Guy Wyman

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a character in “We Are Fallen”, as played by Ken Shiro


Name: Guy Wyman
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Height; 6'4"
Weight; 240lb
Eye colour; Brown
Hair colour; Black
Description; A brutish look with his hair reaching halfway down his back and tied into a ponytail. Thick with muscle and tattoos of many designs spiraling down both arms and covering his chest and stomach. Thick rough stubble covering his cheeks and jaw,

Clothes; A baggy pair of denim jeans, thick souled military boots, long sleeve thermal shirt covered by a tight fitting hoody.

Skills/Education; Some basic schooling but no real education outside of a military boot camp. Is competent with most sidearms and basic military weapons, tho prefers being more up close and personal, favoring blunts weapons and hand to hand combat, both of which he can use with deadly efficiency.

Background/History: A problem child always getting into fights and never making friends, eventually shipped off to a military school where he learned the importance of being able to trust people and to surround yourself with friends. Once his mandatory service was finished he returned to old habits and fell in with those like himself, eventually landing himself in prison for several years. After his release he decided to enlist and try to surround himself with trusted friends again. Tho when the blood moon rose in the sky and he saw the first friends he had made slaughtered and bought back against him, his old habits proved to be his saving grace.


So begins...

Guy Wyman's Story