"Yuu be 'ard, but are ya dead 'ard?"

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DATE: 0023052.M42
From the desk of Inquisitor Volsk Osbourne.
Citizen Identification Number: N/A
Name: Grit
First: Grit MI: - Last: -
M: X (Even though Orks do not have gender, Grit is referred to with masculine pronouns.) F:
Age: 15
Birthplace (City): Unknown
Birthplace (Planet): Charadon
Birthplace (Sector): Unknown
Birthplace (Segmentum): Ultima
Current Residence (Address): N/A
Current Residence (City): N/A
Current Residence (Planet): N/A
Current Residence (System): N/A
Current Residence (Sub-Sector): N/A
Current Residence (Sector): N/A
Current Residence (Segmentum): N/A

Blood Type: N/A
Height: 243 cm, roughly 2.5 m
Weight: 387 kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: N/A

Physical Appearance: Like most Orks, Grit has deep green skin and beady red eyes. He has the common stooping posture that all orks have due to their lack of necks. His mouth has his large two bottom fangs prominently sticking out above his lips giving him a rather intimidating appearance. His large arms are as wide as an average mans waist, and his legs are like mighty tree-trunks. Grit's arms hang low with his hands almost scraping the ground due to his ape like physique. Grit wears the same outfit every day because as an Ork Grit does not have a sense of discomfort or the capability to feel pain. He wears his 'eavy armor which is really just various metal plates strapped and stitched into his greasy and dirty clothing. The only other noteworthy think about Grit is the fact that he will normally be painted in purple which makes him harder to see and detect.

Psychological Profile: Grit is extremely aggressive as he lives to fight and fights to live, and only three things keep him from going on a rampage or a right gud stompin, and those are his boss Claire's orders, his desire for a better fight, and his love of humie alcohol. He has no desire to learn or to develop 'bonds' with other beings because that is not in his nature. Grit is a Kommando and so is both more intelligent then a normal ork, which isn't saying much, and it also effects the way he likes to do things. Unlike most Orks, Grit likes sneaking up on his foes and plunging his stabba into their backs, but don't think that he is against running in and enjoying a right gud stompin because at the end of the day, Grit is still an ork.

It is important to know that Grit sees no difference between humie ranks and doesn't care about what an Inquisitor or any official tries to tell him because they are just humies, and he is a ork and as everyone knows green is best.

Psyker: Y: N: X

Family: N/A
Personal Funds/ Monetary Assets: "Wot?" Grit does not have any personal funds besides a bag of teef he carries.
Current Profession: Mercenary

Skills and Aptitudes:
Sneaky Git: Grit is a Kommando Nob and so is a master of assassination and infiltration despite being a two and half meter purple ork.

Nob: Grit can survive in almost any environment, has greatly increased strength and toughness, immunity to pain and an innate ability in hand-to-hand combat.

Hand-to-hand: As an Ork, Grit has a natural ability in close combat. While lacking finesse, his rough and brutal combat methods are incredibly effective.

Personal History:
0097037.M42: Grit is 'born'.
0025644.M42: Grit manages to sneak up on and kills the space marine. Later enters a fight to the death against the space marine's battle brother. The victory gives Grit the push needed to grow into a Nob.
0732048.42M: Claire has a pysker mutation, and Grit accepts her as his Boss. He helps her escape, but not before killing his previous boss.
0453049.42M: Grit reluctantly leaves the planet with Claire and joins an unidentified Rogue Trader.
0313051.42M: Grit and Claire are captured by Imperial Forces. Grit is only spared due to Claire's quick thinking and forcing him to disarm.

Intelligence Quotient: 64
Neural Wavelength Frequency: 75

Spacial Reasoning Score: 35%, as a Kommando Grit has a base cunning that belays his intelligence.

Linguistic Aptitude: 20%, Grit can speak Orkoid and terrible Low Gothic that he picked up from Claire.

So begins...

Grit's Story