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Point Blank

"If you need someone to hit a precise target from a few hundred yards away, I'm your guy."

0 · 318 views · located in New York Capital

a character in “WEAPON”, as played by The Protagonist


Real Name:
Kyle McCoy

Code Name:
Point Blank

Visual Age:

Factual Age:





Place of Birth:
New York Sky Center

Regular Appearance:
(Will add later.)

Hero/Villain Appearance:
(Will add later.)



Not any actual powers but his eyesight and aim is better than most.

A Bow and arrow with a scope. Arrows include standard, explosive, poisonious and tracking type arrows. Also he has a knife for emergency close quarters combat.

Other Abilities:
His aim is incredible, to the point where some people have wondered if that was his superpower. Kyle is also good with making quick succession shots shots when he is needed to. In addition, he has a high intellect and he is good with making strategies.

He doesn't fair well in close-quarters.

Source of Powers
He created his bow and arrows with various high-tech gadgetry and has spent years using a bow and arrow.

A hover motorcycle that includes an autopilot for when he needs to use his bow and arrow.

House that includes a secret cache and supercomputer.

Point Blank has a focused personality of the no-nonsense type. He believes that if you spend too much time fooling around, the enemy will have the chance to defeat you. He makes sure to calculate everything in combat. He knows his weaknesses and he makes sure to avoid close range at all costs, given that he doesn't have any actual powers of his own. He never laughs but he does smile from time-to-time. Point Blank cares much about those close to him, especially his wife. This is why he won't tell his wife, Alice, because it would be too dangerous if she knew the kind of life he lived.

Born in New York Sky-Center and raised in New York Capital. Kyle McCoy initially lived a normal life with his parents, it wasn't until Junior High that things started to change for him. Kyle reluctantly joined the archery club on a whim but he would soon find out that his aiming skills were almost inhuman. He would almost always hit his target perfectly no matter what distance he was and adjusting for wind had been hardly an issue. At the age of 15, he broke the world records for his accuracy and distance. It was then that agents of WEAPON approached him with an offer: He could make a living serving them as a superhero using his exceptional ability as an archer. They would even supply special equipment to better aid him as a hero.

Kyle accepted but chose to have his identity remain a secret, fearing what could happen to his family and friends should his identity be known. Later he met a woman named Alice and the two eventually married but that makes things harder for him as a superhero. Having to keep a normal life while balancing out his life as a crime-fighter. His wife doesn't know and likely never will, for her own safety.

Other Facts:
(Will add later.)

Theme Song:
(Will add later.)

So begins...

Point Blank's Story

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#, as written by dig17
"John, you hear this?!"

Truth be told, I couldn't. In fact, I could barely hear Matt. He was trying to shout over the noise of the bar; there was a crappy punk cover of an Akon song playing 200 decibels too loud over the overpriced speakers.


"WEAPON call-up!"

I looked down at my phone. It was all scratched and scuffed from years of abuse as my Operator phone, but since I'd joined WEAPON, the government had special devices and shit installed so I could keep in track with other WEAPON members, just like I needed to now. Indeed, there was an alert out; I'd had a few pints of Guinness and wasn't all there. I thought tonight was gonna be quiet. Maybe I didn't hoped it would be more than Ithought, but either way, it wasn't. I put the phone up to my ear to try and catch any more reports; there was a lot of chatter trying to respond to whatever it was.

"What's going on?!"

"Something about a delivery! Point Blank's in pursuit!"

I looked back down at my phone and pulled up its tracking system; Point Blank was registered as 'checking in' a mile away on a curvy stretch of highway, and lo and behold, he was heading right toward us.

"You see this, Matt?!"

"Yeah! We've gotta boogie!"

We left the bar as fast as we could. The place was packed in; I probably shoved my way past at least ten fraternity kids who wanted to know what my problem was. There wasn't much I could say to them, so I didn't say anything, which I've always believed to be a wise tip in life. As soon as we were out, among the ambient sounds of cars speeding by on the asphalt, wettened by a busted water main down the street, and we began running.

"Where's Jackie?"

"En route, I plugged in a rendezvous point for her. You wanna use the RX Buster?"

"I don't know, man, if they've got something we need to protect, I don't wanna risk busting up their vehicle for it."

"Well, how are we gonna stop it? We can phaze them, but I don't know how easy that's gonna go on the highway."

"Yeah. You ready?"


I took a dead stop; we were in a park or something, I don't know what it was, but there was a bunch of grass, and I could see the highway on-ramp just on the next street. I slid my phone open and typed in my activation code, as did Matt, and closed it suddenly. That gave it the spark it needed to begin the transformation sequence.


We waved our phones around in a manner some might not see as completely practicable, but the suit was forming itself on us, and when we undergo the transformation process, or the henshin, we have to keep different parts of our body clear at different points to make sure our armor doesn't undergo an error and completely reject the process. So, we managed to do it successfully, as we have been doing for years, and went back to running. I could already hear gunfire; they were getting closer. I ran harder. I could feel the suit practically breathing as it kept up with the superhuman demands I was putting on it; I was definitely going faster than I would in my Nike sneakers, but feeling the Operator suit is truly a strange experience every time anybody gets in it. It doesn't even feel like a suit, it feels like your skin, it's so neurally bound to us that we can feel it exist. It's strange, but I figured I'd talk about it.

We wound up on the highway, dipping and dodging through oncoming traffic. NYC knew who we were, and our special night lights helped substantially to confirm who we were. Anytime a car would see the neon green cracks in my suit, they'd pull over like if a cop was flashing his lights and screaming down the road. The highway was filled with cars that had pulled over at our sight, opening up like the Red Sea for Moses, and we could get a clear view of the van coming right toward us.

"Well, what's the plan, John?"

"You wanna try Battle Thunder and wreck the ground beneath it?"

"I think we should avoid collateral damage, who knows how long that'll take to repair? And we might hurt one of the civilians."

"Yeah. Okay. You think he'll stop if I put up a holographic cop?"

"That doesn't work anymore, John, not in high-speed chases. New Yorkers are smarter than that."

From behind us, I could hear the pounding footsteps of another Operator suit. I turned and faced Jackie, fully transformed, who huffed at us.

"What?" Her brother quipped.

"You don't have a plan?"

"No. We were just gonna blast the thing with the Buster. What do you think?"

"So stupid. Always so stupid. Why am I the only one that comes up with intelligent ideas?"

"What's your plan, Jackie?"

Jackie sighed and stepped forward, observing the situation.

"We force field it all the way across this side of the highway. Transfer your power to me and I'll make it happen. I'll surge it at the last second to see if I can slow it any. Van hits the wall, bad guys either get detained or phazed, and you guys can go back to drinking and picking up bar trash."

"I've never picked up bar trash." I answered.

"Matt practically lives in the dumpster."

"Just because I bang ONE girl who I met at an Irish pub, you suddenly think I'm some kind of playboy. Little sister, you've got one or two things coming to you."

"Well, I'm the boss, so suck a hard one, Casanova."

Jackie assumed a stance to prepare herself for the vortex of phaze-matter energy she was about to put forth. Normally, we can handle individual, combat-sized force fields to get us out of sticky situations, but for big exports of power, an Operator needed to brace themselves. Me and Matt took positions behind her, placing our hands on her shoulders and laying our forearms down her back to help steady her. I raised my phone, conveniently located on my left wrist for commands in combat, to my other hand and typed in a code to open up a line of communication with Point Blank. My suit's internal mic took care of the rest.

"Point Blank, this is Green Knight, I've got two more Operators out here and we're preparing to put up a barrier for your van to crash into. Be aware; we won't activate it until the last second. Watch yourself, pard, we've got you covered. Any further WEAPON operatives, please report in with your current position and combat readiness. Prepare to assemble for a tactical response once we stop this van, please acknowledge!"

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Astor was enjoying his day off strolling through the park, using the shadows of the trees to hide himself from the public eye. He stopped under a tree and sat down, "Hmph, it's rather nice out today... that's a first." He looked up at the sky, watching as clouds drifted by. "If only..." He slowly drifted off into a little nap.

'Bzzz, Bzzzzz, Attention to any WEAPON members nearby... Bzzz, an attack, Bzzzzz, main highway, Bzzzz, much more advanced than your average thug, Bzzzz, Deadly force is the best option here, Bzzz.' Rang Astor's pocket watch transponder. "Goddamnit, Point Blank..." Astor stood up and proceeded to walk towards the 'main highway', feeling oh so lucky that he was nearby. "I was hoping for one day off..." He saw the caravan moving fast across the highway, noticing another vehicle... one that wasn't familiar to him. "Did PB get a new cycle? Ah who cares, no time to waste." He began freezing the water vapor, forming a smooth path to the high. He hopped on his pathway and created a blade for each shoe, so he could skate on his path.

As he traveled towards the SUV caravan, Astor had a slight flashback. 'Damnit Point Blank, I need some time off, or something!' He knew Point Blank wasn't his direct superior, that his troubles were on John Mirra, but still... He hated being a resource with virtually unlimited powers. Astor understood how he could be invaluable in some rare situations, but this was getting ridiculous. He liked Point Blank, to an extent; Astor treated him like a friend, just without the trust... He always had trust issues... Even now.

Astor focused, skating hastily so he could reach the caravan of SUVs. "Alright, time to stop this heist, now." Again his transponder watch was picking up a transmission. 'Bzzzzz, Any further WEAPON operatives, Bzzzz current position and combat readiness, Bzzzz, assemble for a tactical response, Bzzzzzz, please acknowledge!' Astor sighed, "This is Astor, confirming that I am in pursuit." Astor new he probably wouldn't be useful in this scenario.

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#, as written by dig17
I saw old Addyson Richards park herself behind me. I was trying to charge my phazer to return fire, but as soon as the shooting stopped, I looked out and saw Matt give the shooter a hard, nicely executed kick to the face. He bounced off of the side of the van and, upon further inspection, it seemed that there was a lull in the fighting. WEAPON had taken control of the situation. I stood up, let the visor of my helmet slip back automatically so my face was shown encased in my helmet, and turned around to Addyson.

"You might wanna check on that fella my pard just standing-kicked. If his nosebone ain't in his brain pan, help him out and get him on his feet, we need to detain these guys." I began to walk off, but turned back at the last second. "By the way, I appreciate your response time; you're really quick on the draw. We get in a real melee, you'll do just fine. I'd like to see one of them swords rip open a bad guy sometime." I tapped her politely on the shoulder before running off toward Matt.

"How we looking, kemosabe?"

Matt took a quick sweep around the area before retracting his visor to look at me.

"All the suspects are down, Johnny. I think we picked up a couple of detainees, send them off for processing when the clean-up arrives."

"Jackie okay?"

"Yeah, she's off bossing somebody around."

In fact, Jackie was helping a little boy tie his shoe. There were some scared families scattered about the highway that had decided to hunker down in their vehicles once the fighting started, and she was assisting in encouraging them to go home, or in the cases of those hurt or that had endured some type of vehicular damage, to file a report with NYC.

"Where's Blankie?"

"Interviewing the driver. Apparently, he wasn't part of the heist, he was just some guy."

"Alright, go help your sister."

I walked in the direction of Point Blank, where the obviously nervous driver was trying to spit out every explanation that he knew.

"Pointy, what's happening with the driver? You find anything out?"

Meanwhile, static crashed over the radio waves. Matt would be the first to hear it with the wavelength-enhancing Operator technology in his suit, and he heard grumblings of a bank robbery in progress. He immediately opened up a comm with his sister.

"Jackie, you hearing what I'm hearing?"

"About what?"

"Something about a bank robbery. Shit," He switched his frequency, opening up lines with all members of WEAPON, both field agents and in-house. "Anybody have information on a bank robbery? I'm getting reports about shots fired, can anyone figure it out?"