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Scorpius Malfoy

"The best way to live is like you're trying to die."

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a character in “We Solemnly Swear...”, as played by CharlotteV



{"Welcome to wonderland, Darling."}

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy
"Family traditions."

Malfoy || "Best bet."
Scorp || "Tolerated."
Corpi || "Better hope I'm high."

October 29th
"Don't bother."


Pure Blood
"You'd be surprised how many people bring it up."

Draco Malfoy and Astoria Malfoy [nee Greengrass]
"Leave my parents names out of your mouth."

"Interested? I'm not."

"My ambition favors those who wish to be proficient in debauchery."

Ball Python
"Lovable little git."

{"Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."}


Blonde hair, a rarely seen smile, unsettling eyes that one could drown in, Scorpius is all Malfoy. He resembles his mother only in her utter calmness and distaste for flashy emotions or wasted words. He has a fondness for designer brands which he often wears instead of his school robes, and despite his desire to poison his body, his skin remains completely untouched.


Anyone who doesn't know him well would assume Scorpius is as dead on the inside as his eyes seem to be. His calm deposition remains in place through class, lectures, Quidditch matches, even stunts that land him in detention. One could almost consider it a good thing, as he's almost impossible to anger, but he is also impossible to make laugh, and it is incredibly difficult to get him to care about anything. Despite being sharply smart, his grades are only what he needs to pass, he has no drive, and apparently no plans for what he will do after graduation.

It could be said that Scorpius is a better person than his parents - uncaring of his blood status, lacking the eliteness that came from Slytherin's before him, unlikely to bully. But it could also be said that Scorpius simply doesn't put any effort into being a good or a bad person. He keeps to himself, sits back, and waits to see which people he decides are worth his time. His general aloofness often finds others giving him a wide breath.

Those who do know him, however, find a different side of Scorpius once night has fallen. Still a man of few words, a mischievous edge reveals itself that leads him to drugs, alcohol, and a love for parties. For those few people who can call him a friend, they know a Scorpius who is quick witted, sarcastic, and willing to try anything they give him. Even to outsiders, while he couldn't be accused of kindness, under the haze of magical drugs, Scorpius is well known, and even well liked.

{"Feel like doing something stupid?"}


Even as a child, Scorpius was largely apathetic. He didn't want to play with others, or seem to care much about what was going on around him. He liked to sit in the safety of his fathers lap and watch him work, or listen to his mother's soft voice as she told stories. He potty trained quickly, skipped crawling and went straight to walking, and spoke a full sentence instead of his 'first word'. His parents worried about him slightly, but Scorpius was healthy, if not outwardly happy.

Scorpius grew up in a Malfoy family that was small, most of them either dead, locked away, or estranged. Draco and his wife, Astoria, made real strides with their son to present a better Malfoy image, which is part of the reason why he grew up spending time with the Weasley-Potter clan, close to his distant cousin Teddy Lupin. Because of that, by the time Scorpius entered Hogwarts, he'd already acquired a friend group. Teddy lead him to James, who he surprisingly got along with, and James lead him to Louis.

Louis Weasley is perhaps the only person who Scorpius outwardly expresses care towards. Having been inseparable since the day they met, the boys finally admitted to dating in their teenage years. In true Slytherin fashion, they have a devotion to each other that could prove dangerous for anyone who tries to get in between them.

Where the destructive side of Scorpius' personality comes from, no one is quite sure. It doesn't seem to come from any need for escapism, or the drowning of any problems. Perhaps it's just the youth in him that desires to taste a side of life a little more deadly than average.

So begins...

Scorpius Malfoy's Story


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For most, the first day back at Hogwarts was a time to see old friends and share stories of the summer. They crowded into train compartments and showed off moving images and smiled brightly as they spoke of their families and their adventures and traded candies.

For some, they shuffled in with relief easing the tension that their bodies had held since they’d left left the school - their home, their safety. Because war or no war, some kids simply weren’t safe when they left for the summer. They had to make it from one day to the next, until the train showed up again to take them back.

For a handful, the first day was met with the wide eyes of innocent children being swept off their feet by the magic of it all. Nervously twisting hands as an old hat fell over their eyes and sang a tune the rest of the school were passed well acquainted with. The applause as houses filled the roles they had lost with the last graduating class.

For others, the wonderment on their faces had nothing to do with friends, or feasts, or sorting ceremonies - it had to do with the secretly appearing invitations in golden script that was there one moment, and gone the next. For them, the first day back wouldn’t really begin until the sun went down. And the rumors whispered between specific few said this time was bound to be a real blast.

It was, after all, The Founders last first day.

There was very little that made Scorpius feel alive, but with the bass pounding through his veins, one arm around a certain redheads neck, and a joint between his lips. Well. That was his utopia.

He wasn’t sure where Weasley #2 was, but she couldn’t be far. There were watchful eyes in the shadows making sure he didn’t drag their darling Louis too far into trouble. Scorpius smirked to himself and dipped his mouth into the curve of Louis’ shoulder. His sweater had fallen just enough that there was bare skin there. Perfection.

The Shack was already packed, smoke in the air, people dancing. He thought maybe he recognized a few people by their hair, maybe Kins’ curls, wasn’t sure. There were fresh faces though, which made Scorpius smile against Louis’ skin. Fresh meat.

He pulled away from his boyfriend and dropped his hand to Louis’ instead, twining their fingers together as he pushed his way through the growing crowd, headed for the front door. The music was loud, someone was cheering, were those shots on fire? Didn’t matter.

He walked until they were outside, round back of the Shack. The air was crisp and cool, their position fairly hidden. One of Victorie’s many ideas was to allow a place where people could get some air if it got to be too much for everyone inside. Luckily for Scorpius, it also doubled as a good place to press Louis up against the wall for a few slow, sweet, Moondew laced kisses.

“Teds should be bringing the good stuff tonight,” Scorpius mentioned, sliding his fingers along the fallen sleeve of Louis’ sweater. “Until then…?”


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The thing about the first day was, it made Neo incredibly, inconceivably happy. Reaching the castle had been a relief, a breath of fresh air that alleviated the sense of suffocation that had gripped him all summer. Spending the holiday with his fraternal grandparents had been atrocious. One would think that after everything they had gone through with Uncle Harry, and now having a magical grandchild of their own, they would be less rotten about magic. But they weren’t. They would never be.

Neo might have been his father’s new beginning, but old dogs could not learn new tricks, and prejudiced bigots had no way of becoming decent human beings.

The heat of unknown bodies pressing against him made him feel alive. Somewhere, someone had a rather potent potion brewing. He didn’t actively seek out any of the more potent drugs Scropious and his group offered; however, he did not mind the pleasant scent of diluted Moondew.

Neo loved the anonymity of the first night back. He loved that no one took a second glance at him, that no one cared about the Dursley in the room. He wasn’t a Dursley or a Gryffindor, not tonight. He wasn’t an illegitimate child that had just spent the most horrible holiday with the most horrible, miserable of people.

He was just another face in the crowd, inhaling the soft fumes that made his mind stop pounding with thoughts. Made the ache in his chest vanish.

A group of fifth years rushed in, excited faces and bright lit eyes giving them away. One of them sniffed at the air.

“Is that Moondew?”

Neo smiled at them. “Yes. Have you had weed though?”

The fifth years all looked at him in question as he tossed them a little bag full of Muggle drugs. They rushed to catch it, stumbling over themselves.

Muggle Neo would never do drugs. He would never buy them or sell them. His poor mother would be heartbroken if ever he did.

Wizard Neo, on the other hand, had had a bloody hard summer and he hated everything around him. Everything except for the sweet scent of Moondew and the pounding bass that made his blood rush.

It was bloody fucking good to be back.


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#, as written by Ivisbo


While most students were starting out the train ride in pure amazement, Teddy's face was smooshed against his-one-and-only Kings lap as he drooled a nice little puddle on her wool skirt. Bless her for having nice thighs and the patience enough to deal with his napping. He'd been up with James and Scorp the night before, being serious for once and trying to get the plans finished for the first party of the year. Because, while the first years were thrilled for the opening ceremony, their first night in their dorms, meeting the people they'd come to know as family from now on- the older students knew what coming back to Hogwarts meant.

It meant waiting for your magically delivered golden script invitations. It meant crawling out of bed and sneaking through the halls. It meant elaborate escape plans from the castle to a night that you'd most likely have forgotten by morning. Thankfully they'd developed cures (at a good price of course) for that hangover the next day. They'd get caught for sure if most of the upper years didn't make it to their first day of classes. The first party of the year had become something of legend and Teddy was more then happy to deliver.

There was a moment of jostling- probably Kingsley making herself more comfortable with the mop of blue hair in her lap- that tugged him slightly out of his sleep. The other students were starting to make noise, meaning Hogwarts had probably come into view, "I'd like to die between your thighs one day, they really are heaven" He mumbled as he rotated to look up at her, "We there yet?"

Kingsley peeked at Ted behind tired eyes, smirking. He always had the right things to say. Her fingers pulled at his curls, tugging at the ends to see if they’d change colors. “Bloody hope so,” she said with a yawn “don’t reckon I could last another minute with the squealing first years next door.”

"Oh, we were them once" He lifted himself off her but not away from her, leaning even closer to look out the window. He liked touching, he liked being touched. He liked hands in his hair and soft touches up his arms, something King had always been more than willing to give him. Hogwarts was definitely in sight now, its looming towers a stark contrast against the white overcast sky. He couldn't blame the younger students- it was glorious, a real hail mary to his tired brain. Teddy shook himself awake and cracked a few backbones, then grinned as bright as he could at Kingsley, "Fuckin' hell tonight is going to be glorious"

Teddy wasn't a Prefect- had refused the job- but the guy they'd gotten instead of him had lost some of the first years on the staircase and he'd had to go save the lot himself. Because apparently, he was the only one that cared about kids getting lost in this demented castle. They'd been sniffling, trying really hard not look scared out of their minds when he found them in a dark corridor covered in the ceiling to floor in paintings. Said paintings where the only reason he'd found the kids- Teddy liked to morph into the moving figures when he was practicing his abilities (paintings were a very vain lot, he got applauses almost every time). So, the word had gone out that he was missing a few young Puffs and it had only taken 30 minutes to find them.

But that was 30 minutes that he was supposed to start getting supplies for the night ahead... but he could never deny a student in trouble, especially from his own house.

"Who's your favorite wizard?" He asked over his shoulder as they walk back to the Huddlepuff dormitory (after he'd explained how to navigate the moving staircase properly so this wouldn't happen again).

There was a chorus of answers, but he demanded they decide on only one. They debated, shouting out "Hermione Granger!" excitedly. No doubt they'd heard of his tours before.

He led the five kids back to the dorm as a young, frizzy-haired Gryffindor that seemed to know everything about anything they asked. He'd spent enough time with- and read enough stories- to know how Hermione was. Harry had told him she'd only gotten more knowledgeable as she got older, but never mastered the tacked to explain it. The kids were into it, tried to drag him into the dormitory so they could show the rest of the house who they'd found. But he just laughed, morphed back into himself (yellow and black hair for house spirit this time), and said he had to be somewhere tonight. He'd see them tomorrow, the next day, and the next. There was more time for heroes later.

Now, he needed to be blitzed. They kept a stash hidden from last year out in the woods, some in the Herbology greenhouse, even more in the potions closet concealed behind a false wall. They'd hidden some in the library once, out in the woods, even in the quidditch field. Weird ass locations because they were never sure when something was going to get found and had to ensure it couldn't all be connected together. It took him a few hours- he had to we sneaky, but not too sneaky. He spent most of the time as different students and teachers. Scorp got pissed when he used his face, but it was really the best way to move about the castle without being bothered. People tended to step aside when he was speed walking down a hallway.

He filled a large Quidditch bag. If anyone asked, it was Lysanders stuff he was returning. But if they looked inside, they'd see enough Pixie Dust, Fae Edibles, Muggle Weed, Moondew, Euphoria Elixir, Alihotsy Leaves, and Giggle Water to knock the whole school out and then some.

And hopefully, that's exactly what happened.

The Shrieking Shack always looks solemn and quiet from the outside. They'd spelled it enough so that it remained the same old, spooky looking self. He was glad for no radiating warmth, no sound greeting him on the narrow path leading there. Party attendees knew to come in small groups and spread out so as not to draw attention. But Teddy was sure at this point everyone was crammed inside and sweaty as hell.

God, opening that door was more of a coming home then walking into Hogwarts. It was like being greeted by your bed and just wanting to throw yourself into it. His hair went wild with colors- a rainbow of emotions throwing themselves through his locks. He let out a howl of excitement and the party replied in kind.

Teddy laughed and the chorus of screaming and made his way to their makeshift bar. He slammed the Quidditch bag down with an announcement of, "I've got druuuugs!" and unzipped the bag. His favorite was Euphoria Elixir, happiness bottle in a tiny vial, and he pulled that out first and down it in one shot. Instantly, a burst of golden yellow happiness glided through him, tingling his fingers and making his body feel like he'd been in the sun all day. His hair turned gold, his cheeks warmed with pink, and he grinned.

Yes, fuck, this was home.

Thank ya to LindaRose for Kings words and Char for starting us up again. I luv u


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The thing about attending a school like Hogwarts is that there is a certain grandeur. A ceremony to the whole thing. A repetitive set of events to follow every single year. The train, the sorting, the feast - it was a never-ending stage set for the overenthusiastic first years to gobble up with their grubby hands. Louis remembers being that excited in his first year, can picture his first day on the platform in stunningly accurate detail. The way he stared in awe as his mother and father led them through the wall. The way he clung to Victoire, afraid she would slip away in the crowd but stunned also by the sheer amount of people that were clogging up the station. Dominique had looked at the two of them with as much annoyance as a 10-year-old could muster because she wasn't old enough yet to attend.

He remembers ignoring her cries of 'it's not fair' as he tried to school his expression into something more befitting of himself. Apathy failed to plaster itself over the spark of glee in his eyes.

Much different from now. Now, apathy battles annoyance - the platform is swarming with first years and he is absolutely done with all of it. His parents are speaking, giving them some sort of speech no doubt about being good. He's long since learned to drone out their drivel and focus on searching the crowd for one of the few people who matter to him most.

Unsurprisingly he finds Louis first. A hand finding its way to his arm and tugging him away amidst cries of "Hey! I was talking - " But the sound of his mother's voice is drowned out by Louis shouting a quick 'see you later' to Victoire and waving amiably at Dominique, who resolutely ignored him. Louis shot Scorpius Malfoy a lazy grin and threaded their hands together as they boarded the train. Victoire would find them later, of course, they were each other's shadows, but she usually took to helping out the first years on the platform before boarding herself - he didn't fault her for being kind, but he certainly didn't pretend to understand it.

They always sat together, it was an unspoken rule, just like them.

Off towards their seventh and final year of this madness.

Rose's invitations were always a touch on the dramatic side, but he couldn't deny she had great taste. They'd been doing this long enough now that nothing about the presentation surprised him. His attendance was as garunteed as the party itself, and he wouldn't miss the opportunity to let loose for anything in the world. Though his attention was mostly on Scorpius he let himself search for his sister in the crowd a time or two, always keeping an eye on his other half - because merlin knows he would break bones if some idiot tried anything with her.

His attention was swept away however as Scorpius started to tug him through the crowd. A common occurence between them, neither were privy to using their words to get the other to follow. They just knew to follow. Into whatever mess there may be.

Moondew clouds danced inside his head as he was led outside. The fresh air clearing up some of that haze and leaving him far more aware than before. Though that awareness was quickly replaced by hands and lips, and the feeling of warmth that spread through him from each point of contact.

“Teds should be bringing the good stuff tonight,” The good stuff, he wondered what any of their parents would think if they ever discovered their kids were indulging like this. Then again - he preferred not to think of them when he had better things to focus on. Those better things being the blonde devil before him.

“Until then…?” Scorp prompted.

Louis sucked in some of that crisp, cold air and pushed off the wall. Hands sliding under the folds of the others shirt and exploring the warm planes of skin.

"Until then..." Louis pondered, returning to the question. Then pausing with a slow, languid kiss as he became distracted once more. "We do whatever the hell we want." He finishes in a whisper, grinning in a way he reserved only for Scorpius.

But he knew that they had been outside too long. His skin where not covered by clothing or Scorp had begun to prickle with goosebumps from the chill. He pulled away, knowing they would have plenty of time to play later. Besides, he wanted to see if Teddy had arrived.

"Lets go back in, see if we can find some of that good stuff yeah?" He bit down on the grin that threatened to split his face and led the two of them back in. Slipping through the crowd as he spotted the blue haired heathen.


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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Sirius Orion Black traced the words over and over on a piece of parchment. Her looping handwriting made her feel safe, secure, stable. The noise from her fellow schoolmates made her skin itch.

Orion did not understand why her soul was so unsettled. She had spent a marvelous summer with her maternal family in the States. They’d gone to Disney World and Universal Studios. When she’d flown back to England, Harry Potter was there to welcome her home.

She’d spent the last three weeks of vacation at Number 12. She’d visited the Weasleys and given them the superhero merchandise that she’d gotten for them. She had also met up with Scorpius and Teddy. They’d had tea in the gardens of Malfoy Manor while Harry and Draco conversed quietly over glasses of wine.

While the boys listened to her adventures in America, she could feel that pebble in the pit of her stomach starting to grow. It presented itself at the most peaceful of moments, when the world faded out of perspective and all that existed were those she loved. Orion could never quite pinpoint the reason as to why this happened, she just knew that it did. She looked at Scorpius and Teddy, both playing nice to give her this one peaceful afternoon.

Lying on the grass, with her head resting against Teddy’s arm and Scorpius’ head on her lap, Orion asked the one thing she needed to know the most at the moment: “There will be a homecoming party, yes?”

Scorpius opened his eyes, a vicious grin on his lips.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Orion whispered the words under her breath, her mantra to keep the beating of her heart steady. Each stroke of the makeup brush, the tapping of a beauty blender, made her keep focus. Red lipstick when on last.

Appraising her reflection, Orion inhaled deeply. She was all tight clothes and sharp edged makeup. Her armor fit perfectly, it even felt perfect. She would be okay. Nothing would harm her tonight. She would be under Scorpius and Teddy’s protection. They would be nearby, if intoxicated. Giving her hair a final tease, she strapped her wand to her leg and left the dormitory. Before she closed the door behind her, she reached for the gift bag on her desk.

Orion sensed Alexander more than saw him when she entered the common room. His magic made the room feel different, simultaneously steady and loaded with bristling energy. She knew he would be in the common room. She could picture him already, back erect and book propped open by the glass window.

Alexander looked up from his book; he considered her momentarily before returning to his reading. Orion smiled, making her way to him. Every step she took brought her closer to that unstable source of magic. It was alluring and frightening. Gently, she placed the gift back in his line of vision.

“What’s this?” he asked.

"That," she said with a tilt of her head and a lithe bounce in her step, "is your outfit for the night." There were dark stars glowing in her eyes, and a bright red smile on her lips.

He looked at her expression, unable to match her enthusiasm but appreciative for it anyway. Reaching into the bag with his brow furrowed, he seemed confused when he pulled out fine dark linen. Orion had spent many hours looking for something that would suit Alexander’s physique. Seeing the dark fabric between his fingers assured her that she had made the right call. [/b]“I don't get it...why would I wear this to bed?"[/b]

A single, perfectly dark eyebrow rose. She placed her hands on her hips, her head tilting in the other direction. She seemed to debate with herself momentarily. Finally, she said, "You wear them to bed so that I can take them off later."

Without giving him time to consider her words too deeply, she broke into a joyful laugh. "Come on, Lex! Be my date tonight."

An eyebrow quirked at the suggestion, looking Orion over.

She liked it when he looked at her like that, like she was just out of reach but too close for comfort. Orion knew what Scorpius’ opinion of Alexander was, but she felt drawn to him in a way that she could not explain.

"Fine, since you've lured me in with the obligation of the gift of fine linen." He said, standing up.

"Besides, if I'm correct about my social standing and teenagers...when the ostensibly attractive girl asks you on a date," He said, holding the outfit against his frame to confirm it was the right size, "you say yes."

Orion's smile exploded into a grin. "I love it when you use big words, buttermilk. Now hurry up and change. Life won't wait for us."
Nonplussed, Alexander set his book down and proceeded to the dormitories. During her wait, Orion took his seat, flipping through the pages of his book. She laughed softly at his selection: Most Macabre Monstrosities. It was very Alexander. Pausing, she wondered if it was strange that that particular corner of the common room smelled like him. Like the earth and somewhat spicy.

Sensing his return, Orion looked up. He was fidgeting with his sleeves, making his hair fall across his forehead in a most unfavoring manner. He looked dark, dangerous, and stunning.
Orion's smile never faltered. She looped her arm around his, letting her fingers glide against the skin of his hand. Looking at him, she stood on her toes, only just managing to reach his hair. Soft flicks of her fingers styled it to a personal preference.This close to him, she could feel the way his magic and warmth radiated off him. She could tell from the focus in his eyes that he had considered his movements very carefully. There was that tattletale pinch around his eyes that Orion suspected he was unaware of.

"There. You look dangerously handsome."

He seemed to deeply consider her words, before nodding. "And you look attractive - but you already knew that."

"Yes," she replied, "but I love it when you say it."

Sneaking through the castle was a magical experience all on its own. They stuck close together, bodies pressed together under the soft caresses of the shadows. At one point, Alexander pulled her back, pinning her against the safety of a statue while a professor walked by. Orion’s heart beat in time with the professor’s footfalls, her dark eyes gazing up at the young man caging her in.

If she had to choose between the relief of drugs or Alexander’s arms, she would be unable to make a decision. They were both so intoxicating, so alluring. The drugs of the Shack, however, were much closer to her than Alexander would ever be. Orion held no delusions of ever having his undivided attention, much less his affection.

Alexander drew away, looking her over with little curiosity. Something akin to realization crawled across his eyes. Softly, he apologized for treating her so roughly. Orion gave his arm a pat, taking his hand in hers and making a quick dive through the secret passage that would lead them directly to the Shrieking Shack.

Every step brought them closer to the end of the tunnel. Each second carried them further away from their troubles. The small, uncomfortable pebbles that had lived in Orion’s stomach for the past few weeks had become heavy boulders.
Her skin itched with need. She wanted it, needed it, that blissful escape from her vicious feelings. Her body was her most frightening enemy, and the nights at the Shack dulled its sharp blades.

Having Alexander beside her made her feel better. So many people found his lack of empathy terrifying. Orion, on the other hand, sometimes envied it. If she could just shut up her feelings for a couple of minutes, for a few wonderful seconds.

The ground shook underneath their feet as they entered the scene. As social as she was, Orion hated crowds. The boulder in her stomach threatened to kill her.

Orion rested her head against Alexander’s arm; the weight on it made him look down. Her eyes seemed far away, the way they did when something was not quite right inside her. She held his arm tighter, pulling him closer, as if he were a lifeline and not the other way around. "Think of me," she said, "when you're happy in there."

Alexander smiled. His beautiful dimples appeared, smile only just reaching his eyes. But there was no light in them.

“That won’t be hard,” He said, almost flirting for a moment, “you’ll be standing right next to me.”

He guided her into the room, placing his hand on the small of her back as they walked. The room bounded with an energy all of its own. Walls swaying along with the shaking movement of the old building. Yet every student present only cared about two things: dancing and getting high.

Alexander smiled down at Orion again. What he saw nearly unsettled him, if not confused him altogether. Orion was not smiling back at him the way he had expected. Her red lips were lifeless on her beautiful face, and the grip of her hand on his arm tightened.

"Oh, Lex," she sighed. "We are nothing but liars, you and I."

And with that, she stepped away from his side, weaving her way to her cousin. She needed it, Moondew in high doses, Euphoria Elixir in small ones. Orion waited her turn, giving Teddy a small kiss on the cheek as she took her drug of choice.

She caught Alexander’s stumbling words, saw his hand take what he needed from Teddy’s bag. A swift exchange of money for drugs, drugs for money.

"Only what is enough," she said, pulling him into the dancing crowd. Her hands were so soft on him, so gentle and caressing that he didn't notice when she took the vials from him. She pocketed one, drank the other. Before he could do anything, Orion reached for the back of his neck and. pulled him into a deep kiss, Euphoria Elixir sliding into his mouth. Alexander kissed her back, and every hot glide of his tongue made her mind swirl. Whatever of the drug escapes their kiss trailed down their chins, making their skin and clothes sticky.

And then he was smiling, that smile lighting his eyes up like the stars in the night sky that Orion so much loved. He took Orion’s hand in his, dancing, dancing, and dancing.

The drugs made everything better. They took away all the horrible things, all the dark shadows, and nasty feelings. Orion followed his lead, letting her mind be fooled by the bliss of the elixir and the proximity that was Alexander Langston.

Thank you LindaRose for your words!


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One of the most important things that anyone had to know about Albus Severus Potter was that although he did not partake in the drugs that Teddy had to offer, and that he did not particularly get along with either Scorpius or Louis, he had never once missed one of their parties.

The Shrieking Shack was a special place to the Hogwarts students that attended the late night getaways. But it was not as special a place to them as it was to Albus. Long before the parties, long before James shared the secret passages with the others, Albus had been coming to the Shack in secret.

It had been a place to think, to reflect on the history kept within its walls. At the quietest, stillest of moments, Albus could hear the sounds, the whispers of the past, reaching through the folds of Time to speak to him.

The scratches on the floorboards spoke of a friendship so deep, Death could not destroy it. Torn sheets and curtains sang of the loyalty amongst friends, but wept at the betrayal of a dear one. The black blood stains that accented the interior whispered the loudest: family, family, family.

It took Albus a long time to come to terms with the presence of others in the Shack. First came James, stumbling through the passage from the Whomping Willow. Then followed Scorpius and Louis, Teddy and Kingsley. Orion had been the only one Albus had brought in of his own accord, back when things were still fresh, new, and lovely between them.

Then came the parties, the students, drunk and drugged, and unfortunate. Albus did not care much for the comings and goings of every student in Hogwarts, yet he could not allow himself to turn a blind eye when they needed it the most.

Safe rooms, clean clothes and water, and a secret deal between a Potter and the House-Elves provided the intoxicated adolescents with safe escorts back to their dormitories. Nobody had asked him to do it; Albus himself had not volunteered for the job. Still, it got done.

Putting out the last of his cigarette on the sole of his shoe, Albus checked on the charms on his clothing; there would be no point in trying to be sober if he succumbed to the stray fumes of the burning Moondew.

The scene on display was like all the others before it: dirty, sexual, drugged. Albus gilded around, sidestepping bodies and stopping to take an offered kiss every now and then. Only a light peck, nothing more. Whimpers and whines begged him for more, but he had no time for that.

Out of the corner of his eye, Albus noticed how a fellow Slytherin seemed to be forcing too much of himself into someone’s personal space. Exhaling with exasperation, Albus neared the antagonist in question and gave him a hard shove. “Come on now, man,” he said, “No means no.”

Much to Piper's surprise, another Slytherin stepped to her defense. She watched the boy who was harassing her fall back into his friends, his face a slideshow of surprise and aggravation. Once properly back on his feet he looked around for his attacker, ready to make heads roll....until his eyes landed on her rescuer. Piper took a moment to take in the scene. The boy, her rescuer, stood at odds with the Asshat Slytherin. In that frozen second between standoff and fighting, she saw Asshat's eyes flicker from Piper to him, assessing the situation, hesitation flickering across his face.

"Defending a Hufflepuff, Potter? You gonna hit that?" He sneered as he advanced on Albus.

Piper felt her face heat at his words. Her fists clenched, but she didn’t want to continue this scene, it was attracting too much attention.

Albus felt that curve in his lips that he sometimes let show; the one that so often got him in trouble.

“No,” he said. “I’m going to hit you.”

His fist flew fast, sharp, and true. The guy flew back, landing on his ass. Before he could do anything else, Albus spelled him unconscious. He kicked his feet out of his way, his glare daring anyone else to join in the fray.

“Round two?”

They scattered, leaving their fallen comrade behind. Albus scoffed, smirking devilishly. He turned to Piper and his grin faded.

“What are you doing here, Longbottom?”

Albus, good lord, it was A L B U S. How had she not recognized him immediately? Fists flew and Piper's brain scattered momentarily, as the fight ensued. How had she not recognized the dark haired boy immediately? His eyes landed on Piper and she almost took a step back, the full force of his gaze was somewhat disorienting for her. She realized he had asked her a question.

"Oh...ah...causing trouble evidently..." She said with a half hearted smile.

"Just came to...cut loose, I suppose. Drink?" She asked gesturing towards the bar area. Good lord, she needed a goddamn drink.

Albus raised a single eyebrow, taking Piper in with grave consideration. She looked unsettled, nervous. Clearly she had not expected what she’d found at the Shack. He shook his head slightly.

“I don’t drink.” He didn’t specify that he did not drink here at the Shrieking Shack. “But I’ll accompany you nonetheless.”

He motioned for her to go ahead, following at a safe distance behind.

"Oh, okay." Piper said mildly surprised by his words. She wasn't sure what surprised her more, the fact that he didn't drink, or that he agreed to come with her.

"Ah, well, I'll have to find some other way to thank you then." She said. Piper's face heated suddenly as her own words rang in her ears. A blush seared through her cheeks and for a minute she thought her face was on fire. Mortified, she turned away from him to hide her cheeks in the dark waves of her hair. As she moved through the crowd, she tried to gather her thoughts. Once at the bar she ordered two single shots of Beetle Berry Whiskey. She took them both within seconds of each other. The sweet burn took her mind off of the pitfalls of socialization.

"So what do you do?" She asked, curiosity coloring her voice.

Piper amused him. The way she tried to hide her face from him as she embarrassed herself unnecessarily, the way she wanted so much to “cut loose,” but still clung so desperately to sobriety.

Albus could feel a not so pleasant smile threatening to show. He leaned his back against the bar, elbows on the smooth surface. Surveying the scene that continued to play in the room, he said with an unidentifiable chuckle: “I’m the guard dog of this place.”

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By the time they made it back inside, the party had doubled in size. That was partially at the fault of anyone who shared the last name Weasley, as they took up half the population in any given area, but it was also the most crowded he had ever seen the Shack. They’d told Rose they wanted to go all out for the first party of their last year. Apparently she had taken it by heart.

Even for Scorpius, the reminder that it was their last year was a heavy one that wouldn’t stop settling against his chest. He didn’t particularly think he would miss Hogwarts itself - school was school, a means to an end, a requirement he didn’t particularly have a choice in. But the proximity to his friends, the excuse to party the way they did, the lack of any real responsibility - all of that was worth missing.

He followed Louis through the crowd with the help of a few harshly placed elbows and well aimed glares. He wasn’t sure if it was his last name or the knowledge that he was a co-owner of the parties that kept anyone from biting back at him. Honestly, he didn’t care. At least, that was, until he caught sight of Oris pressed up tightly against her pet sociopath. Drugs of their own making, Black and Langston. It bothered him enough that the hint of a frown tugged at Scorpius’ mouth, but he let it go. He wasn’t his cousins keeper.

The familiar feeling of Louis’ fingers digging into his hips pulled Scorpius’ attention back to him, to the bar that they had arrived at, only to realize Teddy wasn’t manning his usual bag of goodies. Scorpius arched an eyebrow and Louis gave him a look in return, so he leaned over the bar and - ah. James’ fingers were twisted into crimson red hair, his knees pressed to the floor, two hungry mouths moving together. In a very shameless display of want, Lysander Scamander was watching, in a much different way than Scorpius himself was.

Scorpius snorted, it was a reaction he couldn't hold back. Lys could daydream all he wanted, but James and Teds would eat the poor boy alive if he ever managed to get in between them. Relations aside though, Scorpius supposed he couldn’t blame the boy. James and Teds were fit, and they always made out like they were putting on a private show. Wet dreams attempting to damn the chastest of them all.

Scorpius rubbed at the top of Lys’ head in a gesture that should have been friendly, possibly even brotherly, but he had never been very good at that stuff so it was a touch too rough and a bit too teasing to really be endearing. “Go on, Lys. Take a bite. It’d be a lovely way to die.”

He left the boy there in favor of Teddy’s bag, passing by the euphoric substances Teddy seemed to prefer, instead going for the much less consumed Fae Edibles. He’d tip Teddy handsomely later for making sure he had a supply of Scorpius’ favorite, and stayed there only long enough to cut the toffee shaped drugs into smaller pieces. When he finally got to Louis, he pushes him against a back wall with soft hands and demanding hips. There was sweetness on the tip of his tongue and when he bites his way into Louis’ mouth, he’s rewarded with a sharp inhale and fingers digging into his back.

Louis' hands attempt to tear at the fabric but wind up gripping tightly instead. Twisting in an attempt to hang on the the last of his mind as the euphoria sets in.

He is lost in Scorpius, intoxicated by him even more so than by the drugs.

The world twisted into numbness, erasing sensations outside of the wetness of Louis’ mouth against his, the hands that pulled him closer, the greedy licks to his bottom lip asking for more. Scorpius gave and gave until he had to pull away to breathe, and then it was back. The party came into focus in the way he could see the notes from the music dancing in the air, in the vibrant redness of Louis’ hair, the green eyes that were weighing him down, the smirk that Louis wore.

"That good?" He whispers in amusement. "We could teach them a thing or two you know." Teddy and James could publicly dry-hump all they wanted but they couldn't top the lightning that struck everytime Louis and Scorp touched.

“Shut up,” Scorpius muttered, feeling the music pump through him like a second pulse, the drugs like sixth sense, the desire to be closer like a fucking human need. He drags Louis this time, into the crowd of dancing bodies, tilts his head to run his tongue across the length of Louis’ neck, chasing the taste of moondew soaked skin and biting down on muscle hard enough to leave a mark.

Louis couldn't help the groan, the way his body slackened at the pressure of teeth on flesh. The flash of warmth brought to the surface of his cheeks that he would fervidly deny as him blushing bright red against pale skin. He reached a hand up to tangle in blonde strands of hair, begging for more. Wanting to wear Scorpius' markings on his skin for all to see.

His arms went around Louis’ waist, one up under his jeans and downward, seeking skin. It was almost too intimate for public - almost, if everyone weren’t fucking smashed - and maybe a bit of a promise of things to come later.

They were dancing to the beat of their own tune, the tempo of whatever song playing in the background nothing in comparison to the pulse within. Louis could feel it tear through him, beating in time with the shaky exhales from his open mouth.

This was it, everything he craves in a singular all encompassing feeling. He wanted more, wanted to sink to the floor, take Scorpius down with him. Let those impulses wash over them, those urges inside like a riptide keeping them below the water's surface. Drowning on the feeling of hands, and skin, and tongues.

Louis aches to be somewhere else then, somewhere that didn't include the dozen other faces in the crowd. But he could block them out, they didn't matter anyways, let them watch! Those other students with all their other problems were wrapped up in themselves just as much as they were in each other. Honestly, he lives for this. For Scorpius and all of his wicked offerings - everyone else be damned.

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“What is the most interesting story your dad has told you?”

If Albus started talking about his father, he would never stop. He had so many stories that he wished to share with everyone, so many little facts that no one ever considered to ask of Harry Potter except for his own son.

His favorite story was nothing like Piper’s, no. It had everything to do with Harry, it was the time he had to learn how to ride Sirius’ bike. He had shown Albus the memory on a Pensive once, but Albus always liked how he told it best.

Harry would mimic his own actions. He mounted the bike, only to have it fall on its side and pin him to the ground. He always said that the way he groaned and cursed. That was the first time that he had made fun of his own success at defeating Voldemort. He’d screamed at the top of his lungs that he had not defeated the Dark Lord just so a motorcycle could crush his legs.

That’s when Harry knew he would be alright. And Albus loved that.

Piper watched an array of emotions flash over Albus's face, though he said nothing. She imagined he was replaying the memory to himself.

“You know, sharing is caring.” She said with a smile, though the timid part of her told her not to pry. She squelched that feeling with a brutality she didn't know she had. Piper wanted to know Albus and she'd be damned if she was going to let embarrassment stop her.

Albus laughed softly. He shared his favorite stories with her, whispering softly in a way that made the area around them intimate. He told her about the time Harry had set the python loose on uncle Dudley just before his Hogwarts letters arrived. He shared the time Harry mistook Fred and George for a full month and the twins did nothing about it. He shared between laughs the stack of really bad poetry that he had written to Ginny.

Albus talked for so long that it startled him when a small, gentle house elf placed a hand on his knee.

“Master Potter, sir,” said the kindly creature. “It is nearly time.”

He stopped playing with Piper’s hair, his thoughts scattered in memories of his father’s life before the war. She was curled into him, her eyes heavy with exhaustion. Albus fought the feelings of embarrassment that trickled up his neck to his cheeks.

Clearing his throat, he nodded at the house elf. “Thank you, Peony. You can escort Ms. Longbottom back first.”

Piper was startled by the arrival of the house elf. Her lids heavy, she yawned and stretched as she disentangled herself from Albus. His stories had made her laugh so hard her face hurt, and the deep rumble of his voice had pulled her into such a comfortable state she had forgotten where they were. As much as she wanted to stay, she knew it was time to go back to reality.

Piper tugged Albus closer by the collar of his shirt before pressing her lips to his in a gentle, yet need filled kiss.

“Goodnight, sweet dreams Potter.” She said with a grin before she turned to follow the house elf.

Piper disappeared in a soft swirl of color as the elf disapparated. He stared at the spot where she had just stood, then looked out the window. The sky was black, but not pitch black as it would be during the witching hour.

Scorpius’ time was up.

In one swift motion, Albus stood. He checked his image, running a hand to smooth down his perfectly styled hair. He could feel the bags under his eyes forming, the exhaustion settling deep in his bones.

“First day will be a bloody fucker.”

Slowly, Albus made his rounds, collecting the most intoxicated of his schoolmates. He would tag them with a small charm and the house elves would take them back to Hogwarts Castle. Harry’s history with house elves and Albus’ surname granted him the loyalty of the magical creatures. They swore to keep the Potters’ secrets. Even the most dangerous ones.

It took him the better part of an hour to clear out the Shack. The parties had grown out of proportion. There was a mess of spilled drugs and alcohol, glitter and puke on the ground. A group of elves would stop by in the afternoon to clean it up, and Albus would join them after lessons.

He found Scorpius and Louis making out on the dance floor. Those two would not go to class, but they had to be back in the castle nonetheless. Scorpius shoved him aside hard when he attempted to interrupt.

“Malfoy, don’t make me stun you in front of my cousin.”

Scorpius flipped him off, but he knew better than to argue with Albus. It was Albus’ Shack now. Time was up and they had to head back to their dormitories before morning.

”Piss off, Potter,” he grumbled as he took Louis’ hand and allowed the tiny house elf beside Albus to take him by the elbow.
Sighing, Albus walked to the last two people in the room: Langston and Orion.

They were laying on one of the overly expensive, plush couches that Scorpius had brought in. Langston held Orion close to his chest, his fingers tangled in her hair. Orion slept soundly, her makeup smeared by kisses and sweat. On her arms were thin red trails. They weren’t deep enough to break skin, but the irritation still glared.

Albus’ heart clenched painfully. He looked from Orion’s abused arms to Langston’s drugged eyes. There was no use in telling him about Orion’s anxious tics. No use in telling him to make sure that she kept her nails short. He was too far gone, too far into his own sorrows and problems to see hers.

“Langston. Time to go.”

Albus did not stay to see them disappear.

“Master Potter,” came a soft, childlike voice from beside him. “All of the guest have been returned to their respective dormitories safely.”

Albus nodded, kneeling to take the hand of the young elf and pressing a kiss to her knuckles. “Thank you, Blossom. You’ve done exceptionally good work, as always.”

Blossom smiled at him, her big blue eyes glowing in the dim lights. “Master Potter should head back too.”

He nodded again. Albus was tired. Maybe he would sleep in tomorrow and miss the first lesson. Would it be too suspicious?

There was no sound, but Albus still heard the pounding of the bass in his head. He couldn’t stay in the Shack, not at the moment, not with the echoes of the party still bouncing off the walls.

He took Blossom’s offered hand. “Yes,” he said, “let us go home.”

They vanished. And the Shrieking Shack was eerily silent.

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Safe to say… neither of them showed up to class the morning after.

Two weeks of hell follow in the wake of the first party. If hell can even be equated to the boredom of a monotonous routine. School is decidedly just the same as always, a daily chore that Louis must endure in order to further his personal narrative. Though made much easier when every class is shared with a distraction as glorious as Scorpius Malfoy. He isn’t sure what he would do without him there. Maybe die of boredom? Apparently, Scor felt the same way about Louis - he never went to class if his boyfriend didn’t.

Honestly, there’s only so many times Louis can sit through a Binns lecture before he starts daydreaming of ways to kill a ghost - there's got to be a way right? He asks Scorpius one day, the answer isn’t so much words as it is a look of bemusement that turns to wandering hands and that turns to a letter written home to his parents about their sons misconduct and how the next brazen display of sex by the lake is going to get the both of them expelled - yeah right.

If hands under tables and dirty words in earshot of other students haven’t done the job yet then it's a safe bet the most they’ll ever have to deal with is McGonagall's stern lecturing and the half-hearted attempt at an intervention. No Professor, nor parent, has been capable thus far of curbing their behaviors. Besides, Louis gets top marks despite having no inclination to participate in the class itself; By-product of Vic nagging him to death over his assignments. Looks like sisters are good for something after all. And Scorpius is ... well, passing.

The classes themselves are another story altogether on most days. It is a rare occurrence to have both Louis and Scorpius in one room and have one or both of them pay attention at all to anyone or anything that is not the other. Professors had long since stopped trying to force participation. It was a game that they would and always have lost in the past. Louis could care less what they think, especially with it being the last year he’s going to have to sit through the droning on and on of subjects he could learn easier by simply picking up a book.

Their last year. That thought posed another issue as the days continued steadily on. A steep incline into smothered anxiety. Louis resolutely refused to acknowledge the date of their final departure from Hogwarts. He had better things to focus on. Scorpius seemed to have adopted a similar philosophy, the only time he admitted to it being his last year was when he spoke to his friends about upcoming parties or trips. Everything had to be ‘bigger and better’.

And that bigger and better seemed to be coming upon them quickly into the form of a trip; Hogsmeade. Less party since they'd be in public but more real in a sense too. Louis couldn't say he was excited, that was too broad of a word for his narrow field of emotion. But neutral? Perhaps. They could relax and unwind in a way that didn't completely have to do with the shack and its intoxicating aura.

They were all going, for the most part, the key members of their troupe and then some. Friendships that wove together like the spiderweb of a particularly drunken arachnid. But still friendships nonetheless. As weird as it seemed since most of their social circle consisted of some of the strangest types currently residing within Hogwarts. The mishmash of personalities almost comically dependent on one another for human interaction.

Louis rarely spoke with other people - outside of Scorpius - and when he did it was consistently in the same way. If he didn't resolutely hate the other it was simple sarcasm and biting remarks. If he did - well, generally speaking, those he truly hated didn't get to interact with him. Ever. The students invited to the shack regularly were among the few that got a pass on his usual animosity. The most they received was blank nothing, maybe sarcasm if the situation called for it.

“There's going to be so many people.” He complains again for about what feels like the thousandth time. Which is why he could not say he is excited about the trip. But he isn't dreading it either. Simply knows it's going to be an exercise in patience. Something he doesn't have in droves. Scorpius gifts him with a half smirk. It wasn’t like he was exactly Mr. Sociable either, but he seemed to thrive off as many people as possible participating in debauchery.

Between that, class, and leisurely trips to detention; which is a laughable place to put either of them considering the lack of care. The day of the trip comes up quickly.

Hogsmeade has its charms.

Louis remembers the first time they were allowed to travel into the village. Back when parental permission had been required. He had bounced from shop to shop buying whatever he so wished, filling his pockets with candies and trinkets, avoiding Vic at all costs - she always wanted to shop for books, which Louis found incredibly boring - and longing for a taste of fire whiskey when he'd come upon the Hogs Head. Excitement hadn't ever factored into the mix per se.

Because, well, most of them had grown up with this. Had been entrenched in their culture.

Louis could mope if he wanted to. Could have stayed at the castle really. But anywhere Scorpius was it wasn't a wrong assumption to say that Louis would be right there as well. He held the other boy's hand as they walked side to side. So close that they may as well have been one body moving stitched together, unashamed of the public display; there wasn't really anything in the world that could make Louis feel shame.

Scorpius, likewise, had a general air of Devil-Could-Care about him. His usual apathetic expression clashing with how closely he kept Louis and the plans that were most definitely spinning through his mind.

His free hand would occasionally press into anothers, passing on thin sheets of paper. Rose’s invitations weren’t subtle enough for the public, but neither was a full-blown party. Still, that didn’t mean he, Teddy, and James hadn’t thought of something.

There may have been a smirk on Scorpius’ face, but it disappeared into red hair as he pressed a shameless kiss against Louis’ head.