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Kiefer "Toke" Ramirez

"Usted debes ser inteligente, callado, y paciente para quedarse con vida." (You must be smart, quiet, and patient to stay alive.)

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a character in “We Are Wild”, as played by TillaSpark


Kiefer Ramirez


Kiefer Antony Ramirez
Male 9

Keir Gilchrist
Toke is about 6'0 and is toned, constantly being on the run for four years can do that to a guy. He has a pale skin that tans very well, dark brown hair and deep brown eyes that always seem distant, and not just because he's high a lot of the time. His back is more scar tissue than skin from when he was tortured via whip by Hunters. He has various other scars from that experience as well. One is a thick ropy scar that runs from underneath his right earlobe, goes straight down, following his jaw line, then it curves under his chin and travels diagonally across his neck and eventually ends on his left shoulder. And another is a scar around his ankle that looks like a shark tried to eat his foot.
Toke is a fan of the classic jeans and thermal long sleeve shirt look, although when it gets to be a bit hotter, he opts for a t-shirt instead. He wears a pair of Carolina work boots, the thick durable leather has lasted him a good two years so far, and while they're heavy the steel toe bit can be quite useful in a fight. He doesn't own a proper jacket, but has an old blue zip hoodie that belonged to his dad.
Jewelry and Accessories
The only accessory that Toke has is a gold watch necklace of his mothers. It was a family heirloom of hers and it is essentially a small pocket watch on a necklace chain. Carved around the outside edge of the cover is the cycle of the moon, and in the center is an engraving of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of Travelers, who is depicted to have a dog's head on a human's body. He obsessively cleans it and makes sure that it is always wound, not because he cares about the time, but because when he closes his eyes and listens to the ticking, it's like he's five and falling asleep on his mother's lap again.
Toke carries a back pack with a collection of clothes, some given to him, but mostly stolen, a bar of soap, his family's pipe Lucifer, whatever amount of pot he happens to obtain, papers, a "cig" *ahem* joint *ahem* roller, his wallet, a picture of his mom and dad, a Glock 9mm pistol, ammo, four extra clips. He has a K-Bar knife attached to his jeans at all times, and when he sleeps, he holds it tightly to his chest.

  • That plant they call marijuana
  • Lucifer (his bowl, not that guy from the bible)
  • Music
  • Food
  • Animals
  • Being hunted
  • Being pack-less
  • Full moon's and the day before and after
Toke appears a pretty laid back guy, he just has trouble holding a conversation... with anyone. His mother was Italian and his father was Mexican, because of this English is actually his third language (Spanish being the first and Italian the second). He can speak in pretty good English, but it is still broken and accented, so he prefers silence over conversation, especially is Cereus where he has yet to meet anyone who can speak Spanish or Italian. His inability to communicate gracefully causes him to avoid people, not wanting to stumble over his words or say something offensive and not really know what it means.
He tries as hard as he can to be nice, the last thing he wants is to scare or hurt anyone, but his loner lifestyle has led to his mind beginning to fracture. He is becoming more paranoid tensing to attack anyone that comes near him human or werewolf. It doesn't matter to him that Cereus is a safe zone for wolves, his experience with Hunter's has affected him deeply.
He desperately wants to find a pack, he craves the reassurance that a pack offers not just during the Full Moon cycle, but in general.
Kiefer Antony Ramirez was born to a Samantha Lombardi and Paco Ramirez, both of them werewolves, on January 4th. The family lived in a cheap RV, constantly on the move, running from Hunters. Because of this nomadic lifestyle Kiefer was unable to go to school, so his mother and father attempted to home school him. Unfortunately, he was only taught how to read in Spanish and Italian, his parents died before they could teach him to read English properly. He understands some of the words, but mostly it looks like a jumbled mess to him.
Before the death of his parents his life was as idyllic to him as anyone who had never experienced a normal childhood. His parent's were actually major stoners, constantly smoking weed (he didn't start until after the death of his parents, mainly because he feels as though he is closer to them when he is high). Both of his parents could speak Italian and Spanish well (his parents had been childhood friends and ever since they met they taught each other their first language). Mostly though he spoke in Spanish, so when he talks it has a Hispanic accent tinting his words. His parents kept him well fed and did everything in their power to give him anything he asked for, which turned out wasn't a lot. He was an easily entertained kid and never needed much. Instead of toys he preferred exploring, his parents kept a close eye on him when he was younger, but by the time he was twelve his father had taught him a lot self defense wise, and had armed him with a Glock 9mm pistol, so they let him go wherever his heart desired, but he had to be home before dusk.
On his fourteenth birthday, it was a day like any other. He had woken up with his parents and while they shared a morning bowl he shoveled breakfast down his throat as fast as he could. Before running out the door he sent a quick, Arrivederci and Te amo over his shoulder to his parents. He had only been gone an hour when he heard the screams of people getting brutally murdered so he ran as far as he could and hid. He only left his hiding spot when the sun began to set and he worried about scaring his parents. He morphed into wolf form so he could cover ground quicker, changing back when he was almost to the RV. He entered the clearing where they had settled for the day and immediately fell to his knees. His parents were hanging by their necks from a tree, but if he hadn't recognized their smells he wouldn't have known it was them. The were both burned beyond recognition. He realized that it wasn't just some random people he had heard screaming earlier but his parents. He broke down sobbing and unable to will himself to stand crawled back to the RV, which surprisingly was still in good shape, though most of the supplies they had had been stolen. He slid under the covers of his parent's bed and slept. When he awoke he took what he need, some food that the Hunters had left behind, about five-thousand dollars cash from the lock box his parents had hidden, ammunition, his father's prized K-BAR knife, his mother's golden watch necklace, his clothes, one of his father's hoodies, his mother's pillow, a picture of his family, and got out of there as quickly as he could.
He successfully evaded hunters for almost three years, sleeping in trees and caves. It was on a night two years after the incident that he was staying with a pack for a short period of time. One of the older wolves convinced him to smoke with them. That night Kiefer took an entire g to the face and handled it like a champ. The wolves in that pack fondly called him Toke, and it stuck. Even after he left he just introduced himself as Toke, the name was just so much easier to understand when he said it as opposed to Kiefer. Once, when a family took him in they called him Keith Hair the entire time because he always says his name so quickly with a thick enough accent one wouldn't catch unless they shared the same dialect.
He thought that he would never see a Hunter again, and then he triggered a claw trap set by Hunters (this is where the scar around his ankle came from). They assumed that he was scrounging for food for a larger pack and instead of killing him, they chose to torture him instead. They used leather whips with shards of silver braided into the tip. They tortured him for four days straight. When the leader of the hunting group finally translated the meaning behind the words Toke had been repeating, "Estoy solo. No viajo con nadie mรกs." (translated: "I'm alone. I travel with no one else."), he decided it was time to end Toke's life. The leader took a knife and drew it down Toke's jaw line, under his chin, across his neck, and across his chest, stopping at the end of his shoulder. Toke felt his life leaving him as his heart pumped more blood out every second. After a few moments, the world went gray and finally faded to black.

Then, he woke up.

The wound had been stitched closed, and even his back and ankel had been treated. His backpack and all of it's contents were sitting next to him. He searched the area for months, looking for a clue to who had helped him, but he never found a thing and decided that it had to have been his parent's watching over him in some way. After a while he came to a sudden realization it was actually safer for him to travel in the cities, hiding in plain sight. He city hopped for about six months. He practiced his English by listening to the conversations around him and attaching them to what he had learned from his parents. In passing one day he heard talk of completely safe packlands up north. He happily imagined what it would be like to have a pack again. He began the journey, but began to think about what he had heard. What if it was a trick? What if it was some ploy set up by Hunters? He wouldn't know for sure unless he went to check it out so he's stuck asking himself if it's really worth the risk. It was by chance he stumbled upon Cereus, a supposed save haven for werewolves and humans to live in peace, sans bounty and hatred. He's extremely skeptical but until he figures out where he's headed he's going to stay camped up in Cereus. Sleeping in an alley with his knife clutched to his chest.

Another One of My Favorite Songs
Toke's Favorite Song
It was the lullaby his mother used to sing to him when he was little.

So begins...

Kiefer "Toke" Ramirez's Story