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We Are Wild

City of Cereus, USA


a part of We Are Wild, by ThomasOmalley.


ThomasOmalley holds sovereignty over City of Cereus, USA, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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City of Cereus, USA is a part of We Are Wild.

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Amila Rodes [4] "Carpe Deim, words to live by."
Sampson Jacobs [3] "That was already broken when I got here."
Lyra Road [3] "Alone? You don't know loneliness."
Spirit Logan [2] "There is a reason why they call me Spirit."
Silas Banks [2] "It's just business."
Robyn Mueller [2] I would rather trust a woman's instinct than a man's reason.
Noah Delshad [2] "Haha, watch it, Medic coming through!"
Lilliana Oxford [1] Life is like a Butterfly's wings. It's too delicate to touch.
Jacoby Oxford [1] "I feel like I am wasting my time...."
Seraphina Oxford [1] "Can't you see I'm reading?"

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The sun rose over Cereus like water pouring into he basin of the valley, glimmering off the unfurled leaves of early summer and lighting the sides of the greenhouses, catching the pines on the hills and defining the city in the windows catching the milky midmorning light and the shadows each building cast deep into the alleys and across the streets, already buzzing with early morning traffic sign. One bank's sign blinked out a cheery
"Good Morning! It's Saturday June Eighth! Have a Wonderful day!"
This was a small reminder that tonight there would be the normal New Moon meeting at the Nightbloomer. All wolves were encouraged to attend, with a pack or without, and it was perhaps one of the only times that the small packs were required to drop rivalries, and humans were just as welcome, making the atmosphere of the town a little more friendly.
The day started out with a soft, comfortable temperature of just over fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit, but with a promise of upward of seventy-five in the afternoon. The evening, though, would be cool and comfortable, perhaps accompanied by light rainshowers. The packs felt the almost restlessness to the air as the travelling pack slid into town sleepless and bleary-eyed, the Chemical Mountain girls and Oxfords just waking up to face a new day, the Lalunas woke already planning for the party at the Nightbloomer Lounge tonight. The loners too felt the bristling of something new, and the humans could have sworn they felt something, but perhaps instinct was ignored more within them, as it seemed immediately written off. One thing was found in agreement, though, this day would bring something big, something open, and definitely something new.

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Character Portrait: Lyra Road
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#, as written by Jynxii
Lyra Road

Lyra stopped on the sidewalk, looking up at the blinking bank sign. "Good Morning!" it blinked. "It's Saturday June Eighth!" Lyra shifted her bag higher onto her shoulder, wincing against the sunlight as she read the sign. "Have a Wonderful day!" Cheery little place, she thought to herself as she returned her eyes to the sidewalk she had previously been heading down. The weather was growing quite warm, but luckily her outfit was practical. Walking down the unfamiliar street, she couldn't help but feel vulnerable. So many eyes to look at her, so many ears to hear her... it was all very unnerving. A young girl, around ten, went skipping past her, scaring her into a street lamp. After she had caught her breath, she slowly leaned off of the pole, trying to gather her nerve. "You look like you've seen a ghost." Lyra looked up to see yet another unfamiliar face. This time, though, instead of ignoring her, this person had taken notice of the lost looking girl. "Wouldn't that be something," Lyra replied, offering a small smile to hide the rabbit like heartbeat in her chest. The woman smiled back at her and dipped her head to the side. "I've never seen you around before," the woman said. "I'm just passing through," Lyra mumbled.

"Well, you should at least stay the night. Tonight's our New Moon celebration.""I'm not much for parties..." "There will be a free buffet," the woman added, giving Lyra a knowing smile. "What makes you think I need a free buffet?" The older woman laughed a little, a knowing twinkle in her eye. "Because I looked just like you when I rolled into this sleepy little town for the first time... and I had that exact look on my face. That look that says; I could use a free buffet." Lyra eyed the woman suspiciously, her paranoia making it impossible to trust her even though she appeared friendly enough. "If you decide to come, it'll be where it's always held; at the Nightbloomer. Just down this road, and to the right," the woman informed Lyra, gesturing down the way. "In the meantime, here's something for you. A little... Welcome to Cereus present."

Before Lyra could stop her, the woman had rushed a $20 bill into her hand, and left. Lyra didn't even have time to thank her before the mysterious woman had vanished in the growing crowd of people on the street. Confused, and $20 richer, Lyra took another look around the mysterious town. Deciding that she would go to the Nightbloomer party...thing... Lyra stuffed the bill into her shorts pocket and began walking again. The downtown area was full of little shops, cafes, and bakeries, each one smelling better than the last. When she could no longer ignore her stomach, Lyra slipped into one of the outside cafe tables. This would be the first time she actually paid for something to eat in a long time. Deciding she better make the money last, she ordered a lemon water, a bread bowl, and an apple.

She took a large bite out of her apple as she pulled out her sketch pad and a pencil, trying to capture the generous act she witnessed just a few moments before. She ate her soup slowly, mostly focusing on her drawing. The pad soon began to come to life with the image of three feminine hands. One holding onto the wrist of the other, one palm up and open to receive something, and the final hand crushing a twenty dollar bill into the open palm. Time began to slip away from her, but she could feel the temperature in the day growing and then cooling off. Luckily she was under an umbrella in the shade, or she would have been lobsterfied within a half hour. Her mind couldn't wrap around the motives of the kind stranger. Maybe it was some sort of trick, maybe she would have to owe the lady a favor, or maybe... just maybe... The rumors about the town were true. That every werewolf, weak or strong, pack or no pack, was truly welcome here.

Lyra had never felt welcome anywhere. She was always different. Off. Slightly odd. Her reclusive personality made it very hard for people to get close to her, and her passive tenancies made it impossible for her to feel obligated to an alpha. She had no real memory of where she came from, no idea where she was going, and no real clue as to where she would like to be. There were rumors of a safe haven in the north, and she had debated going there. After all, a white wolf was incredibly hard to miss around these parts. She didn't exactly blend in. Then again, even as a human she didn't blend in due to her fire engine red hair and china doll skin tone.

She slowly stopped sketching for just a brief moment to let that thought sink in. Who was she, then, if she didn't know where she came from or where she was going? Lyra Road... but was she really? Road wasn't even her real last name... she had forgotten her real one long ago. If I keep thinking like this, I might off myself, she scolded herself, shaking her head as if it would remove the unpleasant feeling in her gut. With a small intake of breath, she forced herself to straighten up and go back to sketching. After all, the sign had said to have a 'wonderful' day.

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Character Portrait: Silas Banks
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Idle hands were the devil's playground, so Silas's hands were Satan's worst nightmare. The werewolf beta flew around the room; yelling into the speaker of his cell phone and gesticulating to the help, so that the New Moon meeting could be organized to perfection. This was one of the busiest times of the year --Halloween and Christmas aside-- the New Moon meeting was going to have the Nightbloomer Lounge buzzing more than usual. Everything had to be perfect!

"What do you mean the banner won't be delivered on time?" He frowned as he leaned against the bar. His thumb and forefinger pinched the bridge of his nose and he sighed in frustration. "Look, I need that banner by five'o clock, no later. Do I make myself clear? Good. I'll call you in an hour for an update. Good day." He hung up, turning around to face the bartender. "You got enough bottles of Grey Goose, Caleb?"

"Yeah, bossman," his employee smiled as he restocked the shelves with more liquor. "I suggest taking a breather, Mr. Banks. I can see that vein in your forehead pulsing." Self-conscious, Silas placed his hand on his forehead as he pocketed his cell phone and took a seat at the bar stool.

"I think you're right," he laughed, humorlessly. "Scotch on the rocks, please. With all this setting up, I'll need it."

"Any reason you're working so hard? I mean, the place looks amazing to me; I see no need in changing anything," Caleb shrugged as he poured a small glass for his boss and slid it to him.

"Call me a perfectionist," Silas smirked. "The New Moon meeting is by far my favorite time of the year. I like that all of the packs can just toss aside the rivalries and have one night together. It's just nice, I guess. I want to make it the best New Moon meeting, so that I can have a reason to top it next year." He took a swig of his drink, the cubes of ice clanking against the glass as it reached his lips.

"Well, I simply wish you luck, Mr. Banks. With all the work and stress I see you under, I'm sure it will pay off."

"Have you ever asked me for a raise?" Silas asked before knocking back the rest of his scotch.

"No, sir," Caleb replied with a smile.

"If we keep having conversations like these, I might promote you, but for now I'd like seconds." He jiggled the ice in his empty glass before setting it down onto the bar.

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Character Portrait: Amila Rodes
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Amila Rodes

Stretching her arms high above her head and bouncing on her heels Amila looked at the path that laid out before. She was on the roof of one of the taller buildings in the industrial area that her pack had control of. From there she could see where the industrial are blended into downtown, which is where she was headed. Tonight was another New Moon and Amila wanted to wear something. . .nice, well nicer than her normal attire, to the shindig that was always held at the Nightbloomer Club on New Moons and that meant shopping. Not that she was ever big on the whole fashion and shopping thing, that was really more of Spirits thing.

Looking once more towards downtown Amila envisioned the path she was going to take. Which roofs she would leap to, which rails to bounce off of, what walls to turn run up. Aside from being in wolf form and running under the light of the full moon, freerunning was the most exhilarating thing Amila had ever experienced. Shaking herself loose she inhaled deeply, held it, exhaled then leaped off the building to the roof of another. Thanks to her being a werewolf she could leap farther, jump higher, and do amazing flips, twist, and turns that no normal human could.

After all the leaps and bounds it had only taken Amila several minutes to reach downtown and it's busy streets. Taking a moment to catch her breath she reclined on a bench outside a barber's shop.

"So when are you ever going to grow out of that silly hair color and let me dye it back all natural like?" smiling Amila looked up at the man who spoke to her. He was fairly old and looked more like a lumberjack that a barber. "Oh about two weeks from never. The old man flashed her a lopsided grin and shook his head. "I'll never understand you young things and your strange sense of fashion." Amila waved her hand in a mock dismissive way "Haven't we already been over this? I plan on keeping my hair this color until I start to go gray THEN I'm going to turn into one of those old ladies who dyes their hair that strangely awesome silvery purple color." This caused the old man to chuckle as he reached out to ruffle her hair before going back inside.

This type of exchange was common for Amila, the old man and her had nearly the same conversation every time she came downtown it was almost like a habit for her to even stop in front of the store. Humming to herself Amila hopped up and headed down the sidewalk to one of the clothing stores to look for an outfit for the big night.

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Character Portrait: Harley "Twitch" Accola
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Harley Accola

Harley had her head down as she walked through town. She was forcing herself to go outside, it had been a while, and as she navigated the sidewalk, a flashing sign caught her eye, "It's Saturday, June 8th!" it read and she smiled to herself. It was the night of the New Moon meeting. A night when all werewolves were friends and even humans were allowed to join the festivities, given they were brave or open-minded enough to go. Oddly enough, Harley was more up to date on upcoming werewolf events than anything that could actually pertain to her and the other average humans that inhabited Cereus. Being a human in Cereus was not totally bizarre, but it was more uncommon. She wasn't sure what drew her and her sister to this place, there was a certain mysticism about it. A place where werewolves and humans could live together, where she could observe them without fear of bodily harm, or at least she tried to convince herself of that. It was hard for her, to assure herself that nothing bad would happen, even as she moved down the sidewalk, eyes pasted to her purple Doc Martens, her head was racing.

That guy. Over there, he could be plotting to mug you.
Look both ways before crossing the street. You were hit by a car once, no need for a second time.
Watch where you walk, could you imagine if you ran into someone? What if it knocked them down? What if it knocked you down? You could spill your Coke on them and they could be heading somewhere important. You could ruin their day. You wouldn't even be able to apologize, you'd stutter and choke up before any words could come out.

Harley took a deep breath to calm herself, trying to shut up the little voice in the back of her head that was a constant reminder of how crazy she was. She couldn't help it though, that much had been clear since she was young and she had an irrational fear of just about everything. She dug into her purse, quickly pulling out her cigarettes and lighter, as soon as the nicotine riddled smoke hit her lungs she exhaled a small sigh of relief. It wasn't necessarily the best self medication for her, but it was better than an anti-anxiety pill addiction.
She planted herself on a park bench, her legs jittering as soon as her rear made contact with the seat, and observed the going-ons around her as she smoked. Every so often some one would pass, greeting her. She would send them a small smile back and a generic response. Most of them didn't really know her, they knew her sister, the local librarian, but she appreciated their acknowledgment of her existence. She wasn't really paying attention to them though, instead she was looking for the wolves.
It's not like they really stood out, at least the ones that belonged to the main packs of the city. People in Cereus knew who they were though. Most people took it upon themselves to learn their names and appearances if only to distance themselves from them, but she had learned because she enjoyed the magic that surrounded them.
After finishing her cigarette, Harley finished her walk to the local video game store. She was happy to see that Phil was working today. He was one of the few people that Harley called a friend.
"Hey there, Twitch, how goes it?" he greeted her with a wide smile.
She smiled back, "It's goes," she responded with a shrug.
She made her way to the new releases, picked up a used copy of a random zombie game and plopped it on the counter before fishing through her purse for her wallet.
"You going out tonight? The wolves may have their celebration, but there's a human bar throwing some sort of bash tonight... at least that's what I hear."
Harley cringed uncomfortably as Phil's voice took a tone of distaste when he said, "the wolves". Little did he know she would rather spend the evening at the Nightbloomer. He may be one of her friends, but she never spoke out against his prejudice. He would probably hate her for it.
"Nah, I think I'll stay in." she answered handing Phil the money, trying to get the exchange over as soon as possible.
Phil rolled his eyes and chuckled, "You need to get out more, Twitch."
Ugh, he sounded just like her sister.
"Maybe you should stay in more," she offered with a smile.
Phil shook his head chuckling, handing her the game. Before he could say any more she said goodbye and exited the store swiftly, walking as fast as she could towards home. Her brain still going on it's never ending loop of non-sensical worries and bizarre conclusions.

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Character Portrait: Lilliana Oxford
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#, as written by Kugorie
Lilliana Oxford

It was morning, not the most favorite time of day for Lilly. She wasn't able to sleep much last night her dreams were full of nightmares and chaos which had frightened her until sleep was something she couldn't fathom doing any longer. Instead she sat on a chaise that faced a big window as tall as her entire wall and almost wide enough to stretch across the wall as well. The black curtains had been pulled to either side of the window, Lilly had tried to bring some light into her dark space, and a clear view from the estate to the downtown was visible. Is was quite beautiful, but Lilly had seen this view many times and so the extravagance had worn off long ago. Now she simply laid there on the chaise waiting for her headache pills to kick in. Many knew that you did not bother with her this early because she'd rip your head right off your neck if you did, especially if it wasn't an emergency, soon though she'd be able to be talked to and be almost normal, not yet but soon.

The room itself was quite a beauty it had dark purple walls that had a warmth to them and beautiful dark mahogany wood flooring. The room was the size of a big master bedroom, but all of the rooms in this house were huge so it wasn't like hers was special. It had a king's bed with a fixed canopy, dark mahogany dressers and a matching vanity, also two matching end tables. There was a desk at one end with a laptop and all it's accessories plus a TV above it. The Oxford family was rich, of course she had all of these materialistic items. That was just what she was used too. In fact her en suite was even renovated to her personal design. It was like heaven to her.

Except the nightmares. Which brought her back to reality and she remembered her pounding headache that was putting up a good fight in order to continue it's thrashing to her head. Lilly laid her hand over her eyes and cursed to herself about the lack of sleep that she has. She didn't understand why this insomnia had fallen on her, or why it stayed for so long. She had gone to so many doctors she couldn't even remember the amount anymore and they all had said the same ..."It'll pass... just wait... because honestly there is nothing wrong with you. Your as healthy as a horse!" The lack of creativity coming out of doctors mouths were almost more annoying then the insomnia itself.

Finally the pills had kicked in and Lilly was able to sit up and face the window. Tears had welled in her eyes from the pain and now they were able to slowly disappear as she began to relax. The pills were strong enough that they worked all day and she would only get the headaches in the morning each day and only if she didn't sleep. But those were just her headache pills. Lilly rose up off the chaise and headed to the bathroom, she was still wearing her pink cotton Pj's and fuzzy sock slippers and she walked across the cold wood floor. When she reached the bathroom she looked in at her counter top, on it were at least another 5 bottles of pills in which she had to take. "Iron pills, B12 Pills, Vitamin C pills, stomach pills, D pills, oh yay and I have to take this today. Woo." The mixture she was talking about was a vitamin solution she had to take once a week to make sure her body was in balance. Unfortunately the stuff tasted awful and half the time it wanted to make her sick, which it was supposed to help her not do.

After taking her many medicine products Lilly got undressed and hopped in the shower making herself ready for the new day ahead of her. It was another New Moon Meeting tonight. She was a bit excited but then again this meeting has been happening for a while. Still Lilly made it a priority to always look nice at these meetings and to dress for the occasion. So for now prepping has officially started for Miss. Oxford. The shower of course being the first thing for her to do. Then she would get dressed and maybe see who else is up.

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Character Portrait: Sampson Jacobs
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Sammy was definitely lost. He hadn't seen his friends for at least an hour, he didn't know what day it was, none of them had slept in quite a while, and he wasn't quite sure what city they were just arriving in. A minor setback, he thought sarcastically. As he wandered through the town, he passed a bank. The sign read: "Good Morning! It's Saturday June Eighth! Have a Wonderful day!" Sammy could have laughed. Not likely, what with the other two AWOL.

In all truth, he was probably the one who went missing. He had wandered away from the pack again, just like back in Omaha. Sammy's eyelids weighed a ton as he tried to keep himself awake. This hobo thing was so not good for them. They'd all been on edge for a while now, and he thought they kinda hoped to find somewhere to stay for good. What had the city limit sign said?Cereus.

Well, Sammy thought, this is Cereusly bad. He let out a chuckle at his own corny joke, but it was interrupted with a yawn. So tired, he thought. Maybe I can find, like, a park bench or something. What had this come to? Sleeping on park benches? Anything is better than Florida, especially an adventure, he rationalized.

He yawned again. Nevermind adventure, he thought. I need a nap. At long last, he had finally stumbled upon a bench in the street. Literally, he stumbled on it. He hadn't been watching where he was going, and the leg tripped him. He managed to catch himself on the bench, though, and he decided that the cold metal surface would be a sufficient place to get some shut-eye and think about how much easier it had been when they had the van.

Sammy laid down, his head on one side, his legs hanging off the armrest on the other. Before he could stop it, his mind shut down. His eyes fought to stay open, but it was a losing battle. They'll find me eventually, Sammy thought. What's the harm in getting in a little power nap? And he quickly fell asleep.

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Character Portrait: Robyn Mueller Character Portrait: Sampson Jacobs Character Portrait: Amila Rodes
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#, as written by slcam
|Robyn Mueller|

Rem woke up in the early morning, long before the moon had even decided to set. As usual, she was unable to fall back asleep. She never used to be a morning person, but, ever since she was turned, her mind would not let her sleep long. It irked her, but it was useless to fight it.

Instead, Robyn strolled outside, starting her habitual patrol of the Chemical Mountain pack's territory. It was not that she expected there to be any danger, the walk was just something to do until the sun came up. She glanced up at the moon, which had almost completely disappeared. She decided she would enjoy the rest of her sleepless night, and shifted into her wolf form.

She broke into a full out run across the flat, arid land surrounding their home, jumping old wooden fences and skirting prairie dog holes as she ran. Soon, she was panting heavily, but tiredness had yet to reach her. Running in wolf form was, as always, exhilarating. Finally, she completed her circuit of the territory. She quietly returned to her small room as dusk began, warmth and light beginning to stream through the windows. She dressed for the day and went back outside, walking through the industrial area the Chemical Mountain pack called home.

She watched as a figure leaped from rooftop to rooftop, heading for the city. Rem smiled at her packmate, Amelia. She did some amazing things, but Robby prefered keeping her feet firmly on the ground. As Robyn came closer to the downtown area, the traffic quickly increased. On a day like today, people, and especially werewolves, were always out full force. Robby could almost feel the excitment building in the air, but it almost seemed different today. She sat on a bench, not far from a man who was sleeping on a similar bench across from her, and settled in to people watch.

She did not have much to do, but this was always an interesting pastime, especially in a place like Cereus.

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Character Portrait: Noah Delshad Character Portrait: Lyra Road
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#, as written by Skwidge
Noah Delshad

Ike whistled casually to himself as he strolled along the sidewalks of Cereus, looking about as the sun rose to join him in watching as the hustle and bustle of the city began to start. He always enjoyed getting up with or before the sun and getting out of his hotel room; it was something he looked forward to every single day. His whistling dwindled a bit as he paused momentarily to scan over the sign at the local bank, "Good Morning! It's Saturday June Eighth! Have a Wonderful day!" Ike grinned just as cheerfully as the sign seemed to be, ”Why thank you, I certainly shall.” He mused lightly, a slight twinkle to his eyes as he spoke aloud to the inanimate object before continuing on his merry way, striking up a new tune in his whistling.

N stretched a bit as he lazily strolled along the walks, not really having a particular place in mind to aim his direction at, or at least he was fending off his errand schedule for as long as he could so he could enjoy the morning air. Not only did he have to do a few medical-item-related runs, but he also had to prepare himself for the party at the Nightbloomer. Ike wasn’t particularly a fan of the whole ‘flashing lights, loud music, alcohol’ kind of scene, but he still found himself going anyway anytime they held an event there. A small groan lifted from his vocals as he could practically already feel the blindness and headache coming on, and he quickly gave into his errands’ demands for attention.

’Ah well, whatever, might as well get started. Hm, so I’m running low on bandages, antiseptic, I could probably treat myself with some new tools, considering the spike in injuries lately.’ He rubbed his chin as he thought, a small grin flickering across his features as he thought of all the new clients he had been getting. It wasn’t the injuries themselves he smiled at, of course not, but rather that he still didn’t really need to find himself a second job like he had originally thought first coming into Cereus. But the medical bills he gave out kept him nicely supplied, and they weren’t steep either. ’Werewolves sure do have a few hidden perks to them.’ He grinned brightly up at the sky since breaking out into random, huge smiles at complete strangers was a little strange, other than the decision of aiming such in attempts at a silent ‘good morning’. The idea was still a little off.

He was soon startled from his thoughts by a small group of guys coming out of nowhere and start pushing him around, laughing and joking and wishing happy morning towards him. This was the group that had provided him with a little extra money for some better tools; they had gotten into a mishap during a rather focused sparring match, which inevitably led them to his front door. Well, figuratively speaking, since having to go up a few flights up his hotel while bleeding heavily is a ridiculous idea for anyone, they had simply sought him out and found him nearby, thankfully, doing a bit of logging.

They japed around a bit for about a block before Ike suddenly ran out in front and away from them with loud laughter, turning around and waving at them before departing to get down to business. He jogged down the path, suddenly altering his course as he saw a little café, and the tempting aromas definitely distracted him from his quest. ’Utensils can wait, breakfast comes first!’ He laughed at himself for forgetting such a crucial part of the day, not to mention a usually enjoyable one.

He ran past the outside tables, quickly pulling open the door and slipping inside only to return a few moments later with a few treats and a cup of coffee, slipping into one of the tables with a huge grin at his discovered treasures. He looked up at the girl sitting there, tilting the grin at her full force. “Hey, hope you don’t mind me sitting here, haha.” He chuckled softly in an overall good mood, which admittedly, he was in pretty much 24/7. He suddenly realized she was drawing something, and closed his mouth contentedly to not distract her again, and began to eat his pastries quietly while looking watching people pass by the café quickly on their way to do something or other.

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Character Portrait: Amila Rodes Character Portrait: Spirit Logan
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The sunlight felt amazing on her fur as she rested in the woods on all fours. She laid quietly on the grass, her round puppy eyes were closed as she inhaled the fresh air. This was the only time that she was able to find refuge in nature itself. Happily, Spirit rolled around on the soft greenery, sighing and indulging in the sweet melody of birds chirping and playful winds rustling emerald leaves on the tall trees. She was at peace, but she was fully aware that she couldn't stay there forever. She still had to find an outfit for tonight's big event: the New Moon meeting. She was fairly excited, but she was tempted to skip it for a night of running through the woods. After years of fighting for freedom, Spirit never missed a chance to exercise that privilege. She reveled in the glorious comfort of not having to look over her shoulder every other minute and sleeping with one eye open. This town was safe...Sam would have loved this place, she mused.

Deeming that it was time to be productive, Spirit lifted herself onto her paws and calmly moved through the shrubbery until she reached a clearing. Her messenger bag was right where she left it; containing her spare clothes, makeup, and hair products. She shifted back into her human form; stark naked. However, she quickly gathered her belongings and dressed herself before applying light makeup and combing the kinks out of her hair. Once she deemed herself presentable, Spirit walked out of the woods with her messenger bag slung over her shoulder. She pulled her long dark locks into a high ponytail, but allowed her fringe to hang over her forehead sloppily. Even after a run, Spirit still managed to pull off the casual laid-back look with class and poise.

She made her merry way into town, bobbing her head to the music playing on her cell phone. She strutted downtown with her head held high and the heels of her boots clicking against the pavement. It was always busy around these parts, but that is what she loved about it. She found a decent clothing store and entered the establishment, ready to pick a dress and go about her day. However, she stopped her browsing when a flash of red caught her attention. Raising a brow, the petite alpha turned her head, spotting her fellow pack member, Amila. Obviously, the red head didn't see her, so she smirked and ducked down behind a rack of jeans. There was a mischievous glint in her dark orbs as she stealthily advanced on her friend. Spirit held back a giggle, staring at Amila's back as she view the various choices. Then, without preamble, Spirit leaped from her spot and wrapped her arms around the red head's waist and squeezed her, hard. She nuzzled her neck and giggled in her ear.

"Lala!" Spirit laughed, snuggling the other woman from behind and smirking at the fact that Amila hated the nickname. She released her, folding her arms across her chest. "Scared you, didn't I?"