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Louis Weasley

"Haha, how about no?"

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a character in “We Solemnly Swear...”, as played by Bartholomew Finch



{"Unless its interesting, keep it to yourself."}

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Louis Weasley
"All things considered, it isn't that bad."

Lou || "Don't mind it but Vic is usually the only one who calls me that."
Weasley || "No, and good luck capturing the attention of half of the student body."
Louie || "Definitley only Victoire can call me this."

May 2nd
"What of it."

"Old enough."

"Amongst other things."

Bill Weasley & Fleur Delacour

"And very much already taken, but thanks for the interest."

"Yeah, not surprising."

{"I'd rather not, thanks."}

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"Fanciful does not suit the realist."

It's clear from the very first glance that Louis is a Weasley. One simply couldn't mistake the fiery red hair, slight freckles (and the hand me down robes) All jokes aside his cups may runneth over with egoism but he definitely doesn't take that much stock in his clothing choices. He's very basic about how he looks, and grooming isn't all that important. Stylistically he is simple, modern, and generally just goes with whatever he is feeling for a certain day.

(I might add more later I dunno XD)

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"I pride myself on the originality of my rebellion."
Versatile || Protective || Ambitious || Ostentatious || Prententious || Confident

Like attempting to set a fire underwater, deciphering the maze of Louis Weasley's mind is almost impossible. A series of corridors with locked off rooms, different spaces available for different people. Victoire and Scorpius being of the few with keys to each and every available room. Allowed to traipse through as they please. He puts on a good front of not caring, an argument always at the tip of his tongue – but it’s there in the way he looks at Scor or the way he watches his sister from the corner of his eye, always ensuring that she is safe and sound. Protective in a way that bleeds with jealousy. Maybe not overbearing but certainly annoying at times.

A possessive little shit sometimes – but he knows better. Doesn’t attempt to keep friends and family as only his. There are no leashes held in his hands. But he sure can get snappy when he isn’t paid enough attention. He’s an attention whore that way, albeit a reserved one that pretends he really isn’t (but he is, and never forget that.) But that also means he’s loyal and will fight for his friends and family no matter what – even if he is an asshole to some members of his family. Namely his parents and Roxanne (“come on, she started the fight!”) and a few of his cousins that just don’t vibe with who he is in general.

Ostentatious, pretentious, just barely tolerable at times. He can be seen as vain and haughty, with far too much hot air inflating his ego. A careful study in how someone can turn confidence into arrogance In 2.5 seconds flat. But his confidence is of note of course. He is known to be a rather "shady" individual, consistently dealing in underhanded insults and doesn't care if its friend or foe he's saying these things too. It can be noted, that academically he is adept, however, he is often known to be an insufferable suck-up towards the few professors that don't know him personally - of course, there are a few who are more than well aware of his antics.

Generally, an intelligent young man but often acts otherwise. He would rather engage in physical tasks than use his brain for more than five seconds at a time and does his best work when faced with oppositional magic. Dueling is a personal favorite of his though he would rather avoid the club itself – he isn’t sure his pride could handle being bested by Kingsley. He would rather use his skills for petty fights and schoolyard rows. That isn’t to say he doesn’t make top marks in most of his classes – but generally, his highest scores are in DADA and Charms.

Versatility is one of the traits he holds in high esteem, the ability to adapt to his circumstances and use them to fuel his personal strengths. But you can create something out of nothing, and those weaknesses of his are many and all-encompassing.

{"When will this madness end."}

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"A worthy wand."

One-Eighth Veela & An Animegus alongside his sister, his form is a white raven.
"One of the only males in existence to have been passed down a certain set of traits. A shame, that I couldn't be passed the seductive charm or fire throwing. "

"I could care less honestly."

Eastern Screech Owl
"Her name is Zéphyrine, I expect you to behave in her presence."

White Swan
"The exact opposite of Vickies, just as it should be."

It's in constant flux, as his fears are often changing and adapting to his own inner turmoils. Usually its some variation of a cat (the most vilest of creatures.)
"I try to avoid Boggarts, thanks."

{"Are we done? Because I've got better things to do."}

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It isn't that he had a bad childhood or anything, that isn't why he disparages his parents so very much. Its more of a personal issue, a disconnect that keeps a teenaged Louis from wanting to be seen within five feet of them. Perhaps childish rebellion, or otherwise the idea that his parents went through something that he won't ever even scratch the surface of going through. Not that it extends to the rest of his family. With aunts and uncles and cousins he's perfectly fine. Even with his own sister - whom he's attached to more so than anyone in the world other than Scorpius - he is more than fine. Loves the large majority of them and yeah, he's the kind of asshole who doesn't outright say so, but it's certainly still there.

As a kid he grew up nearly always running around with family of some form. He and Victoire attached at the hip most days - his protectiveness over her was born in adolescence and continued well into teenage-hood. Though it's mellowed out in recent years. Especially upon meeting Scorpius. It was an instant friendship really, and as it grew into something more it stayed that way. They never really had to talk about it, one day one of them simply said the words "my boyfriend" and from then on it was just a known fact.

(Will add more as I get specific relationships with others)

{3 AM| GLXY}{Glory And Gore | Lorde}

So begins...

Louis Weasley's Story


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For most, the first day back at Hogwarts was a time to see old friends and share stories of the summer. They crowded into train compartments and showed off moving images and smiled brightly as they spoke of their families and their adventures and traded candies.

For some, they shuffled in with relief easing the tension that their bodies had held since they’d left left the school - their home, their safety. Because war or no war, some kids simply weren’t safe when they left for the summer. They had to make it from one day to the next, until the train showed up again to take them back.

For a handful, the first day was met with the wide eyes of innocent children being swept off their feet by the magic of it all. Nervously twisting hands as an old hat fell over their eyes and sang a tune the rest of the school were passed well acquainted with. The applause as houses filled the roles they had lost with the last graduating class.

For others, the wonderment on their faces had nothing to do with friends, or feasts, or sorting ceremonies - it had to do with the secretly appearing invitations in golden script that was there one moment, and gone the next. For them, the first day back wouldn’t really begin until the sun went down. And the rumors whispered between specific few said this time was bound to be a real blast.

It was, after all, The Founders last first day.

There was very little that made Scorpius feel alive, but with the bass pounding through his veins, one arm around a certain redheads neck, and a joint between his lips. Well. That was his utopia.

He wasn’t sure where Weasley #2 was, but she couldn’t be far. There were watchful eyes in the shadows making sure he didn’t drag their darling Louis too far into trouble. Scorpius smirked to himself and dipped his mouth into the curve of Louis’ shoulder. His sweater had fallen just enough that there was bare skin there. Perfection.

The Shack was already packed, smoke in the air, people dancing. He thought maybe he recognized a few people by their hair, maybe Kins’ curls, wasn’t sure. There were fresh faces though, which made Scorpius smile against Louis’ skin. Fresh meat.

He pulled away from his boyfriend and dropped his hand to Louis’ instead, twining their fingers together as he pushed his way through the growing crowd, headed for the front door. The music was loud, someone was cheering, were those shots on fire? Didn’t matter.

He walked until they were outside, round back of the Shack. The air was crisp and cool, their position fairly hidden. One of Victorie’s many ideas was to allow a place where people could get some air if it got to be too much for everyone inside. Luckily for Scorpius, it also doubled as a good place to press Louis up against the wall for a few slow, sweet, Moondew laced kisses.

“Teds should be bringing the good stuff tonight,” Scorpius mentioned, sliding his fingers along the fallen sleeve of Louis’ sweater. “Until then…?”


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The thing about attending a school like Hogwarts is that there is a certain grandeur. A ceremony to the whole thing. A repetitive set of events to follow every single year. The train, the sorting, the feast - it was a never-ending stage set for the overenthusiastic first years to gobble up with their grubby hands. Louis remembers being that excited in his first year, can picture his first day on the platform in stunningly accurate detail. The way he stared in awe as his mother and father led them through the wall. The way he clung to Victoire, afraid she would slip away in the crowd but stunned also by the sheer amount of people that were clogging up the station. Dominique had looked at the two of them with as much annoyance as a 10-year-old could muster because she wasn't old enough yet to attend.

He remembers ignoring her cries of 'it's not fair' as he tried to school his expression into something more befitting of himself. Apathy failed to plaster itself over the spark of glee in his eyes.

Much different from now. Now, apathy battles annoyance - the platform is swarming with first years and he is absolutely done with all of it. His parents are speaking, giving them some sort of speech no doubt about being good. He's long since learned to drone out their drivel and focus on searching the crowd for one of the few people who matter to him most.

Unsurprisingly he finds Louis first. A hand finding its way to his arm and tugging him away amidst cries of "Hey! I was talking - " But the sound of his mother's voice is drowned out by Louis shouting a quick 'see you later' to Victoire and waving amiably at Dominique, who resolutely ignored him. Louis shot Scorpius Malfoy a lazy grin and threaded their hands together as they boarded the train. Victoire would find them later, of course, they were each other's shadows, but she usually took to helping out the first years on the platform before boarding herself - he didn't fault her for being kind, but he certainly didn't pretend to understand it.

They always sat together, it was an unspoken rule, just like them.

Off towards their seventh and final year of this madness.

Rose's invitations were always a touch on the dramatic side, but he couldn't deny she had great taste. They'd been doing this long enough now that nothing about the presentation surprised him. His attendance was as garunteed as the party itself, and he wouldn't miss the opportunity to let loose for anything in the world. Though his attention was mostly on Scorpius he let himself search for his sister in the crowd a time or two, always keeping an eye on his other half - because merlin knows he would break bones if some idiot tried anything with her.

His attention was swept away however as Scorpius started to tug him through the crowd. A common occurence between them, neither were privy to using their words to get the other to follow. They just knew to follow. Into whatever mess there may be.

Moondew clouds danced inside his head as he was led outside. The fresh air clearing up some of that haze and leaving him far more aware than before. Though that awareness was quickly replaced by hands and lips, and the feeling of warmth that spread through him from each point of contact.

“Teds should be bringing the good stuff tonight,” The good stuff, he wondered what any of their parents would think if they ever discovered their kids were indulging like this. Then again - he preferred not to think of them when he had better things to focus on. Those better things being the blonde devil before him.

“Until then…?” Scorp prompted.

Louis sucked in some of that crisp, cold air and pushed off the wall. Hands sliding under the folds of the others shirt and exploring the warm planes of skin.

"Until then..." Louis pondered, returning to the question. Then pausing with a slow, languid kiss as he became distracted once more. "We do whatever the hell we want." He finishes in a whisper, grinning in a way he reserved only for Scorpius.

But he knew that they had been outside too long. His skin where not covered by clothing or Scorp had begun to prickle with goosebumps from the chill. He pulled away, knowing they would have plenty of time to play later. Besides, he wanted to see if Teddy had arrived.

"Lets go back in, see if we can find some of that good stuff yeah?" He bit down on the grin that threatened to split his face and led the two of them back in. Slipping through the crowd as he spotted the blue haired heathen.


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One of the most important things that anyone had to know about Albus Severus Potter was that although he did not partake in the drugs that Teddy had to offer, and that he did not particularly get along with either Scorpius or Louis, he had never once missed one of their parties.

The Shrieking Shack was a special place to the Hogwarts students that attended the late night getaways. But it was not as special a place to them as it was to Albus. Long before the parties, long before James shared the secret passages with the others, Albus had been coming to the Shack in secret.

It had been a place to think, to reflect on the history kept within its walls. At the quietest, stillest of moments, Albus could hear the sounds, the whispers of the past, reaching through the folds of Time to speak to him.

The scratches on the floorboards spoke of a friendship so deep, Death could not destroy it. Torn sheets and curtains sang of the loyalty amongst friends, but wept at the betrayal of a dear one. The black blood stains that accented the interior whispered the loudest: family, family, family.

It took Albus a long time to come to terms with the presence of others in the Shack. First came James, stumbling through the passage from the Whomping Willow. Then followed Scorpius and Louis, Teddy and Kingsley. Orion had been the only one Albus had brought in of his own accord, back when things were still fresh, new, and lovely between them.

Then came the parties, the students, drunk and drugged, and unfortunate. Albus did not care much for the comings and goings of every student in Hogwarts, yet he could not allow himself to turn a blind eye when they needed it the most.

Safe rooms, clean clothes and water, and a secret deal between a Potter and the House-Elves provided the intoxicated adolescents with safe escorts back to their dormitories. Nobody had asked him to do it; Albus himself had not volunteered for the job. Still, it got done.

Putting out the last of his cigarette on the sole of his shoe, Albus checked on the charms on his clothing; there would be no point in trying to be sober if he succumbed to the stray fumes of the burning Moondew.

The scene on display was like all the others before it: dirty, sexual, drugged. Albus gilded around, sidestepping bodies and stopping to take an offered kiss every now and then. Only a light peck, nothing more. Whimpers and whines begged him for more, but he had no time for that.

Out of the corner of his eye, Albus noticed how a fellow Slytherin seemed to be forcing too much of himself into someone’s personal space. Exhaling with exasperation, Albus neared the antagonist in question and gave him a hard shove. “Come on now, man,” he said, “No means no.”

Much to Piper's surprise, another Slytherin stepped to her defense. She watched the boy who was harassing her fall back into his friends, his face a slideshow of surprise and aggravation. Once properly back on his feet he looked around for his attacker, ready to make heads roll....until his eyes landed on her rescuer. Piper took a moment to take in the scene. The boy, her rescuer, stood at odds with the Asshat Slytherin. In that frozen second between standoff and fighting, she saw Asshat's eyes flicker from Piper to him, assessing the situation, hesitation flickering across his face.

"Defending a Hufflepuff, Potter? You gonna hit that?" He sneered as he advanced on Albus.

Piper felt her face heat at his words. Her fists clenched, but she didn’t want to continue this scene, it was attracting too much attention.

Albus felt that curve in his lips that he sometimes let show; the one that so often got him in trouble.

“No,” he said. “I’m going to hit you.”

His fist flew fast, sharp, and true. The guy flew back, landing on his ass. Before he could do anything else, Albus spelled him unconscious. He kicked his feet out of his way, his glare daring anyone else to join in the fray.

“Round two?”

They scattered, leaving their fallen comrade behind. Albus scoffed, smirking devilishly. He turned to Piper and his grin faded.

“What are you doing here, Longbottom?”

Albus, good lord, it was A L B U S. How had she not recognized him immediately? Fists flew and Piper's brain scattered momentarily, as the fight ensued. How had she not recognized the dark haired boy immediately? His eyes landed on Piper and she almost took a step back, the full force of his gaze was somewhat disorienting for her. She realized he had asked her a question.

"Oh...ah...causing trouble evidently..." She said with a half hearted smile.

"Just came to...cut loose, I suppose. Drink?" She asked gesturing towards the bar area. Good lord, she needed a goddamn drink.

Albus raised a single eyebrow, taking Piper in with grave consideration. She looked unsettled, nervous. Clearly she had not expected what she’d found at the Shack. He shook his head slightly.

“I don’t drink.” He didn’t specify that he did not drink here at the Shrieking Shack. “But I’ll accompany you nonetheless.”

He motioned for her to go ahead, following at a safe distance behind.

"Oh, okay." Piper said mildly surprised by his words. She wasn't sure what surprised her more, the fact that he didn't drink, or that he agreed to come with her.

"Ah, well, I'll have to find some other way to thank you then." She said. Piper's face heated suddenly as her own words rang in her ears. A blush seared through her cheeks and for a minute she thought her face was on fire. Mortified, she turned away from him to hide her cheeks in the dark waves of her hair. As she moved through the crowd, she tried to gather her thoughts. Once at the bar she ordered two single shots of Beetle Berry Whiskey. She took them both within seconds of each other. The sweet burn took her mind off of the pitfalls of socialization.

"So what do you do?" She asked, curiosity coloring her voice.

Piper amused him. The way she tried to hide her face from him as she embarrassed herself unnecessarily, the way she wanted so much to “cut loose,” but still clung so desperately to sobriety.

Albus could feel a not so pleasant smile threatening to show. He leaned his back against the bar, elbows on the smooth surface. Surveying the scene that continued to play in the room, he said with an unidentifiable chuckle: “I’m the guard dog of this place.”

Thank you Em for your words!


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By the time they made it back inside, the party had doubled in size. That was partially at the fault of anyone who shared the last name Weasley, as they took up half the population in any given area, but it was also the most crowded he had ever seen the Shack. They’d told Rose they wanted to go all out for the first party of their last year. Apparently she had taken it by heart.

Even for Scorpius, the reminder that it was their last year was a heavy one that wouldn’t stop settling against his chest. He didn’t particularly think he would miss Hogwarts itself - school was school, a means to an end, a requirement he didn’t particularly have a choice in. But the proximity to his friends, the excuse to party the way they did, the lack of any real responsibility - all of that was worth missing.

He followed Louis through the crowd with the help of a few harshly placed elbows and well aimed glares. He wasn’t sure if it was his last name or the knowledge that he was a co-owner of the parties that kept anyone from biting back at him. Honestly, he didn’t care. At least, that was, until he caught sight of Oris pressed up tightly against her pet sociopath. Drugs of their own making, Black and Langston. It bothered him enough that the hint of a frown tugged at Scorpius’ mouth, but he let it go. He wasn’t his cousins keeper.

The familiar feeling of Louis’ fingers digging into his hips pulled Scorpius’ attention back to him, to the bar that they had arrived at, only to realize Teddy wasn’t manning his usual bag of goodies. Scorpius arched an eyebrow and Louis gave him a look in return, so he leaned over the bar and - ah. James’ fingers were twisted into crimson red hair, his knees pressed to the floor, two hungry mouths moving together. In a very shameless display of want, Lysander Scamander was watching, in a much different way than Scorpius himself was.

Scorpius snorted, it was a reaction he couldn't hold back. Lys could daydream all he wanted, but James and Teds would eat the poor boy alive if he ever managed to get in between them. Relations aside though, Scorpius supposed he couldn’t blame the boy. James and Teds were fit, and they always made out like they were putting on a private show. Wet dreams attempting to damn the chastest of them all.

Scorpius rubbed at the top of Lys’ head in a gesture that should have been friendly, possibly even brotherly, but he had never been very good at that stuff so it was a touch too rough and a bit too teasing to really be endearing. “Go on, Lys. Take a bite. It’d be a lovely way to die.”

He left the boy there in favor of Teddy’s bag, passing by the euphoric substances Teddy seemed to prefer, instead going for the much less consumed Fae Edibles. He’d tip Teddy handsomely later for making sure he had a supply of Scorpius’ favorite, and stayed there only long enough to cut the toffee shaped drugs into smaller pieces. When he finally got to Louis, he pushes him against a back wall with soft hands and demanding hips. There was sweetness on the tip of his tongue and when he bites his way into Louis’ mouth, he’s rewarded with a sharp inhale and fingers digging into his back.

Louis' hands attempt to tear at the fabric but wind up gripping tightly instead. Twisting in an attempt to hang on the the last of his mind as the euphoria sets in.

He is lost in Scorpius, intoxicated by him even more so than by the drugs.

The world twisted into numbness, erasing sensations outside of the wetness of Louis’ mouth against his, the hands that pulled him closer, the greedy licks to his bottom lip asking for more. Scorpius gave and gave until he had to pull away to breathe, and then it was back. The party came into focus in the way he could see the notes from the music dancing in the air, in the vibrant redness of Louis’ hair, the green eyes that were weighing him down, the smirk that Louis wore.

"That good?" He whispers in amusement. "We could teach them a thing or two you know." Teddy and James could publicly dry-hump all they wanted but they couldn't top the lightning that struck everytime Louis and Scorp touched.

“Shut up,” Scorpius muttered, feeling the music pump through him like a second pulse, the drugs like sixth sense, the desire to be closer like a fucking human need. He drags Louis this time, into the crowd of dancing bodies, tilts his head to run his tongue across the length of Louis’ neck, chasing the taste of moondew soaked skin and biting down on muscle hard enough to leave a mark.

Louis couldn't help the groan, the way his body slackened at the pressure of teeth on flesh. The flash of warmth brought to the surface of his cheeks that he would fervidly deny as him blushing bright red against pale skin. He reached a hand up to tangle in blonde strands of hair, begging for more. Wanting to wear Scorpius' markings on his skin for all to see.

His arms went around Louis’ waist, one up under his jeans and downward, seeking skin. It was almost too intimate for public - almost, if everyone weren’t fucking smashed - and maybe a bit of a promise of things to come later.

They were dancing to the beat of their own tune, the tempo of whatever song playing in the background nothing in comparison to the pulse within. Louis could feel it tear through him, beating in time with the shaky exhales from his open mouth.

This was it, everything he craves in a singular all encompassing feeling. He wanted more, wanted to sink to the floor, take Scorpius down with him. Let those impulses wash over them, those urges inside like a riptide keeping them below the water's surface. Drowning on the feeling of hands, and skin, and tongues.

Louis aches to be somewhere else then, somewhere that didn't include the dozen other faces in the crowd. But he could block them out, they didn't matter anyways, let them watch! Those other students with all their other problems were wrapped up in themselves just as much as they were in each other. Honestly, he lives for this. For Scorpius and all of his wicked offerings - everyone else be damned.

Thanks for the words Finchy


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Safe to say… neither of them showed up to class the morning after.

Two weeks of hell follow in the wake of the first party. If hell can even be equated to the boredom of a monotonous routine. School is decidedly just the same as always, a daily chore that Louis must endure in order to further his personal narrative. Though made much easier when every class is shared with a distraction as glorious as Scorpius Malfoy. He isn’t sure what he would do without him there. Maybe die of boredom? Apparently, Scor felt the same way about Louis - he never went to class if his boyfriend didn’t.

Honestly, there’s only so many times Louis can sit through a Binns lecture before he starts daydreaming of ways to kill a ghost - there's got to be a way right? He asks Scorpius one day, the answer isn’t so much words as it is a look of bemusement that turns to wandering hands and that turns to a letter written home to his parents about their sons misconduct and how the next brazen display of sex by the lake is going to get the both of them expelled - yeah right.

If hands under tables and dirty words in earshot of other students haven’t done the job yet then it's a safe bet the most they’ll ever have to deal with is McGonagall's stern lecturing and the half-hearted attempt at an intervention. No Professor, nor parent, has been capable thus far of curbing their behaviors. Besides, Louis gets top marks despite having no inclination to participate in the class itself; By-product of Vic nagging him to death over his assignments. Looks like sisters are good for something after all. And Scorpius is ... well, passing.

The classes themselves are another story altogether on most days. It is a rare occurrence to have both Louis and Scorpius in one room and have one or both of them pay attention at all to anyone or anything that is not the other. Professors had long since stopped trying to force participation. It was a game that they would and always have lost in the past. Louis could care less what they think, especially with it being the last year he’s going to have to sit through the droning on and on of subjects he could learn easier by simply picking up a book.

Their last year. That thought posed another issue as the days continued steadily on. A steep incline into smothered anxiety. Louis resolutely refused to acknowledge the date of their final departure from Hogwarts. He had better things to focus on. Scorpius seemed to have adopted a similar philosophy, the only time he admitted to it being his last year was when he spoke to his friends about upcoming parties or trips. Everything had to be ‘bigger and better’.

And that bigger and better seemed to be coming upon them quickly into the form of a trip; Hogsmeade. Less party since they'd be in public but more real in a sense too. Louis couldn't say he was excited, that was too broad of a word for his narrow field of emotion. But neutral? Perhaps. They could relax and unwind in a way that didn't completely have to do with the shack and its intoxicating aura.

They were all going, for the most part, the key members of their troupe and then some. Friendships that wove together like the spiderweb of a particularly drunken arachnid. But still friendships nonetheless. As weird as it seemed since most of their social circle consisted of some of the strangest types currently residing within Hogwarts. The mishmash of personalities almost comically dependent on one another for human interaction.

Louis rarely spoke with other people - outside of Scorpius - and when he did it was consistently in the same way. If he didn't resolutely hate the other it was simple sarcasm and biting remarks. If he did - well, generally speaking, those he truly hated didn't get to interact with him. Ever. The students invited to the shack regularly were among the few that got a pass on his usual animosity. The most they received was blank nothing, maybe sarcasm if the situation called for it.

“There's going to be so many people.” He complains again for about what feels like the thousandth time. Which is why he could not say he is excited about the trip. But he isn't dreading it either. Simply knows it's going to be an exercise in patience. Something he doesn't have in droves. Scorpius gifts him with a half smirk. It wasn’t like he was exactly Mr. Sociable either, but he seemed to thrive off as many people as possible participating in debauchery.

Between that, class, and leisurely trips to detention; which is a laughable place to put either of them considering the lack of care. The day of the trip comes up quickly.

Hogsmeade has its charms.

Louis remembers the first time they were allowed to travel into the village. Back when parental permission had been required. He had bounced from shop to shop buying whatever he so wished, filling his pockets with candies and trinkets, avoiding Vic at all costs - she always wanted to shop for books, which Louis found incredibly boring - and longing for a taste of fire whiskey when he'd come upon the Hogs Head. Excitement hadn't ever factored into the mix per se.

Because, well, most of them had grown up with this. Had been entrenched in their culture.

Louis could mope if he wanted to. Could have stayed at the castle really. But anywhere Scorpius was it wasn't a wrong assumption to say that Louis would be right there as well. He held the other boy's hand as they walked side to side. So close that they may as well have been one body moving stitched together, unashamed of the public display; there wasn't really anything in the world that could make Louis feel shame.

Scorpius, likewise, had a general air of Devil-Could-Care about him. His usual apathetic expression clashing with how closely he kept Louis and the plans that were most definitely spinning through his mind.

His free hand would occasionally press into anothers, passing on thin sheets of paper. Rose’s invitations weren’t subtle enough for the public, but neither was a full-blown party. Still, that didn’t mean he, Teddy, and James hadn’t thought of something.

There may have been a smirk on Scorpius’ face, but it disappeared into red hair as he pressed a shameless kiss against Louis’ head.