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The Chrysanthemum

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[center:1ognejqb][img:1ognejqb][/img:1ognejqb][/center:1ognejqb] [hr:1ognejqb][/hr:1ognejqb][hr:1ognejqb][/hr:1ognejqb] [right:1ognejqb][img:1ognejqb][/img:1ognejqb][/right:1ognejqb][right:1ognejqb][color=#BDA0CB:1ognejqb][size=153:1ognejqb]ā•Ž ā™– ā™– ā™– ā™– ā™– ā™– ā™– ā™– ā™– ā™– [/size:1ognejqb][/color:1ognejqb][/right:1ognejqb] [center:1ognejqb][font=aa:1ognejqb]āI put my arms around myself and I'm unbreakable.āž 怐[size=97:1ognejqb]ɗĪ¹Ī±Ę–ĻƒgĻ…Ń” cĻƒĘ–ĻƒŃ:[color=#BDA0CB:1ognejqb][b:1ognejqb]#BDA0CB[/b:1ognejqb][/color:1ognejqb] ā™™ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚ cĻƒĘ–ĻƒŃ [color=#F7B3DA:1ognejqb][b:1ognejqb]#F7B3DA[/b:1ognejqb][/color:1ognejqb][/size:1ognejqb]怑 [b:1ognejqb]||[/b:1ognejqb] [url=]Dear Winter || AJR[/url:1ognejqb] [b:1ognejqb]||[/b:1ognejqb][/font:1ognejqb][/center:1ognejqb] [hr:1ognejqb][/hr:1ognejqb][hr:1ognejqb][/hr:1ognejqb] [font=constantia:1ognejqb]Take the pills, take the injections. Was she sitting up or laying down? Neither perhaps. How long had she been here? Winter didn't know. A day? A week? A month? Her legs were covered in bruises from repeated injections, her mouth perpetually tasting like chalk. "Merlin," Allison gnawed on her thumb, "she doesn't look good." Her lips were pale, her pupils as wide as pennies. "It's the medicine," Merlin waved it off, looking out the window. "Merlin, she needs a Doctor." Allison grabbed his arm, he shoved her away, "We can't take her to a Doctor, you know that." He growled, "Just give her some morphin(e), she'll be fine." Her head lolled to the side, "I'm going to get you out of here." Allison whispered, attempting to remove the metal, she was seeing 012 for what he truly was. "You're not going anywhere!" Merlin shoved her against the wall, the two of them grappling against one another. Ice suddenly shot from the floor, pointed at Merlin's throat. He shoved Allison one last time for good measure and rose slowly. "Winter, that's very bad. You know better than that," he grabbed her by the throat. [color=#BDA0CB:1ognejqb]"Leave.... her... alone..."[/color:1ognejqb] she could barely string together a sentence. "Don't touch her!" Allison grabbed Merlin, kneeing him in the groin. She headbutted him, Merlin's fist driving into Allison's stomach, hard. His hand was coated in metal. She sank to the ground, coughing up blood. "I shouldn't have to take care of you too Ally," he sneered, kicking her to the side. "No more misbehaving Winter, not if you want to get out of here-" he injected her in the calf, having run out of room on her thighs. She groaned, she was clearly in pain. "Don't worry, we'll take care of that too." He didn't have to force her mouth open to pop the pain pill under her tongue. Winter wasn't sure what it tasted like, chalk or maybe cherries. "Shit, they're here." He could sense them as soon as they stepped onto the property. "Allison, get up, we've got company." She rose slowly, her hands trembling, they never trembled, on her gun. "We're going to take things nice and slow-" the door was warped with metal, the windows covered as well. The ground split open, the entire house shaking. "Shit! Shit, shit, shit!" He cursed, "We've gotta get out of here!" They were surrounded, the Von Hreslevg's stronghold having made an appearance at last. It was chaos, not that Winter could follow it, she was barely conscious. In a stupor, drifting between reality and whatever her mind invented. Were Elise and Claude really here? Winter doubted it. No doubt her brain was attempting to come up with a desperate version of reality. They didn't care enough about her to save her. Surely they were too concerned with their own lives to care about one stupid orphan girl. Winter felt as though she might throw up again. Her right arm was suddenly freed, then her left. She flopped forward like a ragdoll, her eyelids fluttering. He was telling her to close her eyes, but she didn't know why. [color=#BDA0CB:1ognejqb]"0...0...9... don...hur....her..."[/color:1ognejqb] she slurred, her words clumsy and slow. Allison had her hand on her gun, they were surrounded, this was her chance. Vincent pulled out his gun, both of them shooting at the same time, Allison's gun pointed at Merlin's head. He grinned, laughed, the bullets stopping mid air. "Foolish," he shook his head. "So, you really tried to shoot me? After everything I've done for you!" He grabbed Allison by the throat, choking her. One of the Von Hreslevg's guards tried to step in, tried to separate them. "Don't inerfere!" He barked, a metal pipe dragging the employee away and pinning them against the wall. "Nobody move! No one move or I'll explode all of the metal in your guns!"[/font:1ognejqb]