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Elijah Lorraine

Love doesn't have a gender.

0 · 200 views · located in Round Town, USA

a character in “We Still Have One Heart”, as played by BelieveInDreams


Eli Lorraine


Basic Info

Eli / Elijah Lorraine


The first wife's second son


First wife

Sexual Orientation/Preference:

He doesn't have one

May 28

Zodiac sign:

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Parties
  • Women
  • Men
  • His family
  • People
  • Sunsets

  • Idiots
  • Being bored
  • People who are too serious
  • Carrots
  • Fighting


Eli is a kind and free spirited soul. He is very open-minded and prefers not to judge others. He's good at listening to other people's problems and loves to help people. Although he can be extremely playful and teasing there is a lot more depth to him. People mainly think of him as sarcastic and a huge flirt but there's a lot more to him than that. He knows the right times to act serious but occasionally messes up. He copes with things differently than others. While others might cry or yell or something he might joke about it. Sometimes his brothers and sisters find this annoying but it's something that he can't help. He loves his family and wouldn't change anything about them he looks up to his father a lot but he doesn't ever think he'd have any polygamist relationships. Though he is extremely open-minded when it comes to dating. He goes more for personality rather than gender or appearance. He is also known to be teasing and likes to joke around with people but he hates when people are too serious and take things the wrong way. He is also extremely naive and easily trusts others he likes to overlook people's flaws witch is a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. When he really likes someone he tends to overlook all of their flaws and trust them with everything. He absolutely hates fights and likes to avoid problems but then again once someone starts it he finishes it.

Eli was pretty much a good kid. He was a mama's boy and still is to this day he'll even proudly say it. He was that cute little kid that was attached at his mother's hip. He hated all the weird looks that people gave his siblings and his mother. He had no problem with his family and didn't understand why anyone else should. Even though some kids would make fun of him it wasn't enough for him to really get mad and he didn't want to cause problems for his mom. Although some kids made fun of him he easily made friends and was known to be social. He also loves photography and art. Some of his artwork is around his school and in art shows. He is very creative and has sketchbooks full of artwork. It's something that he's very passionate about and loves to do. Sometimes if he's having a block of creativity he wholes himself up in his room until he can get something.



Mr. Bear -
Not the most original name but then again he was like four when he got it. It's a worn out teddy bear that he refuses to throw away because he got it from his mom. When he was crying she gave it to him as a gift. It's not the manliest thing ever but he plans on keeping it. Sometimes he even sleeps with it.

His Phone-
It's like his baby. It's always with him and he's almost always texting someone on it.

His Sketch pad
One of his many sketch pads. He has a ton of them in his room as well as small sculptures and things that he's made.


How often do you get online?:
Every other day

How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
Every other two days

Love knows no bounds :D


So begins...

Elijah Lorraine's Story


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Chapter I

The small American village of Round Town, USA was all quiet, the hazy, black blanket of night reaching over the citizens as they slept. And through the snore of a passing thundercloud, and beyond the woeful chirps of the midnight crawlers, lay the grumblings of a sleeping giant. Round Town had been a bustling, yet calm bastion of more reserved folk, with its white picket fences and rambling rose. The town was half Catholic and half Protestant, though it was 100% Christian, and almost every townsperson was a churchperson as well. Morality dominated the governance of the town, and every town mandate was an extension of church mandate. The church seemed rather placid, despite having two largely “enthusiastic” factions. Ten years ago, that changed.

The Lorraines stopped in to have a bite one day, and Thomas fell instantly in love; it was just what he wanted for the kids, for his wives and husband. Square City was all asunder between immorality, lack of spirituality, crime and civic corruption. Yes, the Lorraines found a large property, Rosefield, built their houses, and stayed to themselves for a few good years, raising their children and making money between the ranch and their own individual merits. The town’s opportunities were innumerable and rich.

About three years ago, Thomas decided it was time to give back, and (with the consent of his spouses) declared his intention to run for the town council. His charismatic family-centeredness and refreshing dialogue earned him a landslide victory. Yes, the Lorraines were becoming valued members of the community and seemed to live in peaceful providence between the secrecy of their group marriage and the respect that they had earned.

But problems loomed ahead, and with Thomas’s bid for the mayorship, the family knew they were at the end of their peace. Yes, with kids going out to college soon, one already in, and the clan growing…

But for now, the Lorraines were asleep. It was Saturday morning, way before daybreak, and as the hummingbirds began to wake and the bugs began to crawl back into their dens, the Lorraines slept away. One Lorraine, however, was early to rise…

Thomas’s Perspective

Thomas rolled awake, alone in his bed. Through the silky sheets, Thomas attempted to grasp a deep breathe before yawning and throwing the sleep off his eyes. He was alone tonight, like he was alone every Friday night; each spouse had a day and night with him. Friday night was his own night, in the main Lorraine manor.

Through the curtains of the oak-framed bed, Thomas stumbled to meet the morning, his eyes still shut. Wrenching back and extending his hands like a crane, a deep yawn escaped him. The Lorraine Manor was cold at night, quiet and lonely. Occasionally, it’s various rooms were used by children who wanted to stay in their father’s house, or by visiting kinfolk, or by really whoever requested a room. Otherwise, the manor was no more than an activity center for the family, with large kitchen and various rooms for whatever.
Thomas peeked through his achy left eye over down to his alarm clock – 3 AM. Perfect. He still had enough to time to throw on his pitt-clothes and rush down to the smoker; he had it installed the first year the family moved to Rosefield, large enough to cook about seven briskets at a time and still enough room to cook sausages, potatoes and just about anything. Today, Thomas was cooking his particularly favorite of peppered brisket. Taking anywhere from five to twelve hours, family barbeque was a morning that had taken much toll on his body.

Sighing, Thomas threw a third brisket up on the shelf of his smoker, the sweet meaty juices of caramelized meat escaping forth from the hatch. Thomas always used oak and apple wood to make a particularly distinct taste in his meat, something he learned from his own father. They would spend hours in the backyard, just talking over the smoke and havin’ a man-to-man. That was way back when life was simpler for Thomas. Only him, his brother, his father and his mother. They would go on down to Church every Sunday, but his family were never terribly religious. Certainly, however, they probably wouldn’t have approved of Thomas’s lifestyle.

Some of the family probably wouldn’t be too concerned with eating meat later today, but that was alright. His family was diverse in everyway, and that was what he loved about it. He himself was more conservative, but many of his spouses were more youthful and less-reserved. Never forgetting each wedding, Thomas stood and contemplated as he waited for the brisket to slowly cook. The girls would be down later to start on breakfast and what not…