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Mathew Marks

0 · 509 views · located in New York City

a character in “We Are Overexposed!”, as played by Annalee2010





Mat || Comon
Mattie || Only by his sister




⌈Relationship StatusβŒ‹


⌈Apartment NumberβŒ‹

⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹
Luke Mitchell



⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹

6' 3"


⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
Mat is a pretty tall guy with a slightly muscular build. He has Blonde hair and green eyes like his sister but his complexion isn't as fair as hers. He doesn't have any piercings, tattoos, or scars, but does have a small red birth mark on his right hip which is easily covered by his jeans. He's not really too worried about fashion, choosing clothes based on comfort more than style. Typically he's a simple jeans and t-shirt type of guy except when he has to go see his editor or has to do publicity for a book, then he will dress up.



    ❖ Ruffles his hair when aggravated
    ❖ Usually has a pencil stuck behind his ear
    ❖ Won't drink out of cans

    β™₯ Books
    β™₯ Writing
    β™₯ Chocolate
    β™₯ Working out
    β™₯ Quiet

    ✘ Loud, obnoxious people
    ✘ Sirens
    ✘ TV
    ✘ Laziness
    ✘ Dirty places

    βœͺ Writing
    βœͺ Collects coins
    βœͺ Working out

    ⌘ Losing those close to him
    ⌘ Darkness
    ⌘ Claustrophobic




Introvert | Protective | Loyal | Hot headed

Mat tends to keep to himself most of the time. He and his sister are complete opposites in a lot of ways. Even though he was popular in school, he didn't try to be. If anything, he tried his best to just blend in to the background, preferring to be alone rather than being in a crowd of people. The only time Mat will draw attention to himself is if he sees something he doesn't approve of. He is very protective of his family and anyone who may appear to need help. Even though he doesn't like the attention, he can't just sit back and watch someone get hurt. Though once the situation has been resolved, he tends to make a quick exit, not wanting to stick around any longer than he has to, wanting to make a quick retreat back to the shadows.

Also unlike his sister, Mat was good at school without even trying, never having to study to get good grades. He got into college on a full scholarship. Mat always loved reading and he pretty much always had a book in his hands. His dad had wanted him to go out for some of the sports teams, but it never really interested him. Mat works out just because it makes him feel good, not because he feels he has to, or to impress girls. Mat is a hopeless romantic and it reflects in his writing as well.



Mat was born in a small town in Missouri. He was 7 years old when he found out he was going to have a little sister. At first, he hadn't been too excited about the idea, having enjoyed having his parents attention all to himself but when Gemma was born, he loved her immediately. He was always very helpful to his mother when she needed help with Gemma, and he enjoyed playing with his little sister. He loved being a big brother, trying to teach Gemma new things and protecting her.

He had just moved out of the house for college, where he was majoring in creative writing, when he found out he was going to have another little sibling. It was a little strange, the idea of having a new sibling with the age difference, but he was excited about it nonetheless. When he found out his mom had a miscarriage, he took it pretty hard, dropped out of college and moved back home to try to help the family heal but he kept writing. Watching his mom deteriorating was the hardest thing he had to watch. He tried to console her, to help ease the ache in whatever way he could, but no matter what anyone did, it was never enough.

It was Mat who found his mother passed out in her room, the day she died. Gemma was at school and his father was at work. Mat had been in his room, working on his second book. After a few hours of silence, he started to get a little worried and went to check on her, finding her passed in a puddle of her own vomit. It's an image he will never be able to erase from his mind.

When Gemma got scouted and offered a job as a model, Mat wasn't very thrilled. Worried that this career path wasn't a good one for his little sister. He knew she wanted desperately to go to New York and after years of her begging their father, he told him that he would go with her, to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't get into any trouble. He wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of making the move, but he knew that it's what his sister wanted and he wanted to make her happy. He could write from anywhere, though after being in New York for a few months, he is missing the peace and quite of their home town.

So begins...

Mathew Marks's Story