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Kaitlyn Baker

"I'll find you, you can't hide from me."

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a character in “Wearing the Cape”, as played by Belynta



Name:Kaitlyn Baker
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance:Kaitlyn is five foot six and has a slender, athletic figure. Her skin is pale but with a sun kissed glow from time spent outdoors. She has curly red hair that falls past her shoulders. Her eyes are a piercing green and are usually the first thing people notice about her. She is usually seen in jeans and, t shirts and an open checked shirt.
She wears a relatively simple costume, her mask is light blue surrounded by a darker blue and covers her eyes and forehead and is a simple half domino in design. (note costume doesn't have the four on it, and Kaitlyn's hair is red not blonde just couldn't find another image that worked better.)

Personality: Kaitlyn is a confident young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, in fact she generally struggles not to say what she's thinking and though this often gets her into trouble, she means well. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour and the more nervous or uncomfortable she is the more sarcastic she becomes. She is quite a fiery person with a temper that is quick to flare up and quick to die down, she feels passionately and no matter what she is feeling be anger or happiness it is always passionate. She is generally optimistic and no matter how much she sees or has to do in her now changed world she never gives up hope in the good side of humanity.

Given her passionate nature she sometimes struggles to restrain herself from doing something she would regret to those she catches doing wrong. She manages this by reminding herself she is better than that. But it isn't always easy, especially since her breakthrough. Having always somewhat wild in nature and spending so much time around animals she has always found it difficult to restrain how she feels and since receiving enhanced senses it has become more difficult. Humans experience the world through their five senses and react based on them and as such the reactions are naturally stronger as the senses are stronger.

Powers/Abilities/Enhancements:Superhuman Agility, speed, senses and stamina.
Weaknesses:Kaitlyn is no stronger than a normal human and also has no extra protection against injury or illness. Also having superhuman senses means they can be overloaded. Too loud sounds or blinding lights etc can cause her great pain and incapacitate her.
Alliance:Kaitlyn is aligned with the sentinals


History: Kaitlyn was born and raised in Jacksonville, Texas and lived with her father and two older brothers in a house near Fairchild State Park. From an early age Kaitlyn discovered a love of nature and wildlife and would spend as much time as she could in the park. Her father was a deputy in the sheriffs department and raised his children the best he knew how. All of the Baker family shared a love of the outdoors and they spent many hours hiking in the state park or fishing or hunting. As a birthday present to his daughter Kaitlyn's father paid for her to have gymnastic lessons and Kaitlyn enjoyed them so much she continued them throughout her childhood and teenage years becoming a skilled gymnast.

While Kaitlyn was in school she joined the park rangers at Fairchild state park as a trainee ranger working there after school and on the weekends. She soon learned that she never wanted to do anything else. Her fellow rangers taught her about how to track animals and read the ground and vegetation, as well as how to move silently to approach dangerous animals and how to survive alone in case she was ever lost. By this time Kaitlyn knew what she wanted to do when she left school. It was also at this time that her father died from illness and her brothers both went away to college. She left school and became a park ranger as planned and loved it. Yet she was also fascinated by the appearance of superheroes and all the good they did, but she contented herself with merely reading about them.

Her life changed forever when she turned twenty, she was tracking an animal believed to have attacked someone through the state park when she was attacked by a man with superpowers. She had unknowingly been tracking him as he possessed the ability to change his form. He attacked Kaitlyn and it was then that Kaitlyn's breakthrough happened. She suddenly moved faster than seemed possible, and her body moved with more agility and grace than she had ever experienced. She managed to survive the attack by evading her attacker but not without injury, it was while she was recovering from the attack that her senses suddenly increased to superhuman levels. She thought she would go mad from the chaos as sights, smells, and sounds overwhelmed her but she was rescued from this by Atlas of the sentinels. He and others helped her hone her abilities and control them and not be controlled by them.

She now uses her new abilities in the fight for good.

So begins...

Kaitlyn Baker's Story