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Tyriel Robert Bennett

A careless word may kindle strife; a cruel word may wreck a life; a timely word may level stress; a loving word may heal and bless.

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a character in “We Are Young”, originally authored by Seraph, as played by RolePlayGateway


Tyriel Robert Bennett



Dami, Kross (only really close friends refer to him as that) Snugglebug ( His baby sisters doing.)

19 verging on 20

Gender and Role
Male/The Jock

Got A Crush?
Hudson River. He's had an eye out for that young lady.

As the certified "jock" He excels of course in many athletic endeavors. Primarily in football all though, his real passion seems to be in martial arts where he is a fourth degree black-belt in Aikido, third degree Tae Kwan Do and has done exceptionally well in Muay Thai. Other athletic feats he's participated in is the swim team captain and amongst the top three track contestants. But aside from athletics, he's an accomplished auto mechanic, a "grase monkey" if you must--and has an abnormally high IQ.

Here's where it turns into a twist of surprises. He is poetic and sweet, always compromising with everyone and never carrying the flair or air about him that would ever tell anyone that he was better. In fact, he enjoys humbling himself. That is not to say he doesn't have a very dominant presence about him. There are many so called 'dominants' who do not know the difference between being dominant and being domineering. A domineering person thinks that it is all about “being in charge” no matter what.

Domineering people are often overbearing, loud and tyrannical – yes they exercise control, but it is done in an oppressive way, they are unjust and severe in their treatment of the people around them and their control is often enforced with threats of physical punishment and with no thought for anyone but themselves. On the other hand, a Dominant person also exercises complete control but it is done in a more subtle way, with influences and thoughts rather than threats and physical punishments.

He is the latter. As a good dominant personality is the one whose name comes up in conversation time and time again, he is the one who is sought out for advice, or help.

He is the one who other Dominants aspire to be like, he is a role model to up and coming Dominants, and he is the one that many other women would like to belong to.

His dominating persona is popular within the scene and makes time for everyone, and more importantly, does not belittle others, no matter what he may think. He treats everyone with respect and kindness, but does not suffer fools and is not afraid to speak his mind and tell someone off should it be necessary.

He also tries to be non-political, as far as is possible, not entering into arguments or disagreements, but instead is more likely to act as a pacifier and an arbitrator in an effort to diffuse the situation rather than inflame it.

And of course with this, comes the “tall poppy” syndrome.

There are jealous people in every group or society, people who are consumed with it and who will try to discredit someone at every opportunity.

Most good dominating personalities like his own simply ignore the criticisms and barbs aimed at them, as they are secure in themselves and know that fires without fuel will eventually die.

He is very dominant, its just his very nature, like it was written into his DNA. He will be assertive only when he has to be, but never to inflict around upon someone--simply implore that they do as he says. His temper, when breached is very severe.

At times when he is alone, he is a thoughtful person, who does the right thing--maybe not when it exactly presents itself--but eventually. He is unselfish but generous. He's jealous at times and others very dedicated and persevering.

A lot of students steered clear of him, for stories told about how badly had hurt his real father for abusing his mother and threatening to do the same to his baby sister. He is very protective of his kid sister and often chooses to stay home rather than go out and have a life of his own because he wanted to watch over his sister, he also has been noted to harass and even get into fights with other male students who had hit their girlfriends.

Despite his obvious lack of enthusiasm for anything unrelated to mechanics, women, football---essentially anything but school work, he is incredibly bright. Capable of writing out complex algorithms in his head, with an IQ of 178 he gifted with genius like brilliance. He just doesn't use it to its full capacity.

Without a doubt he is most known for in school for his habitual smoking, especially in the autoshop and his car--a solid black two-door 71' Dodge Charger with four-hundred ninety torque and four-hundred twenty-five horsepower--426 V8 Hemi engine that he built from scratch. It was the envy of the school and often he would burnout in the back parking lot for the younger students leaving only a trail of thick blue smoke behind him much to their excitement.

::Best at::
Swimming, working on cars, poetry, football, fencing, Martial-arts, and having fun.

::Worst at::
Following rules

::Turn Offs::
Racist remarks, abuse of women or children, the abuse of animals.

Being forgotten

Likes to party a bit too much, at times doesn't take things too seriously.

::Can't Live Without::
Car, drinks, cigarettes, Dakota

::Favorite Things::
Cars, women, football, alcohol

Not able to get his little sister out of their home.

::Plans For the Future::
Becoming a premiere world renowned mechanic and taking his sister into his custody.

  • Mother: Sarah Parker-35
  • Step-Father James Parker- 39
  • Father: Matthew Lewis- in Jail- 49
  • Siblings: Dakota Roselynn Lewis- 4


    • Dakota- sister- 4 years old
    • Fighting
    • Swimming
    • Music
    • Animals
    • Friendships
    • Reading
    • Games
    • Captain Morgans Rum
    • Marlboro Cigarettes


    • Melodramatic events
    • The abuse of women, children and animals
    • Seeing wrong and nothing being done about it.
    • Biological Father-Matthew Lewis- in Jail- 49
    • Step-Father-James Parker- 39

Appearance is Description
Damien is a rather attractive athlete and mechanic. He usually has a five o'clock shadow from his shaved beard. Short, spiky blondish brown hair, and deep chocolate brown eyes that the freshmen and junior girls fawn over. He also has a tattoo in Japanese down the side of his six-pack.

In school he could usually have been found in three places if not in a classroom; weight room, out on the football field or the autoshop. His hands are rough and calloused from years of torque wrenches and football practice. But football was not the only sport he played. He was also in the military class, on the swim team, and the wrestling team.

Without a doubt he is most known for in school for his habitual smoking, especially in the auto-shop and his car--a solid black two-door 71' Dodge Charger with four-hundred ninety torque and four-hundred twenty-five horsepower--426 V8 Hemi engine that he built from scratch. It was the envy of the school and often he would burnout in the back parking lot for the younger students leaving only a trail of thick blue smoke behind him much to their excitement.

::Eyes:: Dark chocolate brown

::Hair:: Short, spikey blondish-brown

::Height:: 6’5

::Weight:: 225lbs

::Skin Tone:: Caucasian, heavily tanned

::Build:: Definitely built, more lean than outright muscular.

::Body Markings:: Tattoos his his baby sisters hands and feet with her full name in cursive. Japanese Kanji meaning "There is wisdom in truth, and there is serenity in honesty."

Theme Song
The Skints; Up Against the Wall (KaneDubstep)

Many are surprised to know that Tyriel's life was not as it would seem. True enough, he was well off in terms of his family's bank accounts. But that didn't stop him from abstaining to work hard for whatever he achieved in his life. Add to that factor of selfish condescending nature being forced upon him, Tyriel's fathere was a drunkard and a mean one. Over th course of his young life Tyriel tried man times ti kill himself--not what you'd expect from a star quarter back. However once his baby sister Dakota was born, a protective side had activated and during one of his father's drunken tirades, he went after his mother and in extension his baby sister. Much controversy came after the trials where he was sent for a time to juvenile detention as he was sixteen for the alleged incapacitation of his father. Oddly enough it was in here that Tyriel formed a very close bond with his baby sister Dakota. By the time he got out and resumed school as normal--he had an unbreakable bond with his sister. One tat would make him strive to give her a better future.

While in school, a new school, he met and was flabbergasted by River. She was so beautiful to him, even her personality shone like the sun. Ever since then, he's harbored affectionate feelings for her--though unable to speak them directly to her himself.

So begins...

Tyriel Robert Bennett's Story