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Jackson Benoît

0 · 398 views · located in Lewis County Military Base

a character in “We are Different”, as played by LonelyGhost


Jackson Benoît


Nicknames: N/A will be added as the rp progresses.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Mutation(s): Jackson has the ability of toxigenesis. This means that he has the ability to create various poisons with a variety of effects ranging from paralytic, hallucinogenic, or death inducing. The downside to this ability is that, like other animals capable of creating poison, the use of this ability is exhausting and takes a while to build back up. This natural creation also provides a level of immunity to toxic substances however it is also harder for painkillers and other medicine to take effect.

To deliver the poison he has hollow, retractable claws on his fingers, these claws are similar to Sabertooth’s claws in the way that they are fairly small. The downside to having hollow claws is that they are easier to break and take a considerable amount of time to regenerate.

He has a high level of flexibility similar to that of a contortionist, this isn’t really a super-human ability as much as it a high level human ability. Obviously, staying contorted for too long is very uncomfortable.



Eye Color(s): Jackson has harlequin green eyes. Harlequin green is a shade of green between green and yellow.
Hair Color: He has short cut black hair.
Height: He stands at the slightly above average height of 5'11.
Other features: He doesn't have any very important facial marks, all though he does have a few dark marks along his cheeks. His finger tips are heavily scarred from his claws popping out.
Clothing: Jackson dresses in black jeans, a blue t shirt, and white sneakers.


He is a bit of a sadist when it comes to people that would do him harm, having a tendency to describe EXACTLY what a certain poison will do the body to the victim. He is nicer to his friends, although he can still be a jerk. He is fairly independent, only asking for help when the odds of doing it by himself are extremely low.

Favorite Color: Green

  • Cloudy days
  • Fridays
  • Studying animals
  • Fishing
  • Freedom

  • Doctors
  • Jails
  • The government
  • Summer
  • Mondays

  • Fatigue due to poison usage.
  • Resistance to painkillers and other medication.
  • His claws can be broken more easily than a solid claw.


  • Surgery
  • Needles
  • Losing control of his toxigenesis ability

[size=150]History: Jackson was sent to the facility at the age of 15 after accidentally poisoning a bully at his school. Pharmaceutical companies frequently pay his 'visits' so they can use the varients of venom he can make to do more research or create more anti-venom. He has kept some of his more potent venoms a secret.

So begins...

Jackson Benoît's Story

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When someone started talking it made Druggie look up and realize that she was hugging a person, she gave a long blink before widening her eyes just slightly. Grabbing the girl by the shoulder she used Juniper to pull herself up till she was sitting up once more looking around the room at nothing in particular. The words that Juniper had said finally registered in her head and her head slowly turned toward the girl eyes wider still, was this person God? Not only did she know about Wallace but she had said that he was good, but since Wallace was her enemy did that make herself the villain? Maybe no one was the villain. Druggie turned her head facing forward forgetting all about the sentient wall and gods who knew about them, her thoughts turned instead to something she hadn't had in a long time, food.

Druggie stood up walking over to one of the people in white who usually gave her the food things at this time, walking up to him she stuck out her hand waiting for the foods to get in it. The scientist huffed angrily and motioned to one of the guards who pulled out a needle sticking it into her arm letting out the toxins into her system. Druggie's eyes drooped and her knees felt too heavy so she decided to not stand anymore and made friends with the floor where someone else had already made friends and was lying down next to her. She smiled lazily moving her hands over to play with his colorful hair fingers too stupid to move, she just lay like that hands outstretched blinking every lunar cycle. Her mind was a blur of drug induced hallucinations and numbness, everything was nothing to her in her own little world.


There was something wrong Brent knew it, the guards knew it but they just weren't telling exactly how much they knew. Frustrated the boy fumed in silence, they were taking him somewhere different today not his usual room where they tested he was given a shower and clothes. In his past Brent had learned that in the facility if you are given something good chances are that something very bad was about to happen to you, he wondered if this was it if they were going to kill him now, had his usefulness run up? Brent mentally prepared for the worst and when the door slid open with a his he wished that he was dead.

They were sticking him in with a bunch of mutants, the one thing he hated. Brent had always seen himself as an "in between-er" someone who wasn't quite mutant but also not completely human, much rather clinging to his human side. But of coarse that's not how the scientists and guards of the facility saw him, he was a mutant like the rest of them but they could understand his hatred towards them, his disgust. There was only one mutant in the world that he could stand but that one had long been gone from this world.

Brent didn't bother looking at any of them, the filthy animals, putting his head down as soon as he got a glance at what was in the room. He instead walked over to one of the benches sitting on the far end of it, he leaned forward putting his elbows on his knees and folding his hands together. His jaw clenched as he looked at the ground fury burning in his eyes hating every last one of them. Wondering slightly if any of them were close enough to come within his radius that they might figure out what he could do and hate him for it, too.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Juniper   Powell Character Portrait: Reyna Wynter Character Portrait: Druggie Character Portrait: Hector Kazuhira Character Portrait: Ember Character Portrait: Azuma Shuuta
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Instruction were being belted out but Brent paid little attention to them lifting up his wrist when the guard came around to slap the bracelet that was way out of season. But then something the scientist said made him stop, there was something he said that stood out to Brent as important a name... Wraith. The bane of his existence the reason for all his hatred all his anger, Brent stood up abruptly head still bowed, things were moving, people were glancing warily in his direction people were noticing a difference around him. But he didn't care, it was all meaningless to him the only thing he cared about was revenge.

When Brent turned around he saw two motionless bodies on the ground it was obvious to Brent how they got there. One of the bodies, a female, had a bracelet on it and was being dragged into the common room where everyone else was going, Brent assumed that one could heal itself so he wasn't too bothered by it but there was still another of the floor lying dead. It was all he could do to control his anger, wondering now how many she had killed and how many more she would before she was put down, he made a pact right there that he would keep anymore needless carnage from happening.

He scanned the room she wasn't there obviously she had already made her way into the common room, but it didn't matter they shared the same room so there was no where for her to hide. A grin crossed the young mans face as he turned toward the doorway to the next room over slowly walking towards it, his eyes were drawn to her dark hair and pale skin. Painfully slowly he made his way over to her calm as the sea, when he got to her Brent kneeled down into a crouching position staring at her with his icy blue glare, like daggers. She looked afraid, she should be.

"Hello, I'm guessing you remember who I am, cause I remember you. Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you but I swear if you kill any of these people, if that's even what they are, then I promise you I will finish what I started two years ago," Brent reached out with one hand pulling it out of her face to the rest of her dark hair continuing to glare fiercely. It took all of his self control not to just kill her right then, "And I'll do it as cold and emotionless as you did to him, my dear brother."

With this he forced a smile, stood up and walked into the room on the right and laying down on the on the far right facing the wall.


Things were moving, but why? Arms. Druggie moved her attention to her arms which were being pulled by more arms, oh yea. But why was it so bright? Lights. Head flopped to one side looking up at a non-floor, ooooh yea. Suddenly the lights got a lot dimmer her world had changed color from white to grey, would it turn black soon? Heck if I know. Druggie frown the next second her face became best friends with the floor and it hurt, the frown deepened. Figuring the worst, the worst being under attack, Druggie decided it be best to take cover so she crawled over to the nearest table and curled up under it hugging her chest.

Everything was moving so quickly and a lot of it she couldn't understand, this wasn't her normal routine this wasn't what she was used to and the truth was that she was feeling a bit scared. All she could ever do was whatever anyone made her do and now that no one was making her do anything she wasn't sure what to do with herself. All she could do was hide and stare blankly off into nothing waiting for the next pull or push from whatever unfamiliar hands that came from the fog around her vision keeping her from seeing things clearly. But for now everything was grey, everything was so grey.