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Two rival kingdoms different as night and day. They would never get along and it remained this way. For years and years as seasons changed these two kingdoms hate remained the same. But one foul summer a small battle occurred and sense then a war has been hinted and warned. But can peace be still found if we turned our heads around? Is there hope for them still?


Sol the kingdom of light. Far to the east this kingdom lies nestled within fields of fruit and grain making Sol ever bountiful. The days here are long and summers are even longer winters are always mild and short. The people of Sol have developed technology that works with nature rather as apposed to it only increasing the over all bounty of the land. And while there is little magic to be found in this land the royal family is blessed to live 'eternally'. But moving away from agriculture and royalty the land of Sol is also fruitful in mining, architecture, art, and other things making it one of the richest Kingdoms in the world. And to make it even larger Sol has several continents floating above itself. These floating continents are reachable by birds that naturally grow to large sizes as well as various other technologies. But despite Sol's advancements in some places they are more then a little behind on principles of equality. Woman are still expected to wear dresses, hide everything and get betrothed to a nice man none of this wishy washy picking and choosing like Lune has! And a woman on her own or working??? Scandalous! Hence why the good old King is in charge and luckily his first born was a son! In fact he has only 1 daughter.

The king and queen Sol have a total of 13 heirs each which is important to there kingdom the youngest heir is Madeline Sol and while she won't inherit the kingdom she is beloved by all her subjects even though her ideas on equality and woman are regarded warily. Because little magic does run in the ground of Sol it's at least important that the royalty has some in it's veins and if they don't then that heir is trained in various other skills so that each heir is just as worthy to the throne as would be there brother. It's common for the people in Sol to have large family's as the royals do and despite the somewhat harsh class system of the higher 'up' one literally lives the higher they are compared to those below them.

In regard to the battle that occurred 1 summer ago Sol blames Lune entirely. After all it was those NIGHT people who killed the kings 3rds son betrothed! And boy does Sol want Lune to burn or at least apologize!


Lune the kingdom of night. Far to the west this kingdom is nestled within some of the densest forests and thick clouds of magic ever seen. People here are rather odd creatures all of them either being immortal or living for thousands of years, while not as bountiful as Sol the kingdom of Lune has the best military, magic, education, and equality. The nights in Lune are long lasting nearly all day and the moon of Lune is known to reflect the mood of those with royal blood more so the mood of the heir next to the throne. Despite Lune's magical beauty it is often dark here due to the prolonged nigh time and people are often pale and dark haired more so the lack of color dyes makes any color aside red an uncommon sight. But what Lune lacks in color it makes up for in other ways for example, woman and men and any other creature are all equal in Lune and it's regarded as one of the safest freest kingdoms. The heir of this kingdom is ALMOST always allowed to choose whom they will marry even if its someone of the same gender. The only time arranged marriages are performed is when the heir does NOT have the peoples support. In that case a marriage is arranged to someone who the people do like in order to keep things stable.

The king and queen of Lune with the queen being the original heir and her husband married into the family, have one 1 child as is customary in there kingdom. This heir is a male and he will inherit the throne unless he is dead or the people rebel against the idea. It is a proven FACT that the beautiful moon that glows over Lune is connected to the young heir. And yet its rumored that maybe the people don't like him so much or maybe there's another reason for the arranged marriage? The heir is always a 'mixed' breed being a werepire because the two largest groups of people in Lune are vampires and werewolves thus carrying the werepire blood line as a permanently dominant trait is a must for any heir of Lune. It is also good to note that humans are considered a rarity in Lune to the point of being a snack there blood is easy to sent as it is so rare and even though Lune is equal its wise for any human in Lune to be careful.

In regards to the battle that occurred 1 summer ago Lune blames Sol entirely. After all it was those DAY people who started the whole thing and no one in Lune even remembers seeing the kings 3rd son's betrothed. So no Lune will not be apologizing!


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Madeline awoke with a start her head pounding loudly in her skull. She felt dizzy, she felt sick, and most of all she felt... Lost. Slowly she opened her eyes and immediately regretted the decision as the blinding light from the largest moon she was sure to have ever seen pierced her eyes. Slowly she adjusted and soon the night sky came into focus. The moon shone above her like an orb of light cast against the dark shadows of the sky. Under her Madeline felt thick dark grass, around her dark trees rose up there branches twisted by magic and there dark green leaves creating a beautiful canopy above her. Madeline rose slowly and blinked, who was she? 'Madeline... My name is Madeline... Madeline what???' Frowning Madeline looked around. Where was she? 'Not home... Wherever home is...' What was she doing here? 'Running, I was running but from what?' Blinking Madeline looked around her. The empty clearing had a clean stream running through it slowly she made her way to it and looked down. In the beautiful pool of water she saw herself staring back. She looked un-familiar to herself, long bright hair braided beautifully and yet still some was loose to hang over her shoulders and down her back in pink waves, and bright lost eyes seemed haunted by confusion. She was wearing a pair of light brown pants, boots, and a modest white long sleeve dress shirt with a dark blue buttoned vest over-top. She wasn't dressed as a commoner, but she wasn't dressed as anyone important.

Moving away from the water Madeline felt her head, she found a small cut on the side of her head and dried blood, nothing to worry about. Her knees felt bruised and her whole body felt burnt and worn. What had she been running from? Slowly Madeline moved from the clearing walking through the trees she followed a small path made by who knows what or who, and as she left the clearing she saw it rising above her like a stone giant. A castle made from dark bricks. It was beautiful against the moon and against the green lush landscape of forest this place seemed so lost and peaceful so quiet. Staring in awe Madeline felt herself becoming more lost. This place had no familiarity and yet she knew what it must be... 'Lune.' Yes... She was in Lune, that was that was a kingdom wasn't it... But she did not belong in Lune where was her home? 'Sol.' Yes! She was from Sol, but then what was she doing in Lune... Wasn't it dangerous here. 'Yes it is... Creatures here eat my kind sometimes... I'm human yes...' Slowly Madeline backed away from the castle watching the guards they were talking saying they could smell something... 'You! They smell you! Your blood your blood.' Quieting her breathing Madeline walked back down the path, something that probably wasn't wise clearly this clearing and path were made by someone... But it was the only place she knew. And so Madeline returned to the clearing among the tall trees hidden from the world.

Madeline this time took a closer look at the clearing. It was fairly empty aside the small body of water that had a small stream leading away from it and a small one coming from it. There were many flowers in the clearing small ones that were closed but they were everywhere. The moon seemed to hang above the clearing casting down bright light making the thick green grass stand out from the bright small flowers. There was a small breeze that played with Madeline's long hair. The temperature was neither cold nor warm. By the small body of water sat an old bench made of wood and metal. It seemed to overlook the other side of the pond/river which actually cut the clearing in two, on the other side was a large bulk of small flowers gently being pushed by the breeze. Madeline walked over to the old bench and sat down as she tried to sort through her own mind. As she stared vacantly at the flowers on the other side she watched as the light being cast down from the moon slowly shifted to red. Madeline looked up and her eyes widened in amazement as the moons glow changed to red, she had no idea that the moon was connected to the prince high above her in the castle beyond the clearing. Looking back down Madeline also noted that the flowers all began to open soaking in the red light, they were so perfectly white and so perfectly, peaceful. Slowly Madeline let go of a breath she did not realize she was holding... Instead she allowed herself to be serenaded by the peaceful breeze and singing trees. She had no idea that she was exactly in the right place at the wrong time...


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Colin angrily stormed from the castle, teeth clenched and his eyes firey with rage. He moved swiftly out the door and gusts of wind tossed his hair around. The moon shown blood red, which give usually give the feeling that the world was ending in any other place besides Lune. The castle sat on a large hill, the village and houses scattered below it. A forest rested on one side of the mountain that settlers hadn't touched, dark places like these were almost sacred. He'd specifically left through the rear exit, in order to go to his usual place of boiling with frustration.
It was not uncommon for the young prince to be angered, he had a short temper and a generally bad attitude. He believed everything should only go how he wished, and any other way was preposterous. He believed this idea of an arranged marraige was propaganda, telling the village he wasn't fit to rule alone. Insulting, really. He'd be forced to marry some random girl, who probably wouldn't agree easily with him. Never much of a team player, Colin was mostly aloof and independent. He held himself on a high horse that might as well have been the empire state building. He was better than everyone else, and didn't feel the need to stoop beneath him. He was too good for any challenges that questioned his place, he didn't have time for anyone who contradicted him. He knew he was always right regardless of what his parents or anyone thought.
Worst case scenarios were all that ran through his head currently, imaging the girl he'd be forced to marry. She could be a total bimbo. An airhead. Someone who would only bring him down and get in his way. Too nice and always having him trip over her just to get something done. Or worse, she could be a huge feminist that spent her time arguing instead of being productive. His ideal wife - that is if he HAD to marry someone and he got to choose - would be a quiet girl who wouldn't get in the way. She wouldn't talk much, only agree with him and remind him how wonderful he was. She'd be around for sex, and gone when he wanted to be alone. She wouldn't nag, complain, or have contradicting opinions. Obviously, his parents were the ones being irrational.
Just thinking about it made him heat up. The blood pumped through his veins and adrenalin kicked in. He let out a yell that was more of a growl or roar, and threw his fist into the concrete wall holding the gate. The stone crumbled under the blow, leaving a large hole and broken pieces on the ground. He swung the iron gate open so hard it slammed against the outside wall and clattered off its hinges. He didn't look back, only continued to stomp into the woods.
At first he hadn't even noticed her - the average looking sized girl sitting on his bench. He hadn't even planned on stopping until he got to the creek, but he was already so worked up that a cloud seemed to follow him as he went. If the royals had controlled the weather with their mood as well, a tornado would have ripped the city out of the ground. But when he did notice her, and how peaceful she seemed - at least before she had noticed him - he stopped dead in his tracks. Obviously he wasn't one for manors, so he blurted, "Who the hell are you?" He clenched his teeth after that, somewhat regretting his haste. Now that he'd gotten a better look he found she looked different from most of his people. She looked softer, younger, kinder. But again, she was a stranger and he didn't care much, pretty or not.


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Madeline was lost in thought so much so that she heard no sound behind her, so when a voice that sounded more then a little angry and loud met her ears Madeline like a frightened animal went into an immediate defensive position, she tore a thick branch from a tree and swung around to face whomever was there, her body instantly taking on a battle ready position. 'So I know how to defend myself? That doesn't help me figure out anything though...' Despite Madeline's thoughts she took a moment to look at her potential attacker, and... He was decent looking though in comparison to herself she would say they were shear opposites. Where she was average, round faced, short, and bright colored, this man seemed dark, tall, grim, and sharp. However he seemed to be of no threat to her despite his obvious irritation so slowly she lowered her makeshift bat and stood straight her bright blue eyes watching him coldly and with curiosity.

"I'm Madeline... And aside my name I have no idea as you put it... who the hell I am." Slowly her eyes softened and she tilted her head to the side curiously eying the man in front of her. She could tell by the way he stood with an air of all importance that he did not have the patience to wait and piece together her life's story, so Madeline spoke formally, clearly but also confidently. "I awoke here several minutes ago, by what I am able to piece together I know I am in Lune, I know I am human, I know my first name was Madeline... I also know I should not be here. But aside that I have no idea what is going on, why I'm here or who I am." Finally Madeline tossed the branch completely aside and wiped her hands on her pants before shoving her hands in her pockets her position going lax and her face going friendly she was showing vulnerability to set the man before her at ease. "And who are you?"

'He's someone of importance.' Yes, Madeline could tell. The mans stance, clothes, and snarl suggested someone with power. And in Lune that could mean many things. He had no armor, so he was no guard. Perhaps a worker at the castle? Or even a noble himself? If memory served right Lune folk did not age after a certain point (similar to how Sol royal stop aging) that meant this man before her could be anywhere from her age to several thousand years old... Maybe she should have hung on to that branch after all. A human was no welcome here, and one who was as lost as she could easily be used. Madeline kept her face neutral though, neutral, open, and soft. If she wanted help, if she wanted anything she needed to relax and do what she did best, and what she did best was being calm. So calm even in the red eyes of this... Man? She would be.

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Character Portrait: Madeline Sol
Madeline Sol

"I've never seen a moon so beautiful."


Character Portrait: Madeline Sol
Madeline Sol

"I've never seen a moon so beautiful."

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Madeline Sol

"I've never seen a moon so beautiful."

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