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"I-I'm so sorry..."

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a character in “We weren't alone.”, as played by farewellandgoodnight




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Personality: Lynn is an adventurous girl, and gets in trouble for it. When the motto of the Preservation is survival, her's is almost the oposite. Lynn is always up for an adventure, whether dangerous, or fun. The first time you meet her, She's trying to interest you into joining the Gym club with her. Lynn likes to join the Gym club, because it's the only place where's she's alloweed to fight things.

Lynn is always looking for new friends to do dangerous activities with. Wimpy or not, she'll push you off a cliff with nothing but a parachute on your back. She'd follow behind, of course. She could never skip out on an adventure!

-natural food

-Being alone
-getting hurt
-loosing a friend.

History: Lynn hasn't had much of a history, besides spending thousands of hours in the gym, practicing. Though, breaking some small, but punishable rules has left her sentenced to Cryosleep for quite some time. When she is awake, she's constantly exercising her muscles, and bones, becoming as fit as possible for new adventures.

So begins...

Lynn's Story

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The Clicks went off and continued to gradually increase in volume, and speed. Then finally, the clicks come to an abrupt stop. Air was being popped out. Suddenly, the machine itself that contained the human, was released from the clamps that kept it bolted onto the Preservation, and left it plummeting. But fear not, for the pod is caught once again by a 'gripper'. The Gripper had followed the pod from the point in which it dropped,waiting for it to reach the speed needed for it to stop. The gripper then out-stretches it's self, holding the pod firmly. This act was caused to 'awaken' the human, because nothing says "Good morning honey~" Like throwing your precious human life forms off a building.

Even though the human trapped inside the pod is technically 'conscious', their body's aren't.
The pod is brought to the 'defreezing' center, where it is put and followed by an assembly line like sequence. The first act of defreezing, is opening the roof of the pod to snake in liquids. It is opened slightly, but not entirely. The body is currently in a frozen state and, without adjusting, would will kill the human immediately. Liquids are leaked in through the tubes, drowning the body in a slow, but gradual rising temperature. The Human inside can still breathe through their oxygen mask, with which they are equipped with before the Cryosleep even began. Once the human has adjusted, it it released in the relaxation center. The human is given a set of clothes to wear, it's personal belongings, and it's Life Assistance Android, to protect and to serve their Human.
The first thing Lynn did and always did once departing from Cryosleep, was want to know how long she had been sleeping. But first, she pulled on her skin tight 'uniform', her belt which was equipped with a flashlight, a military watch(Tells the hours 1-24), and a photo of her and her two best friends. Aaren, and Garret. The best guys a girl could have... Wait, didn't she used to have boots? Lynn looked around herself quickly, before noticing that she had been sitting on top of them.

"Welcome back, miss Lynn. How did you sleep...? Would you like to check your physical or, metal, status?" Lynn's Life Assistance Android asked, showing surprise, and slight happiness. Because most likely, the Android hadn't seen it's original Human in quite some time, and missed her dearly. Lynn sighed, shaking her head. " No, I think I'm fine for now, AALIS. I'll go by the Gym later, if your worried about my body." Lynn was one of the few people to call their Android by a name, besides a few curse words. "How long was I out?" Lynn asked, Pulling her boots on. She noticed that they didn't fit quite right. Either her feet were growing, or they weren't hers. Either way though, she got them on. "Approximately 23 years, 65 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes, and 15...16...17..." "Alright,alright. I get it. Thank you, AALIS..." Lynn responded, shaking her head with a small smirk on her lips. "That was a dangerous crime, Lynn. You nearly shut down half the Preservation.... you're lucky you were'nt put in Cryosleep forever..." AALIS typed the password into the computerized door, unlocking it. Lynn stood up on her feet, still adjusting to her own weight, and balance. For a few seconds there, she seemed to look like a toddler trying to walk for the very first time. Lynn tripped and wobbled, but she got the hang of it once again.

AALIS and Lynn walked down the long, narrow, and slightly curving hallway. A few adjustments to the lights, and a fresh coat of paint were the only things she could notice different since she was last awake. But while taking that exercising walk, AALIS found it the perfect time to read off a very long list, informing Lynn of all the changes and improvements that have been made to the preservation. "Yes, and a shocking discovery was uncovered just last week. The DNA of Chickens were discovered, and extracted. We have now transferred the DNA into living tissue, creating the first Chickens of this Era. We are now raising 'chicks' in the Garden Area, but we are beginning to consider making another room for 'Farm Animals." AALIS explained. Lynn looked a little curious about Chickens, but mostly confused by it. She had defiantly heard of them before, but wasn't sure what the preservation needed them for. Lynn shook it off, and let AALIS continue to read aloud.

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Lynn's legs were sore from so much walking... She didn't want to have to turn her Life Assistance Android off, but she just wouldn't shut up about the improvements..! Didn't they have enough improvements already? This was pointless... Everybody's alive right? Good. Then we don't need any more flippen improvements. Lynn sighed depressingly , and went to stare off into the distance. And that's when she noticed something; Where was everybody? This sudden question stuck in Lynn's head activated some Anxiety. Oh god-- what if they were improving so much because the humans were killed? Did the Androids go insane, like all of the old horror movies?!

"A-AALIS.. What... H-Happened to everyb-"
"Everyone is in Cryosleep."
"...." Oh. Lynn let out a sigh of relief, realizing there wasn't much to worry about now.

Lynn decided to go exploring once again, to check out the new equipment designs and fixtures AALIS told her about. With all the humans asleep, their Assistance Androids must have had a lot of time on their hands... "Are you sure it's this way?" Lynn asked, looking around behind, and at the door in front of her. This door lead to... what was it again? Oh, relaxation center. Right. AALIS opened the heavily locked entrance door, and they both stepped in.

"...It's... so quiet here. Almost ghostly..." Lynn's voiced echoed, looking over the empty buildings and relaxation chairs. "Quite." AALIS responded, shutting the door behind them. It wasn't odd for her to do this, for it was what everyone was supposed to do after leaving a room. Yet, for some reason it gave Lynn a suspicious feeling. Was everyone really asleep?

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Lynn paused for a moment, as if she had just seen a ghost walk in front of her. Were those voices? Lynn couldn't quite make out what there were saying,meaning that they must have been pretty far off. Lynn furrowed her eyebrows confused, turned her head towards AALIS. But AALIS must have heard it too, for she had been analyzing the area, looking for dangerous lifeforms. "Did... y-"
Lynn tried to make out the first words, but she was interrupted by the quick thinking Android."I'm sorry, I was incorrect. Not everybody went into Cryosleep."AALIS informed, discovering that the voices they heard most likely belonged to two human male's. "But I tho-" "It's coming from there." AALIS pointed, then began walking to an old looking building, expecting Lynn to follow. Which she did. Once they got close enough, Lynn began to take notice and curiosity of the building. It looks old.. must have been here since the Preservation was built... Lynn thought to herself.

AALIS lead Lynn down the 'sidewalk', towards where AALIS confirmed the voices.
"I don't think they need anything fixed....Is there something wrong with you? Here, let me take a look."
"Woah, Go away! Don't touch me!"

AALIS blinked confusingly at the two, who most likely hadn't noticed her's and Lynn's presence. "Is there a problem.." AALIS asked, annoyed that she entered protection mode for nothing.