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Was it a Lie?

Was it a Lie?


What if everything you thought was true turned out to be a lie?

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You watched the rain hit the window pane then roll down for hours. With nothing else to do you thought It was the most entertaining thing in the house, or outside of it.
“Darling, why don’t you draw or do something else other than watch the rain.”
You took the paper and pencil and looked in a mirror. You began to sketch yourself, just as something to do in your spare time. The drawing was actually pretty good so you took art up as a hobby.

As time and school continued on you hardly had any time for drawing. It became more and more distant. Just as you were about to toss it away though you met him. He was the bad boy of the school, and flirted with every girl in sight. He disgusted you, and you ignored him. He noticed you though and continued to flirt with you. Although his attempts usually failed you started to fall for him. He appeared at your house one day and-

“Get up! It’s not real! Wake up!”

You two spoke and then finally-

“It’s not real! You need to get up before they find us!”
Slowly you opened your eyes to see some boy above you, snapping in front of you eyes and clapping, almost like he needed you awake. Alarms were going off and a flashing red light was going on and off. You looked around slowly and saw yourself in some strange metal room. What was this? The boy grabbed her arm and tugged her off the chair she was sitting in and pulled her through the corridors. “What the hell is-” She started to say but he interrupted. “There’s no time! I’ll explain later. First we gotta get the hell outta here!”

He tugged her hallway to hallway until they finally reached a door that was blocked by two guards. They kept running and without stopping or letting go of her he kicked one and used his free hand to twist the other’s head in an unnatural angle. They got out and she was shoved into a truck with a group of other people. Some of them seemed as confused as she was, others had the same determined expression as the boy who had let her out of wherever she had been just now. Was this a dream? As I reading her thoughts, the boy said, “This is real, the life you remember, it’s a lie. You were living in a lie.”

I know, that was probably making absolutely ZERO sense but I can explain.

There were six teenagers, they were from all different parts of the world, and they were different. Their brain scans showed an abnormal amount of brain usage in the combat area of the brain. In other words, they were REALLY good at fighting and quick decisions. Governments from all over wanted them when they got to be adults but one was to quick for the others. The British created a project, called the STT, also known as “Special Talent Teens” where they were taught to be the perfect spy or even assassin.

But the kids learned to fast. They did many missions but some were starting to catch on to what was going on, why they were really wanted. Half of them snuck around a bit and found out why they were really there. Britain really had a special purpose for them. They were going to topple the government of America. Nobody would suspect a kid and these kids were better trained than almost anybody else on the Earth. Before they could tell the others though they were sent on one last mission, but the mission was a trap. The three were tricked and put into machines. The machines made artificial lives for them. They would lead a separate life, meet somebody, and would wake up to be “saved by the person they fell in love with. They would be told that the person they loved was a spy and they would be convinced to be one too, tricking them to forget everything.

But the plan never succeeded. The other three figured out that they weren’t dead and rescued them before the story had finished. They were pulled out and that’s where they are now, unsure what is the real reality and which was fake.

But it won’t go down so easily. The people they fell in love with in the fake lives were actually real, they act the exact same and are just as skilled as the others. They have a mission: to find the three, and convince them that the fake reality was real and that the people they are with are really trying to trick them. Who will they believe in the end, and will it be the right choice?

Theme Song:

(The six had nicknames, so that’s what I’m showing. The fake lovers don’t have any, so yeah)

The Artist: Taken
She was one of the three who knew to much, and her dream was the one above. Even before that happened her friends called her the Artist because the way that she would execute a mission was so graceful, the only way to describe it was like art. Before she was put to sleep she and the Ninja were in a fling. She has quite a temper and when angry can be violent and make stupid decisions

The Ninja: Taken
He broke the Artist out . He’s known as the Ninja because almost nobody can hear him coming. When his feet or fists make contact with somebody they usually don’t make a sound. The only people who know he’s coming is the six, and the other three. He really likes the Artist even though she doesn’t remember her feeling for him.

The Tank: Reserved
One of the three who knew to much, his dream was to be a famous NFL player. He was called the tank because of his muscles and size. He almost never used a weapon because he always said that his fist was the weapon. Him and the artist were sort of friendly rivals and he had a crush on the Cupcake even though she didn’t feel the same way.

The Cupcake: Reserved
She broke the tank out and is called the sweetie of the group. She’s nice and sweet but just like a cupcake, she isn’t good for the people she fights. She knows that pressure points and bad spots of everyone and uses them to her advantage. She could never think of hurting her friends though. She liked the ninja but knew that he only had eyes for the Artist.

The Thorn: Taken
She was one of the three who knew to much and her dream was to be a actress. She had a huge temper and when in combat always liked using knives. She often stabs people in the back, literally. Knives bring her joy even if violence doesn’t always. Was best friends with the cupcake, even if she annoyed her like crazy. Had gone out with the tank for a time but now that she doesn’t remember anything doesn’t have feelings for him.

The Skull: Taken
He helped thorn out. He is called the skull because when fighting he aims straight for the head. He is a bad boy and likes to flirt with the girls of the group. He can be menacing and cruel when he is angry or upset. If anybody was to betray them, it would be him, not that he would. He does what he wants when he wants and doesn’t care who he hurts to do it.

The Artists “Soul mate”: Open
In many ways he is like the Skull excluding the combat preferences. He is unpredictable in the way he fights and tries to figure other persons technique before planting an actual attack. That is, if he needs to.

The Tanks “Soul Mate”: Open
She acts nice around Tank and a few others but is rude and cruel to others. When she fights she fights like a cat, using cartwheels and other things to dodge and perform attacks.

The Thorn’s “Soul Mate” Open
He acts almost just like her. He gets angry easily and likes to use knives. He is a very good actor and often judges a person before her knows how to act around them. He is very good at being able to read a person by their expressions, the way they talk, and what they do.

1. Read all the rule! Please:)
2. Romance is allowed, as long as it's PG-13
3. Violence, of course is allowed
4. No killing another player without permission
5. Reservations last 48 hours
6. Please write at least 300 words
7. Cussing's allowed, but no sailor mouths unless that's what your character is like
8. This is a literate roleplay, so be literate!
9. Please reserve the character before you submit it. If you don't I will decline it.
10. If you continue to break rules after I tell you you are breaking them, I WILL kill your character out.(But you'll stop breaking rules if I warn you alot right?)

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Re: Was it a Lie?

Great characters! :D
I've accepted all of them and yes you may have tank. I finished my own profile(finally :P).

Re: Was it a Lie?

Hey so I just submitted the skull, hope you like him :)

And I thought it couldn't hurt to ask, since no one had asked for him yet, if maybe I could take Tank as well?

Re: Was it a Lie?

Okay. Hopefully I will try to get my character in sometime tonight

Re: Was it a Lie?

Sure you can. Also, if anybody wanted to invite people to start filling up these spots, that would be awesome. That way we could start faster :3

Re: Was it a Lie?

May I have the Ninja please?

Re: Was it a Lie?

Sure I'll reserve those for you guys. I made this Rp a while back but nobody really joined but thought "hey, why not give it another try?"

Re: Was it a Lie?

:O I wanted cupcake.......

OKay then, can I have tank

EDIT: Or skull, this is a really hard choice

Great RP premise though by the way

Re: Was it a Lie?

May I reserve the cupcake?

Re: Was it a Lie?

May I reserve the thorn? awesome thought out roleplay

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