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Junayd Kadeen

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a character in “We, the Few”, as played by Apocalyptic_Tea


Junayd Kadeen



"Stop looking at me like I’m going to be your savior. News flash, I didn’t ask for any of this. Everyone always assumes that because I'm supposed to be someone, I'll do it right. But maybe I don’t want to be a hero.”

Junayd Kadeen

Pretty much everyone just says June, ever since June’s step-mom decided Junayd was a mouthful. She was the first, and it just stuck after that.



Androgynous. ((Though I’ll be using mainly feminine pronouns in her narrative, June is NOT female. If any characters use male pronouns, that’s completely fine, and in fact June usually prefers being referred to as male when out in public.))
Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Romantic Interest(s):
In June’s village, there was a human boy she used to follow around when she was still young, probably no older than 10. He was a bit older, and thought of her as more of a stray cat than a person. Luckily, he was an animal lover, and was nice enough to her. When she moved into the city, she never saw him again.

She had her first girlfriend when she was 14, another human named Annberlyn. They might have been too young for love, but at the time they were convinced they were going to be together forever. After almost a year, Annberlyn broke up with her, too pressured by her parents’ racist attitudes towards June and her family. June was devastated, and she didn’t really trust the concept of true love after that.

June tends to lean towards liking the female figure, but really she’s pretty neutral. Considering she has such a huge destiny on her plate, she’s stopped really considering romance as much of an option.


"I used to hate myself, for being different no matter where I went. I don’t anymore, but now being attractive or not doesn’t mean anything to me. Looks are just another thing to draw attention I don’t want."

Half human, half Nymph



June keeps her relatively straight hair shaggy, but short by most standards. It’s long enough to cover most of her neck, but it doesn’t quite reach her shoulders. June has very thick hair, though, so her fringe frequently ends up covering her eyes or even sort of swallowing her face if it’s windy out. The particular shade of blue-black is something very specific to her race, and not many full-blooded humans are found with such a deep hue. The deep blue is especially prominent when the moon is bright, becoming more of an inky black in direct sunlight. The strands are very soft and fine, giving them a noticeable shine.

June’s eyes, much like her hair, are effected by the kind of light hitting them. Typically they’re a grayish violet that could almost be passed off as regular old gray as long as no one is looking at them closely. However, when the moon is bright or light is reflecting off them (like a camp fire, for example), they reveal themselves to be a much deeper, more electric purple that covers not just her iris, but her pupil as well, which during the day appears a normal black.

June is definitely never boring to look at. A mix of both human and Nymphish qualities, she’ll never be one to blend in no matter how hard she tries. Her skin is a pale lavender, and her ears are pointed just enough to be noticeable. She has large eyes for a human, but small ones for a Nymph, and long eyelashes that balance an otherwise masculine shaped face. Her jawline is sharp and defined, but her mouth is small, with curved lips that adds a softness to her typical sour expression.

With wide shoulders but small hands, it’s hard to tell if June is much of a threat or not simply by sizing her up. She’s light-weight and not particularly muscular, but she has legs that prove her to be a fast runner, and carries herself with an air of quiet confidence. Her skin, on the other hand, tells of a life without conflict; she has only one scar, no burns or even tattoos. Her complexion is almost as smooth as the day she was born, in fact.

June’s coloring isn’t consistent; she walks through the world changing in subtle ways depending on the time of day, marking her as ‘different’ no matter where she goes. She’s acutely aware of this fact, and does nothing to try and further it. No makeup , no style to her hair, attempting to fade into the background as much as she can. She does not, however, hide. June’s stare is piercing and unwavering. She walks with her head held high, and her posture is straight and graceful. Sometimes, when she’s relaxed, she slouches into something a little more rough around the edges, but most of the time when a person looks at June they’ll see someone who looks far too put together to be 16.

((TW: Self-harm)) June’s only scar can be found on her left ear, though it’s hidden underneath a piercing. After Annberlyn broke up with her, June had a few days where she really didn’t handle it well. She was tired of feeling like she was dirty for being different, and wanted so desperately to fit in and find normalcy. During a fit, she tried to cut her ear into a more human shape, but the moment the sting from the blade set in, she realized it wasn’t what she really wanted. The scar is only a nick, and she covered it up with a few piercings. It can only be seen now when she’s bare of the jewelry, which is rare.
Preferred Clothing:
June likes baggy clothing; big pants, overcoats, anything to hide how small she is and mask her build. She also prefers dark colors; blacks and grays mainly, with occasional splashes of deep blues or purples. When she can’t go dark, she’ll at the very least go dull, so you’ll pretty much never see her in anything vibrant. It’s not that she doesn’t like bright colors, June just doesn’t want to draw attention. She almost always wears male clothing in public, just because it’s easier and usually, safer too. Her favorite item is a pair of brown leather boots that look like they were made for a very wealthy adventurer.

Just because June usually covers up, though, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy occasionally indulging in something nice. When she used to dance, she was perfectly fine wearing revealing or elaborate costumes, even though not many people ever saw her in them. Though she’s not curvy except for a bit in the hips, she has a small waist and pulls off more feminine outfits pretty well. You’d never guess it by looking at her though, considering it’s obvious she’s going for a tougher appearance.


"I was going to be a dancer. Or maybe a florist. Guess either way, it doesn't matter anymore. I miss the days I could just be me without any of it even mattering. Insignificance isn’t so bad, you know."

Broody. In a dictionary, this word’s visual representation would be June’s frowning picture next to it. On first impression (and probably second, and then third), it really seems like June just hates happiness. It’s not even a sadness or a nostalgic melancholy that follows her around, but rather a genuine decision that she’s going to be miserable and nothing is going to stop her. Attempts to cheer her up will usually be met with eye rolling, heavy sighs, and eventually complaining. She’s not exactly a whiner, but she really doesn’t mind voicing if something bugs her and she’s given the opportunity to do so. Luckily for the people around her, she’s also pretty damn sturdy and resilient, so any of her complaining can usually be disregarded as general griping and not a serious issue.

June doesn't really display a lot of emotion aside from various levels of disgruntled. Her smile is rare; her laugh rarer still. She cries when things are bad enough, but it's pretty hard to tell with her what her true emotional state is most of the time. It's only in moments of vulnerability she opens herself up enough to really get a glimpse into how she actually feels about something.

Despite her general bad mood, she’s not an awful person to be around. She’s pretty nonjudgmental as far as things go, and her empathy often makes her a prime person to be honest with. If you’re not honest, she usually isn’t even one to get that mad about it, as long as you had a good reason and it’s not over anything that could put her or someone else at risk. She acts like she dislikes everyone, but the truth of the matter is it’s more like she tolerates everyone, genuinely enjoys some, and genuinely dislikes even fewer.

Probably June’s most obnoxious trait is her stubbornness, which is as tough as diamonds and as difficult to move as a ton of bricks. Once she’s made up her mind, it’s pretty much impossible to stop her or talk her out of anything. No, seriously. Arguing with her is about as helpful and enjoyable as banging your head against a wall with sharp objects poking out of it. It’s debatable if she’s this way because she truly believes in herself and her own choices, or if she just trusts everyone else even less.

June says she’s angry about being the Magi. She doesn’t like that her destiny was decided for her, and very much believes everyone deserves the freedom to decide for themselves who they are. She begrudges that her choice was taken, and she isn’t really sure how she could ever be the person everyone expects her of becoming. Her confidence exists only within her own personal life and choices; it practically evaporates when it comes to her abilities and her position. She knows she’s good enough to be a worthwhile person. A Magi, though?

Deep down, she’s not angry: she’s terrified. So to really get to know her, you have to get through the wall of anger she’s built around herself.

Once someone gets passed June’s prickly exterior, they’ll find a much gentler person underneath. In actuality, June is soft. She finds the quirks of individuals endearing. She loves children, and nature, and very much enjoys cuddling up with someone to watch the stars. She’s not exactly a romantic, but she wishes she were one. Deep down, she believes people are inherently good, and no matter how hard she tries to be a pessimist, she’ll always be a little too trusting, and have an optimism that she’s constantly afraid of showing.

Vegetarian: June will not eat anything that was at some point sentient. That includes fish.


  • Dance: June is an absolutely beautiful dancer, and she loves to do it. The way she moves is a combination of human passion and the grace of a Nymph, as well as a sensual presence that is all her own. With the right music, June can absolutely enchant just about anyone.
  • Night: For obvious reasons, June prefers the night over the day. She just feels safer, and enjoys the stillness that comes with the night air.
  • Sweets: June has a real sweet tooth, but she hardly ever indulges in it as she’d much rather eat healthy most of the time.
  • Music: She has no ability for it besides rhythm, but June just finds music beautiful, and she couldn’t dance without it.
  • Children: Despite not being very good with them, June still really likes kids and tries her best whenever they’re around. It’s sort of funny to watch, actually.
  • Nature: The Magi Tree really taught June to appreciate the world and everything in it. Though she’s not the green-thumb type, she does have a genuine respect for all living creatures, including plants and insects.

  • Fighting: June is very much a pacifist. She doesn’t believe in harming others, and as such, immensely dislikes physical conflict.
  • Slavery: Don’t let June find out you’ve ever owned a slave, or condone slavery in any way, shape, or form. That whole pacifist thing? Even she has her limits.
  • Self Righteousness: The idea that someone genuinely believes they are somehow superior to everyone else in the world, enough to know better than anyone, just really rubs June the wrong way.
  • Stereotypes: Seriously, just don’t. Not to her, not to anyone else.
  • Laziness: Now, there’s a difference between taking a lazy day and being a lazy person. June understands wanting to take a day off every once in a while. But to make it a constant state is unacceptable to her. Also within this category are people who have everything handed to them on a silver platter and never have to try to accomplish anything. She doesn’t find these sorts of people worth her time.

Being a Magi: Nothing is more terrifying to June than her own destiny. The powers themselves, she’s okay with. She likes working with magic, and she enjoys having it (to an extent). It’s the connotation of being a Magi that scares her so much. She has no idea how she’s supposed to become this all-powerful, all-wise being. She has no idea how she’s supposed to help the world when she can barely help herself. She’s not bad at magic, but still, she’s a 16 year old who spent the first 10 years of her life wanting to do nothing more but dance. Being a Magi also means, to her, standing on your own, and the thought of leading such a lonely life… it’s all just too scary for her to embrace.

Lightening: There’s no traumatic story behind this or anything. She just doesn’t like it. It’s an irrational fear that’s plagued her ever since she was little, and she’s incredibly embarrassed about it.

Losing Control: It wouldn’t be right to say June is scared of her magic, because that’s absolutely not true. She likes learning new techniques and spells, as long as they’re harmless or for entertainment. Small stuff, basically. The thought of doing larger scale spells, or worse, aggressive magic used for attacking, really makes her uncomfortable. She has no idea how she’d cope if she truly hurt someone, either accidentally or on purpose, and fact that her true capability is so unknown to her is frightening. She isn’t entirely sure who’d she be with that kind of power.
Conversely, though, she’s also afraid of not having enough control with her magic because she’s too weak, and knows she needs to do more. It’s an internal struggle she finds herself dealing with frequently.


"I don’t understand why people put so much importance into power. I don’t know what I can really do, and honestly I don’t want to know. All I know is I will never be a weapon. No matter what."

  • Intuitive: June tends to see through people, more than she might want to. Even though she’d never call you out on it, good luck trying to pull one over on her.
  • Intelligent: June is a genuinely clever person. She picks up on things quickly, can work out puzzles in a limited amount of time, and absorbs new information easily. She has a brain and she knows how to use it. Sometimes, overuse it.
  • Movement: June has a high level of body awareness. Basically, this means she’s got good balance and coordination. She’s able to move herself in highly skillful ways, and if she were a little more flexible she’d probably make a great gymnast.

  • Stubborn: This can be a good thing, but more often than not it’s a hindrance. June can sometimes be blind to the truth, or disregard safety, because she’s so stuck on an opinion or decision.
  • Overthinking: Though this isn’t as much of an issue during emergency situations, when left on her own June has a terrible habit of overthinking everything, often inducing personal panic and self-doubt. She can sometimes even spiral herself into a depression just because she goes around in circles with own thoughts.
  • Dwelling: June has a tough time letting things go. As a result, things that others can let slide often weigh heavy on her shoulders, and can even blind her from making informed decisions because she’s so caught up in the past.
June is the Magi. As such, the potential for her power is pretty enormous. She can see the rukh of everyone she meets, and feel it in every living being she encounters. She’s in tune with the world in a way only a Magi can be.

As for specific powers, however, she’s not as skilled as she should be. She’s very good with earth magic, such as the ability to help a plant bloom, find water underground, or ease an otherwise untamed animal. She’s also proficient at defensive magic, able to create incredibly strong barriers that both block and even repel attacks. Then there’s little things, like creating mini light shows or levitation of small objects. Basically, anything that doesn’t take a lot of power, she’s pretty good with.

Anything else, and she just hasn’t practiced. She knows almost zero offensive magic, and hasn’t had much of an opportunity to do anything with healing. She struggles a lot with any spells involving the element of fire.

Though not to the extent of a full-blooded Nymph, June does have increased night vision, as well as a better sense of direction in the dark. Conversely, she finds the sun a little harsh on her eyes, and just isn’t as on her game as she is during the later hours.

June has a small branch that was bestowed upon her by the Magi Tree, which she uses as a wand to better direct her powers. She doesn’t need it to do magic, but it certainly helps, and acts as a security blanket for her too. She also has a small dagger, but that’s more for witling and cutting wire or rope than it is any kind of feasible weapon.

Fighting Style:
June is entirely a defensive fighter, and she relies completely on her magic for it. Her goal is simple; defend herself and anyone else until they can get away. If she was forced to ever face an opponent head on, she would just try to end the battle as quickly as possible, while doing as little damage as she can manage to her opponent. Without her magic, June is useless in a fight. She has potential, but never learned anything about combat.


"People have always tried their hardest to make me ashamed of what I am ever since I was born, and for a long time I believed them. But I was never ashamed of where I came from. Family has always been my sanctuary."

Mara’sahi Urendala – Thay’la (Technically Mother)

Mara’sahi grew up in a very secluded clan of Nymphs, and was in fact the second child of the clan’s Healer, a revered position within their community. Despite being the middle sibling of three, she was the one training to take over the position once her Thay’la (gender neutral term for guardian) passed on.

However, during her coming-of-age trip into a nearby human town, she fell in love with a man there. They saw each other in secret for a while, but in such a tightly closed community, it was largely impossible to keep hidden. Rumors started spreading, and they were confirmed the day Mara discovered she was with child and could no longer conceal the affair. The clan members believed the child would be tainted, and Mara’sahi opted to leave rather than raise her child without a second parent, ostracized and alone.

Together, her and Leo started a life in a quiet village, one of the few places they could find that would accept them without too much superstition hanging over them. Of course, then June was born and they realized their child was a Magi, which admittedly complicated things a bit. Still, June knew her mother as a strong, wise person, and they have always been very close, even after she returned to her clan when June was older. She taught June a much more subtle way of expressing love and affection, as well as what responsibility truly means.

Leo Kadeen – Father

When he was young, Leo was very much an adventuring man. He’s explored a lot of land in his day, though he never had much to show for it. He never did it for the money, though. It was during his travels that he met Mara’sahi, and he knew from the first moment he laid eyes on her he’d happily end his days of exploration for her. Of course, he wasn’t expecting to have a child so soon, but he’d always wanted to be a father, and was content in that.

After him and Mara’sahi moved in together, he joined on with the local Blacksmith as an assistant and apprentice, even though he was a bit older than the typical for a position like that. When they moved into the city, he opened up his own shop, and it was there he met Kayla, his future wife after him and Mara’sahi could no longer be together.

Leo is a very kind man, if a bit on the passive side. His easy-going nature was only ever disrupted after June came home in tears from frequent bullying as a child, and more than once he got into an argument with other parents on his child’s behalf. He’s open-minded in a way few people are, and June learned a lot about decency and understanding from him. Her quick wit, though, she definitely got from her Thay’la.

Kayla Kadeen – Step-Mother

Kayla, a human, and Leo met several months before Mara’sahi departed for her clan. They instantly clicked, but it wasn’t until after the Nymph left that they began seeing each other in a romantic light. Kayla was a florist in the city, and helped June and Leo adapt to the life there. June would often spend time at Kayla’s shop during the months her and her father were dating, and June quickly warmed up to her. She also got along well with Kayla’s parents and her brother, especially considering June knew nothing about extended family beforehand.

After Kayla and Leo were married, June had no problem calling her Mom. Kayla was kind and sweet, feminine in a way that June found strange, but endearing. Kayla always did her best to make sure June never felt left out in the household, and was always quick to defend against any rude comments about two humans having a Nymph child. June loved Kayla dearly, just as much as her father or her Thay’la. She doesn’t know that June is a Magi, though. Leo and June both decided it was safer for her that way.

Loren Kadeen – Brother

June’s brother is still young, barely 4. He’s blonde and bright eyed, and in the beginning June resented him for it just a little. It didn’t take her long though before he smiled his way right into her heart, and now there isn’t a thing in the world she wouldn’t do for him. June is incredibly protective over her family, and most people don’t even know Loren exists. She misses him whenever she’s away from home, and she keeps a picture of him on her wherever she goes.


June’s birth was… eventful, as the birth of any Magi can be. Her Thay’la nearly died in the process, but through that there was no doubt from the moment she came into the world of what her destiny would be. Not wanting to put that kind of pressure on a child however, Leo and Mara’sahi opted to raise her as a normal person, and tell her when the time came.

She spent her first ten years or so in a small village composed of mainly humans. Other than her Thay’la, she didn’t see another Nymph until she was much older, but she certainly heard the rumors about them and it cemented a very confused image of herself for a while. Her magic manifested from an early age, but Nymphs have a higher number of Magicians than the average population, and so Mara’sahi was never particularly concerned about it, and was even able to help June keep it under control in order to keep it hidden from others.

Inside her house, June was always happy and loved her parents very much. Outside, however, she faced intense racism and discrimination, and came to hate who she was and how she looked. The few people who treated her equally she cherished, and it was only through them she was able to fight intense self-loathing. She also struggled between the teachings of her mother and the cultural differences of the human world, often leaving her at a loss as to where she belonged.

When June was 11, Mara’sahi decided they should move into the city. She never gave a proper explanation for this, but within weeks of the decision, they had a new house and a new shop. They weren’t poor, but they weren’t particularly well-off either. It was during this time that June first met the Magi Tree. The memory of their first encounter is extremely precious to her, and she always assumed it was because she was a Magician that it called out to her the way it did. The Magi Tree was June’s first and only “friend” for a long time. The lessons she learned from it were invaluable, and she truly loved it.

It wasn’t long after their move into the city that Mara’sahi heard word her own Thay’la had passed, and her siblings were refusing the title of Healer. She knew she had to return to her home, as to be Healer was her fate. Leo had known this was always a possibility, and they parted on good terms. June missed her Thay’la terribly, but they kept in contact through letters, and when June turned 14 she started being able to take trips to visit her once a year.

14 was actually a pretty big year for her. It was the year she met Annberlyn, her first love. It was also the year Leo finally imparted on her the truth of her Magi status, after she realized her powers far outweighed the typical Magician. Devastated and horrified would be accurate descriptions of her reaction. She never got a chance to tell Annberlyn, though, as they broke up shortly after. The strain of it all was nearly too much for her, but it was the Magi Tree that helped her through it more than anything. She’d never be able to explain how; they couldn’t communicate through words the way one thinks, but their connection was always strong.

The last time she saw the Tree, it gave her her wand shortly before she departed from the city to visit her mother. It’s her most treasured possession.

So begins...

Junayd Kadeen's Story