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Lyrana Syran

Maiden of the North

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a character in “Ways of the Beasts”, as played by TemplarWarden


Lyrana Syran

Maiden of the North




Appearance Description
Lyrana is almost awkwardly tall and slender, almost as tall as some men at just under 5'10". Despite this she appears delicate, slim young lady and little could be further from the truth. There is a lithe strength in her limbs and a reptilian quickness to her actions. Her auburn hair is short, smooth and almost fluid in the way it flows. Her clothing, while she still wears dresses, is practical and well worn. The white and blue she favors easily muddied. She has a little jewelry, consisting of sparkling glass and silver chains. With pale skin, smooth flesh, sharp features and sunken blue eyes she appears slightly exotic and a little frightening. The dark crimson tattoo on her face was one small outwards example of her wild side. Often her lips are dry and cracked from wind the cold and set in a disapproving frown. Yet exposed in a smile her unnaturally sharp canines could be even more disconcerting when they match her cat-like blue eyes.

Lyra has always had little time for people. Even as a child she kept to herself, spending more time alone then with the children around who didn't feel nervous knowing her. She learned to become independent early on. As her parent's only child she had her family's and the court's expectations. As she grew the weight became larger, neither did she mind, there was something enjoyable about hard work. More often then not she proved too capable or too wild was left alone. The middle part of her life she often escaped the watchful eyes of her elders, spending much of her spare time travelling outside the bounds of Ziimu. Learning what she could about the wild on her own, sometimes spending days exploring the depths of the ocean or the land around the city. Despite her coldness she is very practical and resourceful, but only on her own. In a way she is uncaring, not willing to share her knowledge and time with others. The only people she cares for are her family and sometimes she does not get along with them very well.

She enjoys solitude and more so in the cold, when most people would look for company and warmth. With unusual routine she is more active in the evening, after the sun sets. Rain, sleet and snow are trials the commoners have to last through but Jenna seems to enjoy such bad weather. It is the only time she is seen smiling, a rare and frightful sight. For beneath her calm exterior her mind works with a icy cunning. There is a carefree cruelness to her actions. She is not an evil person, indeed at times she would go out of her way to do good. Sometimes she is just not adverse to causing suffering. Finally, there is the part of her that seems to be the culmination of her darkness in a quiet viciousness. A stinging comment or violent action, the beast within running through her veins. The thrill that runs up her spine when she falls upon her prey or draws blood from a foe. She understands there is more to life then what she has experienced, but true love and soul mates are childish dreams to her. Proven affection, like that shown by her parents and some of those in the courts, would sway her, and one would be treading the icy precipice to achieve that.

Weapon of choice
Pretty everything sharp, pointed and spiky. As a beast her whole body is a weapon. As a human she favors the slicing edges of scimitars and kukris and has a aptitude for throwing blades as well. In some cases she resorts to her long and often sharpened nails and biting.

Skill Set
Lyrana has been trained in most of what is required of a leader of a city, yet most of it is unpracticed, purely knowledge. She is skilled at getting in and out of places unnoticed, as well as actually find the routes used. She has a little survival skills but again she hasn't practiced it in situations where she had not place to run to. Her combat skills are well trained and that at least has some influence on actual situations. She is quick though, both in actions and reactions. She can get to many places where most others couldn't reach and quite quickly too.

In terms of magical ability Lyrana's abilities are entirely mental, only limited by her focus and mental state. The more she extends herself the harder it is for her to concentrate. A uncomfortable situation that meas she was always cautious about practicing. She is most adept at her manipulation of water as a liquid. Able to control medium bodies, such as a barrel or large puddle. With larger still bodies she can alter the surface yet it is difficult to counter the water's natural tendencies. She can snap freeze small amounts of water and slowly cool anything larger. The same is true of the transition from liquid into gas. With both techniques there will be a corresponding temperature change but not as extreme as the natural requirements. It gets more difficult as she works against nature. Flowing water is far harder to control then individual droplets and masses. The range of her abilities is certainly not as limited, it is possible for her to extend her power as far as she can see and even beyond. She doesn't require to necessarily she the effect she is causing. Of course such vague control can be problematic and is best keep to simple actions.

Also, being in water has the ability to invigorate Jenna in the same way as adrenaline or endorphin. The greater the contact the greater the sensation.

Water, cold, freedom, roaming the wilderness, hunting and bloodshed.

Restraints, threats to friends and family, weakness, shame.

Born near midnight on the longest night of the year Lyrana was always rather unusual from birth. She exhibited more bestial traits then her mother exhibited as well. It caused a little stir but her mother and father could be called precise rulers. They allowed little leniency in the affairs of the city, including rumors. So it was that it was determined she would be the heir to the throne from early on, despite some people disliking the idea of a bestial ruler. While Lyra's mother was the queen and child of the king before her, her father was the power of the throne. He was both far more politically minded and economically minded being a noble before he married into royalty. She never had siblings, her parents were well past their prime with her birth.

The young girl was an odd child, not loud, boisterous or openly rebellious but still could be labeled as a 'wild child'. She was individual, wandering off from a very young age and often causing her parents and teachers more then a little concern. She spend her time out in the water or the city when she ought to be learning of etiquette, literature and other skills. Many a day she would disappear from dawn to dusk then returned, prepared to study the next day and surpass her instructors expectations. As she grew she became more and more of a lady on the outside while somehow maintaining this lifestyle. The input from her parents greatly influenced her. Her father often took time of the teach her some of the nuances of ruling while her time with he mother often transformed and teaching the child the ways of the beasts.

Now her parents are aging, the stains of ruling taking its toll. First her mother succumbed to sickness, being bedridden for several months and slowly deteriorating. Lyrana attempted to take up some of the burden of leadership but she wasn't prepared and it fell to her father, Markai. Now he too is showing signs of age, with the recent loss of his beloved wife he struggles on. As the queens last request he sends Lyrana out of the city. For her to rule she must understand the world far more then she learnt from books or from whimsical exploration.

Hex Code

So begins...

Lyrana Syran's Story


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At first Lyrana had thought she was in plain sight, but it turned out the draping branches and shadow hid her lithe form for initial detection. Being so unaccustomed the the environment had allowed her to hide accidentally instead of hinder her. She didn't move, curious as to how alert the pair was. She managed to eavesdrop on enough of their conversation to catch something of interest; Dreams. So these were prospective leaders of nations or their soul mates, at least as far as her parents had mentioned. It almost made her shudder at the though of something else restricting her life. However she could somehow relate with the Kelper, what was the purpose of her being this far inland. Away from home and her father, how she wanted to see him see again. Yet she was here to prepare herself and she wouldn't surrender on her decisions. Another comment caught her attention or more accurately the pause before hand. It seemed that perhaps remaining out of sight would serve only to heighten any minute danger presented by the pair.

Lifting a branch out of the way she stepped into the open, still with a cautious hand awaiting on her sword. She doubted that either of the pair would do anything threatening, considering neither of them shared her dislike of being driven by dreams. If the worst emerged she expected she could best them. She opened her mouth to speak when a abrupt snap drove through the clearing accompanied by the scuttle of small animals. One did not have to be accustomed to woodland to recognize those tell tale signs. Certainly Lyrana would not be able to recognize any more details. Her eyes strafed the forest in the direction of the sound, although she kept an awareness of the Kepler and the man.
"If these dreams are so clairvoyant perhaps you would expect that we'll be having further arrivals." She introduced herself without so much as a greeting, preferring to cover as many subjects with as few words as possible. She didn't look at the couple either. Not out of rudeness, merely she didn't need to to speak. They ought to have gathered enough from her statement, being in the same situation and no threat. The details about the numbers were not revealed by her dream but by her father's words. Four cities, four heirs from each and a companion for every representative. Meaning that the three of them, four if the twig was any sign of another, was only a portion of the the full number.