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A rag tag group of four adventurers take part in an epic quest to defy a terrible prophecy, defeat the goddess of fate herself and save the last mortal kingdom from utter destruction.

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A rag tag group of four adventurers take part in an epic quest to defy a terrible prophecy, in a world corrupted by magic, infested with monsters and on the brink of a 2nd great civil war. Numerous races inhabit the land, however humanity is by far the most dominant. An experienced party of adventurers have been summoned by the king himself, believed to be the best of the best. Soon to take part in a perilous quest to defy fate & stop a terrible prophecy from coming true. The stakes? The utter destruction of the last remnants of civilization. For almost a decade now, the voice of rebellion has been growing across the kingdom. The 1000th anniversary of the kingdom fast approaches and things are reaching a tipping point. The Council of Nobles is conflicted, should they support their King whom they have sworn fealty to, or should they use this chance to take control. Crime in the cities has reached atrocious levels, taxes have never been higher, corrupt mayors take bribes to keep a blind eye to the chaos. Pirates continue to destroy merchant ships along the coast, bandits highjack caravans and kidnap travelers on the road on a regular basis, giants raid the mountain towns. The native sylvan tribes continue to raid the boarder cities. Even tensions with the kingdoms neighbors are getting worse. There seems to be no end to the madness. All people of all races can feel it coming, a great war that will destroy whatever remnants of peace that remain. Even the king knows this, his armies have doubled in activity, his agents and spies seeking any citizen of any race who speaks against him, hundreds of innocents taken to prison at the very mention of war. Will peace ever return to this land? Or is it too late to fix what has been broken. All the people need is a rebel leader to rally behind and the great war will rage across every corner of the continent.

[writingmarquis] - HALF ORC ALCHEMIST
[Unclaimed] - THE WARRIOR
[Bkfootball] - SYLVAN RANGER
[Unclaimed] - THE ROGUE

HUMAN - The 1st, eldest and most dominant race in agartha.
SYLVAN - Also called elves or elman, they live for centuries, are split into seven rival tribes constantly at war with each other and are the primitive natives of the land. Naturally talented in the dark arts of sorcery and are raised to have advanced survival/wilderness skills. Occasionally a young sylvan may abandon their tribe in search of adventure, typically seen as an outcast by their tribe.
DRUGAR - Also called dwarves or greyfolk, split into 4 clans that each serve one of the four elemental beasts. They are as ancient as humanity, however only 1 dwarven city remains that is not over run by monsters. Located at the far norther border of the kingdom and its last remaining ally. They are a short and stocky race and are slow to trust, but make loyal friends and brave fighters.
GOBLIN - A race of merchants and tricksters that only recently descended from the north into the kingdom. Being accepted and assimilated into the realm, although always viewed with a suspicion. Equal in height to dwarves with green skin and naturally talented in trapmaking, stealing, pranking, comedy, etc.
HALF ELF - Extremely rare, but it does occasionally happen. Almost always rejected by sylvan society. Living up to 150 years and very charismatic.
HALF ORC - The rarest of the civilized races, but also the strongest and tallest, up to 7 ft tall and often killed upon birth, but those who survive grow up to be some of the most naturally talented fighters in the land, with high endurance and durability.


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1] I am the Game Master
2] In this RP you will be given a lot of creative freedom.
3] Don't Godmod/control other people's characters.
4] My word is final regarding lore/events, etc.
5] NPC are under my control.
6] There is no specific character template, just be sure to make it as detailed as possible.
7] Face Claims! NO ANIME. Sorry for those of you who love anime, but I don't and I will never do a roleplay that allows anime.
8] Stats, race/class abilities & dice rolls will be used in his rp, but I will keep track of them all. Only I will be using dice.

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Thanks, I'll get right on that!

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Bkfootball wrote:Really neat concept! I would like to reserve a Sylvan Ranger character if that's alright.

Ill reserve it for ya :v)

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Really neat concept! I would like to reserve a Sylvan Ranger character if that's alright.

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