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Alessandra Ambrosia

0 · 2,779 views · located in California

a character in “Welcome Back to Hollywood High”, as played by TvJunkie19




Full Name
”Alessandra Laura Ambrosia. That is my full name and I better not ever hear you say it unless you want to get bitch slapped to your grave."
Alessandra Laura Ambrosia

”With a name as long as Alessandra you know I’ve got a nickname. Actually, I have several. Nicknames are only to be used by friends so if I don’t know you don’t even think about addressing me by anything but Alessandra. Or Ms. Ambrosia."
~ Allie ~ Lessy ~ Sandra ~

Date of Birth
"I came into this world on the last day of July. Which by all accounts makes it the best day in the world."
July 31, 1997

Zodiac Sign
"Astrology is stupid and if you believe in it your stupid too."

"Am not one to judge anyone's sexual preference but when it comes to me personally -- am strictly dickly."

Relationship Status
”Am on the market as of now but I don’t plan on being for long."


"I am officially one year away from being legal. To do all the boring stuff at least. Not that it really matters. It's not like my age has kept me from doing anything I've want to do thus far."

How old do you Look?
"Well I definitely won't be going in for botox anytime soon."
Late Teens

"There's a reason people rarely catch me wearing anything but heels."

"Living in LA you've got to be in shape otherwise guys don't even look your way. Let alone do a double take."
104 lbs.

Body Shape
"My shape? Does sexy count?"
Spoon Shape

Shape of Face
”Aren't all faces round or like oval in shape?"
Inverted Triangle

Eye Color
"Are you color blind? My eyes are brown."

Glasses or Contacts


Skin Tone
"I would say I have a warm skin tone. Like JLo's."

Distinguishing Marks
"I've got a pierced belly button and ears and that's it. No tattoos or anything drastic like that."
Pierced Ears & Naval

Hair Color
"Obviously am a brunette."

"Well, I typically just wear my hair straight because that's just how it naturally is and doesn't take a lot of time or effort to do. They're are days when I'll curl it or put it up in a ponytail or bun but typically I wear my hair just straightened and down."
Normally wears it Straightened

Physical Disabilities
”Don't ask stupid questions. Do I look disabled to you?"

"I've always loved designer things. Bags. Clothes. Shoes. I love it all. Am really into the cute and girly look as I love wearing dresses and skirts. Of course you've got to switch it up every now and again. So one days that you don't find my in a dress I'll probably be in a pair of jeans or shorts with just a simple top and a couple of cute accessories."
Girly, Chic & at times a bit Edgy

Favorite Outfit
"I don't have favorites. I love all my clothes, accessories and shoes equally."
Doesn't Have One

Jewelry or Accessories
”I don’t always wear jewelry but I always have a designer bag when in toe. Although I do wear jewelry on occasions I love my bags and wearing cool shades to block out the California sun."

Overall Attractiveness
"Have you seen me? Am perfect. Ten out of ten. All day everyday."


Good Personality Traits

+ Energetic

+ Kind and Big-Hearted

+ Loyal

+ Optimistic

+ Passionate

+ Straightforward
Bad Personality Traits

- Arrogant

- Dominating

- Egoistic

- Headstrong

- Impatient

- Possessive

"Every person needs something. Three things I need - attention, respect and admiration - and lots of it. You say am arrogant and vain? Well I say am confident and prideful. To-may-to, to-mah-to. Whether you like it or not it's me - so get over it. Or don't. I could careless. There are a lot of people at Hollywood High who would claim that Alessandra Ambrosia is bipolar. I won't lie I was kind of insulted when it first got back to me through word of the grapevine but then I thought it over and after consulting over it with some close besties of mine I guess the rumor is kind of true. I mean, am I some diagnosed mental case - no, but can I see why some people may think that - yes. I mean there are times when I can be gracious, and generous, and really bright and devoted, and something just seems to draw people towards me. I personally feel like that could the warmth of my inner charm but who really knows. At the same time however, I don't tolerate bullshit. It really doesn't get any simpler than that. While I would like to think that I am a decent and more or less nice person I like everyone else have buttons and a limit and if you push me there I am not afraid of anyone and I will tell you about yourself to your face. Call it me being hot-headed or dramatic or whatever the fuck you'd like but just know that if you come at me I will come back at you ten times harder than you ever expected.

And the truth beauty of it is that with me being a Royal and at the top of the social ladder here at Hollywood High I wouldn't even have really do anything to get back at you. All it takes is the whisper of a word and there are minions lining up left and right ready to do my bidding. Now that's not to say that if you piss me off you immediately need to be on guard watching your back. I mean feel free to apologize, plead and pray that eventually you'll find your way back onto my good side. The best advice I could give you is to just keep your distance at first because it won't be all smiles right away, in fact, I'll probably freeze you out so hard you'd think I was Elsa from Frozen. However, patience is a virtue and eventually I may come around. Possibly.

Another rumor that I've heard is that am "spoiled" or "high maintenance." to which I say you can all go fuck yourself. I will admit that the outfit am wearing right now is probably the equivalent of some kid's mom's paycheck but that doesn't make me spoiled. The fact that I like birkin bags and wearing louis vuitton shoes doesn't make me high maintenance. Before people want to talk about what I've got and how my daddy buys me everything under the sun maybe they should learn the facts first because most of the stuff I have I've boughten with my own money. Did I buy the car you see me driving? No. Do I pay the mortgage on that mansion am living in? No. However, did I buy the shoes and the bags and everything else you see on my body? Yes. Am not gonna lie and say that my dad doesn't buy me a lot of stuff and expensive stuff at that. He likes to spoil me and there's nothing wrong with that. Am he's daughter and if him buying me stuff makes him happy and myself happy than what's wrong with that? Just because I get spoiled doesn't make me a spoiled brat. Until you see pulling a Lindsey or an Bynes or a fucking Kim K and Paris don't try and tell me what I am. Because your wrong and you don't know me or shit about me.

On the same not I am not a stuck up and I don't have to work to impress anyone. Everyone at this school thinks that if your a Lister than your an ass kisser of the reigning bees. Maybe if I was a wannabe I would be kissing up to every popular person under the sun but that just isn't the case. Just because I am an intelligent girl with a good sense of humor, wit, strength and feminine charm that does not mean am an ass kisser. In fact it pretty means the exact opposite. Don't be hate me because people find me attractive while the only people who can stand to be around you are your parents and dog.

This may come as a shock to a lot of people but am not just a bitch. I mean I can't be a bitch all the time. That would be crazy tiring. The fact of the matter is that I keep my circle crazy small. From the outside looking in you just see this group of popular kids and you amuse that were all besties and what not but that isn't the case. Out of all the A-Listers and B-Listers am only really friends with four or five of them. The rest I may be cordial with. You'll see me around them during parties or making small chat in the hall before class but these aren't the people am actually spending time with outside of school and social events. Those who are in my circle I am very protective of to the point of almost possession. Like I would die for the people in my inner circle and when I feel like they're drifting away or someone's coming in-between us I get crazy territorial. Like bitch back up I was here kind of territorial. I can be crazy controlling and I will admit that I do like attention. Good. Bad. All of the above. I like it. I'm not much of a homebody as I really don't like being confined to staying inside. I just like being out and about and doing stuff. So yeah, that's me. Alessandra Ambrosia. Outgoing and confident, I can be self-indulgent, and prone to sulking when things don’t turn out my way or to my expectations or people don’t act according to how I want them to. I can be controlling and bitchy and while I have a lot of negative traits to me if you love me you'll over look them in favor of all the good things about me.


Greatest Joys in Life
"My greatest joy in life would have to be being me. I know how bad that must sound but I don't care it's the truth. There is no one else on this earth that I would want to change places with or anything like that. I love my life. I love my family - most members of my family. And my life is as close to perfect as they come."
Being Alessandra Ambrosia

Greatest Fears
"I hate talking about my fears because it makes me feel like such a girl but I will admit that I do have them. Am not going to run down the whole list because in a school like this anything can be used as ammunition to take someone down. One animal that gives the creeps are snakes. I don't care if there big or small. Poisonous or not. I don't care. I don't like them. I've never liked clowns and my future child will never have a clown at their birthday party. Out of all my fears I would say failing is my biggest, and when I say failing am not talking about some stupid test. I mean am scared of failing in life. I was fortunate enough to be born into a very lavish lifestyle and I've been giving so many opportunities that if I don't succeeded at doing something in life I will be very disappointed in myself."
Snakes, Clowns and Failing

”I'm not one of those plan for the future types. So my priority list isn't anything deep or admirable. As of right now keeping my royal status is my biggest priority. I know people say that high school doesn't last forever and ten years from now it won't matter but as of right now I am in high school and at Hollywood High trust and believe it does matter. Outside of my status keeping my friends is something that is really important to me. I get that am a lot to put up with at times and I would just hate to lose my friends during one of my bitchy tyrant trips."
Keeping her Status and her Friends

Life Philosophy
"My philosophy for life is to remember that am human and that am going to make mistakes. Of course in the moment am always going to think that am doing the right thing and making the right choice but when it turns out that what I thought was right is actually wrong I'm just gonna try to learn from it and keep pushing. That's really the only thing a person can do."
Life is all about make choices. Always do your best to make the right ones, and always do your best to learn from the wrong ones.


Favorite color
"Pink. Girly I know."

Least Favorite Color
"My least favorite color would probably be green. Don't ask me why."

"My favorite genres to listen to would be hip-pop, pop, r&b and rap."
Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Rap

"Chocolate Truffles. Best breakup food in the world. Hell, it's the greatest food ever invented. I love chocolate truffles."
Chocolate Truffles

"When it comes to pleasure reading I tend to only read things that have a big following. Like if there's a lot of buzz around a particular author or series I will read it just to see what all the hype is about. Am currently in the middle of reading The Fault in our Stars. I know the movie has already come out but I refuse to see it until I finish the book."
Is currently reading The Fault in our Stars

Form of Entertainment
”Does shopping count as a form of entertainment? Well if it doesn't count for you it does for me. I don't like staying inside so most of the things I do to entertain myself is stuff that I do outside the house. Outside of shopping I also like playing sports. Am not good at a lot of them put I will say am pretty great at volleyball. I go down to Venice Beach a lot and there's always people looking for some extra people to join in their games. My advice to anyone having a boring day is just call up your friends and head to CityWalk. Me and Jasmine do it all the time and there is always something happening down there. On the rare days when LA weather isn't what I want it to be and I have to stay inside I'll find something to do in the house or I'll sit in my room going through my social media and watching shows and movie on DVR. "
Shopping, Playing Sports, Going to Beach or Out with Friends, Social Media, DVR.

Most Prized Possession
"My most prized possession is my birkin bag. My black crocodile with gold hardware exquisite Hermes 25 Birkin bag is what I brought with my first real paycheck. I mean I've been acting since I was little but my dad always collected the check and brought me what I wanted. So, the first check that he ever gave me to cash and do whatever I want with I went out and brought this bag and it's my favorite bag to this day."
Birkin Bag

"My hobbies are pretty much what I do for fun and entertainment. I go to beach or out with friends. I spend a lot of time in our sports center playing different things. I always spend a crazy amount of time on social media and watching Scandal."
See Forms of Entertainment

Do you play a musical instrument?
"I am not musically gifted."

Do you play sports?
"Volleyball is the only one am actually good at, but I do partake in a bunch of different sports. Am not on the school team though"

How do you spend a rainy day?
"I spend rainy days inside either in my room or wandering around the mansion finding things to entertain myself. Most likely you'll find me doing something with Jasmine because who else am I gonna bug and annoy while stuck in the house all day."
Wander the Mansion, Hang Out in my Room, Bug Jasmine.

Spending Habits
”Where does my money go? It goes to clothes and shoes and makeup and basically everything a girl can spend her money on is what I spend my money on. Sometimes I spend dad's money as well."
Clothes, Shoes, Makeup, Accessories, ect.

"Never have never will. The smell just sticks to your clothes no matter what it is and it all smells terrible to me."

"I might not smoke but I do drink. My favorite thing to drink is champagne. Boërl & Kroff and Goût de Diamants are the best brands of champagne to buy. Now if I go to high school party obviously there is no champagne at least not of the same quality of the brands I like to drink so it's vodka and tequila mixed with some kind of juice. I refuse to drink beer."

Other Drugs
”I don't do drugs."


Immediate Goals
"My immediate goals are to maintain my social status, ace my junior year and get elected to be president of the FIDM Fashion Club so that I can run things next year."
Maintain her Social Status, Get through Junior Year & Be Elected to be President of the FIDM Fashion Club

Long Term Goals
"Well I've already stated that am not the plan ahead sort of person but one thing I think a want to do after high school is go to FIDM. The school is in San Diego so I wouldn't be crazy far away from my family and as of right now fashion is the only thing I see me really wanting to make a career out of. I still have two years of high school to go so that can always change but that's were my mind is right now. Further off into the future I may want to have a kid or two and be married but that's thinking way to far ahead for me to be hundred percent on anything."
Possibly go to Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Diego

Drives & Motivations
"Well going back to my immediate goals for the year I feel like what's motivating me to do these things is the fact that it's what I want. I want to remain a royal. I want to excel in school and I want to be the president of the fashion club. I want what I want and at the end of the day when I want something I get it and it's not because of my daddy it's because of me. I don't back down until I get what am after."
She Want's It

How do you Plan to Accomplish your Goals?
"Well the best way for me to maintain my status is to just keep doing what I've been doing. Ignore the losers and embrace the winners. Unless said loser is deemed in someway beneficial to me. Than use my leo charm to get them to do what I want. As far as junior year goes am not really sure what to expect class wise. I haven't need tutoring thus far to get through school but if I have to do that or some extra credit work or whatever else I guess I'll do it. As fun as Hollywood High is I don't play on doing more than the minimum required four years. Becoming president of the fashion club will probably be the most difficult thing for me to do this year but am me so am not worried about it."
Keep Doing What She's Doing & Be Herself


"I was born in Venice, Italy. I moved to the states when I was five after my parents divorced."
Venice, Italy

What was your Childhood Like?
"Most of my childhood was spent flying back and forth between Italy and the states. My dad had me the majority of the time and during breaks that was at least a week long I would be sent to stay with my mom in Ascoli Piceno. Originally we lived in Venice but when my grandparents on my mother's side died when I was ten she moved into their home in Ascoli Piceno. Ascoli Piceno and Venice are about four hours apart so during the summers I still spend a lot of time in my hometown. Since moving from Italy when I was five I lived in New York than from there we moved Cali. Jetting around the world wasn't a lot of fun as a kid but I've gotten use to over time. Having divorce parents is never fun but it had it's benefits. Like guilty parents and bribery galore. My childhood is kind of what people would expect. I mean big houses, servants and nannies and me getting anything under the sun."
Divorced Parents, Jetting between Italy & America, Lavish Lifestyle.

"When we lived in Venice I had a mare named Prancer and a Italian Greyhound named Rocket. When I would leave Italy I would have to say goodbye to Prancer because we didn't have enough room for mare but I was able to keep Rocket when I went back to the states."
Prancer & Rocket

Childhood Hero
"As funny as it may sound Prancer was my childhood hero. I was seven and we were out just riding over the hills and we had stopped so that Prancer could drink. Anyways long story short a snake appeared and Prancer trampled it and after that this horse was my hero."

Dream Job
"Well first I wanted to be a ballerina but that was to hard so I settled on being a princess. It was far easier and if my dad was telling the truth I had been one since I was born so it was perfect."

"I never went to schools in Italy. A lot of kids go from preschool to kindergarten but I didn't go that route. I did have tutors and stuff as a kid, however, so it wasn't like I didn't know anything when I put in kindergarten. I moved to the states when I was five so I really started school in America. Up until Hollywood High I always attended private schools as a child. The first school I ever went to was the Blue School in Lower Manhattan. I only went there for a year because when I was six we moved from the Big Apple to Cali. My dad enrolled me in The Buckley School and I hated those bitches with a passion. It became a bit more bearable when Jasmine got enrolled there too but still, I hated the damn school."
The Blue School in Lower Manhattan & the Buckley School

"As far as I was concerned as a kid my parents were the riches people in the world. Which all things considered I wasn't far off."

Currently Living With?
"I live with my dad and his wife aka my stepmother and her daughter aka my best friend Jasmine."
Father, Step-Mother & Step-Sister

"My childhood pets have both been died in years passed. I never got another horse but I do have a new Italian Greyhound for my birthday. She's eight months old now and her name is Nala. We rescued her from a shelter. She is best thing ever and if Bear don't stop messing with my baby were gonna find out if cats really have nine lives. Jasmine better get her cat."

"My main occupation has been acting thus far. I've started doing it when I was nine and I've been five different television series, three tv movies and one short. In that time I've won eight different teen choice awards and have had twelve nominations. I am currently in the middle of shooting a new tv series that's going to be called Open Heart that is suppose to be airing sometime next year. I love acting but I do want to build my own empire like my father did one day. I've always had a love for fashion and am hoping to go to college for fashion after high school. Whatever happens with the whole fashion idea I don't think I will ever stop acting."

"Okay let's try and break this down. So going off of the net worth because it's just simpler that way - my mother is worth 10.5 billion dollars. My mother is a woman who comes from what people call old money. The Bellucci family is one of the wealthiest families in the Italy. My mom's family has owned the highest grossing winery in Italy for six generations. Between the winery and well placed investments the Belluccis' have really racked up the benjamins over the decades. Unlike my mother my father is a self-made billionaire. My father, Alexander Ambrosia is an Greek-American investor and businessman. Using junk bonds to finance his acquisitions of companies, often in bankruptcy, my dad has amassed significant holdings in basic, cyclical industries, such as mining and metals, including lead smelters, coal mines, magnesium producers and vehicle assembly lines. Today he controls one of the nations largest privately held industrial empires, and his personal fortune is estimated to be $36 billion. Needless to say as the sole heir to both of my parents fortunates I’m going to live a very comfortable life. Not that I’m not already."
Parents Combined Net Worth: 46.5 B


Many complain that McMansions are unreasonably large for a single-family home, but McMansions have nothing on the Ambrosia Estate. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, this massive waterfront compound was built on 63 acres. Construction began in 2002 and was completed in 2007, but not without an outcry from the local community, many of whom believed it would be used as a hotel or business retreat. Not so. Instead it was built for self-made billionaire Alexander Ambrosia and his family. Ambrosia, who has large holdings in the industrial sector, commissioned the home to be built for his personal use.

Located at 934 Amoroso Place, Venice , CA 90291, the actual square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms vary, depending on source. Living space ranges anywhere from 43,031 to 100,000 sq ft; bedrooms vary from 21 to 49 bedrooms and bathrooms are equally difficult to pin down, ranging from 18 to 69. Discrepancies in data can be attributed to whether other buildings on the estate are included in the numbers.

One thing is certain: this is one, big house. The aerial image below shows a portion of what’s on the property, but in addition to the main home is an indoor theater, two bowling alleys, two tennis courts, two squash courts, game rooms, and a basketball court.

After five years of construction and controversy, the wealthy industrialist Alexander Ambrosia received a certificate of occupancy allowing his family to move into their 66,395-square-foot Italianate mansion on the ocean. The neighbors weren't exactly revving up the welcome wagon. In 2002, the neighbors were sufficiently enraged by the idea of a house five times larger being built and they complained repeatedly to the Town of Venice. They hired consultants to assess the potential impact of the Ambrosia mansion on the neighborhood, and they sued to stop the town from issuing building permits. The lawsuit failed, but the town has since passed a law limiting houses to 20,000 square feet.

The mansion, part of a 63-acre estate called Ambrosia Field, is one of the largest in the United States. The 66,395-square-foot Italianate mansion with 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, and a staff wing; the $100 million project also included a 17,000-square-foot garage (large enough to fit more than 100 cars), gym, lounge, game room, basketball court, handball court, billiard room, two indoor tennis courts, and sports center with two bowling alleys.

- X - X -

Formal Living Room
- X - X - X -

Formal Dining Room
- X -

- X - X - X - X -
- X -X - X -
- X -

- X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -

Man Cave
- X - X -

Sports Center
- X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -

- X -

Alessandra's Bedroom
- X - X - X -

Jasmine's Bedroom
- X - X - X - X - X -

Guest Bedrooms
- X - X -
X - X -


Located on the Tyrrhenian coast, just two km from the sea, Tenuta degli Angeli is a majestic property situated in a dominant position with stunning views of the sea. We are 11 km from the renowned coastal town of San Benedetto del Tronto and 8 km from Grottammare. This is an ideal location - it is private, but not isolated, very easy to reach and a stone’s throw from the nearest town, which is just two km away. You can get to the sea even by bicycle in just 5 minutes. There is an excellent connection to the A14 motorway (7 km), allowing you to quickly get to the most important coastal locations and the international airports of Ancona (85 km) and Pescara (86 km), which can be reached in about 45 minutes by car.

Surrounded by 13 hectares of splendid park with an olive grove, the property includes the main house, a structure which has an indoor swimming-pool and rooms for guests, as well as a detached house for the caretaker, with an overall gross surface area of about 2,660 sqm plus 670 sqm of porches and 100 sqm of terraces.

Spread over two main floors, plus the ground floor and the loft floor, the main villa has a total gross surface area of 1,780 sqm, complemented by 100 sqm of terraces and 100 sqm of porches. Overlooking the Italian-style garden, a spacious porch leads to an entrance hall, a large double-height room around which the other rooms are situated.
The magnificent living room, which measures 130 sqm and has a fireplace, was built in the oldest part of the villa and features brickwork ceilings with the original cross vaults.
On the opposite side, there is a dining room of 50 sqm, also with a stone fireplace, situated near the 40 sqm kitchen, which is fully-equipped and complete with a large fireplace for cooking. On the north side, there is a large study with a library of 50 sqm and a music room of 30 sqm. The floor is completed by two secondary bathrooms, a wardrobe and two dressing rooms. From the entrance hall, there is a spectacular wooden staircase leading to the upper floor, which is used as the sleeping area, with the master suite of 75 sqm, another 4 bedrooms, all with a private bathroom, dressing room/wardrobes and a panoramic terrace, and a sixth double bedroom, currently used as a study. This floor has a double terrace on two sides, one overlooking the park and the other, which is covered, overlooking the sea and the Italian-style garden. Going down to the lower floor, there is a billiard room and also a large rustic dining room for banquets, a recreation room with a wet bar, a kitchen, a secondary bathroom and a laundry room. From this floor, you can also get to the charming basement cellar that features traditional brick vaults. A garage of approximately 170 sqm can be accessed via a convenient external ramp, placed in discreet position. The attic floor has also been perfectly finished and, despite its lower ceilings, it is a pleasant, private space, equipped with a fireplace and complemented by a small terrace with a marvellous sea view.

At the back of the villa, there is a walkway, covered by a copper structure, which leads to a spectacular symmetrical staircase that climbs upwards towards the woods, across the park and the large lawn, slowly unveiling the spectacular landscape. At the foot of the staircase, there is an architecturally unobtrusive semi-circular building, located in the park, which partially conceals its size. In the right wing, there is a large indoor swimming-pool built within a room of about 277 sqm, which is completely open-space, with a laminated wood roof and the large swimming pool set in the middle. To the side, serving the pool area, there is a pleasant lounge with a fireplace and a kitchen.
In the left wing, a guest area has been created, with a lounge and three bedrooms, all with private bathroom.

At the front of the villa, beyond the Italian-style garden area, there is a panoramic porch with a sea view, over 40 metres long, and is a spectacular space, ideal for holding lunches or dinners in the open air, for important celebrations and private ceremonies.

Located in the lower area of the property, near the entrance driveway that leads to the villa, there is a detached house of approximately 204 gross sqm, surrounded by a porch of 278 sqm. The building hosts a self-contained apartment with a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. The house is also complemented by a studio apartment. The building was built from scratch and needs some finishing touches inside.

A shady tree-lined avenue leads to the top of the hill, in the vicinity of the villa. Around it, every area was studied and designed to take full advantage of the beauty of the landscape and the location, while respecting the original natural environment.

The villa features top finishes and high-end materials: the floors are made of marble plates measuring mt 1x1, some of the ceilings are finished with precious Italian walnut coffers as well as the woodwork in the music room. Most of the furnishings, the bookcases and the wardrobes are tailor-made by a firm specializing in the creation of yacht interiors to guarantee the highest quality and accuracy of detail.

A shady tree-lined avenue leads to the top of the hill, in the vicinity of the villa. Around it, every area was studied and designed to take full advantage of the beauty of the landscape and the location, while respecting the original natural environment. "Every space is an expression of the culture and of the places that generated it..." This is the guideline followed by the Landscape Architect, Lucio Piunti, who worked on the design and creation of the 13 hectares of park at Villa Poseidon. An imaginary axis crosses the villa, connecting the pond, located below the orchard, to the garden and to the large lawn, up to the woods located higher up. A centuries-old olive tree was planted near the villa, enhancing the property’s large olive grove below, standing out against the blue sea. The villa features top quality finishes and materials of the highest calibre: the floors are made with marble slabs measuring one metre by one metre. Some of the ceilings, as well as the woodwork in the music room, are finished with fine Italian walnut wooden panelling. Much of the decor, the bookcases and the cabinets, were custom-built by hand by a firm specialized in the creation of interiors for yachts, as a guarantee of the maximum quality and precision in the detail.


- X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X


- X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -


Fourteen (14) passenger configuration featuring;
- Forward Cabin, four (4) place Double club
- Mid-Cabin, four (4) place conference group arrangement opposite credenza with multi-purpose storage cabinets
- Aft Cabin, two opposing four (4) place divans and fully enclosed lavatory


- Falcon Cabin Management System Rockwell Collins FCMS
- 17" LCD Aft Monitor Rockwell Collins FCMS
- 8.4" Colour LCD Touch Screen Control (Galley Annex) Rockwell Collins FCMS
- Additional Colour OLED Entertainment Control(s) Rockwell Collins FCMS
- Swift Broadband Honeywell MCS - 7120


- Additional Stereo Headset Sony


- Additional 21.3" Colour LCD Monitor (Aft Or Fwd Bulkhead) Rockwell Collins FCMS
- Plug-In LCD Monitor Receptacle Rockwell Collins FCMS
- Plug-In 8.4" Colour LCD Monitor w/ LH Swing, Locking Arm Rockwell Collins FCMS


- Single iPod Docking Cradle Rockwell Collins FCMS
- Satellite TV Rockwell Collins TAILWIND 500
- Additional Receiver / Decoder module Rockwell Collins TAILWIND 500
- Video Camera Control System Securaplane VCU-05
- Video Camera Securaplane CAM-14


- Cabin / Flight Deck Display (Non-Interactive) Rockwell Collins Airshow 4000


- X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -


Able to accommodate 19 passengers, this 2003 Boeing BBJ2 certified aircraft meets all of your expectations and beyond. Truly comfortable and sophisticated, it features internet access, Ipod stations, Ipads, 3 lounge areas, a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower. The cabin of this Boeing BBJ2 can be turned into a sleeping configuration of 14 beds.


• The CMES provides In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) for cabin area monitors, speaker systems, and headphone jacks. The CMES also enables laptop computer access to the IFE sources as well as air- borne office functions from the passenger seats via ethernet ports installed throughout the cabin.

• The CMES supplies IFE to the cabin areas and ethernet ports
from the following sources:

- DVD player audio/video - VHS cassette player audio/video - MP3 player audio - Airshow Network video - Landscape Camera System video - VHF Comm 1 audio

• CMES source controls and IFE access are provided by replica- ted touchscreen menus on the P-PES Wireless System Control- lers (WSCs) and VCC Advanced Area Control Panel (AACP).

• The WSCs (handheld remote controls) and AACP menus supply simultaneous independent control of the IFE distribution within any selected P-PES zone(s).


• Local VIP entertainment systems are installed in the forward lounge, aft lounge, and master bedroom. Each of these Private Passenger En- tertainment Systems (P-PES) is independently operated to service the assigned zone.

• The P-PES in each zone consists of the following locally and remotely installed In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) source components and control/distribution interfaces:

- One (1 each) DVD/CD Player - One (1 each) Audio Power Amplifier (APA)
- One (1 each) DTS/AC3 Surround Processor (DSP)
- One (1 each) Surround Sound Flat Panel Speaker System
- Video Monitors: 42-inch Plasma Display and/or 28-inch LCD
- One (1 each) Wireless System Controller and docking station


- X - X - X - X - X - X -


Brought by the Alexander Ambrosia in January 2012, this stunning 61m Benetti features a signature Evan K Marshall interior comprising of two panoramic master suites and four guest staterooms. Guest elevators to all decks, a full beam sky lounge and vast open and shaded deck spaces. Of particular note is the additional top deck, located above the sun deck, which forms a very private, panoramic deck. The aft part of the sundeck can be transformed into a touch and go helipad.

Diamonds Are Forever

X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X
X - X - X - X - X - X - X

Main Deck

Entering via the spectacular onyx floored central foyer, ahead is the elevator which takes guests from the lower deck all the way up to the Sky deck. Off to the left of the foyer is the 12 seat Dining Table, designed by Evan Marshall and built by Marieux; a stunning glass topped and curved chrome masterpiece of design. Separated by faux marble pillars is the grand Main Salon, with central seating area of armchairs and two cream sofas. Just before the soundproofed doors to the aft deck is a stunning floor mosaic with, either side, china/glassware cabinets behind doors of etched chrome backed glass, studded with diamantes. A pantry located just forward of the Dining area enables interior crew to unobtrusively look after guests food and beverage requirements. Walking back through the foyer forward, one passes a day head to starboard, with access to crew area and galley through a doorway to port. Incidentally, the Galley was designed from scratch with much input from the chef onboard, making the space as efficient and practical to use as possible. After sampling the culinary treats produced in the galley, guests may wish to use the extremely well equipped Gymnasium, which also features a Steam room. A Beauty Salon with massage table and hairdressing chair and basin is also adjacent to the Gymnasium. Forward of this is the split level VIP Suite. The marble bathroom features under floor heating, bath tub, rain head shower, toilet, bidet and twin wash basins with TVs concealed behind both mirrors. Impressive his and her’s dressing rooms(the latter with dressing table), are followed up a short flight of stairs by the panoramic 180 degree suite itself, with raised aft facing King size bed. At the foot of the bed is a cream chaise longue. A useful night head saves the need to descend the stairs to the bathroom. There is access to the deck through a well concealed door to starboard. A TV lowers from the ceiling when required.

Lower Deck

Returning to the foyer the wide, carpeted spiral staircase descends to the four lower deck Guest cabins. The configuration of these is 3 King cabins and one twin. The forward King and Twin each have an additional pullman berth. The four cabins are all subtly different in decor, but all feature madrona burr woods, embossed leather bedheads, marble bathrooms and TVs cleverly concealed behind paintings.

Upper Deck

Onwards and upwards to the Upper Deck, and the full beam Sky Lounge. Less formal than the Main Salon, the predominantly white decor is both bright and relaxing. Featuring sumptuous L shaped sofa and armchairs, coffee table, card table, and pure marble topped wet bar, this is space is designed purely with relaxation in mind. The decor continues the art deco theme, with glossy woods and Erte statuettes. There are no less than four TVs available, all cleverly concealed behind mirrors or paintings. A pantry is discreetly located forward of the Sky Lounge. A less formal option for dining is located aft of the Sky Lounge; a large circular table that can be closed off from the lounge and opened up to the aft deck by the curved glass doors. This gives a unique inside-outside dining experience. Continuing forward on this deck is the Master Suite. On entering, there is an office, with desk, and a TV that raises from the marble window sill when required. The sumptuous marble bathroom with under floor heating includes twin wash basins, double overhead rain shower, central bath tub, his and her’s toilet and bidet. Two TVs in bathroom. A dressing table is cleverly concealed behind mirrored doors, behind which are also extensive wardrobes. Finally the bedroom, with raised forward facing King size bed to take advantage of views afforded by the panoramic 180 degree vista. Access to deck from suite is through a door to starboard.

Sun Deck

Continuing up the stairs past another day head, the Sun Deck is reached. A raised dining table overlooks the substantial spa pool and marble topped wet bar. A grill and TV are also located under the overhang that provides shade, as is another day head. An awning can be erected over the dining table to provide shade. With table and railings removed, this area also functions as a ‘touch and go’ helipad. The Bridge being a deck higher than it would ordinarily be provides extraordinary visibility. Also located on this deck is the Captain’s cabin and communications room.

Sky Deck

Finally, the secluded and peaceful Sky Deck is reached. This is the place to get away from it all, to simply sunbathe on the sun loungers or enjoy the stunning view from the forward sofa. Located five decks up, approximately 50’ above the waterline, gives a wonderful sense of privacy. The elevator (when not in use) ingeniously sits lowered beneath a high gloss wooden top. Also noteworthy is that the upper part of the mast (9’) hydraulically folds in order that the vessel may pass under lower bridges than would ordinarily be possible.

Crew Accommodations

Crew are provided with spacious, comfortable cabins. All are ensuite. The Captain’s cabin is located adjacent to the Bridge. 5 twin bunk cabins are located forward on the lower deck as is a large crew mess in which to relax and recharge. 2 further twin cabins are located forward on the tank deck. Also on this deck are walk in fridges and freezers as well as the well equipped Laundry, more than capable of handling the needs of both guests and crew.

This 20-foot-long ultra-limousine may seem at first to be just another Maybach 62 S with its ho-hum 620-horsepower twin-turbo V12, but look out back and you'll discover something pleasantly refreshing. A soft roof panel elegantly slides atop the trunk lid, leaving the backseat out in the open air while maintaining the privacy, security and wind-deflecting capability of the side windows and roof structure. Plus, a standard solid partition that separates the front and rear cabin sections should keep your chauffeur's cap in place while you're enjoying al fresco motoring. For junior, the optional 19-inch TV mounted to that partition can provide hours of Sponge Bob entertainment. Beyond the roof, however, the Landaulet enjoys the same benefits as your neighbor's Maybach. The interior is finished with acres of soft leather and comes equipped with things like power seats and a CD player, along with La-Z-Boy-style footrest, a 21-speaker stereo, an umbrella and a rear fridge with accompanying champagne flutes. Run-of-the-mill stuff, sure, but it's standard on the Landaulet, which speaks to its value.


- X - X - X - X -


Interior of the Travego Mercedes Benz Business Luxury Coach

- X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -


To be driven in the Ghost Extended Wheelbase is to be immersed in luxurious privacy. The extra 17 cm of legroom gives more room to work, entertain, or simply relax. The temptation to sit back and enjoy the journey may prove irresistible, however, you will be denying yourself one of the greatest pleasures of owning this car. Driving it. The new design at the front of Ghost Series II immediately hints at the power beneath the bonnet. The LED headlights have an instantly recognisable, modern shape, which is beautifully framed by the unbroken daytime running lights. This powerful look is further accentuated with the subtle sculpting of the bumper, while the chrome finishes on the lower grille create a contemporary feel. For the first time, 21" wheels are available making a bold, powerful statement. ”


Alexander Ambrosia
42 - Father
"I am the definition of a daddy's girl. I can imagine how I could be any closer to my father without crossing that gross incestious line. Which of course would never happen, but am just saying, we're close. Part of the reason as to why I feel am so close to my dad is because I'm with him a lot more than I am my mom. Like any child of divorce if I could have my parents be together I would, but I love my step-family and I guess things could be worst."

Cristine Ambrosia-Bellucci
36 - Mother
"I see my mom as more of a friend than a mom. I mean as a kid I only saw her when I was on vacation and it was always just blissful fun times. I don't really see her in that disciplinary light like I do my dad because she hasn't really disciplined me since I was like five. My mom to me is just like an older girlfriend. We go to the spa and out wine tasting and it's just fun times with her. I love my mom."

Maria Villegas-Ambrosia
39 - Step-Mother
"I'll be honest in saying that she isn't the evil step-bitch I thought she be when she and my dad tied the knot when I was nine. Like many kids who grow up being raised by a single parent I was crazy territorial when it came to my dad and dating. I'll be honest in saying that I was quite the little terror. Any woman who goes through what she with through with me when she was first getting to know me way back than and still wants to marry my father deserves him."

Jasmine Villegas
16 - Step-Sister
"My partner in crime. I would kill for this girl. We may not be blood but we've been sisters by marriage for eight years now. I'd figure I wasn't the most welcoming sister in the world but in the past few years I would say I have more than made up for that. Jasmine is someone that I look up to because she has a drive that I and well anyone could admire. She's one of the few people on this earth who can rein me in when I get a little out of control."

How did you spend your summer?
"My summer was pretty much a typical Alessandra Ambrosia summer. After we let out of school I didn't immediately fly out to Italy because I wanted to go to New York with my family to the Cosmo For Latina’s 2014 Fun Fearless Awards because it was a big day for Jas and I knew it meant a lot to her. After the awards show Jasmine had stayed in New York and I boarded the jet with my dad and Maria and first we flew back to California and after grabbing lunch I turned around and got right back on the jet and flew to Italy. I did the usual stuff that I do when I go to Italy. There was wine tasting and shopping and driving along the gorgeous cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and it was all just wonderful."
Vacating in Italy with My Mom

What grade are you in?
"Coming back for yet another year I am sad to say it won't be my last. Am a junior."

What clique are you in?
"While am not at the tippy top of the social ladder, I am at the top. Am a royal."

Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
"I have no complaints. I know that there are a lot of girls who would kill to be queen but I like where I am on the social food chain. I've got power but not so much that I have to worry about power-hungry bitches trying to stab me in the back."
Extremely Happy

If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be and why?
"Another clique? Are you crazy? Am at the top. Why would I want to be anywhere else?"
You can't beat being a Royal

Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
"I plan on joining the FIDM Fashion Club because I think it would be good for me to join this club giving the fact that I want to go to FIDM college. Plus clubs look good on college applications."
FIDM Fashion Club

Best Subject
English is by far my best subject. To me it's the simplest class there is."

Worst Subject
"Math sucks! At first I wasn't going to take it but than the damn counselor had to mention that colleges like students who take four years of math and that if I didn't take it in the here and now I'd be behind and most likely have to pay catch up later. Am not looking forward it I'll tell you that much."

Pd 1 - US History
Pd 2 - Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry
Pd 3 - Introduction to Draping for Fashion Design
Pd 4 - Geometry
Pd 5 - Theater III
Pd 6 - Health Education
Pd 7 - AP English Language & Composition
Pd 8 - Lunch
Pd 9 - Physics

Character Dialogue Color

So begins...

Alessandra Ambrosia's Story


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"Ugh. Jake. Stop it." Isaiah groaned as the old lab continued his assault on his face with his tongue. Isaiah wiggled and groaned as he fought to stay asleep. In the end Jake won as Isaiah sat up gently pushing the labrador away from him, "Alright am up." As his mouth opened a long and loud yawn came out as his wiped the eye boogers out of the corner of his eyes. "Jas!", he called out as he got up off the living room floor. Today was the day of his annual last day of summer house party. He had thrown one every year since his sophomore year. It was the only party he threw ever year that everyone was invited to. It didn't matter if it was your first year or your last. If you were at the tippy top of the social ladder or not even on a step. If you were attending Hollywood High you were invited. Jasmine had come over the night before to help him prepare for the party. They had stayed up all night making jello shots and locking away anything that was deemed breakable or valuable, while talking about everything that they had done over the summer and how much it sucked that school was starting tomorrow. Folding up the blanket that they had slept on he stuck it in the hallway closet before going to relieve himself.

As he came out of the bathroom he could hear noise coming from the kitchen and he went to investigate figuring Jake had gotten into the garbage again. "Jake what are you -" his sentence cut short when he saw it was Jasmine who was making all the noise. There was IHOP bag sitting on the counter and she was taking glasses out of the cupboard. "I was wondering where you went." he spoke announcing his presence in the room. "You need to go food shopping." She said as she shut the cupboard and placed the two glasses on the counter by the plastic bag that the delicious aroma of food arose off of. "Yeah I know I'm goin-" Jake barked causing Isaiah to stop what he was saying. The labrador sat by his empty food bowl wagging his tail furiously as he barked for a second time. "Right breakfast. Sorry Jake." Isaiah said as Jasmine laughed as she began taking the styrofoam containers out of the bag.

Walking over to the empty dog bowl he picked it up and left the kitchen. Going to what was originally the second kitchen that he now used as pantry because he had no real use for two kitchens. He opened the once 30-lb bag of Blue Buffalo Large Breed Senior Dog Chicken & Brown Rice flavored dry dog food and used the measuring cup that he kept in the bag to measure out and dump three cups into the bowl. After dropping the measuring cup back into the bag he zipped it back up and went back to the kitchen. Jasmine was sitting at the breakfast bar eating her strawberries & cream crepes when he walked back into the room. "Here you go Jake." he said as he placed the bowl of food down in front of the aging lab. Jasmine had already set up his place at the breakfast bar next to him. She had gotten him the simple & fit two-egg breakfast from IHOP which was scrambled egg substitute, two strips of turkey bacon, whole wheat toast and a small portion of seasonal mixed fruit. He wasn't the biggest fan of healthy eating but he was so hungry he was just happy that she had gotten them both breakfast so he didn't complain.

1 hour 1/2 later ...

"So what do you think?" Jasmine asked holding up the Party Rules poster that she had just finished making as he walked back into the living room. "I think rule number three should definitely be rule number one, but aside from that it's perfect. Although I doubt anyone is really gonna give a damn about the rules. At least you made it look all pretty and decorative.", he said as he sat down on the couch. Isaiah had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing his Hollywood High football t-shirt and shorts that he had gotten during camp over the summer. Jasmine had showered and gotten dressed before him because she had to get going. "Your probably right but at least I can say I did something to try and keep your place in one peace.", she said as she got up off the floor.

"So you gonna be good without me while I go shopping with Allie for the party?" she asked as she sat down beside him on the couch. Isaiah nodded as he began to speak, "Yeah I should be good. I've just gotten run to Costco to get the food and stuff. The DJ and bartender from the Boulevard3 should be getting here around like three or four to set up. All the jello shots we made last night are in the fridge in the pantry. So yeah I think am good." Jasmine nodded as Jake came and laid down in front of them. "Alright sounds good. So what's the theme of the party again?" Every year Isaiah last day before summer party had a theme and no matter how stupid the theme was the party always went down as one of the greatest of the school year. "Traffic light.", he said simply before going on to explain, "If you wear green than that means that your DTF. To wear yellow is to be a tease because than your saying that your a possible maybe. And if you wear red than your a prude because that means you are a hundred percent a no-go. That or your in a relationship which either way sucks." Jasmine laughed. "So am guessing your going to be dressed head to toe and green?" Looking at her with a sly grin he nodded "You already know." They both laughed as Jasmine shook her head getting up. "I'll be sure to relay the message to your ex." His grin immediately dropped as he shook his head "Do what you will. All I know is that if you show up in anything red am throwing you in pool."

Jasmine rolled her eyes, "Yeah okay Izzy. You try and you die." She picked up the poster off the floor and headed it to Isaiah "Make sure to put this up." He nodded taking the poster from her. "Come on Jakey Jake." They had decided that Jasmine would take Jake to her place for the day so that they didn't have to worry about Jake getting into anything during the party. "I'll text you later." Jasmine said as Jake got up from his spot on the floor and went and stood by her. "Okey-dokey." Isaiah said as he got up off the couch and went to pat Jake on his head. "Please don't let your evil pussy attack my poor dog. You know Jake is a gently giant and your cat is fucking demon." She threw him a punch in the shoulder, "Shut up! That is not true. You and Allie are going stop talking about my baby like that. Bear is an angel." Isaiah rubbed his shoulder as he rolled his eyes, "If that's your story." He walked Jasmine and Jake to the door and then after they left he went to his room to find his wallet so he could get the day started.


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Chocolate brown eyes stared dircectly into hazel eyes.



"This is me, noticing you staring," he told her and Shailene peered at him rather seriously over her chai tea latte. After a long match of tennis against his parents, the two had finally drudged up enough energy to leave one of the many Arsenault mansions in favor of the French Quarter Restaurant in West Hollywood. Shailene had been spending the last week and a half with the Arsenault family, especially considering no one had actually been at their bigger mansion over in Arizona. The two had barely been without the other, much to Chadwick's earlier chagrin. He almost complained about her deciding to drag him along to a few photo shoots, but surmised that this was Shay's way of dealing with his senior year. Not like she couldn't have graduated a year earlier if she had just taken the classes necessary to do so, but he wasn't going to bring that up.

So, instead, he sucked it up and spent as much time with Shailene as possible. Which technicaly meant practically howling over the fact that she broke the nose of one of her fellow supermodels. The girl had been coming on to Chadwick and while Shailene had no particular romantic feelings for him, her protectiveness and possessiveness came out when the girl tried her patience. The woman had been adamant that Chad would give in, to which he responded as nicely and apprropirately as he could. Yet, despite his coming to the film festival in Monte Carlo with Shay as Shay's escort, the other model practically ignored her presence altogether and even went so low as to suggest that she was, for lack of better terms, better than Shailene. She also became touchy-feely and well, so did Shay. She just so happened to use her fists.

Either way, after that incident, they had made their way back to LA with little to no problems since the attack hadn't actually occurred on camera. They had spent a good amount of time walking through Hollywood, visiting Richard's beach house (it was definitely more of a mansion, but Shay wasn't going to be picky), and now getting ready to return to school tomorrow. As lazy as the two were, the managed to garner enough energy to play a nice little competitive round of tennis with Chadwick's parents, which turned into three rounds and an initially fuming Shailene. After all, who the hell liked swinging a racket around anyway? It was exhausting. They got themselves together, though. Shailene got dressed in a daring white dress beneath a kimono and paired it with her wedge sandals. While it took her longer to actually decide on things, Chadwick had already been downstairs, dressed, and making reservations for the restaurant. Now, they sat across from one another with a very enthusiastic smile pulling at the corners of Shailene's mouth.

"What color are you wearing to Izzy's party?" She asked in a surprisingly quiet voice, although he detected the underlying excitement that rankled just below the calm. Chadwick chuckled and took a sip of his mimosa.

"Are you trying to dress me again?" He inquired. A strand of dark hair fell into her left eye and Shailene swiped it back, patting the feathery mesh back. To his surprise and delight, she had decided to let the humidity do what it will with her hair and didn't straighten it the other day, allowing her natural curl pattern to show. For the moment, she had some of it gathered at the back of her head while the rest fell down her back in a gratuitous waterfall of tight and luscious curls with strands framing her face. Chadwick didn't say it often, but he preferred this style.

"Would you let me?" Chadwick grimaced at the thought.

He didn't doubt Shailene's ability to dress him. Over the summer, she had gained nearly two thousand more followers and garnered an extra hundred clients on her website, which only meant that her line would be successful long before she got to college. She had dressed him once before and his outfit, though not particularly his style, had been pretty decent and very well close to it. The problem had been his mother. She loved it so much, he got more clothes than he would have ever wanted. And let's be clear - Chadwick was not a fan of clothes, trying them on, or even shopping. So, no, he wouldn't let her dress him again. Not if it meant that again. Hell no, he thought.

"What color would you have me wear?" Chad finally asked, which happened to be the million dollar question because the smile that formed on her face seemed to have made the sun glare brightly into the room. Shailene pushed her plate forward then to place her elbows on the table elegantly, hands pressed beneath her chin. Her half-eaten vegetable omlette sit forgotten.

"I was thinking yellow," she told him and Chadwick was very quick to make a face. She pouted. "Don't make that face, it'll be so cute. It's going to be nice and bright against your skin and you'll be a tease. All the girls will be all over you." Chadwick deadpanned.

"You know I hate that color, Shay." She pouted. He sighed. "You're not going to leave this alone, are you?" Shailene simply pouted even more, if that was possible. Chad could only sigh again, rubbing at the bridge of his nose. "Fine. But it's only a shirt and it better be in my closet because I'm not - "

"Already done and on your bed with a pair of swim trunks," she finished with a small squeal and a clap of her hands. Internally, Chadwick wanted to smile. Despite how much more serious she can be when compared to someone like Alessandra, Shailene genuinely had a child deep inside her that was partly needy and had an eccentric energy that only few could bring out. He happened to be one of this few. "It's going to be great. You'll be a tease and all precious and such."

"Uh huh, sure. Are we done here?" Chadwick inquired, calling to the waiter and instructed the male to put it on his tab. Rolling her eyes, Shailene slid from her stool and neatly straightened out the hem of her dress, which fell to the middle of her thighs.

"Don't be a baby, love. I would never set you up," she swore and linked arms with Chadwick once he set down a tip. Smirking down at her, he led his best friend out just as a thought struck her. "I should probably see what Allie is doing or, wearing, for that matter." She whipped out her phone and sent out a text.

To: Alessandra


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#ootd Alessandra captioned her collage as she posted her picture to her Instagram. It had taken about an hour for her to take the photos, delete them all, take more photos and than selectively choose which photos she wanted to use in her collage. Which giving the fact that she literally had nothing to do while she waited for Jasmine to get home was time well spent as far as she was concerned. She was secretly feeling crazy nervous about Isaiah's party today. Outside of the many times that she had caught herself stalking his social media accounts over the summer, she hadn't actually seen Isaiah or heard his voice in person since the last day of school back in June. Needless to say her stomach was knotting up at the very thought of seeing him again and all she wanted to do was distract herself with hours of mind numbing retail therapy. Which she would be doing if Jasmine wasn't taking so damn long to get home!

Walking into the main kitchen she found the kitchen staff at work cleaning up all traces of the mornings breakfast. "Can I get you anything Ms. Ambrosia?", one of the kitchen lady's asked as she sat at the breakfast bar, "Strawberry mimosa." The woman nodded and walked away to make her drink as Alessandra placed her Givenchy on the counter. "Here you go Ms. Ambrosia." Alessandra smiled as she was handed the glass. After taking a sip she looked up at the woman and gave a satisfactory had nod and gave the woman a notion to walk away with a simple hand motion. Nodding the woman walked away without another word. As she took another sip of the mimosa she could hear Beyoncé - Flawless song suddenly coming from her bag. Placing her glass down she unzipped her bag and took out her iPhone to see notification stating that she had a text from Shailene. Unlocking her phone she hit the message app on her phone and read the one word message from her bestie. Texting back a quick reply she pressed send and at the moment she could hear Nala barking echoing through the house. "I guess Jas is finally here.", speaking her thought aloud she gulped down what liquid remained in the glass then popped the strawberry stuck on the edge of the glass in her mouth. Grabbing her bag and cell phone she walked to the foyer.

Turning off the ignition Jasmine took off her seatbelt and then unhooked the seat-belt harness that Jake was in. Not even wait for her to get out of the car and open up the passenger side door the lab leaped out of the convertible. "Oh my god Jake! Your old. Don't do that!" She yelled at the lab who had raced up to the front door and was paying her zero mind. "Izzy is gonna kill me.", she said to herself as she got out the car and walked up to the front door. Before she could reach the door it swung opened and out ran Nala. The young pup and old lab yipped and barked as the began racing around outside.

You look cute."

"Your late."

"We never set a time." Jasmine said as she hugged her sister. "Am guessing your ready to go?" Alessandra shrugged, 'Maybe. I'm waiting for Shay to text me back. She asked if I was going shopping an-"

"She had to ask?" The two laughed before Alessandra continued, "Texted the same thing. Anyways she asked and asked her if she wanted to come with. So now am just waiting to see what she says." Jasmine shrugged before nodding as she looked at the dogs who seemed to be having the time of their lives. "So, how are you doing? I mean ... how are you feeling about today and all?" Jasmine knew Alessandra still had feelings for Isaiah and as good of a tough front as she put on she assumed Alessandra was feeling a little uneasy about the day. "I want another mimosa. Do you want one? I'm gonna get us some." Alessandra stated walking back into the house. "So does that means your fine." Jasmine called after her knowing that she was anything but fine.


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"Don't give me that look," Shailene threw at Chadwick as they pulled up into the Arsenault estate. Chadwick, meanwhile, chuckled and shook his head in amusement.

After all, since when did Alessandra Ambrosia not want to shop? Which really shouldn't have been Shay's question, now that she considered it, but still. She couldn't help it. Some part of her was still growing used to the idea of having as much money as she did and while she was enthusiastic about fashion and shopping like her friend, she wasn't always keen on spending money. There had always been several shopping trips that included Shay buying things as simple as jewelry and that being the end of that story. And with the party only a few hours away, Shay would have thought Allie would have been found some epically stunning outfit for the event!

"I'm not judging you." She glowered in response.

"Says the person who's rocking his judgy face," she countered with a small growl. Chadwick laughed lightly and stepped out of his vehciel, hurrying over to Shailene's side to open his door. After all, what kind of world would they be in if Chadwick Arsenault wasn't being a gentleman? "By the way, what are you doing to be doing while I'm out with the girls?" He shrugged, leaning against the side of his father's red XKR Jaguar.

"Probably going to see this outfit you've picked out and take it with me to see if Isaiah needs any help." Shay nodded idly and pulled out her cell, sending a quick text to both Allie and Catalina.

To: Cat
Going shopping w/ Allie. Not sure how u feel about that D:

To: Allie
How foolish of me! Meet u there :D

"Well, I just text the girls that I'll meet them there. Think your Dad will mind me borrowing the car?" A dark eyebrow rose before Chadwick smirk.

"You're like, his other daughter. Pretty sure he'd feel honored if you drove."

"Lucky me," she exclaimed, noting the underlying sarcasm in her friend's voice and snatching the key from his grasp. "Try not to miss me too much, love."

"Yeah, whatever. You try to keep Allie from trying to buy the whole store, again." Chadwick called over her shoulder as she took to climbing into the driver's side and turning on the engine to drown his voice out. Smirking, Shailene slid on her Chanel shades and pulled out. Smirking, Chad brought out his phone and text Isaiah, turning to walk back inside the house.

To: Izzy
I'm bored. Need any help?


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"Alright I think that's everything." Isaiah said as his friend Thomas from the basketball team loaded the last case of beer into the car. Thomas was an employee at Costco's and knowing that his captain always had a last day of summer blowout bash he had set everything Isaiah needed for the party aside for him so his trip to Costco was a quick in and out if you exclude all the time it took to load the car. Isaiah didn't have a membership at Costco's but his mom did and he used her card along with a portion of the back to school money she gave him to finance this little trip. He had brought three cases of plastic cups that all together was 1500 cups, he stocked up on an assortment of junk food for the people who got the munchies after doing whatever the hell it was that they were going to be doing, than of course he had brought alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. He had gotten tequila, vodka, rum, gin, brandy and any other sort of liquor he figured the bartender could use to make drinks. He had assigned the football players to get the kegs for the party because what was a party with kegs. Then of course for those who didn't or more or less couldn't drink they're liquor straight he gave the basketball team the job of getting the cocktail mixers. The baseball team had the easiest and less illegal job of getting sodas, juices and fruits. Sometimes being the captain of three separate teams was a challenge, but other times it was hell of beneficial and when it came to party time the benefits were clear. This was far from his first party and his teammates always delivered so he had things under control for the time being.

After a quick pound hug the two guys separated as Thomas had to get back to work and Isaiah had to get back home to unload his car. Getting into the driver's side of his Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG he phone immediately began to go off in the cup holder compartment he had it sitting in because he had no pockets. Picking up the phone he saw that he had gotten a text for Chadwick. "I guess someone isn't sewn to his siamese twin at the moment.", he said with a chuckle as he texted back a quick reply.

To: Chaddy
Sure. Come over.

Just as he was about to put his phone down he got a second text message, this one from an unknown number. His first thought was that it could possibly be a girl he met over the course of the summer that had somehow gotten a hold of his number. As he opened and read the text message he was disappointed to find that the text wasn't from a hot girl but some guy by the name of Erik. "Google?" Isaiah said thinking aloud as he couldn't for the life of him figured out how his number had gotten on google. Facebook? Yes. Twitter? Yes. Instagram? He couldn't see why not. However, Google? That struck him as a bit odd. Whatever the case according to the text the guy was going to be newbie at Hollywood High which left Isaiah thinking he was probably talking to some nervous freshman who was worried about accidentally crashing an Isaiah Scott rager. Putting the unknown stranger's number into his phone under the name of Erik he replied to guy's text.

To: Eric
NP man. Whole skool is invited. The theme of the nite is traffic lights. So wear green if you DTF. Yellow if your unsure. Red if your lame ass. 864 Stradella Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077. Party starts whenever u show up.

After hitting send Isaiah placed his phone back into the empty cup holder and drove off heading to his house.


Alessandra walked back to Jasmine with two champagne glasses in hand. "Shay texted back.", she said as she handed one of the glasses to Jasmine. "She said she'll meet us. I texted her back saying to meet us at the Beverly Center." Jasmine nodded taking a sip of the red drink, "Mmmm ... watermelon. I love Lucy's mimosas." Alessandra looked at her with a confused look, "Who's Lucy?", she asked taking a sip of her strawberry mimosa. "Lucy. You know the blonde hair women who I would guess made these. She's worked here for like the pass five years Allie." Alessandra gave an nonchalant shrug of her shoulders as she took a small gulp of the fruity tasting liquid, "With all the help that works here. You can't expect me to know everyone by name. Come on let's go!" Doing the two fingered whistle she signaled the dogs who stopped their play immediately, "Jake. Nala. Inside!"

The two dogs raced into the house and Alessandra shut and locked the door behind them. "I told Mitchell that Jake is here so she'll be keeping her eyes on your demon cat." Alessandra said with a grin as Jasmine rolled her eyes, "Bear is not evil!" The two girls gulped down their mimosa and set their glasses down knowing someone would come along and collect them later. "Your driving." Alessandra said as she walked away walking to Jasmine's convertible. Jasmine convertible was an earlier birthday present from Alexander. He had taken her to the Los Angeles Motor Show and she fell in love with the car. She didn't think that she would ever get the convertible because while it had been unveiled it was said that the car may never reach the roads. So, when she had gotten back and found the car waiting for her she was over the moon.

"Of course I am." Jasmine said with a laugh as she walked over to her car and got in on the driver's side. The Beverly Center was about forty minutes away if they were lucky enough not to be greeted by traffic. Turning on her car she turned on her radio changing the channel to Power 106. With the top down she turned up her radio and pulled off heading to mall to meet up with Shailene.


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"Naea. NAEA! Wake up!"

Linnaea's eyes fluttered open at the sound of her little sister's voice. The smell of hay and horses drifted through her nose, and she felt a soft nose nudging her stomach. She shook herself awake and realized that her pillow was her horse, and she was in his stable.

Of course. She'd come in here when she couldn't sleep last night.

She looked around the comfortable, straw lined box, until she fixed her eyes upon Alice, who was leaning over the stable door. Ace whinnied in protest, nudging her again. She wiped the sleep from her eyes, and dragged herself to her feet. "What's up, Alice?" She mumbled sleepily to her sister. The wide eyed little girl, with her curly locks flowing down her back, swung on the stable door, and Naea petted her horse affectionately. "I guess we had better feed them, huh?" She grinned at her little sister, wide awake, before walking over and exiting the stable, closing the door behind her. The palomino gelding stood up and poked his head over the stable door, whinnying in protest for his food. Naea grinned and rolled her eyes at the horse's cheek, and walked into the feed room to get his breakfast ready, along with Luna's.

A few minutes later, the noise of horses crunching pony nuts and sugar beet in her ears, Linnaea brushed herself off and headed out of the stables. Judging from where the sun was, she would say it was somewhere just before 12. She brushed her jodhpurs off, and finally checked her phone, before picking up Alice and giving her a piggy back.

"Don't you have something to go to, today?" Alice's chipper voice broke the silence as they walked through their mother's carefully preened and cared for gardens. The trickling of a fountain could be heard, signalling that she was almost back at the house. She almost swore out loud as she realized what today was. "Oh my god!" She moaned, angry that she had let herself forget. "Come on, kiddo, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!" She yelled, taking off at a run. Her sister squealed in joy, and giggled like a mad thing. They were soon back at the house, at which Alice prompty slid off of Naea's back, and ran into the living room. As Linnaea predicted, the sound of cartoons soon came from the living room. Naea, smiling to herself, headed up the stairs to her room, before closing the door, and searching for the reddest bikini she could find. She was definitely not in the mood for random people hitting on her today. Before she began her search, she got out her phone and sent Allie a quick message.

TO: Allie <3
Red, yellow or green?

She didn't wait for a reply, but instead continued to search for a simple red bikini. She found one, encrusted with diamante around the hems, before putting it on and sliding into her outfit for the party. It was simple, but her style. She brushed her hair and tied it into a high, messy ponytail, and went into her bathroom to wash her face, and apply some perfume. Finally, she was ready. Truth be told, she was extremely nervous about the whole thing, but she wasn't about to let it show. She checked herself over one more time in the mirror, before leaving her room and shutting the door, and hurrying back outside to where her car was. She slid inside, checked her phone again and started the engine. She had second thoughts about the color - after all, she was single, she should technically be in green - but then disagreed with herself again and texted Isaiah hurriedly.

TO: Isaiah
On my way. Be there in 10.

She hurriedly drove out of the driveway and was on her way before she could change her mind again. It wasn't a long drive to Isaiah's new place, and sure enough, she was there in ten minutes. It looked like there was somebody else here, too, as she had spotted a car she wasn't sure she recognized. She slid out of the car, tugging her cardigan around her shoulders even though it was hot, slipped her phone in her pocket, and locked her car, taking a deep breath and walking up to Isaiah's home. It was very modern style, and Linnaea didn't remember ever visiting before, but she decided she liked it. Most of it was made of glass, so she had no doubts that they had probably already seen her. She smiled to herself and hurried up to his front door, and knocked on it a few times.


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After texting Alessandra that she was at the mall, Shailene parked and hurried into the store, sighing to herself when she heard the flash of a few cameras. You would think after years in this one profession that the paparazzi would at least attempt to be subtle, but she wouldn't pay them any mind. She didn't bother texting Cat back, she would do it later. After all, she hadn't actually expected her friend to come. Her Allie's interactions were a hit-or-miss. On some days, the two could get along, on another, they were too much for either to handle. Shay slid her shades off when she entered the building, not exactly sure where to go. She could go into Solistice, but didn't she already own nearly fifty pairs of shades already. The obsession began when she was a around seven and she loved seeing the older celebrities rocking sunglasses of varying sizes. In her hands currently was a pair from Chanel that she remembered Beyoncé had worn back in the early 2000s, though Shay's were definitely more modern and personalized. Sighing again, she headed over to Starbucks.

"Grande Passion Tango tea, thanks," she said, slid her card, and waited for her drink. After getting a text from Chadwick stating that he would probably go in another color (whatever his dislike for the color yellow was unfounded and hardly unfair since it would do him justice, but again, she wouldn't pay it any mind or argue. It wasn't like she had actually expected him to listen to her.), Shay wandered aimlessly through the large shopping center, first stopping in Solistice against her better judgment. She sipped at her fruity tea idly and ended up buying about four more pairs of shades, which she would undoubtedly feel bad about later. But now wasn't the time to care. She had to kill time waiting for her friends and after wandering a bit more aimlessly, she headed over to Beach Bunny Swimwear to check out bathing suits.

She was still trying to decide if she was opting for a bikini or one-piece. There were always sexy one-pieces and bikinis were nice yes, and they showed off her tummy which she definitely yummy in her eyes, but which was the move she was willing to make? Steering clear of the raunchier selections (she liked sensual, yes, but taste was definitely was a requirement), Shay's eyes landed on a sexy little number and she hurried up to text Alessandra.

To: Allie
Where r u!? I think I found the 1!!


To: Isaiah
Five minutes out. Be there soon.

After first sending a text to Shailene about her never dressing him again (there was nothing wrong with the outfit, he just really hated the color and well, the shorts were a joke and they both knew it), Chad had thrown another outfit together and put it in his duffle bag along with two extra towels in case Shay forgot her own, which she had always been liable to do. He would deal with the yellow for now, but he knew himself well enough to know that the color was just not his favorite. It was too bright. Shay would joke that it was just him trying to dress "as dark as his soul" or whatever bullshit line she would try to feed him, but it was whatever. He would wear her little outfit. But the second he was ready, he would put something else on. So, he changed. Finished with that, he had jogged lightly down the spiral staircase to see his Dad on his phone.

"Heading out, probably won't be back until later," he said over his shoulder with a wave and headed out. Not in the mood to have another one of their cars out and about in LA, Chad went instead to his bike collection and chose his 2014 Honda. Most people, it seemed, liked to believe that his bike collection consisted mainly of those one needled to pedal, which baffled him. Chad was, simply put, a fan of bikes. All bikes. He even had a few dirt bikes. Strapping on his helmet, he revved the bike up and zoomed out of the garage, following the long road to the mansion's gates before speeding down the way to get the highway. He was a good ten minutes away from Isaiah's new place when he decided to send his text to Izzy. At a red light, GPS had shown him a shorter route and after a quick U-turn, Chad found himself on Izzy's street. Putting his phone back in his pocket, he slowly found his friend's new crib and parked nearby.

When he walked up, he already noticed one person there and smiled.

"Hey, Linnae. Did he answer yet?"


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Jasmine stood waiting on line at the Wetzel's Pretzels. She had left Alessandra and Aaliyah when they had come up to the seventh level. The top A-Listers wanted to go check out the Dolce & Gabbana store and Jasmine's stomach had begun to grumble in spite of the IHOP breakfast she had had just a mere few hours go. So the group split up with the A-Listers going one way and the Virtuosi the other. As she made it to the front of the line she ordered what she wanted, "Can I get one order of Wetzel Bitz topped with salt and butter. Also let me get a small frozen blue raspberry granita." The woman stationed behind the counter nodded before walking away to fulfill the order. As she waited Jasmine gazed around the mall watching all the shoppers walking about. When she saw someone who looked like Shailene she stood on her tippy-toes trying to get a better look. "Here you go miss. That will be -" Jasmine slipped the woman a twenty, "Keep the change."

She had saw the girl who looked like Shailene head into the Beach Bunny Swimwear store so she went inside the store to see if she had seen right. Just as her eyes had suggested it was Shailene. She appeared to be on the phone when Jasmine walked over to her. "Hey there Shay! It took you long enough." Jasmine spoke with a smile as she sipped her frozen drink. "I should let Allie know I found you." she said setting her items down on top of the rack carefully not wanting anything to fall or slip. She sent a quick text to Alessandra before putting her phone back in her pocket. "I see you've started shopping without us." she said as he eyes landed on the Solistice bag as she retrieved her pretzels and drink.


"So what are we thinking about this one?" Alessandra said stepping out of the dressing room in a red wisteria-print ruffle dress. "Depends are we shopping for you or my seventy plus year old mother. Not that my mother would be caught dead in that." A small frown creeped across Alessandra face that she tried to hide by turning away from Aaliyah and looking at herself in the mirror. "Why are you trying on red anyway? Your single. Plus your hot. Which means you should be wearing green if I'm understanding the rules of this traffic light party right." Aaliyah said as she walked up behind Alessandra so that they were both looking at her figure in the mirror. "Says the single hot girl going in red." Aaliyah nodded as what her bestie stated was true, "That maybe so but last time I checked it wasn't my ex hosting the party." Aaliyah said as she placed her hands on Alessandra's shoulder and moved her from the mirror gently pushing her back into the dressing room. "You need to move on Allie, and what better place to find your new man then at the party of your old one.", she closed the dressing room door, "Your wearing green. Now hurry up and get out of that hideous dress so we can go hit up another store."

Alessandra complied with wishes of her the queen bee as she striped out of the dressed and but her outfit back on. Walking out of the dressing room she found Aaliyah waiting for her outside the store. "So Dolce & Gabbana was a fail. Where do you wanna go now?" she said hooking Aaliyah's arm the two girls started walking. "Not sure. Text your sister to see where she is. When can meet up and head to the next store together." Alessandra nodded as unlinking herself for Aaliyah she began rummage around in her bag. On the way to the mall Alessandra had texted Aaliyah in the car and asked her if she wanted to meet up for a pre-party shopping spree. Although Aaliyah had already had her outfit picked out she wasn't one to ever turn down shopping so she threw on a casual outfit and met up with the sisters at the mall. They had started out all shopping together but then Jasmine got peckish and left them to go to the Wetzel's Pretzels.

Fishing her phone out of her bag she saw that she had three unread text messages. The first being from Linnaea who wanted to know what color she was wearing. The second being from Shailene asking where she was and the last being from Jasmine who wrote her telling her she ran into Shailene at Beach Bunny Swimwear and to come meet up with them. "Jas is with Shay at the Beach Bunny Swimwear store." she said as she texted Linnaea.

To: Lanie
Green. How bout u?

"Good so that means that they should be right over there." Aaliyah said pointing to the swimwear store. Dolce & Gabbana were on the exact same level and not but a few hundred feet apart. Walking the distance that remained the two girls found themselves inside the store within a minute or two. "That must have been the longest line in the world." Alessandra said when she spotted her sister and friend. "I was on my way coming back when I thought I saw Shay. So, I stalked her into the store and lo and behold." Alessandra rolled her eyes as she stole one of Jasmine's pretzels popping it into her mouth. "What took you so long anyway?" she asked looking at Shailene.


As he and Catalina walked there way to the front door Isaiah could hear a small knock. As they got closer he could see Linnaea and Chadwick through the glass. Catalina walking ahead of him got to the door first and opened it. Taking his phone out of his pocket he looked at the time and it was 12:46 PM. He was surprised that so many people were showing up so early but as long as he could put them to work he didn't care. "Took you long enough.", he said echoing Catalina's words to Linnaea as he addressed Chadwick. "I had a feeling you'd be rocking the yellow. Did Shay pick that out for you?" Isaiah asked with a sly smirk. Isaiah liked to mess with Chadwick about his relationship with Shay and how they both said they weren't a couple while in truth they were a total couple. Isaiah was still dressed in his Hollywood High football t-shirt and shorts that he had gone to the store in. He still need to change his clothes but he hadn't found the time to do so just yet.

As Catalina started flirting with Chadwick a cheeky grin appeared on Isaiah's face as it was always amusing when girls flirted with Chad. He got so flustered and just awkward it was funny to watch. "We need to get some stuff out the trunk.", Catalina said reminding him why he had come outside in the first place. "Almost forgot." He said walking to the trunk of his car, "There's stuff in both the trunk and the backseat so let's try not to forget anything." Catalina went and opened the trunk and Isaiah opened the side door. "Hey, Izz." Linnea spoke to him and he realized that he hadn't said hello to her yet. "Hey there you. I guess the theme of the day went over your head too.", he said as he noticed she was messing with her top. Stacking three cases of tequila on top of each other he heard her ask, "What is it I need to grab?" Grabbing the boxes he dragged them out the leather seats and held them taking a step back from the car, "Hey, Izz. Where do you want these at?". Just follow Honey and sit them down where ever.", he spoke in a response to Chadwick before looking back at Linnaea. "It must be earlier than I thought... There aren't many people here yet, huh?" Isaiah nodded, "Yeah well the party doesn't start till four and it's just going on one now. So, yeah you guys are earlier. The DJ and bartender haven't even arrived yet. No worries though at least I don't have to go through this manual labor alone. Speaking of which just grab whatever you can carry and set it down anywhere in the house. I'll sort through it after we get everything inside." He gave her a smile before walking away into the house.


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As Shailene continued to browse through the selection of bathing suits and bikinis while sipping her cool hibiscus tea, she had glanced back at her phone to see another text from Chad. He was with Linnaea, Cat, and Isaiah. Which was good. It meant he was in good company, which would definitely pass the time. And knowing Izzy, he'd put to Chad to work without fail. Smirking, she had tucked her phone away when she heard her name being called and smiled when she saw Jas. Her eyebrows rose for a moment when Jas told her that she would be informing Allie of Shailene's presence.

"I thought I text her, oh well, let them know," she said softly, eyeing a cute little red number before remembering that she was going to wear green or yellow. These were the decisions she had made. She positively tittered under Jas's gaze when the newly-dyed blonde noted her Solistice bag. Grinning, Shay clutched the bag to herself. "Before you judge me, remember that I am your friend and you love me and as my friend, you know I love shades. And they were on sale, love! How could I resist?" Knowing that Allie would be on her way soon, Shay drank some more of her tea, still wondering about the cute little green number that she could definitely see herself wearing under one of her many kimonos.

When Allie and Aaliyah - what was this? Attack of the As? - arrived, she smiled at her friends, looking up from the wide selection to greet them. "Hey, loves! I took Chad's dad's car and dropped Chad back at the house. He's helping Izzy." She answered first before deciding to grab a hold of the bikini. "Richard and mom are still on vacation, so I've been staying with him. What do you guys think?" She inquired, holding up the top and bottom.


Still holding the boxes, Chadwick adjusted his weight somewhat and laughed at Isaiah's commentary about his wardrobe. He offered a "What do you think?" over his shoulder. He set the boxes down before deciding to set down his duffel bag. It would be in the way anyway. Besides, it made things feel a little heavier. Chad straightened himself before glancing back at his friend.

He didn't feel particularly embarrassed about his relationship with Shailene, despite the relentless teasing from their friends. Their dynamic had been confusing from the beginning. They were close, much like a real couple, but he had always only thought of Shay as his sister. Maybe once did he entertain the prospects of a relationship with Shailene; she was beautiful, intelligent, and had enough sass and kindness in her that kept her appealing. She could be flirty one day and well, sweet and almost childish another, but that was just who she was. And it was appealing, yes, and any guy that settled for his best friend would be the luckiest person in the world because her loyalty and love was insurmountable. But that was all she was - his best friend. And as long as he was aware of that and she was aware of that, anyone else could say whatever they wanted. It didn't change anything. Besides, it kept guys like Ricardo Slim- Helú away from her, at least as far as he was concerned.

"And sorry about that. Shay has Dad's car, so I took one of the bikes. Just came back from breakfast." With that said, he headed back to the truck to grab a few more boxes.


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Linnaea had to hold back a laugh as Iz commented on her outfit. Her cheeks went light pink, as she hoped she hadn't made it too obvious of what her intentions - or rather, what she didn't intend to do - were. "Actually, Iz, I'm wearing red underneath. I don't really plan on hooking up tonight. It's not exactly my thing." She shrugged again, leaning past him to drag a box of what smelled like alcohol off the car seat. She didn't mind drinking, but she made a mental note to not drink so much she'd let herself go in any situation. She wanted to keep herself to herself.

She eased the box out of the car, ignoring Honey as she eased it out and giving the boys a view they were sure not to forget for at least a little while. She cringed inwardly - she could never have that sort of confidence - before putting on a smile and taking the bottles of liquid inside, clinking with every step.

She set the box down inside, somewhere near to the bar, before checking her phone. Allie had messaged her again, and Naea grinned to herself. She hurriedly texted back.

TO: Allie <3
Red, red, RED! You think I'd wear anything else? xD

Chad entered soon after, saying about how he took the bike. Naea smiled to herself, before slipping her phone back into her pocket, unable to stop herself from thinking about the good looking guy in yellow. He was pretty hot. She shook her hair again, before walking out again, running her fingers through the lengths of her curls. She walked back out, to retrieve more boxes for the party. The hot sun beat down on her back as she walked back outside, and she was eventually forced to take off her cardigan, resigning to throwing it into her car and damn the consequences. She wasn't sure she was comfortable with showing off her shoulders and the strap of her red bikini top, even though it sparkled subtly in the midday sun. She couldn't help but think herself lucky that pink was close enough to red. The colour, along with green and yellow, was way too bright for Naea's taste, as she prefered creams and pastel colours, if anything, and darker colours in the winter time. She would have been way more comfortable in blue.

She wrinkled her nose at the thought of herself in a blue bikini, and only that, before she reached in to grab another box. More alcohol, of course. Naea huffed a sigh of amusement as she wondered how on earth Isaiah had managed to get rid of all of the alcohol he must have had in his bar to need so much more now. She hadn't factored in how many people would be there, of course, but still, how many of these people would actually be drinking? And exactly how much were they all going to drink? She shook her head once more, carrying the box back inside, the sandals on her feet making a slapping sound against her foot and the ground as she moved. One thing she knew for sure was the party was going to be great - even if she didn't drink or do anything that others did at parties, it was going to be one hell of a good time.


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"What do you think?" Chadwick called over his shoulder as the two boys walked into the house with boxes in hand. "I think you should be wearing green and having regrettable one-night stands, but your kind of sort of not girlfriend is being a cock block by picking out a yellow outfit for you to wear. Which means she has already broken rule number three of the night." He said picking up the poster that Jasmine had made earlier. Walking to the kitchen with the poster in hand he began looking through the drawers for a roll of tape. "And sorry about that. Shay has Dad's car, so I took one of the bikes. Just came back from breakfast." Finding the tape in the third drawer he opened he gave a shrug in response to what Chad said. "It's cool. A man's gotta eat, right?" As Chadwick and Linnaea went back outside to retrieve more boxes Isaiah put up on the wall behind the bar where it would be high enough to be seen. He had thought about putting up on the front door but he wasn't about to the stain the glass.

With the poster up he put the tape back where he had gotten it from and then went back outside. Walking to his car he returned to the side of the car and started stacking boxes when he noticed his phone lit up. He grabbed his phone out of the cup holder and saw that he had three notifications. He had gotten a text from Andrew, a guy on the football team who said him and a couple of guys would be there in ten with the kegs. Both the DJ and the bartender had sent separate texts saying that they would be there shortly to start setting up their stations. With more people on the way he figured it was time for him to go throw on something green before he sent the wrong message to the ladies about where he stood on the DTF spectrum. Placing his phone on top of three boxes of variety mixed snacks he headed back into the house. Placing the boxes down in the kitchen he grabbed his phone and went to his room to change his clothes.


"Hey, loves! I took Chad's dad's car and dropped Chad back at the house. He's helping Izzy." Alessandra made a face that both Jasmine and Aaliyah picked up on as she pretended to look through the swimsuits as Shailene went one, "Richard and mom are still on vacation, so I've been staying with him. What do you guys think?" Alessandra looked up from the rack of the swimwear and her eyes fell on the bikini that Shailene held. "Green? What kind of trouble are you looking to get into tonight?" Alessandra asked with a devilish grin. Jasmine chuckled at her sister as she viewed the bikini, "I like it. Aaliyah what do you-" Aaliyah shook her head, "Looks dull. And that's an ugly shade of green." She said answering Jasmine question before she even finished asking it.

Aaliyah didn't say anything after that as she walked away from the group. Alessandra just shrugged shaking her head, "I didn't think it looked bad but-" Aaliyah returned and cut Alessandra's sentence short as she said, "Now this is cute." She had a pink and green bikini in hand, "Don't you guys think?" The step-sisters nodded in unison "That is really pretty. I mean its mostly pink but it still has the green in it, so it works." Alessandra nodded at her sister's words as she looked at Shaliene, "What do you think Shay? You like?" Aaliyah smiled at the positive reviews she got from the girls, "If you'd like you can swap out the top for this one.", she said holding up the second bikini top in her other hand.


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Shailene giggled at Alessandra's expression. She couldn't help herself today. She had been single for nearly six months. Her last stint was with a male model and it was really more of a contractual relationship; she helped him gain more recognition and land an acting role, he made her look good. It was mutually beneficial and while there were no romantic feelings really involved, the companionship had been welcomed. However, that was over and this was her junior year. She would never give it up to just anyone...well, she wouldn't think about that, but she definitely didn't want to not have fun. Sure, she loved trying to set Chad up or mess with Cat and the others when they had crushes. But damn it, it was about time she had a little fun too!

"Wouldn't you like to know," she retorted to Alessandra's inquiry and a brighter smile was just beginning to form on her face because of Jasmine's response when Aaliyah cut in. The queen bee pretty much dashed her hopes to enjoy the bikini, which she actually liked for its simplicity. Everyone knew that Shailene had a pretty gorgeous figure. Hell, it had been on too many magazine covers and in too many other photos not to be admired. She was one of the most sought after cheerleaders at HHS. Even if the bikini had looked bland to Aaliyah, if Shailene actually walked into the party with it - her figure would more than make up for it! However, she smiled just slightly for Aaliyah's pride, remembering that this was her friend and that patience was a virtue. She almost scowled when Aaliyah took it upon herself to find a more 'suitable' bikini.

Yeah, if I was going for desperate prepubescent, she thought in response to Aaliyah's suggestion. The bikini itself wasn't that bad, she knew. It was bright and playful, which would definitely be playing on Shailene's more playful side. But it also was a way of Aaliyah, as if Aaliyah didn't do this on a regular basis to everyone, downplaying Shailene's ability to dress herself and needing to have control over the girls. She's your friend, Shailene reminded herself before smiling thoughtfully, raking her eyes the swimwear in the blond's hands. Besides, these were her girls. She didn't need any drama in their circle.

"I like the first top better. It'll let the girls shine," she replied, grinned conspiratorially and put her selection back in favor of the one in Aaliyah's hands. It could work, she thought. She just needed a good enough cover-up, which had her gesturing at that selection. "What do you guys think I should put over it? And what colors are everyone wearing?"


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Mini Time Skip ...

"You guys do realize that the party official started like two hours ago." Jasmine said sitting on Alessandra's bed scrolling through Instagram on her phone. It was sometime after five and she was still waiting on Alessandra and Aaliyah. When Janice Baggs had ran into her at the Beach Bunny Swimwear store Jasmine had detached herself from the royal girls and went off with her performer friend. As they walked through the mall together Jasmine used her words of persuasion to convince Janice that she had to go to Isaiah's party. Through her persistence she had actually gotten Janice to agreed to go. After which they spent the next hour or so in the mall trying to find an outfit for Janice to wear, which was far from an easy task seeing as most of the stores at the Beverly Center were for the "skinny bitches" as Janice put it. Eventually they had found an outfit that Janice liked and after the purchase was made the two parted ways as they both had to go home to get ready.

When Jasmine had gotten home she found Alessandra and Aaliyah getting ready in Alessandra's room. Like Janice, Shailene had gone home to get ready and seeing as Jasmine had went off with Janice Alessandra needed a ride home. So, Aaliyah had agreed to drive Alessandra back to her place after they went to Aaliyah's place so she could get her outfit for the party. It had taken about forty minutes to get ready. She had put on her yellow and green bikini and over it she wore a yellow Diane Von Furstenberg hanky top, a pair of Paige Demin slim straight-leg jeans and her ancient greek sandals. She wore her silver buckle Givenchy ring on the middle finger of her right hand and she had three different flavored bottles of Cîroc in her bag as a homewarming gift for Isaiah.

"Relax Jas, we're ready." Alessandra said as she and Aaliyah walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready to go. Aaliyah wore a red Azzedine Alaïa diamond cut-out stretch-knit dress with gold bracelet and sandals. Underneath her dress she was wearing a pink, red and white bikini. Alessandra's outfit was a simple one. She hadn't found anything in the mall that she really liked although like with Shailene, Aaliyah had picked out the bikini she would wear from Beach Bunny. When they had went to Aaliyah place to get her clothes she had given Alessandra her Alice McCall lime cupid wed shorts to wear. When Alessandra had gotten home she had put on a white silk shirt and her Oscar Tiye flats.

"Good because it looks like we're missing one hell of a party." Jasmine spoke without looking up from her iPhone screen. Tons of people had shown up to Isaiah's place and were putting pictures up on Instagram. "Isaiah Scott's party is a rager. You don't say?" the sarcasm was clear as day in Alessandra's tone as she shifted her shorts a bit. Aaliyah gave a small chuckle, "Well let's get going then. With Hollywood High's student body all on their way to Izzy's place traffic is gonna be a bitch." The sisters nodded in agreement as they grabbed their belongs and headed out the door.


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Shailene couldn't have gotten out of that mall fast enough. While she could handle Alessandra on a regular basis, if there was one person that tried her patience to the highest degree, it was Aaliyah Lapierre. It wasn't all bad with the blonde queen bee. In fact, Aaliyah had the capacity to be a very good friend. Yes, she could be extra, but so could Honey and Alessandra. And Shailene loved the both of them! However, if there was on person that truly made her upset and was too much for Shailene to handle without wanting to wring their necks, it was Aaliyah. After buying the swimwear her friend/person she envisioned strangling too many times in one week, Shailene headed home to get ready for the party. Which, to be completely honest, she was running a little late for.

After seeing that her things put away and indulging in a small serving of frozen yogurt provided by one of her favorite chefs, Christine, Shailene fled to her room and hopped into the shower. Afterwards, she slicked on her favorite jasmine scented body lotion, with the sunblock properties, and slid on the bikini. She didn't immediately put on clothes and had settled for traipsing around her living quarters in nothing but swimwear. As she applied a carefully minimal amount of eyeliner around her almond-shaped eyes, she wondered about the party Isaiah was throwing. While she was looking forward to it, she also didn't know how she would feel. Being green meant being available and being available meant being susceptible to constant flirting and well, Shailene was not discriminatory when it came to those who showed her interest. As bad as it sounded, she liked the flirty attention. She wasn't a slut, like some people she knew and hadn't seen in a few weeks, but she damn sure wasn't going to pretend that she was opposed to attention, even if it wasn't just from those in their clique. Satisfied with the minamlistic make-up she was wearing (subtle shimmery gold eyeshadow, a light layer of eyeliner, a hint of mascara on her already long lashes, and a faint gloss that brought out the pink of her already plump lips), she put her items away and walked back into her room only to gasp sharply.

"What the bloody hell, Ric?" She hissed after catching her breath, a hand over her heart to calm the organ in the midst of its frantic beating. The male in question looked up from his phone with a very sly smirk on his face; he had just sent his text to Honey and shoved the phone back into his pocket.

To: Honey
Why? Miss me already?

After messing around with Shay's tolerance level and joking around with Chadwick back in Monte Carlo, he had seen his friends off and did a few photo shoots. He didn't have his typical fun while he was there; the last lay he had had was Shailene and well, that only occurred when Chad went off to the gym for that hour and a half. Chuckling about the memory, his attention returned to the brunette. Brown eyes laced with molten honey raked over her svelte form, following the smooth lines of her very gracious curves. Shailene coughed to get his attention back to her eyes.

"Now that you're done leering," she began and stepped further into her bedroom, disliking her friend more and more for the absolutely disgustingly charming smile on his face. "How the hell did you get into my house?" Ric shrugged and lay back, settling himself against the neatly yet haphazardly lined pillows at her headboard. Glowering, Shailene stepped over and snatched her favorite feathery one from beneath him.

"Seems to be an extra sparkle in your bitchiness today, love," he commented lazily, arms folded over his chest. He laughed at her small answering growl. "Charlie let me and he texted you, but you had been in the shower. So, like a gentleman, I waited until I knew you were somewhat decent." Ricardo surprisingly had waited. Any other day, he might have decided to simply wait in her room while she was still in the shower. However, he had seen that Michael had just returned from his own summer vacation and the two began to catch up. Afterwards, they both were headed to the same wing, where both Shay and Michael stayed. Ric had, in his own defense, knocked on the door twice, but in her rummaging through her bathroom, Shay obviously had not heard him so he had let himself in. Not his fault that she wasn't paying attention.

Shailene didn't say anything at first. Instead of offering some sardonic comment to his teasing about her being inattentive or distracted, she observed his outfit, complete with his Versace medallion and watch. It didn't come to her surprise Ric opted to wear green...well, it was green and the other two colors, but green was the focal point of his outfit. What surprised her, however, was the fact that she was not jealous. In fact, she found that she could care less. It was no secret that Shailene could be a jealous individual when it came to people infringing on her territory. It was one of those things that she and Ricardo could actually agree on. And yes, they had been sleeping together, which occurred after he and Aaliyah had broken up. She hadn't been close or even know when Aaliyah well enough when that occurred, so while some might would see that - if they ever found out in the first place - as an infringement against the girl code, she couldn't. Not when the two had barely gotten along at the time and didn't claim each other as friends until some time later. All it proved was that this was definitely not an emotional connection, but a sexual one. Nothing more than that and it wasn't as intense or consuming as she originally thought it was.

"Shouldn't you be with the other jocks or waking up in some model's bed?"

"I'm in yours, aren't I?" Shailene laughed lightly.

"Shut up and let me get dressed, you little shit," she replied. She hurried up and yanked on some lime green skinny jeans along with another pair of Jimmy Choo wedge sandals. Afterwards, she pulled on a simple white top that tied up and revealed her very much yummy flat tummy. Deciding to gather her hair back in a care-free yet elegant mesh at the back of her head so that tendrils still framed her face, Shailene pulled on her Guess watch and bracelet set. She had just been in the middle of jabbing some gold hoops with encrusted pink diamonds in her ears when she heard Ric laugh again.

"Boy Wonder says we are late and better hurry up. Apparently, he's been with Honey this whole time," he said and Shailene laughed.

"Fine, fine. I'm ready." She gave herself one final spritz of her favorite jasmine-scented body spray. Satisfied, Shailene grabbed the car keys from her dresser along with her Mar Jacob sunglasses, and then motioned for Ric. He followed obediently. Situated in their own vehicles, she in Chad's and he in his own, they both headed off to the party with Ric following Shailene. Meanwhile they had both sent their own texts; Ric sent one to both Isaiah and Chadwick about being on his way and taking his thanks from Izzy since he had invited a few models to the party as a housewarming gift. Shailene sent her own to the girls to see if they were on their way as well.

Chadwick was still reeling from the time he spent helping Isaiah, Linnaea, and Honey set up and get organized for the party. While he was used to Honey's antics, her albeit flirty antics, the flush of heat that surged beneath his flesh every time they were alone or in close quarters really set him ill at ease. On one hand, it was flattering having Honey's attentions on him. She was absolutely gorgeous and too many guys at their school had a thing for her. On the other, Chad just wasn't sure if he wanted to pursue anything with her yet. And when the hell did she start calling him 'Big Daddy Chaddy?'

"Of course I missed you, Cat. How could I not?" He had replied earlier, which must have been the right answer, because the way her eyes lit up had him smiling brightly in return.

Shaken from his thoughts by the sound of friends reuniting after probably not having seen each other for twenty-four hours, Chadwick nodded appreciatively at the bartender before accepting a Kamikaze (he partly loved it for the name, and partly because it was a really good drink), and decided to head over to where he saw Linnaea standing. People had been gathering and some were currently splashing about in the pool. Others didn't wait long. They were already flirting while Chad doubted too many could drunk that easily, some were even making out at the moment. Smirking, he tapped his friend on the shoulder.

"Wanna make a bet? How long do you think before the cops come?"


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The girls walked into the party just as the dj started playing Honey's song that echoed throughout the house. Eyes immediately fell on the Queen Bee as serval of her subjects snapped pictures of her standing with Alessandra and Jasmine as the trio walked through Izzy's glass bachelor pad. "Do you guys see Izzy anywhere?" Jasmine shouted over the blaring music to which both girls responded with a shake of their heads. "Well am gonna go see if I can find the host of the night." Jasmine said dismissing herself as she navigate her way through the party house full of drunken teens having the time of their lives.

"Wanna get a drink?" Alessandra turned and whispered in Aaliyah's ear to avoid having to shout. Aaliyah nodded her head as she linked arms with her royal friend. As the two girls walked there way to the bar the party people parted like the red sea. They didn't need to nudge people out of the way or say excuse-mes or anything like that. People knew not to get in their way. As they got to the bar the people who were crowding the bar moved out the way, "Two long island ice teas." Aaliyah whispered into the bartender's ear. Giving her what she expected was his attempt at a seductive smile followed by a wink and an disgusting bottom lip bite the bartender went about making the drinks. Aaliyah couldn't help but roll her eyes in annoyance, As if she thought to herself. As Alessandra and she shared a look the two girls burst out laughing. Some people just didn't know what league they were in. "Here you go beautiful." Aaliyah looked as if she was about to say something that Alessandra assumed wasn't going to be particularly friendly so she quickly accepted the drinks on Aaliyah's behalf. "Let's go outside." She yelled over the music as she motioned to the glass door that led outside.

Taking the drink from Alessandra Aaliyah lead the way outside to the backyard. "Move.", she spoke commanding two girls that were occupying the couch by the outside entertainment area to go. They had first looked like they were about to say something until the realized just who it was who had spoken. Saying nothing they got up and left the couch to the two royal girls who happily planted themselves on the couch. "So, has any of the guys caught your eye?" Aaliyah asked as she herself scoped out the scene as she took a long sip of her beverage. "Nope." Alessandra said simply kicking her feet up on the foot rest that was outside. "Your not even looking." Aaliyah said looking at her with a scowl on her face. "What! Am wearing green. If any guy here has the balls to -" Alessandra fell silent as Christian plopped himself down between the two girls. Christian was a jock. A very hot jock. He didn't play any of the big three sports but he was the captain of the track team and also did wrestling during the winter season.

"You ladies enjoy the party?" he asked attempting to start up conversation. Aaliyah wasn't here for the small talk. She was here to get one of nearest and dearest over an ex who in her personal opinion had spent more than enough time on. "Chris your wearing green. Allie's wearing green. How about we skip the foreplay and you just take her dance or something." It may have sounded like a suggestion but they all knew it wasn't one. "How bout it?" Christian asked looking at Alessandra who truefully didn't really have a choice or a say in the matter. "What the hell.", she said as she gulped down her drink and got up as Christian led her back into the house to dance. Aaliyah couldn't help but smile as her girlfriend was led away. Deciding that now was as good of time as any to go and mingle she got up off the couch and went to interact with Isaiah's party guest.


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When she and Ric had finally managed to get to Isaiah's house, Jasmine Villegas' new song was being blasted from wherever the DJ booth was. A small proud smile flitted across Shay's face when she heard it and immediately, she was rocking against Ric, though definitely in a platonic way since they were walking side by side. He only grinned. Immediately, when the two stepped into the home, flashing lights were the first thing that greeted her followed by the sound of drunken whisperings and the faintest hint of someone splashing in a pool. Luckily, Shailene still had her shades on and at this point, refused to take them off if people were going to be snapping pictures. Chuckling, Ric removed his own and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, leading the way into the house.

"You would think that with all the flashing lights of Hollywood that you'd be used to the royal treatment," he said into her ear since the music was loud enough to drown out most conversation. Shailene almost didn't even catch it since she was looking for friends, but when she did, she smirked.

"Fuck you," she yelled, not even bothering to speak closely. They were close enough as it was. Luckily for them, no one stood in their way. In fact, they knew better than that. The two made their way through the house, joking amongst themselves about the lustful antics of people who obviously could not wait to get to a bedroom. Ric didn't pride himself on judging people for embracing their sexuality and neither did Shailene, but they both would rather have that in private settings. When you're close to stripping each other, it was time to go. Once the two made it outside, Ric's eyes fell on a very familiar blonde.

"I'll leave you to find Boy Wonder. Got a Queen to pay my respects to." Shay rolled her eyes at the thought and while some part of her would have wanted to at least say that she greeted Aaliyah at the party, she wasn't in the mood. She didn't even look in the direction her friend's eyes were in. If anything, she wanted Alessandra or Honey to be with her before she saw Aaliyah, not because she was afraid of her, but because of how her tolerance level could be when the two of them were alone. She just nodded and slid out from under his arm, deciding then to go back inside where she saw the bar. Smirking at a few females who were busy whispering to one another and admiring his physique, Ric made his way over to Aaliyah, eyes running over her rather svelte form before meeting the stunning blue shade of her eyes. "And so the Queen of Beauty and Grace actually decided to grace her lowly subjects with her presence. Not that I'm too surprised. Enjoying yourself yet?" Just like Aaliyah, Ric had never been in to small talk unless he knew he was getting laid afterwards. But after having dated her and being in the same social circle, he couldn't not at least acknowledge Aaliyah's presence. It was disrespectful to what friendship they did have and the fact that they had known each other for a long time.

Meanwhile, Shailene finally received her Sex on the Beach and was currently sipping the drink while she ran her eyes over a few of the party guests. She had seen Chad talking it up with Linnaea and while she wanted to see her friend, Shailene was always down for a drink first. She had texted him about looking delicious, to which he replied with a blank faced emoticon that had her cracking up. Like always, Izzy's party was a hit and she was surprised that she didn't see the host himself at the moment. Just as she was about to go look for one of her friends, someone squealed and practically toppled over her as they wrapped their arms around her waist.

"OMG, Lexie!" She screamed in response to her fellow devil girl and the redhead, already partly tipsy and just a very enthusiastic indviudla to begin with grinned. "I know, I haven't seen you all summer! Other than your Instagram pics, which were abso-fuckin'-lutely fabulous! And OMG, you wore your hair natural!" Lexie seemed to put on a rather perturbed expression because before she knew it, Shay's hair was tumbling down her back in those same luscious curls and Lexie fluffed them to life. "Much hotter! Now, come on and dance with us!" Shailene laughed and while trying to keep her grip on her glass, she followed her friend to the other devil girls who greeted her just as enthusiastically. Another more popular song started playing and Shailene looked up to see Honey walking and immediately called to her, "Honey! Get off your phone and come dance with me!" She didn't care if the blonde had just finished dancing, not that she knew that. Honey spent too much time on her phone anyway. And besides, she wanted some time with her friend before she was abandoned in favor of the queen bee.


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Tipping her head back Jasmine sucked up the Piña Colada flavored yellow jello-shot. Hmm. She loved jello shots. "Hey rad party right?" "Oh my god! You came! I was starting to think you weren't gonna come." Jasmine said as she embraced Janice in a quick hug. She was genuine surprised that Janice had come. Although she was the one who had convinced to show up as the hours had passed by she had become less and less hopeful that her performer friend would actually attended the party. "God I love those Devil Girls." Isaiah said as he suddenly appeared slinging on of his arms around Jasmine's shoulder he took a Melon Fusion flavored green jello shot. "What did I say about touching me!", Jasmine said swatting Isaiah's arm off of her, "Not until you shower. With soap. Lots and lots of soap." Isaiah chuckled as he finally took notice of the big girl standing on the other side of Jasmine. "Izzy this is my friend Janice. Janice this is Izzy." Jasmine said making quick introductions between her two friends. She knew that they had probably both seen each other one or twice but she wasn't sure if they had ever had a proper conversation or done as much as exchange names.

"Who's the scruffy looking dude?" Aaliyah said as she joined the small group. She hadn't put her dress back on yet so she was waltzing around the party in nothing but her bikini, not to anyones complaints. When she had first gotten out of the pool she had used a towel to towel dry her hair the best she could although it still dripped at bit at the ends. The towel she had used was wrapped around her slender waist and she had gotten her sandals back from Brianna. Isaiah and Jasmine followed Aaliyah's precious blues to where Sienna stood with apparently flirting with some unknown stranger who looked like he could be in late twenties. "I don't know him." "Me neither." As they looked back at Aaliyah they could still that her gaze was still deadlocked on her ex-best friend and whoever the hell it was she was talking to. "Well whoever he is ... he's irrelevant. Just like her. Match made in heaven, I guess." Aaliyah said as her eyes flicked onto the people in the small circle. "Who's this?" Aaliyah said taking notice of Janice. "Jas friend. Janice." Aaliyah gave a slow nod. "I'm a go look for Allie. If am lucky I won't be able to find her which would mean she and Christian are having a rather good time." With a deviously grin directed at Isaiah who just rolled his eyes in response Aaliyah left the good as quickly as she had joined. "I'm go to see if I Chad or Ric. I haven't seen Ric all day and Chad since the party goers started showing up." Isaiah said leaving Jasmine with Janice. As the two popular kids left only the performers remained. "You wanna dance?" Jasmine asked looking at Janice.


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"Do I have hickey?" Alessandra asked trying to get a good view of the mark on her neck with the hand mirror in her right hand. "Yes. Yes, you do. And mama's very proud." Aaliyah said sitting down at the end of the lounge chair that Alessandra was sitting in. "I didn't fuck him you know." Alessandra spoke dryly as the mirror clamped shut in her hand. "Good! I didn't push on Christian in the hopes that you'd spread your legs open. I just wanted you to have a good time. And realize that there are more guys ... possibly better guys than Izzy in the world." Say what you will about Aaliyah Lapierre but regardless of the what the naysayers and rumors had to say she did give a damn about those who she cared for. Did she always go about things in the right way? Absolutely not. If she did she and Sienna would most likely still be tight to this day. However, in spite of her sometimes twisted way of going about things she always had her reasons and were Alessandra was considered her reasoning was justified. At least in her head it was. "After this year am gone Allie. Where to? I can't be certain just yet but I sure as hell won't be going back to Hollywood High. I just want to be sure that your going to be okay." It was rare for Aaliyah to truly open up and let down her guard, however, in this case she was opening up to Alessandra. And she trusted Alessandra. A lot more than most.

"Let's go back inside." Alessandra could tell that Aaliyah was being sincere in her words and coming from the Queen Bee herself meant more than Aaliyah would ever know. Neither girl was much for the mushy mushy stuff so when Alessandra changed the topic and asked to head back in, as much as Aaliyah didn't feel like seeing Sienna face yet again she decided to go back in anyway. "Let's do it." Getting to their feet the girls straightened out their dresses; Aaliyah had slipped hers back on after running back into Brianna while she was in search of Alessandra. When they walked back into the party house the royal girls eyes immediately fell on Jasmine who was giggling as she watched that friend of hers do some wack ass looking dance move. "Theres a reason I don't typically go to parties involving just anybodies." Alessandra chuckled as she looked around the place. As her eyes found Linnaea and Chadwick standing together in the midst of all the party folk she tapped Aaliyah's shoulder and then pointed to the two, "Come on." Aaliyah nodded as the two walked across the dance floor over to their two friends.

Outside, Isaiah was happy to finally run into one of his boys. "Yo, Izzy! Don't tell me you just missed me mop the floor with this dumbass! Where the hell have you been anyway?" "Sorry to say I did and if you hadn't noticed I've been busy hosting a party. A pretty epic party if you'd ask me." Isaiah couldn't help but stroke his own ego. Say whatever you'd like about him but the one thing no one could deny is that he always threw a killer ass party. That and when it came to sports the man was a god ... or in the very least god-like. "Am kind of surprised to see you out here. Figure Ricky Ric be up to something else in one of the spare bedrooms by this time of the night." It was probably around ten or eleven at this point, which meant school was just a few mere hours until the first day of school. Isaiah wasn't gonna think about that right now thought as he was very much still in party mode.

Back out on the dance floor Jasmine couldn't help but burst into a fit of giggles as Janice busted out her Mick Jagger Chicken move. "Okay see now this is why I love you! You just give zero fucks and I love that!" Jasmine screamed out over the music as she continued to dance around with Janice. "You got any other dance moves you wanna whip out before the Devil Girls come back out here and try to show you up?"


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Shailene was still grinning and clinging to Chadwick, waiting for Linnaea to tell her a little more about her summer. Now that she was away from the haziness of the wild cheerleaders, a little sobriety was hitting her and she noticed the offness of her blonde friend. However, unlike Chad, she wouldn't question it, not here and not now. Shay waited for a more private setting and time, when they were alone together and without the company of people who didn't know Linn well enough to know when something was wrong. Just as she was about to steer the conversation in a new direction, she saw her best friend and Aaliyah.

"My bestest friend in the whole wide world!" She exclaimed with a bright smile and hurried to link arms with Alessandra, giggling a little and accidentally leaning against her a bit out of being tipsy. Chad shook his head idly and smirked at the newly arrived girls.

"The Devil Girls were doing shots," he explained and Shailene made a very indignant noise. A moment ago, she would have used Alessandra for the full brunt of her weight, which wasn't a bad thing considering how easy it was to genuinely lift her. "I only had thiiiiisss much." Shay said as an explanation, gesturing between the small space between her thumb and forefinger. Suddenly a memory hit her, and Shay smiled at Aaliyah. "Ooooh, Leah! You missed it! All the Devil Girls were dancing! Sia made a really really good dance routine. We should use it! And you two should talk. She's awesome!" Of course, at this point, despite the slight sobriety, Shailene was still tipsy and could not for the life of her remember why Aaliyah couldn't get along with Sienna. It was ridiculous, in her head, and Chad didn't bother to turn the convo away from the queen's former friend. Despite the amusement on his countenance for his friend's antics, he was slightly curious what Aaliyah's reaction would be.

Sienna grinned triumphantly when she felt Erik move closer to her and her hips continued their teasingly seductive dance, her own body trying to close in the space between their two bodies. And what a body he did have! It was solid and warm behind her, and she could feel it seeping through the very thin and see-through material of her slip-on. Rocking against Erik, Sienna chuckled at his words before responding, "If you're still thinking about any other girl, I'm obviously doing something wrong." She replied on a laugh, though some part of her made the moves more seductive, leaving very little - if there was any to begin with - space between their bodies. She wanted to be the only thing on his mind right now and possibly, for the rest of the night. With that thought in mind, Sienna whirled around to face Erik, a light sheen on her porcelain skin and her hands looped at the back of his neck.

"You know, for a guy who can't dance, you - " Before she could finish, Christian came over and grasped her shoulder in his large hand. Rolling her forest green eyes, Sienna turned to him a sharp glare. "What?" Christian gestured back to the glass doors that led to the pool. "It's a fight. It's Ric." Siena didn't need an explanation and she didn't stop to explain to Erik either. Her best friend needed her and before she knew it, someone else was yelling, "Fiiiiiiigggghhhttt!!!" Sienna and Christian shoved their way outside through the crowd just in time to see Jackson Teller tackle Ric into the pool.

"Ricky!" She screamed and tried to run over, but someone had a tight grip on her waist and had her practically hoisted up in the air to keep her from getting involved. A few athletes, Chadwick included, jumped in to break up the fight and she faintly heard police sirens from afar.


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"Trust me, I always get mine, my friend, and from the looks of things," he said and gestured to a very delicious looking Angelina. " will you." Smirking, Ric nodded to Angelina and Isaiah's head turned in the direction of the devilish angel. There was an inviting smile spread across her face and with the glow of the moon hitting her just right she really looked like a real angel. Ricardo departed making a beeline to a group of girls that were situated by some of the lounge chairs. Isaiah was just about to move in on Angelina when a slender arm found itself dropped around his neck, "Hey hottie," Honey spoke as her body leaned into him. He couldn't tell if it was because she was being her useful flirty self or if she had had just is tad bit too much to drink. Regardless, he didn't complain as she raised her glass in a mocked honor of their king, "Your Highness."

"Where are my girls?", she asked before planting her soft lips on his cheek with a wicked grin, "I should probably find them before Aaliyah spazzes on you for tempting me." Isaiah let out a laugh as him and Honey parted ways. He hadn't noticed when Jackson had grab Honey as he sights where focused on Angelina. "If it isn't my favorite wild thing! I haven't seen you all night. Don't tell me you've been avoiding me.", he tone was somewhere in-between being friendly and flirty. Isaiah and Angelina weren't as close as the had to the potential to be because like in most cases no one wanted to have any real drama with Alessandra. With the double A team of Alessandra and Aaliyah creating some kind of fortress around him the majority of the girls keep their distance. They would look but never touch. If Isaiah was actually looking for some kind of relationship at the moment he would probably be somewhat annoyed by this but he still managed to have fun here and there so he wasn't about to stir the pot with Double A.

Oblivious to all the drama going on outside Jasmine was still having a blast with Janice. She was so happy that she had convinced Janice to come out tonight. Jasmine spent a lot of time with Listers because she had befriend a lot of Alessandra's friends. While she did like the popular kids she enjoyed spending time with her fellow Virtuosi. "IT SURE IS! HERE ARE SOME OF MY SIGNATURE MOVES!" As Janice broke out more of her dance moves Jasmine dance with her not caring about who was looking or what people had to say. She was having fun. Janice was having fun. Nothing else mattered but the fun.

Off the dance floor Alessandra was somewhat taken back and amused as a tipsy Shailene approached her linking their arms together. "My bestest friend in the whole wide world!" Alessandra muffled her giggle as she looked at Chadwick with a raised brow, "The Devil Girls were doing shots," he explained. "Riiight.", Alessandra said with a slow nod as Shailene made a sound that Alessandra took as annoyance. "I only had thiiiiisss much." Shay said as an explanation, gesturing between the small space between her thumb and forefinger. "If that's the case your one hell of a light weight." Alessandra said jokingly as she continued to bare most of Shailene's weight on her. "Ooooh, Leah! You missed it! All the Devil Girls were dancing! Sia made a really really good dance routine. We should use it! And you two should talk. She's awesome!" Aaliyah who was busy looking through her twitter and Instagram on her phone replied dryly to Shailene's words saying, "And you really need to sober the hell up. No one likes a messy drunk." Alessandra gave Aaliyah a look that Aaliyah didn't catch as she never took her eyes off the screen of the phone.

Back outside Isaiah was caught up in Angelina's beauty when he heard voices shouting his name, "Izzy! Izzy! ISAIAH LOOK!" Turning around from Angelina to see what all the commotion was about he caught the King of HHS and Jackson Teller heading straight into his swimming pool. The people who were already in the pool yelled and splashed about as they made there way out of the pool to avoid the two dudes fighting in it. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Isaiah said throwing his hand in the air. How in the hell Ricardo went from flirting with a couple of cute girls on the lounge chairs to fighting in his damn pool he didn't know but he sure as hell wasn't happy about it. A storm of people came rushing out from inside to what the fight. Several of the jocks along with Chadwick hopped into the pool to try and breakup the fight. Just when things couldn't get bad enough, sirens could be heard in the distance. Who the fuck called the cops he thought to himself as he left Angelina and ran inside to start shutting down the party.

Fortunately for him he found a bunch of his guys still at the bar as they weren't really all that interested in a house party fight. "COPS ARE COMING!!", Isaiah said as he ran up to the bar. "Thomas tell the DJ to cut the music and then gather up the kegs and start moving that shit out of here. Austin and Nick this party is official over! So, start spreading the word and get all these fuckers up out of here. Inside and outside." The guys all went to work. This was far from the first party Isaiah had ever thrown and depending on what officers showed up things would either turn out bad or really damn bad. As the music was suddenly cut the party people who were still dancing groaned and shouted at the dj. The announce went out that the party was over and that everyone had to get the fuck out. "Unless you wanna be behind bars for serving drinks to underage teenagers you should probably get up out of here." Isaiah said looking at the bartender who nodded and began collecting his stuff.

"What the hell?!" Jasmine said as she ran up to Isaiah. "Ric's out there fighting. Cops is coming. It's like one something in the morning and the party is over." Jasmine nodded as with the music now shut down she could hear sirens in the distance. Looking over to where Alessandra stood with Aaliyah and an intoxicated Shailene she could see Alessandra on the phone, most likely calling their driver who they had waiting all night on standby down the block. "If you need me bail money I'm your first call. You got it?" Isaiah smiled as he pulled Jasmine in for a quick hug, Luv ya Jas. I'll be seeing tomorrow at school." With that Jasmine ran over to Janice. "Cops are coming. You can ride with me and my sister but if your coming we gotta go now." "Jas! Come on! The coach is waiting out front." Alessandra called from behind Jasmine. Chadwick had ran outside and she wasn't about to leave Shailene by herself for the cops to arrest. With Aaliyah's help she walked Shailene outside and put her in the van.