Clarissa Harding

"What's a girl without her muscle?"

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DATE: 0023052.M42
From the desk of Inquisitor Volsk Osbourne.
Citizen Identification Number: 22358-523-KOL0394
Name: Clarissa Harding
First: Clarissa MI: S Last: Harding
M: F: X
Boss - Her faithful companion calls her by her title of Boss.
Claire - The name her parents and friends used to call her.
Age: 17
Birthplace (City): Praediatoran
Birthplace (Planet): Praedis Zeta
Birthplace (Sector): Vidar
Birthplace (Segmentum): Ultima
Current Residence (Address): N/A
Current Residence (City): N/A
Current Residence (Planet): N/A
Current Residence (System): N/A
Current Residence (Sub-Sector): N/A
Current Residence (Sector): N/A
Current Residence (Segmentum): N/A

Blood Type: B-
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red

Physical Appearance: The most prominent feature of Claire is her fiery red hair that comes down to her shoulders. It is never styled nor does she take very good care of it tending to cut it with a combat knife when it gets in her way. She tends to 'over-eat' to the point where she has started showing signs of being 'well formed'. Her cheeks are full and her stomach has a slight arch that just keeps it from being 'toned'. Her bright green eyes glare out from underneath thin arching eyebrows that frame her wide face. When it comes to clothing, Claire dresses for the situation. She prefers simple clothing placing functionality and comfort above style, but should the situation call for a 'gentle' touch, Claire will dress in the only nice dress she has which is a long emerald green dress that hugs her and shimmers as she moves. On the topic of hugging curves, it is important to note that Claire is a relatively flat chested woman with an A cup that is on the lower end of the spectrum.

Psychological Profile: Claire is a woman who demonstrates mildly psychopathic tendencies preferring to stay in the company of her 'friend' Grit then in the company of other people. Unless she is attempt to get something from someone such as currency or items, Claire tends to keep her own company. She does not trust others, and shows very little remorse at killing shown in her 'game' with her 'friend' Grit in their kill count games. Spending years among orks and the constant state of near starvation has caused her to stuff her face if there is food nearby and eat until she can no, literately, longer eat. She will constantly pocket things that are left out by others and does not understand how this is wrong given that if they wanted to keep it they should have protected it more. Claire is unable to relate or sympathize with other people and makes no effort to do so. It should be noted that Claire is unused to the ways of adults. While she may flirt, especially if she wants something, Claire has no true understanding of what it means. All she knows is that when she bats her eyelashes at merchants, she gets better deals.

It is worthwhile to note that should anyone ever successfully attempt to get close to Claire, her conversations will include a variety of hitting along with her speech due to her acceptance of her boss status to Grit, and her familiarity with the Ork species. It is a sign of friendship and familiarity.

Psyker (Check One) Y:X N:
If Yes What Category: Zeta
If Yes What Is/Are Their Psychic Abilitie(s):

Perception: Claire can increase her perception of the world by lacing her sense with her enhanced mind. It allows her to perceive the world at a slower pace, so it would appear to her that everything around her was moving at the speed of a snail. She cannot speed herself up nor anything else, it just allows her time to consider what to do as well as increase her accuracy to make incredibly difficult shots. She cannot use it constantly and must rest after each use. As Claire is untrained this is the only psyker ability she has.

Lori Harding (Mother): Deceased
Victor Harding (Father): Deceased
Richard Harding (Brother): Deceased

Personal Funds/ Monetary Assets: Medium amount of funds that she acquired through her services with various Rogue Traders.
Current Profession: Mercenary

Skills and Aptitudes:
Sharpshooter: Claire is a very good shot with a long-las. She has had some practice with it, both live and target, and mixed with her psyker ability makes her a deadly shot.
Barter: Years spent in the company of Rogue Traders arguing both her and her 'companions' fees as well as seeing how they deal with negotiations has made Claire an avid and experienced barterer.

Personal History:
0436035.42M: Clarissa Harding is born.
0723045.42M: Ork WAAAGH comes to Praedis Zeta.
0245048.42M: Clarissa, and her family, are taken as slaves in an Ork raid during a refugee evacuation.
0732048.42M: Unidentified event causes a mutation in Clarissa latent psyker abilities causing her to project a Gestalt field.
0453049.42M: Clarissa escapes the planet and the local PDF soldiers by the assistance of an unidentified Rogue Trader.
0313051.42M: Clarissa and her Rogue Trader affiliates are captured after a deal with reputed Dark Eldar slavers. Clarissa is to be sent for 'study' along with her Greenskin servant. Overridden by Inquisitorial authority and the two are handed over to Inquisitor Volsk Osbourne.

Intelligence Quotient: 119
Neural Wavelength Frequency: 564
Spacial Reasoning Score: 86%
Linguistic Aptitude: 58% She is fluent in both Low-Gothic and various dialects of Orkoid. She has a hazy understanding of High Gothic, but she has never had a need for it so never applied herself to learn it.

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