SilverStar is a gentle cat.

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a character in “Warriors: Thunder, Shadow, River, Wind Clans”, as played by sugar10


Username*: sugar10
Cat's name*: SilverStar
Gender*: she-cat
Clan*: RiverClan
Age*: 30 moons
Rank*: Leader
Appearance*: SilverStar is a silver and black she-cat with ice blue eyes
Strengths: (must balance out weaknesses) hunting, fighting, talking to crowds
Weaknesses: (must balance out strengths) catching rabbit, catching snakes, lizards, and frogs, catching birds
Picture*: Image
History: SilverStar was born and raised in RiverClan. Her warrior name was SilverFrost.
Other: SilverStar still has all 9 lives.

So begins...

SilverStar's Story