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Cylia Rogen

0 · 730 views · located in Terithyl

a character in “Watch for Dawn”, as played by Rari



Full name: - Cylia Rogen
Alias/Nicknames: โ€“ None.
Gender: - Female
Species/Race: โ€“ Half Elf
Age: - 21
Job/Profession: - Professional Thief.
Alignment: โ€“ Chaotic Good.
Class/lvl: โ€“ Scout lvl 6
XP: โ€“15000(21000)

STR โ€“ Low
DEX โ€“ High
CON โ€“ Med
INT โ€“ High
WIS โ€“ Low
CHR โ€“ Med

Height: โ€“ 5'3"
Weight: - 103 pounds
Build: โ€“ Thin
Eye Color: - Blue
Hair Color: - Blonde
Handedness: โ€“ Right Handed
Skin Shade/Color: โ€“ Fair/pale
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - None

Sexuality/Preference: - Bisexual
Relationship/Marital status: โ€“ Single
Sanity: - Sane
Likes: - Animals, Bows. Arrows, Sneaking, Night Time.
Dislikes: - Slobs, People touching her, Drunks, Snobby Rich People.

Melee Weapons: โ€“ Longsword
Ranged Weapons: โ€“ Great bow and steel tipped arrows.
Armor: โ€“ Small chest plate and arm cuffs.
Magic items: โ€“ Infinity quiver, Bag of holding.

: - Skirmish
: - Trap finding
: - Uncanny dodge
: - Fast movement
: - Trackless
: - Evasion
: - Camouflage
: - Flawless Stride

: โ€“ Balance
: โ€“ Climb
: โ€“ Craft: Bow
: โ€“ Disable Device
: โ€“ Escape artist
: โ€“ Hide
: โ€“ Jump
: โ€“ Move Silently
: โ€“ Sense motive
: โ€“ Survival
: โ€“ Tumble
: โ€“ Use Rope
: - Knowledge Nature/Dungeonering/geography
Known Languages: โ€“ Common, Elvish, Orcish
ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Refuses to ever Pickpocket her friends and family.

So begins...

Cylia Rogen's Story


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Lamech winced as another putrid swamp bubble rose to the surface of the mire and proceeded to burst, releasing a stench most foul. There were some.. extreme disadvantages to having an acute sense of smell. Being able to discern EXACTLY what manner of gasses were released in, say, a popping gas bubble was definitely a disadvantage. "What sick minded idiot decided to build a town in the middle of a swamp? I mean... Gah, I'll never understand the denizens of this plane." Lamech continued on the only path that lead to the accursed town of Terithyl, his padded feet occasionally slipping on the slick ground. There was much work to be done there, or at least, that's what The Good had told him. It had also told him there was a woman there that he must find, and he'd know her when he saw her. Yeah, The Good was ambiguous like that 98% of the time.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ezryell of the Red Moon Character Portrait: Lamech Character Portrait: Cylia Rogen
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In the town square a young looking Drow woman sat upon the edge of the fountain in the center of the square. At her feet lay one large seemingly heavy piece of luggage. She appeared to be waiting for something and wore a bored frustrated expression. People around her seemed uncomfortable for reasons that were most likely not even apparent to them. As she waited a drunken middle aged man with a stupid face and intent in his eyes approached her saying something to her at a low conversational volume. Though he was obviously making an advance she didn't seem offended in the slightest even conversing with him. She wore a gentle smile and had piercing red eyes that seemed to draw the man to her. She motioned for him to lean in as if to whisper in his ear. He happily obliged leaning in and listening patiently waiting for what she was going to say. Instead of speaking she slowly grabbed the back of the mans head and bit down hard on his trachea hitting a vein and creating a spray of blood hitting a nearby woman who appropriately screamed and ran along with near everyone else in the square. She tore into the man's throat hungrily taking all of one and a half minutes feasting. She then released her pray leaving his drained corpse to fall in the dirt as she reeled back and laughed.