), but I wasn't really sure how else to get all that posted without having to stop every few paragraphs for reactions and such... (Which probably would've made that Gathering last forever.) Hopefully you don't find it too limiting, but I didn't want to drag things out. That generally seems to be what kills roleplays.


Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Unfortunately, they have already been taken.

I don't suspect that there would be much time between when 'StarClan's Messages' are announced and when our cats depart for that to happen.


Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Before I can post, I have an important question: have the two WoodClan apprentices been taken yet? Because if not, then I'll be including Moonpaw in my post, and if so, then Sunpelt's demeanor will be entirely different.

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Mood setter is up, and posting may begin!

I'll make Twoflower's first post tomorrow and, once each of you has made your own, continue where this post left off (With the leaders calling everyone to attention.).

I can't wait to read each of your posts!

:D ~Liden

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

I don't think that'll be much of a problem. It might not be until much later on, but I do intend for- Well, I'll just keep that to myself xP

But anyway, good night NE and Music.

I'll make OOC's, posts, and other such things tomorrow. Right now, I just don't want to think any more...

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Whatever is fine with me. I could care less if there's an empty place in the roleplay...

Too bad about HF-F. Oh well. If there's a need for an even gender ration later on (XD) I could just double or something. Or someone else could.

As for the mood-setting opener, that's great. I'm probably going to check all my roleplays again and then get offline. I need sleep after all...

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

I actually considered that, but not until after I made the infocenter (Which can't be deleted at the moment.). I suppose, as long as no one else minds having an empty place in the IC (The thought of that kind of bothers me); I can always repost the info in a new OOC! Sorry, definitely my bad :(

As for Highflying-Falcon, he is, unfortunately, out. The profile he sent in made me rather uncomfortable writing wise, and I couldn't really find justification for a fourth cat. Hopefully this won't come to impact our roleplaying or anything...

Finally, I think it might be best if I make, at least, a small post in the IC before we all get started (Sort of a mood setter.). That way our intro posts won't be completely contradictory, and hopefully everything with mesh a little better.

Sorry to contradict myself! (Gah, it's already started!!!)

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

I just read through your cat, NE... you have my approval :) I like all of our cats. This should be fun!

LidenZarroc, I had an idea for the Infocenter, instead of posting it in the middle of the IC. Why not create an OOC thread for them? If you go to the OOC tab of the roleplay, you have the option to create more OOC threads. You can create one and title it "Infocenter". That way, we'll be able to access it from the roleplay easily. Just a thought.

Also, any thoughts on that other guy? Is he out or what?

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Okay. I did go ahead and name the ForageClan deputy. (not sure if you saw...I think I called him lionheart?) other than that...not really. ^^ I probably won't post tonight either, but I will be thinking about it. lol.

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Fantastic! Hawkfrost is accepted and we're ready to go! (I can hardly believe we've made it to this point!)

I probably won't post until tomorrow, I'm dead tired from school and I just want to SLEEP, but if either of you want to make a post beforehand (Possibly about the trek to Twoleg's Wheel, or anything before the leaders call the meeting to order.) it's definitely encouraged! ^^

I'll try to have Allegiances posted tomorrow too, but I don't really know what's going on then. Additionally, NE, if you have any preferences for the ForageClan leader and medicine cat please let me know. It's pretty much your clan ;D

And I think that's about all, although I'm a little worried about whether or not Music's been viewing the OOC or not. If so, could you please make a quick post just so I know you're up to date? Otherwise I'll send you a PM tomorrow, just to make sure we're all on the same page!

"May StarClan guide your step" ~ Liden!

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

Okay! Officially submitted! (I think, lol) I hope it came out okay. I've never used the rp tab before. ><

Re: [OOC] Warriors: The Chosen and The Willing

I know, I was so mad. I promise it will be up tonight. An autosave feature would be such a lifesaver.