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Aina Harker

"Live for the Imperium, die for the Emperor."

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a character in “Waystation Galvius”, as played by Hyperewok



DATE: 0023052.M42
From the desk of Inquisitor Volsk Osbourne.
Citizen Identification Number: CLASSIFIED
First: Aina MI: L Last: Harker
M: F: X
Nicknames/Aliases: None
Age: 29
Birthplace (City): Telus
Birthplace (Planet): Caraxia
Birthplace (Sector): Iris
Birthplace (Segmentum): Obscurus
Current Residence (Address): Inquisitor Quarters #53634
Current Residence (City): Karkaris Inquisitorial Fortress
Current Residence (Planet): Karkaris
Current Residence (System): Regar
Current Residence (Sub-Sector): Jeris
Current Residence (Sector): Jericho Reach
Current Residence (Segmentum): Pacificus

Blood Type: B+
Height: 1.4m
Weight: 65kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Physical Appearance: Tall and muscled but somewhat lean, by baseline human standards, Inquisitor Harker is quite physically fit, albeit limited by the fragility of a standard human. Her only modifications are minor chemical alterations to better ensure physical capability and a cybernetic eye to her replace her right eye lost during an operation. Her skin is pale, occasionally pockmarked by the occasional scar and her hair is equally pale, trailing down to the edge of her shoulders. Her armor is far from the usual ostentatious display of Inquisitors and other high ranking Imperial officials, she instead prefers a set of dark brown flak armor, lightweight and relatively thin, but still befitting of an Inquisitor and thus far more protective than standard flak armor models. Pauldrons and knee guards bear the sigil of the Inquisition, as well as her overcoat and hat. Her Inquisitorial Seal is fashioned into a pendant that hangs around her neck. She is usually armed with a power sword and laspistol, both of high quality, that are holstered on her belt, along with numerous other small weapons that may be concealed under her coat and armor. Her demeanor is always calm and controlled, regardless of the situation.
Psychological Profile: With a natural tendency towards investigation, Inquisitor Harker is shrewd, cunning, and analytical. She is consistently thorough in her investigations into heresy and other assorted threats to the Imperium, never acting prematurely or rashly, and always waiting until she has the best position in which to strike. She wields her Inquisitorial authority with equal care, never abusing her such power but bringing down all the wrath of her station on those who impede her in her duties, much less betray the Emperor. Her duty is an intensely serious undertaking, and she uses this gravity to rally support in the Emperor’s name when the need arises. These allies are then used and disposed of as need be, but never without a clear purpose. While no stranger to battle or fearful of it, Harker prefers to lead from the rear, knowing that it is her duty to continue as an Inquisitor and another’s duty to die for the Imperium. However, she takes those deaths quite seriously, as those that die for the Emperor are the most blessed, and perhaps even the psyker and the (non-Warp tainted) mutant may be saved in such a death.
Psyker (Check One) Y: N: X
Family (Alive or Deceased):
Father: Balian Harker, Governor of Caraxia (Deceased)
Mother: Rina Harker, Primary Administrator of Caraxia (Deceased)
Sister: Naia Harker, Captain, Boros Prime 181st Armored Regiment
Personal Funds/ Monetary Assets: Funds are withdrawn from Inquisitorial accounts as needed in the name of the Emperor’s sacred charge. Small amounts of personal funds remain from parents’ former wealth.
Current Profession: Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus
Skills and Aptitudes: While highly trained and quite adept in the use of small arms both melee and ranged, Inquisitor Harker’s greatest tool is her mind. She is keenly observant of everything around her, and everything is either a threat to the Imperium or a tool to be used in it’s defense. Her most common tactic is the use of motivation and manipulation of the people around her to better spur them to live or die for the Emperor, with her oratory skills on par with that of an experience commissar. She is incredibly observant, using both her normal sight and her cybernetic eye to carefully examine everything around her.
Personal History:
0243019.M42: Aina and her twin sister Naia are born the daughters of a governor to a minor Imperial world Caraxia.
04242030.M42: Sedition and heresy is encouraged by agents of Chaos on Caraxia, leading to a rebellion and several encounters of demonic infestation. Aina and Naia are evacuated along with many other nonessential personnel of the planet’s upper class. Their parents do not survive the uprising and subsequent pacification by Inquisition and Adepta Sororitas forces. They are sent to an academy for orphans of high ranking Imperial servants.
0432035.M42: Aina excels at her studies and is recommended for further testing as a potential asset to the Imperium. Her sister does not, and is transferred to an Imperial Guard regiment. The sisters do not meet again.
0122040.M42: Aina proves to be of a keen intellect and appropriate amount of faith in the Imperium, and is recruited by the Inquisition. After extensive training, she is assigned as an acolyte to Inquisitor Obaris Lestar of the Ordo Hereticus. They form a capable team in rooting out heresy and treachery within the Imperium.
0412044.M42: After successfully rallying Imperial forces against a Chaos uprising while her mentor lay wounded, Aina is promoted to Inquisitor. She continues the work of the Ordo Hereticus, notably avoiding an Exterminatus order in all but the direst of situations and once having the entire court of an Imperial planetary government sentenced to arco-flagellation for heresy.
0568048.M42: Aina is assigned to assist and work under the authority of Inquisitor Osbourne’s investigation of the Waystation Galvius reemergence, at the request of Ordo Hereticus superiors who wish to encourage further interservice cooperation between Inquisition orders.

Intelligence Quotient: 165
Neural Wavelength Frequency: 35
Spacial Reasoning Score: 99%
Linguistic Aptitude: 97% (Low Gothic, High Gothic, passable in several of the more common Low Gothic dialects.)

So begins...

Aina Harker's Story

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Aina sat at the desk in her quarters, checking over the last reports of Waystation Galvius for the countless time. And there was still nothing, nothing to give even the slightest hint as to why the station had disappeared from the face of the galaxy. A Warp storm seemed the most likely answer, it's foul nature constantly unpredictable and dangerous. Entire planets had been swallowed up in it's fury and lost forever. But there had been a sign of such an occurrence, the storms rarely appeared and evaporated so quickly. And now the station had reappeared after centuries. A curious and disturbing matter. One that Aina intended to investigate fully.

Her contemplation was interrupted as a tinny voice came from the room's communicator, indicting Inquisitor Osbourne's order for her to report to the bridge. She grimaced briefly as she pulled on her hat and overcoat over her armor. Aina did not relish the thought of being subordinate to an Inquisitor of such youth, much less with his blatantly unorthodox retinue. She had scarcely believed the crewmen she had questioned when they spoke of the presence of a greenskin, but of course they would be quite foolish to lie to an Inquisitor. At least that was the worst of it, the rest of her brief and polite investigations amidst the ship revealing the usual manner of mercenaries and assorted Imperial personnel. Of course, the priority was the matter of Waystation Galvius. The presence of Chaos was likely, and the orders by her own superior had been to cooperate and see to the quarantine of any heresy that could come from the situation. The opportunity to observe such a young and upcoming member of the Ordo Xenos was left unspoken. She checked over her assorted weapons, the laspistol and power sword on her belt, and various other smaller weapons concealed in her armor. Finally Aina checked that her Inquisitorial seal was displayed proudly around her neck, and then she made her way to the bridge.

Glancing around the bridge as she entered, Aina took note of the others, nodding briefly to them. She did not stand by them, instead moving to the side, in front of the group but not beside Osbourne. After all, she was hardly a common mercenary or Imperial grunt, but this was still his command. She bowed her head respectfully to the Inquisitor, though her gaze did not lower in deference.

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#, as written by Saxious
Letting out a loud sigh, Caroline placed the dataslate on her desk and rubbed her one good eye. She had just come from war zone and she was now being thrust into a... a what? Search and destroy? Liberate? She didn't know what to make of the mission. Apparently this station had vanished without a single trace 300 terra years ago and had recently showed up on Imperial radar, and from what meager information she had been given, this station had not been an overly popular place for pirates to visit, so the assumption that the whole station had been hijacked was out of the window. Whatever the case was, this Inquisitor Volsk had gone a great length to get his hands on Caroline, who was just released from intensive care and long overdue to return to her regiment for retraining and redeployment.

"Argh bullocks," Caroline cursed, using common underhive Scintilla slang. Her biotic eye had repaired since her confrontation with the orks on the Imperial colony Zel Tertius, though every now and then it would 'twitch' just painful enough for it to be annoying. Additionally, an ork grenade had exploded dangerously close to the back of her head, and she had a metal plate inserted to protect her brain (thankfully they had done it well enough for her to take showers).
She then began to clean her laspistol, just to be certain that it would live up to her (strict) regimental standards. Caroline hadn't brought much more than her usual equipment with her (she honestly didn't have anything else) and had been placed at the deeper and farther end of the ship, closer to the machines, much to her comfort, though she had not encountered the Inquisitor in person, or anyone else that he may had enlisted. Caroline had instead spend time amongst the slave leaders, and (re)cleaning her uniform and las weapons, something her strict regiment had slowly made her enjoy.

Many non-Scintillans had mistaken her regiment for PDF troops, or parade glorified soldiers, as their uniforms were unrealistically well maintained though it was seen as a crucial part of the regiment's discipline, and in Caroline's case, it had paid off. Being a former underhive ganger, she had been force conscripted by Scintilla and the military training had brought control over her otherwise renegade behavior, though some habit never truly died, and Caroline had her fair share of scars from that habit.
Though Caroline was usually the exception, the left side of her face had been deformed from boiling hot steam during a boarding assault on an eldar ship, blinding her left eye and it was subsequently replaced with an unstable biotic eye instead.

"Well, time to get serious." Caroline said to herself as she noted the time was getting closer for the debriefing meeting. Having set up her uniform and equipment in an emergency response manner, Caroline was swiftly in her sharp uniform. Checking herself in her mirror she made sure that minor adjustments were made in order to look better presentable in front of an Inquisitor, and for the sake of ceremony, she only brought along her laspistol, and as always, she wore her red beret with a golden aquila attached.

The march through the ship was good for her, being hiveborn she had a natural instinct for finding her way around ships and give her hot temper it was usually a good thing for her to walk some steam off before the debriefing. As she stepped into the debriefing room, she saluted as she would to any superior officer, "Sergeant-Major Caroline Holsten reporting for duty milord...s" Caroline quickly added as she saw there were two inquisitors present, plus those who took the time to read her facial expression could see she was clearly taken aback by this fact. Nevertheless, she placed herself closer to the large soldier, though with enough distance for it not to be uncomfortable. She then spend a brief moment looking at the other members that had showed up.

Well, at least we will have two that will know which end of a gun to use, Caroline thought as she had finished looking at the large man she stood closest to. So far the only issue she could pull up was his facial expression; he looked too stern for Caroline's liking (which was a lot considering her regiment was modelled after the Mordian Iron Guard), though his tats of imperial writing and prayers served to assure her that the man was loyal to the Imperium.
A tech-priest. Good, our weapons won't jam and any technical problems can be dealt with properly, she thought as she looked at the servant of the Omnissiah. Caroline had seen a good deal of tech-priests during her tours with the Scintilla 234th, especially when their light cruiser needed refueling and checkups, though she had rarely spoken to them unless her equipment couldn't be fixed.
When she came to the arbiter looking man, she stopped and gave him a hard look. Though pass her ganger times, her experiences with the lawmen had never been a friendly one, I know the Inquisitor has his reasons but why the hell him? We don't need the lawmen coming and poking their noses in war business.
Finally, Caroline turned to the other Inquisitor, giving her a quick look as for not look disrespectful, I'll be damned. Two Inquisitors. Shit just got serious.

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All right people, you have about ten minutes to get into the briefing chamber,
I'll be waiting. That is all.

The voice echoed loudly within the simplistic chambers that Varus had been assigned upon arrival causing the Vindicare to sigh softly to himself before resuming what he had been doing. Laid out on the table in front of him was an assortment of parts which at first glance seemed that several looked almost archaic while others seemed almost outlandish and bizarre; yet to his eyes were simply tiny parts of his soul awaiting assembly so that he would be complete again. He felt his jaw twist slightly as a wry smile marred his features for a moment as his delicate hands danced across the brushed metal surface, ignoring the summons for the moment. Lightly lifting components and slotting them together, faint clicks followed by soft hisses of air as tubes became joined and sections began to realign. In a matter of seconds his hands now rested on the fully assembled Exitus Rifle. His soulmate. Viktoria.

He chuckled softly at the odd attachment to his weapon, something that Luna had always chided him for at the schola. Shaking his head slowly to dislodge the memories of his life before, he lifted it up and rested it against his shoulder, testing the weight and dialling in the ranges and measurements. It wasn’t needed. He’d done this a hundred times since boarding the ship and thousands if not millions of times before that. But some habits die hard, and he’d never live it down if the one time he didn’t check his tools they failed him. Flicking the safety leaver into place and locking the weapon down, he holstered it behind his back into the mag-clasps running the length of his stealth suit, his fingers lingering on the well-worn grooves left in the leather and metal handle from his years of use.

Cracking his neck to the right he rotated his shoulders to loosen the muscles slightly before tracing his eyes along the rows of bullets that lined almost every surface. Many were simple armour piercing rounds with little purpose than ripping through the ‘righteous’ armour that protected many a fool from his sudden death. Though it would be petty to call any tool of the Officio simple, since the armour these had been designed to pierce included those of the Adeptus Astartes, after all, targets were targets. His suit was already covered in several pockets of bullets designed for much more dangerous targets than a space marine, though he did wonder given his assignments vagueness exactly what would be needed here.

Shrugging to himself he reached down and lifted up his mask, fitting it over his head and securing the seals against even the vacuum of space itself, before picking up the camo-cloak from his bed and fastening it around his shoulders. He walked over to the doorway and activated security protocols and mechanisms that had been installed when he moved his equipment in and duly made his way towards this meeting. After all he was only running down to less than a few minutes to arrive on time, but then for all they know he could have been there all along. He smiles to himself letting his fingers caress the equally worn handle of his Exitus pistol, the twin to his Viktoria, as his suit and cloak wavered faintly as they began to warp his visibility slightly before he deactivated their system for the moment.

As he reached the doorway into the meeting room he took a soft breath before touching the activation rune to open it. He stroke in calmly and without fear, even though he raised his eyebrow behind his glowing green eye plate at the sight of not one but two inquisitors. Clearly this was unlikely to be a mission that he was going to enjoy. Looking towards the current leader of the ground he nodded towards him and spoke softly, his voice crackling slightly through the vox systems of his mask.

“Good Evening, Inquisitors. Reporting as requested."

He then took up position leaning against the wall nearest the door and watching events more closely, with his mechanical eye examining the other members already in assembly as well as these two Inquisitors in an attempt to discover any immediate threats from them before whatever was to occur did so.