"I'll murder you if you call me a runt one more time."

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I. Name - Nuru
II. Age - Young Adult
III. Gender - Male
IV. Breed - Amur Leopard
V. Role - Standard Character
VI. Ranking - Warrior
VII. Personality Traits -
❦ cock·y - conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way.
❦ vain - having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth.
❦ mis·chie·vous - causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.
❦ hu·mor·ous - causing lighthearted laughter and amusement; comic.
❦ cap·ti·vat·ing - capable of attracting and holding interest.
❦ ded·i·cat·ed - devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity.
VIII. Physical Traits -
❦ very muscular to make up for size.
❦ has long curled claws which makes him a great tree climber.
❦ can jump quite high since he likes to climb trees and jump up branches.
❦ because of his muscular stature, he's quite slow.
❦ his muscular stature also makes him loud and clumsy on ground.
❦ quite small and stubby and runt-like but he claims not to be one.
IX. History - Born and raised in the pride, his life isn't that interesting. He is good friends with Navaeh since he struggles with hunting. He's not the fastest cat in the pride but Navaeh is pretty quick on her paws. However she struggles with hunting as well since she has a hard time killing. So they learned to work together and became friends in the process despite his overwhelming and annoying personality.
X. Extra - Sunset Orange.

So begins...

Nuru's Story

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I listen to other winds. I talk to other faces. I feel another presence.


"Betyr is after her. Hang-... Hang on, let me help pull," said Seryn while helping the lioness. Together they managed to wiggle her paw out of the root.

"Thank you so much, Seryn. You would think I would be graceful by now," Nevaeh spoke as they get her paw free. She nodded to the cheetah before fallowing Mowgli. The tension became more dense as she came closer to a river, where the leopard was cornered. Cowering in a bush like prey about to be devoured. Akinyi, Mowgli, Betyr, Nuru, Lourdis, and Tariq were there. Their fur prickled with aggression and annoyance. The lioness didn't make her presence known however. Simply sat behind Mowgli, peering over his shoulder at the intruder. She couldn't help but, think how much she hated this.

This unrest within the pride. Given she was the main cause of the unrest but, it still bothered the wiseone. When the pride was disturbed so was the jungle and spirits that inhabit it. Right before the leopard started speaking. Nevaeh felt a wave nausea and worry painfully twist in her stomach. It seemed her brain swelled inside her skull. Begging to come out. Then an odd lightness. She felt herself start slipping into other reality. Then...

"Look, I didn't mean to trespass in your land, and then one thing happened after another and... Nevaeh snapped herself out of it when she heard Kanta's unfamiliar voice. The wiseone paid close attention to cat's words. When she was done speaking, the wiseone stood up. She nudge past Mowgli with a smile. She however made sure not to get too close.

"You know, you're lucky you stumbled upon Long Tale territory and no one else's. The other prides would assume you were stealing prey. And then they would have... well killed you. But like I said, this is Long Tale. We don't kill and ask questions later. However," Nevaeh paused taking a deep breath. "it's important to know what pride you are from?"

"What? I didn't even know there were other groups nearby?"

"Well of course? How can you not know that," the wiseone asked turning her head to side.

" I don't come from around here. In fact, I have no idea where I come from exactly, I only know a few things about when I was a cub."

"Aaah. I see." Nevaeh couldn't imagine a life without Long Tale. To hunt and survive on her own. To be without her friends. That sounds so - depressing. "So you are without a pride, correct?"

"Yes. I don't know why though," Kanta said. The lioness can't help to be have a huge grin. Utter bliss sent shivers and purrs. Very loud purrs at that.

"Well that's perfect! So perfect, I say the Great One planned it himself. So would you like to be Long Tale cat?" The lioness takes a step close to the new pride member.

"Are you asking me to join your pride?‏ I mean are you sure you want me tagging along?"

Nevaeh purred once more. "Aw, you're a sweet one. You wouldn't be the first. And you won't be the last. Long Tale accept all cats of all different backgrounds. Every cats adds to our history and culture. So would you please join?"Nevaeh holds her head high as she talks about the pride. The idea of a new member wants her to jump and roar in excitement. But, she most remember to be cautious. For evil snakes do look pretty.

Kanta paused before answering, as if she had to think before answering. ”If that's ok with you.”

"Fine, then it's settled," Nevaeh replied. She looked the cat up and down. The poor thing looked exhausted. The wiseone glanced at Nuru, then at Betyr. "Nuru and Betyr. I know you are both tired but, may you please escort Kanta to the faction. Help her find a nice sleeping spot or den. And rest up as well," the last part was mostly for Nuru. Who seemed like he was going to pass out. Neveah then moved to give the leopard some room to breath and walk. Lourdis and Tariq left muttering about another mouth to feed.Image

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Nina sighed softly as Vale actually followed her. She needed to calm herself down and she breathed in deeply. She lapped up at the water quietly before licking her fur. She looked at Vale walking next to Vale and nuzzling into his quietly. She felt like she honestly had to do something. He was normally the one who talked the most out of the two and she felt bad that he hadn't even said anything to her. After a while she finally pulled away from him and continued to lick on her fur. Nina's mind was elsewhere and she tried to think of something else so she wouldn't be so sad about what just happened. Everything seemed to be going all wrong today and she felt like she lost someone although she didn't really think she had any friends in this pack. She breathed in deeply and silently walked up to the pond looking at herself in it dipping her paw into it and watching the water ripple.
As she looked into the water she saw another cat seem to breeze by. She looked up and it seemed to have everyone chasing after it. For a moment she thought that maybe it was another member of the pride and she scared for a moment. She turned back to look Vale and he was gone. She gulped and stared at everyone as they chased the cat. After a few moments she had stood up on all her paws going after them. It as a slow jog as she tried to catch up to them all. Even then she would let out a small whimper here and when her leg would send a painful shock through her whole body. She just needed to catch up with them. She wasn't even caring about the fact that her leg was causing her so much pain. Her heart was hammering and she breathed deeply catching up and stood in the background.
Nina stood there in shock as she watched everyone seem to snarl at the girl. She looked at the cat and the memories flashed through her head. Nina was such a small child when it all happened. She was hurt and kept running. That was how she actually damaged her leg so badly. She came across the pride causing an awful mess throughout the whole thing. It was a terrifying memory for her and she saw it in Kanta right then. Nina was cornered into a rock near the edge of a cliff. Everyone had been snarling at her and she was scared. Scared beyond belief. One of the warriors kept questioning her. She wasn't even able to talk. Her small paws continued to back up till she nearly had fallen. The warrior questioning her seemed too much like how Nuru was now. Nina stood in horror into even being able to move in the slightest as she witness what was going on. Eventually Nina had slipped. She thought she was going to die, not that the warrior would have cared. But seconds later someone bit down on her tail. He gently gave her directions and she landed on a flat surface. The wise lion climbed down and took her back up so she was safe. The next few weeks she hadn't said a word at all and went nearly everywhere with the lion. He was who saved her. The only one she actually trusted...Before even he had to leave her.
Almost in seconds the cat forgot about her leg and got in front of the stranger cat. She snarled at everyone watching with deadly eyes. Nina wasn't typically the person you would see that would have such an expression on her face. But this brought back memories that she didn't want to remember. Everyone had finished speaking including the cat that was right behind her. Everyone had already been done speaking even Neveah. But Nina was too aggravated to stop. "This whole pride hasn't changed a bit." She spoke bitterly. "This is how everyone goes after someone they don't know! You all are idiotic! You don't know whether they are good or bad and snarl at her in mere seconds because she wouldn't exactly come and face you first thing. How could she really when you guys chased her! Anyone would have been scared, that's just..Disrespectful. These are the types of things that give other cats her nightmares. Terrorizing them since the day they entered this pride. She did nothing that made her seem like an enemy. Even a cub came here helpless and weak, and warriors chased her around like she was a piece of meat eager to get rid of her-" Nina had to stop herself from speaking at that point. She hadn't said another word and took off, it was all too much to face at that moment.
Nina kept running. She wasn't the fastest due to her leg, but she didn't stop. The pain killed her, but she didn't want to face anyone right then and there. She felt too hurt and felt as if she would cry at any moment. After running for as long as she could take it the cat kept trying and tripped on a rock. She flew an her boy scraped against the ground. She got back up and found a tree laying underneath it. She whimpered softly and laid her head in her paws. She just needed to be let alone. She shouldn't have even said anything to begin with. She was such an idiot at time, but who could really blame her. That type of feeling wasn't anyone would actually like to have.

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#, as written by veve


"You caused me to wake up from my nap.”

Akinyi watched as Mowgli, one of the wiseones, approached the leopard. He was one of the last members she would have expected to show up. Normally he was sleeping or watching chases and activities like this from afar. Akinyi relaxed slightly, changing her position from that of a readied pounce to a standing position. However, she was still on high alert, and would remain so until this situation was resolved.

"What have you got to say for yourself, ignorant stranger?"

So far, the leopard had failed to actually say much to her pursuers, and that’s why it shocked Akinyi when she immediately began to respond. She let them know that she didn’t mean to trespass. Why couldn’t she just tell us that? As if she knew the question that’d formed in her head, Kanta continued explaining that she’d begun to flee after being questioned because of the aggressiveness shown by the others that were at the scene. Akinyi grunted softly in annoyance at the situation. Of course…

She then went on telling them that she’d come to the meeting place while following Nuru. Akinyi looked down, attempting not to snicker. The thought of Nuru unknowingly leading an intruder into our pride had to upset him terribly. Thinking about how his face must look made her want to laugh more, but her need to show respect won over. Akinyi continued to listen as Kanta explained the blood on her nose and mouth. Akinyi nodded her head remembering catching the distinct smell of wildebeest when they were looking for her.

While listening to Kanta, Neveah showed up. She then spoke, addressing Kanta as she approached her. It turned out that the intruder was, for lack of better words, a drifter. Someone without a pride had wandered into their midst.

"Well that's perfect! So perfect, I say the Great One planned it himself. So would you like to be Long Tale cat?"

Just like that, Neveah welcomed the leopard with open arms into the pride. Akinyi looked at Neveah with wide eyes, an expression of mixed shock and confusion. It was true that many had been accepted to the pride this way, but we still knew barely anything about this cat. Though the pride did have a history of accepting all kinds of cats for all over, Akinyi felt there still needed to be some measure of awareness to Kanta. Akinyi looked at Neveah again, a look of complete sureness graced her face. If she thought she was worthy then who was Akinyi to feel otherwise?

Akinyi sighed and relaxed a bit as Neveah ordered Betyr and Nuru to assist the newcomer. Well since that’s taken care of…I guess now is as good a time as any. Akinyi moved to stand by Neveah, making sure not to get in the leopard’s way.

All of a sudden, Nina approached, furious. Akinyi merely stared as Nina raged on about how the leopard was chased. She was sure the situation looked bad from where she was standing, but in Akinyi’s opinion, Kanta did act suspiciously, especially since she was much older than a cub. Thinking back, Akinyi did remember Nina as a cub, hurt and scared… She remembered asking her father about her, but all he said was that she’d been through a lot and not to be mean to her. As Nina ran away, Akinyi couldn’t help but wonder if she was speaking from experience. She looked around at the others stopping at Neveah’s sympathetic face. She even made a step towards Nina, but remained where she was.

Akinyi remembered that she’d planned to request to be leader, but Nina’s outburst had completely changed the atmosphere. Akinyi felt bad, like if she said anything, she would seem…disrespectful. So she allowed a small pause before she decided that she needed to get it over with.

“Neveah, I wanted to talk to you, but it was best to take care of the situation at hand.” As Akinyi spoke, she made sure to keep her posture straight and her voice steady, even though she was nervous just requesting it. “I’d like to attempt to become the next leader of the pride.”

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#, as written by Sovryn

She spoke, Mowgli thought, pleased that she actually explained. He only paid attention to small parts, his eyes drifting to whoever else intervened. When Nevaeh nudged past, he side stepped over, letting her do her thing while he sat in the back watching. Watching was what Mowgli did. He didn't bother with the inner relations of the pride. Sure, there was a select few he could tolerate in close quarters for a relatively long amount of time, but others he rather keep at a distance. Like the cubs, they were rather annoying.

Watching as Nevaeh and the new cat, Kanta, spoke, shock completely passed over Mowgli. Was it shocking that Nevaeh was initiating a new cat? Of course not, most if not all the older cats at least were brought into the pride this way, Mowgli himself included. Of course, Mowgli was an older cub by that time, and not as old as this Kanta before them. Either way, there was nothing strange about her. Yet, Mowgli still wanted to watch her. He had pretty much watched many of the cats of the pride enough to know quite a lot about him, but this was a new entity that was foreign.

Moments later, it seemed all was done. Nuru and Betyr were asked to find Kanta a sleeping spot. Mowgli, losing interest in the exchange and believing nothing more interesting was happening, turned to leave. He walked only a few steps before he heard the padding of paws on the ground. Not picking up a scent thanks to his poor nose, his first thought was that the new cat who had just been initiated had taken off again. Yet, as he turned to look over his shoulder, he couldn't help the sheer confusion that came to his muzzled face. "Nina? He said lightly, seeing the pale, black-speckled coat of the den maid making quite the entrance. Now, what is this about? He thought, turning fully around so he can sit and watch comfortably. As Nina ranted on, a light-bulb went off and Mowgli believed he had the quiet cat figured out. "She's speaking from experience, alright," Mowgli mumbled quietly to himself, trying not to roll his eyes. It's not that he looked down on the younger female, it's just this was the second time in one day that she'd spoken up. He felt she was just a little excited. It's just...hormones, He told himself.

Waiting and watching a moment to see what happens next, his eyes drifted slowly over something. He could just go back to his nap, but he knew it wouldn't go back to where he left off the last dream. Sighing, his ears perked up on Akinyi's voice. “I’d like to attempt to become the next leader of the pride.” She said, and Mowgli scoffed. Attempt? Doesn't sound too confident, Mowgli thought, coming up to Akinyi and Nevaeh. "You want to attempt to become the next leader?" Mowgli said, narrowed, unforgiving eyes on Akinyi. "Or do you want to fight for it?"

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#, as written by Rhosynn
. . . . . Nuru's whole spine prickled. "Nuru and Betyr. I know you are both tired but, may you please escort Kanta to the faction. Help her find a nice sleeping spot or den. And rest up as well," He forced himself to stay silent. No way in oceans was he going to let this feline sleep in the same den as him. Did something possess Nevaeh? Did she really just accept a full grown stranger? A possible demon that humiliated him in front of the whole pride? For spirit's sake, even the cubs were watching! Nuru huffed, flicking his tail as a signal for Kanta to follow them. Before Betyr and he could lead her to the dens, Nina suddenly burst out in anger. Nuru couldn't help but let his tail drop in shock. The cub she mentioned... Was in fact her.

. . . . . Nuru remembered this, since he was around Nina's age when she was introduced to the pride. She was a scrawny, scared, little thing. Even Nuru, the runt cub, seemed bigger than her. He wasn't there when the pride chased her, but he remembered how she never played with him. She couldn't play with him. Nuru was a runt with layers of energy and was too rough with her. Honestly, he was too rough and bossy to all the cubs in the pride but that was a different story for a different time.

. . . . . Nuru's eyes darted away, not wanting to look at Nina in the eye. He never ever seen her this angry. Soon after Nina finished speaking, she ran off. The pride went silent for a couple moments, and Nuru glanced back at Nevaeh for guidance. She dipped her head, and Nuru took that as, 'Just take Kanta to the dens... We'll handle it.' Nuru nodded to both Nevaeh and Betyr, and continued towards the dens with Kanta lagging behind.



. . . . . Everything happened so swiftly, sending Vale reeling at the results. Just a moment ago, it seemed like the whole pride was ready to spring on this stranger, and now she was a part of them. Nevaeh couldn't possibly expect them to welcome her so easily? There were certain cats in this pride that might attack the young stranger leopard in her sleep. It didn't feel wise... Vale was ready to protest when she told Betyr and (of all cats) Nuru to lead her to the dens. Nuru was not exactly the most peaceful of members to stick onto Kanta. Before they could take her away, Nina bellowed words he never expected her to say before. Sure she surprised him a lot today, but this was a new record indeed. Was she using herself as an example? She kept saying 'cub' but never referred to herself. Wasn't she the only new cub that joined their pride so many moons ago? He knew for a fact that it wasn't any of the cubs they had now, they never ran off in fear for them to chase (even with one of them being super jumpy). He wasn't sure, but he wasn't about to question her about it either. Nina ran off before anyone had time to respond. In this moment of silence, Vale decided that he would go after her. Who else would? Nina was always quiet, just like him.

. . . . . Vale slithered through the underbrush, his eyes searching for the albino leopard hiding out somewhere. Where would she run off to? They never left the faction before. Vale cursed at himself, knowing that the pride would notice his absence since he and Nina were the only denmaids. Hopefully, they wouldn't be raided or anything for the few moments they were gone. His ears pricked, his hearing heightened since he couldn't see in the dark very well and had to rely on it for so long. He could hear whimpering, someone was in pain... "Nina...?" He barely mewed, keeping low to the ground in case it was another intruder. He froze, waiting for a response.

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#, as written by veve


"You want to attempt to become the next leader. Or do you want to fight for it?"

Akinyi looked into Mowgli’s eyes, mirrors that reflected age, experience, and wisdom. She’d always respected him, knowing he was probably one of the most experienced members of the pride that could offer the most advice to the younger generations…well…if he wasn’t so grumpy all the time. As she opened her mouth to respond, Neveah spoke to her as well.

“Be careful how you word things. A leader must always be confident in herself. Doubt is contagious. And if you like to be leader, then so be it."

Akinyi nodded, completely agreeing with her. In her mind, she cursed at herself for seeming so unsure at first. Her need to seem respectful dipped into weakness. She straightened her back and bowed her head slightly in appreciation.

”Thank you for considering me.”As she looked at Neveah she noticed her smirk.

"Just know, if you want to be leader. Keeping secrets from the pride- isn't healthy. Just some advice.”

Just some advice? It sounded more like a threat rather than advice. The look in her eyes made Akinyi incredibly uncomfortable, though she didn’t show it. Akinyi knew that Neveah had some supernatural guidance that led her to believe that she held secrets. Though she was right, Akinyi relaxed in the fact that although Neveah might be aware that she was hiding something, she didn’t know what it was. That was what was important. She turned to Mowgli first.

”I will fight for it if necessary. Now is a vulnerable time for our pride,” Akinkyi then turned to look at Neveah. ”And we cannot afford to do without a leader for too long. The pride deserves a someone who is willing to fight for it no matter the circumstances.” She looked down for a second, then looked back up at Neveah with a smile.

“I've learned…that we're all entitled to have our secrets. We all have them, you, I, and even nature itself. If I ever needed to reveal my secrets, for my pride, I would do so, but not if it would weaken it in the process. Like doubt, weakness is also contagious, and in time we’re in now, it could and would be deadly. So until my secrets cause harm to this pride, they shall remain my burden to bear. I wouldn’t think of putting my burdens on the heads of my fellow comrades.”

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I promise to intervene divinely

Season: Dry | Weather: Cool | Location(s): Anywhere and Everywhere | Event: N/A.

In the jungle. The mighty jungle, Long Tale slept tonight. Or not, depending on the cat. Today has been the most spontaneous in a very long time. Nevaeh, the last remaining Zorlin descendent, has decided to break tradition. And set forth in a new era. One of the first new members of this new era was Kanta. A leopard that had the whole pride running around circles. Even Nina got worked up. However for different reasons.

The sun disappeared behind the horizon. The moon could finally show half of it's face. The stars twinkled over their favorite pride. Herds of beast started becoming still, hoping that the predators were resting tonight. Babes of all kinds cuddled close to their mothers. While the true nocturnal creatures awaken and enjoyed the comfort darkness brought.

It was night.

Who would sleep?

Who would stir?

Who would fight?

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#, as written by veve

Akinyi quietly stalked a herd of zebra through the tall grass. Crouching low to the ground she assessed her current situation, judging distance and the time it'd take to cover that distance. As she did her calculations she glanced around at her fellow hunters, Tariq, a large black panther, and Lourdes, a female bobcat. The group didn't match as far as looks go, but as a team they were a force to be reckoned with.

Tariq scanned the herd of zebras while taking in a deep breath. Not too far from the hidden group was a mother with her calf. The mother however was very injured. The male panther was surprised the female zebra was even standing. The mother always seemed to be forgotten by the herd. Usually, calves would be surrounded by a large gathering of adults. Meaning protection for the baby and the mother. It seemed cruel for the zebra mother and the calf to be the targets. However, Tariq knew his pride stomachs were more important.

Lourdes could tell what zebras, Tariq picked to be his victims. She greatly disapproved. She nudged him and whispered, "You don't normally pick easy prey. I keep telling you, killing a mother and her calf are bad luck."

The black panther bared his teeth at the bobcat. "No time to be picky."

Akinyi watched the two as Lourdes fussed at Tariq. "He's right Lourdes. We need all we can get. Though maybe," Akinyi turned her words to Tariq. "You should leave the calf be. Let it grow." She hated the thought of killing a mother and child, but she knew that they had to take down as much prey as they could. The mother would already be an easy enough target so taking out a small calf was unnecessary. Though Tariq had his eyes on the weaker prey, Akinyi had her eyes set on a larger zebra, a loner from what she could tell. He was at the very edge of the herd, dozing. The rest of the herd paid him no attention which led her to her original conclusion. Though his size was considerable, he'd be caught off guard and would be slow to react. That would be his demise. Even then, she'd still probably be able to take him out, for he was too young to be experienced yet old enough to be an adult. Akinyi licked her lips in anticipation. "Are you prepared to attack?

Tariq nodded. "Not all three us need to be attacking the mother. She's injured and forgotten. I can take her myself. So Lourdes, assist Akinyi." The male looked the lioness in the eye. "We should make sure to attack at the same time. So none of our prey get mix into the crowd."

Lourdes glared at Tariq, hating his condescending tone. Lourdes assist, Akinyi. Hmph, if you weren't nice looking... I swear.

Akinyi nodded to Tariq. As she split from him, she whispered back to Lourdes. "What I'll do is sneak up from his right and drive him here to the left. That'll isolate him even more. I want you to position yourself, and I'll lead him to you. As soon as he's within ten to six feet, I want you to pounce. That way, if he doesn't react in time we will both get him. If he does, the surprise should slow him down long enough for me to still catch him from behind." She turned and smiled at Lourdes. "With us working together. He doesn't stand a chance. Let's do our best.

Lourdes purred in response. When the lioness started stalking to the right of the zebra male. She crawled on the ground and moved a little south of her original position. Then to the left, ending in the correct spot Akinyi was supposed to lead the zebra during attack. Due to the bobcat's size it was impossible for her to easily be spotted but, hard for her to see over the large grass. Thankfully there was no need to. She could see the strong legs of the lone male. Lourdes mouth watered, she dug her claws into the ground, and braced herself. The female went into a crouched, prepping her legs for a high jump. Quickly she glanced over her shoulder to check on Tariq.

Tariq was stalking the mother who was resting beside a tree. It was disturbing how he was nothing, but another shadow. Especially at night, he could incredibly close to prey. The male was about fifteen tail lengths away from his target. The mother was facing away from him so he would have tackle her down or deal with a long chase. Tariq was a big male with average speed, so he should be fine. When the black panther liked his distance, he stopped moving. Lourdes looked over at Akinyi, to see if she was ready. Waiting for one of two other hunters to sound the signal and attack.

Akinyi watched her comrades get in place, as she got closer and closer to the male zebra making sure her distance from him was as small as possible. As soon as they'd assumed their positions, Akinyi cautiously raised the tip of her tail just above the grass, the signal to begin the attack. She bounded forward, coming up on the zebra's right. As she thought, he was slow on his feet, sleep still gripping him. He ran to the left, and Akinyi guided him to Lourdes, right on his heels.

Once Tariq saw the tip of Akinyi's tail. He silently sprinted for the mother. The mother attempted to run but, her injured hind slowed her down. He latched his claws into her hind, and made himself dead weight. The zebra screamed before collapsing under Tariq. The calf scurried off in a random direction. Confused and terrified - it only knew it had to get away. The poor calf barely was able to catch up with its herd. Tariq dragged his right paw down on the zebra's right hind. Causing blood to spill over. He then wiggled his front leg free from under his victim. Who tried to get up again but, the panther roared. Then launched himself at her neck. His teeth easily sliding in her soft flesh. The flavors of a zebra poured over his tongue. Tariq then heaved his right front leg over the mother's neck, while he was still biting. He used his whole body to twist the zebra's neck and snap it. Long Tale's new meal struggled to the very end.

Lourdes heart pumped pure adrenaline through her veins. Once the lone zebra was six tail-lengths away. She charged forward, and when the two were only four tail-lengths away, she jump high in the air. The small cat frighten the inexperienced male and stumbled back. He turn around but, he was already exhausted. So one couldn't call his attempt at escaping running.

He stalled! As soon as the zebra turned, Akinyi had already pounced into the air. She sunk her rear claws deep in his haunches, thus weakening his hind legs. He stumbled to the ground with Akinyi gripping his neck with her jaws. She pulled him to the ground as hard as she could further stunning him. She twisted her head around, quickly breaking his neck. He went limp in her jaws. She slowly withdrew her claws and fangs from him and looked up at Lourdes. "That was perfect!" She turned around and saw that Tariq was also successful in his kill. She smiled at her comrades proud of their work. [color=#FF000]"Well this hunt was a success. Let's take this back to the pride."[/color] Akinyi grabbed the zebra with her jaws and began to pull him.

After pulling the meat through the faction to the feeding rock, Akinyi watched as Tariq and Lourdes tore off pieces of meat and ate nearby. Soon, other cats came up and helped themselves to the food. After a few others took some meat, Akinyi took a piece for herself and set herself on another rock, one that was close to the water as well. She sighed. Tonight was a great night, the sky was clear and the stars sparkled brightly. She smiled and began to tear off small pieces of her meat, chewing thoughtfully thinking about the next time she’d let herself transform again. Deciding on doing it the next night she took another strip of meat in her mouth.

A moment later, she heard soft footsteps behind her. She then noticed that they came to a complete stop, but soon after resumed but much quieter and much slower than before. Akinyi smiled to herself, but pretended not to notice. Once again the footsteps stopped. She giggled slightly and counted in her head. 3..2…1. On one, she ducked down, and a small cub went flying over her head. ”AAHHH!” He landed a short distance away. Akinyi chuckled slightly. Dex stood and brushed himself off. ”You could hear me?” He looked slightly disappointed. The little hunter in training scrambled over to Akinyi. After laughing a little bit more she replied, ”Yes, but you were better this time.” He huffed, and sat next to where Akinyi rested. ”I’m gonna do it eventually…” Dex was one of the cubs she frequented at the den, and he’d made it a goal to successfully stalk and pounce on her. He laid his head down on the rock next to her. Feeling he deserved a reward, she ripped off a chunk of her portion of meat and placed it in front of him. His face lit up as he dug in, with Akinyi observing him and eating the rest of her food.

When he finished he smiled and licked the blood off his mouth. Akinyi couldn’t help but grin back at him as she petted the top of his head. ”Isn’t it about your bedtime? You should get some rest little one.” As if suddenly remembering his tiredness, he yawned. ”It is isn’t it? Oh well! He slid off the rock and began to scamper back. ”I’ll see you later Kinni! He giggled and ran back. Akinyi shook her head at the silly nickname he’d given her. She looked up at the stars once more as she laid her head on her paws.

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Betyr was disgruntled, but true to his word, and despite her high claims of them killing her after she told them what the Pride wanted to know (really? Could Feline decency not be trusted anymore?); his lips fell, covering his barred teeth, and his tension coiled frame eased into a weary, but watchful pose. His pinned ears perking forward, listening, as the young adult female eopard, Kanta now named, rambled on with her story. From an apology to mistaking himself for a common boulder, to dangerously poking Nuru and Nuru's temper, and explaining her running the entire pride apparently in circles - and some brief mention of an 'accidental' run in with the wildebeest herd, ending in blood splattered paws.

He had every intention of bringing her back to the faction proper for further questioning, and for Nevaeh to make a decision on whether or not the Leopard was worth the Long Tales' pride's effort, or suspicion, or any other eventuality. However, Betyr didn't have time to speak to her, let alone bring this Kanta back, before Nevaeh made an appearance around the grumpy questioning Mowgli. The anger of such a rude wake-up-call was fading, but faced with a down-right giddy Nevaeh, it'd merely transformed into mild confusion. It was the truth that Long Tale was created by, and welcomed cats of all sizes, types, and ages, to make them what they were today. But, Kanta was far older than the usual cub-aged, or youthful juveniles. It was something most would raise a weary brow at, and would be watching the young female closely, however, trusting and respecting the Wise One's decision came easily enough, if reluctantly.

"Very well, Nevaeh," Betyr nodded, rumbling softly. His old persona returned, the momentary fierce anger gone but for the brief flare he'd shown. Turning away to look at Nuru for them to take Kanta back to settle in a den, a bristled, raging Nina barreled past, standing in front of Kanta, snarling. His ears' pinned and eyes narrow reproachfully through her hissing and spitting comments, clearly showing he was re-thinking his earlier comments of following the Snow Leopard's leadership if it came to it. Oh, he remembered her when she'd been found, a young juvenile himself, learning the ropes of being a Warrior. It was understandable in a sense her concern for the other cat, and the up-her-tail feelings regarding being chased and hunted, however... However, Kanta was nigh an adult, and not a cub. Even fearful, she should have known better to be running around the heart of a Pride's home would not end up with anyone giving her the kind favor of a 'sweet' introduction. So, forgive him ancestor's, but she could toughen up and stuff her tail for once...

Nina bolted shortly after her fiery speech, with Vale quick after her. Betyr followed Nuru's glance to Nevaeh, but with a slight, declining nod of the lioness head, neither warrior followed after. Nuru gestured for both, Betyr and Kanta, to follow him, before padding to return to the faction's home. "Kanta," He mused, lightly, flicking an ear in a gesture for her to follow in Nuru's pawsteps, before bringing up the rear himself.


"Thank you so much, Seryn. You would think I would be graceful by now,"

"N-...No, worries, Nevaeh. Ma-... Maybe one day!" Seryn snorted, in weary, wheezing amusement as finally, through a combination of Nevaeh's brute force, and the young cheetah's far daintier limbs twisting in and under the get a better grip that sheer strength couldn't do on it's own, had pulled Nevaeh's paw free of the entrapping tree route relatively quickly. She followed, with a shamelessly lolling tongue, gathering on the outskirts of the half-circle around the unknown Leopard female, bordering the river-side.

Everything was happening was swiftly, it left Seryn peering curiously at this 'Kanta' momentarily, before turning to leave herself. Certainly, Lourdis and Tariq, were not wrong to complain in mutters about another mouth, one they did not know what she could possible provide for the Pride herself to help care for all of the Pride, to feed. But Nevaeh's off-putting happiness of a new member, combined with the earlier reactions of everyone, including her "brother" Betyr ready to jump and pin this unknown stranger down, and Nina's furious outburst. Well... It left Seryn with a curious distaste in her mouth, or maybe it was the fact that she hadn't been able to get a drink yet? Humph. Who knew...


Into the Night...

"Good fortune, and... Do be careful?" Seryn purred in good humor, giving a friendly tail-whack across Betyr's broad chest as he rose for the late evening patrol, after eating his own small portion of the fine meal, Akinyi, Lourdes, and Tariq, had caught earlier. "Always, Seryn. Good night." Flicking his tail gently across her nose, his distant form and 'glowing' pelt was soon joined by what looked like Velora, and maybe someone else, joining him, before the two or three disappeared out the tunnel, towards the savanna and the border's beyond "Good night." Seryn whispered softly to herself. It was true, by the time that patrol returned, the moon would be high in the sky, and herself, and hopefully most of the pride would be fast asleep by then. She rose to clean the leftover mess the two of them had left with quick efficiently. The bones deposited in the pile, the leftover hide in another, and a bit of meat left-over that neither had finished - she frowned thoughtfully, not hungry enough to finish it herself, and knew Betyr would not want it later. Who then too...?

Oh. Seryn spotted Kanta. Probably too nervous yet to eagerly walk up to the prey-rock, or not quite believing she was apart of the Pride - "just like that". It seemed to the cheetah, that the Leopard had not had anything to eat, yet. Cautiously, even though she was a rather rambunctious, leaf on the wind type of cat, she picked up the left-over meat chunk and made her way to a few feet away but just in front of the other young adult female. She made a quick head toss the rest of the distance, to let the meat land right at the other's paw-tips. "Here, didn't look like you'd eaten yet... There's more at the rock, if you're still hungry." She hummed, evenly. Not quite friendly, but open enough, proper enough.