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We Are Alive - The Beginning

We Are Alive - The Beginning


When the dead suddenly rises, you don't stock up guns, go out, and have a merry time. You cower. You cower and run back to your apartment with other people who did the same; your neighbors. [Literates Only!]

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It's not the dead you should worry about. It's the living.


Imagine that one day, you woke up, took a shower, ate breakfast, did your morning routine and went to work. You realize everything is just a bit different. There are less people walking, less cars on the road, and something of a desolate air around your neighborhood. At sometime, you'll realize something is wrong and shit has hit the fan. It might be the screaming of a crowd of people or that secretary at work who suddenly wants to bite your face off.

The Zombie Apocalypse.

So you do the one thing you can do:

You go home. Your cool stuff is there and well, it's YOUR home, your haven against the flesh-eating things outside. Now imagine that you live in an apartment complex and have to pay rent to a tyrannous landlord. This is where your character comes in.


This is home to you. New York, Brooklyn, 83 Irving Avenue. You pay rent; everyone in the apartment does. It's a really old thing, miniscule in comparison to the towering condominiums, and only has a staircase to get around. There are four floors and six homes on each floor. The first digit of your number represents the floor while the second digit represents which of the six suites you belong to.

Example - Room 23 is in the second floor.

There is a reason why I want to start us off like this. Every so often, there are these zombie roleplays that have this weird thing going in the beginning, where everyone just sorta bumps into each other and goes "HAI GROUP!"

So I guess I should clarify this now. I don't want to make this RP into something like a wet dream of fighting zombies (although we will have our fair share of hostile situations) but more so on the relationships and emotions being developed and cultivated by each character and character development in the face of an apocalypse.

Without further adieu; I bring thee We Are Alive - The Beginning.

Wait a second, what kind of zombies are we fighting here?

Those slow footed zombies. Oh come on, they are so totally scary. Breaking their skulls are the only way to kill them, maybe busting up their spine as a way to incapacitate them.

Still don't believe me? Buy a coconut. Stop reading and go buy a coconut. I mean it.

You didn't buy the coconut huh? Well screw you. Those coconuts are about as hard as the human skull; so now I want you to bash that coconut in. Hardest. Thing. Ever. You have no idea until you try it. Go all apeshit on it and nothing.

Now imagine that coconut is stuck on a rotting body, closing in towards you, two arms outstretched and a grip like you wouldn't believe, strong enough to break your wrist, an unending endurance, and a gaping maw that will tear into your flesh and turn you into one of them.

Yep. The slow-footed zombie IS terrifying.


(Will be updated)


(Will be updated as they join)

Character Sheet

Alright! Here is the actual character sheet so make good characters that are unique from any others already created!

Code: Select all


[b]Age seems to be:[/b] (Enter the age that they look like)

[b]Real Age:[/b] (Enter their real age)

[b]Height:[/b] (How tall are they?)

[b]Weight:[/b] (How [s]fat[/s] much do they weigh?)

[b]Sexuality:[/b] (Self-Explanatory)

[b]Job:[/b] (What does your character do for a living? Or are they desperately unemployed? CAN NOT HAVE TWO JOBS UNLESS ONE FULL TIME AND ANOTHER PART TIME)

[b]Rent:[/b] (Are you behind in paying rent or up-to-date? The more you're behind, the more strained your relationship with the landlord will be. He's a hardass. How much behind are you? You can only be behind by months with the maximum being eight before the landlord blows a gasket and kicks your character's ass out.)

[b]Time in 85 Irving:[/b] (How long has your character stayed in 83 Irving Avenue? A few years? A few months? Two days? New Resident? Tell me!!)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Must add a description, can add a picture but not necessary.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Tell me all about your character's likes, dislike, mannerisms, and personality.)

[b]Skills:[/b] (What skills does your character have? First aid training? Advanced knowledge of computer hardware? Hacking? Cooking? Basic marksmanship? Skills in speaking to other people? Apathy? Empathy? Strong sense of morality? Tell me. Strengths may be added or removed as the roleplay progresses.)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (What are your character's weaknesses? Arrogance? Rash behavior? Physically weak? Medical condition? Inability to cook? Cowardice? Apathy? Empathy? Strong sense of morality? Please tell me. I want at least four weaknesses. Weaknesses may be added and removed as roleplay progresses.)

[b]Religion:[/b] (What religion is your character part of?)

[b]Dedication to Religion:[/b] (How dedicated to the religion, or lack of, is your character?)

[b]Family:[/b] (List the family of character, mother, father, and any other siblings and determine if they're alive or not.)

[b]History:[/b] (What made your character what he is today?)

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding

2. There will be violence, cursing, and gratuitous gore. You have been warned.

3. You must be able to type up at least 250 words per post. AT LEAST. Then you have to post bi-weekly and if something comes up in real life, please tell me and I will understand, but please don't just disappear without warning

4. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

5. Have good grammar and punctuation. At least use a Mozilla or Google chrome browser, since they got built in spell-check, you can look smooth and smart like I do

6. I can't be held affordable for the actions your character makes. Now they're not immortals and may possibly die. If that's the case, then die with passion in a death post, and create another character. Know that everything you will do have consequences.

7. Realistic pictures, please, or at least pictures made by a good artist. No anime pictures.

8. Use bold for speaking and italics for thinking.

9. Don't mix player knowledge with character knowledge. Let your characters discover things for themselves.

10. Romance is allowed but please, please, don't make it ooze from your posts. This is about the strains of going through a zombie apocalypse, the hardships, and the little victories. And don't get all graphic and make my floors sticky.

10. I am GM. Please don't argue with the GM.

11. Know that I'm looking for dedicated role-players.

You guys can however suggest any ideas to me for me to consider and ponder. Also, please make an interesting dynamic of characters as this will be a long-term RP, and I'm interested in the relationships between characters.

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Brooklyn by Deallo


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"Well. This could be... interesting."
Character Portrait: Wyatt Fairchild
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Calm, cool, and collected... Oh shit, what the HELL is that?!
Character Portrait: Ralph Stanford
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"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday."

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Character Portrait: Ysabella Crane


Character Portrait: Ysabella Crane
Ysabella Crane

"I do what I can to make people appreciate their life."


Character Portrait: Ysabella Crane
Ysabella Crane

"I do what I can to make people appreciate their life."

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Character Portrait: Ysabella Crane
Ysabella Crane

"I do what I can to make people appreciate their life."

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Most recent OOC posts in We Are Alive - The Beginning

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

I'm just gonna say I PM'd Deallo twice now and haven't gotten a single reply, and his profile shows he's been on quite a few times now and hasn't let us know what's going on. In fact, it shows he's on as I'm writing this....So I'm just gonna guess and say this isn't getting off the ground and I'm going to quit trying and checking in on it. If he decides to finally get it started, good luck.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

Has anybody got anything from Deallo at all?

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

I hope the owner comes back. I kind of want to join...

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

I'll do it. PM Deallo, I mean.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

If people have their rooms assigned and have been accepted then I almost want to say go ahead and post. but I think it would be good if an accepted person PMed the owner and ask if you can start.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

Don't think he's seen it yet, there hasn't been any activity at all in a couple days

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

Still haven't been added. is there something missing?

And on another note. When does it start? Do we need to form relationships with others or are we just guessing.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

I added a new character, let me know what you think. I can change him a bit if necessary.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

I think I added all the additional info. If there was anything else let me know.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

I cleaned up Kael's profile and added a picture to the description. Looks alot better now!

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

As am I artee, As am I : )

Well, I feel a bit stupid now. Turns out the rules I've typed up didn't make it on the main page. SO I've put them on and I hope everyone who's already accepted reads them.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

Thanks for accepting. I'm excited for this one.
Oh! And I updated the new parts :)

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

Okay, well, I edited Addison.

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

I've edited my character and added the extra stuff

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

Added the new parts to my sheet. Thanks!

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

Helllllo People!

So I shall address people individually first:

@Imbecile - If you read the rules...those first two questions would already be answered. The characters may or not be familiar with other characters. Maybe your character can recognize others, is stalking a fellow tenant, is good friends with another- I leave this up to you guys to build.

And about guns, you're going to be in Brooklyn. If you think your character is the sort to carry a gun and has the dough (they are expensive) to buy one then he or she could get one. However, in an urban area...I think gunshots will do more harm then good, with the possibility of attracting the Horde and ensuring destruction.

About character ages, I don't want teenagers. Or at least the slew of 15-17 year olds; I want people old enough to pay rent to a landlord. Kids are a bit of a tricky of our first stops will be a public school across the street but that'll be more so of a moral dilemma. Though I'm getting a lot of twenty somethings, which are normally prime for people who pay rent, I was more so hoping for people who are 30 and older who had a bad month or were always poor. Yes. Badass grandma is awesome and acceptable. (Coming from the guy who RP's one in another Roleplay)

@TaniaSoulEater - The zombies are slow in the way that they can only walk, perhaps increase their speed slightly in the sight of prey, and if you cut off their head their body will fall. Their head on the other hand will still be alive, and can bit if you put your fingers in it's mouth.

@Eleera - Sorry for rejecting your character. I didn't see your OOC post before looking at the character. My apologies : /

Alright now everyone, I'm going to send you PM's about why I DON'T like your character sheets from a GM point of view and hopefully we can make some revisions. Cool? Cool.

If you don't want to wait for PM's, you can look here, because I'll explain some shit.

1) You cannot have multiple jobs.

Plain and simple. Some things I can let go like a full time job and a part time job or two full time jobs if they require manual labour. However, you cannot make stuff like professional kickboxer and songwriter. There can only be one job if it requires a dedicated amount of skill, labour, education, and/or practice.

2) More description...

And add more written description please, because believe it or not, pictures don't tell a thousand words. If you have at least a good paragraph, you're good. When I read your description, I should be able to imagine your character in front of me. And, well, try to make your characters look more human instead of more celebrity.

Then that's it.

I've also added two new parts to the character sheet: How long you've stayed on 83 Irving, Skills and Weaknesses. Please add them to your character sheets and fill them out!

Re: We Are Alive - The Beginning

BRAINS!!! I mean....uh....ZOMBIES! :D