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"What's wrong with fun?"

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a character in “WEAPON”, as played by FunnyGuy


Real Name: Mike Viziek

Code Name: Vamp

Visual Age: Low to mid twenties

Factual Age: 49

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 190 lbs

Gender: Male

Species: Alien/Human hybrid

Place of Birth: New York City

Regular Appearance: Image Mike wears just about anything. Sometimes he dresses in a business attire, other times he looks as casual as any other civilian. He does love his suits though.

Hero/Villain Appearance: None

Identity: Zero

Faction: Creed

Powers: He has the ability to absorb different forms of energy in order to fortify his natural attributes.

Weapons/Equipment: He carries a magnum revolver at all time, but other weapons may vary. He never carries anything big or heavy.

Other Abilities: He doesn’t have any real martial arts experience, but he tends to be quick on his feet and has a boxer-like style of fighting. He’s not ashamed to try a desperate move though.

Weaknesses: He can be overloaded if he stores too much energy within his body. Deathly afraid of heights and his maniacal mindset may give an enemy an edge in a confrontation.

Source of Powers Mike’s power were gained from his alien father who had accidentally crash landed on earth. Luckily the alien was able to hide amongst humans. Mike claims that the lucky medallion he wears around his neck actually works. It was given to him by his mother who claimed it was his father’s lucky charm.

Vehicle: He actually uses a bicycle, claiming it’s healthier… even though he has a small motor on it.

Home/Base: He lives on Staten Island, New York City, taking care of his mother. Though sometimes he lingers in the Creed HQ for chitchat amongst other members.

Personality: Mike is a man who enjoys amusement in all of its many forms. You can always see a smile on his face, even after he’s been hit pretty hard. He’s mostly positive and would rather have a nice conversation than fight. On occasion, he passively insults people while trying to make peace. He believes he may be crazy, and asks other he knows if he really is. This doesn’t ever make a differ4ence as he chooses to say that he’s sane anyway. He’s a man stripped of his inhibitions, and that’s what makes him unpredictable and even a bit scary.

History: Mike was born in New York City. He had always been an oddball since he was a child, but seemed to always remain positive, even when he had found about his lineage, he thought nothing of it. This seemed like a good thing, but Mike seemed to find joy in not just good things, but bad things as well. He could get into a fist fight and laugh it off later. His mother and father wondered if it was because he had been born with both alien and human parents, but had him see a therapist when he was only nine. After a year, Mike had stopped seeing the therapist due to him not getting any better.

When Mike was sixteen, he discovered his ability to absorb energy. Though he couldn’t do much with it, he found it entertaining to display. This only made him more of a social outcast. He did find his own niche though. It wasn’t the best one, but it was interesting. A few guys from the comic book club at school took a liking to him. They had told him about how he could be a vigilante, and oddly, Mike liked the idea. They had even put together a costume and gave him a name. They called him “Drainer” which he didn’t mind. They had him wear a hooded sweatshirt, water goggles, and a black face mask. It was pretty cheap, but they were just high school students.

Once Mike was eighteen, almost everyone he had known, called him Drainer. He never stopped huge crimes, only dealing with small things that a mall cop could easily handle. He returned pets to homes, beat up bullies, and even did some charity events. During this year though, Mike found out that his father was dying. Even though his powers allowed him to live for long periods of time, his immune system couldn’t take the atmosphere of the planet. He could have left the planet, but he would rather see his son and wife for the bit of time he had with them than live and not see them at all. With the little time he had, Mike’s father taught him more about his power. By this time, Drainer had become sort of popular. After his father passed is when he started taking money from all kinds of people to help with “problems”. It didn’t even matter who his client was, whether it was a mob boss or an elderly woman. He soon changed his name to Vamp, which described his power and the way he worked. The cost for his talents only got higher and higher until years later he heard about Creed. He had done work all across the East Coast, but this new group seemed to guide him back home like a beacon. Though he’s an old timer according to his age, Mike has managed to seem like one of the most childish members of Creed.

Other Facts: (Some other things to known, optional.)

Theme Song: Am I A Psycho

So begins...

Vamp's Story

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Two men moved quickly through the tattered neighborhoods of Coney Island. They were moving fast, but both had their way of going on about it. One of them was dressed in a black using some sort of platforms to get over obstacles, why the other dressed like he had left a bachelor’s party hopped over fences and appeared to have incredible fitness. From a distance, they almost looked as if they were racing, but in reality they were chasing the same target. Unfortunately, these two men weren’t working together at all.

“Come on, you can do better than that, Architect! I’m gonna catch him first with your slow… Ah!” The man with the suit said with a laugh before he hit a transparent blue wall that appeared out of nowhere.

“He’s mine Vamp! Go back to HQ! I won’t hesitate to kill you.” Architect said the last bit under his breath and he chased after his target that had just gotten in his sights. Whoever this was, they had to have a pretty big price on their heads if two Creed members were fighting to catch them. The criminal performed agile movements that resembled parkour, but that wasn’t going to be enough to get away. Architect had not only trained his powers, but his body over the years. His natural ability to mimic the body movements kept him just one step behind a man who had committed many hits on high positioned members of a company. The perpetrator had readied a getaway, but his plans had been screwed up with Vamp’s appearance. The Creed member had luckily drained the energy from the target’s vehicle, leaving him to go on the run. Now Architect was just several feet away from the target. This is when he’d make his move.

Opening his hands out toward the target, a wall of condensed energy appeared in front the target, causing the man to run straight into it. Mine! Architect thought, before a sword of energy appeared in his palm. The target was down on his back, and ready to flee, but the sword of energy stabbed into his shoulder.

“I don’t think so…” Architect would have said more, but he was interrupted.

“Ha! You caught him for us!” Vamp said as he walked over with a smirk. His eyes centered down at blonde haired man on the sidewalk.

“I told you to stay out of this!”

“Nah, fuck that! I don’t even want him. I want the top dog. Tell me who hired you, and I’ll take this guy out right now. You’ll go free.” Vamp offered the target who felt relief, especially as tension began to increase between the two men. Standing over him. “Hurry up.”

“You work with this guy though!”

“Me?! Ha! You’re a funny guy.” Vamp replied before putting his hand to the blade of the sword stabbed into shoulder. The sword seemed to get absorbed into his hand. Architect stepped back before forming a katana in his hands. “Mmmm… That was pretty good.”

“Shut the fuck up! You cross me and I’ll…” Architect’s threat was halted by the words of the assassin on the ground.

“His name is Carl Watson! He… He works for… Wait! Where are you going?!” The assassin shouted at Vamp before looking to Architect who then looked down at him. Vamp just chuckled.

“You thought I’d help you? Like I said before, you’re a funny guy.” Vamp said with a chuckle before throwing up the peace sign to Architect before jumping across the street and walking off into an alley. Architect just watched his fellow Creed member go on and then he looked back down at the target again.

“Looks like you got played… Now what to do with you?”

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Bicycles and Televisions

Vamp had been gracefully hopping from rooftop to rooftop, searching for his precious bicycle. Though the predicament seemed to be a problem, the man smiled with glee. Perhaps it was because of what he was thinking about. Carl Watson… Hahahaha! I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I don’t even know what I’m gonna do to him! A chuckle escaped him as he dropped from a rooftop and landed on the sidewalk below. The impact crackled the ground beneath him, easily causing a scene in the area.

“Finally!” Vamp roared as he looked at his bicycle that currently being stolen. All the guy had to do was unravel the chain. Anyone would have beat the guy to an inch of his life… well any guy Vamp knew personally. “Um… Excuse me kid,I think you have the wrong bike.” Vamp queried. The guy that was at least in his late teens gave him a look of surprise before swinging at Vamp. The young man’s fist crashed into Vamp’s face, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. “Oh… So you’re one of those guys?” Vamp asked with a curious face. You could say that he looked like someone who was oblivious of the situation. That front seemed to vanish though as a devilish smile formed on his lips. The guy just stared in awe, before he felt Vamp’s powerful grip around his throat.

“Okay! Okay! Sto-” The teenager’s body seemed to freeze in place. He couldn’t even move a single part of his body before his skin began to pale and his hair thin. Vamp just stared into the dying boy’s eyes before letting go and grabbing hold of his bicycle. The young man’s body just dropped to the ground as he wheezed desperately. Civilians were at a standstill from both fear and shock.

“You need to get better with decision making. You steal from me, I steal from you. Thanks for the boost.” Vamp chuckled before getting onto his bike and pedaling off. For a E Being, Vamp had greatly enjoyed his form of transportation. He was ready to continue his thoughts on this Carl Watson guy, but he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. He wondered who it could be. His mom? Lithium? Please don’t let it be either of them… Vamp slowly removed his phone from his pocket as he rolled onto the sidewalk and stopped. Surprisingly he saw it was a message from Sadisuto. Vamp couldn’t even pronounce the guy’s name right, but he did like the many friends the guy had made. Vamp read the message before replying. ‘I’m in buddy!  Oh, and I’m sure the TV will come around.’ Michael sent the message and thought about Sadisuto’s problem. He never really liked any of Sadisuto’s friends besides the TV because it was the only one that seemed to talk back. Well, that’s what Vamp felt like it was trying to do. At least it tried, right?

Rush Hour

Architect was now in his Sedan, driving with the assassin sitting in the back. There was a barrier of tempered glass between them and the assassin was handcuffed, so Architect had little to worry about. All he had to do now is deliver him to the employer, get paid, and then report to Lithium. Things seemed easy and boring enough, until he received a text message. He looked at the sender’s name and put his phone back into his pocket.

“Some of these people belong in a ward.” Architect said out loud before hitting traffic. “Fuck!”