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Defective superhuman.

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a character in “Wasteland America”, as played by Ceoltior


Accessing Nazi mid-war super solider experiments.

Project- Codename: Argus. Special clearance required.

--Enter password--


Validating. . . .

Access granted.

Subject number- #322

Subject analysis: General physical statistics.

Subject name: Unknown
Subject age: Unknown
Subject gender: Male
Subject height: 6'8"
Subject weight: 172 lbs
Additional information: Subject has severe immune system deficiencies due to experimentation. Sustenance requirements exponentially lowered. Extensive damage to vocal chords has caused muteness. Respiratory system has undergone. . . unusual changes. Respiratory system requires increased amounts of chlorine for proper balance.

--Accessing "Argus" subject number 322 personality files [Most recent]--


Demeanor: Cold. Calculating. Merciless. Angry. (Handle subject with caution)
Unique traits: Remorseless. Highly intelligent. Amazing situation analysis skills. Ingenuity closely rivaling that of the fabled Mc.Gyver. (Handle with caution)
Subject reacts positively to: Violence. Metal music.
Subject reacts hostilely to: Lab personnel. Country music. Dogs. The color orange.

--Accessing "Argus" subject number 322 equipment files --


Equipment issued to subject 322 while in detention: Customized gas mask with air conversion chambers for proper chlorine intake.
Bio-hazard clothing.

--Subject #322 Experimentation history--


Pre-experiment status: American POW

--- Personal log of Dr. Milo Sterling- director of Anti-Radiation-Ultimate-Solider "Argus" project regarding subject #322. ---

No test subject has reached the point that 322 has. This could be our shining moment where all the work we have gone through, all the thousands of tests we have performed, finally pays off. But still, it will only be one solider. Only one man. Of course with a little bit more treatment, one might be all we need to win this war. One simple infiltration specialist in the ranks of the enemy and then the war will be over. Fantasies aside, the nerve implants worked nicely, the subject can expel the radiation within him in concentrated amounts with the proper nerve activation sequences. The subject picked up on how to activate these nerves very quickly. Fortunately we have kept him away from any sources of radiation so he should be depleted. We hope to God he is. What happened to Higgins was a nightmare. . . I still can't get the image of 322 holding out his hand and watching Higgins just. . . well explode. Best not to dwell though. Sacrifices must be made, 321 sacrifices to be exact. Everything we have learned has gone into 322. He had better be worth it.

--Next entry--

It seems 322, while resilient, has undergone a little bit too much anti-radiation treatment. Specs indicate that 322's immune system is almost non-functional. His respiratory system also requires increased amounts of chlorine to operate at full capacity. As the treatment goes on the more chlorine is required, soon the subject will be unable to breathe with ANY ease in the open air. It's safe to say that 322 is now a defective subject, but still the best we've ever had. A bit more perfection on the treatments and hopefully we will not have to spend all the excruciatingly high amount of marks to buy a customized gas mask and bio-hazard suit.

--Log entry lost due to inexplicable power outage.--

--Next entry--
--Video recording--
I'm making this in the hopes that a survivor from somewhere finds this. 322 has escaped and is killing everything and everyone in the facility. It's only a matter of time before I'm found and slaughtered. It's like something out of a nightmare. Screams used to echo throughout this facility. . . now it's quiet. Why did he have to be a damn genius! Why was I even directing this damned project! Curse the Nazis for trying to create a super solider! Curse them a- oh God. . . his eyes are green. . . like pools of acid dissolving my soul! They weren't green before! No. . . oh God no! NO NO-

--Video recording interrupted--

*Disclaimer: Argus was inspired by the character Inevitable (Nev) created and owned by Beanjamish on Argus' avatar also belongs to him.

So begins...

Argus's Story

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