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Hollie Wood

"Sorry mate, I was thinking about Quidditch."

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a character in “We Solemnly Swear...”, as played by CharlotteV



"My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice." — Newt Scamander

Hollie Flint Wood
"My dads think they're funny."

Hol || "Pretty much by anyone who knows me and thinks 'Hollie' is too much of a mouthful."
Wood || ”Go ahead, try to impress me with your dick jokes.”
Woody || ”Unimaginative. You're not funny.”

Unknown | Celebrated on May 7th
"Adoption date's the next best thing, right?"


"What's it matter anyway?"

Oliver Wood & Marcus Flint
"They're ... really something."

Bisexual - Pansexual - Sexual?
”I like boys. But sometimes...”

"What happens when you mix a Gryffindor and a Slytherin."

"And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good." — John Steinbeck


There's a softness to Hollie that comes in the form of his fondness for photographs and his eager smiles whenever he sees an animal with a soft tummy. He has a love of snacks and of knowledge, although much to his professors disdain it's not often related to anything in class. He'd rather write a 12 page paper on the history of magical taxidermy than do his arithmancy homework.

Like both of his fathers, Hollie has an intense passion for Quidditch. So much so that Oliver would joke Hollie would be the second first year to ever be on the team. (McGonagall caved his second semester - it was out of season, but he did get to practice.) Unsurprisingly, his passion for the game makes it his favorite topic, regardless of if it's anyone elses around him. When all else fails, Hollie can talk about Quidditch.

While generally being a pretty relaxed dude, Hollie has a dark side. One that likes to fight. Not naturally an instigator, if he feels like he or someone he's close to was wronged, he's quick to anger and known to not fight fair. He'll throw a punch before anyone can raise a wand. After his parents got their first note about his fighting at school and asked him about it, both shocked that such anger would come from a Hufflepuff, Hollie simply replied, "Unafraid of toil." His violent streak is often a hurdle that Marcus handles, having experienced quite the same thing in his teenage years.

Thanks to Oliver, Hollie has a brave streak that keeps him from missing out of things due to fear, or not speaking up when he should. Thanks to Marcus, however, his strong sense of Right and Wrong might not always be right - as in, he'll do the right thing, but he might make the wrong decisions to get there.

"Do it for the 'holy shit, you got hot!'"


Average height and clear skinned, Hollie almost skipped the awkward pre-teen year teasing. What got him was ears that took awhile to grow into and glasses that were thicker than bottle ends. He's happy to say it didn't last long, thank you very much.

His hair has a tendency to switch colors, often between extremes of blonde and black, as he can't seem to choose a favorite. He does very much like black and white in general, and has an accidental sort of aesthetic going on.

The most notable part of his appearance is a long, shattering scar across his back. He keeps it covered, although parts of it often peak through the collar of his shirts.

"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." — Maggie Kuhn

8" || Acacia || Dragon Heartstring
"I got warned about this one, but we do alright."

A continuous supply of Puddlemere United tickets
"Wood family perks."

Hufflepuff Capitan & Beater
"I mean, have you met my parents?"

"No one trusts me to keep another living thing alive."

"I haven't managed to cast one - Da says it's okay though, it's hard magic."

A room in shambles
"I don't want to talk about it."

"Not all casualties of war have gavestones."

Oliver Wood was a dedicated member of The War Cleanup Effort in 1998, working hard before eventually seeking out a professional Quidditch career with Puddlemere United. Marcus Flint, like most young adults from a Dark Wizard family, was assessed in a detention center before eventually being released on probation, which he served at Hope's Orphanage - one of the many that popped up in the wake of the war. Afterwards, he too went back to Quidditch, signing with the Montrose Magpies, although he kept up the volunteer hours. To absolve his own awfulness as a child.

It was only a matter of time before the two crossed paths again. After a particularly brutal game, the two ex-captions landed on the pitch already yelling at each other, and -brooms in hand - kissed in front of everyone. Their relationship - surprising everyone - was fast and passionate. Apparently all that antagonism, even years back, had just been unresolved sexual tension. They were living together within the month, and talking marriage only a few weeks later. The real pushing factor however, was a doe eyed boy they came across when Oliver visited Marcus at Hope's. They weren't planning to adopt - they weren't even married - but that little boy stole their hearts, and then their last names.


When people talk of The Second Wizarding War, they share tales of heroism, of conquered evil, and remember those that were lost in battle. They don't think back to the times that were less than the big battles. To the moments in between, to the mindless violence. To the lives that were disposed of out of boredom, or a desire to install more fear. They don't talk of the entire communities that were slaughtered.

Few know of the children that were picked up out of the rubble weeks later, young, hungry, scared and hurt. Few know of how figuring out who those children were, how old they were, who their parents may have been, was almost impossible. Few know how many of them were sent to temporary orphanages under the name 'Doe'. The only thing Hollie knows for sure about where he came from, is that he got a Mahoutokoro letter the same as he got one from Hogwarts. But even that said "Hollie Flint Wood."

So begins...

Hollie Wood's Story


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#, as written by mjolnir

murphy finnigan

Stepping onto the platform was like a breath of fresh air. Well... fresh air filled with the smell of burning coal, a musky train station and the b.o. of prepubescent first years. Smelled like home.

Murph turned back to his parents, grinning ear to ear as he bounced up and down on his toes. He was ready to go. One last year to just... Well, fuck everything up. After all, that is what he did best. But, he wasn't going to be rude to his parents. They did bring him into the world and he loved them for that. And, they were pretty cool, once they stopped trying to understand his... unique sense of fashion and well, everything about him. He was weird, but they loved him for it.

His mom tried to fix his hair for the tenth time before giving him one last hug good bye. With her arms around him, she squealed and jumped away when she felt Fritz wiggle around in Murph's jacket pocket. He chuckled, giving his mom and apologetic smile. "Sorry, mum. He's just excited." She scoffed slightly and shook her head. His mom was never a fan of Fritz but she tolerated him at least, from a distance. Murph quickly hugged his dad and gave his mom a kiss on the cheek before he hurried off into the train searching the cabins for anyone he could bother or smother with love.


Bloody hell, the ceremonies and the pomp and circumstance of it all took ages. Murph was practically bouncing in his seat, itching to get up and be... anywhere else. Nothing bored him more than a bunch of old people speaking for too long about stuff he didn't care about. He spent the duration of all the ridiculousness making funny faces at his friends across the dining hall, even gaining a few glares from some of the professors when he was caught.

Once the feast started Murph was at least able to talk to his friends... finally. He sat amongst his fellow house mates, laughing and catching up. He'd occasionally drag first years into the conversation so they felt welcome, and every so often would launch a spoonful of mashed potatoes at his friends in other houses.

With food in his belly, Murph skipped off to the Gryffindor dormitories... Stopping every once in awhile. Skipping on a full stomach isn't the best idea. But, he never makes good decisions. What's new. He slid into the common room Tom Cruise style and made finger guns toward his housemates. He darted up the stairs toward his room, taking them two and three steps at a time and tripped on the last step, falling flat on his face in the middle of the dormitory.

It took Murph a second to find his own trunk, first accidentally a couple of other's first. One he opened finding some questionable objects. As he went to close it he was meant by the angry gaze of a fellow Gryffindor. "Apologies my dude," he said as he slowly closed the lid of the chest. While standing up Murph looked back toward the guy. "Kinky..." he said while wiggling his brows suggestively.

Murph ducked just in time for the pillow to fly over head and slam into another Gryff kid who was reading a book. "Hey! Watch the face. It's my greatest feature," he said with a shit eating grin as he caressed his cheeks. The one with the kinks started to get up from his bed and go after Murph. He put his hands up in a surrendering manner as he backed away. "Sorry, Mr. Grey. Please be gentle."

With another step back, his foot bumped into a trunk. Murph turned around and grinned seeing it was his. "Ah HA! Found it," he said as he looked back at the aggravated Gryff while he motioned to his stuff. "Oh don't get your panties in a twist, mate. You're secret's safe with me."

Murph threw open his trunk and quickly dug through its contents, throwing any clothes that weren't 'first party of the year' material anywhere and everywhere. Then he found it. A statement piece to turn heads, but what's new. Murphy liked turning heads like half of these people liked bumping fuzzies. It was his last year to be the weird party animal that he was and god dammit, he was going to do it right... As a mother fucking chandelier.

Once dressed the Gryff boy nearly choked on his drink getting a load of Murphy. "What in the bloody hell are you wearing?"

"The skins of dead Ravenclaws!" Murph said going wide eyed and stoic. After a moment he broke, laughing light heartedly. "I'm a Chandelier, duh."

Murph turned flamboyantly while whipping the tails of the tie around his jacket. He then blew the very serious boy a kiss and made his way back down to the common room. He gave his other housemates a salute before exiting out into the hall. To say he turned heads as he made his way to the Hufflepuff dorms was an understate, but Murph just gave them all a wink and continued onward.

He strutted his way toward the kitchens, stopping near the large barrels he knew lead to the Huffs. Murph knew, by one too many times of being an idiot, what would happen if he knocked on the barrels since he didn't know the secret to get in. So, instead he gave a high pitch whistle. "Ohhhh Hollie! Come out come out where ever you are!" he called out to the barrels. He then leaned back against the opposite wall and waited.

When Hollie stepped out of the Hufflepuff common room, it was obvious he had been waiting. He'd changed his own black and white outfit at least three times and when his eyes landed on Murphy they immediately went wide. "Fuck," he said, with feeling. "Am I underdressed? Is there a dresscode? Shit, I don't think I own anything like that. Gimme a minute, Murph, maybe I can-" He stopped talking without warning, his fingers twisting in a nervous manner that rarely showed up.

Murph smiled, giving Hollie the once over. "I'm just extra," he said nonchalantly like this was no news to anyone, especially himself. "You look great."

The thing was, he'd never been invited. He still hadn't, technically, Murphy had just decided he was going to drag Hollie along. For some reason? Normally, he wasn't this nervous. "Okay. Can we pre-game, bro? Shit."

Murphy shrugged his shoulders while giving a slight grin. He then padded down his ridiculously sequined jacket to see if the pockets contained anything fun and potentially illegal. "I'm game, but I don't have anything on me."

Hollie took a deep breath, he didn't have anything either. His parents weren't exactly strict, but other than a few drinks, they weren't down for him doing. Well. This kind of thing either. "Fuck it," he whispered. "Let's just go."

With a nod of his head in the general direction they'd be heading in, Murph lead the way toward the one eyed witch passage. He kept relatively quiet until they were in the clear behind the statue that blocked the entrace. Once inside he stopped in his tracks, taking Hollie by the shoulders and forcing the Asian coisant to look him in the eye. "Alright, my gorgeous ethnically diverse friend, you need to loosen up." He gave Hollie's shoulders a playful wiggle.

The sneaking around part, Hollie was good at. Not that he'd ever really used that power for anything other than fitting in some extra Quidditch practice. He kept quiet himself, staying so closely behind Murphy that by the time his friend stopped, Hollie nearly walked right into him.

"I know, I know," Hollie answered, letting his shoulders be shaken without any kind of resistance. "I'm trying man. I don't know why I'm so nervous."

"You just gotta attack it like a match. Loosen up, get hyped and prepare to grope some balls!" Murphy said with a laugh and a playful slap to Hollie's back while his friend let out a snort.

With a nod of his head, Murph's raven locks bounced about his head before he continued down the passage. Luckily, he was dressed like a god damn disco ball so darkness wasn't much of an issue. It didn't take them quite long to reach the second pathway, hidden off the One Eyed Witch Passage. With the magic words and properly placed pressure on the wall, the earth seemed to shift and open up like a doorway. Hollie watched his every move closely, like a first year seeing magic for the first time.

They continued onward and in no time they reached the exit, emurging amongst the forest just beyond treeline surrounding the shrieking shack. The sweet scent of moondew hung in the air. Murph couldn't help but inhale deeply, savoring the breath before exhaling with delight. "Are you ready... To get fucked up?" he asked deviously.

"Yes," Hollie answered with a very quick nod of his head. "Yes, please. Absolutely. Like right now. Let's go, mate. I wanna get absolutely trashed."

"Excellent!" With a grin, Murph made his way to the shack, strutting his way up the steps to the door. He glanced over his shoulder, winking at his friend from behind his long mane. Then, about as subtle as a chandelier in a zoo, Murph kicked open the front door. He threw his overly bedazzled arms up in the air and shouted with his best American accent, "WHAT'S UP BITCHES!?"

thanks for the words Char :)


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“You’ve got all your stuff? Not just your Quidditch stuff.”

“Yes Da,” Hollie answered, distracted. An excited first year had handed him her ferret when it had seemed interested in the rings looped through his ears. He was trying desperately to rub the things stomach, and the ferret wasn’t having it at all.

“-probably going to win the House Cup,” his Da was saying. As usual when talking about Hogwarts Quidditch, there was an air of fondness in his tone. “You’ll have to send us a picture when you do, yeah? House Cup is the first step to World Cup.”

“Yes Da,” Hollie answered again as he twisted in a circle, chasing the ferret down who had run across his shoulders to get to the other earring.

“Play a fair game though,” Oliver added sternly. “I don’t want a letter home this year, hear me?”

“Yes Da,” Hollie said. He just wanted to - he lurched towards the ferret who panicked over such a quick movement and suddenly fell backwards off of him. Hollie’s eyes went wide and he jerked forward, but before he could even attempt to do anything drastic and stupid, his Dad reached out and caught the fluff ball.

Hollie smiled sheepishly and tried not to look too guilty when Marcus turned to the first year who owned the little shit and handed it back to her with a promise that nothing bad had happened. She scurried off quickly and Hollie aimed for a brighter grin when his father turned towards him with an arched eyebrow. “Sorry?”

Oliver sighed. “Stay out of trouble.” Marcus said, “At least don’t get caught.”

Hollie grinned again and threw himself at both of his fathers, hugging them tightly. He was smaller than them, in height and stature, but somehow he had always managed to wrap them both up. “It’ll be a good year,” he said. “I promise.”

If he felt a hint of guilt as he made his way into the train, that was only because he’d never been a fan of lying. Not that he had really lied. He just hadn’t exactly expanded on the definition of the word ‘good’.

It didn’t really matter though. He tugged the collar of his shirt up around his neck a bit more and then grinned when he saw familiar faces and shoved himself into a compartment. He had stories to share.

The only thing better than Hogwarts was the new broom Hollie had gotten over the summer. It was the latest version of the Lightningbolt model, it was fast and beautiful and fit Hollie like it had been made specifically for him. And yet, somehow, he still fucking lost to Murphy.

A bet. To get out more. To make more friends. To do more living than just Quidditch.

It had been a sarcastic battle of wits at first, Murph had just been shooting the shit, but Hollie had a damn competitive streak a mile wide and before he even knew it they were trading bets and the brooms were out.

And then. And then. Murph had been distracted by a fucking butterfly. He’d flown higher to catch it, and in doing so the end of his damn broom blocked Hollie’s last shot.

At the words "Oh shit... Wait, did I win?", Hollie had demanded a rematch. But Murph, like the tenacious little fucker he was, hadn’t let Hollie back out. So there he was, somehow both excited and nervous as shit, standing inside the cramped Shrieking Shack, the scent of moondew overpowering, behind his friend that was dressed like that.

There were too many people and not enough room and someone wanted the door shut and before Hollie knew it, he wasn’t with Murphy any more. Someone handed him a drink and he took it without thinking, tasting the familiar burn of firewhiskey. That was fine.

The music was loud, the lights bright, and he did his best to make himself small as he tried to navigate his way out. He wasn’t sure who was touching him or who was tugging which parts of his clothes are who was too fucked up to even realize they weren’t his date.

“Uh, sorry,” Hollie muttered, probably too softly to be heard over the music. “My bad. Uh, ‘scuse me. Oops - didn’t mean to grab you - there. Okay. Um. I’m just gonna.”

He ran hard into the back of someone and twisted around quickly, his hands up to show that he meant no harm. Redheads. Weasley’s? The girls, he wasn’t sure what their first names were, they were Gryffindors though. “Fuck, I’m so sorry!” In fact, the group gathered there seemed to be mostly Gryffindors. Including Greyback, which surprised him. He was about to say so when he caught sight of the boy that Lyall was … almost cuddled up to.

“Hey!” Hollie said, pointing an accusatory finger at the curly haired boy. “I know you! You got me fucking detention last May for being out passed curfew. The fuck man, we were almost out for break and I got extra homework for that shit!”


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Neo’s head lolled, loose on his neck. The moondew and weed were getting to him, hazing his senses. Lyall held him up; that big young man with so many muscles and soft face. Neo loved that soft face. He took Lyall by the front of his shirt, drawing him in. He didn’t dare kiss him, not yet anyway, so he did the next best thing: shotgunning.

Neo had no clue who had taught him to shotgun. It must have happened during one of these parties, back when they were still exclusive enough to tell who was who even after getting high as all get-out. If he had to bet on who had taught him, he would place a stack of galleons on Teddy. No way of telling though.

“Hey!” Someone shouted, pointing an accusatory finger at Neo. “I know you! You got me fucking detention last May for being out passed curfew. The fuck man, we were almost out for break and I got extra homework for that shit!”

Neo blinked at the finger, following the limb attached to it up to a face. It was a lovely face, somewhere between sexy and adorable. The flush of anger on his cheeks made Neo smile. He rested his head against Lyall’s chest, taking a deep inhale of his joint. He released the smoke into that pretty face.

“Can’t say I’m sorry,” he said, residual smoke sliding of his lips with every word. “You broke the rules.”

“That’s what you’re doing now!” the guy said. “This is breaking a thousand school rules! And you’re a Prefect!”

Neo laughed, ungluing himself from Lyall. Lyall gave a soft whimper that made all of Neo’s body burn. “The trick to getting away with breaking a thousand school rules,” Neo laughed, taking another long drag, “is to not get caught.”

With that, he took the front of this pretty boy’s shirt and pulled him into him. Neo didn’t know what he did first, exhale the drug into this guy’s mouth or push his tongue into it. But he didn’t care. The dude tasted good, sweet and smokey, like strawberries and fire magic.

He pushed against Neo’s chest, hard. Neo flew back into Lyall’s arms, laughing, cuddling closer to Lyall when he draped his arms around him. The boy hacked as Neo laughed.

”You asshole!

Neo hummed. “I mean, I can be if you want me to.”

The guy’s head whipped around. “What?”

Neo laughed again, pausing to shotgunned Lyall when he nuzzled his neck for attention. He turned to the delicious looking jock before him, taking in his solid built and anger clouded face.

“Oh you really are a hot one. Come here and make out with me.”

collab with CharlotteV


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"Oh you really are a hot one. Come here and make out with me."

Hollie wouldn't exactly consider himself shy or a prude by any means, but he definitely wasn't the kind of person that random guys offered to make out with. It was so unexpected that he did a mental check to make sure he wasn't actually high. He'd only had a couple of drinks and there was Moondew in the air and the taste of something earthy on his tongue, but he didn't think he was fucked up enough to imagine that.

He wasn't sure how long he stared at Dursley, blonde curls changing colors with the lighting in the room, smirk hidden behind a thin layer of smoke. Hollie had never really looked at him this closely. He thought there might be freckles across his cheeks. And his mouth was kind of ...

Greyback. Hollie had almost forgotten he was there, caught up in his surprise like he'd been. But the bigger boy was wrapped around Dursley like a puppy seeking warmth and cuddles. He was definitely high. So was Dursley. It seemed kind of nice.

It also seemed intimate. Which made him think back to that way Dursley had almost kissed Greyback. All smoke and up close. And that made him think of how Dursley had kissed him. All tongue and a hint of smoke. Leaving that earthy taste in his mouth. It hadn't exactly been bad. He didn't hate it.

His nerves said he hadn't had quite enough substance yet. "Looks like you've got your hands full in that department," Hollie said, with a nod towards Greyback. He knew he should go find Murphy. His friend would have never purposefully left him in the hands of an overly friendly Prefect. He needed saving.

But for some reason, he didn't move.


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#, as written by Ivisbo

Lyall wasn’t really listening, at least not fully. He could hear everything and nothing all at once. It felt a little bit like how his senses over reacted to everything during the week of the full moon, but with so much more control. If he focused on the couple dancing in the center of a ton of other grinding bodies, he could hear their whispered conversation like they were standing right next him. He laughed a bit, kind of fucking loving that it seemed like weed gave him a bit of control to the craziness that was lycanthropy. He’d always assumed drugs were chaos- he’d seen people do bat-shit things under their control. But maybe his life was already too chaotic… so the drugs had to give him a little something back in return.

Neo was next to him. He was aware of the smaller mans breathing, of his weight against Lyall’s body, and the jostling movements of someone that could only be described as a whirlwind. Compared to Neo, Lyall felt like he was pulling himself through muddy water.

The tall blonde was still staring across the crowd, his eyes distant and body loose, when that little whirlwind came crashing back into him. Though he thought his body was moving slow, his arms instantly reacted and he easily caught the curly blonde haired man before he hit the ground. Neo instantly was all arms around him, plastering himself to Lyall’s body like the backside of a sticker. He didn’t mind, kind of enjoyed it actually. Neo had a way of just being that Lyall very much wish he could emulate. No overthinking, no backtracking or redacting words. He certainly never apologized for who he was. The opposite of Lyall in almost every way. He would never understand why Neo had decided he was worth collecting.

Neo was talking to someone. Lyall’s hazy brain was about turn and tell that person to fuck off- whoever it was had shoved Neo and was now distracting Lyall from the hazy warmth of the drugs. But Neo gave him no time to react, maybe sensing that Lyall was tugging himself out of that haze, and grabbed his face for another hit.

He was aware he was smiling stupidly. He should probably control that, put on a more placid expression. But, unlike Lyall’s normally hyper anxious brain and tendency to always look calm and passive, right now he did not give a shit.

Lyall was full on grinning. An expression he usually kept under lock and key because he thought it made him look like his father. All teeth, slightly sharp canines, a wild, unfiltered look in his eyes. It made him look like a person that didn’t care what everyone around him thought- the person he would have been if his father had been someone else. But, fuck, Lyall didn’t even know who Fenrir Greyback was right now. All he cared about was how the loudness of the party made his brain quiet, that Neo was a drug personified, and he was content for once.

His pinprick eyes landed on Hollie finally. He knew Hollie- Captain of the Hufflepuff team and fellow Beater. They were often alone on the Quidditch field after hours, no sound but the loud thump of the bludgers back and forth. Hollie was a legend in Lyall’s eyes- a fantastic Beater raised by two of his heroes. When Lyall was a kid, he’d often fantasized about being raised in a similar household. Quidditch every day, walls covered in posters and colors, a parade of game talk and practice.

So, when Lyall’s slowly chugging brain caught up to his quick-moving body, he peeled himself off of Neo and yanked Hollie into a one armed hug.

“Hi Hollie!” He yelled over the crowd- probably a tad loud as his face was currently buried in the shorter man's shoulder, “Neo got me high as fuck, on accident? I think. Either way it's weirdly great and you should probably be too”

Neo stood behind them, looking from Lyall to Hollie and back again. He was high, so fucking high, but he could still not bring himself to blame the drugs for the emotions that were ripping his chest apart.

He wanted to kiss Lyall. He wanted to kiss Hollie. He wanted those two, tall, broad jocks to kiss and watch them do so.

Neo was high. But it wasn’t the drugs that made his body burn.

Hollie stayed perfectly still in Lyall’s hug, staring at Greyback and Dursley. The intensity in which Dursley looked at him and Greyback made his stomach clench. The weed made his mind foggy.

Maybe Greyback was right. Maybe he should get high.

Lyall pulled back after he didn’t get an answer and held Hollie at arm's length, “Yeah?” He was still grinning, toothy smile looking more and more wolf-like, “Neo’s a pro if your worried. Never felt this good in my life”

Hollie swallowed. He’d come to party, hadn’t he? Merlin, his fathers would murder him. Dursley held a joint to his lips, inhaling deeply before blowing the smoke out over their heads. Hollie’s throat felt dry, and he wasn’t really sure why. He licked his lips, and although he wanted to reach for it, something held him back. There was worry on his face when he looked at Greyback. “You got me?”

Lyall laughed roughly, pulled Hollie back to their little circle, and slung a large arm around him, “I don’t really know if I got myself” he whispered conspiratorially, then gestured loosely at Neo, “I’m sure he does?”

Neo did not fight his devilish grin back very hard. It was a stark contrast, that innocent face with such a mischievous smirk. He held the joint out to Hollie.

Hollie took it tentatively, his heart pounding from anticipation. Dursley was watching him, Greyback was holding him, the thought of feeling as good as they obviously were was the final push. He licked his lips again then took a tentative, slow drag. Somehow, he didn’t cough. Thank magic.

Neo’s eyes raked over Hollie and Lyall’s bodies.

“You two should make out,” he deadpanned.

Lyall instantly rolled his eyes before taking the joint out of Hollie's fingers. He was used to Neo’s weirdness by now and tended to just shrug it off. He never really knew what to say and was usually way too nervous to come up with a reply. So he busied himself by taking a hit and looking away.

Lyall had to release Hollie when he doubled over coughing, handing the weed back over to the other beater. He wheezed, feeling like a slice of charcoal was slipping down his throat at the same time as his mind was slipping loose a fraction more.

“Oh fuuuuuck” he groaned, righting himself, “Alright, fuck, this is good”

He was nodding, not really sure why- maybe just at the whole situation? Lyall did a quick look around the room and pointed at someone taking a shot out of a vial.

Neeeeo” Lyall frowned, did he just whine? He coughed and fixed himself, “Neo what’s that?”

Neo followed Lyall's finger, Hollie was watching too, but not speaking. The Euphoria Elixir came in tiny glass vials that fit in the palms of their hands. Teddy made sure that no dose was too strong or too much. Usually, it took a single shot for the effects to set in.

Neo disappeared from Lyall and Hollie's immediate eyesight for a moment, returning later with two vials. He handed each of them a single vial. Hollie’s eyebrows rose, like he wasn’t sure if he was that invested.

"Bottom's up, boys!"

He spanked them both, gripping their firm asses a little longer than they'd expected. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket and watched them knock the drug back.

There was a split second where Lyall almost tossed the drug in favor of yelling at Neo for the ass grab, but Hollie was pulling the stopper out already. Lyall sent Neo a withering glare at the same time as mimicking Hollie, both of them a little apprehensive as they clinked the glasses together.

Lyall and Hollie threw them back at the same time. As the cold liquids burned warm down his throat, he remembered that he hadn’t even asked Neo what this was. But oh, fuck, it took all of five seconds for him to not really care anymore.

He turned wide eyes to Neo, blinking as the purest form of Good ran through him like molasses. Coating everything, filling dark cracks he didn’t know he had. It felt like the coziest fire, the warmest blanket, Minerva’s secret tea she only shared with him.

He reached forward and grabbed Neo, not really sure why. He knew the boy liked to be touched and he wanted Neo to feel this.

“Mmm” Lyalls voice had dropped down to a deep rumble, somewhere between human and wolf, “It’s fucking warm. It’s good, I like this. You feel like this?”

Neo sucked in his breath. He had a hard enough time pretending that he did not really feel anything for Lyall without him making it all the more difficult. He'd kept away, played and teased as a way to release some of his frustrated affections. Maybe giving him the drug had been a bad idea. Maybe Lyall should not be high. Because if he continued to act like that, Neo might just start believing that he had an actual, real-life chance.

Not getting any real answer, Lyall took that as Neo not really getting it. He’d only smoked weed, he hasn’t tried that godlike liquid with them.

Lyall grabbed Neos hand at the same time as steering Hollie around towards the bag of drugs on the counter, “Were getting more”

Hollie hadn’t said a word. He’d been too shocked by the flood of what he could only call … happiness to speak. It was pure, and gripping, and he kind of wanted to laugh but he didn’t know why? Until suddenly Lyall was touching him, and then he looked up to see an array of emotions flash across Dursley’s face. Not the happy emotions, not really. Dursley no longer looked playful or in control; he looked scared and vulnerable. Like he’d just had a secret discovered.

“Come on man,” Hollie said, and then the laughter escaped. He was giggling, it sounded a little bubbly, but he was pretty sure nothing was actually funny. “Leave the kid alone.” His smile was too wide. It was the drug. He took Dursley from Greyback’s grasp and tucked him against himself instead. “Maybe he’s allergic?”

Feeling slightly panicked, Neo coughed the last of the smoke in his lungs out. The motion rocked him deeper into Hollie's chest, taking him farther away from Lyall.

"It's Euphoria Elixir. It makes you feel happy." Neo explained

Lyall quirked a brow, his grin turning a bit more dangerous when he was denied, “And you don’t want that?”

Neo tensed. He had never expected this turn of events. He shook his head. “I like how weed makes me feel. I prefer Muggle drugs.”

He wanted to say, “But I’ll feel happy if you kiss me, if you love me, if you let me be yours.”

Neo didn’t say that. He never would.

Lyall gaze got a bit harder, the euphoria making his brain easily slip past any kind of line he would never have crossed, “You do this with me and I’ll trade you something”

Neo stared at Lyall. He could ask for anything. Anything.

With a heavy sigh, Neo pulled himself from Hollie and walked the rest of the way to the bar. He took some vials and handed one to each boy.

“No trades.”

He downed it in a single go.

Lyall followed along, his brain doing one more chug before slipping deeper into that thick warmth. His eyes slid into a bleary, sleepy look, which starkly contrasted to the yellow glow and pinprick pupils. He wasn’t tired, his brain was active and alive and smoldering, but damn was his body slow. He felt the kind of good you felt after a long nap- aware but wanting more.

Hollie didn’t think he should do more, but it didn’t really seem to matter, because he did. And he felt good. In fact, he was pretty sure he had never felt that good in his entire life. Well, no, that was a lie. It was the kind of happiness he’d felt on a broom before, high above the rest of the world, soaring fast, but it was still kind of different. Like he wasn’t having to chase that happiness.

Instead, that happiness chased him. Euphoria hit him straight in the chest like the goddamn Night Bus. The swirling colors around him, the faint smell of weed and moondew, the darkness he felt blanketed in, it was all so wonderful.

Neo hated the moment the drug hit his system. It messed with his head, made him happy. Too happy. A part of his brain wanted it to stop. A bigger part of him wanted to pull both boys to him and kiss them, ravish them.

Neo held his head in his hands, smiling back at Lyall because Lyall was smiling at him.

“‘s good, right?” Lyall slurred, his tongue a bit heavy in his mouth and his cheeks stuck in a permanent loose grin, “You’re good right?”

Neo did not feel good. He didn't think so, at least. He felt too happy and that scared him. He laughed really hard and leaned against Hollie.

"I'm good if you're good."

Lyall's eyes listed slowly away from Neo, his body swaying slightly in time with the music. He kind of felt like dancing, but one look at the grinding hot bodies under neon lights made him feel a bit queasy. He’d get eaten alive in there and probably not in a good way. But he still wanted something, though his drug-addled mind couldn’t put words to it.

So Lyall took two steps forward and swung his arm around Hollie on the opposite side of Neo. He sent a lazy smile to both of them before tugging them a few steps backwards and unceremoniously dumping all three on the worn out leather couch against the wall.

“‘s better, much better” he was still wrapped around Hollie's side, head on his shoulder cause his muscles really wanted a break.

His brain was doing the mush thing he couldn’t control, filtering from one subject to the next. Quidditch slid through, as it usually does around Hollie, and Lyall latched on. He leaned further into Hollie's side so he didn’t have to yell over the music to speak into his ear, “Did you catch the Moose Jaw game last week?”

“Hell yeah!” Hollie answered. He rarely ever missed a game. He was talking about it even though he barely registered what he was saying. Once he got the words out, they were gone, drifting away with the music. Lyall was touching him and then he was on something that felt vaguely of leather but definitely didn’t smell like it. A couch? Yeah. Lyall was right, it was better. He leaned his head back and felt another grin split his face.

Neo was aware that Lyall had deposited them all on one of the scattered old couches around the room. He was grateful for Lyall's unwilling nature to dance. Neo wasn't quite sure that he would be able to keep his body upright.

The thing about Neo and Euphoria Elixir was this: he went into hysterics. Somehow, the drug drew out all the happiness and hurt that Neo had ever felt. Neo sometimes wondered if it was because the drug had too much magic in it and he didn't have enough to keep up. Whatever the case, it sent his mind reeling. Neo always ended up laughing and crying.

He leaned into Lyall, his laughter drowned out by the music and the sound of fellow students. He could hear Lyall talking about the one thing Neo knew almost nothing about: Quidditch.

Both of the boys he had a crush the size of Gringott's underground vaults were bonding over the one thing he could not keep up with. He laughed as he watched them, thinking that they looked utterly lovely together. They really made a beautiful pair.

Laughing, Neo said, "You two are really beautiful. You know that right?"

He didn't know if they heard him. Neo didn't care. He leaned forward and started laughing. He laughed and laughed and laughed until he was crying.

Hollie and Lyall were so caught up in their tiny world of balls and broomsticks they almost missed Neo’s voice. Something with the word ‘beautiful’ in it, and Hollie felt his face heat up. If he were sober, it would have been a comment he would have moved passed. Because it was Neo and he never really knew how to handle Neo. He opened his mouth, sure he was going to say something, but then there were tears. Not his. Neo’s.

“Hey. No.” Hollie wasn’t sure why tears were wrong, but they were. There weren’t supposed to be tears here. “Dursley! My dude, this is the happy place.”

Lyall had a real hard time yanking him out of the euphoric glow of Quidditch and drugs and Hollie. Caught in that trap he'd never tried to remove himself from before. But Neo was up to his shit again, only this time the sincerity in his voice was enough to tug on Lyall's attention.

Beautiful, him? He could admit Hollie was an attractive dude, he guessed, but Big Bad Fenrir Lyall Greyback Jr.?

"Yeah, yeah man. See, we are both happy. You just gotta be happy with us. What can we do?" Lyall asked.

Neo’s head spun. His heart felt exposed and all the feelings he’d ever hidden came pouring out in hysterical cackles and sobs.

He gripped an arm. Lyall’s? Hollie’s? He didn’t know. He didn’t care.

“W-weed!” He gasped. “Get me some weed.”

He needed to dull the thundering force of Euphoria. He needed to be numb again.

Hollie was the one that moved, though he supposed that was kind of dumb because he didn’t even really know what he was looking for, but he found Neo’s bag without any trouble, and in there was another bag of the joints Neo had been smoking. He grabbed a handful of them and was back in no time, pressing them into Neo’s lap worriedly.

Neo’s fingers trembled as he struggled to light a joint. His hysterical laughter made it harder for him to stop shaking. If his tears dripped, he might lose his chance to smoke. After several failed attempts, he finally managed to light his stick.

Desperate, he took one, two, three deep hits. He held the smoke in his lungs, allowing it to burn. With a sigh, he released whatever was left into the area above them. There was the stillness that he had been seeking, teasing him in the swirls of the smoke.

He gave a laugh, this one more steady than all the others, and continued to smoke. “A’ight, their lads?”

Hollie laughed himself, but it still wasn’t funny. Neo was steadier, he thought, but it still didn’t quite seem alright. “Maybe we should call it a night, yeah?” he asked, looking between Lyall and Neo. And then, he didn’t know why, but he laughed and leaned forward to press a kiss against Neo’s forehead. “Think I’ve had enough for my first party.”

“Call it a night?” Lyall echoed back, his gaze drifting away now that it seemed like Neo was doing better. He frowned and shook his head, his eyes skimming over the life filling the room, “No, pretty sure I won’t ever need sleep again” He turned his attention back to the two boys on either side of him, “We could… go somewhere else though? Maybe…” A slow grin spread across his face as he made eye contact with Hollie, “Quidditch pitch? The stars will look great on this clear of a night”

Neo nodded. Yes, Quidditch pitch. Anything to get out and stop being unbearably high. “I’ll need help walking. Can’t walk straight.”

He giggled. “Can’t walk straight, can’t think straight, can’t be straight.”

Lyall laughed, grabbed Neo, and hefted him off the couch in a single move. He kept his arm around Neo’s waist and half carried him towards the back door, glancing back to make sure Hollie was still behind them.

Thank ya to Char and Jos for the words and the collab!