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Kain Hadwin

Former schoolteacher, turned Splitcreek town sheriff.

0 · 247 views · located in Splitcreek, Arizona

a character in “Way Out West”, as played by the_judged


Given Name: Kain Hadwin

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Good guy or bad guy? Explain: Closer to good than evil. Kain has a strong sense of justice and morality, and has taken over as sheriff to foster the town and help it grow.

Position/occupation (Sheriff, outlaw, rancher, barkeep, etc): (Acting) town sheriff

Personality (At least 3 sentences): Kain is generally an optimistic individual, and he's lively for someone of his age. He approaches challenges in his life with a strong sense of purpose and drive, and he is determined to see each through to the end.

He has a good understanding of people, and his senses of timing and empathy help him quickly connect and make friends with others. He's witty and almost always has a comment to make. However, he tends to play it safe with people: he tries hard to avoid awkwardness or social faux pas, and he's usually too polite to start any kind of conflict in public.

Though Kain is expected to put on a tough demeanor as the town sheriff, he prefers not to posture, and he approaches his job with confidence and a dry sense of humor. He spends a great deal of time relaxing and convening with the townspeople, and he's careful to ensure that others don't often need to deal with his sheriff persona.

Skills: Kain is well-read and educated, particularly in business and economics. He is able to do mental math quickly, and even understands some higher math. He's also learned how to negotiate and barter with merchants for the town.

Having grown up in a largely lawless area, Kain has been shooting for most of his long life. He was trained as a long-range scout in the Mexican-American War, and he has exemplary surveillance, survival, and marksmanship skills, as well as basic first aid knowledge.

Finally, Kain is fascinated by people, and he's always polite and socially aware. He's a good orator and manipulator, a skill that he's used to great effect as the town's sheriff.

History: Kain was born in 1832 to Joseph and Emily, a couple from the southern region of what became Arizona. He was quickly taught to handle a gun by his father, a veteran of the Seminole Wars, but as a boy, he spent much more time collecting and reading whatever books he could find.

Conflict found its way to the region during the Mexican-American War, when Kain was drafted to defend the home front during Taylor's charge south. Though Kain performed adequately, he was more concerned with the reasons behind the war, and the experience stuck with him.

He returned to Arizona and settled down as best he could, wishing to leave behind that unremarkable part of his life. It became clear to him that the West was in need of good, educated people, and Kain became a schoolteacher. He also began to organize and help the towns in which he settled, coordinating merchant arrivals and negotiating for resources when possible.

Kain arrived in Splitcreek in 1871, and immediately got to work doing what he did best. When Bonnie expressed interest in becoming the town's schoolteacher, Kain relinquished the position to her, and he dedicated more time to working with the caravans. With the rising bandit activity and no acting sheriff, Kain had no shortage of targets-- it was eventually decided that he should become the town's acting sheriff until a replacement could be found.

Courting anyone? No.
Being courted? No.

Married?: No.

Appearance: Kain is relatively short, standing at 5'6", and he weighs in at about 150 pounds. He has a pale complexion and delicate, reserved facial features. He has a high brow and short, straight blonde hair. He has large, hard pale-blue eyes. He prefers short cloth jackets and thin shirts, combined with jeans and leather boots. Kain carries a Peacemaker, and like the rest of the town, he wears it openly. On particularly hot days, he's often seen with a wide-brimmed cattle-skin hat.

So begins...

Kain Hadwin's Story

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Morgan was absorbed in his work, his hands going from the bucket to the man and back again. He knew it was hopeless, knew there was no point in wiping away blood that came up fresh a minute later, but he couldn't help himself. Something kept his arms pumping in their mechanic way, and he busied himself wringing out the blood-soaked rag, tending his patient in the dutiful, tireless way he'd been trained. It was instinct- instinct to crouch over this bloody body, instinct to stop and feel for the weak pulse running under the dark skin.

Out of nowhere came the angry shouts of Hass, and the stout German appeared on the scene, shouldering his way past Morgan and grabbing Bill's bloody body. He had no concern for the beaten man, no pity for the gouged face or broken limbs. He was a vicious thing, his grubby little fingers clawing and snatching and grabbing for what was his. Upon finding the letter he roared to the sky and descended on Bill, beating the already senseless man. Morgan lunged for him, wrapping his arms around the man's compact frame and effectively pinning his arms to his sides. He tossed Hass aside, his eyes wide and unblinking as crumpled to his knees, staring at the broken creature before him.

He looked at Bill as if in a trance, his hands shaking at his sides. From some distant place Jack's quiet voice reached his ears, informing him of his defeat. Westfield was right. There wasn't anything he could do. There was never anything he could do, it seemed. So many hours wasted. So many men wasted. For greed or for revenge or for hate, it didn't matter.

He stared at his bloody hands, now folded neatly in his lap. He would never wash his hands of the blood of Splitcreek. It was a dark and ugly stain, and the sight of it made him wretch. He had to get out of here. Another voice, low and grave, snapped him from his dazed state, and he turned to look up at the sheriff. What had happened? Suddenly he couldn't remember. There was blood. It was all over him.

"I...Hass..." he sighed, took a breath. Slowly, he got to his feet, turning his back on the dying man. "Hass is your man, Sheriff. I didn't see it happen. I'm just here to clean up the mess," he said, his eyes drifting to his bloody hands once more.

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Samuel stood for a moment and smiled down at the girl, as he held out his hand to help her into the saddle he couldn't help but feel a strange sense of misfortune permeate the air.

"You don't got nothin to worry about Miss Quinn, old Gaiter can carry us both no problem, forgive me but you'll have to ride in the back, I'm a bit too large to accommodate a lady passenger these days, I've yet to find a saddle that fits proper.

Untying his bedroll Samuel made a makeshift pad for the lady to sit upon. As he mounted himself he took a moment to tie his hair back to avoid lashing her repeatedly as they rode. She seemed the pretty sort if you went for those little blondes, Sam was sure this one had caused a heartache or two in her day.

"I had a sister that looked a bit like you Miss, she'd even be your age by now; lives up north with her man and my nephews."

As they rode along Samuel continued making small talk but couldn't shake the feeling something about this girl wasn't right. Most women her age wouldn't stop talking for the life of them, but this one kept scanning the horizon as if searching for something to ride out of the setting sun.

"We'll be in town shortly Miss. I'll be dropping you by the Silver Spur, good place for a hot meal and a clean bed. If you haven't the funds for tonight theres a good looking fella what tends the bar down there name of Jack Westfield. He's a good man tell him to put whatever you need on my credit and I'll take care of it come tomorrow, I've some more business too attend."

Moments later they arrived in town, dismounting Samuel lifted the girl down and stopped alongside the "Spur".

"You stay safe now little Miss, you need anything you come for me or Sheriff Hadwin, we'll keep in touch."

There was quite a commotion in town but Sam reasoned the other Marshall had dealt with it earlier in the day. Mounting Gaiter once more Samuel rode off in the direction of the Thomas ranch, he had been a longtime friend of the father Henry. They were a good family, Sam was particularly fond of the youngest girl Emma, she was a sweet little thing, his own daughter would've been the same age. Sam often fantasized they would have been friends.

The sun was setting even deeper as he rode toward the ranch, the song of the cicadas began even as he rode on by. Sam was fond of the sound it brought him warm memories.

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Hass was tossed away like a ragdoll by the good doctor himself before he could pry anything out of bill besides gibberish. As soon as Hass was out of arms reach, the doctor returned to tending to the near-dead and mortally wounded man. Not that it would have made a difference. Bill was without eyes and a tongue, not to mention he was bleeding out faster than the flow could possibly stopped. He was just easing him to death.

"You'd do better to save the water for your big mouth, and with your ass with the dish rag, doc-tor..." Hass spat. He despised the doctor, and he knew the feeling was mutual. The bastard hated him since day one, but at least hass had good reasoning. The "good doctor" thought himself better than jan, and always acted so.

"Or maybe you should just pour yourself another drink, and use your own piss on this...this" Jan stopped in his tracks.He could practically smell him as he heard the all too familiar clack click of spurs. Jans head bolted around to meet the sheriff with a steely gaze just as he aproached.He began questioning morgan, but Jan couldn't focus, he could just see thier lips moving back and forth, back and forth.

With all his leftover strength hass raised himself to his knees and equipped his sarcastic tone." Well guess who decided to show up for the party casually late; one else then the patron saint, the knight in shining armor, Sheriff Kain Hadwin everyone!" Was all he could muster, his throat was dry, dryer than the evening desert that encompassed them.

"Hey, would you mind explaining this to me?" He said in a mock innocent tone before gesturing to the motionless body lieing in the sand.

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He went quickly and quietly, the life stealing from Bill like a thief in the night. One minute there was a heartbeat, the next there was none. The bloody body had gone still, and so had Morgan. The doctor crouched quietly in the dirt, bathed in the pink glow of the fading sun, his hands still dripping blood. It was best not to be too emotional in these situations (in any situation, really), but Morgan couldn't help the rush of bitterness that flooded him, a toxic brew of hate and anger roiling and churning deep in his gut. Internally he was a mess, smothered by his own emotions, but outwardly he remained Doctor Morgan Crowe, unmoved and unmovable. His face was expressionless, his steely eyes looking without seeing, and he stayed this way through the duration of hateful, empty words Hass threw his way.

Hass spewed his insults into the air, and they fell like acid rain, burning and stinging as they dripped into Splitcreek's dry earth. But Morgan was beyond caring; the damage was done. His anger cooled quickly, his rational mind shutting out the worst of Hass' cruel curses, and he busied himself with Bill's body. His hands, the right one trembling with the remnants of nerves, folded Bill's arms over his chest and arranged the broken limbs in the most natural way the man's battered body would allow, then set about wiping up the trickle of blood flowing from the man's mouth. The end result of Morgan's efforts, his shouts and sighs and fruitless bandaging and blotting, was a neatly positioned carcass. It seemed doctors were no longer for the living, but for the dead and dying- grave tenders and those you called to ease a man to death.

At long last Morgan got to his feet, brushing the dirt from his knees and smearing blood across his trousers in the process. Hass had finally run out of steam and was huffing and puffing beside Sheriff Hadwin, who was still standing quiet as you please, commanding the town in his silent way. Morgan wasn't in the mood to talk. He felt like drowning- in liquor or in the creek, it didn't matter, though it occurred to him that liquor might be a nicer way to go. Of course, that wasn't an option. He had a duty here, a duty he'd fulfilled many times over, but who was counting? Certainly not the endless string of people that came marching to his office door, a rotating cast of sick and injured folks relying on his medicinal skill.

"Doc, he doesn't have anything on him, does he?" Morgan bit back the bitter laugh on his tongue, giving a quiet shake of his head. "Nothing but a whole lot of blood, Sheriff. No stolen gold, and Hass has the letter." He turned his eyes on the German, who had been uncharacteristically quiet the past few minutes. "You have somethin' to show the sheriff, don't you, Hass?"

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"You think I'd ask for your help?!" Hass screamed, waving his hands in the air like a madman. " After all the good you ever done! If it were up to me! You'd be lucky to scrub boots for a living!"

With that he stormed off toward his bar, but not toward turning around and spitting out a few more words, " You hear here... if you go after Bell, he'll kill us all!" and with that, he sped off, leaving the lackluster sheriff and the mourning doctor in the cool evening breeze.

He needed time. Time to think this over. What if they tried to kill him when he arrived for the deal? What if they gave him a fake location for the gold? He needed time to think this through. Tonight, he would be alone in his room, thinking about his options and his plan to deal with this "Bell". And tomorrow... he would perform the deed.

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Damian's feet found themselves at the front of the saloon, half wondering if he should get a drink or just finally figure out the going on about the town. Hopefully the latte because he has no idea where to start looking for the Bell gang or anything.

It was by luck he saw the Sheriff walking in the saloon, but for the Nomad, fortune smiled at that moment. "Earn the respect of the Sheriff, find more information about the bell gang if they're the ones about the outskirts of this town. Maybe even get deputized." He thought in his head until another thought burst in his wild planning. "Then again he might figure out I was the Nomad at one point, a once infamous bounty hunter. But I put that aside, put all that past horror I endured aside, didn't I?"

He walked into the saloon where he watched the Sheriff ask for Jan Hass, presumably the loud German who beat the poor now dead man he saw. Finding a seat at his normal table, which was empty, he sat down. He wanted to watch whatever was to happen in this encounter happen. He wanted to figure out exactly why did Hass beat the poor man. "Perhaps the man stole from Hass? Which would lead up to his death at the hands of the gang of hooligans upon encountering them? Never mind, will investigate further."

All the while as he thought this, his desire to catch the criminals and punish them the way the Nomad did kept crawling into Damian's brain, as if it wanted him to notice the desire. He chose to ignore it, because going down that road was the last thing he wanted to do.

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Damian's eyes turned to the Sheriff who asked him to come with him. "As you wish Sheriff." he said with a calm friendly tone in his voice. "What can a humble ex-bounty hunter do for you?"

Damian had a feeling the sheriff knew from the get go that he was a bounty hunter, that puts a wedge between the trust he wanted to put in the sheriff. Damian was a bounty hunter at one part of his life. But life plays a hard hand and sometimes things change. He knew the sheriffs usually don't want to talk to him unless they had a good reason to do so. Damian knew all too well that a good reason was put up yesterday evening, when the now buried man's murderers brought him to town when he was at death's door. It's a good enough reason, but there's more to it sometime.

"Is the topic of discussion the events of last night? If so, then that means you need a few extra hands in this investigation?" He asked with a rusty-red eyebrow raised.

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Damian followed the Sheriff, now fully aware that he must've known something about his past life as a bounty hunter, as he heard him motion for him to have a seat in an empty room.

"Alright sheriff, I'll bite. What do you know of the ruffians that caused last night's commotion, and tell me what you're planning to do and then tell me if it has anything to do with me." He said as he sat down. He half hoped that the sheriff was planning to deputize him in order to make sure whatever the Sheriff wanted him to do would be legal under his supervision. At least it'll keep his more angry violent side in check if all possible, if not make sure he didn't go nuts when shipping people to jail.

He didn't want too much blood on his hands, if nothing else. He also just wanted to live in a form of perpetual peace, not looking for a lot of trouble. If he needed to help the sheriff clean the town up for him, then that's what he'll do to get his peace, and hopefully some money in his pocket and his personal vault in his saddlebag.