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Sharron Rose

Just a loner living in Fort Travis Junction.

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a character in “Weird West”, as played by Starryskies


Sharron Rose

Alias: Crimson Rose
Age: 26
Birth date: June 12th
Current Residence: Outside of Fort Travis Junction
Birth Place: On the road
Allegiance: Herself
Belief/Religion: Atheist
Titles/Honorifics: N/A
Profession: Gunsmith
Hobby: Gambling, Drinking, Reading
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Strengths: Perfect Recall, Close Quarters Combat, Expert Marksman
Weaknesses: Alcohol, Nightmares
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140
Build: Athletic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tan
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Scars: A few here and there, most of them being old wounds
Tattoos: Rose on her lower back and a skull on her inner thigh
Basic Description: Sharron is a mix of German and Spanish and is beautiful in a way that doesn't quite suit her. Her hair is straight and goes to her shoulders. Her body has a slight tone and her skin is smooth and naturally tan. While she has a very feminine look she is rough around the edges and even dresses as such, never being caught in anything 'feminine'.
Disabilities: Sometimes suffers from sleep deprivation if her nightmares are too bad.
Most Prized Possession (Material Value): Fathers knife, gold inlay
Most Prized Possession (Emotional Value): A golden locket from her mother
Likes: Gambling, Alcohol, Books, Women, Sex, Guns, Animals
Dislikes: Men, Disrespectful People, Lies
Goals: To find something to erase her past
Fears: Being Crippled, Being Tortured again
Mannerisms: Honest to a fault, chews her fingernails when nervous
Psychological Condition: More fragile that it seems. She is a strong person and usually very calm and carefree but certain things could throw her overboard.
Aptitudes: Incredible combat aptitude, repairing things, skilled with hands (Sleight of hand).
Superstitions: Usual, doesn't believe in any of them to an odd degree
Morals: Isn't really good or evil, just does what she wants when she wants to. When she has to kill she does it quick though and for is honest to a fault
Positive Characteristics: Respectful, Honest, Carefree, Forgiving
Negative Characteristics: Can be merciless, honesty can be seen as dispassionate, often takes serious situation lightly
Relationships: A few flings here and there but never anything long lasting
Relatives: All Deceased
Rivals: None
Pressures/Problems: Some problems sleeping, can't forget her past

Weapon Name: Castor and Pollux
Type: Two self modified Colt .45 caliber revolvers
Function: Killing
Description: Two long barrel reliable six round revolvers with a sort of hair trigger done by Sharron herself
Item Value: Quite valuable but Sharron never lets them out of her sight

Weapon Name: Thorn
Type: Knife
Function: Death, Carving, Cutting, Etc.
Description: A 9 inch blade and a hilt with gold inlay, always sharp
Item Value: Extremely valuable due to the gold, the blade isn't worth much

Current Story: Sharron grew up with her family, both of her parents being traveling merchants and she picked up a few things during that time. But when she was 19 a group of bandits killed her family and raped and tortured her just for the hell of it. She was kept and used for weeks until she finally got hold of a gun and killed them, making her escape but not before she received some serious emotional scars. She traveled for awhile, moving from place to place and using her skills to make a feeble living, trying to get use to being on her own and for the most part avoiding other people for as long as she could. Eventually though she settled on the outskirts of Fort Travis Junction, moving into a small house and traveling into town whenever she needed to make some cash or get supplies, for the most part still keeping to herself. From time to time she would have a little fun, invite someone back to her place or play a game of cards but for the most part she just drank and kept to herself, practicing her craft and just trying to get by, trying to forget.

So begins...

Sharron Rose's Story


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The Posse wanted something on the mid-day train when it arrived at Fort Travis, which meant that they would need someone in the town, watching for anything suspicious that might be going on there, any unusual characters who might want to fill the outlaws with lead. The problem was, of course, that the group of men were all outlaws, in one way or another, and should any of them be recognized they'd be shot, or worse, thrown in jail and questioned. However, this was not the case with one of the newest members of the group, Doc Silver.

William had been sent on ahead of the train a few days earlier. He hadn't killed anyone yet, no one of any importance who would be missed anyway, and they had yet to put his picture on any wanted posters. He had kept a low profile, which was part of his plan. Keep a low profile, stay around with the outlaws only as long as you need to, find the man who ruined your life, and end his. A simple enough plan, but it was more complicated than that. For instance, now he sat in a saloon in the walled off town of Fort Travis, keeping an eye out for anyone who might but a damper on the Posse's plans, which meant look for anyone with a badge or a gun. It seemed like most people here carried a gun, which was a common sight anywhere, and to him, they all looked suspicious. Even the lady who sat at the bar now, drinking whiskey, waiting or something. She had come in some time earlier and watched a game of cards before she had set to drinking. Watching her down the alcohol hit a nerve with William, made his throat dry, but he knew that fire water was the last thing he needed, especially today.

But then, a man he marked as very dangerous entered the saloon. He was an odd one, wearing black robes in this head, and a hood to hide his face. The man took a seat in a dark corner, and seemed to not longer exist to the others after a few moments, which William figured to be his plan. Sit in the dark, blend into the shadows, draw as little suspicion as possible, then wait. The question was, what was he waiting on?

A short time after this, William got his answer. A rather normal looking man, with a layer of dust on his clothes from walking the streets of Fort Travis, came into the saloon and took a seat at the bar before ordering a drink. The dark figure approached him, and the two set off for the darkness to talk. After watching them talk for a bit, unable to hear anything the man in black said, William stands, finishes his drink, and lays his money on the table before walking out and back into the sunshine.

It took only a few long minutes for William to make his way over to the train station, where the train was just pulling in to stop for a time. by the time he got to the ancient platform people were moving in and out of the machine, making the doctor think of some monstrous blood transfusion. The old blood being the people, some of them flooding out of the train as if from a wound, the new blood moving into the vain that was the train through but one or two entrances. Looking around, he could see a few other people he felt should have notes taken about them. There was a man atop a horse near the tracks, who looked as though he might be the law around this town, and as he makes his way over to a bench to sit and wait, his knee starting to pain him, noticed a woman on the railing, looking as if she crawled out from the gutters, watching everything about the train and the people closely. Obviously, she was looking for something in particular, not that William was worried. Instead, he takes out his silver pocket watch and checks the time as he waits.