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Taiyou Rena Katayuga


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a character in “Water Way High School”, as played by KuruLesperance



Taiyou Rena Katayuga

14, a Freshman in High School



He's able to foresee devastating events, and see spirits, talk to them as well. He's found talking to thin air a lot, well, to your eyes.

Brief Personality:

Taiyou is rather mute; and rarely speaks. He shows himself as this silent, small, fragile male, and he tends to spook people a lot because of his mysterious and enigmatic demeanor. The male often becomes ill, and thus, every day in the nurse's office he gets the same shot over and over to try to strengthen his immune system. He appears to be lonely most of the time, and some may believe he's just downright insane. No, he's not insane, it's just he's scared: the result of his mute voice. No one has heard his voice since he's come to Water Ways, only answering questions with a nod of his head, or writing it down on a piece of paper.

Sure, this could change, but for now, Taiyou prefers to stay silent and be out of everyone's way. He also likes dark place as well, though despite his dark appearing aura, he just wants to heal and enjoy nature.

How you came to Water Way:

The male was found on the doorstep of the school, panting, face flushed with a horrible fever, which wasn't, to say the least, not long ago, and it was a rainy night.

Brief History:

Taiyou used to be in a rich family, a servant, or butler, to his master. His master was the nicest person on Earth to him. They'd protect each other, and they were like best friends, y'know? T'was fun times they had! They'd have ice cream together, laugh their heads off, and throw skittles at people (don't ask). Though it stopped when Taiyou's eerie predictions came in. He'd spout out, unintentionally, disastrous future events. They would all happen, and his master was becoming convinced that it was Taiyou doing this.

Thus, he was kicked out. They didn't want him causing everyone grief, so Taiyou went his business. He is sure, completely sure, master still loves him but Taiyou is convinced it was his doing. So, his immune system was already weak, and as he traveled it grew weaker until he was found on the doorstep of the school. The Headmaster is kind to him, and he only speaks to the Headmaster, no one else. After all, he isn't human, is he?

Master- Yoite Naruki Hanashima
Mother- Forgotten
Father- Forgotten


So begins...

Taiyou Rena Katayuga's Story

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"I am so late, it's not even funny."

Taiyou thought to himself as he ran downstairs. Recently, he was found by the school, and he wasn't given a dorm yet so this was it. Today, he would get one, and he was as late as ever. What a wonderful impression. As he thought, his green scarf swayed behind him, cloak rising and falling gently with his running foot steps. The Japanese boy skidded a corner and nearly fell, catching himself with the wall, and to say, this wasn't helping his immune system. At all, but that was just the risk for being a Harbringer/Pysch.

His fragile-appearing hands rising to cover his mouth with the graceful green scarf, he quietly panted behind the material. In all honesty, he was very small, and looked like a child running down the hall for his mother.

Once he saw the group in his sight, there seemed to be a cat leading it, and Sophomores scattering off to their dorms. The male was a Freshman; was he late? Did they already past the Freshman dorms? SNAP! He was late! Or was he? It was so confusing!

His arm extended once he got closer, he was running in green slippers (which, weren't the best to run in) and ended up tripping with a small thump just a couple of feet away from the group. The male winced.

Well, at least he tried to make a somewhat good impression.

His bones protesting to move, he got up anyways with a few brief childish coughs, though, he wouldn't speak. The male just stood there, standing, head lowered in silent embarrassment.

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Amanda looked up at Kuroi, "Hmm, oh, it depends. we have OVER four hundred dorms here but sometime we "over populate" and a few consenting students have to share a room." she replied as the last sophomore was inside their dorm. "Juniors next, no one go in room 250, thats mine." her tail swished rapidly behind as she said, "White." and the process repeated only white instead of blue. "People always steal my fish." she said, crossing her arms and letting the next wave of student go by.

Her snapped when she heard someone hit the ground. A boy that looked like a freshman with a green scarf had fallen. she shrunk in size and weaved nimbly through the charging students until she came to the boy. "i think I've seen him before... she thought to herself before returning to her normal sixe and pulling him out of rushing crowd. Bring him to the front where she was before and where it was safe.