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Kingsley Shacklebolt II

Begging for trouble and sure to find it.

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a character in “We Solemnly Swear...”, originally authored by Guest, as played by leisurelyatwar



"You can't tame the spirit of someone who has magic in their veins."


Kingsley Shacklebolt II



Pureblood, Sacred twenty-eight.

Kingsley and Colette Shacklebolt

issa PANdemic

Nyhm her little black long haired Norweigan forest cat

Scorpio bb ☠


Her skin was like satin, the color of ochre, much like the color of sunlight falling on the Earth. Full velvet lips, ever pulled into a smirk as if they held a secret. Dark curls framed her pretty face, perfect coils even when untamed. She rarely wore her hair any way but natural, save for a special event or occasion. She loved her natural hair as is, and embraced it's wild side. Expressive almond eyes with long lashes, able to express a myriad of emotions with just a look. Her jaw line looked as if it had been sculpted of granite, with cheekbones to match. Her innocent face was misleading, but useful.

Short in stature, but you'd never know it. When you walk tall, people don't notice your height. Long limbs ever graceful, her figure was all soft curves, feminine and divine. Often one to opt for more "boyish" fashion choices, when she does put on a "something girly" she was bound to turn heads. After all, her mother is French. She moved as if music was always playing, a rhythm in her movement. Her self-assured nature resonates in just her look, with a devil-may-care expression usually scrawled across her face, a mischievous glint in her dark eyes.


For any kid growing up, their parents are their heroes. For Kingsley Shacklebolt II, her parents were heroes. Her mother had protected and hidden and smuggled countless muggle-born witches and wizards into France during the second Wizarding Wars. Her father had fought in both Wizarding Wars, had been a high-ranking auror in the ministry of magic. He even had served the Order of the Phoenix under one of the greatest wizards that ever lived, Albus Dumbledore. After the Battle of Hogwarts when the people needed a leader most, Kingsley Shacklebolt was the man who stepped up and assumed the position as Minister of Magic. He was a real hero, both of her parents were.

When both of your parents are heroes, how can you escape it?

“Kingsley Shacklebolt, as in THEE Kingsley Shacklebolt?”

“Your father is a brilliant wizard, revolutionary!”

“If you’re anything like your parents, you’ll be a great witch!”

And her favourite, “Do you know the Potters?”

She grew up doing her best to fly under the radar. She spent her formative years sneaking around the Ministry of Magic, by now she knew it’s ins and outs like the back of her hand. Her father took it upon himself to home school Kingsley from age six until she went off to Hogwarts on the job. She went with him to work most days of the week, reading book after book he assigned. When you’re cooped up that long, you find ways to entertain yourself. Even as a kid she liked to seek out trouble, often pranking the various departments within the ministry.

It only encouraged her father to keep a tighter hold on her. He loved her, she understood that, but sometimes it felt like he expected too much from her. She was rarely allowed to be a kid, always dragged along with her parent’s affairs with the Ministry. Anytime she’d want to actually act her age, her father would turn it into a lesson about how she had endless potential and that she had to work endlessly to get there. It’s bloody overwhelming for a kid to hear over and over again when they just want to fucking watch the tele for a couple of hours.
So her father kept her close, hoping to spark an interest in his work. Her mother would often have to remind him that a child shouldn’t grow up stuck inside some building, even if that building was the Ministry of Magic. Despite it somehow feeling like a punishment, she did enjoy it for the most part. At least eventually, once she started to learn her way around. The place became her home, more than their “real home” was – where they actually rarely stayed. They traveled so often. Occasionally she was lucky enough one of the Potters, Weasley’s or Malfoy’s brought one of their own along. Even luckier if Teddy came by…

As they got older, her father kept a tighter grip on her, which only made her better at sneaking around. She knew the Ministry of Magic better than anyone, even her father. She knew where to find trouble, how to avoid it. She knew where they kept the hard drugs like Fae Food, Pixi Dust or Magic Shrooms – and she knew the best place to take them (Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, the bowtruckle or puffskein habitat).

Her father seemed to worry himself about her lack of ambition a lot, for reasons she didn’t understand. It wasn’t that she didn’t have ambition, she just didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do yet – something her mother often assured her was normal.

“You’re father…he just worries. When you’ve been through what he has, the people he’s lost…it’s hard to understand what life was before all that. Sometimes ambition can stop you from remembering to appreciate what’s in front of you.” Her mother said to her one night when Kingsley’s father had assigned her a massive essay, saying she had to complete it if she wished to spend the weekend at the Potters with the Weasleys, Lupin and Malfoy in tow.
“Every day he thinks what could he have done differently to save them. Every one of them. He blames himself for not being perfectly prepared…it’s a great burden. One he hopes you never have.”

Some time into her third year at Hogwarts, her Charms professor approached her. He had always praised her as gifted at charms, but this time he wanted to ask her to join the Dueling club. He believed she had incredible potential, and they needed someone like her. Kingsley had never felt so flattered. Her father had been the best duelist in his days at Hogwarts. She had her own hesitations, like if he would measure her accomplishments up to his and she’d only fall short. Her professor didn’t take no for an answer however, insisting she joined.

When she first told her parents, they were so excited to hear she had joined an extracurricular. She reckoned her mother had stopped her father from writing a long letter summarizing a syllabus for their training this summer if she wanted to become the captain by her fifth year. Back then her parents would visit Hogwarts a couple times a year on Ministry business and take her to Hogsmeade for a day visit. They coordinated a visit to be there for her first tournament. She would have been nervous but it turned out she was incredibly gifted at dueling. She was beating people years ahead of her despite their knowledge of more advanced spells. She was too quick, she could see their move before they even could wave their wand.

Of course it was her first year and she got knocked out eventually, but she made it farther than anyone else in her year. It was the first time she recognized pride in her fathers eyes when he looked at her. “With reflexes like that, you’d make a fine auror.” Kingsley had never heard such assurance in her father’s voice, she could almost sense a weight had lifted from his shoulders. He was beginning to realize that she was going to be alright.


loyal || rebellious || fierce || proud || ambivert || moody || self-assured || giving

ImageFrom a young age, Kingsley had always cared fiercely for her friends in family. Her parents taught her that, to hold on and fight for the people that matter. She always was great at sharing, and as a little girl when her family would travel on ministry business she always wanted to buy gifts for her friends. It was no surprise when she turned out to be a Hufflepuff despite her father coming from another house. Her mother went to Beauxbatons, although her father often joked she’d have been a Ravenclaw with a tongue as sharp as hers. Kingsley was many things, but above all else she was loyal.

Growing up under the Minister of Magic could have been isolating, but her friends made sure that never happen. Her father was tough on her at times, he wanted her to have the same ambition as he did at her age. He knew he wanted to be an Auror all his life – and Kingsley simply wasn’t that person. The more he pushed her, the more she pulled away. Soon it became a game of cat and mouse, often with Kingsley slinking away once her father let his guard down and wandering the ministry seeking trouble. If she was feeling especially mischievous, she’d snuggle in a dungbomb or something else from the joke shop and just cause chaos. Her father did not like that one bit. He’d try to reign her in but the more pressure he put, the better she got at sneaking.

Eventually he had to give a little leniency, or he’d never know where she’d went. One of the greatest aurors there ever was, and he couldn’t find his own daughter in his own work place. It wasn’t a good look. So Kingsley had the run of the place. She liked to sneak around in the shadows, observe and report if you will. When one of her friends would come along with her parents she would give the grand tour complete with office gossip. It’s not that she was a gossiper, just that if you’re around for so long you pick up on these things. As she got older she got less into pranks and more into the confiscated goods they kept hidden away.

When she started at Hogwarts, it took a couple of years to find her stride. She had average marks, but excelled in Charms and later DADA. When she joined the Dueling Club she truly defined her position at the school. Up until then, while she’d always been a confident lass, Kingsley always felt like she was defined by the people around her. No one really saw her for face value except her closest friends, but when she was dueling, she knew people saw her for who she really was. Fierce.

Her friends had always known who she was, however, despite how poorly she was at expressing her emotions at times. While she could be extremely extroverted at times like when meeting new people, she could also be incredibly introverted. She was a very thoughtful and empathetic person with a deep emotional intelligence, she was horrible at expressing any sort of negative emotion. She would often just go quiet and isolate herself until the moment passed, then pretend like it never happened.

Truthfully, she hated any extra attention, the only time she liked it was when she was dueling. After she was made captain her father began to ease regarding her future. While there was still some pressure she’d feel, it wasn’t as it was before. Now she had direction. To say that Kingsley didn’t take advantage of her fathers newfound leniency would be a lie. Now that they were all old enough, the PotterXWeasleyXDracoXLupin (Or PWDL) crew was wilder than ever. Some of them had began hosting parties at the shrieking shack, the next year Kingsley smuggled in so many confiscated drugs from the Ministry she could have been sent to Azkaban then and there. Not to mention the time she’d been caught snogging a certain blue haired boy whilst high as a kite on pixie dust in the Puffskein habitat in the Ministry of Magic.

Now she was nearing her end of Hogwarts, was even allowed to use magic outside of school and apparate. One might say she was growing into a lovely young woman.


10 inches || Aspen || Ridgid || Dragon Heartstring

She knows the ins and outs of the ministry better than anyone alive.
Exceptional dualist.

Whatever team that Viktor Krum is on. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

A Norweigan Forest cat named Nyhm.

Lynx, just like her father.

Her father dead before she could make him proud.

So begins...

Kingsley Shacklebolt II's Story


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#, as written by Ivisbo


While most students were starting out the train ride in pure amazement, Teddy's face was smooshed against his-one-and-only Kings lap as he drooled a nice little puddle on her wool skirt. Bless her for having nice thighs and the patience enough to deal with his napping. He'd been up with James and Scorp the night before, being serious for once and trying to get the plans finished for the first party of the year. Because, while the first years were thrilled for the opening ceremony, their first night in their dorms, meeting the people they'd come to know as family from now on- the older students knew what coming back to Hogwarts meant.

It meant waiting for your magically delivered golden script invitations. It meant crawling out of bed and sneaking through the halls. It meant elaborate escape plans from the castle to a night that you'd most likely have forgotten by morning. Thankfully they'd developed cures (at a good price of course) for that hangover the next day. They'd get caught for sure if most of the upper years didn't make it to their first day of classes. The first party of the year had become something of legend and Teddy was more then happy to deliver.

There was a moment of jostling- probably Kingsley making herself more comfortable with the mop of blue hair in her lap- that tugged him slightly out of his sleep. The other students were starting to make noise, meaning Hogwarts had probably come into view, "I'd like to die between your thighs one day, they really are heaven" He mumbled as he rotated to look up at her, "We there yet?"

Kingsley peeked at Ted behind tired eyes, smirking. He always had the right things to say. Her fingers pulled at his curls, tugging at the ends to see if they’d change colors. “Bloody hope so,” she said with a yawn “don’t reckon I could last another minute with the squealing first years next door.”

"Oh, we were them once" He lifted himself off her but not away from her, leaning even closer to look out the window. He liked touching, he liked being touched. He liked hands in his hair and soft touches up his arms, something King had always been more than willing to give him. Hogwarts was definitely in sight now, its looming towers a stark contrast against the white overcast sky. He couldn't blame the younger students- it was glorious, a real hail mary to his tired brain. Teddy shook himself awake and cracked a few backbones, then grinned as bright as he could at Kingsley, "Fuckin' hell tonight is going to be glorious"

Teddy wasn't a Prefect- had refused the job- but the guy they'd gotten instead of him had lost some of the first years on the staircase and he'd had to go save the lot himself. Because apparently, he was the only one that cared about kids getting lost in this demented castle. They'd been sniffling, trying really hard not look scared out of their minds when he found them in a dark corridor covered in the ceiling to floor in paintings. Said paintings where the only reason he'd found the kids- Teddy liked to morph into the moving figures when he was practicing his abilities (paintings were a very vain lot, he got applauses almost every time). So, the word had gone out that he was missing a few young Puffs and it had only taken 30 minutes to find them.

But that was 30 minutes that he was supposed to start getting supplies for the night ahead... but he could never deny a student in trouble, especially from his own house.

"Who's your favorite wizard?" He asked over his shoulder as they walk back to the Huddlepuff dormitory (after he'd explained how to navigate the moving staircase properly so this wouldn't happen again).

There was a chorus of answers, but he demanded they decide on only one. They debated, shouting out "Hermione Granger!" excitedly. No doubt they'd heard of his tours before.

He led the five kids back to the dorm as a young, frizzy-haired Gryffindor that seemed to know everything about anything they asked. He'd spent enough time with- and read enough stories- to know how Hermione was. Harry had told him she'd only gotten more knowledgeable as she got older, but never mastered the tacked to explain it. The kids were into it, tried to drag him into the dormitory so they could show the rest of the house who they'd found. But he just laughed, morphed back into himself (yellow and black hair for house spirit this time), and said he had to be somewhere tonight. He'd see them tomorrow, the next day, and the next. There was more time for heroes later.

Now, he needed to be blitzed. They kept a stash hidden from last year out in the woods, some in the Herbology greenhouse, even more in the potions closet concealed behind a false wall. They'd hidden some in the library once, out in the woods, even in the quidditch field. Weird ass locations because they were never sure when something was going to get found and had to ensure it couldn't all be connected together. It took him a few hours- he had to we sneaky, but not too sneaky. He spent most of the time as different students and teachers. Scorp got pissed when he used his face, but it was really the best way to move about the castle without being bothered. People tended to step aside when he was speed walking down a hallway.

He filled a large Quidditch bag. If anyone asked, it was Lysanders stuff he was returning. But if they looked inside, they'd see enough Pixie Dust, Fae Edibles, Muggle Weed, Moondew, Euphoria Elixir, Alihotsy Leaves, and Giggle Water to knock the whole school out and then some.

And hopefully, that's exactly what happened.

The Shrieking Shack always looks solemn and quiet from the outside. They'd spelled it enough so that it remained the same old, spooky looking self. He was glad for no radiating warmth, no sound greeting him on the narrow path leading there. Party attendees knew to come in small groups and spread out so as not to draw attention. But Teddy was sure at this point everyone was crammed inside and sweaty as hell.

God, opening that door was more of a coming home then walking into Hogwarts. It was like being greeted by your bed and just wanting to throw yourself into it. His hair went wild with colors- a rainbow of emotions throwing themselves through his locks. He let out a howl of excitement and the party replied in kind.

Teddy laughed and the chorus of screaming and made his way to their makeshift bar. He slammed the Quidditch bag down with an announcement of, "I've got druuuugs!" and unzipped the bag. His favorite was Euphoria Elixir, happiness bottle in a tiny vial, and he pulled that out first and down it in one shot. Instantly, a burst of golden yellow happiness glided through him, tingling his fingers and making his body feel like he'd been in the sun all day. His hair turned gold, his cheeks warmed with pink, and he grinned.

Yes, fuck, this was home.

Thank ya to LindaRose for Kings words and Char for starting us up again. I luv u


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Kingsley always hated the night before her return to Hogwarts. Her father would keep her up late until the night, doing last minute planning for her independent studies until she’d come home for Christmas. Originally it would be supplementary assignments to the classes she’d struggle with, but in recent years it would be to expand on her strengths, mostly dueling. He taught her spells ahead of her years, giving her an edge to the competition. The night before she’d left, he’d have her demonstrate her wand choreography over and over until she was nearly ready to pass out where she stood. Her mother would pop in every now and again, asking them to go to bed already. Her father would always say the same thing, “Any moment now mum, just finishing up.”

It didn’t surprise her to see Teddy as tired as she was when she arrived at Platform 9 ¾‘s. Everyone grouped up, giving one another hugs and catching up before loading onto the carriages. They’d all see each other at the Shrieking shack that night. On the same page, Teddy and Kingsley found their own carriage to try to sleep the ride in. Teddy had better luck than Kingsley, soon drooling in Kingsley’s lap. She stroke his hair as she hummed a muggle tune like a lullaby. Her cheek pressed against the glass, her eyes were barely able to open. She could hear Teddy’s deep breaths, lulling her into a slumber. Always just before she’d slip into her dreams, the squeals of the first years in the compartment next door would wake her up. Teddy none the wiser would only plunge deeper into her lap, unbothered. Beside them their cats had curled up around one another. Nyhm would occasionally perk her head up, much like Kingsley, whereas Lily would bury her face in the soft fur of Nyhm’s belly, much like Ted into Kingsley’s lap.

It was around the fifth time they had erupted in excited shrieks when Kingsley had finally just fallen asleep when they started up again. “Oh for fuck’s sake.” She griped, throwing her shoe against the wall they shared. They seemed to have quiet down, but her outburst had stirred Teddy. Slowly he awoke, sleep still in his eyes. ”I’d like to die between your thighs one day, they really are heaven” He mumbled as he rotated to look up at her, “We there yet?”

Kingsley peeked at Ted behind tired eyes, smirking. He always had the right things to say. Her fingers pulled at his curls, tugging at the ends to see if they’d change colors. “Bloody hope so,” she said with a yawn “don’t reckon I could last another minute with the squealing first years next door.”

“Oh we were them once” He lifted himself off her but not away from her, leaning even closer to look out the window.” She pressed her forehead against his cheek, shaking her head.

“Let’s get one thing straight, I have never….ever squealed….in my L I F E.”

Ted gave her a wry grin, licking his lips as he tried so hard not to laugh, "Oh I'm sure I've heard you squeal a number of times. Need me to remind you?" Kingsley suppressed a smile, biting her bottom lip to hold back her laughter. She supposed he had a point.

He stretched his limbs, Kingsley pouting as he turned away to crack his back. Wrapping her arms around him to bury her face in the nape of his neck, inhaling his scent. That was one thing that would never change no matter how he’d change his appearance. He smelled like the cool night, calling her to bed. ”Fuckin’ hell tonight is going to be glorious” His excitement was contagious. She nibbled at his ear lobe, practically purring.

“I hope you’re not just talking about the party.”

He grinned, his ears tingling at the attention. She knew that was his weak spot, that wasn’t fair “Oh, King, you know I’m always referring to you.” He slipped his hands back where his head had been resting, massaging her, running his hands slowly up and down – getting a little higher every time. “Should we make the rest of this ride more fun? We have to wait till all the children have unloaded anyway.”

She laughed, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him into her. Her tongue ran along his jaw line, “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

When their lips touched it was magnetic, nearly impossible to pull away. "You're nothing but trouble, Edward Lupin." It took everything she had to stop, her lips still hovering just over his, teasing him “but you aren't ready for all this trouble just yet.” Falling into his kiss again, she melted under his touch – just about to take back her words and succumb to desire. Just as she reached to tug at the waist band of his trousers, the train pulled into Hogsmeade and the excited first years once again began their screams.

Unable to control herself, Kingsley laughed, finally breaking Teddy’s spell over her. “Ha, you know what? I’m starting to like them.”

Kingsley had barely made it through the feast without falling asleep into her Yorkshire pudding. While everyone else welcomed the first years into their house, she snuck away for a kip before the true festivities began. By now she was a pro at sneaking around the castle at this point, most of them were. The party was in full swing when she arrived. Someone had enchanted lights to dance across the ceiling, flashing different colors in tune with the music. She tossed back some spiced mead and went to the dance floor, some of her fellow house mates called her over. For a Hufflepuff, she sure seemed to intimidate a lot of people at Hogwarts – but her housemates knew better. At one point she had seen Scor and Louis, but they disappeared into the crowd before she could find them.

She was a few meads and had the doxy’s bite by the time Ted had stormed in, pulling out a Quidditch bag filled with illicit substances. People had already begun to flock to him, his hair like a golden beacon to drugs. She caught his eyes from across the room, giving him a wink before letting the music wash over her once again. He’d find his way to her eventually. The smell of a familiar smoke drew her in, there was only one wizard who she expected to find at the end of it.

“Ne-ooo!” Kingsley said with the exuberance only someone four drinks in could have, finding the Dursley keeping to himself on the outskirts of the party. “What are you doing all the way over here? Trying to keep that good good muggle cannabaceae to yourself?” she joked, squinting one eye as she reached her hand out, pinching the air to indicate she wanted to take a hit yourself. Before he could hand it over, someone else placed a moondew joint between her fingers. She didn’t seem to notice he hadn’t given her his own joint, and took a drag, coughing in surprise.

“Fucking hell, that tastes just like moondew, it does.” She coughed, inspecting the joint, and looking back and forth between it and Neo before realizing he still had his own. A smile of realization broke across her face, she pointed at Neo – or she meant to. She ended up pointing at some rando next to him. “Ahhh, I see what you did there.”

thanks ivi for yo words


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Rose Weasley

Image“Head up, good posture is important! Don’t forget your books! Remember, enunciate your spells! Take Notes…” Hermione’s voice was thankfully drowned out by the excited squeals of First years. Rose hurried along the platform, weaving gracefully through the crowds. Finally, finally! She was free of expectations, of pressure, and of her parents.
A metallic shriek signaled the arrival of the decrepit carriage that would take them to the only place Rose felt at home. The doors reluctantly eased open with the force of a stocky station guard. Rose didn’t look for anyone as she boarded the train, not because she wasn’t interested in being social, it was more that she wasn’t interested in idle chit chat. She was more of the philosophical conversation kind of girl.

The train swayed gently from side to side, allowing Rose’s brain time to daydream and rest. Rose rested her head against the glass and sighed in relief. The trees flew by in hues of emerald and jade, mesmerizing her into a dazed state. As if by magic, pun intended, they were pulling into the Hogwarts station. The rest of the ride was uneventful, and quite frankly, boring….and then the fun began.

The invitations went off without a hitch, with a flick of her wrist, beautiful gold script danced playfully in the air. Enticing, emboldening, and everything she could as for in an invite. She grinned as she let the spell go. She watched the ripple of reactions wash through the crowds and almost couldn’t help but giggle. The finishing touches to the party, and protection of said party where already taken care of, the power of careful organization, and teamwork.

Rose entered the party with a sense of anticipation, and dread. What if it wasn’t good enough? That thought was quickly washed away by the lights and deep throb of the music. The lights danced across the dark ceiling, each color slowly fading into another. They swayed and changed, illuminating the world around her. She watched the bodies move around her in time with the beat, and felt her pulse quicken.

Image“Fuck it.” She said with a smile as she made her way in. Kicking her right leg forward with pointed toes and flexed calf muscles, she pivoted in a revolving whirl of sharp precision and accurate grace. The entirety of her being began was absorbed by the entrancing environment. She spotted Kinsley, and Neo, smoking something she was sure was illegal. Delightful. Rose approached with the confidence of a lioness, she plucked the joint from between Neo’s fingers with a grin.

“Hello lovelies, enjoying the event?” She asked with another scrutinizing glance around.

“I mean, I suppose I could have added more lights, or placed the tables differently…” She trailed off in her own train of thought, and took a long deep hit from the joint. She inhaled slowly, her system responding to the smoke. She felt as though her lungs where being wrapped by a warm blanket. She tossed her thick ruby locks over her shoulder as she took small, slow, draws of the joint. She felt delighted as she let the smoke billow between her plump pink glossed lips. Rose turned her attention expectantly back at her two friends.


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Standing on the platform like she had so many times before felt different this time. Maybe it was because after this there was no more Hogwarts? No more seeing or being with her friends for long periods of times because of them all being in the same place or even stargazing on the astronomy tower late nights. No third home to come too when she wasn't in London with her mother or with her father in Japan. Juniper sighed softly as a light wind blew making her hair dance in its presence, pulling her out of thought. Her mother placed a hand on her head and smiled at her. She was really well dressed just to see her daughter off but the truth was that Cho had to be at the ministry for work shortly after. "Ready?" Juniper gave her mom a soft smile, adjusting her backpack. "Yeah."

Once her mother finished her small loving lecture about not doing anything she would and her luggage was put away by paid house elves, thanks to Hermione's dutiful work for the once considered second class beings, Juniper boarded the train like everyone else. Her heart seemed to flutter taking her usual seat in the middle of the train, knowing it'll be her last time but it almost felt freeing as well. Once out she could put all she worked on while attending Hogwarts to good use, maybe even travel and expand her curiosities and knowledge. In her cart joined two more people who found themselves without a seat. A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff, both looking to be 4th years, at least. They both politely smiled. "Are these seats taken?" Juniper gave a smile in return, looking at the empty seats across from her then shook her head. "Not at all, please go ahead." The two piled into her cart excitedly talking back and forth about the new year and Jun kind of already regretted it. Reaching into her backpack she pulled out her iPod that she always managed to sneak into Hogwarts with her and proceeded to place the earbuds into her ears and press play. She had laid down using her backpack as a pillow and sketched away at a manga she was creating. Currently for her own eyes only.

Bubbling chatter was heard from all around, excitement from seeing friends again, the sorting ceremony beginning and the feast outstretched in front of everyone. Also from the older students who just received their invitations. It was the sort of a background noise she was going to miss. At the moment though, Juniper stared at her own invite for a moment before it disappeared, loving how beautiful it looked. Propping her elbow on the table and resting her chin on her hand she couldn't help but admire the redhead a few bodies down from her. Her hair was really mesmerizing but so was her handwriting.

Soon the hours turned to night and Jun found herself in her room, combing out her hair while her earbuds were in. Luckily her roommates were cool and weren't going to run off telling a teacher. As roommates, they've formed a roommate bond of sorts, seen others cry over a break-up or the stress that comes with the owls. They've helped each other through them too, especially Junipers listening and sometimes late night group talks. It always helps to get things off your chest. But tonight wasn't one of those nights. Tonight was a night for partying and settling in on the first day of the last time she'll be attending Hogwarts.

It didn't take long for her to toss something nice on, tuck her iPod away safely under her pillow and be off. Juniper tiptoed down from their tower, through the castle and out with two other Ravenclaws behind her. They nearly froze when a professor almost caught them rounding the corner but with a quick disillusionment charm, the three were able to blend into their poorly lit surroundings, sneaking right by Professor Longbottom. The cool air from outside prompted her to shove her hands into her pockets but it still felt nice on her face. Every step wasn't hurried, like her mates how already passed her and eager to get to the party. No, instead Juniper occasionally looked up, her eyes lighting up with the reflection of all the stars peppered across the night sky. It was calming to her, especially since she was also seeing her friends again that and you can never have too many beautiful things in life.

Making it through the front, her nose was greeted by the scent of sweet alcohol and a mixture of moondew and weed, with a splash of sweat. The music thumped loud and through her, every vibration being felt through her feet and radiating throughout her whole body. It was enthralling how everything seems to catch her attention and senses all at once and she loved it. The colors, music, bodies dancing all bout, and the smell, everything. Her roommates that entered early kept an eye out until Juniper got here to toss her a joint that was already rolled, a nice surprise but the girls often look her out. Nice of them. She placed it in between her lips and pulled her hand in, lighting up her joint as if she was using a light but her fingers instead. A neat little trick she learned her fifth year though it took practice without her wand.

Inhaling the thick white smoke Jun held it in her lungs for a few moments. Her eyes fell on the small group that consisted of Neo, Kins, Rose and Lily. The smoke spilled from her nose like a dragon as she decided to grab a drink first too. Dancing her way through the crowd, Jun poured herself a good shot of fire whiskey and didn't hesitate tossing it back. Oh if her mother or father saw her now, they'd be pretty pissed on how their daughter could knock back a shot like a champ. Especially with that innocent face, they think she has. The liquidy substance burned at the back of her throat accompanied by the taste of cinnamon and she could feel the heat that crept up on her body. Taking another drag from the joint, it topped off the shot like a cherry on top.

Juniper made her way over to the four, her steps feeling lighter and her shoulders relaxed. "Hey guys," she started, one hand In her pocket while the other pulled the joint from her lips, giving them a grin and rose an added wink though she doesn't know what possessed her too. Well, she does but now she wishes she hadn't cause she felt a bit embarrassed. Juniper pushed the joint back to her lips dissipating any awkward feelings she may have had about herself a few moments ago and blew a cloud of smoke into the air above them.


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Suddenly Kingsley was surrounded by familiar faces, one after the next. “It’s ALL my babes!” Kingsley enveloped them in a hug, although she could only fit three in her arms; Juniper, Rose and the youngest Potter – Lily. “It’s your first party isn’t it, babe?” She said to Lily, releasing them all from her hold.

Kingsley rested her head against Juniper’s shoulder, lacing her fingers through hers. “Juni-ii-per…” she crooned, looking up at the gentle spirit. Feeling Kingsley against her grounded Juniper for the time being and made her feel warmer than the fire whiskey.

"Yessss?" Juniper mimicked back in a loving tone.

She let her fingers run through the longer strand’s of Junipers hair, rubbing them between her fingers. The room was starting to spin, the doxy dex had begun to wear off. All she could see was what was in front of her, Juniper’s lovely face. She smiled, her eyes squinting so she could barely see. “Juni, take care of me.” King said, nestling into the cloth of Juniper’s jumper. The feeling of fingers through her own hair would have calmed her in normal circumstances but it only made Juniper shiver slightly. A welcomed feeling, not just because she was warm and Juniper craved some affection. She tugged on Kingsley’s hand gently, beckoning her to follow with the joint hanging off her lips.

"Always, now let's get some fresh air into you."

She followed Juniper’s lead, barely conscious until she felt the slap of the cool air. Rose had extended her enchantments from within the shrieking shack to a little area outside behind the shrieking shack to ensure students wouldn’t be exposed. You could still see every star from here, the moon was hanging low, a crescent in the sky. King pressed herself into Juniper, “It’s so beautiful out here.”

“I missed you, where were you all summer? I thought I’d at least see you once..”

Pressing softly back into the warmth that was Kingsley, Juniper blew out some smoke. She was beautiful too but Juniper didn't dare to speak it at the moment. She began remembering her summer all over again. Tilting her head back to look up at the sky, a grin etched itself upon her lips hearing that her close friend missed her. It had been…lonely. "My father couldn't make it home from work this summer so... I stayed with him in Japan for the entirety of it." Juniper while in thought had begun unconsciously running her thumb over Kins knuckles, enjoying her soft skin.

Her heart fluttered at Juniper’s touch. She loved these moments with her, when Kingsley had gone too far off the rails and Juniper brought her back down to earth. There was something about her that made her feel so safe. “Well, I’m glad to see you now.” Kingsley said, kissing Juniper’s cheek softly, it was as soft as she remembered. “Besides, it wouldn’t be a party if you weren’t around to take care of me.” She joked.

Juniper instantly felt the heat from her feet quickly making it's way up to her whole face and seared where Kins lips once were a moment ago. "I'm glad too," barely speaking over a whisper, admiring Kingsley in the moon and starlight. The cool air helped for some relief but it couldn't put out the heat rising in Juns stomach nor slow the thumping in her chest. Her head felt light because of the weed but it was a nice feeling, especially now. "I'll always be around to take care of you.." Jun trailed off, getting lost in her beauty.


King smiled, melting under Juniper’s stare. She could see the entire night sky in her eyes, King had to catch her breath before she spoke. “What?” Kingsley asked, leaning in to press her forehead against hers, looking deeply into her eyes. She could feel Juniper’s breath against her skin. It was intoxicating. Kingsley couldn’t stop smiling.

“Do I have something on my face?”

Junipers head was swimming in fluffy clouds by this point, treading unknown sea clouds. euphoric... exhilarating... Juniper felt alive in a way she hasn't yet known, a rush of confidence quickly took over everything else. Warm palms cupped Kingsley's face "No, you're beautiful." Jun moved in, closing the small gap between them with the warmth of their lips.

Juniper’s advances were surprising, but not unwelcomed. Kingsley couldn’t count how many times she’d almost kissed Juniper. She tasted like muggle weed and honey, Kingsley wanted more. She pressed Juniper into the wall behind then, running her fingers through her hair. She inhaled her scent, it filled her with desire. “Jun,” Kingsley moaned into her lips, her fingers gently wrapping around her neck to pull her deeper into the kiss. Her heart was fluttering faster than a fairies wings, she could hear it thumping against her chest. Exhaling, she pulled away, still leaning against Juniper, her thumb running across Juniper’s bottom lip.

With the wall against her back to help steady herself, all other touches from Kingsley left Jun melting. Senses were heightened and upon hearing her name from those soft lips, by the which she cared so much about, she fell deeper into the kiss. Softly tilting Kins head back by her chin. She was nothing but sweet between Junipers lips. Kingsley pulled away for air, air that Jun didn't know she needed herself until their lips parted. She could feel how hard Kings heart was beating and yet it wasn't loud enough to drown out her own, beating just off synch.

Kingsley smiled, the haze from her eyes had disappeared. She was seeing clearly now, and all she wanted was Juniper. She laughed to herself, how did this finally happen – and how was it that Juniper was the one who made the first move. “You…” She said with a smirk of amusement, “You are just so full of wonderful surprises.” She wrapped an arm around Juniper’s waist, slipping it under the fabric of her shirt before leaning in once again.

Juniper gave her thumb a soft kiss, the smile gracing Kingsley's lips causing her to blush and feel a little shy under the girls new gaze. For so long Juniper wanted to kiss her and now that she did it felt like she answered something that was forever questioning within her, something clicked. " And you're not?" Juniper leaned in, brushing her lips against Kings ear as she whispered. No fair, Kingsley was wonderful too and Jun wanted her to know it in every way. That's when she felt a warm hand underneath her shirt, skin against skin and never has she felt such nerves yet calmness.

Hesitant, Kingsley paused – “Is…is this okay?” She asked sheepishly.

"It's okay..." she spoke, softly dotting kisses up the side of her neck.

The door slammed open, handsy teenagers spilling out – obviously they had the same idea she did. Kingsley jumped, the noise shook her from her dream. Juniper….Juniper was precious. Kingsley remembered why she had waited so long to ever make a move, but her answer was in Juniper’s eyes. She could never be what Juniper deserved. No, Juniper deserved so much more than the mess that was Kingsley Shacklebolt II. With the new arrivals giggling behind them, she cupped Juniper’s face between her hands. Kingsley’s smile was full of melancholy.

“You know, you really shouldn’t go around involving yourself with miscreants like me.” She winked, lacing her hands through Juniper’s once more. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

She pushed through the masses that blocked the door, it seemed like the partied had doubled since she’d left. Still gripping Juniper’s hand tight, she pulled through until she found herself back where they had begun. “Fucking hell, remember when these parties were actually exclusive? How’s a girl supposed to get a drink around here?” She said to no one in particular, unsure if she was sweating from the heat from the other bodies in the room, or the body standing next to her. Leaning in close, Kingsley spoke softly into Juniper’s ear. “I’m going to grab a drink, I’ll find you later.” She kissed her cheek softly, slipping away before Juniper could even react.

It was easy to hide herself in the crowd, there was enough tall gangly Brits to duck behind. She didn’t necessarily want to hide from Juniper – but it was all happening very quickly. Juniper wasn’t the type of girl to take lightly. She was meant to be savored. Kingsley was a rabid creature, not to be trusted with something so dear. Still, when she thought about the way she tasted it made it difficult for Kingsley to think straight. No – no, she wouldn’t burn that bridge. But she didn’t mind enjoying a taste in the meantime.

I need fucking drink. she thought to herself, slithering through the crowd to find the bar. It was self pouring, the bottles levitating and shaker moving on it’s own. Rose and her tricks, always premium shit. “Pour me a stiff one, bartender.” Kingsley said, leaning over the bar to stop the dancing bodies from pushing against her. Moving on it’s own, it poured her a drink into a glass, levitating it right into her hand. She sighed, looking into her glass pensively.

cowritten by NotWhatYouThink


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Kingsley looked over her shoulder, glaring at the unfamiliar faces. Once upon a time she knew every face in these parties – nowadays it seemed like everyone and anyone knew about the Shrieking Shack. The party had nearly tripled in size since she arrived, there was barely room to breathe. As one girl she recognized as the keeper on the Slytherin team fell back into her, it took all of Kingsley’s effort not to throw her. Instead Kingsley gave a meek smile as she helped the girl back up, shaking whatever had spilled from her cup off from her hand. As soon as her back was turned, annoyance flashed across her face. She finished her drink and slammed her glass down onto the counter before someone else could knock it our of her hand. She watched as the enchanted bottle of fire whiskey poured her another glass, a flash of movement caught her eye from behind the bar.

She would have smiled seeing Ted and James tangled up in one another if her mood hadn’t been so soured. Any other time she even would have joined, but not this time. No, she needed to get the fuck out of here – and fast. She couldn’t stand another second in this wretched party, even if she smoked the joint calling her name from her pocket. Before Ted or James could spot her, she grabbed her drink, the enchanted bottle and her attitude, and ducked out of sight. Seemed that she was doing a lot of that tonight. Ted was in good enough hands, although she did feel a twinge of guilt when she thought about leaving Juniper behind in the wake of their kiss. This was quickly quelled by the feeling that if she stayed here for a minute longer, she might break something.

Luckily still only a few knew about the slide-like tunnel from the Whomping Willow. Lake air slapped her senses, she felt uncomfortably sober. Tossing back the last of her drink, she held her glass and the bottle in her hand. The lake was beyond the greenhouses, which would require some stealth. Luckily, she knew all the charms to do so. Her father thought he was preparing her for her OWL’s but really, he’d been training her to get away with just about anything. Pointing her wand to each, she incanted “reducio” quietly over each. They both shrunk to a size she could fit in her pocket. Additionally she disillusionment charm on herself, watching as she changed colors to match the world around her to make sure she achieved full coverage before advancing. Flawless execution, if she could say so herself. She knew the exact route to take. She had made this walk many times before. She walked along the tall rocks that surrounded Hogwarts foundation so anyone spying from the window up above wouldn’t detect her movement.

There was a spot just around the bend from the path leading from the Greenhouses to the castle, just hidden enough for a cheeky joint or maybe for lovers to rendezvous. She had found it shortly before they began having parties at the Shrieking Shack one day when she was seeking a little peace and quiet as she so often did. Kingsley found it easier to think out here, especially with a drink and a joint in hand. The moon was but a sliver in the sky, reflecting across the lake. Lifting the disillusionment charm and restoring her glass and bottle back to full size. She found her best sitting rock, leaning against the stone wall behind her. Glass half full, joint lit and…she could breathe again. The air smelled of dew and moonlight and, her drink tasted like divine nectar.

Kingsley had a reputation for just disappearing, it was the only way she could get away to think straight. When your father was the Minister of Magic, even from a young age everything you would do or say was endlessly scrutinized and scandalized by his critics. Every time she threw a tantrum as a child or was found sneaking around the ministry – it reflected back onto him. Rita Skeeter especially, she loved writing gossip about any of the “Dumbledore’s Army”’s darling children and who loved coming around the ministry to snoop around. Eventually, Kingsley just learned how to get better at sneaking off for some time alone, if only for a minute.

So many people saw her as the girl who liked to have a good time – and she did, but sometimes she just wanted a break. No, needed a break. Especially nights like these, where if you weren’t dancing and pressing against some hot body then it felt like something was wrong with you. She sighed, getting lost in her drink. For fucks sakes, what was wrong with her? Couldn’t even last a couple hours during the first party of the year before she let her emotions get the best of her. She just didn’t know how to handle them when she was around so many people, it was like they were sucking the life out of her. They didn’t have to look at her, their presence was enough of nuisance in those moments. Forget about talking about it, she’d just go quiet and mumble that she had a headache or something so people wouldn’t push further.

No – no, she would stick to stealing these moments by herself to renew her energy. To let herself just feel, and ride out the emotion, whatever it was. Then she’d never have to talk about her emotions, E V E R.

When she slid back from the Whomping Willow into the shrieking shack, the whole shack felt much larger, although nothing had truly changed. Except Kingsley’s tolerance, honestly. The joint was finally working its magic, she could feel a tingle creep up the base of her skull and wrap around her temporal lobes. Her smile was back, her eyes looking through the thrashing bodies trying to get a line of sight on Teddy’s quidditch bag. She wiggled her way through, the bottle of fire whiskey still in hand. People who recognized her gave her a smile, maybe even tried to include her into their dancing as she walked past. She played her part, but she knew where she was going, right to that quidditch bag. She was high, but she could be higher.

The Euphoria elixir supply was running low, but honestly the potion affected her in a way that made her crash heavily once its effect wore off. What she wanted was tucked into the side pocket, phials neatly layered. Pixi Dust, she held one to the light. The light refracted off the substance, creating a rainbow of colors that danced across her face. Careful to distance herself from anyone who might knock into her, she gently tapped the phial to shake some of the substance onto the back of her hand. Tucking the phial away, she inhaled the bump she had shook out onto her hand.

Just like that, the world around her changed. It was like she was seeing her own world, but through another dimension. Where Rose had enchanted lights to dance across the ceiling, she saw shooting stars shoot across the sky. The horde of dancing bodies, once overwhelming, now was a wooden path calling her into the woods. All around her the world was changing colors, from cyan to magenta, sparks danced around her. She had to remind herself to breath, so stunned by her own vision. Suddenly she was overcome with laughter, bubbling up from within. It wrapped around her, relieving all lingering tension. She fell into the world around her, letting it swallow her whole.


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Piper rose with the sun, not because she had to, but because she found peace in the few minutes between night turns to day. The coolness of the early morning is deceptive; the sun had barely risen and the stone castle did not provide much insulation. She padded quietly down to the common room and sighed happily. The Hufflepuff common room was a cosy, low-ceilinged room decorated with cheerful colours and plenty of plants and flowers. Really it was her favorite place….or it was until she had her little rendezvous at the shrieking shack. The Hufflepuff fluttered about, Piper waiting somewhat impatiently for her roomie Kingsley to wake as the sun rose. When her patience ran out, she tiptoed her way back to their room.


ImageIf it hadn’t been for Nyhm circling Kingsley’s pillow in a plea for attention, she was certain she would have slept through the whole day right there. It had been a long couple weeks, the first ones always were. Most nights had been spent in the common room bent over Numerology and Grammatica or Winogrand’s Wondrous Water Plants preparing for N.E.W.T. exams. Kingsley enjoyed to party but during the week she took her studies very seriously, or her father would see to it that she did.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Kingsley rolled over to face Nyhm. Her lynx-like ears were turned back to express discontent, letting out an angry meow. “Cheeky little puss.” Kingsley whispered, wrapping an arm around her to pull her in like a teddy. She looked across the room to Piper’s bed made neatly, furrowing her brow with suspicion.

“Piper?” Kingsley called out as she sat up in her bed, pushing her braids from her face and scooping Nyhm into her arms. People had already began to leave for Hogsmeade, it was the second weekend back which was always the craziest. Things had began to calm down enough that everyone would finally let loose since that first night. Most assuredly they’d all end up at The Shrieking Shack that night, but Kingsley enjoyed pre-drinks at The Three Broomsticks on those hazy Saturdays…. Besides, Kingsley didn’t trust Piper enough to let her go to Hogsmeade without her. The last time Kingsley did that she ended up with a DungBathBomb being flung into her tub whilst bathing.

Their dorm room was empty but that didn’t mean Piper wasn’t nearby. The stone floor was cool under her feet, one of the many downsides to living in the lower levels of the castle. Kingsley scampered across their room with Nyhm still in her arms, eyes darting side to side. “Piper, I swear to God if you’re planning something…”

Piper could hear Kingsley moving around, when she called Piper’s name Piper couldn’t help but grin. Kingsley knew her too well, she was expecting a prank. Best not to disappoint.

“Levicorpus” she whispered. The incantation was a jinx. The spell, which was intended to be cast nonverbally but which can be spoken aloud, caused Kingsley to be hoisted into the air by her ankle; She watched in amusement as her friend swung upside down haphazardly.
Kingsley let out a surprised yelp, Nyhm leaping from her arms with a screech as she darted down the hall.

“Morning beautiful!” Piper called as she pushed her way into the room and sauntered past her friend.

Kingsley huffed, folding her arms as she glared at Piper. “Oh, think you’re clever do you?” Kingsley sneered, “Starting a war? Is that what you want? I will ruin you by the likes of which you’ve never seen.” Any threats she tried to convey where undercut by the ridiculous visual of her being hung upside down like a sock on a clothesline. She struggled for a minute before letting out a squeak. “Lemme down!”

“Oh baby, I am not just clever, I am funny as fuck.” Piper said as she leaned against one of the beds and laughed. After a brief moment of enjoyment, she sighed and grinned at her friend.

“Fine, only because I wouldn’t want to be ‘ruined by the likes of which i’ve never seen’” Piper mocked.

“Liberacorpus.” She said and Kingsley dropped to the ground.

“Truce?” Piper offered Kingsley her hand with a grin.

Kingsley narrowed her eyes, “Why? So, I’ll let my guard down and you can get me again? No, I’m perfectly happy with war.” Kingsley spun on her heel to swing open her wardrobe rustling through her clothes while keeping an eye on Piper. Keeping her wand at the ready, Kingsley gestured to Piper. “Behave - I’m going to shower with my wand so if you try something I will end you….don’t you dare go to Hogsmeade without me.”

Kingsley was in and out the shower, jaunting down the steps into the common room shortly after with her hands deep in the pockets of a fluffy pink jumper. Her braids had been enchanted from shades of blue to a myriad colors, like the ocean at sunset. Throwing a hand into the air, Kingsley did a little twirl as she reached Piper. “Let’s go babe! First weekend out, we’ve got a schedule.”

Both of the girls were top of their class although in different ways. Piper was a brilliant witch all around whereas Kingsley’s excellence was more brute luck. During the week they both were much more of the studious type. Kingsley still snuck out to the Shrieking shack for the late night hangs she’d spend doing homework while a joint was being passed around, usually with Teddy stretched across her lap. Piper and her had always made the best of the weekends, however. Piper didn't make it to the parties every week but they always made it out to Hogsmeade, especially when they learned any time they let the other go without them it’d bite them in the ass down the line.

“Shall we go for cream tea? It’s a bit early for it but I’d love a good scone with clotted cream right now and a good cuppa.” Kingsley linked arms with Piper, pulling her along.

“Whatever you want.” Piper said, her mind a million miles away.

“I just need to get out. It's absolutely suffocating here.” Piper said as she stretched her arms above her head and gestured with towards the doors with a jerk of her chin.

“After that we can window shop, or get bombed, I am not picky.” Piper said with a grin as she hooked her arm in Kingsleys.

“Oo, babe. Now you are talkin’ my language.” Kingsley teased, quirking an eyebrow. There was something off about her, something Kingsley couldn’t put her finger on. Ever since that first night Kingsley could sense there was something she had missed that Piper had been keeping to herself. Rumors spread like dragonfire in Hogwarts, but Kingsley didn’t give rumors much attention. She’d heard enough about herself and loved ones to know that most of the times rumors were taking a fraction of the truth and manipulating it for crowd appeal. They walked to Hogsmeade with their arms linked, speaking to each other with the ease of sisters. They had been sharing a room so long they might as well be.

Piper found herself lost in her thoughts, only coming back to reality here and there as Kingsley pulled her along. Piper just couldn’t seem to keep her mind from wandering like a dog off its leash, right back to Albus Potter. Part of her felt silly, like some little girl with a crush, and part of her was exhilarated by the prospect.

As they rounded onto the main road they could see into Hogsmeade. The village was a small cluster of thatched roofs with buildings that leaned into one another lined with stone. Most of the student’s visiting had clustered down the cobblestoned street down the center of the village. Colorful shop fronts called to passerby’s from either side, tempting sweets and luxurious cloaks in window fronts for them to stare. Nyhm had followed along, circling Kingsley’s legs before running out ahead and looking back for them to follow.

Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop had saucer of cream and fluffy beds for the feline inhabitants of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts that Nyhm had a deep affection for. Additionally, they happened to have the most delicious scones this side of Ireland. It was a popular spot for dates among students but Kingsley regularly dragged Piper here when she was craving Cream Tea. Kingsley secured them a spot by the window, Madam Puddifoot herself squeezing through the space between tables to greet them. She had a special affection for the girls, having fought alongside their fathers’ during the Battle of Hogwarts.

The scones came out fresh, levitating along with a small porcelain bowl of clotted cream and a jar of jam. Madam Puddifoot brought them each their own pot of tea, serving them each their first cup in delicate ornate china tea cups with matching saucers. She asked the girls how school was going and about their fathers were doing before leaving them be. Kingsley leaned back, looking across her tea cup to Piper with knowing eyes.

“So,” Kingsley said as she set her cup down, clinking it against the porcelain of the saucer. “When are you going to tell me what’s been going on with you?”

Piper snapped back to attention as Kingsley called her on her airiness. A blush spread across her cheeks and she looked down at her drink. She took a long slow sip before looking back to Kingsley somewhat awkwardly.

“Oh...ah… nothing really...Just feeling a little differently lately.” She said, though she couldn't deny a small smile that played across her lips.

Kingsley didn’t bother masking her annoyance, rolling her eyes at Piper’s evasiveness. Kingsley didn’t like to pry, all too familiar with the unwanted feeling of having your private life be the topic of every day conversations. The teapot between them levitated to refill Kingsley’s cup, but Kingsley stopped it before it could refill Piper’s. Kingsley reached across the table, scooping up Piper’s cup. She leaned back as she inspected it, bringing the cup into the sunlight that shafter through the window panes.

Divination had never been Kingsley’s strong suit, she lacked the instinctual certainty that no amount of reading could teach. Her mother had the gift. When Kingsley was little her mother would teach Kingsley how to see the shapes in the leaves and their meanings. She never saw as many shapes in the leaves as her mother did, but Kingsley had learned how to look for them. She didn’t have the gift but tessomancy, like palmistry or astronomy, was pretty easy to hack once you knew what to look for. Piper had been so deep in thought while drinking her tea, she had manifested an answer in the tea leaves. A smug expression streaked across Kingsley’s face.

“Hmm...fancy that….a rose...and..” Kingsley squinted, swirling the tea leaves to get a better look. “A sun!” she exclaimed, returning the dainty cup and rotating it for Piper to see for herself. “Love and happiness in your know, if you believe that kind of stuff. I’m just an amature though, have a look yerself.”

Piper took the offered tea cup back and glanced at the leaves in the bottom. She didn't partake in tessomancy at all, in fact, she had tried to avoid the class all together. If only because she preferred the more reliable of future reading...which was essentially nothing because the future is constantly changing. She shook her head and grinned at Kingsley.

“So, I did a thing, and I am not sure how to proceed. I am the first to admit I am over my head...but damn does drowning feel good.” Piper laughed as she let the tea pot refill her cup one more time. Truth was, she was craving something stronger for this conversation, but Tea would have to do. Piper let out a long slow breath.

“I sorta kissed Albus Potter….like a the Shrieking Shack party...and I like him...a lot” Piper said in a halting shaky voice. As if saying it out loud made it more real and she wasn't sure she was ready for real.
A knowing smile tugged at the corners of Kingsley’s lips at Piper’s confession; hidden behind her tea cup as she pretended to take a sip, trying to mask her smug expression. It felt good being on the other end of this dynamic for once.

“Am I crazy? I am crazy aren't I?” Piper asked as she bit her full bottom lip and tugged on a strand of her hair in worry.

“Crazy for liking Albus Potter? Hardly - the whole lot are absolutely gorge.” Kingsley said without skipping a beat, “Last year the first years had a quiz going around called “Which Potter boy should you snog?’....I got James, obviously - though I rigged the results, I’d already snogged him.”

Piper laughed at Kingsley's comment and rolled her eyes playfully.

“Okay, so it's a greenlight from you I take it?” Piper said sarcastically, though she felt a tingle of excitement. She wasn't looking for approval exactly, more like a confirmation that it wasn't all part of some big cosmic joke that she was the butt of. Piper shoved that thought away and took a long sip from her tea cup.

A devilish smirk streaked across Kingsley’s lips, eyes twinkling with delight. Unlike the rest of the children of Dumbledore’s Army, neither of Piper’s parents worked in the ministry. She was always there at events when their parents had a party or just tagging along on a visit, but most of Kingsley's fondest memories with her friends were of them sneaking around the wonder-filled establishment. Kingsley didn’t know if Piper ever felt left out as a result, many of their wildest adventures had been in the strange rooms of the different departments. Kingsley found you saw the real kind of witch or wizard someone was when their back was against the wall, and Kingsley had never seen Piper in that position. Never saw her take a huge risk, always responsible and mild-tempered. Passion looked good on her, even if she was trying to hide it.

“Oh, babe….It’s an abso-fucking-lutely.” Kingsley popped her last bite of her scones into her mouth with great contentment. She dusted off the last bit of crumbs from her fingers, gently wiping the corners of her lips before gently folding her napkin and placing it on the table. Coins clinked against porcelain, the silver glinting in the sunlight. “Let’s go - I say it’s high time we get something a little stronger in our system.”

Kingsley offered out a hand for Piper, dragging her out of the Tea Shoppe. There’s only one place to go for a proper pint around here, and it was likely a certain Potter boy would be in attendance himself. Kingsley wanted to make sure Piper wouldn’t slip away before that happened. She leaned in to whisper in Piper’s ear as they entered The Three Broomsticks. “I want to see Piper Longbottom on her worst behaviour.”

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