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My name is: James Blake

I am : 15 years old

I look like this:

My wolf form looks like this:

I am a: Werewolf

I can do this: aside from the switching forms, and the extra speed and strength that comes with being a werewolf, not much in the way of special abilities...although I have an unsusal amount of empathy for a werewolf, does that count?

I love using these most: I don't enjoy fighting, but when I have to I generally switch into my wolf form and use my own teeth and claws. My father says that there is no honour in using weapons, though I don't quite know what he means by that.

I can be like this often: I am kind and gentle, an unusual trait for a werewolf, but this means that I am often the one who is used for treaties between other packs, as I can often see both sides of an argument before making a decision. Unfortunatly, I am only 15, so I can be a bit naiive at times, and only tend to see the good in people. I guess this makes me too trusting at times...

My past is like this: I guess I'm sort of a rarity, for the fact is that I was born a werewolf, though this doesn't mean that I have any special abilities caused by this, just means my wolf form is slightly bigger than most. Plus I can handle the change better, and have always been able to switch between forms at will, though I prefer my human form. My father is the pack leader.

My alligence lies to: My father/pack leader, but I sympathise with the Clave, as my pack does. We have nothing agaist humans, and appriciate the Clave's protection

Rank: middle ranking within my pack due to my age

I'm currently controled by: BekaL101

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Kara smiled at Michael when he called for them to come in. She mentally slapped herself mentally. She forgot that Michael couldn't exactly move, but it only made sense for him to give them permission. It was his room after all. She could see his thoughts by the look on his face. Magnus freaking Bane, was what he was thinking. She giggled slightly and finished just as they all came in. "Hey guys," she greeted them, "What brings you here?" She looked down, realizing that she was on Michael's bed. Under the covers too. Blushing, she slid out from under them and tried to stand, She automatically became dizzy and almost toppled over. So, since standing was obviously a bad idea, she sat back on the bed and laid her head on his shoulder. First, James asked if Michael was okay. Eventhough Michael's answer was joking, it still worried her a bit. She gave him a look that told him so, but then she looked back at James. He had asked her if she was okay. Honestly, she didn't know. Obviously she was dizzy, but she didn't know if it had to do with the black muck that slid around in her insides so she shrugged in response.
Lilly rolled her eyes at James. Going along with her stupidity was not good for her mental health. It just meant that if she did it more often, he would back her up. That wasn't exactly a good idea. The two looked fine. Exhausted but fine. She still had to make sure. "I need you both to lay flat on the bed so I can run a quick check up."

((Sorry they're so short. and sorry it took me so long!! >.< i've just had a lot going on.))