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ImageReal Name: Jade Riase

Code Name: Lithium

Visual Age: Early 20s

Factual Age: 25

Height: 5’8’’

Weight: 129pounds



Place of Birth: Barbados, Caribbean Island

Regular Appearance:
Hair: Her hair is very changing, from long to short, to blonde to black. No one is really sure what her natural hair colour is. Currently her hairstyle is short and red.
Eye Colour: Hazel
Body type: She has the so called ‘hourglass’ shape, slim but a muscular build.
Piercings: Jade has three piercings on one ear and two on the other.
Scars: Jade has quite a number of scars across her body but most of them aren’t that noticeable.
Tattoos: She has the Creed logo tattooed on her left hip bone.
Clothing: She wears a range of different types of clothes, from jeans and t-shirt to a fancy ball gown. Her style of clothes can be a little outrages at times but like it states in her personality she likes attention. However, the only thing that seems to be common in her style is that she shows off a lot of skin and her feminine assets. She also tends to wear quite a lot of jewellery.

Hero/Villain Appearance:She doesn’t really have a specific outfit that she wears when she is out reeking havoc. Some examples of what she might wear:
http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb19 ... _sized.jpg
http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb19 ... rwrwer.jpg

Identity: Zero

Faction: Creed, Leader

Powers: Power Mimicry – the ability to copy another’s powers or skills.

Weapons/Equipment: A small switchblade and a Mossberg 500 shotgun which she either has strapped to her back or in a gun holster at the waist. Also she always carries with her a pack of smokes and a lighter.

Other Abilities:Used to box as a young girl so she is pretty exceptional at hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: Her own ego is her worst enemy. Sometimes she can be so focused on her emotions that she looses focuses on what’s in front of herself and therefore leaving her vulnerable for attacks. Since she mimics other people’s power she doesn’t always know how to use them correctly therefore she can end up hurting herself then her own enemy.

Source of Powers Unknown

Vehicle: Black Hummer

Home/Base: New York Zero, Creed Headquarters. The HQ is an old abandoned shoe factory that has been made over. (Describe the place that your character lives. Doesn't need to be long, just a sentence.)

Personality: Unstable personality. Expulsive behaviour at times (i.e. ticking time bomb), she also shows a mild/moderate sociopathic tendencies; a trait that’s noticeable when she inflicts pain on others and feels joy. She tends to treats people like toys and sometimes portrays other childlike and sadistic behaviour which arises from the fact she never really had much off a childhood. She also has heavy dependency issues (i.e. needs constant acknowledgement and attention). She has been described also as being a very cold-hearted, selfish, greedy, power hungry, flirtatious and manipulative.

History: (Will be add)

Theme Song: (Searching for a good one)

So begins...

Lithium's Story

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Sadisuto Kunshu was not in a good mood. Not only because he hadn't seen blood all day long but also because he, somehow, got the feeling that everyone in Creed was doing something really cool now...everyone except him. He growled angrily and sat up on his bed, his blonde hair covered his eyes. He tsked several times before using a hand to uncover his eyes. Turning his head to one side, he pouted and studied his reflection in the mirror. He looked thinner than before...probably due to the fact that he hadn't eaten a decent meal since that stupid WEAPON member shot him in the chest. He gritted his teeth and touched the wound warily only to hiss in pain as the burning sensation coursed through his body. Even if he was injured, he was sure as hell that he wouldn't sit here all day long. It was killing him...very slowly. He grasped his knives and tucked them in his pocket. Putting his crown on his head, Sadisuto grinned maliciously as he looked at himself again. He looked much, much better now.

He walked to the nightstand and picked up the phone. He pouted again and pushed the called button'. He wanted a mission now and he would go around and kill everyone until he got what he wanted! He waited for the Leader of Creed answered the phone and he greeted cheerfully "Hello, Lady Lithium...do you have anything for me to do? I'm bored as hell and ready to go out and slaughter everyone on sight just to make my life less boring...and the chair refused to talk to me yesterday...can you believe it? Urg...But seriously, I'm so itchy right now, my Lady...Haven't seen blood all day long but you ordered me not to cut myself..."

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Sadisuto's grin got wider and wider while he was listening to his newest mission. This was going to be fun. And he could certainly get some revenge toward the WEAPON to even the debt because, after all, a member of WEAPON had shot him, right? He nodded his head even though Lithium couldn't see it and said cheerfully, bloodlust dripped into his voice "Yes, my Lady...I'll get the job done as soon as possible...and get some information on the Pointy Thingy for you, too..." He smirked and pushed the end button. Tapping his cheek, Sadisuto mused to himself. 'Now, now...who can I call? The chairs? No, no, no...they will just get in my way...the ground...no, it's way too hard...ah! I know!' He clapped his hand excitedly and opened his phone again to send to several CREED Agents one same message 'Lady Lithium has a mission for us to do...you guys want to take parts in it?...I have asked the TV but it doesn't want to go with me...must still be angry at me because I talked to the chair yesterday...'

He stretched his hands and pushed the send button then grasped his jacket and walked out of the room. He had a mission to fulfill and information on the Pointy Thingy to collect. He giggled insanely. Well, this would surely prove to be a fun mission, perhaps he could even take some of the WEAPON member's body parts as trophies. The spoon would have been very happy with it. He clapped his hands childishly again and hummed a small tune, completely ignored how others were looking at him right now. He was a prince. He had the rights to do what he wanted and to have fun. Touching his pocket slightly to make sure the knives were still there, he nodded and headed out.