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Travis Axel

"Look on the bright side. Don't look at the sun though, that won't be good."

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a character in “We are Changed”, originally authored by Cordeaux, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Travis Axel

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Travis is a laid back guy and always finds something to have a laugh about. Not taking life seriously is what he is best at and he is almost always seen smiling. Unfortunately though as Travis has gotten used to his high flying, easy life he has "gone soft". He is easy to talk to and even easier to manipulate through words.

Biography: Travis has an easy school life, his charisma and sense of humour got him popular so he floated through school like a cloud but home life was different... His mother is terminally ill with a disease that threatens to kill her within weeks, his father used to be a firefighter until an explosion shot shrapnel through his left knee, taking him out of work and into disability benefits. He spends the money on alcohol to ease the fact he is going to lose his wife and unfortunately ends up beating Trav for the slightest thing. This is why he likes to keep a friendly attitude to everyone else around him, so he knows at least one place he can be accepted.

Power/Abilities: Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind. He can crush cars at will, lift any weight object and crumble walls at a thought but that was only until he escapes, due to the power surge his telekinetic ability increases ten fold allowing him to do everything he could do and more even more dangerously. After he escapes he can throw cars, stop bullets and even rip whole buildings apart, that is only a small proportion to what his ability is capable of.

- Charismatic
- Thoughtful

- Easily manipulated
- Prone to mental breakdowns
- Too trusting in people

- His father
- Alcohol
- Cruel people

- Anybody and mostly everybody
- Animals
- Darkness

- Making people smile and laugh
- He is pretty good on a Motorcross bike

Anything Else?: Because Travis has to go evil I intend to make him go insane due to the ability he has been given and the pain it put him through, also because of his dad making him feel weak and hated. The transformation takes place over a period of time as he keeps thinking about his old life. (If that's okay, that's the only way I could think to make him from a friendly clown to an insane killer).

So begins...

Travis Axel's Story


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Winter Agustus ~

It broke Winter's heart to see his friends in such turmoil. He placed a tender hand on Thomas's and Angie's shoulders and smiled softly to them. He wanted to comfort them and tell them it was all going to be okay, but knowing the siblings, he knew his words would be meaningless to them, since it would not come from ther other one. A single tear leaked from his eye and rolled down his gentle smile, like rain on a tree leaf. His hands shook weakly against their shoulders as he took his hands away from them.

"I will find a way to help you. All of you." Winter said softly, but his words felt like they carried great strength with it, without a hint of untruth. Maybe doubt, but not untruth. Winter slowly walked away from the siblings, allowing them time to try and comfort themselves.

Winter walked over to Travis and Riley. In the years that he had gone to school with them, Winter had not interacted very much with Riley. Winter was a very kind and outgoing person, his generosity and empathy made him well known and like around the school. Due to his friendly nature, he would try to be friends with everyone, regardless of their social standings. However, there were few, like Riley that slipped through the cracks of his kindness, hiding in introversion and shyness. As he walked over he felt ashamed that he knew so little of her.

Travis on the other hand, Winter knew very well. Travis was a bit of a clown around school and Winter enjoyed the happiness he brought to others. While they never took a single class together, Winter interacted with Travis very often. Winter always found him very amusing and a wonderful person.

"Travis. Riley. It's so good to see you and so terrible that you are here." Winter smiled softly trying to bring some comfort to them.


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Tyler Radcliff

Tyler looked around outside in the cold weather.He brought his skateboard and a fresh cup of coffee as he walked towards the school with nothing to do afterwards he looked behind him and saw a black car behind him.He paced himself for this could be the last time he ever stepped foot outside again.Tyler stopped next to the street light and he saw men grabbing him as he was pushed inside the car and was now staring at two men."So,i guess you guys just wanted to leave your car and come after me then ".The men in the black suits nodded.Tyler leaned back in his seat . "This is going to be hell then and hey i forgot my skateboard".

As soon as he looked outside he was looking at thee school and in three seconds he slightly turned around to face both of the men smiling at him."So,i'm just asking but why did you guy's bring me here ? ". The men smiled as the car door opened and he was let out as tyler walked into the school and was sent to the principals office.He then saw something about a changed list and the rest of it but he knew that was complete crap.

In all of a sudden he walked into a crowded room with Angie,Thomas,Winter,Riley,and travis and for some reason his utterly question mark on his face was quite believable."What's up everybody,oh well what are we even doing here an why did two guys all wearing black take me back to school because I was clearly avoiding the going to school part".Tyler leaned against a distant wall and looked around the room.


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Winter Agustus~

Winter stared empathetically at Riley, her words seemed to break his heart the worst. He felt so much pain and fear from just the look in her eyes, but when she talked about the university, even Winter could not find the will to smile. Her sorrow brought something out of Winter, something he had not felt in a long time, Anger. But this feeling was suddenly broken when Riley asked, "Where's Tyler?"

Winter panted lightly, trying to regain his composure. With more and more people being herded into the room, it made it easy for Winter to compose himself before anyone took notice. Moments later, when he felt like himself once more, he noticed just how crowded this room was getting. He looked back to Riley, who obviously was not feeling well. Her breathing has gotten faster and harsher, he could feel it in her voice as she mentioned the 'heat'. He looked over to Thomas with eyes of sympathy, as if saying, 'I'm sorry for you...'

He took Riley by the hand and turned her so that she was facing him with only the wall behind him. Winter spoke calmly and slowly, "Riley, I want you to try and focus on my voice..."

At the orphanage, Winter had come across nearly every form of social disorder. The orphan children needed someone to help them through their problems and help them know it's okay. A few years earlier, a six year old girl was placed into the orphanage after the brutal murders of her parents. The little girl was locked inside the parents closet and told to not come out until they got her. After listening to the murderer viciously stab her parents to death, she remained hidden in the closet, until a neighbor discovered the crime scene two days later.

When she came to the orphanage, she developed a strong claustrophobia to being in the same room with so many people. She felt trapped, like in her parents closet. Winter found a way to ease her fear, by having her focus solely on him, it was if the universe had expanded around her, and it brought her the comfort she needed. A year later, she was adopted by a loving family and from the letters he would get from her, she still thought of him when she was scared and it would make her smile.

"Just try to breathe deep and slow..." Winter said slowly. Much like meditation in various forms of martial arts, if he could get her to focus, it would ease the pains. He made slow deep breathes, trying to guide Riley's breathing to match his. Between each breath, he gave her a gentle and comforting smile.

He heard Tyler finally join them. But until she had calmed, Winter tried to keep her focus on him.


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Travis Axel

Travis had walked back to the hall after telling the others it was safe. He had sat himself on a chair on one of the corner tables, hoping to be able to be alone to think. So they make us breathe this gas and then what? Trav thought to himself, a lot of puzzling ideas were whizzing through his brain. Inside he felt different, like he had just been brought back from death, he imagined a funny thought, him knocking on the door to deaths house and kicking him in the nuts then legging it. He laughed quietly to himself as more people walked in through the door. Letting his smile drop he started to remember the horrors of his home life. Don't even think about it man, we are away from all that now. He clenched his fist as the memories came back, his dad blaming him for losing his mothers $750 medication even though he never touched it and the time his dad thought he was bunking school because his cousin stopped driving him there in the mornings, Therefore ending up in him getting grounded for 3 months and beaten everyday of that 3 months. Deep down inside him the pain was stacking. Even though Travis was patient and looked happy 24/7 he just let it build up. Now the pain from breathing in that gas and remembering his drunk dad had unleashed the worst thought from his mind, he always hid from the thought of wanting to kill his dad but now he was siding with the thought. His eyes narrowed as he imagined how he would set fire to his bed with him asleep in it or even stab him expectedly. Then snapping out of his thoughts he heard a voice over an intercom system, "You have two minutes to get out of the room." Travis looked to the corner of the room where a security camera was watching them all. He knew whatever that gas did to them they were all about to find out.