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Hinata Enemoto

"Any weaknesses are shown by what one cares for most. That's why I care for nothing."

0 · 218 views · located in Japan- Sengoki era

a character in “Ways of the Samurai: Journey”, as played by γƒͺンーけゃん


Hinata Enemoto
⌈Any weaknesses are shown by what one cares for most. That's why I care for nothing.βŒ‹

21, and half way to 22

Hinata is average in build, height, and anything else you could possibly think of. He stands at exactly 5 feet and 10 inches, and has a regular build that any young man would have, being not too strong or too weak as he is neither of the two and mostly between both. Hinata has long black hair, sometimes kept into a pony tail, sometimes kept down, with a white bandana tied around his forehead. His eyes are a dark blue, not the most catchy color luckily because he's not a fan of drawing attention. Always, he has a sword tied around his waist, but that's the least. Most times he's seen walking around with two actually. For clothing, he'll either wear a dirtied military outfit, or just a regular scratched up kimono, though it's just about always something he finds rather than having to care about his actual appearance.

-Sake "Sometimes, you need a drink to get on, isn't that right..?"
-Quietness "The sound of silence can be more calming than the sound of music."
-Sleeping "I can't help myself. After days of walking, one will need rest."
-Payment "I don't do things for free you know."

-Disturbance "Everyone tends to interrupt my drinking... And that annoys me the most..."
-Ignorance "Jumping to conclusions, thinking to fast, anything of that sort I can't stand in people."
-Children "Not that I dislike them... I just... don't know how to act around them is all..."
-Liars "Saying I get my reward but rebelling against it just pisses me off..."

Hinata, in general, is a very calm person. He's someone who tends to keep his cool for as long as possible, being very tolerant when it comes to anyone, or anything that he may dislike, or that may annoy him over time, yet most times, he'll just keep it all to himself, staying quiet, and at the very most, probably only frowning or politely asking someone to leave him.
Still, he's also a bit of a cold person, caring little for anything or anyone. He couldn't care less for children, less for woman, less for the sick, less for the old, less for the injured, he couldn't care less for anything actually as he doesn't care for anything. People have spit at him for being so cruel to others, but it's just to protect himself, and everyone around him if possible, but obviously, no one can see that motive of his.
During combat though, he's completely brutal, caring less for anything, less than how much he would usually care for anything that is. He's merciless, especially is he was hired to kill someone, leaving no trace behind other than perhaps a puddle of blood or a slip of ripped and stained clothing. Some see him as the same person, but he's actually quite different than his usual self if one were to pay close attention to his facial expression, because even the slightest movement will tell how he is feeling, or what he is thinking.
Yet despite this, Hinata is a regular at a certain bar in the village he tends to stop at every now and then to get a drink or so to get him through the day, or ever through life sometimes. There, he feels much more comfortable to go all out with his expressions and emotions, smiling and laughing with others without worry. Some say he's actually free in that one bar, or he's just gotten drunk off all the sake he drank. Nevertheless, he's able to easily express himself without worrying or shrugging off other people like flies.

Hinata has no relationships to anyone but the owner of the bar he'll often visit. The two share a close relationship, almost like friendly brothers, but other than that, he knows no one else as well, or even less than that.

Hinata only carries around two katanas, and nothing more. Some people think of it as a mistake for having only two weapons, but Hinata rarely lets go of them, during battle, or even when he's sleeping. Plus, he can't handle any other types of weapons better than a sword, and fiddles with anything other than that.

-Swordplay "I learned from the military, it can't be as terrible as you'd think."
-Strength "Maybe I don't look it, but truthfully, I may be able to handle more than you could."
-Decisiveness "I can't miss. That used to be a rule in my family, and I still have to stick to it."

-Sake "Sometimes, I drink too much without realizing it and wake up in a completely different area with plenty of injuries."
-Heat "I can stand the cold, but the heat makes things impossible to move in."
-Attachments "It's too hard to protect yourself, and someone else all together..."

Hinata used to have a home, but all he can remember was they his family was isolated and lived in the mountains. Now, he wanders around with no specific place he stays at (other than a certain bar) and if he did stay in a certain place for over a few days, he wouldn't even know where it was, and just leaves to the next unknown area with no specific location he heads for.

Hinata grew up in the mountains with his family, away and isolated from any other villages, towns, or estates, just in the middle of no where. He grew up with many siblings, one older sister, and a younger brother and a younger sister along with his mother and father who watched over the four carefully. His family had no troubles living so far from civilization, in fact, it made the children tougher, including Hinata, because of all the hardships they had to get used to and face over time.
Sadly though, his father left to be a mercenary to collect money for his family so they could move closer to where other people were instead of being to far away, even though his wife and children denied the idea. He said he'd return, but he never did, leaving his family ever since and having not returned since that day. From there, Hinata's mother had trouble watching over all four children because they grew restless without their father except for the youngest girl and Hinata who stayed calm. The oldest child ran away, and was never seen again while the younger boy was killed by a bear in the forest. This led to depression for Hinata's mother, but luckily, the last two children she had were very calm and easier to take care of, but she still had trouble until she eventually passed away from the stress and her old age.
Hinata and his younger sister were left alone for a very long time, fending for themselves for about half a month before leaving the mountains they lived in all their life to the civilization below. Sadly though, his sister was taken by men who used her to gain money, and Hinata was unable to get her back, soon leaving him alone, a 13 year old child, in the wilderness, trying to survive and find actual people.
Over time, a general found him laying around on the side of the road near the mountain, and took him in as another military soldier who would fight for his lord. Hinata, seeing how he didn't have much left to do with his life, didn't fight back, and lived through the pain and agony he suffered throughout the military years. It paid off, he got a weapon to defend himself, a place to stay, and food and water to live off of. But that ended shortly after a few years when he turned 19, getting into a fight with a few of the other samurai, and during that fight, he accidentally killed one of them, and got kicked off and renamed a ronin.
Currently, he's just been wandering around, going to the one bar every now and then to get comfort. He works as a mercenary though, willing to do anything, anything, as long as he gains something like money or sake, anything of that sort. He doesn't care what it will do to his reputation because it was already ruined as being called a killer, or demon because of the deeds he's done or the jobs he's taken and completed. But it's his way of making a living at the moment, his name only spreading throughout the region more and more as he continues on with his daily life.

So begins...

Hinata Enemoto's Story