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A beautiful WoodClan tabby with twisted and disfigured right paws.

0 · 156 views · located in All Lands

a character in “Warriors: The Chosen and the Willing”, as played by LittleSun1


Name: Twoflower
Sex: Female
Clan: WoodClan
Status: Warrior (3 and ½ moons)

Twoflower is an orange tabby with bright blue eyes and large pink ears. She was given her warrior name because, while she is beautiful as a flower, her right paws are noticeably and off-puttingly disfigured. She has only two oversized and twisted toes on each of these feet, and no claws on the back right.

ImageSkills: Twoflower possesses a keen ability to see past the blood and adrenaline of battle and to remain calm and decisive in stressful situations. Due to this, Twoflower usually has a high tolerance level and is able to easily ignore things that would annoy, distract, or otherwise bother her. This is especially useful when hunting, but also sets her up to be blindsided when focusing too intently on one thing or when things go differently than expecting. Twoflower is as skilled as any other WoodClan warrior, but her malformed right feet have affected the way she performs a number of tasks. While hunting, Twoflower’s loud and notably clumsy front paw forces her to react much earlier than an average cat if she is to actually catch her prey. If Twoflower were to be attacked, it would be of the upmost important that she not expose her soft underbelly because her clawless back paw would make it quite difficult for her to protect herself. Finally, while Twoflower has no lack of stamina, she sometimes finds it difficult to run and nearly impossible to climb because of her uneven footing and partial lack of claws.


ImagePersonality: Twoflower is relatively soft spoken, though not shy or submissive, and expects the very best of every Warrior cat in the clan regardless of rank. She respects all WoodClan cats, from kit to elder, and is often resistant to blatantly stating other cat’s faults or flaws, regardless of how obvious they may be. Despite this, Twoflower still views ForageClan cats as ‘lesser-Warriors’ and regards them with poorly obscured bitterness and contempt. This stems partially from the hunting death of her apprentice brother, Brightpaw, a hardship she believes such ‘coddled’ and ‘lazy’ cats could never relate to. Since then, Twoflower has had a soft spot for kits and young apprentices and has secretly wanted to become a Queen herself, but feels this will never happen because of her defects. Twoflower fears giving birth to malformed kits and occasionally has nightmares about running, but being unable to escape from something because of her strange feet.


ImageHistory: Twoflower is the daughter of Greypad and, as all Queens have the right to withhold the father’s identity, an undisclosed tom. Twoflower’s brothers, Brightpaw and Mossclaw, are both distant from her in different ways. Mossclaw, the current WoodClan medicine cat, has always been somewhat apart from his siblings. More suited to brooding, he never really joined in on Bright and Twokit's kithood games and that separation has continued to this day. Brightpaw and Twopaw on the other hand, whether they were eating, sleeping, or even training, were always together. That is, they were, until one desperate winter when Brightpaw rushed a young fox. Twopaw, unable to save her reckless brother, could only return to camp. Little did she know, that homeward trek, panicked and hysterical, the forest’s ancient trees rushing by her like birds, would never truly leave her mind.

ImageRelations: (Not so much a summary)

Greypad: A tabby queen with distinct grey paw pads. Mother to Brightpaw, Mossclaw and Twoflower. Greypad has no other kits and has returned to being a warrior.

Brightpaw: The Silverpelt bound brother of Mossclaw and Twoflower. He died as an apprentice attempting to kill a young fox.

Mossclaw: The brooding medicine cat of WoodClan and distant brother of Twoflower. He was named for his thick, mossy coat and long claws.

Windstripe: A close acquaintance of Twoflower, good for conversation and a hunt but nothing too deep. Twoflower has always… Admired him. These two and Brightpaw once made quite a threesome, but nowadays he’d much rather be around Snaketail.

Snaketail: Twoflower has always kept much the same distance one would from the reptile she shares her name with. The flame of Windstripe, Twoflower has always found herself secretly jealous, and even loathing, of the amber-eyed tawny.

Duskfur: Twoflower feels strangely tense around Duskfur, like she's being watched and could be pounced on at any time.

Lilypaw: Twoflower’s first apprentice, whom she has been training for nearly 3 moons. Though she nearly always remains ‘professional’, Twoflower can’t help but adore the apprentice for her eagerness and white coat, both of which remind her of Brightpaw.

So begins...

Twoflower's Story