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We Solemnly Swear...

We Solemnly Swear...


After the war, after Voldemort, everyone thought the world would be just fine. But the thing is, just because the world is okay, doesn't mean the people in it are. And as far as people go, teenagers have always had their own brand of poison...

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harry potter by jk rowling - basis idea off tumblr rp thread of same name.




For awhile, despite it's reputation, the Shrieking Shack was silent.

And then James Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Teddy Lupin happened.

A few well placed charms here and there, a handful of spells, and while the shack still looked very - shackish, on the outside - inside, it became something else entirely. A haven for anyone looking for extracurricular activities a little more on the substance side.

The boys' managed to make something special - a hideaway for the wildest parties Hogwarts has ever seen, any escaping noise cleverly overlooked by old ghost stories.

In the Shack, Houses disappear and popularity isn't based on Quidditch but whoever brought the best party favors. The only rules are to not get hurt, and not get caught.

Oh, and above all else:

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.

Gryffindor || 7th Year || Shudder Fox

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Slytherin || 6th Year | josten_fox10

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Gryffindor || 6th Year || Ivisbo

Hufflepuff || 7th Year || CharlotteV

Gryffindor || 6th Year || josten_fox10

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Hufflepuff || 6th Year || Bartholomew Finch

Ravenclaw || 7th year || NotWhatYouThink

Ravenclaw || 7th Year || emotionless

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Character Portrait: Albus Severus Potter Character Portrait: Piper Leilani Longbottom
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Piper Longbottom

Piper let out a short laugh at his response. She watched his movements with interest, he had a sense of confidence that she found attractive, though she would never admit that out loud. She felt the warmth of the liquid courage washing through her.

“Guard dog huh?” Piper gave him a deliberate once over, he could be so much more.

“Self appointed or…?” She asked. She found herself interested in him, though she couldn’t be sure if it was the drinks, or the knight in shining armor thing he had going on, or maybe she was just lonely in a room full of people and he made her feel seen. Whatever it was, it had her attention, and she wasn’t sure she liked it. Being who she was, caution was her constant companion…and yet wasn’t that why she came to this thing? To get away from caution? The thought made her full unpainted lips curve into a smile.

Albus raised a sharp eyebrow at Longbottom. He could tell that the speed in which she knocked back drinks were making her slide away from caution’s motherly embrace. He couldn’t quite decide if he was proud of her for it or if he thought her foolish. He could also tell that she was doing her utter best to flirt with him and that she was completely

“Would it matter?”

He pressed his thumb against her bottom lip, swiping away the leftover liquor. He licked his finger clean, humming at the taste. Not his favorite, but still a good choice.

Completely unprepared, Piper’s breath caught in her throat. She felt her heartbeat as though it was a bird beating against her ribcage. Her rational mind told her he had caught on to her, but the rest of her was lost in the moment between his thumb and her lip. This was a new experience for Piper, she felt her body tingle and she flushed.

“I see, too cool to make small talk. Right to the good stuff…” She breathed out shakily as she grinned at him.

“I suppose, maybe you interest me…so yes, it matters….indulge a girl” She said with a cheeky wink still grinning up at him.

Oh she wanted to play with fire. She wanted to get close and get third degree burns. In any other situation, Albus would have smiled, shaken his head, and declined her tactless offer. But they were in the Shack in the middle of the biggest party of the year. If she wanted to play, Albus would play.

But he would do it by his own rules. This was his turf.

Smirking, he leaned into Piper, taking her chin between his fingers. “Do you know why pythons are so deadly, Longbottom? They are not poisonous. They’re deadly because they wrap their long, thick, heavy bodies around their prey.”

His eyes raked her figure, his arm sliding slow and hard around her waist, jerking her to him. “The killing is quick. But it takes an hour for them to swallow their food whole. Now, isn’t that interesting?”

Oh dear. Just WHAT had she gotten herself into? He looked at her like she was his prey. His arm was around her, and she was pressing, very intimately, against him. The warmth of his body seeped through her clothes making her all the more aware of him. Every soft curve met every hard edge and she felt heat rush through her. Not embarrassment this time. Something she found hard to identify…Need? It felt wrong to admit that to herself but, her body yearned to be held tighter to his. Her hand instinctively pressed against his chest, not to push him away, but to steady her own quaking.

“Is that so?” She said, trying her damndest to keep her cool. She rose up on her toes and leaned into him.

“Well, honey badger don't care.” She whispered, before she nipped his earlobe and dropped back down with a laugh. She knew she was dancing with the devil now, but she couldn’t help it, there was something about poking the snake (so to speak) that excited her.


Thank you to josten_fox10 for the epic writing of Albus


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Character Portrait: Albus Severus Potter Character Portrait: Sirius Orion Black Character Portrait: Piper Leilani Longbottom
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Albus could not help it, he had to laugh. It wasn’t a mean laugh, though. He placed his forehead against her shoulder, dipping his head to keep her from seeing the wide smile on his face.

Piper Longbottom had always been as incredibly amusing as she was pretty. The embodiment of a true Hufflepuff and her father’s daughter, Piper had made her way through the ranks at Hogwarts with a bounce in her step and a sass to her voice.

Albus had never thought much about Piper. She had always been a pretty girl in the background of his life; a family friend that he had grown up with and seen at holidays. Orion had eclipsed her, Albus realized. Had kept this diamond in the rough from catching his eye.

His grin widening, Albus’ tongue slid across the exposed skin of her neck.

Piper felt a sense of triumph as Albus’s head pressed against her shoulder. She was ready to make a cheeky remark but all thought flew from her brain as she felt his tongue slide across her neck. She made a sound, somewhere between a gasp and a squeak before she felt her knees get weak. The sensation sent a thousand volts of lightning through her, and she melted into Albus. Her hand slid up his chest slowly, hesitant, and yet curious. She paused momentarily as she felt his heart beat under her palm, steady and strong, like him. She slid her delicate fingers up and through his hair, admiring the feel for a moment before she gave a lock a playful tug.

“You’re not playing fair….I like it.” She laughed breathily as she pressed closer to him.

Albus did not know where the sudden desire came from. Perhaps it was the way Piper seemed to be changing right before him. He worked at the flesh of her neck, his hand sliding onto her lower back.

Once, when they were children, Piper had arrived at the Potters’ house holding a big pot with a budding sunflower for his mum. She’d smelled of wet earth, sunlight, and wildflowers. She smelled like that now too, albeit slightly more refined and grown up.

Albus liked that. He liked that she did not smell like perfume, that she kept her natural scent. A slow growl escaped him as he bit down, sucking, licking. Holding her up.

Piper felt his teeth sink into her neck and she moaned low in her throat. What a goddamn delight! Her mind went fuzzy for a second and she was sincerely happy he was holding her up, because she was fairly certain she was no longer capable of standing. Her hands traced the lines of his back as she took a second indulge in the sensations. She felt giddy and …other unexplainable things.

With a surge of courage, she brought her hands to his jaw line, gently drawing his face up. She grinned up at him before she pressing her lips gently to his. She was hesitant and uncertain, but unafraid.

He did not think that Piper had it in her to kiss him. Her lips were soft; they tasted of apple honey lip balm. He licked the artificial flavor off until he could taste her. He liked her flavor. He liked it a lot more than he’d ever liked anything before.

Blood rushing, skin hot, Albus drew away from Piper. If she kept kissing him like that, he might do something she would later regret.

“This might be a bad idea for you, Longbottom.”

He didn’t say that it was a bad idea for him because he did not believe that. Piper seemed like a very, very good idea. A very good, delicious idea.

Albus stepped back, keeping his arms around her tender body. He couldn’t help himself as he looked her over, devouring her with those bright, emerald green eyes.

Piper fell victim to the kiss, she wanted to fall into it, make the feeling last forever. His mouth was hot, demanding, and she was more than willing to give. When he drew away from her, she pouted. His arms where still around her, and yet she missed the heat of his body.

“And why is that, Potter?” She asked in a teasing tone. She met his gaze and felt heat spread though her in waves. She wanted to pull him close again, to kiss him and feel him against her but she sensed his hesitation.

“Scared, Potter?” She said with a grin in her best Malfoy impersonation, trying to lighten the mood. Wouldn’t want to be seen with a Hufflepuff?” She liked Albus, she liked him more than she wanted to admit. It scared her how badly she yearned for him so suddenly…and yet she felt relaxed and safe with him. He made her feel like a different Piper, someone she had always wanted to be.

Albus could not help it, he laughed. He laughed and pulled her into a tight embrace. He threaded his fingers through her hair, debating whether he should continue or not. With a sigh, he took her by the hand and lead her through a door that nobody seemed to be paying attention to.

Years ago, Albus had made sure that there were rooms available for those that could not make it back to the castle--among other things. He had never used those rooms before. Orion had always kissed him in public and he had never liked that much despite how good it had felt.

Now, he opened the door to the room that had been his long before the parties had started. It was the room in which his father had discovered that he had Sirius. There was broken furniture all around, save for a couch that he had refurbished by hand.

Albus tugged Piper along. He sat on the soft cushions and pulled her onto his lap, hands hard and needy on her hips, mouth hungry for her kiss.

Collab with the lovely emotionless


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Even if Harper wasn’t half as drunk as she wanted to be, she’d somehow managed to miss Rose’s presence there. She raised an eyebrow as Rose slapped Juniper’s butt, but Juniper’s reply made Harper grin. “Oh, now we’re talking!” She declared with a grin, handing Juni the bottle of Firewhiskey that was in her hand and pulling out a bottle of Bungbarrel out of her pocket. It grew back to normal size with just a wave of Harper’s wand, and she opened it with ease. She clinked it against Juniper’s bottle. “Cheers!” She declared, before knocking back a mouthful. Juniper gladly accepted the bottle with an added kiss to Harper’s cheek. “Cheers!” she smiled, knocking back a mouthful herself with some additional sips.

The heavy taste of cinnamon burned at the back of her throat but it wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, it's just what Juniper was looking for. The warm feeling that began to spread throughout her body started at her toes and up to the very pit of her stomach. A sensation she very much enjoyed. “Switch?” she asked, pulling Harper closer. “Or share?”

The mead was sweet and strong enough to give Harper a slight buzz, feeling as if she was just a little bit lighter. God, she’d missed this feeling. She just grinned at Juniper’s question, taking a moment to decide as the other girl pulled her closer. “Switch,” she decided, oddly craving the burn of Firewhiskey. Playfully, she grabbed the bottle from Juniper’s hand and took a swig, relishing the burn. “Did you miss me, Juni?” She asked teasingly as she held out the bottle of mead to her. “Or did you just miss my booze?” She added with a grin and a wink.

Juni grinned watching her drink, a small glint in her eyes. There was something about Harper's smile and little grins that still did something to Juniper. “Maybe.” she practically purred, wrapping her fingers around the bottle of mead. She took a heavy gulp, finding the sweet alcohol way more to her liking than the Firewhiskey at them moment. “I don’t know, your booze has treated me quite nicely.” she smirked, starting to sway to the beat and knocking back another gulp of the sweet Bungbarrel. “Are you just going to stand around or dance with me?” she teased, beckoning Harper closer with her finger as she moved deeper into the dance floor.

The heat of the whiskey was indistinguishable from the burn of the alcohol, the warmth of the dance floor. And Harper loved it, taking another mouthful out of the bottle without hesitation. She didn’t even fully realize she was doing it, but she mimicked Juni’s swaying, the pounding beat of the music starting to feel like her own heartbeat. As Juni beckoned her out deeper into the crowd, Harper followed without a second thought, putting her hands on Juni’s waist as she started to dance, not really caring about… anything right then and there.

Rose found herself at the Bar, ordering triples of Dragon Barrel Brandy. She downed the first two, and turned to face the crowd again as she sipped the third. Her eyes tracked the movement of Juni and Harper instinctually.

Every time she saw Harper’s hand graze Juni she felt a searing irritation. She wanted to hate her… She realized immediately that those feelings were her own problem. It was her envy. All Harper did was stand there looking athletic with a smile that could light up the world. Damn, she hated the prospect of losing, but she couldn’t win if she didn’t play the game. She laughed lightly to herself and tossed the rest of her drink back. She felt the drink and smoke starting to affect her, and she was grateful. It was like liquid courage being injected right into her blood stream – It was just enough to make her tingle and start to move her body, her sensuality bursting through her. She started into the jungle that was pulsing bodies. She spotted Juni through the crowd and grinned devilishly. If she was going to play, she was going to win.

She approached the pair and slid her hands around Juni’s waist, effectively making a Juni sandwich as they moved to the rhythm.

“Didn’t want to wait for me huh?” She called to Juni over the music with a pout before she took the bottle in her hand with a grin. She took a swig of the bottle before making it dissipate. The music changed tempo and Rose grinned.

The feeling of having one body against her made Juniper close her eyes and lean back into Harper. Now that there was suddenly another she opened her eyes to meet with blue ones. Intense and deep… focused. Just looking into them for a few seconds made Juni dizzy but she liked it? “I..I did-” she tried to stammer out softly, underneath the noise around them and thumping bass.

“Oh well, I’ll just have to cut in.” Rose said with a grin as she took Juni’s hand and twirled her out, then back in, directly into her arms. She dipped the dark haired girl, years of dance class ensured it was an elegant movement. She winked at Juni as she brought her back up and swayed with her for a moment.

“But then, it wouldn’t be fair to leave dear Harper out…” She teased with a grin as she extended her hand to Harper.

Okay yeah, Juniper really liked it. That air of confidence that surrounded Rose was stirring up something in her emotions. She couldn’t put her finger on it in the moment but it made her feel bolder herself and incredibly happy. Like if she looked directly at the redhead Juni probably couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

The appearance of Rose took Harper aback for a moment. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, there was a spark of annoyance at the interruption, at someone stealing Juni away from her. But the burn of the Firewhiskey distracted her, mellowed her. But even still, she raised an eyebrow. “I’ve never been the best at sharing, Rose. You might need to convince me why I should,” she said, taking a step closer. In her head, spells and charms were running through her head, just in case. Just in case Rose overstepped a mark.

Rose was slightly taken aback by Harper’s words. Convince her huh? She watched Harper’s face for a moment, recognizing her attempt to be ready for a fight. It almost made Rose laugh out loud. One of the many precautions she had taken before the party was to ward the shack against aggression based spells and charms. If Harper wanted to step to her, she would have to do it the old fashioned way.

The beat changed again, and Rose made a mental note to slow down the rotation for the next party. Music poured into the room, sounding like the most beautiful noise she’d ever heard. He closed her eyes and fell into the music, momentarily shutting out the world around her and she just... Let go. Of everything. She allowed the darkness she felt swallow her whole for a little while. The music felt like it was flowing through her veins. When she opened her glacier blue eyes, they focused solely on Harper.

“Oh baby girl…” Rose said, amusement seeping into her voice as she felt her inner Alpha flex her well-kept claws. She shook her head with a small laugh.

“A few things boo, I can see on your face you think the offer was to share Juni, but I can’t make that offer, you know, since it’s her body and all.” Rose said as she flipped her bouncy vibrant red curls over her shoulder and nodded to Juni out of respect before she focused on Harper again.

Seduction was what Rose did best, moving into Harper's personal space with just the right look of heat in her eyes. She didn't just look at her prey, she looked into her, as if she knew her desires. She ran a delicate finger down the length of Harper’s arm. Rose was poised, just the right blend of being relaxed and yet full of sexual tension.

With a quick movement, she had Harper in her arms, she spun her delicately out and then back in, so she was pressed tightly against Rose’s body, curves against curves.

“I don’t ‘prove’ myself to anyone, you either know my worth or you don’t boo.” She breathed into the other girls ear as she dipped her, much like she had Juni, though she held Harper a minute longer.

“but next time you think about me, remember, redheads do it better.” Rose said her voice taking on a hard edge and her eyes darkening like an arctic blast. She brought Harper back to her feet and stepped away. She tapped a well-manicured finger on her bottom lip as if thinking.

“But if you don’t want to play Harper, Honey…That’s a damn shame, and a waste of a perfectly good opportunity” Rose said with a fake pout on her full lips.

Harper had known from the moment Rose had flipped her hair what her tactic was going to be. That spark of annoyance flared in Harper’s stomach again, but before she could say or do anything, Rose had Harper in her arms. Harper wasn’t into Rose like that. She was too uptight, too rigid. In fact, Harper relished in ruining Rose’s day from time to time. But the way she looked at Harper, as if she was searching her, figuring her out… well that nearly made Harper change her damn drunk mind.

And then Rose’s tone changed and she was put back on her feet and brought back to her senses. She took one look at Juni and deciding it wasn’t worth it. But it didn’t mean she couldn’t play. She took a step closer to Rose, so their bodies were touching again. She could stare directly into Rose’s eyes, and she held that gaze for a few seconds, before running a finger along Rose’s jaw, landing on her chin, as if to tilt her head. Then Harper grinned.

“Oh, honey,” she mocked. “Did you plan all that out in that little diary of yours? I’d hate to… ruin your plans. But darling... you’re just not worth it.” On that note, she blew a kiss, winked at Juni, and strode away, taking a mouthful of Firewhiskey as she did.

Watching things unfold from front row Juniper stood a step back. The tension she felt now, she didn’t want a fight to maybe break out at the party. Especially on its first day. Or was that a good thing? A party to remember, right? There was a student walking by with three shots. Of what Juniper didn’t know. She just reached out and plucked the one he held in his left hand then shot it back.

The unexpected harsh burn at the back of her throat caught her off guard. It was white rat whiskey with a little something else. Juniper gave out two small coughs and the guy stared at her wide-eyed. “You just drank my pixie-rate bomb!” he shouted over the music. The boy honestly sounded and looked more surprised with a tinge of awe than angry like she thought he’d be. “It was mine but it looks like you're gonna have a better night.” he laughed, pushing his way through the crowd to where he was originally going.

Suddenly colors were much more vibrant, a beautiful kaleidoscope of different hues and dancing bodies in her vicinity. The music shook her body to the core and it was amazing. Pixie dust was one hell of a drug Juniper rarely messed with. She was more of a weed person but the shimmering dust was something else. By the time Juniper broke out of her high wonder Harper was on Rose.

Mine. It was a feeling that came out of nowhere but she didn’t question it.

Taking a step forward and with the bass in her ears, she was going to reach out to Harper but stepped back instead. At the moment she thought it. Harper ended up turning to leave, the wink and kiss still making Juniper smile a little, enough. She blinked twice her eyes focusing the firey red in front of her.

Rose laughed, a deep belly rolling laugh, the hilarity of the situation getting the best of her.

“Oh dear, Juni your Ex is just delightfully adorable,” Rose said, meaning it as a compliment. She truly admired the other girls gumption, however, she was aware the Harper was no real threat to her.

That laugh, with the background pulsing to her and the colors, really getting to her, especially Roses, that laugh made her feel ...happy and bold. “Mmm, yes she is.” Juniper agreed. Harper is both adorable and delightful when she wants to be, but right now her full focus was on the Weasley in front of her. Juniper came in close, loving the little height difference between the two. She placed her hands on Roses sides before sliding them down to her waist, pulling her in. “So about that dance?”

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Rose Weasley

Juni had shot something then approached Rose with a mischievous aura. Juni placed her hand on Rose's hips and Rose grinned down at the shorter girl before signing and shaking her head no. It would be best if they didn't dance. It didn't take a genius to see Juni was inebriated, and though it pained her to admit, she was a true gentlewoman.

"Maybe a walk instead?" She suggested gently as she took the other girls hand.

Juniper relished in the contact while it lasted. She smells nice, Juniper thought to herself nodding along in response to Roses question. A walk did seem nice. The air would do her good. Especially since her stomach was starting to feel a bit ill. Maybe the weird mix of everything she drank tonight was finally hitting her.

Instinctively she intertwined her fingers with Rose. She leaned into the other Ravenclaw so their arms brushed against each other as they walked.

"You smell good." Juniper blurted out in her high/drunken state.
Rose giggled at the compliment. Silly girl. She looked down at her and grinned.

"Thanks, I showered." She said as she led Juni through the crowd and out the door. The cool air danced along her skin and she shivered, not cold, simply surprised. The night sky twinkled above them, as if the stars where dancing just for them. Fog swirled thicker than hairspray in a beauty pageant prep-room, and under that, was damp grass. Rose paused for a moment before she slipped her heels off and threw them aside. She would retrieve them later...or not. Whatever. She picked Juni up bridal style and grinned down at the girl.

"Don't you dare throw up on this ride." She said winking down at her as she started walking towards Hogwarts at an easy pace.

Rolling her eyes, Juni half laughed out a "Good to know.".

Once the fresh air filled her lungs her stomach lightly settled with just a couple of even breaths. Juniper found the crisp air as a relief, cooling down the burn within her. She was a little more awake now than she was a few moments ago, but certain things still stuck out to her like the purple from the blue up in the night sky or the glowing blue mushrooms that sprouted in little patches across the green ground.

When fiery red caught her eyes again she was removing her heels and getting ready to toss them. Juniper arched a brow,

"What are you doin-" but before she could finish Rose swept her up, causing Juniper to make a sound she wasn't even used to. The blush on her face had to be noticeable because she felt the renewed heat up to her ears. She was way out of her element.[b/]

Rose mentioning her not to throw up pulled up the dull nausea that was still lingering at the pit of her stomach. She swallowed as a gauge and didn't want to gag so that was always a good thing. "I think I'll be good," she assured, looking up at Rose. Bright blue eyes catching her attention. Even though it was dark out her eyes still looked as if they almost glowed. Juniper smirked, "I think I could have handled walking." then it softened into a soft smile. She leaned her head against Roses shoulder, "Thank you.. anyway. " she mumbled.

"its my pleasure." Rose said with a small smile.

It wasn't hard to get back to their room, a few charms, and secret passages later, they where there. She placed Juni down in front of her bed.

Finally reaching their room Juniper gave out a little yawn. Her jaw clicked very subtly like it always did since she took that soccer ball to the face in her second year. Being on her feet again made her realize just how tired and dizzy she actually was. "You need to get some rest." Said Rose and Juniper smiled back giving her a slight nod.

"You need to get some rest." Rose said with a smile as she patted Juni's head gently, then turned to leave. She made it a few steps before she stopped and shook her head. Suddenly, she turned and strode back to Juniper with purpose.

"Yea I think I'm gonna marry my bed tonight." She began to softly laugh when a force pulled her in, making Jun take an involuntary small step forward.

"Fuck it." She breathed as she pulled Juni close, her hand rested below her ear, her thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. Rose kissed Juni and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, and it conveyed things words would never be able to. She pulled away, and pressed her forehead to Juni's.

Rose felt warm and comforting... Juniper could have fallen asleep there if her eyes weren't staring into focused but gentle blues. The warm hand on her cheek and sudden closeness snapped her back into reality. Her head still swimming between being buzzed, high and somewhat sober. In all, way more alert.

There was nothing but silence in those few moments. Her head was freaking out a little. Does Rose really like me? Does she share similar feelings? Bloody hell, I hope my breath doesn't stink! But her heart welcomed it. Warm soft lips on her own with a quickened pulse. Jun would be lying if she said she'd never thought about kissing her roommate before.

Juniper didn't even realize she was playing with the Weasley's hair until she pulled away and she felt the soft tickle from the tips of Roses hair through her fingers. Now forehead to forehead, it brought back memories from earlier in the night. Brought Junipers mind back to Kingsley for a few seconds. What was she gonna doing? What did she want to do?

"Sleep well." Rose whispered, before she went to her own bed across the room.

Mentally sighing Juni managed to whisper back a "good night." Instead of pulling Rose back in. She didn't favor the loss of warmth at the moment but could barely keep her eyes open any longer. She was too spent, psychically but emotionally especially. She crawled under her blankets and only managed to unbutton her pants and a few buttons on her shirt before passing out for the night.


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#, as written by Ivisbo

Lyall wasn’t really listening, at least not fully. He could hear everything and nothing all at once. It felt a little bit like how his senses over reacted to everything during the week of the full moon, but with so much more control. If he focused on the couple dancing in the center of a ton of other grinding bodies, he could hear their whispered conversation like they were standing right next him. He laughed a bit, kind of fucking loving that it seemed like weed gave him a bit of control to the craziness that was lycanthropy. He’d always assumed drugs were chaos- he’d seen people do bat-shit things under their control. But maybe his life was already too chaotic… so the drugs had to give him a little something back in return.

Neo was next to him. He was aware of the smaller mans breathing, of his weight against Lyall’s body, and the jostling movements of someone that could only be described as a whirlwind. Compared to Neo, Lyall felt like he was pulling himself through muddy water.

The tall blonde was still staring across the crowd, his eyes distant and body loose, when that little whirlwind came crashing back into him. Though he thought his body was moving slow, his arms instantly reacted and he easily caught the curly blonde haired man before he hit the ground. Neo instantly was all arms around him, plastering himself to Lyall’s body like the backside of a sticker. He didn’t mind, kind of enjoyed it actually. Neo had a way of just being that Lyall very much wish he could emulate. No overthinking, no backtracking or redacting words. He certainly never apologized for who he was. The opposite of Lyall in almost every way. He would never understand why Neo had decided he was worth collecting.

Neo was talking to someone. Lyall’s hazy brain was about turn and tell that person to fuck off- whoever it was had shoved Neo and was now distracting Lyall from the hazy warmth of the drugs. But Neo gave him no time to react, maybe sensing that Lyall was tugging himself out of that haze, and grabbed his face for another hit.

He was aware he was smiling stupidly. He should probably control that, put on a more placid expression. But, unlike Lyall’s normally hyper anxious brain and tendency to always look calm and passive, right now he did not give a shit.

Lyall was full on grinning. An expression he usually kept under lock and key because he thought it made him look like his father. All teeth, slightly sharp canines, a wild, unfiltered look in his eyes. It made him look like a person that didn’t care what everyone around him thought- the person he would have been if his father had been someone else. But, fuck, Lyall didn’t even know who Fenrir Greyback was right now. All he cared about was how the loudness of the party made his brain quiet, that Neo was a drug personified, and he was content for once.

His pinprick eyes landed on Hollie finally. He knew Hollie- Captain of the Hufflepuff team and fellow Beater. They were often alone on the Quidditch field after hours, no sound but the loud thump of the bludgers back and forth. Hollie was a legend in Lyall’s eyes- a fantastic Beater raised by two of his heroes. When Lyall was a kid, he’d often fantasized about being raised in a similar household. Quidditch every day, walls covered in posters and colors, a parade of game talk and practice.

So, when Lyall’s slowly chugging brain caught up to his quick-moving body, he peeled himself off of Neo and yanked Hollie into a one armed hug.

“Hi Hollie!” He yelled over the crowd- probably a tad loud as his face was currently buried in the shorter man's shoulder, “Neo got me high as fuck, on accident? I think. Either way it's weirdly great and you should probably be too”

Neo stood behind them, looking from Lyall to Hollie and back again. He was high, so fucking high, but he could still not bring himself to blame the drugs for the emotions that were ripping his chest apart.

He wanted to kiss Lyall. He wanted to kiss Hollie. He wanted those two, tall, broad jocks to kiss and watch them do so.

Neo was high. But it wasn’t the drugs that made his body burn.

Hollie stayed perfectly still in Lyall’s hug, staring at Greyback and Dursley. The intensity in which Dursley looked at him and Greyback made his stomach clench. The weed made his mind foggy.

Maybe Greyback was right. Maybe he should get high.

Lyall pulled back after he didn’t get an answer and held Hollie at arm's length, “Yeah?” He was still grinning, toothy smile looking more and more wolf-like, “Neo’s a pro if your worried. Never felt this good in my life”

Hollie swallowed. He’d come to party, hadn’t he? Merlin, his fathers would murder him. Dursley held a joint to his lips, inhaling deeply before blowing the smoke out over their heads. Hollie’s throat felt dry, and he wasn’t really sure why. He licked his lips, and although he wanted to reach for it, something held him back. There was worry on his face when he looked at Greyback. “You got me?”

Lyall laughed roughly, pulled Hollie back to their little circle, and slung a large arm around him, “I don’t really know if I got myself” he whispered conspiratorially, then gestured loosely at Neo, “I’m sure he does?”

Neo did not fight his devilish grin back very hard. It was a stark contrast, that innocent face with such a mischievous smirk. He held the joint out to Hollie.

Hollie took it tentatively, his heart pounding from anticipation. Dursley was watching him, Greyback was holding him, the thought of feeling as good as they obviously were was the final push. He licked his lips again then took a tentative, slow drag. Somehow, he didn’t cough. Thank magic.

Neo’s eyes raked over Hollie and Lyall’s bodies.

“You two should make out,” he deadpanned.

Lyall instantly rolled his eyes before taking the joint out of Hollie's fingers. He was used to Neo’s weirdness by now and tended to just shrug it off. He never really knew what to say and was usually way too nervous to come up with a reply. So he busied himself by taking a hit and looking away.

Lyall had to release Hollie when he doubled over coughing, handing the weed back over to the other beater. He wheezed, feeling like a slice of charcoal was slipping down his throat at the same time as his mind was slipping loose a fraction more.

“Oh fuuuuuck” he groaned, righting himself, “Alright, fuck, this is good”

He was nodding, not really sure why- maybe just at the whole situation? Lyall did a quick look around the room and pointed at someone taking a shot out of a vial.

Neeeeo” Lyall frowned, did he just whine? He coughed and fixed himself, “Neo what’s that?”

Neo followed Lyall's finger, Hollie was watching too, but not speaking. The Euphoria Elixir came in tiny glass vials that fit in the palms of their hands. Teddy made sure that no dose was too strong or too much. Usually, it took a single shot for the effects to set in.

Neo disappeared from Lyall and Hollie's immediate eyesight for a moment, returning later with two vials. He handed each of them a single vial. Hollie’s eyebrows rose, like he wasn’t sure if he was that invested.

"Bottom's up, boys!"

He spanked them both, gripping their firm asses a little longer than they'd expected. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket and watched them knock the drug back.

There was a split second where Lyall almost tossed the drug in favor of yelling at Neo for the ass grab, but Hollie was pulling the stopper out already. Lyall sent Neo a withering glare at the same time as mimicking Hollie, both of them a little apprehensive as they clinked the glasses together.

Lyall and Hollie threw them back at the same time. As the cold liquids burned warm down his throat, he remembered that he hadn’t even asked Neo what this was. But oh, fuck, it took all of five seconds for him to not really care anymore.

He turned wide eyes to Neo, blinking as the purest form of Good ran through him like molasses. Coating everything, filling dark cracks he didn’t know he had. It felt like the coziest fire, the warmest blanket, Minerva’s secret tea she only shared with him.

He reached forward and grabbed Neo, not really sure why. He knew the boy liked to be touched and he wanted Neo to feel this.

“Mmm” Lyalls voice had dropped down to a deep rumble, somewhere between human and wolf, “It’s fucking warm. It’s good, I like this. You feel like this?”

Neo sucked in his breath. He had a hard enough time pretending that he did not really feel anything for Lyall without him making it all the more difficult. He'd kept away, played and teased as a way to release some of his frustrated affections. Maybe giving him the drug had been a bad idea. Maybe Lyall should not be high. Because if he continued to act like that, Neo might just start believing that he had an actual, real-life chance.

Not getting any real answer, Lyall took that as Neo not really getting it. He’d only smoked weed, he hasn’t tried that godlike liquid with them.

Lyall grabbed Neos hand at the same time as steering Hollie around towards the bag of drugs on the counter, “Were getting more”

Hollie hadn’t said a word. He’d been too shocked by the flood of what he could only call … happiness to speak. It was pure, and gripping, and he kind of wanted to laugh but he didn’t know why? Until suddenly Lyall was touching him, and then he looked up to see an array of emotions flash across Dursley’s face. Not the happy emotions, not really. Dursley no longer looked playful or in control; he looked scared and vulnerable. Like he’d just had a secret discovered.

“Come on man,” Hollie said, and then the laughter escaped. He was giggling, it sounded a little bubbly, but he was pretty sure nothing was actually funny. “Leave the kid alone.” His smile was too wide. It was the drug. He took Dursley from Greyback’s grasp and tucked him against himself instead. “Maybe he’s allergic?”

Feeling slightly panicked, Neo coughed the last of the smoke in his lungs out. The motion rocked him deeper into Hollie's chest, taking him farther away from Lyall.

"It's Euphoria Elixir. It makes you feel happy." Neo explained

Lyall quirked a brow, his grin turning a bit more dangerous when he was denied, “And you don’t want that?”

Neo tensed. He had never expected this turn of events. He shook his head. “I like how weed makes me feel. I prefer Muggle drugs.”

He wanted to say, “But I’ll feel happy if you kiss me, if you love me, if you let me be yours.”

Neo didn’t say that. He never would.

Lyall gaze got a bit harder, the euphoria making his brain easily slip past any kind of line he would never have crossed, “You do this with me and I’ll trade you something”

Neo stared at Lyall. He could ask for anything. Anything.

With a heavy sigh, Neo pulled himself from Hollie and walked the rest of the way to the bar. He took some vials and handed one to each boy.

“No trades.”

He downed it in a single go.

Lyall followed along, his brain doing one more chug before slipping deeper into that thick warmth. His eyes slid into a bleary, sleepy look, which starkly contrasted to the yellow glow and pinprick pupils. He wasn’t tired, his brain was active and alive and smoldering, but damn was his body slow. He felt the kind of good you felt after a long nap- aware but wanting more.

Hollie didn’t think he should do more, but it didn’t really seem to matter, because he did. And he felt good. In fact, he was pretty sure he had never felt that good in his entire life. Well, no, that was a lie. It was the kind of happiness he’d felt on a broom before, high above the rest of the world, soaring fast, but it was still kind of different. Like he wasn’t having to chase that happiness.

Instead, that happiness chased him. Euphoria hit him straight in the chest like the goddamn Night Bus. The swirling colors around him, the faint smell of weed and moondew, the darkness he felt blanketed in, it was all so wonderful.

Neo hated the moment the drug hit his system. It messed with his head, made him happy. Too happy. A part of his brain wanted it to stop. A bigger part of him wanted to pull both boys to him and kiss them, ravish them.

Neo held his head in his hands, smiling back at Lyall because Lyall was smiling at him.

“‘s good, right?” Lyall slurred, his tongue a bit heavy in his mouth and his cheeks stuck in a permanent loose grin, “You’re good right?”

Neo did not feel good. He didn't think so, at least. He felt too happy and that scared him. He laughed really hard and leaned against Hollie.

"I'm good if you're good."

Lyall's eyes listed slowly away from Neo, his body swaying slightly in time with the music. He kind of felt like dancing, but one look at the grinding hot bodies under neon lights made him feel a bit queasy. He’d get eaten alive in there and probably not in a good way. But he still wanted something, though his drug-addled mind couldn’t put words to it.

So Lyall took two steps forward and swung his arm around Hollie on the opposite side of Neo. He sent a lazy smile to both of them before tugging them a few steps backwards and unceremoniously dumping all three on the worn out leather couch against the wall.

“‘s better, much better” he was still wrapped around Hollie's side, head on his shoulder cause his muscles really wanted a break.

His brain was doing the mush thing he couldn’t control, filtering from one subject to the next. Quidditch slid through, as it usually does around Hollie, and Lyall latched on. He leaned further into Hollie's side so he didn’t have to yell over the music to speak into his ear, “Did you catch the Moose Jaw game last week?”

“Hell yeah!” Hollie answered. He rarely ever missed a game. He was talking about it even though he barely registered what he was saying. Once he got the words out, they were gone, drifting away with the music. Lyall was touching him and then he was on something that felt vaguely of leather but definitely didn’t smell like it. A couch? Yeah. Lyall was right, it was better. He leaned his head back and felt another grin split his face.

Neo was aware that Lyall had deposited them all on one of the scattered old couches around the room. He was grateful for Lyall's unwilling nature to dance. Neo wasn't quite sure that he would be able to keep his body upright.

The thing about Neo and Euphoria Elixir was this: he went into hysterics. Somehow, the drug drew out all the happiness and hurt that Neo had ever felt. Neo sometimes wondered if it was because the drug had too much magic in it and he didn't have enough to keep up. Whatever the case, it sent his mind reeling. Neo always ended up laughing and crying.

He leaned into Lyall, his laughter drowned out by the music and the sound of fellow students. He could hear Lyall talking about the one thing Neo knew almost nothing about: Quidditch.

Both of the boys he had a crush the size of Gringott's underground vaults were bonding over the one thing he could not keep up with. He laughed as he watched them, thinking that they looked utterly lovely together. They really made a beautiful pair.

Laughing, Neo said, "You two are really beautiful. You know that right?"

He didn't know if they heard him. Neo didn't care. He leaned forward and started laughing. He laughed and laughed and laughed until he was crying.

Hollie and Lyall were so caught up in their tiny world of balls and broomsticks they almost missed Neo’s voice. Something with the word ‘beautiful’ in it, and Hollie felt his face heat up. If he were sober, it would have been a comment he would have moved passed. Because it was Neo and he never really knew how to handle Neo. He opened his mouth, sure he was going to say something, but then there were tears. Not his. Neo’s.

“Hey. No.” Hollie wasn’t sure why tears were wrong, but they were. There weren’t supposed to be tears here. “Dursley! My dude, this is the happy place.”

Lyall had a real hard time yanking him out of the euphoric glow of Quidditch and drugs and Hollie. Caught in that trap he'd never tried to remove himself from before. But Neo was up to his shit again, only this time the sincerity in his voice was enough to tug on Lyall's attention.

Beautiful, him? He could admit Hollie was an attractive dude, he guessed, but Big Bad Fenrir Lyall Greyback Jr.?

"Yeah, yeah man. See, we are both happy. You just gotta be happy with us. What can we do?" Lyall asked.

Neo’s head spun. His heart felt exposed and all the feelings he’d ever hidden came pouring out in hysterical cackles and sobs.

He gripped an arm. Lyall’s? Hollie’s? He didn’t know. He didn’t care.

“W-weed!” He gasped. “Get me some weed.”

He needed to dull the thundering force of Euphoria. He needed to be numb again.

Hollie was the one that moved, though he supposed that was kind of dumb because he didn’t even really know what he was looking for, but he found Neo’s bag without any trouble, and in there was another bag of the joints Neo had been smoking. He grabbed a handful of them and was back in no time, pressing them into Neo’s lap worriedly.

Neo’s fingers trembled as he struggled to light a joint. His hysterical laughter made it harder for him to stop shaking. If his tears dripped, he might lose his chance to smoke. After several failed attempts, he finally managed to light his stick.

Desperate, he took one, two, three deep hits. He held the smoke in his lungs, allowing it to burn. With a sigh, he released whatever was left into the area above them. There was the stillness that he had been seeking, teasing him in the swirls of the smoke.

He gave a laugh, this one more steady than all the others, and continued to smoke. “A’ight, their lads?”

Hollie laughed himself, but it still wasn’t funny. Neo was steadier, he thought, but it still didn’t quite seem alright. “Maybe we should call it a night, yeah?” he asked, looking between Lyall and Neo. And then, he didn’t know why, but he laughed and leaned forward to press a kiss against Neo’s forehead. “Think I’ve had enough for my first party.”

“Call it a night?” Lyall echoed back, his gaze drifting away now that it seemed like Neo was doing better. He frowned and shook his head, his eyes skimming over the life filling the room, “No, pretty sure I won’t ever need sleep again” He turned his attention back to the two boys on either side of him, “We could… go somewhere else though? Maybe…” A slow grin spread across his face as he made eye contact with Hollie, “Quidditch pitch? The stars will look great on this clear of a night”

Neo nodded. Yes, Quidditch pitch. Anything to get out and stop being unbearably high. “I’ll need help walking. Can’t walk straight.”

He giggled. “Can’t walk straight, can’t think straight, can’t be straight.”

Lyall laughed, grabbed Neo, and hefted him off the couch in a single move. He kept his arm around Neo’s waist and half carried him towards the back door, glancing back to make sure Hollie was still behind them.

Thank ya to Char and Jos for the words and the collab!


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The feeling of a hand on his head shocked Lys out of whatever reverie he was in. It took him a moment to realise that Scorpius Malfoy of all people was talking to him. The head rub had been a little rough, enough to make Lys wonder if he was being teased or legitimately chastised. It felt like a very… un-Scorpius type gesture, one that made Lys know that there was something in his system. It took him a moment to process Scorpius’ words. But once he did, his cheeks flushed red, and he turned away, staring into the crowd. Scorpius at least had a point.

It'd be a lovely way to die.

James would know. Vaguely aware of Lys’ presence while the party grinded on like static in the background. The euphoria's got him laced and lit on a neon wave, caught in the haze between blind ecstasy and selfish amusement when he rolls his hips to the beat of the music and Ted’s bites become more teeth and less restraint. Blunt nails in his hair. Under his clothes. Digging into his ribs. James finally pauses to breathe, grabbing fistfuls of Teddy's shirt to force the kid back while he raises up on his knees, mind suddenly clear enough to know he wants more of whatever's left on the counter.

Then James finally sees him. Lys. Lingering in the crowd like the quiet noise in the back of a room. No more soft dimples and smiling eyes, suddenly every bit the hungry, hollow, hesitating kid he'd seen before. In small glances. At the Potter family dinner table. When innocence and intent didn't exactly line up, a crack James could see through like he'd put it there himself.

And fuck it. Maybe it was just James' night to make moves. He stands up and grabs a drink off the counter, drags a hand through Ted's mop of hair one last time, a silent pace yourself teddy bear. Night's not over yet.

"Hey," James grins, maneuvering around until he's finally in front of Lys, "don't look so lost, man."

A lovely way to die, indeed. When James appears in front of Lys, it’s those words that ring through Lys’s mind. The haze of the drugs is still there, making things seem blurry, out of focus. Everything except James. He doesn’t know how to react, he doesn’t know how to feel. He doesn’t know how much time has passed, but he grins.

“Don’t feel quite as lost now that you’re here,” he says, stepping closer to James, making eye contact and managing to hold it. Those green eyes, the eyes he’d made contact with so many times only to glance away, that messy hair he’d been distracted by so many times. Almost without even thinking, he runs a hand through James’ hair, his hand moving down to brush against James’ jaw.

There's a response on the tip of James' tongue. Hands all too ready to grab Lys by the collar and drag him back to the spot he and Ted had carved out for themselves, but the unexpected touch shocks him into silence. Heat rising up in his chest when he looks into carob eyes. He'd never seen that kind of edge to the kid and instantly wonders who's been keeping him occupied, 'cause it sure as shit wasn't James. Or maybe it's just the party bringing out all the darker spaces in Lys.

How much more could he get? The thought burns in the back of James' skull when he inches closer to Lys, leaving just enough space to raise a drink to his lips. "Good," he cheers. Way too smug. Smiling too wide. As if his body had had enough and couldn't contain the emotion any longer. The drink leaves the burn of something minty down his throat when he looks back at Lys, every bit the missing center to James' tangled mess, practically daring when he asks, "wanna taste?"

Shit, whatever Teddy had given him really was good. Because there’s nothing there. No fear, no self-consciousness, nothing that held him back. Nothing that questions how James could want him. It feels as though there’s only enough thoughts there for self-preservation. And maybe not even then. But that grin, even as the smugness shines through, it’s all Lys can think about right then.

So at the slightest invitation, a dare, a question that doesn’t even feel like a question, Lys’ lips are against James’, his hands in that dark mess of hair again, tasting the mint of whatever it was he’d just drank. Lys didn’t care. He didn’t want to know. He didn’t want to think in that moment, or have anything that would tear him away from this moment. It’s like a breath of fresh air he never realised he needed. Lys knows already that he’s hooked, and he doesn’t care. Because it’s him, and it’s James, and does anything else even matter?

The shocks gone now. All white noise and pounding heat in James' ears when his hands end up buried in Lys shirt, greedily pulling him as close as the two can get, a teaser and a warning James can't put the words to. Just bites down on Lys' lip like that action alone could keep him sated when the drugs in his veins have him more than tempted to bust the kid's spine right there. Shit. Could he just-

What's the opposite of a kiss? He's had enough of the bass-saturated air pressing down on him even if the smell of muggle weed and whisky could practically lull James to sleep on his worst day. Lys' touch has a different kind of electricity welling up under his skin. Behind his eyes. In his chest. Has him practically whining in the most ravenous way, eager to sink his teeth into something new. The words are slow and low when James wraps his arms around Lys neck, slurs, "two's fun and all but uhh," then barely nods in Ted's direction, something tremendously loud in such a small gesture. Lys may of been the view James saw when falling, but Ted was the force that threw him over the edge.

Or, maybe, two boys were just better than one. “If you’re with it…”

Lys doesn’t realise he’s breathless until James moves away, enough for him to catch his breath. There’s something there now, making him want more, feeling like there’s electricity humming in his skin from every single touch. He doesn’t want to let go right now, doesn’t want to lose this feeling.

He finds himself staring for a moment at James as he tries to process what he means. Somewhere, for just a second, jealousy rears its head at the thought of being abandoned in favour of someone else. And then what he actually means hits Lys. His sluggish and spinning thoughts don’t let him dwell on it. He just knows what he wants, who he wants, and realises he doesn’t give a shit if he has to share. Especially not if it’s with Teddy.

“Yeah,” Lys says simply, a little breathlessly. If he can see the ideas welling up behind James' glazed eyes, he doesn't say anything -- not that James minds. Just rises up on his toes to kiss him again before grabbing Lys by the wrist and leading him back to Teds.

Teddy had been staring unabashedly at the two forms in front of him, his eyes lidded and smile slow and lazy. He sort of felt like touching but instead settled for the intrinsic beauty of watching. Voyeurism, it seemed, could be just as hot as the real thing. He also wasn't too sure about his motor functions at the moment, James mouth had put his body in a state of comatose pleasure. Teddy's eyes were trained on the spot between flesh, where lips met and skin burned hot when suddenly James filled his entire vision. "Teddy," James sings over the music, letting go of Lys to crouch down beside his friend. "You okay? Lys says he's feeling charitable."

His smiled shuddered, hair slicking through with shades of black and blue- he kind of felt like stealing the prize in front of him when James's words caught up with him.

"Charitable?" Teddy cocked his head and struggled to look passed James for the small curly hair of blonde, "Oh, Lys, fuck yeah. I can share."

"c'mon, then," James laughs, pulling teds off the floor before slinging an arm around him and Lys and heading towards the door.

written w/ icat and iv.
thanks for the collab, guys!


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“What is the most interesting story your dad has told you?”

If Albus started talking about his father, he would never stop. He had so many stories that he wished to share with everyone, so many little facts that no one ever considered to ask of Harry Potter except for his own son.

His favorite story was nothing like Piper’s, no. It had everything to do with Harry, it was the time he had to learn how to ride Sirius’ bike. He had shown Albus the memory on a Pensive once, but Albus always liked how he told it best.

Harry would mimic his own actions. He mounted the bike, only to have it fall on its side and pin him to the ground. He always said that the way he groaned and cursed. That was the first time that he had made fun of his own success at defeating Voldemort. He’d screamed at the top of his lungs that he had not defeated the Dark Lord just so a motorcycle could crush his legs.

That’s when Harry knew he would be alright. And Albus loved that.

Piper watched an array of emotions flash over Albus's face, though he said nothing. She imagined he was replaying the memory to himself.

“You know, sharing is caring.” She said with a smile, though the timid part of her told her not to pry. She squelched that feeling with a brutality she didn't know she had. Piper wanted to know Albus and she'd be damned if she was going to let embarrassment stop her.

Albus laughed softly. He shared his favorite stories with her, whispering softly in a way that made the area around them intimate. He told her about the time Harry had set the python loose on uncle Dudley just before his Hogwarts letters arrived. He shared the time Harry mistook Fred and George for a full month and the twins did nothing about it. He shared between laughs the stack of really bad poetry that he had written to Ginny.

Albus talked for so long that it startled him when a small, gentle house elf placed a hand on his knee.

“Master Potter, sir,” said the kindly creature. “It is nearly time.”

He stopped playing with Piper’s hair, his thoughts scattered in memories of his father’s life before the war. She was curled into him, her eyes heavy with exhaustion. Albus fought the feelings of embarrassment that trickled up his neck to his cheeks.

Clearing his throat, he nodded at the house elf. “Thank you, Peony. You can escort Ms. Longbottom back first.”

Piper was startled by the arrival of the house elf. Her lids heavy, she yawned and stretched as she disentangled herself from Albus. His stories had made her laugh so hard her face hurt, and the deep rumble of his voice had pulled her into such a comfortable state she had forgotten where they were. As much as she wanted to stay, she knew it was time to go back to reality.

Piper tugged Albus closer by the collar of his shirt before pressing her lips to his in a gentle, yet need filled kiss.

“Goodnight, sweet dreams Potter.” She said with a grin before she turned to follow the house elf.

Piper disappeared in a soft swirl of color as the elf disapparated. He stared at the spot where she had just stood, then looked out the window. The sky was black, but not pitch black as it would be during the witching hour.

Scorpius’ time was up.

In one swift motion, Albus stood. He checked his image, running a hand to smooth down his perfectly styled hair. He could feel the bags under his eyes forming, the exhaustion settling deep in his bones.

“First day will be a bloody fucker.”

Slowly, Albus made his rounds, collecting the most intoxicated of his schoolmates. He would tag them with a small charm and the house elves would take them back to Hogwarts Castle. Harry’s history with house elves and Albus’ surname granted him the loyalty of the magical creatures. They swore to keep the Potters’ secrets. Even the most dangerous ones.

It took him the better part of an hour to clear out the Shack. The parties had grown out of proportion. There was a mess of spilled drugs and alcohol, glitter and puke on the ground. A group of elves would stop by in the afternoon to clean it up, and Albus would join them after lessons.

He found Scorpius and Louis making out on the dance floor. Those two would not go to class, but they had to be back in the castle nonetheless. Scorpius shoved him aside hard when he attempted to interrupt.

“Malfoy, don’t make me stun you in front of my cousin.”

Scorpius flipped him off, but he knew better than to argue with Albus. It was Albus’ Shack now. Time was up and they had to head back to their dormitories before morning.

”Piss off, Potter,” he grumbled as he took Louis’ hand and allowed the tiny house elf beside Albus to take him by the elbow.
Sighing, Albus walked to the last two people in the room: Langston and Orion.

They were laying on one of the overly expensive, plush couches that Scorpius had brought in. Langston held Orion close to his chest, his fingers tangled in her hair. Orion slept soundly, her makeup smeared by kisses and sweat. On her arms were thin red trails. They weren’t deep enough to break skin, but the irritation still glared.

Albus’ heart clenched painfully. He looked from Orion’s abused arms to Langston’s drugged eyes. There was no use in telling him about Orion’s anxious tics. No use in telling him to make sure that she kept her nails short. He was too far gone, too far into his own sorrows and problems to see hers.

“Langston. Time to go.”

Albus did not stay to see them disappear.

“Master Potter,” came a soft, childlike voice from beside him. “All of the guest have been returned to their respective dormitories safely.”

Albus nodded, kneeling to take the hand of the young elf and pressing a kiss to her knuckles. “Thank you, Blossom. You’ve done exceptionally good work, as always.”

Blossom smiled at him, her big blue eyes glowing in the dim lights. “Master Potter should head back too.”

He nodded again. Albus was tired. Maybe he would sleep in tomorrow and miss the first lesson. Would it be too suspicious?

There was no sound, but Albus still heard the pounding of the bass in his head. He couldn’t stay in the Shack, not at the moment, not with the echoes of the party still bouncing off the walls.

He took Blossom’s offered hand. “Yes,” he said, “let us go home.”

They vanished. And the Shrieking Shack was eerily silent.

Thank you emotionless for the lovely words


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2 weeks later


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Safe to say… neither of them showed up to class the morning after.

Two weeks of hell follow in the wake of the first party. If hell can even be equated to the boredom of a monotonous routine. School is decidedly just the same as always, a daily chore that Louis must endure in order to further his personal narrative. Though made much easier when every class is shared with a distraction as glorious as Scorpius Malfoy. He isn’t sure what he would do without him there. Maybe die of boredom? Apparently, Scor felt the same way about Louis - he never went to class if his boyfriend didn’t.

Honestly, there’s only so many times Louis can sit through a Binns lecture before he starts daydreaming of ways to kill a ghost - there's got to be a way right? He asks Scorpius one day, the answer isn’t so much words as it is a look of bemusement that turns to wandering hands and that turns to a letter written home to his parents about their sons misconduct and how the next brazen display of sex by the lake is going to get the both of them expelled - yeah right.

If hands under tables and dirty words in earshot of other students haven’t done the job yet then it's a safe bet the most they’ll ever have to deal with is McGonagall's stern lecturing and the half-hearted attempt at an intervention. No Professor, nor parent, has been capable thus far of curbing their behaviors. Besides, Louis gets top marks despite having no inclination to participate in the class itself; By-product of Vic nagging him to death over his assignments. Looks like sisters are good for something after all. And Scorpius is ... well, passing.

The classes themselves are another story altogether on most days. It is a rare occurrence to have both Louis and Scorpius in one room and have one or both of them pay attention at all to anyone or anything that is not the other. Professors had long since stopped trying to force participation. It was a game that they would and always have lost in the past. Louis could care less what they think, especially with it being the last year he’s going to have to sit through the droning on and on of subjects he could learn easier by simply picking up a book.

Their last year. That thought posed another issue as the days continued steadily on. A steep incline into smothered anxiety. Louis resolutely refused to acknowledge the date of their final departure from Hogwarts. He had better things to focus on. Scorpius seemed to have adopted a similar philosophy, the only time he admitted to it being his last year was when he spoke to his friends about upcoming parties or trips. Everything had to be ‘bigger and better’.

And that bigger and better seemed to be coming upon them quickly into the form of a trip; Hogsmeade. Less party since they'd be in public but more real in a sense too. Louis couldn't say he was excited, that was too broad of a word for his narrow field of emotion. But neutral? Perhaps. They could relax and unwind in a way that didn't completely have to do with the shack and its intoxicating aura.

They were all going, for the most part, the key members of their troupe and then some. Friendships that wove together like the spiderweb of a particularly drunken arachnid. But still friendships nonetheless. As weird as it seemed since most of their social circle consisted of some of the strangest types currently residing within Hogwarts. The mishmash of personalities almost comically dependent on one another for human interaction.

Louis rarely spoke with other people - outside of Scorpius - and when he did it was consistently in the same way. If he didn't resolutely hate the other it was simple sarcasm and biting remarks. If he did - well, generally speaking, those he truly hated didn't get to interact with him. Ever. The students invited to the shack regularly were among the few that got a pass on his usual animosity. The most they received was blank nothing, maybe sarcasm if the situation called for it.

“There's going to be so many people.” He complains again for about what feels like the thousandth time. Which is why he could not say he is excited about the trip. But he isn't dreading it either. Simply knows it's going to be an exercise in patience. Something he doesn't have in droves. Scorpius gifts him with a half smirk. It wasn’t like he was exactly Mr. Sociable either, but he seemed to thrive off as many people as possible participating in debauchery.

Between that, class, and leisurely trips to detention; which is a laughable place to put either of them considering the lack of care. The day of the trip comes up quickly.

Hogsmeade has its charms.

Louis remembers the first time they were allowed to travel into the village. Back when parental permission had been required. He had bounced from shop to shop buying whatever he so wished, filling his pockets with candies and trinkets, avoiding Vic at all costs - she always wanted to shop for books, which Louis found incredibly boring - and longing for a taste of fire whiskey when he'd come upon the Hogs Head. Excitement hadn't ever factored into the mix per se.

Because, well, most of them had grown up with this. Had been entrenched in their culture.

Louis could mope if he wanted to. Could have stayed at the castle really. But anywhere Scorpius was it wasn't a wrong assumption to say that Louis would be right there as well. He held the other boy's hand as they walked side to side. So close that they may as well have been one body moving stitched together, unashamed of the public display; there wasn't really anything in the world that could make Louis feel shame.

Scorpius, likewise, had a general air of Devil-Could-Care about him. His usual apathetic expression clashing with how closely he kept Louis and the plans that were most definitely spinning through his mind.

His free hand would occasionally press into anothers, passing on thin sheets of paper. Rose’s invitations weren’t subtle enough for the public, but neither was a full-blown party. Still, that didn’t mean he, Teddy, and James hadn’t thought of something.

There may have been a smirk on Scorpius’ face, but it disappeared into red hair as he pressed a shameless kiss against Louis’ head.


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Piper rose with the sun, not because she had to, but because she found peace in the few minutes between night turns to day. The coolness of the early morning is deceptive; the sun had barely risen and the stone castle did not provide much insulation. She padded quietly down to the common room and sighed happily. The Hufflepuff common room was a cosy, low-ceilinged room decorated with cheerful colours and plenty of plants and flowers. Really it was her favorite place….or it was until she had her little rendezvous at the shrieking shack. The Hufflepuff fluttered about, Piper waiting somewhat impatiently for her roomie Kingsley to wake as the sun rose. When her patience ran out, she tiptoed her way back to their room.


ImageIf it hadn’t been for Nyhm circling Kingsley’s pillow in a plea for attention, she was certain she would have slept through the whole day right there. It had been a long couple weeks, the first ones always were. Most nights had been spent in the common room bent over Numerology and Grammatica or Winogrand’s Wondrous Water Plants preparing for N.E.W.T. exams. Kingsley enjoyed to party but during the week she took her studies very seriously, or her father would see to it that she did.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Kingsley rolled over to face Nyhm. Her lynx-like ears were turned back to express discontent, letting out an angry meow. “Cheeky little puss.” Kingsley whispered, wrapping an arm around her to pull her in like a teddy. She looked across the room to Piper’s bed made neatly, furrowing her brow with suspicion.

“Piper?” Kingsley called out as she sat up in her bed, pushing her braids from her face and scooping Nyhm into her arms. People had already began to leave for Hogsmeade, it was the second weekend back which was always the craziest. Things had began to calm down enough that everyone would finally let loose since that first night. Most assuredly they’d all end up at The Shrieking Shack that night, but Kingsley enjoyed pre-drinks at The Three Broomsticks on those hazy Saturdays…. Besides, Kingsley didn’t trust Piper enough to let her go to Hogsmeade without her. The last time Kingsley did that she ended up with a DungBathBomb being flung into her tub whilst bathing.

Their dorm room was empty but that didn’t mean Piper wasn’t nearby. The stone floor was cool under her feet, one of the many downsides to living in the lower levels of the castle. Kingsley scampered across their room with Nyhm still in her arms, eyes darting side to side. “Piper, I swear to God if you’re planning something…”

Piper could hear Kingsley moving around, when she called Piper’s name Piper couldn’t help but grin. Kingsley knew her too well, she was expecting a prank. Best not to disappoint.

“Levicorpus” she whispered. The incantation was a jinx. The spell, which was intended to be cast nonverbally but which can be spoken aloud, caused Kingsley to be hoisted into the air by her ankle; She watched in amusement as her friend swung upside down haphazardly.
Kingsley let out a surprised yelp, Nyhm leaping from her arms with a screech as she darted down the hall.

“Morning beautiful!” Piper called as she pushed her way into the room and sauntered past her friend.

Kingsley huffed, folding her arms as she glared at Piper. “Oh, think you’re clever do you?” Kingsley sneered, “Starting a war? Is that what you want? I will ruin you by the likes of which you’ve never seen.” Any threats she tried to convey where undercut by the ridiculous visual of her being hung upside down like a sock on a clothesline. She struggled for a minute before letting out a squeak. “Lemme down!”

“Oh baby, I am not just clever, I am funny as fuck.” Piper said as she leaned against one of the beds and laughed. After a brief moment of enjoyment, she sighed and grinned at her friend.

“Fine, only because I wouldn’t want to be ‘ruined by the likes of which i’ve never seen’” Piper mocked.

“Liberacorpus.” She said and Kingsley dropped to the ground.

“Truce?” Piper offered Kingsley her hand with a grin.

Kingsley narrowed her eyes, “Why? So, I’ll let my guard down and you can get me again? No, I’m perfectly happy with war.” Kingsley spun on her heel to swing open her wardrobe rustling through her clothes while keeping an eye on Piper. Keeping her wand at the ready, Kingsley gestured to Piper. “Behave - I’m going to shower with my wand so if you try something I will end you….don’t you dare go to Hogsmeade without me.”

Kingsley was in and out the shower, jaunting down the steps into the common room shortly after with her hands deep in the pockets of a fluffy pink jumper. Her braids had been enchanted from shades of blue to a myriad colors, like the ocean at sunset. Throwing a hand into the air, Kingsley did a little twirl as she reached Piper. “Let’s go babe! First weekend out, we’ve got a schedule.”

Both of the girls were top of their class although in different ways. Piper was a brilliant witch all around whereas Kingsley’s excellence was more brute luck. During the week they both were much more of the studious type. Kingsley still snuck out to the Shrieking shack for the late night hangs she’d spend doing homework while a joint was being passed around, usually with Teddy stretched across her lap. Piper and her had always made the best of the weekends, however. Piper didn't make it to the parties every week but they always made it out to Hogsmeade, especially when they learned any time they let the other go without them it’d bite them in the ass down the line.

“Shall we go for cream tea? It’s a bit early for it but I’d love a good scone with clotted cream right now and a good cuppa.” Kingsley linked arms with Piper, pulling her along.

“Whatever you want.” Piper said, her mind a million miles away.

“I just need to get out. It's absolutely suffocating here.” Piper said as she stretched her arms above her head and gestured with towards the doors with a jerk of her chin.

“After that we can window shop, or get bombed, I am not picky.” Piper said with a grin as she hooked her arm in Kingsleys.

“Oo, babe. Now you are talkin’ my language.” Kingsley teased, quirking an eyebrow. There was something off about her, something Kingsley couldn’t put her finger on. Ever since that first night Kingsley could sense there was something she had missed that Piper had been keeping to herself. Rumors spread like dragonfire in Hogwarts, but Kingsley didn’t give rumors much attention. She’d heard enough about herself and loved ones to know that most of the times rumors were taking a fraction of the truth and manipulating it for crowd appeal. They walked to Hogsmeade with their arms linked, speaking to each other with the ease of sisters. They had been sharing a room so long they might as well be.

Piper found herself lost in her thoughts, only coming back to reality here and there as Kingsley pulled her along. Piper just couldn’t seem to keep her mind from wandering like a dog off its leash, right back to Albus Potter. Part of her felt silly, like some little girl with a crush, and part of her was exhilarated by the prospect.

As they rounded onto the main road they could see into Hogsmeade. The village was a small cluster of thatched roofs with buildings that leaned into one another lined with stone. Most of the student’s visiting had clustered down the cobblestoned street down the center of the village. Colorful shop fronts called to passerby’s from either side, tempting sweets and luxurious cloaks in window fronts for them to stare. Nyhm had followed along, circling Kingsley’s legs before running out ahead and looking back for them to follow.

Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop had saucer of cream and fluffy beds for the feline inhabitants of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts that Nyhm had a deep affection for. Additionally, they happened to have the most delicious scones this side of Ireland. It was a popular spot for dates among students but Kingsley regularly dragged Piper here when she was craving Cream Tea. Kingsley secured them a spot by the window, Madam Puddifoot herself squeezing through the space between tables to greet them. She had a special affection for the girls, having fought alongside their fathers’ during the Battle of Hogwarts.

The scones came out fresh, levitating along with a small porcelain bowl of clotted cream and a jar of jam. Madam Puddifoot brought them each their own pot of tea, serving them each their first cup in delicate ornate china tea cups with matching saucers. She asked the girls how school was going and about their fathers were doing before leaving them be. Kingsley leaned back, looking across her tea cup to Piper with knowing eyes.

“So,” Kingsley said as she set her cup down, clinking it against the porcelain of the saucer. “When are you going to tell me what’s been going on with you?”

Piper snapped back to attention as Kingsley called her on her airiness. A blush spread across her cheeks and she looked down at her drink. She took a long slow sip before looking back to Kingsley somewhat awkwardly.

“Oh...ah… nothing really...Just feeling a little differently lately.” She said, though she couldn't deny a small smile that played across her lips.

Kingsley didn’t bother masking her annoyance, rolling her eyes at Piper’s evasiveness. Kingsley didn’t like to pry, all too familiar with the unwanted feeling of having your private life be the topic of every day conversations. The teapot between them levitated to refill Kingsley’s cup, but Kingsley stopped it before it could refill Piper’s. Kingsley reached across the table, scooping up Piper’s cup. She leaned back as she inspected it, bringing the cup into the sunlight that shafter through the window panes.

Divination had never been Kingsley’s strong suit, she lacked the instinctual certainty that no amount of reading could teach. Her mother had the gift. When Kingsley was little her mother would teach Kingsley how to see the shapes in the leaves and their meanings. She never saw as many shapes in the leaves as her mother did, but Kingsley had learned how to look for them. She didn’t have the gift but tessomancy, like palmistry or astronomy, was pretty easy to hack once you knew what to look for. Piper had been so deep in thought while drinking her tea, she had manifested an answer in the tea leaves. A smug expression streaked across Kingsley’s face.

“Hmm...fancy that….a rose...and..” Kingsley squinted, swirling the tea leaves to get a better look. “A sun!” she exclaimed, returning the dainty cup and rotating it for Piper to see for herself. “Love and happiness in your know, if you believe that kind of stuff. I’m just an amature though, have a look yerself.”

Piper took the offered tea cup back and glanced at the leaves in the bottom. She didn't partake in tessomancy at all, in fact, she had tried to avoid the class all together. If only because she preferred the more reliable of future reading...which was essentially nothing because the future is constantly changing. She shook her head and grinned at Kingsley.

“So, I did a thing, and I am not sure how to proceed. I am the first to admit I am over my head...but damn does drowning feel good.” Piper laughed as she let the tea pot refill her cup one more time. Truth was, she was craving something stronger for this conversation, but Tea would have to do. Piper let out a long slow breath.

“I sorta kissed Albus Potter….like a the Shrieking Shack party...and I like him...a lot” Piper said in a halting shaky voice. As if saying it out loud made it more real and she wasn't sure she was ready for real.
A knowing smile tugged at the corners of Kingsley’s lips at Piper’s confession; hidden behind her tea cup as she pretended to take a sip, trying to mask her smug expression. It felt good being on the other end of this dynamic for once.

“Am I crazy? I am crazy aren't I?” Piper asked as she bit her full bottom lip and tugged on a strand of her hair in worry.

“Crazy for liking Albus Potter? Hardly - the whole lot are absolutely gorge.” Kingsley said without skipping a beat, “Last year the first years had a quiz going around called “Which Potter boy should you snog?’....I got James, obviously - though I rigged the results, I’d already snogged him.”

Piper laughed at Kingsley's comment and rolled her eyes playfully.

“Okay, so it's a greenlight from you I take it?” Piper said sarcastically, though she felt a tingle of excitement. She wasn't looking for approval exactly, more like a confirmation that it wasn't all part of some big cosmic joke that she was the butt of. Piper shoved that thought away and took a long sip from her tea cup.

A devilish smirk streaked across Kingsley’s lips, eyes twinkling with delight. Unlike the rest of the children of Dumbledore’s Army, neither of Piper’s parents worked in the ministry. She was always there at events when their parents had a party or just tagging along on a visit, but most of Kingsley's fondest memories with her friends were of them sneaking around the wonder-filled establishment. Kingsley didn’t know if Piper ever felt left out as a result, many of their wildest adventures had been in the strange rooms of the different departments. Kingsley found you saw the real kind of witch or wizard someone was when their back was against the wall, and Kingsley had never seen Piper in that position. Never saw her take a huge risk, always responsible and mild-tempered. Passion looked good on her, even if she was trying to hide it.

“Oh, babe….It’s an abso-fucking-lutely.” Kingsley popped her last bite of her scones into her mouth with great contentment. She dusted off the last bit of crumbs from her fingers, gently wiping the corners of her lips before gently folding her napkin and placing it on the table. Coins clinked against porcelain, the silver glinting in the sunlight. “Let’s go - I say it’s high time we get something a little stronger in our system.”

Kingsley offered out a hand for Piper, dragging her out of the Tea Shoppe. There’s only one place to go for a proper pint around here, and it was likely a certain Potter boy would be in attendance himself. Kingsley wanted to make sure Piper wouldn’t slip away before that happened. She leaned in to whisper in Piper’s ear as they entered The Three Broomsticks. “I want to see Piper Longbottom on her worst behaviour.”

cowritten by emotionless


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We shine brighter when we fall.

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Remember Roses have thorns.

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"Sorry mate, I was thinking about Quidditch."

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Accalia Greengrass

We shine brighter when we fall.

Character Portrait: Albus Severus Potter
Albus Severus Potter

I open at the close.

Character Portrait: Kingsley Shacklebolt II
Kingsley Shacklebolt II

Begging for trouble and sure to find it.

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