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Genji the Sleeping Dragon

"Remember when I said everything was fine?"*Exhales Smoke* "I lied."

0 · 938 views · located in Japan: Sengoku Era

a character in “Ways of The Samurai: Revenge”, as played by PersonaU


I don't care about fucking honor, I'm winning this fight.

He looks to be anywhere between 19 and 39. He won't say......or doesn't know.

Genji is a lithe man with odd proportions. He is very lanky and his body built thin, yet sturdy. He has peach colored skin and stands at about 5'7" weighing at about 167lbs. in total. Both of his ears are riddled with several different kinds of piercings and earrings of different makes and sizes. His entire body seems to be covered in black bandages. A face mask made from a soft black material adorns his face, covering most of it. When he does show his face, you can see many scars crisscrossing his face......along with patches of black scales. His burgundy hair is in an elongated spiky style which is styled towards the front of his body. He wears a white shihakusho outlined in black along with grey and black tattered hakama kept up by a sash. He wears black tabi socks and wooden sandal boots on his feet. His most striking physical feature are his scarlet red slitted eyes. On occasion, his sclera turn pure black. Genji is also displaying six blades on his person. Underneath his bandages and clothes, you would find mostly scars cut trhough black scales covering his body. His teeth are sharp and he has a large forked tongue.

+Raw Meat

-Taking orders that aren't his own
-People who spew their beliefs at him
-People who try and make him give a shit
-Giving a Shit
-Watered down Sake
-Words before Action
-People who try and "save" him

To say that Genji is laid back is both an understatement and an incorrect statement. Genji can usually be found in a position of lax, slouching, sitting down or laying down. His eyes always have a tired look about them. At first glance of Genji as a person, you might assume that he is a selfish asshole that doesn't care about anyone or anything. Now, while you may not be that far off, there is a whole lot more to him than that.

It's hard to pin down what he's really like, seeing as he seems to change himself and avoid any lengthy conversations. He seems to be able to talk to people just fine, but seems to prefer to keep to himself. One thing that always seems apparent is his bombarding wit. Genji always has something sarcastic or insulting to say to someone. Whether he really means what he says is always left up to the person, for Genji rarely goes into further detail. He seems to have very little remorse, in conversation, on the battlefield and off of it. He says what he wants to say and doesn't care whose feelings he hurts. He kills easy and death doesn't really seem to faze him at all. He doesn't go out of his way to save people, but if someone needs saving and it happens to be near his objective or target, well it's their lucky day.

When speaking with an enemy, he seems to play the remorseless blood lusting psycho. He doesn't care about hostages and using people as leverage against him is useless. He smokes from an elongated pipe profusely and it seems to be his main crutch. Sometimes, when you look into his eyes, you see nothing. Just the eyes of a man who died long ago, whose body just keeps moving because it doesn't know what else to do. He's also just too goddamn stubborn to change his ways now. The man is stubborn and biased when it comes to his own belief systems, he prefers to think that his opinions and his assumptions are resolute simply because he’s had to rely on only himself for so very long. It’s not an issue of elitism; he just knows his ideas and evaluations to be true in 90% of the situations that he’s faced. It doesn’t mean he’ll immediately cast aside an offering of ideas or leads but he’s one to always want and have the final say in expressing and acting upon them.

All in all, Genji is just trying to get by in life using the talents he was born with and the skill he was taught. He craves purpose and perhaps a cause that he could actually pledge himself too that he could actually respect. Or maybe someone to put the spark back in his eyes.

The Swordmaker: The man practically raised Genji and taught him most of the things he knows. He wasn’t perfect, and Genji would never admit it, but he was grateful to the old bastard.
Rujin: Rujin is more or less Genji’s rival and enemy. They’ve known each other since they were young and Genji really hopes one day to kill him……out of respect, of course.
Father: He doesn’t give a shit who his father is and what he wants with him. He genuinely does not care.
Mother: “Stupid bitch. Had to go and leave with some fat stinking drunk so she could……fuck if I know. Fuck her.”

3 Katanas
2 Daikatana
1 Uto Gatana
1 Pipe

Unorthodox Swordsmen- Genji was not trained in anything that would resemble traditional swordsmanship of any school anywhere in japan. He fights with six different blades that he can effortlessly shift and change through one after another. He even sometimes balances one blade on another and sort of juggles them. He even sometimes throws his sword. No matter how old or experienced you are, you have never fought anyone like Genji.

Inhuman Strength- Genji's strength seems to be just around beyond the human capability for it. It probably the reason he can effortlessly toss around so many swords.

Inhuman Speed- On the battlefield, Genji can slink and snake his way through an entire fight with ease. He moves through a battlefield like a serpent through water.

Wrong Mind- Genji isn't exactly in his right mind, not that he ever really has been. He will rarely make rational decisions and will almost always rush into any fight without any sort of information or plan.

Drug Addled- Genji is highly reliant on his opium supply for reasons he doesn't go into. Due to this, he often forgets things and he can sometimes just be in a daze. They can last for moments or hours, its random.

The Power There is some kind of power deep inside of him that is constantly trying to bust its way out of him. HE is constantly in pain and its the reason he takes drugs and is a bit off. Its always threatening to get out and that essentially makes him a time bomb.

The Battlefield. It's the only place Genji feels at home or comfortable.

Genji's birth was not planned. In fact, it was what his father feared more than anything else. His father was a Youkai. His mother, human. Making Genji the worlds most horrible abomination,a Hanyou. His father was of the House of the Sea,a Hebi specifically. His name was Unagiyata and he was the second son of the Head of the House of The Sea. He had fallen in love with the widow of a fisherman turned soldier. His mothers name was Aijin Mizu. She knew what her lover was and didn't care, she was so lonely. After several trysts, Genji was born. A bastard Hanyou. They did their best to hide him. His father crafted an incredibly intricate seal over his body with the use of black kelp bandages to seal the Hanyou energy within him, so other Youkai cannot sense him. After he was of a certain age, his mother realized he couldn't hide him forever, so she took him to a man who was said to not care about anything. She left Genji with this man at the age of around 5.

The man was known as the Swordmaker. He was one of the best bladesmiths in Japan, but he refused to mass produce his blades, so most people don't use his services during the war. He believed that the sword will take as long as it takes. He knew Genji's circumstances and didn't care, and started to train him as an apprentice. By this time, he was used to feeling the hatred and scared stares of all of the people who had ever glimpsed him. Maybe that's why he turned out the way he did. He started to put off an attitude that would make you dislike him from the get go, before you found out what he was.

He had a friend growing up....sort of. It was the other apprentice of The Swordmaker. His name was Rujin and he had bright white hair and eyes like him. They were the same age, at least that's what Genji was told, he has no real perception of time. They trained together and fought together and laughed to together and ate together. They became very close. When they reached a certain age, both of them had a very different outlook on life. Where Rujin wanted to end the fighting and make sure he had a high station in Japan when that happened, Genji couldn't care less about an of it. They both made a deal. "Neither of us are allowed to die, unless the other one kills them." Genji plans to honor that deal, no matter what.

They both left their masters house in opposite directions and have never seen each other since. Genji became a sword for hire, and soon enough gained a reputation. Due to his unorthodox style and utter lack of mercy on the battlefield. Due to his obsession with swords, he began to challenge Samurai's to duels and taking their swords after killing them. He became known as The Soul Collector due to the Sword is the Soul of the Samurai. Later in his life, he got the attention of many people in the wars just to the sheer amount of battles he had been in, as his contract usually just lasted one battle. He had fought and killed many people. Oddly, what people noted the most about him was his constant use of his pipe. Due to his lax attitude and ferociousness on the field of battle, the name he was known far and wide as was The Sleeping Dragon. Most people just know him by that name, not knowing his true name.

He became a very sought after Ronin, and many Daimiyo's came to him offering lands and reatainership with them. He always refused. He would rather die than be tied to any one army or man. Why, when there are hundreds of battles going on all over the country, he wouldn't miss them for anything.


So begins...

Genji the Sleeping Dragon's Story

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The day had been successful, reasonably successful, well Kana didn't exactly have anything to compare the success or absence of success to. Never before had she dealt with having to hire a single ronin let alone many. Her father was surprised to say the least that Kana had shown up with a man to meet her father, but she was proud of her find and presented him thus. Her father had made no protest to the man himself and in fact seemed to like him.

Kana snuck off when her father's back was turned in order to go meet with a few other ronin, who really did not seem like they would be of much use, they were boastful and one of them didn't even have his katana properly secured at his side. They didn't have the presence of someone who knew how to slay. Kana was hoping to find at least one more man. She sighed to herself as she admitted defeat, the fifth and final man she had been recommended to was no use either. Finding him at the brothel probably hadn't helped her judgement either, he was heavily distracted by the women around him. Maybe she had just gotten impatient? He had been rather crude. She turned around looking back, wondering if maybe she should force him to display his skill. A small tug on her sleeve stopped her, her head turned to see a young boy. "Momo-kun, I didn't expect to see you out and about, it's getting dark." Her smile betrayed that she was happy to see him no less.

"You're one to talk Kana-nii. Come on I've got someone you're gonna want to see." He led her away, "This one is practically a legend, red eyes, six swords, and he wears a mask." Momo's rendition of the ronin Kana was to see was very... eccentric.

"Six swords?! I might believe it if you didn't say he had red eyes. Surely it's just a trick of the light Momo-kun." Kana laughed, just who was she going to meet?

"It's no trick! You'll see, he came in not too long ago and purchased a room, scared my dad too much to turn him away!" They arrived, "Over there, see?" Momo pointed him out, to which Kana promptly lowered his hand.

"It's rude to point Momo-kun, but thank you for telling me. Here, you can have this as a reward." Kana gave him a bag of candies, which he thanked her for and took a seat near the stairs leading to the rooms. Kana looked over to the mysterious ronin, smoke plumed from a pipe he smoked, he did indeed wear a mask. She glanced back at Momo, he mouthed 'told you'. Something rooted her to the spot, she had to force herself to move forward, past the tables and over to him when normally she never had any trouble approaching people at all. Her heart seemed to get heavy, was it panic? Why would she panic? Was this fear? No, not quite, but something like it. The feeling was altogether new to her. Her cheeks flushed with confusion, it showed on her face. There was a hint of familiarity in what she felt.

Wait, was she staring? She was, oh how horrid. She had already arrived in front of him and had been staring for a second too long. In which time she had gotten a good look at his eyes, Momo was right again, they were red, red and serpentine. "My apologies it's just, it feels like I know you from somewhere, but I don't think I would forget a ronin who carried six swords and wore a mask." Now that she was talking, her smile came much easier to her, "My name is Kohaku Kana." She bowed, "And I have come to inquire as to whether or not you would be interested in being hired." She needed no convincing, this man was the one, she would bring him to her father and their team would be less lacking. She had not met others of the team, but the sheer numbers told her they needed more.

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Blood, smoke, money, booze. All that life has encompassed for as long as memory serves. Well, the positive things anyway. They help. They help with everything else. The unrelenting pain that throbs deep beneath the skin, yet somehow just before the surface. That deep pulsating power that calls out in hushed and loving tones. Ever whispering....Genji....Genji......Genji. Demanding to be used in the sweetest and most intoxicating way. Everything about life had been a struggle between desire and control. It's all about temptation, far beyond the choices for a normal man. Then again, no normal man is present. Only....this.

Still......blood, smoke, money and booze. They help.....thats more than anyone else has done.

While lost in thought, Genji nearly smacked into the end of an alleyway. A deadend. Genji adjusted himself and looked around. Unaccustomed to long labors of thought, he wasn't sure how long it had lasted. Had it been days, hours, minutes?

"Aw, who gives a shit."

Genji proceeded to walk to the mouth of the alley and lok around. The streets were wide and unfamiliar. Edo was pretty new to him. "This place is too damn big. How is anyone supposed to fuck'in find anything?" He felt the wind blowing west, so he decided to follow it.

He wandered down the streets, keeping an eye out for signs that stated either food or alcohol. He noticed that he had once again cleared a good amount of the traffic in the streets. "Popular as ever." He noted with a small hidden smile. Genji found his affect on people rather amusing. It was better than other reactions he had and he was very content with being left alone.

He came upon a sign that stated "Food""Alcochol" and even "Bed". Thats all Genji needed to read.....or could. He strolled in confidently and walked right up tot he man behind the counter. He slowly turned around.

"Yes sir, how can" The man grew visibly paler as Genji came into full view for him. He then began to tremble. Genji just stared at him with a distinctly bored gaze. Genji reached into his clothes and pulled out 2 Shu. "You're going to give me room&board for 2 it?"[color] He then placed the money on the counter.

The innkeeper nodded, seeming a bit relieved....yet not, at the same time.

[color=#f91b23]"I'l be in the dinning room. Send over a bottle of Sake and bowl of raw beef. When I saw raw, I mean still bleeding and whining. Be quick about it, I'm fuck'in starving over here."
Genji said as he turned his back and walked over to a table. The man was frozen, but seemed to shake himself out of it. "Um...sir.....your name, please?"

He looked back and stared him right in the eyes. "Genji."

Genji had gotten his bowl and sake and began to indulge. He didn't even use any chopsticks. Jst grabbed handfuls and stuffed himself. After he had finished his meal, he took out his pipe and lit it, breathing deep of the sweet smoke that banished his pain.

After some time, he felt an odd presence. Something he hadn't felt in a long time. It was alien, yet so familiar. Could it be? After all this time? He slowly looked over to someone who he felt was staring at him. To his disappointment, it was a young girl. She seemed.....entranced, sort of. The Ronin looked up at her with crimson eyes. "Paint an Ukiyo-e, it'll last longer."

The girl then seemed to pull herslef togetehr and begin speaking. "My apologies it's just, it feels like I know you from somewhere, but I don't think I would forget a ronin who carried six swords and wore a mask." One eyebrow just slowly raised, puffing on his pipe he simply continued to stare at her. Huh, so she had felt it too. Even now, Genji felt an odd energy between them. Somehow opposing and attracting at the same time. It was kind of liek the feeling he got for Youkai....yet so very different. Who the hell was this girl?

"My name is Kohaku Kana." She bowed.

Oh...that's who.......weird. A smile began to grow about her face and her voice started sound friendlier by the moment......gag.

"And I have come to inquire as to whether or not you would be interested in being hired."

At that, Genji's other eyebrow met the first. A job, huh? Genji quickly scanned the girl over. Fine clothes, smelled of fine oils, definitely was packing money. But....something more. Something that her clothes hid. Some subtle definition of muscle. A small elegance about her, not that of a normal high-born lady...but more like a warrior. She had been trained.....interesting.

Genji breathed deep of his pipe and blew it into the air above him. The smoke formed into two dragons who began to curl around one another....then ate each others tails until there was nothing left. He looked back down at her directly in the eyes. Though she was smiling, she was nervous....determined, but nervous. But not about him. There was something else. He poured her a bowl of Sake and saluted to her, drinking straight from the bottle. He then slammed it down on the table."Money. If the job promises that, I'm interested." Genji then looked around and beckoned her closer with a finger, as if to tell her a secret. When she was close enough, he spoke. "But Blood and Smoke will make me take the job. How much Blood we talk'in 'bout girly?"

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The smoke from the ronin's pipe slithered above him into shapes, serpentine dragons that ate one another until they were no more. Kana watched them, greatly impressed, how did one go about learning to do that? She had to stop herself from asking. She had been told before that she always asked too many questions about things that did not concern her, and though it had been a long day she was determined to keep up the good impression she had been giving. The ronin before her did not welcome her to sit down, nor did he introduce himself, but he poured her a cup of sake, she took this as the gesture she needed to have a seat. She didn't expect a man with such a wild presence to abide by proper etiquette. Not wanting to seem rude herself she took the sake cup and downed it in one quick gulp, which she deeply regretted. Having never tasted sake before the strength of the drink had come as a surprise to her, she covered her mouth with one hand, trying desperately not to seem so inexperienced and disgusted. She managed to keep a strained poker face with great effort, missing what he mentioned besides the word money. He needn't worry about that, there was plenty to be had if he succeeded, if.

He beckoned her closer, to which she abided, curious and forgetting about the bitter taste in her mouth for a moment. Kana's head tilted to the side, offering him her ear. The hairs on her skin prickled as he spoke, though it wasn't from his words, it was from how close they were, that feeling she couldn't place only got stronger. It was paradoxical in that it felt like a warning and familiar welcome at the same time. "There is plenty blood to be had, in fact bloodshed will be unavoidable. As I seek to hire you to for the purpose of taking on Warlord Yousuke himself." She spoke softly, her voice a little distant, she was more distracted by the electrical energy between them. She decided to break it, quickly leaning back. "And the payment for this will be rather large of course." Her tone stayed distant, businesslike, she watched him carefully, studying the micro-movements of his face with great interest. How did one acquire eyes like that? Was his face scared? It would explain the mask. His hair was cut short, unusual style for anyone.

Kana wasn't surprised that this ronin was interested in bloodshed. It was not often that you met someone good at their work who did not take pride it in. This must be one of those people. One of the people not born into a noble house sure, but all the same born with a desire to fight and make a name for themselves. In times like these so long as you had a will, you had a way.

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"There is plenty blood to be had, in fact bloodshed will be unavoidable. As I seek to hire you to for the purpose of taking on Warlord Yousuke himself."

At that, Genji stopped. His crimson eyes went wide at hearing that name. She began speaking more, but after that bombshell, he didn't give a shit what she said. He held up a hand, so she would shut her trap while he processed it. Who the fuck was this girl? With this completely unexplainable aura that made her feel like an old friend to him, yet so impossibly foreign at the same time? And she brings him a job like this?

After a few moments of silence, some noise came from Genji. It was a small at first, but it began to build. Deep at first, but it soon turned into a high pitched cackle. He was laughing....maniacally. "Heh....hehe......hehe...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Genji fell down onto his back he was laughing so hard. After a bit he sat back up, wiping tears from his eyes. The masked Ronin then turned back to her, with laughter still on his lips.

"So...hehe, you are hiring me to take down THE Yousuke? The fucking Warlord who has been sweeping through the territories with a inferior sized force like it was nothing? The same warlord who is said to have fucking demons and shadows and shit in his control?" There was beat of silence.

"Why didn't you fucking say so in the first place!?" A mad grin could be seen poking through the black mesh, and his serpentine eyes were alight with fire. Genji then immediately grabbed the side of the table and threw it sideways with one hand, shattering it against the wall.

With mad elation, he stood up and proceeded to pick Kana up and stand her up. As he touched her, he felt his senses ignite with the same feeling as before, but somehow stronger and thicker, yet still not clearer. Then looking into her eyes, he spoke.

"Kohaku Kana, you are something I never thought I would ever see again.......something NEW"

The madman then walked past her towards the door....but stopped suddenly. He took his ipe from his mouth, that had somehow stayed balanced through all of his laughter, tapped it against his forearm, ashing it. He then carefully put it back into his shihakusho. Genji then turned to her with the same eyes he had when they had met, the glee somehow gone.

"What, do you have fuck'in lead in your sandals? Hurry your fuck'in ass up and show me which way this Yousuke guy is so I can kill'em. Times wast'in away. Ive already taken 38 breaths waiting for you to fucking answer me. Come on, lets go." Genji demanded very impatiently, all while looking at her with that seemed dead and gone.....with just the faintest traces of a spark.

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Kana was not someone accustomed to rudeness, she had all her life been surrounded by well meaning and respectful people. She was a lady of noble birth, and a largely sheltered one at that, these two years had really done wonders for broadening her horizons. People still treated her respectfully however, knowing of what status she was born under. She hadn't needed to come into conflict with anyone besides the odd child, and even that was not too serious. Over the course of the day she had experienced more rudeness that she had in her entire life combined, loud brash men who did not care what anyone thought. But none were so brash as this man before her. When she tried to mention payment he held up a hand, uninterested, silencing her. It did not work but was still noted.

After this a silence fell, and then a low sound, something she couldn't identify until it got louder, and louder, and louder. The ronin was laughing, a crazed laugh that she had only ever heard from lady Chinatsu. Exactly who was this person, that the thought of bloodshed made him laugh so? It was uncomfortable to witness such madness. The ronin did not hold back an ounce, falling over and taking his time to gain control of himself. Kana kept her face a straight line as he rebounded her request, confirming using his own crude words that she was attempting to hire him to take on none other than Warlord Yousuke. She couldn't tell if he was mocking her or not. Her eyebrows furrowed in worry at this, her lips parted to speak in her defense. It was not needed however, as the ronin took the table and flung it clear to the wall, making a huge mess and damaging a few things no doubt. Kana cringed, panicking her hand gripped her tessen tightly, hoping she would not have to use it. He swept her up by the shoulders before she could make that choice however and demanded her full attention, her face a mixture of surprise and horror. He expressed his glee at her offer, he was excited, and Kana was frightened. Not only by him was she frightened, but by the reaction his touch caused, it made her want to strike him, shove him away.

When he finally released her Kana let out a puff of air she did not know she was holding in, her heart beating quickly, she watched him, still in shock as he walked right past her as if going straight to Yousuke to challenge him that very night. It was taking her time to process what just went on. The ronin decided to snap her out of it as rudely as possible, she had never heard anyone talk like that. But instead of being surprised this time, she became angry.

"You. Are by far the rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Do you go around treating everyone like this? I wonder how far that gets you with people, probably not very far at all you dishonorable dog. How dare you treat this establishment with such little respect." Kana's tone was livid, she deliberately did not heed his question and berated him instead, walking over to the owner, who was hiding behind a corner. "I am so sorry for this man's behavior, please take this for the damages and trouble." Kana handed him some money.

"Wait miss!" The owner of the inn grabbed her hands and spoke in a hushed, hurried, whisper, stopping Kana from turning back around "Should you really go anywhere near that man? He's dangerous!"

"That's actually what I'm counting on." Kana retorted ruefully, twisting out of his grasp and turning to Genji, walking towards him purposefully with a glare, passing him up and leading him away. "If you wish to participate in this quest you will have manners, or I won't lead you anywhere near Yousuke and you can just be on your way. You aren't going to be working alone after all." Kana warned him as she lead the way, trying to put distance between them and the inn, from all the attention they had just drawn to themselves.