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Harley "Twitch" Accola

"Nothing is better than Cheetos, soda, chocolate, and a gaming binge."

0 · 497 views · located in City of Cereus, USA

a character in “We Are Wild”, as played by TillaSpark


Harley Accola


Harley Jane Accola
Twitch, Harles, Harley-Jane (Her sister and parents are the only ones who use Harles or Harley-Jane.)
Female 11
The Anxious Gamer Girl

Felicia Day
Twitch stands at 5'5 and is inherently slim, her fast metabolism makes it practically impossible for her to gain weight, something she's happy about because of the mass amounts of Cheetos and Coca-Cola she consumes while on a gaming binge. Her hazel eyes are more green than blue, but they change color depending on what she's wearing. She was a small, but infectious smile. In her right ear she has three lobe piercings and a cartilage piercing. In her left ear she has a rook piercing and four lobe piercings. She has a scar on her side from being hit by a car, two scars on the back of her legs because of an Achilles heel surgery, and a scar on the left side of her forehead from an incident involving a clock.
Twitch has a fondness for bizarre leggings, humorous or random t-shirts and Doc Marten and cowboy boots. Her red leather jacket is her wardrobe staple. If she's feeling particularly girly, she ventures into the realm of sundresses, preferring a flowing high-lo skirt or a short dress with interesting cutouts.
Jewelry and Accessories
She's is always wearing her mermaid locketthat contains a picture from when her and her sister were younger.
Twitch's Purse
-Cell phone (iPhone)
-Bandaids and Neosporin
-A change of clothes, just in case
-Her cigarettes and dolphin zippo
-Scissors and a sewing kit
-Gameboy DSi with the recent Pokemon, Super Mario Brothers, Kirby, or Kid Icarus game

-Every video game console
-Any video game that contains a solid plot or is just fun as hell to play
-The Beach
-Dolphins, Whales, and Sharks
-Music (any and all types)
-Classic Literature
-Werewolves (Not so much like as a fascination with them)
-Pretentious people
-The colors brown and gray
-People who are mean or judgmental of others
-Video Games that have no point (i.e. Duke Nukem)
Twitch has been anxious about everything since the day she can remember. Her anxiety casts a bit of fear and darkness into her everyday thoughts and she found that video games were a great way to escape the chaotic circles of her brain. She tries hard to cover it up, but she some part of her is constantly moving, whether its her jittering legs, tapping her fingers, or playing with her necklace, hence her nickname. Her anxiety has led to her smoking habit, but she tries as hard as she can to keep her consumption down by limiting herself to a new pack every three days. Twitch's obsession with mermaids and sea creatures came from the movie "The Little Mermaid". It was, and still is her favorite movie to this day. She loved it mainly because the main character had red hair like her.
Living among werewolves hasn't exactly improved her anxiety, there's an air of danger that surrounds them, but that doesn't change the fact she finds them fascinating. She doesn't want them all to perish, and she believes they deserve right just like every human... or humanoid being. She's not particularly vocal about her opinions, afraid of the retribution that may follow, but she attempts to maintain a friendly air towards them.
Twitch longs to overcome her anxiety, mainly because it's the thing that keeps her from perusing her main goals. She wants to be more outspoken, but every time she tries to vocalize an opinion that isn't commonly recognized, her fear of retribution and rejection causes her to choke. If she wasn't terrified by the prospect of drowning or being trapped in small spaces, she'd love to explore the seas, but until that moment, she's stuck with a marine biology degree that is gathering dust. Twitch also longs for more real life friends, because the social interaction that she gets from her online buddies isn't really doing it for her. Her only reachable goal is to collect every gaming console ever made and play every classic game that she can.
Harley Jane Accola was born to Marie and Gerald Accola on the 27th of June. She was and is the baby of the family and grew up being coddled by her mother, father and sister. Her sister in particular used her as her personal doll, dressing her up and making her over when ever she felt the need. There was a tragic incident when Harley was seven when her sister chopped off half of her hair with a pair of dull child's scissors, needless to say the end result was tragic. Her parent's made enough money to keep her and her sister happy. She would never forget the day she got her first GameBoy Color. She was eleven when she had her first panic attack. It was in the middle of the day at school during history class, she couldn't breathe and she began crying hysterically, trying desperately to catch her breath. Her parents began taking her to every psychologist or psychiatrist they could find. She was drugged beyond belief and when she was sixteen she became addicted to Xanax. After getting off the stuff she swore she would never be medicated again and used a variety of meditation practices and yoga to maintain as much balance in her mind as she possible can, which when it comes down to it isn't very much. Her sister never truly understood the plight that Harley went through, but she became Harley's biggest cheerleader and is the only one that can calm her down when her mind goes off. She moved in with her sister after finishing college, and currently is employed as a beta tester for video games.

So begins...

Harley "Twitch" Accola's Story

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Harley Accola

Harley had her head down as she walked through town. She was forcing herself to go outside, it had been a while, and as she navigated the sidewalk, a flashing sign caught her eye, "It's Saturday, June 8th!" it read and she smiled to herself. It was the night of the New Moon meeting. A night when all werewolves were friends and even humans were allowed to join the festivities, given they were brave or open-minded enough to go. Oddly enough, Harley was more up to date on upcoming werewolf events than anything that could actually pertain to her and the other average humans that inhabited Cereus. Being a human in Cereus was not totally bizarre, but it was more uncommon. She wasn't sure what drew her and her sister to this place, there was a certain mysticism about it. A place where werewolves and humans could live together, where she could observe them without fear of bodily harm, or at least she tried to convince herself of that. It was hard for her, to assure herself that nothing bad would happen, even as she moved down the sidewalk, eyes pasted to her purple Doc Martens, her head was racing.

That guy. Over there, he could be plotting to mug you.
Look both ways before crossing the street. You were hit by a car once, no need for a second time.
Watch where you walk, could you imagine if you ran into someone? What if it knocked them down? What if it knocked you down? You could spill your Coke on them and they could be heading somewhere important. You could ruin their day. You wouldn't even be able to apologize, you'd stutter and choke up before any words could come out.

Harley took a deep breath to calm herself, trying to shut up the little voice in the back of her head that was a constant reminder of how crazy she was. She couldn't help it though, that much had been clear since she was young and she had an irrational fear of just about everything. She dug into her purse, quickly pulling out her cigarettes and lighter, as soon as the nicotine riddled smoke hit her lungs she exhaled a small sigh of relief. It wasn't necessarily the best self medication for her, but it was better than an anti-anxiety pill addiction.
She planted herself on a park bench, her legs jittering as soon as her rear made contact with the seat, and observed the going-ons around her as she smoked. Every so often some one would pass, greeting her. She would send them a small smile back and a generic response. Most of them didn't really know her, they knew her sister, the local librarian, but she appreciated their acknowledgment of her existence. She wasn't really paying attention to them though, instead she was looking for the wolves.
It's not like they really stood out, at least the ones that belonged to the main packs of the city. People in Cereus knew who they were though. Most people took it upon themselves to learn their names and appearances if only to distance themselves from them, but she had learned because she enjoyed the magic that surrounded them.
After finishing her cigarette, Harley finished her walk to the local video game store. She was happy to see that Phil was working today. He was one of the few people that Harley called a friend.
"Hey there, Twitch, how goes it?" he greeted her with a wide smile.
She smiled back, "It's goes," she responded with a shrug.
She made her way to the new releases, picked up a used copy of a random zombie game and plopped it on the counter before fishing through her purse for her wallet.
"You going out tonight? The wolves may have their celebration, but there's a human bar throwing some sort of bash tonight... at least that's what I hear."
Harley cringed uncomfortably as Phil's voice took a tone of distaste when he said, "the wolves". Little did he know she would rather spend the evening at the Nightbloomer. He may be one of her friends, but she never spoke out against his prejudice. He would probably hate her for it.
"Nah, I think I'll stay in." she answered handing Phil the money, trying to get the exchange over as soon as possible.
Phil rolled his eyes and chuckled, "You need to get out more, Twitch."
Ugh, he sounded just like her sister.
"Maybe you should stay in more," she offered with a smile.
Phil shook his head chuckling, handing her the game. Before he could say any more she said goodbye and exited the store swiftly, walking as fast as she could towards home. Her brain still going on it's never ending loop of non-sensical worries and bizarre conclusions.