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We, the Few

We, the Few


Private RP between H3R0 and Apocalyptic_Tea

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This world is an endless realm of unexpectancies. It is full of surprises that even the wisest cannot even begin to predict, where the peaceful wish for war, and the bloodied wish for more, where the innocent may be more than they appear, and the dangerous may not be as such. In a world covered partly by sand and partly by sea, there are so many wonderful, and terrible, places gone unsearched, undiscovered. Anything may be for the best or for the worst, and nobody can ever know which it may or may not be. In this world, nothing is as as it seems and those who believe in nothing, just might believe in everything. And those who believe in everything, well, we'll see what becomes of them in the end.

This is a world of magic and of wonder and of things that cannot simply be explained away by science--not that this world is advanced enough for most of that really technical stuff anyway. There are those known as Magi, people who are born with the ability to use magic. Magic can be used for such an insanely wide variety of things; it can build worlds, ignite harmony between warring nations, create bonds between enemies, and it can destroy entire communities, bring destruction to the peace, cast chaos across the lands far and wide. It can be a wonderful thing, or a terrible thing, or any variation in between. It can control the person who believes controls it. It can spark destinies and end lives. Perhaps it depends on who holds this awful, wonderful power. Perhaps we'll never know for sure.

However, Magi are rare to come by. They are far and few in between, birthed from the very magic they create over centuries. As far as anyone knows, there are only ever four in this world in existence at a time. When one dies away, one will be born to take its place. A Magi can take any form, from humans to animals to even trees. Humans are the most unpredictable kind, as is obvious. This power can not be given to just anyone or the world would fall away to ashes. However, while Magi are a rare occurrence, that doesn't mean that there aren't other magic users throughout the lands, simply known as Magicians. They are not as common as those without, but they still exist among the people and are well-known enough to not be considered strange or frightening. Those with powers generally control something simple, however, and find themselves restricted to one specific type, usually elemental and rarely anything otherwise. There are many others who inhabit this world besides humankind. There are many species of various different looks, sizes, powers, and anything else that can be thought of. Some mingle amongst each other as casually as they always have and some hide themselves away in fear of becoming a dead civilization. Even the most renown of travelers cannot name every single one.


Many things are an inevitability--birth, death, and the fate given to those for the state in between. There are many paths one can take in their life and it is up to them how they go along with it, but that is all the choice they have. Going beyond the destiny that has been decided for them can lead only to malicious outcomes. They may believe at the time that they are gaining control of their lives, but life is only borrowed and has never been ours to begin with. Whatever fate that had been designed for them will only end then in a terrible tragedy, in agony, and in chaos. Nothing good can come out of escaping destiny. Nothing ever has.

Perhaps this looming chaos is what has brought upon the return of the Dungeons. These Dungeons, built from an unrecorded time and existing purely by an unfathomable source of magic, have appeared suddenly across the lands far and wide. It's impossible to tell how many there are. However, their purpose seems to be suggesting a path laid out for a chosen bout of creatures existing in the world. Their fates have been chosen and brought together specifically for a purpose of...well, we aren't sure what that purpose is yet, exactly, but that's for them to find out along the way. Anyone can enter the Dungeons. They simply appeared from underneath the ground and each entrance is a swirling force of magic, a portal, that leads to an inside that can only be escaped through the means of defeating said Dungeon. Each Dungeon is much larger on the inside than it may appear to be on the outside and is capable of containing many vast cities, although none would be inhabited since no civilization could thrive amongst the dangers that lurk within each and every Dungeon.

Countless men and women and creatures alike have forced their ways into the Dungeons. Entire armies have never been seen again. Many are advised to avoid them. It's been heard through rumor and ancient texts that each Dungeon is unique, and every single one is not only dangerous and deadly, but also contains an all-powerful Djinn. It is said, that to defeat a Dungeon, those who have gone inside must make their way past the traps, monsters, and whatever else may be lurking inside, and to the end where the Djinn will be waiting to greet them. The Djinn will decide whether or not those who have made it to the end are worthy of continuing on with their lives and, if they do, then they will grant the hero (or heroes) an escape, and usually along with unfathomable riches, which will cast the Dungeon back to whence it came. However, that is not all a Djinn is capable of. They may also decide to tag along in the form of an object with a person they deem worthy of their company. That object will only respond to the person who has been chosen and will provide them with the power that that Djinn may hold, although it will never quite be as strong as a Magi's power.


Let's explore the world of today. There are four Magi present on Earth. One is an enormous tree whose roots pulses with pure magical energy. It is highly regarded and protected from any possible forms of danger, or any who may try and cut it down. It is the center of a city of people who pray to it and grant it gifts and, in turn, it is said that the Great Magi Tree blesses their city and their lives. Another Magi is rumored to be the wind itself that flows through supposedly unreachable caverns that only the brave can claim to have visited. Those who have, have told stories of feeling infused with strength in their time of weakness and an overwhelming sensation of happiness, and trust, and confidence in their time of emotional turmoil and doubt. The third Magi has not been heard from for a very long time. It is unknown whether or not he has been killed and replaced or if he is still traveling the Earth, or if he is simply enjoying a time of peace in solitude. The final Magi has been recently reborn and its form is not yet known.

It has been many years since the Dungeons have formed and while many have tried, only a handful have emerged successful with the riches and power that had only been written of in old texts. The Dungeons have appeared in countless places, from the sea to the land, inside of cities and out of sight. Only the truly brave, strong, and adventurous attempt to defeat the Dungeons. Some have gone in for the sake of greed or even out of pure stupidity, although their success is even more rarely heard of. Those who do conquer the Dungeons are regarded as legends and people will gather from far and wide to hear their grand stories.

There have been rumors of a great evil developing in the world. Cities who were once at peace have suddenly and unexpectedly gone to war. In many places, tensions have arisen between Magicians and those who cannot use magic at all, creating destruction and chaos and separation. People, as they have always been, have been enslaved by some simply for the sake of greed or power or because of their differences. Sin is spreading throughout the land. Confusion. Betrayal. The people seem to be waiting with bated breaths for what may or may not come next. Some are begging for death to take them only so they don't have to see the supposed impending doom. Perhaps with the sudden appearance of the Dungeons, more has arrived to this world with it. And it may not be willing to leave so easily. Only fate can tell what may happen in the end.


    β₯Djinns. Have you ever seen the Disney movie Aladdin? Djinns basically look like Genie. They are large entities that inhabit Dungeons. They each have their very own personality and while some may be genderless, or a mix of the two, most are specified between male or female. Their powers, not unlike Magicians, are usually specific to a certain element, such as fire or water. Djinns may be considered good, evil, or neutral. When a person or party has arrived at the end of a Dungeon, the Djinn--as there will only ever be one--will appear and place judgment upon those who have reached the end. If they deem them worthy, then they will grant them freedom and riches. More often than not, a Djinn will inhabit an item of ONE chosen person's possessions and infuse it with their power, giving their much watered down, but still very much effective, power to the chosen person. Some people have multiple Djinn-infused items. It can be jewelry or a weapon or even a piece of clothing. The powers that the Djinn gives the holder is similar to the power of a Magician, but not nearly as strong or effective. Non-magic users can use the power of a Djinn just as well as a Magician can, or any other creature, so long as the Djinn chooses them (which is only available if they get through a Dungeon).

    β₯Magi. There are only four in existence at any given time. When one dies, one is born. Even if they are human or a creature, they do not have a natural birth and are born out of pure power with no blood parents or relatives. They may take the form of anything. As it is, there's one that's a large tree, one that's simply wind, one that may or may not still be alive but was once a mere human by appearance, and one that is currently unknown to the world, although some have been looking for it. Magi have an unlimited source of power, but are still at risk of death or great fatigue if their powers are overused. They are not restricted to one type of power (much like the Avatar from the cartoon), but sometimes they prefer to strengthen one over the other. It just depends on the preference of the vessel. Despite seeming like a necessity, not all Magis are born with good in their heart.

    β₯Magicians. They generally use elemental powers consisting of: fire, water, earth, air, lightning, light, darkness, and sand, although many divulge in healing magics as well. Like with Magi, their power comes from inside and is natural to them, although it is still something that must develop over time and through practice. There are even schools specifically designed for Magicians to further extend their range of abilities. While many Magicians may have the same powers, each one is still considered unique, especially in the way that they use it, how skilled they are in it, and other various things. They are more subjectable to fatigue than a Magi, although stronger Magicians take longer.

    β₯Dungeons. There are countless Dungeons spread all across the planet far and wide. Some are under the water, some are smack dab in the middle of cities, some are on islands, some are lost within the desert sands, and etc. They are not impossible to defeat, although it's a rare occurrence. Only the strong and brave have come out alive and those who have are regarded as legends. They are larger on the inside than on the outside and each Dungeon is unique. Some may contain multiple empty cities that could house thousands and others may have large, winding forests with waterfalls and rivers. Each are littered with deadly traps and strange, monstrous creatures, small, large, and everything in between. It's impossible to predict what you may come across. However, making it out alive equals a life of fame, riches, and the possibility of power.

    β₯Creatures. If you can think it, they probably exist. People with humanoid dragons for bodies who are twelve feet tall, and people who are small and furry and capable of lifting boulders three times their size, and even people who resemble normal human beings but with abilities no human or Magician would normally have are all considered usually normal. However, some of the rarer breeds are at risk of being enslaved. It seems as if the largest population consists mostly of normal, not magic humans, with Magicians coming in second, and the rest scattered from there.

    β₯Rukh & Magoi. I know this is starting to sound a bit complicated, but it's really not! So don't worry! First of all, Rukh is something that everyone, every living creature, has inside of them. It's their spirit, their essence, the very thing that fate uses to bring everyone along the paths in their lives that they are meant to travel. However, those that go against fate taint the Rukh that lies within them, inking that which is normally a golden glow into a voidish black. Magi are the only ones who can see the Rukh. Magoi, however, is something only magic users or those who obtain a magic-infused item (like a Djinn) have within them. Magoi is, bluntly, magic itself. Magoi comes from within, from the very spirit (Rukh), itself, and everyone who uses it uses it, quite literally, with their lives. Overdoing it can bring exhaustion, overwhelming pain, internal bleeding, comas, and, in extreme cases, even death. Everyone has a limit, even Magi.

    β₯Setting. The world mostly takes place in an Arabic-type setting. There's a lot of sand, and what isn't sand or city is probably the vast, greatly unexplored sea. There may be a rare forest or two if you look hard enough, though. Most cities are ruled by Kings or Queens. The technology is very basic. There are no phones. Messages, information, packages, food, goods, and etc. are all handled through very basic means of travel. Cities are built through physical labor and little else. There are no guns. The list of dangers are endless. Some people are very rich, some people are very poor, and some people are anything in between. There are thieves on land and pirates in the water, Magicians and non-magic users alike. While there are normal creatures, such as dogs, cats, camels, horses, and etc., there are also a vast number of odd and strange creatures that are simply normal for this world. It wouldn't be unheard of to be swallowed up by a giant sandworm that looked like quicksand from a distance. Use your imagination.

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#, as written by H3R0

An indescribable sensation of both warmth and concern flooded through Salim at the time he stood in the square. He wasn't alone, not by a long shot. While there had been very few people when he first arrived, which surely couldn't have been more than a handful of minutes ago, the ashes of the Great Magi Tree were now surrounded with people with more arriving. He swore he'd just looked away for a moment and yet, it had to of been longer with the amount of people crowding the area around him. Tensions were in the air, nearly thick enough to reach out and mold into a disaster.

The man on the ashes was not a good man. That much was easy to determine. Nobody who could preach against the greatness of the Tree, of a pure of heart Magi, could be considered of a positive nature. Even if the man had a point to make, crushing the ashes under his bare feet was not the way to make it. Then again, it did manage to grab the attention of everyone around. Murmurs that he recalled once being furious turned into talk of agreement. The people of this Republic were agreeing with the man who was blatantly disrespecting their precious icon. That wasn't right. There was something off. Salim knew he couldn't be the only one to understand that this was wrong. All these people were crazy. They were absolute morons if they were swayed to an opposing opinion so easily.

"How dare you. How DARE you speak such poison! By what right do you have to call the great tree evil! By what inconceivable dementia do you think to call this tragedy a fortune! Have you no soul, you foul tongued blasphemer!?" The eyes of the crowd turned dangerously from their newest item of interest onto the thing that had interrupted them, a bandaged-up man who spoke in religious terms. Salim regarded him with mild curiosity, sniffing as he turned his head away. At least he wasn't the only one who thought the situation was fucked up. He wondered, vaguely, if the man was a citizen of the Republic of Ilahi, but decided it didn't matter to him one way or another. It wasn't his business. He had other matters to tend to, like...

As if on cue, the girl in his arms gave out a yelp and moved so suddenly that she fell from Salim's arms. He stared at her on the ground, not sure if he should help her back up again or if she would be alright to walk. He didn't think she would be, but he knew from past experiences that some chicks could be seriously defensive about their stupid personal space. Personally, he didn't get it. But whatever. He wasn't going to get his eyes clawed out of his skull for helping an ungrateful stranger. β€œI survived a bludgeoning, drowning, possible internal bleeding, dying from dehydration or starvation, and wake up to find myself being carried by a man I don’t know. . . .” The girl mumbled to herself. Salim wondered how hard she got hit on her head while she was in the sea. β€œSo, are you the person who saved me, or my Prince Charming?”

An eyebrow raised against tan skin and Salim couldn't help but bark out a laugh despite the situation happening around them. Already, people were shouting and closing in on the man who had stepped up against the redheaded tyrant. Even still, Salim's attention was focused on the less important situation, the girl at his feet. "You can call me whatever you want girl, but I'm no fuckin' Prince Charming." Deciding she wasn't getting anywhere on her own, he lifted her again, ready to go about his way when he realized any path toward the medical building was blocked by angered citizens.

"Come on, we have to get out of here!" Swiveling around to face the one who'd touched his shoulder, Salim frowned at the Nymph from the cargo ship. He wondered, briefly, if she'd been the cause of his very faint paranoia that someone had been following him, but brushed it off. It was another thing that no longer mattered. There was too much going on around them. They needed to get to safety and he needed to get medical attention for the girl in his arms.

He started going through the small space in the crowd, huffing and glaring at a porkish man who bumped into him and had the nerve to call him out for it. "Calm down, what's wrong with you people?" Somehow, that didn't get through as well as he'd hoped and all it really did was earn a sloppily executed fist towards his face. Easily ducking, Salim balanced the girl in his arms and kicked at the guy, holding him back with one foot and getting angrier by the second. "Can you back your fucking gross, grubby hands off me? I'm kind of busy." When that didn't seem to work, he actually kicked the guy with intentions of knocking him away. "Freak."

Just as he cleared the crowd and managed to reach the blanket over the door of the medical building, a voice rang out behind him, somehow loud and clear even over the rising voices of the crowd. There was no doubt that it came from the man with the fiery red hair. "Magi." Who? Salim found himself stopping once again, glancing over his shoulder despite his sense of urgency. It was hard to see, but the man, although having been previously provoked, still stood firmly on the ashes, just slightly above the heads of those in the crowd. The man had his head turned in his direction, but Salim knew those cold, coal eyes weren't looking at him. Who's he calling Magi?

"I know you don't want to believe me," the man went on. He completely ignored the crowd around him and the religious person challenging him, although his hand was up between him and the bandaged person as if to tell him to wait. "You of all people would be the best one to understand what I have to say." Salim rolled his eyes and went inside the medical building, handing the girl off to a medical personnel and explaining what the noise outside was. Even still, the man's voice went on, just a vaguely discernible noise through the blanket. "Magi, listen. You have nothing to base your opinions from. So I issue a challenge."

From inside the building, Salim felt the ground rumble under his feet. Now that he knew the girl was being taken care of, he opted to glance outside, looking in every direction until he saw it. The man on the ashes faced the backside of the city. Following his open arms with his blue-eyed gaze, Salim, as well as the others in the area, could very clearly see a building pulling up from under the Earth. It was raised in the very outskirts of the city, a moderate distance away, a monument of destruction. When the building finished rising, tall and intimidating even from so far away, the ground stopped shaking and the man turned back to whoever he was talking to. Salim's eyes narrowed on the back of that Nymph from earlier. "So there it is." That was all the man said before he walked past the bandaged instigator, knocking shoulders with him on the way.

Salim waved the Nymph inside the medical building and closed the blanket behind them. He didn't say anything to her, instead going up to the girl he'd carried in there. "Are you feeling better?" It was marked with a hint of disinterest, but he thought that if he bothered going through the trouble of bring her there, he might as well ask about her condition. Some of the medics were Magicians, most were not. He had other things on his mind rather than her, however. Bigger things. Better things. I'm going to conquer that dungeon.

Swiveling around almost suddenly, Salim pointed at the Nymph. "You! You're suspicious." He dropped his hand to his side, leaning a bit on the table the other girl had been placed on, which seemed to concern the medics and got him shooed away from leaning on it. "What's your deal?" He had a feeling he already knew, but he decided he would leave it to her to tell him first. If he was right, he could use her. After all, conquering a dungeon alone was impossible.

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June felt like she was going to be sick. She needed quiet time to think, to process. To curl up in a ball and cry, maybe. He'd known her. That man, that monster, had known who she was, and his dark gaze had locked directly onto her. She'd never seen a Dungeon lifted before, and it was terrifying in the sense that it left no doubt in her mind as to who, or rather what, he was. And he was definitely stronger than her. What sort of challenge was he posing, exactly? What did he want from her? She knew she'd have to confront him. There wasn't any getting around it, not unless she wanted idiot "heroes" getting themselves killed in an effort to enter a dungeon that wasn't built for them. God, it made her so angry. She hadn't even gotten a chance to see her family now that she was home and already she was getting pulled into things she didn't understand.

"Huh?" June whipped her head around, having been lost in thought, when the man spoke and she remembered she didn't have time to go into a panic. She didn't exactly blame him for thinking she was out of place, considering she'd just grabbed him and the unconscious girl out of no where and lead them away from the rising anger of the crowd. But how did she even go about explaining to him? 'Oh, so the Wind Magi has picked you for some reason, for what or why I have no idea but there you go.' Right. That'd go over perfectly.

For the first time, June gave him a proper look over. He didn't seem incapable, that was for sure. She might even say intimidating, if she was the kind of person to be intimidated. Instead, she just frowned at him in an unimpressed manner, trying to figure out what the next step was to take. She had to get to that dungeon, there wasn't much room for error there. And she knew she couldn't do it by herself, being the most pathetic excuse for a Magi ever conceived. And he looked like he could handle a sword, so... so she guessed it was fate. Ugh.

"I'm suspicious? You're the suspicious one," June finally responded, crossing her arms and tilting her head with no lack of defiance. "Who just carries random unconscious girls around?" She knew she was taking a gamble provoking him like this, but she wasn't the sort of person who could sweet talk her way into getting things.

"I saw the way you looked when that dungeon went up, you know. You had a gaze like a kid the morning of his birthday." She motioned towards her own eye as she spoke, always having been one to talk with her hands whenever she was attempting to conceal her own nerves. "Why was that-"

Just as June managed to get the question out, she was abruptly shoved from the side in the direction of the exit to the clinic. Managing to catch herself before she fell over, she turned a glare towards her abuser, a human woman who was probably midlife. She wiped her hands on her own skirt, obviously an aid and not an actual Healer, as if trying to wipe off whatever June had apparently infected her with. "We don't want your kind in the clinic, out! You'll bring a plague to the patients for all we know."

June sneered at the woman, baring her teeth in a decidedly unhuman way just to make her nervous, before looking at the man who's name she had yet to get. "I think that's the least of their worries," she responded vaguely, before glancing at the man who's name she hadn't yet gotten to see if he would follow. If he had any interest in that dungeon at all, he would come.

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#, as written by H3R0
Salim Naghi

Salim all but rolled his eyes as the shortstocked Nymph tried to give him the business as if he'd committed some personal offense towards her. He hadn't done a single damn thing towards her. It wasn't his fault that that suspicious guy out there called her out in a crowd, like he was just supposed to think it was normal for a guy to raise a dungeon. Like he wasn't supposed to think anything of it. Oh, yeah, some guy raised an entire dungeon out of the ground by magic, but hey what a beautiful day it is, right? No, something seriously weird was going on and it was somehow tied to this person and he wasn't going to let it go without getting some answers.

Maybe it wasn't any of his business, but it was his business to make it his business. If he turned a blind eye to these things, then where would he be in life? Bored, probably, and that just wasn't an acceptable place to be. He strongly believed that if he didn't go for it, then nobody else was going to. He couldn't sit back and let these things get settled by someone else when he knew that he could handle it. It was his personal responsibility to protect these people from getting themselves killed. And, well, dungeon diving was fun. That was the bottom line. He just really wanted to go in and get some treasure and stuff.

He snickered, watching the Nymph get shoved out of the building, only to get shoved out a moment later by another woman. He glared at her, but his intimidation attempts had no effect on her as she promptly shoved him outside and told him not to give her an attitude. She brushed herself off as if she'd touched something dirty and stuck her nose in the air before turning and striding back inside the building. He stuck his tongue out at the back of her figure, but had a vague feeling of nervousness that she somehow knew he was doing it and stopped, focusing back on the Nymph.

He gave her a quick once-over, sizing her up. Her race was rare and he knew it wasn't a very appealing one to most, but that sort of thing rarely mattered to him. He'd only met her kind once before and that was a very long time ago; the visit with them was brief and not very memorable since none of the ones they'd met seemed to be very sociable. That was all he could recall of meeting them. "You have something to do with the dungeon, don't you? I'm not leaving you alone until you explain some things." He stubbornly crossed his arms over his chest, daring her to deny him the information he desired. Nudging his chin in the direction of the dungeon, he went on. "I'm going there. I don't think anyone else around here has any interest." It was weird, actually. One would think that sort of thing would be kind of a big deal. He'd been around a lot of things, he'd seen a ton of strange stuff, but not once had he ever heard of someone raising a dungeon. Everyone he'd ever met just had the same story--that they just starting appearing one day by magic with seemingly no reason to them.

"Are you going too?" She didn't seem very suitable to go in, but Salim had learned over the years not to take things at face value. Just because she was small and squirty didn't mean she couldn't pack some power. He wasn't exactly sure what her kind could even do. "You could say I'm a professional dungeon conqueror." He'd gone once with two other highly capable people who saved his ass more than a handful of times in that trip. But he was older now. He could handle himself. "I'm a pretty big deal, actually. I'll take it on alone if you're not coming along with me." He looked around. "I need supplies first."

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June rolled her eyes so hard she was afraid they'd get stuck that way, her nerves draining away as they were slowly replaced with irritation. Was this guy for real?

"Well I don't know who you are, so how big of a deal can you really be," she responded flatly. She hated people like him, who talked big without any proof to back it up. And even if he was capable, that didn't suddenly mean she was going to kiss the ground he walked on. She had bigger things to deal with than a hotshot, but the fact that was stuck with him for now didn't escape her. The breeze she felt on the back of her neck seemed to be agreeing with her.

June cleared her throat, as if brushing off her previous comment, and continued on. "Of course I'm going, a giant dungeon just rose up from the ground. What do you have to do with it?" She was still trying her best to dodge his questions about her personally, but considering she didn't really like him and he seemed to flit between thoughts, it didn't appear to be much of a challenge. Then again, people with big egos tended to be stubborn too.

"I'm June," she introduced, since her question had been a completely rhetorical one. In truth, she knew what he had to do with it more than he probably did. "As for supplies... the Second District has the best prices for most things, and I know a few of the shop owners." To be truthful, she wasn't entirely sure what they'd even need. Food, water containers, and matches were the only things she was definite on, but the only time she'd even left the City before was just to other villages. She wasn't an adventurer like her Dad had been. Would she need a weapon, even if she had no training with it? She didn't know any offensive magic. She didn't want to learn it, though the idea of slicing something up with steel wasn't exactly appealing to her either. She didn't want to fight at all, but dungeons were dangerous. It wasn't as if she was going to leave her back to this guy.

She wasn't going to let him know she was completely ignorant, however. "We probably only have a few hours before other idiots decide to try their hand, though, so whatever we do it needs to be done quickly." The last thing she wanted was someone dying because of her. Then again, she supposed she was risking this stranger's life as well by having him come along, and there wasn't much she could do about that. She was most certainly risking her own life. This wasn't like an ordinary dungeon, after all. It was a challenge, built for her. She had no idea what they would find.

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#, as written by H3R0
Salim Naghi

Had he introduced himself? Oh god, he'd been talking to her for well over five minutes and she still didn't even know his name. This was definitely some sort of tragedy. No wonder she didn't recognize him. If she hadn't seen him around before, she'd almost definitely have to know him by name. He was sure there were tons of rumors fluttering around about him from place to place, especially with a suspicious character like this wandering around. Then again, he was in the city of the Magi--well, fallen Magi--so his greatness may have been subdued by that.

"It's not stupid to wanna go through a dungeon," he said offhandedly, walking off to find a stand to get food. "It's brave." He assumed June would be following him. She sounded like she knew her way around, though, and he had no idea where he was going, so he slowed down so she could show him where to go. He didn't have time to get lost. It was sometime in the afternoon and, while it wouldn't matter once they got in the dungeon, it would be night soon and he would rather get there while the sun was still up. There was literally no way of telling what the dungeon would be like on the inside.

Admittedly, he was a little nervous about going in, but if he let that get to him now then he was just going to psych himself out and look like a coward. He didn't need the friends he no longer had to get through a dungeon. He'd done plenty of things on his own and this would be one of his greatest accomplishments. "Oh yeah. I'm Salim. But I'm sure you've heard of me." He shot a grin at her, glancing over to see if she showed any signs of recognition and nearly walking into someone because of it. Or, well, actually walking into someone and just completely ignoring it when they complained and told him to watch where he was going. He just caught his footing and continued walking as if nothing ever happened, not even bothering to look back and apologize.

Holding up his hand, Salim started listing things off on each finger. "We need food, water, matches, and a sheet. Don't question it, it'll be useful. Probably." He checked his pockets to make sure he had enough for himself, expecting June to buy her own supplies. Now that he thought about it, though, she didn't look all that prepared. "Do you have any weapons or anything? Anything can happen in there. All dungeons are designed differently. There's traps, monsters, who knows what else. We're basically going in blind, so we have to be prepared for anything. The only thing I'm actually sure about is how dangerous it's gonna be."

He raised an eyebrow at her, this time making sure to watch where he was going through his peripherals. "I figured someone like you had some freakish tricks up their sleeve or something. Are you a Magician? Are you even good at anything or am I dragging amateur hour into a deadly dungeon here?"

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June held back a grimace at that. She didn't want to fight, but logically her options were pretty limited. Still, admitting to herself that fighting was her only option seemed like giving in and accepting, once and for all, being the Magi was a fate she couldn't run from. And she wasn't ready to do that yet. Even as the tower loomed over her, an enemy waiting inside who probably knew more about her and her abilities than she'd ever discovered on her own, she still couldn't bring herself to give up on the idea that this was all temporary.

"There are ways to take care of yourself that don't involve fighting," she responded, tilting her chin up so the curve of her nose made her look positively snobby, which was just how she wanted it. "I have some Magic. But it's not for fighting," she admitted to him after a moment. There was no way she could hide that from him, at least. But she didn't have to explain to him just yet what the extent of that truly was. She liked to think the Wind wouldn't pick someone she couldn't trust, but who knew? Without the Tree, she had no guide, no one to tell her there was safety. There was none anymore.

June felt a sudden, sharp jab of pain as she again recalled the death of her mentor, the city's guardian. She hadn't even had time to pay her proper respects before getting caught up in this chaos. She reached into her small shoulder bag, the only thing she currently carried with her, and clutched at her wand for comfort. It was the Tree's last gift to her, though it certainly hadn't been the first. She had no doubt, however, it was the most important.

At that moment, she decided she was absolutely refusing to enter this tower without seeing her family. If she really did die, she'd be leaving them without a word, just as the Tree had left her. And she couldn't do that. "New plan, Salim," she said suddenly, looking back at the man (whom she still hadn't heard of). "Gather supplies separately. Get whatever you think you need and I'll do the same; I don't need you to hold my hand. Meet back up at the edge of the city in three hours, ready to go. If you're not there when it's time, I'm going without you. I seriously recommend you don't go without me."

She was sure what he'd hear when she said that: you're not strong enough to do it by yourself. Really, she just knew that dungeon was for her and her alone, and if anyone else entered, they'd die. That man, she already knew, had no mercy, and she was sure it would reject anyone else. It was built by a Magi, for a Magi. But if Salim took it the wrong way and got pissed off... well, then that was just one final thing to laugh about before things really got hard.

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#, as written by H3R0
Salim Naghi

Salim didn't give two shits about what June wanted to do. He didn't appreciate the way she told him not to go in there without her. Oh, yeah, going in without someone who basically admitted that they're practically useless. What a loss. Regardless, he did what she asked just in case. Just as he thought before, she might have some special tricks up her sleeve that he wouldn't see coming. After all, she considered going into a dungeon stupid and reckless, so why would someone like her be so willing to dive on in without a second thought? There had to be a bigger reason that she wasn't telling him, so he'd wait around until she admitted it.

Normally, he wouldn't allow someone who seemed so weak to just go ahead and risk their lives like this. He didn't really give any thoughts about his own life because he believed in himself and his confidence gave him the courage to push forward for the sake of adventure. He was allowed to be nervous as long as it didn't lead a path to hesitation, which it rarely ever did. Letting her go in with him almost seemed like more of a pain. If it turned out that she was actually as useless as she seemed and she actually just had some sort of suicidal intentions, then it was just going to be a hindrance on him trying to risk his neck to save her the entire time. It was going to be hard enough looking out for himself. He didn't need anyone holding him back.

He got what he thought he would need and packed them in a bag he carried with him. It was attached by a small rope around his waist that acted a bit like a belt, and all his necessities were stored in there. It was just a bunch of filling food and water and a few other supplies. He got a bit extra just in case June didn't get enough for herself or in case something happened despite grumbling to himself over bothering at all.

He waited for her. He gave her three hours. If she didn't show up, he was going to assume that she'd chickened out and go in without her despite the warning she gave him before they parted ways. He didn't know why they had to do things separately, but she seemed like she had something bothering her so he wasn't going to say anything. If she was familiar with this place, then maybe she had some connection with the fallen Magi Tree. It wouldn't be surprising to him if that was the case. Lots of people far and wide came to honor it and learn from its wisdom. He'd never had the chance to see it in person himself, but he'd been told about it and all the rest of the Magi. It was a little disheartening to know it could be killed.

After he felt like three hours were up, Salim stood from where he was waiting and looked around. He saw her in the distance and met her halfway, stepping behind her and rushing her forward. "Come on, we're killing more daylight than I wanted to. It's up ahead and I'm not waiting around for you anymore." He made sure they weren't being followed before walking after her. "You didn't chicken out right? I'm not your savior. I got everything I needed and I'm looking out for me in there, not you." He stopped when they reached the entrance of the dungeon and took a deep breath, letting it out with a smile. "In order of best-looking, I'll go first." He gave her a wink before stepping inside without a moment's hesitation.

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