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Lily Luna Potter

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a character in “We Solemnly Swear...”, as played by Seravi




{“I'm gonna party, see how intoxicated I can get and how many rules I can flaunt. That's my motto.”― H.G. Bissinger}



Lily Luna Potter
"Named after two spectacular witches. "

Lil or Lils || "Most people call me this."
Luna/Luney/Lune || "The latter two used to be insults, but I've embraced them."

June 10th
"Birthday? Don't you mean birth WEEK!"

”Just because I'm young doesn't mean I can't have fun!"

"Does it really matter? I thought the world had gotten past these labels."

Harry Potter & Ginevra Potter (nee Weasley)
"They've left some big footsteps to follow in."

"I think, I mean I haven't seriously dated anyone yet."

"Brave to the point of recklessness - yup, that's me."


{“Never miss a party...good for the nerves--like celery.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald}


"She's beauty, she's grace. she's - Oh! She's me."

A little flower in the rough, lean bodied with a short stature and near fragile appearance. Youth and innocence in her very expression. She is fair and pale skinned. Which causes most colors to stand out much more bright on her. Her eyes are a muted green that at times can seem to have a more blue or brown hue depending on the lighting. And her hair, long and as wild as her personality, a huge between red and brown. Exhibiting the best of both sides of her genetics.

Lily is the kind of girl to wear anything from sweatpants to sundresses. While she much prefers loose, flowing clothing she knows how to dress for the occasion. Her preferred colors are bright or vivid shades, white's and lighter grays or shocking reds and deep blues. However as the season changes so to do her preferences. As she generally only wears blacks, dark blues, or burgundy reds in the colder fall-winter seasons. She does wear reading glasses, but it is a rare occasion that she will wear them regularly or at all. She is mostly seen (outside of the dress code of course) in loose blouses and shorts or skirts, with a pair of regular tennis shoes.


{“I fell over twice. It was loud. The garden was black outside our circle of light. The endless night stretched all around us, so we told each other that we had to be close together, together in the dark.” - Laure Eve}


"Don't judge me, I won't judge you. Capiche?"
Wild || Brave || Reckless || Rebellious || Prankster

A prankster, adventurer at heart, and utterly confident in a lifestyle of chaotic danger. A thrill-seeker with a love for disaster; adrenaline flowing hot through her veins - a junkie for it. Her fire is stoked by the actions of others. Reaction based temperament that can ignite without kindling. Known to blow up at the slightest provocation, and takes no shit from others. A confident - albeit arrogant - girl who sees no problem with owning everything she does. Stands tall and walks with pride in herself and in her family. Knows better, but really doesn't care.

Brave to the point of recklessness, a girl with too much time on her hands and an interest in the macabre. Can be the best road trip partner you ever had or the scariest depending on how you feel. Has been known to traipse through abandoned buildings just to catch a glimpse at the ghostly remains of its history. Interested in the more eclectic things - and really, who doesn't love a good spook now and again. Grim jokes for days with this one. And certainly a whole mess of trouble wherever she and her friends go.

Can be stubborn as hell and opinionated to boot. Argumentative when she really, really wants something. Clearly smart, but doesn't often put as much effort into classwork as she does her social life. Has often been compared to her (late) Uncle Fred and Uncle George in the way she chooses to pull pranks and relieve the situation with jokes. She's known to be rebellious, and though she loves her parents very, very much she refuses to listen to a single word they say.

She is outgoing and loves meeting people. There isn't a single homebody tendency in her, and she can always be found in her free time outdoors or surrounded by friends. When she connects with people she does so on a deep level. Something that can sometimes be overwhelming to the other person. And while she can't be considered a protector due to her passivity she can be a shoulder to cry on when needed. Because of this deep connection making, she can become extremely attached to her friends and somewhat clingy.


{“A group of adventurers is known as a "party," and not just because they like to celebrate their success together in the end. Your party should be as close to you as your family--assuming your family can cast spells, kill monsters, and bring you back from the edge of death.”
― Matt Forbeck}


10 in || Dogwood || Pheonix Father
"I was told that Dogwood makes a rather mischievous wand. I certainly think that's right. "

"I'm awesome, but nothing really extra. "

Loves it and always shows up to her houses games to support the team, but she herself can't seem to focus when flying and always winds up injured. Her parents have forbidden her from getting on a broom for longer than a minute at a time.
"I'll figure out how to secretly join the team one day."

Her cat Blaze, who has a bad habit of getting into just as much trouble as she does.
"I found him, all alone on the street - and then I decided I'd just bypass mom and dad saying having to discuss me keeping him and just snuck him in the house anyways."

A Doe
"I practiced really hard to get it right."

Her family and friends turning their back on her; abandonment.
"I don't want to be alone. Ever."


{“Of course we did everything right, insofar as we were able to imagine what "right" was.”
― Donald Barthelme}


"I love my family, I love my life - but I want to have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want."

Not one single time did Lily Luna Potter ever stop moving. A constant buzz of motion from childhood to her teenage years, constantly flitting around doing gods know what while her parents tried desperately to keep her from running head first into her death. Rebellious - not because she wants to be a bad kid but more so because she simply loves the freedom. Much of her childhood was spent adventuring with family, pulling kid-styled pranks, and having as much fun as she wanted. At the end of the night she rarely wanted to close her eyes from the rush of energy in her blood.

When it came time for her to start school at Hogwarts she was ecstatic. She idolized her family, her parents and aunts and uncles spoke so highly of the place that she could not contain her excitement. It was a no brainer that she was sorted into Gryffindor - she was just that sort of person after all. She found that her first year somewhat put a damper on her excitement however. Because as much fun as it was school is...well, school is school and someone with such a rebellious streak obviously wouldn't be content to stay indoors and study all the time.

Oh, she got into her fair share of troubles. Made friend with as many people as she could in as short of a time as possible, and decided that she rather liked making mischief and partying till the crack of dawn more than she likes getting good grades and making her parents proud.

So begins...

Lily Luna Potter's Story


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Standing on the platform like she had so many times before felt different this time. Maybe it was because after this there was no more Hogwarts? No more seeing or being with her friends for long periods of times because of them all being in the same place or even stargazing on the astronomy tower late nights. No third home to come too when she wasn't in London with her mother or with her father in Japan. Juniper sighed softly as a light wind blew making her hair dance in its presence, pulling her out of thought. Her mother placed a hand on her head and smiled at her. She was really well dressed just to see her daughter off but the truth was that Cho had to be at the ministry for work shortly after. "Ready?" Juniper gave her mom a soft smile, adjusting her backpack. "Yeah."

Once her mother finished her small loving lecture about not doing anything she would and her luggage was put away by paid house elves, thanks to Hermione's dutiful work for the once considered second class beings, Juniper boarded the train like everyone else. Her heart seemed to flutter taking her usual seat in the middle of the train, knowing it'll be her last time but it almost felt freeing as well. Once out she could put all she worked on while attending Hogwarts to good use, maybe even travel and expand her curiosities and knowledge. In her cart joined two more people who found themselves without a seat. A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff, both looking to be 4th years, at least. They both politely smiled. "Are these seats taken?" Juniper gave a smile in return, looking at the empty seats across from her then shook her head. "Not at all, please go ahead." The two piled into her cart excitedly talking back and forth about the new year and Jun kind of already regretted it. Reaching into her backpack she pulled out her iPod that she always managed to sneak into Hogwarts with her and proceeded to place the earbuds into her ears and press play. She had laid down using her backpack as a pillow and sketched away at a manga she was creating. Currently for her own eyes only.

Bubbling chatter was heard from all around, excitement from seeing friends again, the sorting ceremony beginning and the feast outstretched in front of everyone. Also from the older students who just received their invitations. It was the sort of a background noise she was going to miss. At the moment though, Juniper stared at her own invite for a moment before it disappeared, loving how beautiful it looked. Propping her elbow on the table and resting her chin on her hand she couldn't help but admire the redhead a few bodies down from her. Her hair was really mesmerizing but so was her handwriting.

Soon the hours turned to night and Jun found herself in her room, combing out her hair while her earbuds were in. Luckily her roommates were cool and weren't going to run off telling a teacher. As roommates, they've formed a roommate bond of sorts, seen others cry over a break-up or the stress that comes with the owls. They've helped each other through them too, especially Junipers listening and sometimes late night group talks. It always helps to get things off your chest. But tonight wasn't one of those nights. Tonight was a night for partying and settling in on the first day of the last time she'll be attending Hogwarts.

It didn't take long for her to toss something nice on, tuck her iPod away safely under her pillow and be off. Juniper tiptoed down from their tower, through the castle and out with two other Ravenclaws behind her. They nearly froze when a professor almost caught them rounding the corner but with a quick disillusionment charm, the three were able to blend into their poorly lit surroundings, sneaking right by Professor Longbottom. The cool air from outside prompted her to shove her hands into her pockets but it still felt nice on her face. Every step wasn't hurried, like her mates how already passed her and eager to get to the party. No, instead Juniper occasionally looked up, her eyes lighting up with the reflection of all the stars peppered across the night sky. It was calming to her, especially since she was also seeing her friends again that and you can never have too many beautiful things in life.

Making it through the front, her nose was greeted by the scent of sweet alcohol and a mixture of moondew and weed, with a splash of sweat. The music thumped loud and through her, every vibration being felt through her feet and radiating throughout her whole body. It was enthralling how everything seems to catch her attention and senses all at once and she loved it. The colors, music, bodies dancing all bout, and the smell, everything. Her roommates that entered early kept an eye out until Juniper got here to toss her a joint that was already rolled, a nice surprise but the girls often look her out. Nice of them. She placed it in between her lips and pulled her hand in, lighting up her joint as if she was using a light but her fingers instead. A neat little trick she learned her fifth year though it took practice without her wand.

Inhaling the thick white smoke Jun held it in her lungs for a few moments. Her eyes fell on the small group that consisted of Neo, Kins, Rose and Lily. The smoke spilled from her nose like a dragon as she decided to grab a drink first too. Dancing her way through the crowd, Jun poured herself a good shot of fire whiskey and didn't hesitate tossing it back. Oh if her mother or father saw her now, they'd be pretty pissed on how their daughter could knock back a shot like a champ. Especially with that innocent face, they think she has. The liquidy substance burned at the back of her throat accompanied by the taste of cinnamon and she could feel the heat that crept up on her body. Taking another drag from the joint, it topped off the shot like a cherry on top.

Juniper made her way over to the four, her steps feeling lighter and her shoulders relaxed. "Hey guys," she started, one hand In her pocket while the other pulled the joint from her lips, giving them a grin and rose an added wink though she doesn't know what possessed her too. Well, she does but now she wishes she hadn't cause she felt a bit embarrassed. Juniper pushed the joint back to her lips dissipating any awkward feelings she may have had about herself a few moments ago and blew a cloud of smoke into the air above them.


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#, as written by Ivisbo


He hated the train station scene.

It was hard watching kids with their parents, it was hard slipping through the thick crowds of hugging families. It was especially hard when someone recognized him- usually one of his peers pointing out the wolf amongst them to their parents. He was good at ducking and hiding the moment he felt trouble, but he hated the feeling of cold eyes on him. It made his nick tingle, his stomach ache, and a weird gnawing sensation in his gums. Fear was not something that set well with wolves.

So, after his second year, he’d learned when the train arrived at the station and planned himself accordingly. He’d show up before the bustle of witches and wizards, load his trunk, and slip into the empty train before anyone else. It was actually quite
nice- they spent the entire ride yelling and chatting away, most people did not get to experience the Hogwarts Express while it was silent. Early in the morning, the lights were dim, sun filtered in through the windows and caught the dust motes floating lazily about. The silence in a place usually so full of energy warmed his chest and helped instill that feeling of home so much more.

Despite his keen senses, Lyall always had the uncanny ability to be late to almost every opening ceremony so far. He spent too much time wandering about the castle, too much time taking in scenes that should otherwise have been passed by. His brain was often working in overdrive and he was well aware that he had way too many thoughts to ever bring to words. People called him quiet, he was sure that was why. He just never seemed to be able to get his mouth to keep up with his head.
So when the dinner bell struck, he was halfway across the castle staring up at a moving statue of two wounded young wizards carrying each other. A memento of the war, so lifelike it unsettled him. He was staring at their pained yet determined aces when the sound of the clock jarred him, making him yelp in surprise and jump out of his skin.
The hallway was empty as everyone was in the Great Hall, so the sound seemed to echo down the marble floors forever. He cursed himself- coming in late meant he had to open that giant door for all to see and sneak in during Minerva’s speech. That woman had the eyes of a hawk and would surely see him trying to sneak in after the assembly time. Though it wasn’t his first time being late, he hated to disappoint her.

McGonagall wasn’t the only one with eyes on him as he attempted to squeeze through the narrowest gap in the massive doors. For a split second he had about half of the student bodies attention and it raked on him that he couldn’t just slip right back out the door. But he swallowed, forced his large body through, and found a seat at the very end of the Gryffindor table. There was a momentary pause from the Headmistress as the door gave a torturous squeak closed before she continued on. A few of the students around him suppressed giggles, someone snarked “late again Greyback?”, but he turned his slowly reddening face to his caretaker on the stage and tried to tune them out.

The one good thing about being near the back was he was able to make a hasty exit as soon as he finished his meal. They’d still been arranging the dormitories when the students had arrived or he probably would have headed straight to the common room as soon as he got off the train.

Like the train car, it was eerily quiet when he entered. Someone had set the fire, so the sound of crackling was the only noise that greeted him when he entered the Gryffindor common room. But oh, he felt the warmth of it all immediately.

Lyall laughed as he tossed himself onto an overly large plush couch, rolling onto his back so he could stair up at the golden ornate ceilings. Hogwarts was over the top, but in all the best ways. If he could die and come back as a ghost to haunt the halls here, he was sure he would spend all his time in this room.

He was stilling laying there on the couch when other students started arriving. Some of them tossed him a warm smile, others barely even a glance- some averted their eyes entirely. His fellow Gryffindors- for the most part- had long since given up any hostility towards him. Any of them with a problem had learned it safer to simply stay away. McGonagall had spent his first year quelling any bullying that began stirring up, acting as his one-woman army. Anyone that wanted to pick a fight with him know knew that Minerva always seemed to know when they did.

The common room filled with students, screaming and laughing as they reunited for the year. Lyall was happy to watch- he was especially happy to see Lily and Neo and returned their warm hugs with an all-encompassing one of his own. He was bigger then most boys his age- due to his disease or just because his father was a large man- he was not sure. So when he hugged, people seemed to disappear in his arms.

He slipped away when the common room was starting to get hot. Someone was passing a bottle of something around, people were talking loudly over each other, and he was starting to get an itch for open sky and fresh air.

Lyall took a lot of walks out on the grounds. He was especially good at sneaking out and had little to fear in the woods. The creatures their recognized him as one of their own and stayed clear when he slipped through the trees at night.

Things were clearer in the woods. Walls had a way of dampening sounds and smells, but when you were surrounded by trees there wasn’t a single thing that wasn’t laid out before you. Almost overwhelmingly so, he felt like he was gorging himself on his senses.

It was quiet enough that he could hear the chatter before he saw the students coming around the grassy bend. Lyall slipped behind a tree without thinking, cursing himself and them at the same time. Students couldn’t get other students in trouble… but they could be students that didn’t particularly like him. Minerva could protect him in the castle, but out in the woods he’d be fair game.

Or… they’d be fair game.

They were whispering, but not in a way that masked any of their voices. Stage whispers, used when people think they are being sneaky and are in fact not. Four Hufflepuff girls, high on something from what he could tell. He watched them disappear around a couple large rocks and without thinking, slipping on after them.

He really didn’t know what enticed him to follow them. He hated to think he was stalking (though he was) and he hated it even more that he was creeping through the trees like some beast. He was sure he looked terrifying, but the girls were so wrapped up in where they were going there was no chance they would look his way. He kept mentally yelling at himself as he slipped on light feet between trees, bushes, and rocks…. a fucking wolf indeed.

Lyall did not expect the shrieking shack to be their destination. He watched from a distance as they went inside the abandoned, haunted old house and closed the door. He stared, waiting for screaming, anything, thinking ”oh well see? Fucking good I followed these idiots”. But ten minutes went by and nothing. He rocked forward on his heels, wringing his hands tightly before letting out a gust of air and lunging forward.

The house was silent- but silent in one of those ways that he instantly knew something was wrong. The wood didn’t creak, the tall, lopsided structure shifted with the wind but made no noise. He stared at it, standing in front of the door like something was going to burst out at any second. There was an energy- a hum?- that he couldn’t place. Something that made him sweaty and itchy all over. But he’d watch four girls enter and not come back out and he’d be damned if he ended up finding out they died in there or something.

Oh, sometimes he wished he listened to his instincts more. They always turned out to be right, but he rebelled with that stubborn human brain of his.

He was blinded instantly. Smell, taste, sight, sound- everything was taken over by the intensity of the withering bodies inside. Someone screamed at him to shut the door and he did, hating that he ended up on the inside instead of out. Oh god. Was all of Hogwarts shoved inside of here? One of top of the other, sliding against each other, shoving and pulling and fuckfuckfuck.

He was getting that gnawing feeling again. Something eating at him to play, let loose, take a little.

Teddy bright hair lit up a corner of the room, a menagerie of illegal magical drugs in front of him that he was giving out in handfuls. He took tips, but mostly he just demanded a kiss from his customers. Lyall quickly slipped between the bodies, headed to the somewhat quieter corner beyond the dancing students. He could see Neo surrounded by other students he couldn’t see the faces of.

But Neo he knew and Neo was safe.

Lyall slid a hand down the back of Neo’s arm, his voice useless in the loud bass of the music. So he stepped forward, his body pressing into Neo’s side, “What the fuck did I just walk in on?”

Neo shivered at his touch, glancing sideways at Lyall. A smile became a smile became a grin with the joy. He slid his hand along the small of his back, drawing Lyall in closer. “You made it.”

Lyall shook his head, not really understanding the smile and not really understanding why Neo seemed to be melting into him. “Sure, yeah, I made it. But what is this? How is this? And how the hell does Teddy have all the drugs in London with him?”

Neo took a deep drag of his joint, smiling around the stick. “It’s a party. It’s loaded and it’s heavy. And don’t you know that a magician never reveals his secrets?”

With that he took Lyall’s chin between his fingers, pulling him down until their lips almost touched. Neo exhaled all of the smoke into Lyall’s mouth, eyes dancing with excitement.

Lyall inhaled sharply at the obtrusive gesture, immediately taking in the smoke and seating it deep within his lungs. There was a split second of gnawing anger- the kind he felt trickling through every once and a while and usually squashed easily- before he doubled over in a fit of coughing.

“Fuck you Neo” he managed through his hacking attempts at breath, every extreme exhale bringing a certain fogginess to his brain. Neo clapped a gentle hand to his back, that madding grin never leaving his face. He rubbed the ache from it, fingers distant and teasing.

“You’ll be alright. I’m here.” His voice was soft, exclusive for Lyall. “I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Lyall glared up at him, his chest heaving one last time. His eyes were a bit wild as they went from Neo's face down to the lightly smoking joint in his hand, "I don't smoke asshole" He grumbled, standing up straight again. His brain did a whooshing thing that reminded him of the rocking of a boat and he had to restrain a small laugh at that. His face twisted in confusion and he let out a little "Ohh" noise, feeling like the smoke at somehow entered his brain and settled there. "Fuckin' hell. What is that?"

“Weed,” Neo said. He rested his head on Lyall’s shoulder. “You’ll be okay, bro. Pinky swear.”

"I don't hate it" He admitted out loud as his brain came to the same conclusion. He felt weird, sure, but in a way that made him ache for a bit more of it. He wasn't supposed to but....

"Can you..." Lyall gestured at the joint, curling in a bit to the leaning body at his side. Before he could finish, Neo was close again, his mouth was full of smoke, and his mind swirled. And he could swear that he felt Neo’s lips against his.

Lyall felt his mind give at the same time as thin arms wrapped around him and he grinned toothily, loving the curve of the body next to him and the white noise of the party soothe that over the active brain of his. This could be good, he wanted this to be good.

Thank ya to Jos for Neo words!