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         Kobe spotted the two making their way out of the one building in view of the store. He watched the direction they had gone, and then watched the building to be sure they were not followed. Finding the coast clear,. He began by heading down from the roof and once more taking the time to scan the area. The one was injured, and that could mean that there were problems in the building they had left. Still he decided that getting in touch with others might be worth the risk.

Taking his careful route down from the roof, he was as careful on the way down as he had been in the way up. Moving through the water drain pipes, he checked each corner carefully. Heading along he came up from a grate just down the street from the safe house Zara and Malcom. He didn't know them and didn't want to shoot them, but calling out to them could attract unwanted attention. Looking over the safehouse, he searched for a way he could make it clear he was trying to be spotted.

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Once home to big family, now safe haven to small group of survivors