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An animal based rp where the struggle for power, love, acceptance, and peace is a lifetime war. SEMI-LIT RP ((Closed but, if you beg hard enough...)

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Character Portrait: NPC Characters

"Anyone Can Use Us. Assume all are standard."

Character Portrait: Akinyi

I'll do anything for my pride. No matter what.

Character Portrait: Mowgli

"Shh...you hear that? It's the sound of how much better the world would sound without you complaining!"

Character Portrait: Kanta Rachana

"Hunting is an art. You must treat it with care, if you do not want to ruin the whole piece"

Character Portrait: Vale

"Let me do it. (You're doing it wrong.)"

Character Portrait: Nevaeh

I'm sorry but, the winds take me elsewhere.

Character Portrait: Nuru

"I'll murder you if you call me a runt one more time."

Character Portrait: Divine Intervention

Keep things spicy but, organize