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Miss Kohaku Kana

Kindness is not weakness.

0 · 399 views · located in Japan- Sengoki era

a character in “Ways of the Samurai: Journey”, originally authored by Skittle_Overlord, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kohaku Kana
I am the daughter of a Samurai. Do not mistake me for something that is fragile.



Fragile is definitely that first thing that comes to mind when you see Kana. Everything about her is small, soft, and feminine, and much to her chagrin utterly unthreatening. Her big doe brown eyes and long lashes, that small tulip mouth, dainty nose, and heart shaped face can't intimidate anyone no matter how much she might try. Her skin has a warm glow to it, easily made to blush or bruise. Her body is lithe and petite, with a nearly flat chest that she has been teased about more than once by rude friends. Ah well. She is youthful and careless about her appearance, often she'd spend her days on the mountain of what used to be her home barefoot and hair loose, feeling the grass in her toes. As of late sandals have been necessary but she still tends to wear her hair in a ponytail or down, like a Samurai would. This never used to be a problem but lately it seems to draw attention and scornful looks from other women. She stands at five feet and one inch.

Nature- she used to live in the mountains, and nature used to be all around her. She likes the towns and villages, but finds she is most at peace when surrounded by greenery. She especially loves spring.
Dumplings- You'd be surprised at how much this girl can pack away, especially when it comes to dumplings
Rain- It smells nice and feels nice according to her, plus is gives the plants something to drink
Children- She loves them and they love her, she gets along with them fairly easily and treats them like what they say matters. Instead of the approach most people take, which is to write them off as simple stupid children. She gets very protective over children and won't justify hurting one.
Music- who doesn't love music?
Stories- Chinatsu-dono used to tell her all manner of stories, about youkai and spirits and heroes. She loves story telling just as much now.
Her Father- She holds her father in the highest esteem.

Brainless people- thugs and bullies are people she considers to be brainless. If you are not very smart but kind she doesn't mind, but if you aren't very smart and rude we have a problem.
Cruelty- she understands needing to put away one's own heart for the sake of defeating an enemy, but unnecessary cruelty is something she is not fond of. An opponent can always expect a quick death from her.
Killing- that being said, she has never actually killed anyone, and the thought of doing so scares her.
An empty stomach- if you ever want to see a cranky Kana this is the quickest way to do it.

Kana posses all the pride and tough spirit of a Samurai's daughter, which is said to be another breed of woman. Tough enough to one day be the wife of a samurai, and strong enough to handle a bushi's short life. Although when it comes to marriage she seems to be unwilling to speak of the matter- insisting she won't marry for anything but love. She holds honor high in her heart, and her father is the most honorable man in Japan according to her. But she seems to know that there is a line between honor and stupidity. And can see things from an objective enough point of view that honor won't always keep you alive. Although she has yet to come to a situation where she has had to compromise doing the honorable thing yet, and is unsure of what path she would take should she come to such a situation.

She also holds lady Chinatsu as her role model, often wishing to be just as elegant and poised as her- but that often times does not work out. Whereas Lady Chinatsu was a poised woman who emulated calm no matter what she felt, Kana has never been very good at hiding what she feels. As much as Kana has the strength of a samurai's daughter, she is not the most obedient or feminine acting girl. She tries, but often losses her way in such endeavors. Her discipline isn't the highest and she tends to do only what she wants to do. It's a good thing that she is agreeable enough to be persuaded to do most things when she is told. However when she wants to do something her father doesn't agree with she'll turn into a stubborn and willful mule, sometimes for the sake of rebellion. For instance he was originally against her learning how to handle Samurai weapons, but Lady Chinatsu helped him give in. She has stuck to the art from a young age.

She posses a clever mind, and so finds it impossible to simply sit there and accept whatever is told to her. A logical reason must be behind everything and she's good at working it out. She might be stubborn and willful, but she is also compassionate and generous. Kana is thoughtful of other and their needs. She also empathizes easily with others, also able to tell if they are lying fairly easily- but won't always call them on it right away. Kana is a bold individual who won't be intimidated easily, and has no trouble staring someone down. But she is not immune to fear.

It took Kana quite a while to smile again after her home was taken over, but now a few years older and living in Edo she has gotten better. She still has dreams sometimes, horrible dreams, but for the most part she seems to have toughened it out. Lady Chinatsu however has just gotten steadily worse, and has been relying on Kana to vent to. Kana has had to watch the honorable lady Chinatsu decay into a violent and erratic mess, and it hasn't been easy. She's had to learn to speak soothing words to a mad person, forcing herself to be patient. In other words Kana is more mature than she used to be. Kana has taken up her weapons as something more serious rather than play now. She plans on protecting her father with everything she has, as now she is very afraid of losing him. But she would never admit to it to him of course, he would see that as ridiculous.

Her father- She admires and holds her father in high respects, she loves him dearly. Although sometimes she has a tendency to disobey him.

Chinatsu-dono- Much like everyone else did, Kana admired Chinatsu-dono quite a bit. Kana wished she could be as elegant and beautiful, emulating her as best she could. But Kana's nature was always quite opposite to Lady Chinatsu, who resembled a statue of marble perfection, while Kana resembled a whimsical butterfly on the wind. Lady Chinatsu was fond of her however, and played a big part in Kana's loose discipline, often telling anyone who tried to stop her to let her do as she pleased. It pleased Lady Chinatsu to watch the free spirited girl frolic about. Almost as if living vicariously through her.

Daitou- that is weighted and lengthened to her, it's lighter and shorter than a Katana but no less effective in battle.
Wakazashi- even shorter second sword
Tanto- dagger, concealed
Tessen- A tessen was actually a steel fan masquerading as a harmless paper fan, which the samurai would use for throwing, fending off projectiles, and even clubbing people with when close. Kana carries it into places where weapons are not allowed, along with her Tanto. Comically enough the Tessen is actually the weapon she is strongest with, although usually going up against her with it results in her opponent only getting knocked out, not death.

Strengths, for now
Speed- What Kana lacks in strength she makes up for in speed, extremely surprising speed
Stamina- those long practice hours payed off
Empathy- she can understand and put herself in another's shoes fairly easily, although this is partly why she has trouble killing
Charisma- she's likable

Weaknesses, for now
Hasn't killed yet- She has sparred countless times, and fought a few, but never has she killed, and so far she seems unable to.
Naive- She came down from the mountains a few times a year, mostly for festivals, but mostly she stayed at home. And this has left her quite naive to how dishonest and cruel people can be. She is also blind to a few customs and cultural regularities. However she catches on quickly, and is no air headed fool. But can still be rather gullible, preferring to trust in people.
Not very durable- physically she isn't very durable and is prone to bruising.
Physical Strength- She is stronger than your average woman, but not stronger than your average man.
Easily swayed- She can see another side to an argument and can see other perceptions easily, and she can be persuaded to think about something in a different way if it makes sense logically. It makes her incidentally morally neutral, with every intention of doing good.

A small house in Edo, near Lady Chinatsu's abode.


When asked, Kana was told that her mother died giving birth to her. Which in retrospect might not be the kindest thing to tell a child, but she was always assured that her mother loved her and did not regret it. Kana is inclined to believe this. The reality of the situation is much more mysterious. The very day after giving birth to Kana, her mother disappeared, into thin air is seemed, taking nothing with her and saying no goodbyes. She had gone as suddenly as she had come. But again, Kana is never told any of this- she is simply told all of the good things about her mother instead. And in this manner Kana grew up quite loved and cherished.

Her father hails from a noble Samurai family, one that has served Lady Chinatsu's for many generations. And Lady Chinatsu's family has been the Shogunate who have been Lords of the province under the mountain for an entire dynasty. They have protected and governed it, helping it flourish and grow in grace, honor, and order. And on the side of the mountain there is a dug-in flat where the Chinatsu headquarters is, the main houses and the dojo connecting. The whole place is rather large, and this is where Kana grew up, together with Lady Chinatsu's youngest sons. Lady Chinatsu had no daughters and would treat Kana like one, unfortunately this meant spoiling her a bit and letting her have her way. When Lady Chinatsu's sons started learning how to handle Samurai weaponry Kana was determined to join them, and in time she had her way. But no amount of training could have prepared Kana for the night her home was taken from her by Warlord Yousuke. They came in the middle of the night, and things got out of hand quickly, fires started, she remembers fires, and not knowing what to do. She remembers that helpless feeling the best, she had no clue what to do, until someone she didn't know entered her room. He has red eyes and sharp teeth she recalls, but these features her father says she must have imagined. She thinks she might have imagined them too. But his eyes and teeth didn't matter for very long, his head was sliced off by her father, he told her to grab her weapons and come with him. They were losing this battle and had to flee. The only living member of the masters of the house was Lady Chinatsu, and the remaining men stayed behind to hold off the attackers long enough for Kana's father to get her and Kana away. Oddly enough they weren't even pursued.

Wracked with grief and loss, Lady Chinatsu was barely able to make it through the day sometimes, so intense were her emotions. Kana's father took her to her relatives in Edo, a mother and father in law. The travel there was rough. Lady Chinatsu's grief made her mad, and violent, and sometimes Kana's father was the target of that violence. Kana never was however, and could sometimes calm her down. Sometimes. When they finally got there they did their best to settle in and make a new life for themselves. Kana did not smile for quite some time, but eventually came out and explored the city of Edo and its hustle and bustle. She got to know the people there and became popular among the little ones in her neighborhood. She doesn't feel like it's her home though, and still dreams of the mountain. Those dreams often turn into bitter nightmares though. In her heart she knows what must be done in order to avenge her friends and adoptive family, she prays for the strength to do it.

So begins...

Miss Kohaku Kana's Story

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Lady Chinatsu had been eerily quiet, a crazed calm tingling under her skin, visible in her half lidded eyes. She allowed Kana to comb her hair, her head leaning this way or that with the gentle strokes, the morning was spent this way until Kana was done, the honorable lady spoke. "Bring me his head Kana-chan, won't you? His head." She sounded like a little girl almost, the request so simple and innocent, as though she were simply asking Kana to go to the store and get her some sweets. It made Kana wince.

"Of course Chinatsu-dono." came her reply, her voice hurt with the force of sounding chipper, her smile offset by the worried furrow of her brow. She did not like what the Lady had become, but it was not her place to judge. "Today we will find the men, and tomorrow we will-" - "GO THEN." Lady Chinatsu's voice cut violently through the ending of Kana's sentence, she froze and shrunk. "Yes ma'am." Kana deftly left the room. She used to cry when Lady Chinatsu yelled at her, but now Kana knew better than to waste her tears, the honorable madam did not mean it, she was simply in grief. She had to remember not to take these things personally, though it was difficult.

"Is she in a mood again?" Lady Chinatsu's mother asked as she passed by her. When was she ever not in a mood? "I think she is simply impatient is all." Kana hadn't the heart to speak ill of Lady Chinatsu and made excuses and underplayed Chinatsu-dono's condition often enough to where the old woman knew what Kana really meant. With a sigh she turned away from Kana, off to see her daughter, "Do yourself a favor and find yourself a husband dear, one that will take you away from here and this nonsense. And if you'd stop playing with swords and put your hair up you'd find one much quicker..."

Kana silently watched her leave for a moment before continuing on her way to the dojo the family owned on their property. Today she would be hiring ronin to avenge the deaths of everyone she had ever loved, and for the lost sanity of the woman she had admired growing up. The weight of this task made her anxious and giddy. Already she had several recommendations from trusted individuals in town, telling her so and so was known for never having failed yet, and that this other person was as good as a legend. The tree was ripe for picking apparently and if this was ever going to happen now was the time. She had the assistance of Lady Chinatsu's father in this matter. He had set up a notice in various places, inviting ronin to come to his home and try their hand against one another, the strongest would be selected for the job.

Upon arrival Kana saw how many ronin this attracted, and in the great city of Edo there were many who did not have work and desperately needed it. At least twenty men had shown up, not a bad number, or was it? Kana was not sure in these matters. She observed them spar from a distance for a while, before turning away, taking the tessen from the belt of her kimono and unfurling it, using it to block out the sun. Today her tessen and hidden tanto would be her warried weapons. She would go to ask the barmen and shop owners if they had any promising customers to speak of.

"Ah! Kana-chan this way!" A barkeep waved Kana down, "This is the man I was talking to you about. A good strong fellow I hired not too long ago, he'll get whatever job you need done." Kana reached the two and bowed customarily. "Thank you Miyazaki-sama."

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Silverbroidered Leander “Takara“

“Ah, Moonblade-sama, there you are!” The owner of the bar called out to Leander. At the sound, Leander’s back straightened and his posture returned to complete his guise. In his mind he cursed, his bad luck. The fake swordsman had been trying to sneak out of the bar before the man awoke. “Are you hungry?” The barkeep asked Leander with a smile on his face. Leander simply tipped his wide-brimmed hat forward in response. The man laughed. “Allays the quiet one, even in the mornings I see.” Leander wished he could sigh as he moved over to sit down for breakfast.

“It would be much easier to eat if you didn’t always cover your mouth.” The man commented as he began preparing the mercenary some food, referring to the cloth that Leander had over his mouth. In response the fake swordsman tilted down his hat to hide most of his face. Then when he was sure he couldn’t be identified, he removed the cloth.

“I’m not much to look at.” Leander said to the man in a rough voice, mimicking the one he had heard from the true owner of the clothes he now wore. The barkeep simple chuckled at his comment. Even after only a few days, Leander had about had enough of that laugh.


The fake swordsman sat sitting outside the bar. He took to doing that when he didn’t have enough money to afford food. Which was most days. He had found that if he sat quietly outside places, people tended to take a little pity on wandering swordsmen. Not asking for charity seemed to be quite effective in receiving it.

This time however, Leander seemed to be scaring off a few customers. He didn’t mean to, he wasn’t portraying a brooding or dangerous man. Yet every once and a while, Leander would notice that someone would stop and retract their approach just as they drew close to the bar’s entrance. Eventually, Leander got up to leave. He hadn’t received any charity all day, so he figured his luck wasn’t going to change. Though as he began walking away he heard someone call out to him.

“Please! Don’t leave yet! I’m sorry for taking advantage of you!” A man called as he exited the bar. Leander turned around, confused at the statement. As far as he could tell, he hadn’t been taken advantage of yet. “There are still some inside. Please, I’ll pay you!” The man said, holding out some money. Before Leander could respond, he was being dragged inside. A few moments later Leander sat at the bar, still quite confused, though didn’t show it.

“There they are.” The barkeep pointed at three men who were sitting down at one of the tables. “They are the ones, please run them out. They cause so much trouble. I’m really sorry for taking advantage of you. I‘ll pay you for keeping out the troublemakers earlier.” The man begged quietly to Leander. Leander stared at the man for a moment, then looked over at the men. They seemed calm enough, not like ruffians at all. “Please, go.” The man said before Leander could make up his mind, then the barkeep pushed the fake swordsman towards the table.

The three looked up at Leander, confused. Two seemed a bit frightened when they saw Moonblade’s swords, but the third shook his head and grinned a bit. Leander sat down at the table, keeping a noble posture, but not saying anything. It seemed too late to back out now. The man who hadn’t been afraid was the first to speak.

“So, I guess he finally made good on his promise. I was wondering why the place was so empty today.” The man spoke to Leander, just softly enough so that only those sitting at the table could hear. “Well I guess we don’t have bring this fool business anyways.” The man commented, then stood up.

“Fine then you old bastard!” The man yelled at the barkeep. “It’s not our damn fault your daughter is so flirty.” The came a soft cry from the door to another room. Leander spotted a young woman peering from around the corner. “I tell you what though, I never thought you would make good on that threat. You really are stupider than I thought. Hiring a swordsman to scare of your own customers.” He turned to Leander as he finished. “Be careful then swordsman, this damn fool will run you off two. That is if he doesn’t run out of money to pay you with first!” The man yelled that last part for the barkeep to hear. Then stormed out of the bar, the two others close in toe.

“Very good! That was amazing! You ran them off without even speaking!” The barkeep praised Leander, walking over to him. Leander couldn’t help but raising an eyebrow, even his iron cast disguise had been cracked by this fool of a man. “Tell me swordsman, what is your name?” The barkeep asked.

“Moonblade.” Leander spoke in a rough voice, regaining his composure enough to keep up his disguise and remember the name of the man who had saved his life.


“Ah! Kana-chan this way!” The man who stood slightly in front of Leander exclaimed, waving down the woman who had entered the bar. Leander tilted up his wide brim hat for a moment and looked over the woman, who seemed rather young. As the barkeep continued to speak it became apparent that this was the one who he had informed Leander about. The one looking for swordsmen to hire. As the barkeep sang the fake swordsman’s praises and they both bowed, though it did not show, Leander was quite relived. Surely such a frail woman couldn’t set a very dangerous task.