Himeko Katsukawa

don't know the actual meaning of maturity, but to me maturity is when a person hurts you and you try to understand their situation, rather than hurting them back.. (Voice added!)

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Himeko Katsukawa

Hime, Meka

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Koko Kaga






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Bright / Compassionate / Emotional / Energetic / Generous / Loyal / Warmhearted

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Cowardly / Foolish / Gullible / Inconsistent / Overemotional / Stubborn / Weak-willed

Himeko is a very kind girl and tries to see the best in everyone. She is compassionate and driven, always going out of her way to help those in need. She is a generous soul, and is always willing to give to others. She has a bright outlook on life and is very optimistic. She has been hurt in the past, but she doesn't blame anyone involved, Imagenot even the girls who made her feel too humiliated to leave her own house. At times she can be emotional, and sometimes it becomes a problem, but other times she is able to connect to others very well because she tries to understand their struggle and can sympathize with those around her. She is a very forgiving person, some would say to a fault. She finds it hard to hold grudges against those around her, because she often tries to put herself in their shoes, and ultimately she let's bygones be bygones. Although her past experiences have left her emotionally scarred, she is a loyal friend. She is very supportive and would never do anything to intentionally harm those she cares about. She can be a bit cowardly at times, seeing as she is easily scared, and very gullible. She is somewhat foolish, and struggles with school a great deal. She is a stubborn girl, and does not shake from her morals, but she Imageis also weak-willed. Himeko doesn't fight for what she wants, only for what she believes in.

● Himeko hates the quiet pauses that take place in conversations, finding them to be awkward and hard to handle. She will often keep talking rather than allow a pause, which often times results in her saying something she shouldn't.

● She believes in ghosts, demonic possession, and all sorts of hocus pocus. She is easily frightened due to this, and regardless of how many times someone tries to assure her, she does not change her beliefs.

● It is counterintuitive, but Himeko watches horror movies often, Imagedespite being unable to sleep afterwards. She enjoys the movies, but they also scare her out of her wits and she becomes to paranoid to sleep.

● She just so happens to be lactose intolerant, meaning Himeko cannot eat ice cream, drink milk, etc.


She was a cheerleader before her mother got sick, and now that she's returning to her old hometown and her mother's health is considerably better, Himeko plans to try out for the squad again. She was co-captain of the squad in Junior High, but she dropped everything and switched schools after being taunted by other girls over her confession. She wants to make her old hobbies Image
matter again, and regain her old friends, or make new friends on the team if she must. Though she does hope that no one remembers her as the girl who was publicly denied in Junior high, she doubts she'd be that lucky, especially where she was so good at cheerleading.

Hanging out
She has always been a social person, and loves to hang out with friends. She hasn't been able to do a lot of that, but now that her mother is doing better she can do a lot of things she used to be to busy to do... besides, she wants to stay out of Ren's hair as much as she can, seeing as Ren was taking care of the huge emotional mess she was back then and taking care of their sickly mother as well... It took Himeko months to begin her fair share, so she Imagewants to start living her life again to show Ren he doesn't have to take care of her anymore and hanging out, making friends, that's the only way to do it.


Talking about the past
Whether it's about the refusal of her feelings or her mother's illness, Himeko does not enjoy reminiscing on the past. She avoids conversations that reflect back to that time the best she can and is not beyond walking out on someone who brings up those years if they refuse to drop the subject. She doesn't see the point in looking back on the past, because it only causes people pain.. She feels she has moved on and is healing, so it angers her that people would reopen the wound so carelessly.Image

Due to the fact she's shut herself away from guys, Himeko has grown to detest flirting, and does not partake in it. She grows irritated when guys flirt with her, but does her best to be kind, so long as they keep their hands to themselves. She thinks poorly of men who flirt for the fun of it, and doesn't like to share their company because she feels it is rather promiscuous for someone to flirt with people whom they do not intend to court or form a relationship with.

★ Event planning

★ GymnasticsImage

★ Art


She has experienced panic attacks ever since childhood. She is always afraid of experiencing her next attack due to the chest pain and helplessness involved. Her anxiety is rather severe, but usually she can calm herself down if she is given a paper bag to breath in. Regardless of having the condition mostly under control, it is still a terrifying experience and it is quite painful.

ImageEver since she confessed that she liked the eldest Kitomura sibling and was turned down, she has been afraid to get close to guys in fear of rejection. She hesitates to become friends with guys and is very much against being touched by one in any context. She doesn't blame him, but she also doesn't feel the need to try again because she's terrified of what it might bring. She often has a violent reaction despite her generally kind nature.

She has always had a fear of heights. She does not like going anywhere above the third floor of a building, and she refuses to go on rooftops of buildings, period. She doesn't like hiking, because it usually involves cliffs and mountains, which is just as bad as being in a tall building, or worse.



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Ryou Katsukawa

Kyoko Katsukawa

Ren Katsukawa


Himeko was born the youngest child to a rather wealthy family. She is the only daughter in the Katsukawa bloodline and has one older brother. Himeko was an energetic and sweet young girl as a child, very artistic and very bold. She has retained a lot of her personality, but after being Imageturned down by the eldest Kitomura son, she had a rough patch. She was being taunted by girls at school, and subsequently she chose to finish Junior High elsewhere. When Himeko was twelve years old her mother, Kyoko Katsukawa fell ill rather suddenly. Her father Ryou paid for the best doctors in Japan, yet not a single theory resulted from the numerous tests. None of the doctors had a clue as to what caused her illness, nor did they know how to treat it. It was assumed that Kyoko would die before the year was through. Though against all odds, Kyoko's fever broke, and she survived. Her recovery was slow, but little by little Kyoko became able to return to tasks she once enjoyed, like cooking for example. Her condition however has not improved in some time, and her health is still rather fragile. Kyoko cannot do strenuous work such carrying Imagelaundry or even taking the garbage out without risking falling back into her illness. In their father's absence, Ren and his sister Himeko took on certain household responsibilities that Kyoko had been medically deemed unable to do. Ryou, Himeko's father, is a very busy businessman so all of the 'man of the house' authority fell onto Ren's shoulders while he was alive. He was the one who had to make sure his sister didn't get in trouble or get caught up with the wrong guys, but that never happened anyway. She learnt her lesson and hasn't wanted to be in a relationship since she confessed. She holds no ill feelings against Kurou, but Ren did. She is now a freshman in high school, finally returning to her hometown although her brother Ren died a few years ago. His death was mysterious, and they finally had to move back home, because they couldn't deal with living in the town he died in any longer. She is optimistic, but part of her also worries that some people might remember her.

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Speech Color = Navy

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So begins...

Himeko Katsukawa's Story


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Himeko sighed a bit as she looked in the fridge and noticed that she needed to go shopping. She looked in her father's wallet and grabbed a few bills, which would normally be taboo, but not in this family. Her dad worked a lot, so Himeko had to pay all the bills and do all of the shopping. Her mother was too ill to do the errands, so the responsibility fell on Himeko.

The strawberry blonde slipped on her converse, brushing her hair in front of the living room mirror. She put the brush down and ran out the door.

She walked the streets, keeping to herself. Himeko wasn't a very social person unless she was in the company of her friends. She hated boys, mostly because thanks to Kurou Kitomura she had to move schools. Her brother died after the move, thus her dreaded return to the school that ridiculed and bullied her constantly after she was denied.

She jammed her hands into her royal blue Abercrombie hoodie, sighing to herself. Finally the grocery store was in sight, and she ran ahead. She picked up a gallon of milk for her parents and a few other items for dinner, treating herself to a cup of coffee since she was lactose intolerant and thus wouldn't be able to drink the milk. She paid the cashier and hurried out the door, turning the corner to begin her way down the first block that led to her house.

She was about to break into a sprint, but found herself walking straight into something hard that caused her to spill all of her coffee out on herself and whatever she hit, "O-ouch! Hot!"

She fell backwards due to the impact and dropped her bags of groceries as a result. When she fell, she looked up only to realize that she bumped into someone instead of something. In fact, she bumped into a very tall and gorgeous male. He had silver hair and piercing eyes that kind of gave her the chills. His face was familiar, but she wasn't sure why. She knew for a fact that she'd never met him before.. He's.. Intimidating..

Immediately Himeko pushed herself back onto her feet and brushed herself off, apologizing to the stranger, "Gomenasai. I guess the streets here are a bit different than I remember." She laughed in an anxious attempt to make amends.

She finally noticed the coffee on his clothes and felt a sudden pang of guilt, then offered him her handkerchief so he could wipe off his clothes, at least a little. She didn't use it herself, because she was just going home and her clothes were no where near as expensive as his! She had no idea where this guy was going, but she felt bad considering she possibly ruined his clothes permanently, "I will pay you back if those are ruined, even if I have to work the money off!" She exclaimed, bowing in shame. She was still eating herself up inside about it, realizing how angry she would have been if she had been in his shoes.

"Are you alright? Did the coffee burn you at all?" she asked with a concerned tone, unaware that the two of them were being spied on the entire time. A certain paparazzi was hidden, still snapping shots of the duo as she spoke. Sure, the white haired stranger was a guy, so she automatically felt a sense of resentment towards him, but he wasn't hitting on her at the moment so he was still eligible for her concern.


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"They say that there are certain encounters that would define both our past and our future. It always happen, it's just that you're not aware of it until it had already ended."
|| Current Location ✦ City Streets ||
|| [ ThemeHot Mess] ||

It was a very tiring day for a certain top male model named EDGE. His fashion show had just ended and of course, it was a success. He was even given great accolades for his style and presence on the runaway. This was a great boost as he was modelling for a very prominent fashion label which was Gucci. It wasn't surprising even if he was practically a newcomer to the fashion scene. Actually, he is still in his first year of modelling. This is because many of the products he had endorsed gained such fame and were always sold out. He had also walked the runaways and make sure it sizzles when he's on it. Actually, there had even been offers from international modelling agency which could expand his career on a global scale. This would be a great opportunity but, he rejected it, stating that he has yet to gain a status that he is satisfied with in his own country, Japan.

The actual reason for this is that he didn't want to be in a place far away from his light who the public commonly knows as Ichigo Fuwa. But, he knows him more as Yukito Kitomura. It's helpful that he is the son of the Talent Agency's President that the young Pop Icon is enlisted in. It allows him to have certain private information to be declassified. Speaking of which, he had requested to attend a certain school which was at first a surprise to his father. He had already stopped going since all of them gave up on him. He was an absentee student and a scary delinquent to boot. It was because of that history of his that he earned the nickname the Silver Monster. But, that was in the past. Now, he just opted not to attend one since, it would get in the way of his work and all. But, he changed his mind ever since the last conversation that he and Yukito had the other day.

Anyways, his father agreed and his transfer is good as complete. All he has to do is go to school on its first day. That won't be a problem, he has his primary motivation in life attending it. For now, he focused himself on avoiding attending the after party of the fashion show. The owner of the Gucci label was inviting him along the other models, but he suavely declined, stating that he has a very important promise to keep. This was of course a lie and the only appointment he has would be with his bed. He was tired from all the activities he had for one day. He left the party and made a slip from the awaiting car sent by the agency. It had been stated by his father that he'll be picked up by the agency's car wherever he is, but it doesn't mean he would not escape that routine sometimes. This was one of those times.

He mixed with the large crowd leaving the building where the fashion show was held. He did well to cover his hair with a cap and wore an over-sized coat to hide his built, but he didn't expect that his disguise would not work on the keen eye of a certain paparazzi who followed behind him. His reason for not using the car was that he simply wanted a moment to clear his head. There were still things he wanted to think about and he couldn't do that while riding the car. The breeze was also a welcome to him. It seemed that he finds comfort in the streets more than anything else. When he was sure that he was a distance from the agency's car. He removed the coat and the cap, showcasing a rather expensive looking clothes. Well, they are. It didn't strike him odd if people would recognize him. That's because he's a model not an entertainer, so his exposure are only on limited media. But, he underestimated his popularity however...

Thinking about it, he saw from the distance a grocery store. He could buy some snacks to have later when he gets back to his apartment. With that line of thinking, he went towards the store and was caught by surprised as he turned around the corner and something or more appropriately, someone came out, colliding with him. It was not enough to make him falter or miss a step. Instead, he remained unmoved from his position, but somehow felt a hot sensation seeping through his clothes. He looked at it and noticed a brown stained forming at the area around his stomach. He could judged by the temperature and the scent, that it was coffee.

He only remembered the someone who bumped him when he heard someone apologizing. He looked at that person and saw it to be a girl. She was pretty that he won't deny, but it wasn't something he would get excited on. He had seen many beautiful people and really, he only had one person now in mind. She then offered her handkerchief to him, but he didn't take it immediately as he was still listening to what she was saying. She was quite talkative, earnest, and was quite a busybody from what he is seeing. It was just coffee and it was hot, but he didn't think he was burned from it. "Don't worry about it." He finally spoke as he lifted his shirt a bit which showed his very fit stomach with a remarkable show of abs, just around that portion of course. The skin held a light red tint, but nothing that won't go away in a few minutes. "See. I'm fine. You don't have to pay me." It was to show her that she shouldn't worry about him being burned as he returned his covered his stomach again.

His eyes of beautiful purple found the discarded grocery bags as he grabbed hold of it. "Here." He handed the grocery bags to her while looking at her clothes. "You're more of the victim than me. Sorry." He then took the offered handkerchief but not to wipe himself, instead he placed it on her hand, which was redder than his stomach. "Put some ice on it. It would be bad if it scars you." That small gesture appearing intimate at a distance was caught by the paparazzi who was smiling with pure happiness. It was his lucky day. As for EDGE, he pulled back unaware of the topic which would be headlining tomorrow. "Watch where you are going next time. Bye." His words never once held any apprehension. It was calm and oddly casual as he walked passed her without another look.

At that moment, all he could think about was what snacks he should buy at the grocery store.


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"Don't worry about it."

She called out in a embarrassed tone, her voice squeaking from her initial shock. It had been a long time since she'd seen a boy's abs other than her late brother's, but even her brother Ren had been dead for several months, "I-It's strange to just flash a stranger!" She snapped, a dark blush on her face, covering her eyes with one hand. What was this guy, some kind of pervert?!

"See. I'm fine. You don't have to pay me."

"I noticed.. so did half the block.. Are you sure you about the money?" She replied in a distant tone, biting the inside of her cheek, peeking between her fingers to see if it was safe to look. Once she saw his shirt returned to it's proper place, she lowered her hand, "Thank god.. That coffee was fresh. It could have burnt you really bad." She stated, her hand on her chest now as she let out a sigh of relief, glad that the stranger was alright. The last thing she needed was to deal with an angry pedestrian. She was further surprised when he picked up her groceries, and she tensed in humiliation. She totally forgot about the groceries due to the accident!


"You didn't have to do that, Arigato!" Himeko stated in an awkward manner. She didn't really feel comfortable talking to a guy, especially one that was so comfortable flashing his abs around.. but she did spill her coffee on him, she was the villain in this saga.

"You're more of the victim than me. Sorry."

Himeko flinched when the handkerchief touched her reddened skin, a faint and muffled hiss escaping her lips. She wasn't even aware that she was hurt. She knew that she spilled it on her coffee, but she was so worried about the silver haired stranger that she didn't even feel her own burn until he brought it to her attention.

"I didn't realize I was.. I ran into you, I did this to myself." She stated in a matter-of-fact tone, taking full responsibility for her actions. Himeko hated being at fault, but she hated irresponsible individuals more.

"Put some ice on it. It would be bad if it scars you."

"I'll do that if I can find some at the house.." She then looked to the milk in her grocery bag, then back up to the silver haired stranger. She wanted to leave now, mostly because in the end, despite being polite, he was still a man. She had bad luck with men, and grew to detest them. The guys she liked never seemed to like her, and she was constantly harassed by creeps. It was annoying, and she grew to dislike men in general, despite being physically attracted to men alone. She was equally unaware that she would have her fifteen minutes of fame, but tomorrow, all hell would break loose.

"Watch where you are going next time. Bye."

Despite the lack of judgement in his tone, the words still rubbed her the wrong way.. Though she held her tongue and waved, "Bye-bye." And she ran off in the opposite direction. She didn't even care that she had coffee on her favorite hoodie, she was too concerned with the stranger she met. He was exceptionally good looking, which was rare for this part of town. How old was he..? Immediately she stopped in the middle of the sidewalk before she got to her house, her face exploding into a blush. What if he was some kind of adult who was trying to seduce her?! He did pull his shirt up.. and he looked older than her..

Himeko managed to make her way to the house, putting away the groceries in a daze before she remembered that he told her to put ice on her hand, "What does he care if my hand scars or not..?" She asked herself, only to be overheard by the last person she wanted to eavesdrop, well, aside from her father. Make that second to last!

"My Himeko is talking about a boy? What is his name? How old is he? Have I met him?" She began bombarding her daughter with questions, retrieving ice for her daughter's burnt hand. She pressed the ice to the burn, waiting for answers. It wasn't often that she heard her daughter speak about guys, at all. She wished to be as involved as possible, hoping to live vicariously through Himeko's experiences.

"No! ..I mean, well.. he is a boy..." She trailed off, a blush creeping it's way back across her cheeks. She turned her gaze away, shaking her head, "I don't know his name or his age... I doubt it.. It's not like that!! I don't want a boyfriend, so don't turn this into something it isn't!" She snapped in desperation. She really wished that her mother would simply accept that she didn't want to put herself in harm's way anymore.

"You don't have to have a boyfriend to have a little fun, sweetie." Her frail mother winked at her, and that was the end of the conversation as far as Himeko was concerned.

"We're done. Gross, mom." Himeko hissed out in disgust. Her nose was crinkled as she strutted to the bathroom, stripping as she made her way through the house. She ran some warm water and took a long bubble bath. She soaked for what felt like forever as she thought about her first day at Aiyazaki High tomorrow, cheerleading, and what her mother said.

Himeko swirled the bubbles around with her index finger, sighing to herself. She relaxed in the water, leaning back until she was staring at the ceiling, "Guys only chew up your heart and spit it back out in the end.." She muttered, blowing away any bubbles that dared to approach her face. The water was definitely relaxing, but she still couldn't get the accident out of her head, "No thank you.." She added in a depressed tone, closing her eyes. At this rate she would never get out of the tub, but she had to settle her thoughts. The tub was the only calming place she had to think.

"Not ever again..."


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"Ne-chan, you could have been.."

Nemui nodded her head, fully aware of what could have happened to her. She'd watched far enough Law and Order and CSI: Miami to know what happened to girls who weren't careful. Her eyes shifted from her sister in shame, "I know Kuru-chii... Gomenasai.." Her voice was soft, as if she were about to cry. Honestly she could have, but she didn't want to embarrass herself in front of her brothers twice in the same day. She withheld her tears to the best of her ability, gripping the oversized sleeves of her light blue jacket.

"Never mind. You're safe, so let's just eat, okay?"

Nemui nodded her head, closing her eyes as she delivered a kind smile to her sister, glad that she seemed to understand. Kurumi always understood, regardless of her mistake, and it made Nemui feel more than lucky to have her as an older sister. She couldn't imagine life without someone as kind as Kurumi as her sibling, but suddenly, she didn't have to imagine...

"You'd better not do it again."

Nemui blinked a bit in shock, tilting her head a bit. She wasn't sure if she had imagined it, but Kurou was far less kind about it. She finally realized that it wasn't her imagination when her eyes flickered to Kurumi, who was gazing at Kurou viciously. Nemui chewed the inside of her cheek, but decided to ignore Kurou. There was no point in engaging if he would respond harshly. This was definitely not the family she envisioned the past few nights, and she couldn't help but feel disappointed. Grumpy pants (Kurou).. Kuru-chii... and My death warrant (Yukito).. What kind of joke is this..? Was I a horrible person in my past life? She followed her sister and went to sit down, but was startled by Yukito's voice.

"It was no trouble at all."

Nemui couldn't conceal the small smile that formed on her lips when Yukito was reassuring that it wasn't a big deal. It was ironic that the brother who was nice to her would also be the brother that got her slaughtered tomorrow at school. This scenario came across as very rom-com to her, so much so that she almost wanted to laugh, just almost. To get a move on with dinner, Nemui sat beside of her sister at the table and waited for someone to start things off. She didn't look up, but Kurumi definitely seemed to be in a slightly better mood after Yukito's comment, so Nemui felt a little more confident in the group than she had been before, perhaps dinner wouldn't be a complete disaster?

"Is that so? Well, I guess it's best for Kurumi-san and Ku-nii to get to bed early then."

Nemui nodded in response to Yukito's question, but also to agree that their older siblings needed a bit more rest than they did. She let her gaze shift to Kurumi to gauge her reaction, but to her relief, Kurumi didn't seem angry with her for blabbing it out. She didn't even bother to look over to Kurou, not really appreciating that she was already getting harsh remarks at home. He didn't know her, and he was definitely not her boss. He wasn't her step brother yet, and even when he was, he would have to earn respect from her, she wouldn't simply hand it out freely. If anything, he lost a decent portion of her respect for his rudeness earlier.

"I'm going to go shortly after dinner so that I can get a little studying in on my own."

Nemui knew that Kurumi was lying, but she couldn't say otherwise in front of Yukito or Kurou. If she were to, both of the boys would know that Nemui was insinuating that Kurumi was a lying. Nemui refused to do make her sister out to be a liar.. even if Kurumi's grade depended on it, she wouldn't stain her older sister's reputation. Kurumi had to have a good reason to lie to every point blank, didn't she? Nemui hoped so, she also hoped that this wasn't some sort of bad influence from being around the brothers.


"I-Itadakimasu..." Nemui's tone was definitely more genuine and organic, and she did her best to pretend that Kurumi's version wasn't a bit.. overdone. She let out a soft sigh, closing her eyes before putting food on her plate. She grabbed a small portion of everything, gingerly eating with her chopsticks. She noticed Kurou's eating habits, and crinkled her nose before she could reprimand herself.

"Thank you, Kitomura-San. You really worked hard."

"I-I agree... It was very good..." Nemui complimented, but she did not make eye contact, she instead ended up staring down at her plate awkwardly, so she decided to finish off what little was left on her plate. She didn't want to be so awkward, but ever since her father died, her entire life was Topsy-Turvy.

"Bed does sound good."

Nemui said nothing, assuming that he just didn't want to clean his corner of the table which he'd somehow turned into a pigsty over the course of one dinner. She was utterly disgusted. There was no way in hell Nemui was going to clean after that slob, no one could pay her enough. She hated being this negative, but so far he wasn't making a very good impression, especially after how he acted when he was first introduced to them. He was rude to Kurumi earlier that day, and now he was rude to Nemui just before dinner? She couldn't help but feel that her thoughts were justified.

"Excuse me, I am turning in early tonight. Goodnight Ne-chan, Kitomura-kun."

Nemui grabbed up all of the dishes aside from Yukito's and began washing them, "I'll get the dishes, and you get the table then, Kitomura-san?" Nemui inquired, looking over her shoulder for a moment as she awaited his response. She couldn't let all of the work fall onto Yukito, especially where he had cooked dinner for everyone.

TIME SKIP: Next Day: 7:45 A.M.

Nemui sat in class with the girl's school uniform on (Boy's is also in the pic), and waited for class to begin. She left extremely early, so she would have an excuse to not walk to school with Yukito or Kurou. She didn't want to add to any of the bullying she would surely already experience this year. She tapped her fingers on the desk, reading a random page out of her history book as she waited. The classroom was completely empty, but considering how early she'd come in, that wasn't out of the ordinary. This is ridiculous... My life has come to dodging my new family like landmines every morning...


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Himeko fell asleep shortly after her soak the night before. She woke up rather early for school the next morning to the sound of her mother screeching in horror. Himeko jolted out of bed, falling flat on her face in her rush. She pushed herself onto her feet and rushed to the laundry room, her bare feet loudly tapping against the wooden floor as she ran. However when she made it to the source of her mother's scream, she immediately found herself disappointed, All that over a barrage of soap bubbles? She really woke up this early for this? She felt that this was at least a level two crisis like a huge spider or a rogue bee had come in the house. This was a total let down and more than a little irritating. Himeko let out an annoyed growl and snatched the box of detergent from her mother, "Let me do this. It's been so long that you've forgotten how much to use this. Just cook breakfast, alright mom?" Himeko responded, trying to not be as harsh as she wanted to be at this hour. She knew her mother was doing her best, but it was far too early to deal with teaching her mother how to be a proficient housewife again.

Once Himeko tamed the washing machine, she entered the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee, cautiously taking a sip. She closed her eyes with a satisfied smile, glad that her mother got this much right. Himeko took her seat, staring at the perpetually empty spot that was once occupied by her older brother Ren Katsukawa. Her mood immediately plummeted as she thought about her dead brother. She still had so many questions, there was so much about his death that was left unanswered and it drove her mad not knowing why her brother died. She forced herself to take another drink of her coffee before sitting her cup down. Himeko's eyes returned to her brother's empty chair, and she thought about how much she missed him. I'm a Freshmen now, Ren.. This is where you walk in and tell me you're going to kick a lot of asses today if any boys flirt with me like you always did.. Why did you leave me alone..? She thought to herself, as if Ren would step out of his old room. She was still a bit in denial at times, but it was reasonable. She was only fourteen after all. How was she supposed to respond to her older brother's death? Himeko was on the brink of tears, but her mother glanced over just in time and chimed in, "Tell me more about that boy from yesterday, Hime-chan~" She felt her daughter's mood shift and she knew that bringing the boy that Himeko bumped into up would surely get Ren off of Himeko's mind at least for a little while.

Himeko blinked a few times as she registered her mother's question, her cheeks immediately burning a dark red. Himeko scooped up her coffee cup, taking a big gulp to buy herself some time. Why is she bringing up that guy again!? Himeko asked herself, completely humiliated and successfully distracted. She was kind of using her coffee like men did in those Twix commercials. She needed a chance to level her head, but how was she supposed to? Her mother was constantly blowing everything out of proportion, especially since Himeko swore off 'love'. Now her mother was a bit of a fanatic about teasing her when it came to boys.

"I told you I don't know who he was!" She desperately snapped after swallowing her last gulp of coffee. Now she had no excuse for further silence and had to face her mother's vocal attacks head on. She was practically begging the eggs to finish cooking so breakfast could start, but she was not that lucky, "People bump into strangers all the time. I doubt I'll ever see that weirdo ever again." her mother finally placed her plate in front of her and Himeko ate as quickly as possible without being slobbish. Himeko washed her plate and was out the door before her mother could say anything else. She even had to tap her shoes on mid-run because she didn't even stop to lace her shoes.

The walk to the train felt like it took forever, but once she was on board she relaxed and took a seat. Thankfully she woke up so early that it was relatively empty. She received a few perverted stares and she glared a bit at the creepy old men. Just because I am in a school uniform doesn't mean that it gives them the right to be blatantly disrespectful! She mentally hissed, clenching her fist a bit, but she couldn't help but smile. She was home, and was going to be in class with kids she went to school with in seventh grade, but with a fresh start. No one would likely remember her, but she was certain she would still remember everyone else.

She got off at her stop and ran the rest of the way to school, because they sky was turning a dark shade of grey. She did NOT want to be caught in the rain. Yesterday was bad enough, she didn't want to repeat the occasion and show up to her first day of school soaking wet. She could hear the roar of the thunder, threatening to send a downpour upon her and Himeko picked up her pace, Hajime Academy in sight. Thankfully she made it into the building before the rain started. She went to the Principal's office and retrieved her school schedule, passing a foreign looking girl in the hall. Himeko went to her assigned classroom, noticing only an ebony haired male and a short haired girl, "Ohayo."

Himeko stole the main back seat next to the windows, the black haired boy in the seat in front of her, and the short haired girl was beside of her. She didn't speak, but she simply smiled to the duo who seemed to be mid conversation. She didn't want to interrupt, that would be a nightmare of a first..no...first-second impression? She wasn't sure how to put it, but she didn't want to ruin whatever impression she was about to make.


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Nemui's eyes shifted from the history book to the owner of the voice, finding it slightly familiar. Her golden orbs found the source to be none other than the boy from the night before. Suzuki, Ren...? That was his name, wasn't it? Nemui scrambled, not wanting to make his impression of her any worse than she already had, "H-Hello." Nemui responded with a nervous smile, raising her hand to give a slight wave. It was a bit awkward for her to talk to him like this, considering that the room was relatively empty, but it was gradually filling up, but for Nemui, just talking to a boy was relatively new to her. She found it a bit exhausting, finding it difficult to remain calm when talking to the opposite gender. Most of the time she was a wall decoration and went unnoticed by girls and boys alike, it was only her bullies that seemed to have her on their radar up until recently. Is it because I ditched those glasses? Nemui couldn't help but wonder, because she had never received this much attention until recently.

"Fujioka, Nemui-san, right?"

"H-Hai... You're Suzuki, Ren, correct?" She responded with a nod, verifying that she'd gotten his name right as well. It was better to be corrected now rather than later after all. She didn't want to make a bigger fool of herself than she had to. She noticed when the girls she was hiding from the day before entered the class together, her eyes shifting nervously as she grew a bit panicked.


"...O-Ohayō.." Nemui responded in a delicate tone of voice, biting the her lower lip. She hoped that the girls would just take their seats and overlook her this year, but she wasn't exceedingly hopeful. She wondered if she was still wearing a smile on her face, and if so, was it believable? She was so distracted by her tormentors that she wasn't certain what expression she was currently displaying. She hoped that she wasn't making a strange face, so she quickly shook her thoughts, running a hand through the back of her hair with a silent laugh, "I-I didn't know that we would be in the same class..." Nemui added, but sweat-dropped a bit afterwards. The words sounded better in her head, and now that she heard them out loud she realized just how badly she had been grasping for straws. A light blush crossed her cheeks as she realized this wasn't going very well. She wasn't very accustomed to talking to boys, aside from her work as a cashier. Even so, her job didn't involve a lot of people skills, considering that the boys who bought comics were typically socially inept as well.


A very beautiful and friendly looking girl approached and greeted them, taking the seat next to Nemui, much to the wallflower's surprise. She's...so beautiful. Then Nemui heard the whispers about the long haired beauty. Apparently she was dating a famous model!? Nemui's eyes shifted to the girl again, now wondering if the girl was a model as well. The girl could pass for one, because she was everything that Nemui wished she could be, "...O-Ohayō gozaimasu.." Nemui responded to the girl with a smile nearly as nervous as the one she had presented to Ren. Nemui was not the best when it came to socializing with either gender, obviously.

"Good morning, Nemui-san,"

Nemui's skin immediately crawled as she heard a very familiar voice. Did he SERIOUSLY just address her on a first name basis in PUBLIC? She wanted to sink into her seat, crawl into a crack in the tile floor and die. Was Yukito some kind of an extreme sadist or was he truly oblivious to the torment he was unleashing on her by associating with her in front of his fans? She couldn't ignore him, because that would only anger his mob even more, "O-Ohayo gozaimasu, K-Kitomura-san.." She responded as if she'd seen a ghost, almost not finding the courage to say the words at all. Her blush was not present, in fact her face was mostly a mix of mortification and astonishment as she spoke to the idol. She somewhat lost herself in thought as Yukito turned his attention to Ren, and she felt her fingers gripping her history book, which definitely wasn't a sufficient stress ball. I'm dead. He just served my death warrant and threw me to the coyotes..

"Oh, Nemui-san. I forgot to give you this."

As soon as the keys landed in her hand, Nemui practically jumped out of her skin. Did he REALLY just give her the house keys? Her mother sent her a copy in the mail... She couldn't explain, nor could she give them back, because either way his fans were definitely going to scalp her for this. Their minds definitely had to be going somewhere far dirtier than the reality of the situation, and it was more than likely going to make her life a living hell, "A-Arigato... Kitomura-san" she responded in a quiet tone, literally sinking in her seat under the intense glares she received from all around the room.

"I did say I'll give you one, right?"

"H-Hai..." She responded, chewing on her lower lip now as she panicked. She'd never seen the fangirls this angry before, and she felt a nervous pit forming in her stomach. Living with Yukito was going to give her ulcers at this rate. She could have sworn that she heard the girls sharpening their pencils into wooden stakes against their desks, but she did her best to brush it off as her overactive imagination or as comic relief. She was too smart to fall for her own reassurances, but it was worth a shot. The amount of fear and stress alone was enough to make her hair turn white. Every bone in her body wished that her sister would come in the room and save her from this situation. At least Yukito didn't touch her or anything... Perhaps the girls would understand if Nemui told them the truth now that Yukito forced her to cross the point of no return?

"Everyone, take your seats! I am about to begin roll call. Anyone not in a seat by the time I call their name will receive two evenings of detention with the principal." The stern old man that taught their class began. He called roll, then he began class as scheduled, but thankfully the old man's hearing wasn't as good as he'd have everyone believe, so talking commenced shortly after he turned his back to begin the lecture.

They're going to kill me..


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Himeko heard the rumors as well, right after she greeted the two students she chose to sit near. She blinked a bit as a few of the girls stared her down, holding the same exact magazines as they pointed and glared. Her expression was baffled, that is until one hyperactive and brave girl (Image here) approached, holding the article up so that Himeko could read it. Himeko blinked in shock as she read the contents, her eyes widening like dinner plates as she read the outrageous lies written. She didn't even know the guy's name, she surely wasn't dating him! What is with that horrible near kiss picture!? A dark blush engulfed Himeko's face as she got a good look at what it would look like if the two of them actually were about to kiss. The two made a believable couple, but that only enraged Himeko even more! The brave brunette girl gave Himeko another moment before she asked her initial question, "Is that you with the model EDGE?! Do you really know him? Are you two seeing each other?! Did you two kiss?! Is he a good kisser? He's an amazing kisser, right?"

"I don't know him. We are not dating, we never will date, and never have. I've NEVER kissed him and NEVER will. Do I make myself clear?" Himeko asked in an irritated tone as she crossed her arms. She spoke in a articulate manner, loud enough for the class to hear, but not so loud that she would come across as shady. She didn't want anyone to think that she had something to hide after all. If she ever saw that guy again, she'd give him a good piece of her mind. He totally set her up to boost up his own publicity! Or so she believed, "I just spilled my coffee because we bumped into each other. I didn't even know he was a model. I don't care about snobby rich guys...or any guys for that matter. Don't feed the media, it's full of crap." She stated loud enough for anyone in the class to hear. She wanted to squash this lie as soon as possible. Of course she'd never be able to get rid of it entirely, seeing as apparently the whole world now had a copy.. but she did wish to exorcise it from her educational environment. After she made her point clear, she realized that there was another conversation going on. From the looks of it, the guy was giving the girl a hard time, making her nervous and the girl even slithered down in her chair! Didn't the guy know how to read body language at all? Himeko would admit she was pretty dense, but this was a whole new level of oblivious.

"I did say I'll give you one, right?"


She had seen quite enough, Nemui's distress was beginning to physically pain Himeko, and she had to say something. Before she could think it through, Himeko had already stood and slammed one hand down on Nemui's desk, the other pointing a finger directly at Yukito, "Oi! Can't you tell that you're making her uncomfortable? Cut it out." Himeko snapped at Yukito in a strong tone. She wasn't nervous or timid like Nemui, in fact she was full of confidence and did not realize the severity of her actions. Himeko was completely unaware of who Yukito was, nor did she realize that she'd just placed a large target on her back for yelling at him so rudely. She had eyes that functioned at 20/20, so she could obviously tell that he was extremely attractive, but as far as she was concerned that didn't give him an excuse to make the timid girl a nervous wreck. Himeko put a reassuring hand on Nemui's shoulder, still glaring at Yukito with hatred in her eyes, "Anyone who decides that it's okay to mess with her, has to go through me from now on." Himeko spat with a serious expression on her face as she stuck up for the quiet girl. She hated bullies, especially after her last experience at this school. She couldn't just watch as this girl was fed to the wolves. The look of hatred in Himeko's eyes wasn't necessarily for Yukito, but for men in particular.

Little did she know, there was some irony to this encounter. Himeko might have given this a second thought if she had known that she was shouting at the younger brother of the boy who turned her down, Kurou Kitomura. Kurou's denial of her confession made her the school laughing stock just a few years prior, and she meant to keep a relatively casual profile, yet here she was, sticking her neck out like her older brother would have done. This isn't really like me... This is more like how he was....

"Everyone, take your seats! I am about to begin roll call. Anyone not in a seat by the time I call their name will receive two evenings of detention with the principal."

"C-Crap. We'll finish this later. I'm Katsukawa, Himeko by the way." Himeko stated in a rushed manner and shot a warm smile to Nemui, her expression the exact opposite of the one she had when speaking to Yukito. She quickly returned to her seat, right next to Nemui and behind Ren before roll call began, having no intention of getting in trouble on her first day. Sure, Himeko was definitely biased when it came to gender, but she had good reason to be. She didn't have a whole lot of luck with men, casually or romantically speaking. She was turned down by Kurou and was bullied for an entire year until she moved schools, Her brother died, and now there was a scandal flying around about her and that guy who seemed a little too concerned about whether or not the coffee burn would scar her hand.

When the teacher began his lecture, she leaned over a bit to whisper to the shy girl, hoping to apologize, "Gomen.. I hope I didn't make things worse for you.. I got carried away.." She added with a sheepish grin. She knew that most would have been scared off by her intensity, especially since she was an outsider to the situation, but she had to give it a shot. She didn't have any friends here, and somehow she felt she lost a lot of possible friends by going off on that arrogant pretty boy. She didn't regret it though, in fact, she hoped that she helped the other girl, if only a little, "How about the two of us start over, okay?"


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"I guess when they said that high school life would be the most fun. They were just being sarcastic, isn't it?"

From what Ren could see, Nemui was relatively a shy person or that term they use... introvert. She also seemed nervous and awkward talking to him. And here he thought, he was the one who's going to be awkward. Nevertheless, he did not want to bring any discomfort to the girl. He just thought it would be polite to greet someone he had met, as instructed by his parents. That is why, he would end the conversation with that simple greeting. However, she seemed exerting the effort to continue it by commenting that she did not expect them to be classmates. "Same here. It's good that I know someone already." He answered back in his usual casual and laid-back manner. In the end of the day, he was new to the area and to this school.

It was at that point another greeting popped in between them. His eyes of brown traveled to its source to find another girl. She was pretty that is much obvious from the beginning. In regards to the rumors about this specific individual, Ren has no idea. He had never been the kind to zone in such rumors even if he was observant by nature. It is simply because he finds it far more exhausting than confronting the people involved in it directly. In any case, he offered a greeting as well. It was only right is it not? "Ohayō." That is when Nemui's knight from last night entered the scene. The guy offered his greetings as well. To him, the way Yukito addressed Nemui was not an issue. He did find out that the two were living together which meant they are relatives of sort. That is why there is nothing wrong with it and he has no idea really how popular the guy is or bullied the girl is.

"Yeah, a coincidence. It's Suzuki, Ren." He gave Yukito his name as he did forget to introduce himself last night. "Oba-chan also said hi." He added before Yukito's attention shifted to Nemui. At that segment, Ren decided to leave the two to their own devices. It is not like he had anything else to say. However, there was that request of his grandmother to be friends with the Kitomuras. That would include Yukito and probably Nemui as well. This was really troublesome. It was too much effort and really, he was not the cheerful and friendly person. He was in thought when he was alarmed back to the classroom by an outburst. It came from the girl who greeted him and Nemui earlier. He got the gist that she was not dating a model, kissed one before, and has no plans in the future as well. Nothing against her, however, is she not a bit too defensive and aggressive in that denial?

Apparently, the girl's attention now shifted towards Yukito and Nemui. The girl clearly scolded Yukito and that surprised the entire class. Well, anyone would be surprised especially if one does not know the person in the first place. She seemed worried about Nemui's discomfort, but is that not uniform? Did she not notice that it was also used towards her earlier? Well, he was thinking about it too much. In any case, Ren knew that the girl has no idea that those two were related. Yet again, it was not his business. Well, he looked over Yukito to gauge the man's reaction. From what he could tell earlier, the guy was a social butterfly in the way he talked to him before and last night. Yukito also seemed to be a nice guy.
"You alright over there?" He threw in a word of concern. It was his way of being friendly in accordance to his grandmother's wish.Then, the teacher was in announcing that everyone would be getting detention if they were not in their seats. That was over critical in his opinion. People around here have too much tension and were way too serious. However, who was he to say that anyway? At that point, the teacher looked around the class and remembered something as his eyes landed on him. Somehow, Ren has an idea already. It was always like that for the new kid so to say. "We have two new students, one a transfer and another a returnee attending today. Would you two introduce yourselves up front." The teacher gestured for him and coincidentally, the girl who was making explosive outbursts from before. He released a sigh and stood from his chair. It was the teacher's order after all. He could feel the looks of his peers and even the girls murmuring about him.

Once at front, the teacher motioned for him to introduce himself first. He obliged as he looked at the class with his usual casual and laid-back demeanor. "Ohayō. I'm Suzuki, Ren from Nagoya. I look forward to the school year with you all." He then ended that with a polite bow. The teacher seemed satisfied with that switched to the girl. After the introductions, they returned to their seats. And really, Ren felt drained and it was just still just a few minutes into school hour. He just wanted to go back to bed and sleep the day away. It was more relaxing in his opinion. He was starting to miss his old school where everything was slower compared to here which was ironic. Ah... the things he do for family and attachment. He then cast a glance towards Nemui and then Yukito. Then, back at the front. He couldn't help but sigh. This year was going to be tiresome. Just like that, he looked out the window watching the rain fall.


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"I would like to say this. I get what I want and I always win no matter what. There's no other way out of it. You'll always lose and that's that, but you can struggle. It's fun to see."
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So, the guy's name is Ren. From what Yukito could tell, the guy is not that much into talking. Ren only speaks in words that can be counted by fingers which he finds entertaining really. He doesn't see much of a problem from that, but most people would see it as him being socially awkward or arrogant. "It's a nice coincidence to meet you here Suzuki-san." He said while listening to what Ren said about Mari-baachan saying hi. It made him smile as the girls present swooned at the sight. He remembered the elderly female neighbor. She was a nice lady and his... mother got along with her very much. He left those thoughts aside for now as he didn't allow his sudden wave of nostalgia to spill through outwardly "Oh... thanks for delivering the message. I hope you don't mind me dropping by to see her."

His attention was briefly taken by a girl speaking loudly with such fervent denial. His eyes of orange landed on her. She was quite pretty. He had never seen her before, probably a new student, but, it's like he had seen her before. It seemed that this year, there were a lot of newcomers which included that of Ren and of course, the Leech which he had met at the halls. In any case, the girl was speaking about never kissing or dating someone. His eyes drifted to a nearby reading material held by one of his nearby classmates. "So, that's her. No wonder, she's familiar." This is the girl being linked to the Leech. This school year appeared to be an exciting one. Her words were something he would like for the Leech to her. It made him wonder what that guy's reaction or rather both of their reactions when they meet again. It was highly likely to happen they do attend the same school.

But, he has other fun things to do. That's why he focused his attention on Nemui who appeared to be clearly bothered by his rather friendly approach. She did say that they had been classmates before, but he hardly noticed her. Of course, he was well-aware of that. He simply wanted to have fun with her for a bit at her own expense. That was then he heard someone interrupting the conversation between him and Nemui. It was the same girl who was earlier stating her clear rejection of being linked to the Leech. But this time, he was the main subject of her words. It wasn't that hard to guess. The students around them were all shocked about the manner how he was being treated. It was a common reaction really, no one had after all spoken to him like that before.

From what he could gather, this girl was telling her off and everyone else was expecting him to get angry or something. His expression was that of astounded surprise as the girl glared at him with spite and went ahead to declare that she's Nemui's protector. It ended at that and then Ren asked if he was alright. That was the trigger which made him finally snapped into action. He... LAUGHED. It was ridiculously cheery which reflected pure humor. It was so bright and unrestricted making him childlike and innocent. The students around them blinked their eyes as they didn't expect that from Yukito, but the girls couldn't help but be very delighted by such a carefree laugh. Others were taking pictures and videos, while some apparently got dizzy.

He managed to settle himself while wiping a tear from the corner of his eyes implicating he was laughing himself to tears. "So-- sorry..." He continued to giggle while covering his mouth a bit. "Okay... sorry about that." He was finally able to gather himself with a smile on his face. He was clearly not angry from the looks of it. "You're an interesting girl. I've never laughed that hard for a long time. I like you." He stated with an innocent and heartfelt smile, but when it comes to him, it really doesn't mean as simple as that. He the looked at Nemui. "This is a good thing isn't it Nemui-san?" He then looked back at the paranoia girl. Yeah, he would be calling her that from now on. "Please take good care of my onee-san, then. It's good to see her having such a nice friend." His words seemed to echo inside the room as his smile remained without faltering and his words without a hint of doubt. There was a moment of stillness and eerie silence. Everyone else was truly shocked by that revelation of his and then there was a collective 'WHAT!!?' If it was possible for the entire classroom it would have.

Everyone would have started to ask questions if the teacher had not arrived indicating that class was about to start. Through it all, Yukito was completely unperturbed as if what he had said was the most common fact in the entire world. He was about to go to his seat but before doing so, he looked at the paranoia girl. "Thanks for the advice and laugh." He was about to go but stopped as he reached for something on the paranoia girl's hair. "It seemed you have this on your hair." He dropped a piece of cherry petal on her desk before leaving her alone. He passed by Nemui's chair and took the seat right beside her. Once he was situated there, he looked at Nemui and mentioned something he was supposed to a while ago before the paranoia girl interrupted him. "Nemui-san, just call me by my name. We're going to be family, right?" After that, he looked at front as the teacher stated that there were two new students.

It was apparently Ren and the paranoia girl. He knew for a fact that what he had done will start many occurrences for the two girl. Though, it was very very very hard to see if his actions were intentional as his mask was perfection, but as he said before, he'll be enjoying this year with his new toy.


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"Same here. It's good that I know someone already."

"I-I'll do my best to be of help... My sister might be more useful though. Her name is Fujioka, Kurumi." Nemui replied with a nervous smile, doing her best to hold conversation, but it was difficult for a girl like her. This was her first time holding a conversation with a guy, so she couldn't help but feel that she was making a fool of herself. Though Yukito barged in on the conversation, and before she knew it, the girl from earlier broke into the conversation between Yukito and herself.

"Oi! Can't you tell that you're making her uncomfortable? Cut it out."

She would be lying if she didn't admit that she was grateful.. but it did make her a bit sad that Yukito was being scolded. He was just being friendly, even if it was causing the other girls to glare daggers into the back of her skull as a result. The girls were now glaring at the new girl, making Nemui feel even more guilty. She wasn't in a lot of danger anymore, but now the other girl would be. She didn't want to see anything happen to such a nice girl.. No one ever stood up for her like that before.. even if it was only against Yukito, Nemui nearly cried from being overwhelmed with gratitude.

"Anyone who decides that it's okay to mess with her, has to go through me from now on."

This caused Nemui's eyes to shift between her bullies, Yukito, and the new girl. Did this girl really know what she was signing herself up for? She was making a lot of Freshman class enemies on her first day, was she aware? Nemui couldn't help but wonder if the other girl was aware of Yukito's celebrity status. Nemui bit the inside of her cheek, sweatdropping a bit before addressing Himeko directly, "A-Arigato.. but.." (No one hears this.)

"You alright over there?"

Her tone before his words had been so soft that no one really heard her, and by the time Ren was done speaking, Yukito had begun laughing. It wasn't really the reaction that she had expected, but she was glad that the situation didn't escalate into a full-on fight between Himeko and his fans, well, at least not yet. The day was far from over and she was confident that the fans would retaliate against her and the other girl.

"So-- sorry...You're an interesting girl. I've never laughed that hard for a long time. I like you. This is a good thing isn't it Nemui-san? Please take good care of my onee-san, then. It's good to see her having such a nice friend."

Did he just announce our to-be sibling status to everyone.. or did I imagine it..? Nemui asked herself, blinking with a vacant expression. It wasn't until everyone in the room began freaking out that Nemui realized that it actually happened. Well, at least the girls would realize she stood no romantic chance with Yukito, right? Dating her own stepbrother would just be weird, complicated, and not to mention confusing. There was no way something like that would ever happen, Nemui was absolutely certain that they wouldd never get romantically involved, they were far too different.... She was far too plain and ugly for a guy like that, not to mention her mother was marrying his father. Even if they had more chemistry, it was too late now.

"Everyone, take your seats! I am about to begin roll call. Anyone not in a seat by the time I call their name will receive two evenings of detention with the principal."

"C-Crap. We'll finish this later. I'm Katsukawa, Himeko by the way."

"I-I'm Fujioka, N-Nemui.. It's very nice to meet you Katsukawa-chan.." She responded to Himeko, but wasn't certain if the girl heard her or not. She knew that it was a possibility, seeing as she wasn't a very loud person. Her father used to tell her to speak up all the time, but the habit worsened after his death. There wasn't a lot for her to celebrate or get excited about anymore, and how could she speak up and be confident when the only person in the world that made her feel beautiful was already dead? Her confidence died with him, and despite her best efforts to revive it, she was never able to reclaim her self-confidence.

"Gomen.. I hope I didn't make things worse for you.. I got carried away.. How about the two of us start over, okay?"

Nemui nodded with a blink of her eyes as the girl leaned over to whisper to her, a small smile on her face as the girl asked for a do-over. She understood what that was like, Nemui constantly wished that she had the ability to turn back time.. She didn't see why she felt the need to ask for one, in fact, Nemui admired Himeko even more now that she stood up for her in front of the entire class.

"Nemui-san, just call me by my name. We're going to be family, right?"

Nemui jumped out of her skin when she realized that Yukito chose the seat next to her, which meant that they would be seatmates for at least the rest of their first term. That would make everything much more complicated, and she let out an inaudible sigh. Her face erupted into a blush when he told her to call him by first name, something that she definitely was incapable of doing, "I-I couldn't possibly d-do that, K-Kitomura-san.." She replied, staring at the front of the room taking notes from the teacher's that was written on the board. She could feel the heat emitting from her cheeks, but despite her efforts, she couldn't banish the red tint from her features. She hoped that he would just lose track of the subject. T-That would be too embarrassing... She only addressed Kurumi by first name, not even other girls in her class.. How would she ever be able to call out to Yukito as Yukito?!

"We have two new students, one a transfer and another a returnee attending today. Would you two introduce yourselves up front."

She knew who the two students were, as did most of the class. Well, she just found out that the long haired girl was named Himeko, but she did know both of their names now. She waited for them to begin their introductions, because something told her that the girl's would be very interesting...

"Ohayō. I'm Suzuki, Ren from Nagoya. I look forward to the school year with you all."

Ren bowed politely, and it brought a small giggle from Nemui, a smile on her lips afterward. He was so polite and conservative compared to her brothers, it was like a breath of fresh air being around him. He was... very normal, and that was definitely a good thing compared to the craziness that surrounded her daily. Suzuki-kun reminds me of a nap under spring sunlight on fresh cut grass..


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"You alright over there?"

Himeko sweatdropped a bit at this. The dark haired boy was seriously asking if the other guy was alright? Did he not notice how nervous that boy was making the short haired girl? It was painful to watch, and Himeko couldn't just ignore her as if it wasn't happening at all. She hated boys that manipulated and used others for their own entertainment more than she hated guys in general. Guys like this blond were the worst, at least in her opinion. If he had made the girl cry, she probably would have punched him for being so mean. She waited for his response, but when the other guy asked him if he was okay, the blond boy burst into laughter, which only angered Himeko even more. She felt the vein in her fist pulsing, and her entire body was clouded by an aura of pure hatred. She looked so evil, that some of the girls swore her strands of hair were snakes, much like Medusa.

"So-- sorry...Okay... sorry about that."

Himeko crossed her arms with a fed up expression as he spoke, her stern expression obviously not amused by his reaction. If anything, she was holding back the urge to serve a right hook to his left cheek, "If you were actually sorry, you wouldn't laugh." She muttered back in a quieter tone. She didn't want to receive detention, but everything about this guy made a fight seem a lot more worth it than she knew it would be. Hitting him would only make her feel better for a moment, so she took a long, calming breath. This was something that her brother would have done, this wasn't exactly something she was used to doing, but she couldn't back down now. She had a feeling that her vow to protect the quiet girl would be tested, quite often judging by the blond male's popularity. She still couldn't believe the sheer amount of glares and shocked expressions that she received when she told him off. Just who was this guy, and why did everyone treat him like God?

"You're an interesting girl. I've never laughed that hard for a long time. I like you."

"The feeling isn't mutual." She practically hissed in return, her eyes not losing their fiery expression for even a moment. She was still fired up, and her adrenaline wasn't going anywhere any time soon. Why did he say that he liked her? Was he trying to play games with her head too? Himeko closed her eyes for a moment, a smirk forming on her lips. Won't work on me, pretty boy. She thought with a smug expression before opening her eyes again, slightly less enraged than before, but there was a twinkle of amusement in her eyes now.

"This is a good thing isn't it Nemui-san? Please take good care of my onee-san, then. It's good to see her having such a nice friend."

"O...nee-san...?" She asked in a completely dumbfounded tone, tilting her head slowly as she processed the blond's words. For once, her expression matched his fan club's, well, sort of. Her expression was shocked, but not for the same reason. She couldn't understand why the girl would be so nervous around her own brother. Did he have a sister complex..? Her eyes widened even more at that thought, and she immediately shivered. What kind of creepy brother is he!? She thought in pure disgust. Seeing as she left so many years ago, she didn't remember Yukito or Nemui. She didn't realize that they weren't blood related.

"Thanks for the advice and laugh."

Himeko's eyes widened a bit as he reach towards her. It instantly put her in defensive mode knowing he was about to touch her. Himeko quickly raised her hand to swat his away from her, but he already spoke up when the back of her hand met his.

"It seemed you have this on your hair."

She blinked down at the cherry blossom, then turned her head to watch the boy take his seat, on the opposite side of Nemui. The quiet girl was sandwiched in between the two of them apparently. She smiled to the girl, but glared at Yukito and returned her attention to the front.

"We have two new students, one a transfer and another a returnee attending today. Would you two introduce yourselves up front."

Himeko visibly flinched as the teacher said 'returnee'. The students were immediately curious as the teacher mentioned new students and they looked around to locate the fresh meat. They were worse than a school of shark. She rubbed the back of her neck and nodded to the teacher, "Hai..." She muttered before standing from her seat, pushing her chair in afterwards before continuing up to the front. She made it up to the front at almost the same time as the boy who asked if that rude guy was alright. She immediately scowled, but turned her attention to girls instead. Her expression softened and her change of focus made her come across as far more approachable than she had before.

"Ohayō. I'm Suzuki, Ren from Nagoya. I look forward to the school year with you all."

As soon as the boy said his name, Himeko's head whipped in his direction at almost lightening speed. Her eyes landed on him with a look of astonishment on her features. His name was Ren, the name of her dead brother. It was strange, but she found it to be creepy more than anything else. What were the odds that the only other new kid in her class would have the same given name as her brother that was murdered? She almost couldn't believe her ears. When the teacher signaled that it was her turn, Himeko pushed her thoughts about Ren aside.

She wore her warmest smile and addressed the entire room, even though she was only concerned with befriending the female students, "Ohayo gozaimasu! I am Katsukawa, Himeko!" She was so friendly in her introduction that the boys who were once cowering from her verbal assault of Yukito were now leaning forward in their seats with looks of admiration, as if she'd never been scary at all.

At the sight of her smile, several of the boys gazed upon her lovingly, many with hearts in their eyes. One boy was even brave enough to ask if she had a boyfriend, and another who missed her addressing that she wasn't dating the model EDGE even asked if she was seeing the model. She immediately sighed at the barrage of questions, slapping one hand over her face in a cocktail of irritation and disappointment.This was not how she pictured her first day to begin. She shook her head and decided to address everything all at once so it would finally blow over. She wasn't sure how much longer she'd be able to humor these stupid rumors and idiotic questions.

"I'm not dating anyone, but I'm not interested in boys so please never ask to be my boyfriend, okay~" she announced to the class in a sing-song tone. Her words were not flirtatious or seductive, but they were said in a hyperactive and friendly manner. There was oddly no pretense in her voice, so she was one hundred percent genuine as she spoke. She honestly didn't care about falling in love, and despite noticing aesthetics, she absolutely refused to ever let the 'lovey-dovey' scene consume her. She hated chick flicks, and she would always get her mother to call her in sick for school whenever Valentine's Day rolled around. Himeko was an enemy of love. She gave a wink to the class before returning to her seat with a skip in her step. She was definitely strange, but that's a conversation for another time. Then there was a loud crack of thunder, causing her attention to shift to the window beside of her. Wow..it's really pouring down..


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"This is a perfect way to start my first day in high school, isn't it? Where has the doggone days go, really..."

Ren for the most part was not interested in any girls. He would tell his opinion about how they look, whether they were cute, elegant, pretty, dull, or ugly. There would be no pauses on that part, but if one would think he would be saying it out of romantic admiration. It would be proven wrong on all accounts. However, he does understand the reactions of the boys in class in regards to one now known as Katsukawa Himeko. She was pretty. To him, she was overly defensive and that meant something had scarred her which has yet to heal, despite how she appears to be. But of course, it was not his concern. That is why he stopped his thoughts from proceeding any further. The girl was clearly an amazon waging war against men as far as he could tell. That scowl he noticed and that barrier she seemed to put against the boys were obvious signs in his book. He would just going to set himself up for interactions not worth any dime and was not really his business.

That is why unlike any other boys. He did not even reacted to Katsukawa or even utter any other word. The girl had made her point even if it was supposedly as subtle as that of bomb. He just simply too his seat. His eyes did not even focus on the teacher who began to do the roll-call. This was such a perfect day to lay around in his bed and just sleep away. Ren's brown eyes reflected that of the falling rain as he quietly looked out the window. He placed his chin at the palm of his hand as he remained lost in his own world. The roll of thunder and the splatter sound of the rain lured him deeper into his own mentality, his memories, about this town. The ones he had since his childhood which was enraptured by the whimsical promise of innocent love and marriage.

He closed his eyes as the weather was enough to lull him to that eternal visage etched deeply into his mind and heart. Ren was not even sure if that girl was someone he could ever meet again. There was no certainty that time had made them flow to different sides never to see each other again. She might be even having the time of her life in the arms of another. Somehow, the thought of that irked him greatly. He opened his eyes again and released a sigh. This was pathetic of him, why was he being jealous, when that girl might have already forgotten about him. It was inevitable at some point, but he could not stop these feelings of attachment.

Life was definitely not fair at times...

No matter, Ren decided to alter the trail of his thoughts to other important things. Was school going to end soon? What would he eat for lunch? He didn't like spending his lunch money. Did he remember bringing his packed lunch? He isn't sure about that. It was the only time he stirred from his seat and took a look at his bag. There was no packed lunch inside. His disappointment could not be outwardly seen, but somehow his presence denoted it obviously. Some of his classmates began whispering if something terrible happened, but he recovered quickly from that as he kept his bag and once again looked outside the window. He was only taken from that introspection when he heard his name being called. "Suzuki-san. Suzuki-san! Suzuki Ren!" The heightened tone made him finally aware and looked at the rather irritated teacher.

"Present." Ren answered without any reservations and even raised his hand for good measures. The teacher shook his head in disappointment and irritation. The other students were lightly giggling. As for him, he was not sure what was wrong exactly. He blinked a few times trying to assess the situation. Was that not for a roll-call? "It's clearly you're not listening Suzuki-san and it's just the first day of classes!" The teacher approached him and lightly rapped his head for good measures. "Roll call is over. I asked you to translate the passage in page 5 of your literature book." And so that's why everyone was laughing, well, that was his bad. "Oh... I don't have a book." The teacher eyed him clearly demanding an explanation.
"A dog ate it." Ren stated in a very definitive tone. He was not also lying. A dog did eat it. He was reading it at one time by the riverbank. However, he fell asleep and when he woke up the book was tattered into pieces with a very large brown dog drooling all over it. Then, there was this mother and child apologizing to him profusely. Despite it being true, the teacher was not the kind to believe it. "Detention for you!" That was the most obvious course from what he could tell. His classmates could not help but find humor in his situation while also feeling terrible for him. Well, it could not be helped as the teacher called another for the recitation.

As for him, he was a bit worried since he would be returning home late... which meant his sleep time had been cut short... Yes... This was a real downer. And all he could do at this point was sigh.


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ImageWell, Yukito had initially thought that school would be as boring as he had remembered before. That was not the case at all. He was instead welcomed on his first day by many events that at their own stood out to be an opportunity for him to have his delectable time playing with. There was the fact of having the chance to toy with his so-called stepsisters, and then there was the Leech, now, this paranoia girl who reminded him of a certain individual. This year was starting to be a salad of many chaotic opportunities for him.

His thoughts stopped for a while as he watched the two new additions introduced themselves. In order for him to perfectly unnerve his prey, he was naturally perceptive and keenly observant.

That's why he noticed that look which the paranoia girl had given Ren. What could be the meaning behind that? It seemed to be triggered by what the neighbor boy had said which has only three important points as far as he's concerned. The name, the place, and the meaning of Ren's casual greeting, among those factors something struck a chord on that girl. Another fine point, he would use to his advantage in the near future. At the moment, his attention shifted to Nemui who also seemed to be affected by Ren's introduction. This one was not of surprise, but of pleasantness. She giggled and had a smile on her lips. He elegantly tilted his head and placed his elbow on his desk while his chin was delicately placed at the back of his hand. The mere movement was without doubt dazzling as some of the girls were overly delighted by that sight.

As for him, he was inwardly seething on how to rip that smile of hers apart. Yes, he was rather diabolical and cruel isn't it? But much like how his brother outwardly changed, he did so inwardly, it was more perfect for his sadistic tendencies. She was simply unlucky for allowing her mother to marry his father. This is what they must call an unfortunate coincidence. "Hmm... I feel a bit envious." He muttered enough for Nemui to hear. His eyes never left her profile. "Do you like Suzuki-san?" He asked in a manner that did not betray any emotions. It was but a friendly question of course. "Well, if you need advice on such matters. I'd be happy to help." He added with a hint of cheerfulness and then proceeded to look at the front for the teacher began the roll call. Ah that's right, there was something else to be said.

"Just call me Yukito-san if it's alright. After all, I do call you Nemui-san. Plus if my brother and I are at the same place and you call out to any of us like that, also if my father is present. It would be confusing, right?" He ended it with a kind smile and then responded to the teacher's call who had called the name of the Paranoia girl first, and then his. "Kitomura, Yukito." He looked at the teacher and then gave a friendly smile. "Here, sensei." and, it continued on. He didn't strike another conversation with Nemui after that as he focused on the lessons. It was not every day that he would be able to attend. He does have a busy schedule for next week as his manager had shown him. That's why moments he could get to spend in school was important, but that was not the case for Ren who seemed to have the knack of being a comedian.

The guy had obviously stated the most common used excuses that even if it was the truth would not be judge as that. The result, detention. He couldn't help but laughed inwardly at that. The guy was fine on his book as far as he is concerned, more than that; Nemui seemed to like the guy, although not on the romantic level for now. It would be useful for him to have the guy nearby. "Daidouji-sensei." The teacher looked at Yukito. "What is it Kitomura-kun?" He smiled kindly at the teacher and spoke his piece. "I would like you to reconsider giving Suzuki-san, a detention. This is the first day of school. Why not give him a second chance? I'd take responsibility for it, next time." The teacher looked at him with surprise and then considered what has been said. He soon caved in by sighing. "If you're willing to go that far… Suzuki-san." He looked at Ren. "You better be thankful for Kitomura-kun's intervention. Detention lifted."

That went well as Yukito aired his gratitude for it of course. "Thanks, Daidouji-sensei." At the same time, that was another plus point for him as his classmates looked at him in a more adoring light than before. For him, he was making his move one step at a time.
ImageShin's actions were for the most part by instinct than because of other intentions that people might think. He simply disliked the idea of a girl being taken advantaged of especially when he's around and can do something about. It was some of the morals his mother raised him with and he kept it with him as much as possible. It was in a way of a memento, right? At the same time, he wasn't bothered by the possible rumors that could start because of this. It wasn’t true anyway. He was also used to it since he is part of the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, his eyes roamed a bit towards the new girl Aina who seemed to be offering assistance to a boy who was also wet. His eyes narrowed a bit, not because of any negativity, more like the guy resembles that of Yukito, and some features.

Could it be possible that they’re relatives? That’s right he did hear that Yukito's older brother studies here as well. Could this be him? If that was so, then-- But his thoughts did not continue on that path as he heard a voice beside him, his eyes of pale blue, almost like lavender looked at the girl named Fujioka, Kurumi as she introduced herself and said her thanks.

It was clear to him that she was blushing. He had been around women to know how they react, but he didn't see this as a bad thing. He also didn't make anything big out of it. She was already trying her best to speak her gratitude to him, by the looks of it. Somehow, her reaction reminded him of that girl from last night. That's right, that simple interaction has now become a bane of his existence this morning. Oh well... "Don't worry about it." He spoke in a smooth yet thick baritone voice. There were no underlying intentions identifiable behind his words. He was simply imparting what he believed is logical and right. "I don’t want you to get sick and you’re not a piece of meat." His eyes then returned at front, hoping that lunch would come. That way, he could see his light again. It was he's only reason coming here anyway.
ImageAina was smiling with the purest intentions towards her seatmate who soon took her towel. She was truly happy for that as he made quick work of drying himself. It was a good thing that he was really doing his best in that. It seemed he didn’t also want to get a cold. She was of course completely oblivious to his charms that actually most girls find very attractive. It was probably due to the fact; she knew that love and such things would be impossible for someone like her. It will just cause further heartbreak on both sides. That's why there was not a sparkle of interest within her.

Her towel was soon returned to her as he said his thanks. She took back the towel and noticed how he looked away afterwards. She wondered if there was something wrong, but he appeared to be fine. "You're welcome... Uhmm"

That's right she forgot to get his name. It was rude of her. She has no idea who he is exactly, but that was given to her soon enough. Her eyes widen a bit and then had the brightest smile at this very moment. "Of course, Kitomura-san!" She was happy at his response even if most would found it crass and rough. For her, it seemed that she had made a friend. She did, didn't she? It was a good thing as they were going to be seatmates now. She quickly turned to her journal and began writing down on it. She wouldn't want to forget this. It was clear that she was happy with what happen.

She finished writing what happened and then she folded her towel and placed it back inside her bag. She was glad that the wisdom of her mother helped her made a friend quickly. She completely has a different perception at the moment, but that’s simply how she is. She glanced at him and noticed something else. Oh, Kitomura-san, you have something on your face. She pointed out as she tilted her head and adorably peeked at her face. She wasn’t thinking anything behind her actions. It was simply normal for her.


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"Fujioka, Nemui." The teacher called Nemui's name, looking around the room for the easily looked over young girl. The teacher's sight was bad, which was made obvious by his glasses which resembled a magnifying glass.

"H-Hai. I'm here, Sensei." She raised her hand slightly, but not in a wholehearted manner. She did not wish to draw attention to herself, at all, but that would be counterproductive, at least as far as roll call was concerned. She could feel the envious and angry female presence in the room, and the aura was growing progressively darker as class continued. Something told her that she would be lucky to survive the rest of the day, let alone the rest of the year. They're going to kill me.. I live with Yukito, half of them would commit mass genocide if it meant spending one night with him. She let out a soft sigh, obviously troubled, but the cause wasn't obvious, especially to those few that remained unaware of Yukito's fame.

"Hmm... I feel a bit envious."

"E-Eh? Why?" She asked with a series of innocent blinks, turning her head towards Yukito with an oblivious expression plastered on her facial features. Her golden orbs were fixated on the blond male, awaiting his answer, because she was shooting blanks whenever she tried to guess. She had no idea what he was talking about.

"Do you like Suzuki-san?"

Immediately she felt heat rushing to her cheeks. What brought Yukito to a conclusion like that? Sure she liked Ren, but she didn't like him, well, at least she didn't think that she did. Her eyes shifted nervously after he explained his words, which only made her more embarrassed. W-Why would he be jealous of Suzuki-san..!? K-Kitomura-san is going to be my brother soon.. She turned back in her seat the proper way, but stared down at her closed book. She was not focused on the book or roll call, but on Yukito's words. Why would he say and ask things like that so blatantly? She clenched her fists around her skirt in an attempt to calm her nerves, and let out a quiet and relaxing breath before turning her head back in Yukito's direction, eyes meeting his again, "I-I...I don't think I do.. Suzuki-san is just a nice person, that's all.. W-why are you asking something like that so suddenly?"

"Well, if you need advice on such matters. I'd be happy to help."

"I-I don't!" she snapped back in a sharp whisper, cheeks returning to a light pink. She honestly didn't feel like she was 'crushing' on Ren, but to be honest, she wasn't sure what liking someone romantically felt like.. She wouldn't be able to identify the feeling even if she was interested in him.. I'm not though. I know I'm not. Though if I was, would it really be a bad thing? He's a really understanding and relaxed guy.. He doesn't make me as nervous as those two do.. She thought to herself as Yukito and Kurou came to mind.

"Just call me Yukito-san if it's alright. After all, I do call you Nemui-san. Plus if my brother and I are at the same place and you call out to any of us like that, also if my father is present. It would be confusing, right?"

Nemui nodded a bit in agreement, though she did have different ways of addressing each of them. Kurou was Kitomura-Senpai, Yukito was Kitomura-san, and Kaoru was Kitomura-sama. It may have been confusing for the men of the house, but it made perfect sense to the petite girl. Her eyes shifted between her desk and Yukito as she attempted to say it, but in the end she was too flustered. She brought both hands to her reddened cheeks, "I-I can't say it, G-gomenasai.." Though as she nearly resigned, an idea came to mind. She was about to hide her red cheeks against her desk, but she figured out how to easily differentiate Yukito from his father and brother without causing herself further embarrassment. Her blush died down exponentially now that she realized she wouldn't have to address him by first name, "Fuwa-san." Nearly everyone at their school was aware of his celebrity status, so she saw no harm in using his stage name to address him. It wasn't like the two of them went out in public together anyhow. Though she was sprung from her conversation when the teacher soloed out Ren, her next door neighbor.

"Suzuki-san. Suzuki-san! Suzuki Ren!"

Apparently the boy was in a daydream or simply not paying attention, but the teacher called his name several times. Soon the man would grow quite angry, which was a sight that Nemui did not wish to witness. This teacher was no joke, and she had Kurumi as a reference to that. She thankfully had an older sister that had the same teacher a few years before, so she knew what to expect from the military grade elderly man.


Nemui nearly facepalmed as her neighbor and classmate assumed that the teacher was still calling out names for roll call, but a lot of the class apparently found the sight funny. She could barely watch as the old man's face grew red with anger. This was a painful sight for those in the class watching, at least the few that were aware of the strict teacher's background. One or two of the students even closed their eyes, unable to witness what came next.

"It's clearly you're not listening Suzuki-san and it's just the first day of classes! Roll call is over. I asked you to translate the passage in page 5 of your literature book."

Literature.. I had my history book out.. Oops! Nemui immediately returned her History book to her bag and dug around until her hand landed on her literature book and immediately brought it to her desk. She skimmed around quickly, looking for page five, and let out a sigh of relief. She could have been in Ren's place just as easily for not paying attention. While a small part of her felt relieved that it wasn't her, she also felt pity for the dark haired boy who was the teacher's first victim of the year.

"Oh... I don't have a book. ..A dog ate it."

Nemui nearly winced as Ren gave such a common answer. A lot of students told that as a lie, seeing as it could not be proven.. She knew immediately how the teacher would respond, and she felt a sense of dread. He had been so kind the day before, so she really didn't want to see him get in trouble.

"Detention for you!"

The words rang solid, and she shot an apologetic expression in Ren's direction. She had never been in detention before, but she knew it wasn't fun, and it was definitely a huge waste of an evening. If she were to get detention, she would end up arriving at work fifteen minutes late, and she could not be anything less than punctual. She could have been in a similar situation, and she felt guilty that Ren was the only one who had gotten in trouble, even though Yukito and herself were both talking until just recently.


Nemui was a bit surprised when Yukito spoke up, curious as to why he was addressing the teacher, especially after how harshly the man had drilled Ren. Was Yukito some sort of masochist or something? Either way, she definitely didn't want to know anyhow. However she did want to know what he was going to say to their teacher.

"What is it Kitomura-kun?"

"I would like you to reconsider giving Suzuki-san, a detention. This is the first day of school. Why not give him a second chance? I'd take responsibility for it, next time."

Her gold eyes widened in surprise as Yukito attempted to redeem Ren, something she didn't expect, especially since the Kitomura had earlier mentioned feeling 'jealous' of him. She let her eyes shift between Yukito, Ren, and Daidouji-Sensei, completely mind blown by the events taking place.

"If you're willing to go that far… Suzuki-san. You better be thankful for Kitomura-kun's intervention. Detention lifted."

A warm smile crossed Nemui's lips, glad that Ren wouldn't be in trouble after all. She was glad that he wasn't receiving the third degree anymore, but she wasn't exactly sure why Yukito practically leaped forward to lend a helping hand. She hoped that he was not still preoccupied with his insane notion that she had feelings for Ren, because she didn't. She was fully confident that she felt only a sense of friendship towards him, and she wished that Yukito would realize that as well before he made any future situations to come far more difficult than they needed to be.

"Thanks, Daidouji-sensei."

Class continued on as normal, and before she knew it, lunch time had arrived. She stood up, stretching her arms above her head with a silent yawn. It felt nice to move her body, seeing as it felt as though they had been sitting still for days. Her eyes shifted to the clock, then her bento. Her packed lunch made her remember something from earlier. Ren seemed to have been bothered by something, so she approached him now that it was appropriate, "E-Etto...Did the dog eat your lunch..? If not, would you like to eat lunch together? I-It's okay to say no!" She stated in a nervous manner, but she simply wanted to distance herself from Yukito at school, and Himeko was far too close to Yukito. Sitting with Ren would give her some physical distance from her new brother and primary cause of the never-ending glares she was currently receiving.


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Shin did not fine the need to answer back when his female seatmate offered another word of thanks. He wasn't exactly sure what for as he simply stated what he thinks. He just continued drowning himself in the the waiting game and would occasionally allow himself to listen to the teacher's lectures which was mostly useless to him in his honest opinion. For most part, the class continued without anymore hassle. The only thing that can be noted was the sudden loud sound of lightning filling the room like electricity. It was at that point Kurumi suddenly stood and excused herself.

People appeared not to connect the dots from that reaction, but somehow he believed that her getting out of the room was related to nature's spectacle of loud lights. It was rather strong for a reaction. This meant that she was very scared of it. Well, he wasn't going to say something about it. It's normal for people to have something they fear. It is even true to him. Yes, he does fear. That's why he didn't spare any attention to it and focused himself on other things, like classes and just like that, time passed on. He would at times converse with others who would initiate small conversations, especially the girls.

The teacher was actually having a hard time making the class behave around him and even towards the new girl. Somehow, he does feel bad about the teacher who was rather upset since everyone was more attentive of them than the lessons. Well, that's life and that's when lunch finally came. The bell rang meaning that morning classes have ended and that instantly lit up his mood. He was going to find where Yukito's classroom is and ask the guy to lunch. It shouldn't be that hard since he knew for a fact that the young pop idol was famous even more so in this school.

He didn't have those boxed lunches and no one is going to prepare anyone for him in this case. It is only right that he get his lunch at the cafeteria. It was at that point, some of the girls immediately surrounded him, asking if they could have lunch together and the dreaded if what was on the magazine was true. He really didn't have time for this, but he must adapt. He politely turned down their offers with telling them that he would make it up for them next time since he has an appointment with someone and then, he denied any truth to the article. It was all in a day's work he would say and that was when he heard the familiar voice of his seatmate, Kurumi.

She handed his jacket back since she doesn't need it judging by her appearance. "Okay. Thanks." He took it and aptly wore it and that's when he got a whiff of something foreign. "Strawberry?" He muttered under his breath as the surprise registered on his face briefly. He then looked back at Kurumi. "Is it your perfume?" He asked out of curiosity. It's not because he hated it as he listened to his answer. "It's nice. I like it." He stated while taking another whiff of the scent from his collar before properly wearing it. He just didn't close the buttons. "Later." He then left the room and began his search for Yukito.

On the other hand, the said Yukito was having a fun time with Nemui. Her flustered reactions were something he would like more to see. This is his sadistic side speaking actually, but he was a bit disappointed when she settled with calling him by Fuwa. It wasn't an issue really. For now, he would let it go at that and soon enough classes ended for the morning and lunch was underway. Thinking about it, he didn't prepare any boxed lunches. It had slipped his mind as he inwardly shrugged about it. There was always the school cafeteria. It would suffice for now. He then stood from his seat as girls and even boys surrounded him in a dozen. Everyone was asking about eating lunch with him or those who were brave enough wanted to confirm, if Nemui was truly his sister.

ImageOf course, he answered it all as pleasantly polite as he could. He confirmed that Nemui is indeed his soon-to-be sister. There was no help in denying that. Plus, it would also allow him certain privileges now it has been exposed. From the corner of his eyes, he could see that Nemui went to Ren. The guy had thanked him earlier for his intervention, but there was something else that interested him, that interaction between him and Nemui. Yukito was surely going to use that to his advantage in the near future. He was only taken from his moment when his classmates if they could join him for lunch. Well, he had no other plans and was about to answer when someone else did for him. "I'm sorry, but I would like for him to have lunch with me instead."

At that point, girls immediately screeched in surprise and in delight, because there he was in all of his glory, Shin leaning casually at the doorway. Yukito could not help but inwardly rolls his eyes. He wasn't selfish in terms of attention. He was fine sharing it. It is also a fact that Shin was such a vision and that's why he's a model, but the screeching could be toned down. It's rather deafening. He might go deaf and that wouldn't be good for his career for starters. He then released a soft sigh and that playful smile was on his lips. "I don't believe I made an appointment with you, Leech-kun." Yukito retorted with all of his cheerful politeness as his orange eyes landed on Shin. He should have known the guy would seek him out quickly. As for the said man, he shrugged his shoulders and removed himself from the entryway and casually took a seat in an empty chair beside Yukito. The one who owned it was probably off having lunch somewhere.

Image"It's Shi-Shi, and since you are technically my senpai, would you not be kind to your kouhai?" Shin offered a smile at the end which made those around them blush furiously. Yukito sighed at this and contemplated defeat, since the man was using their status in the agency. That's when he remembered someone inside the room which would be entertaining. "I see, but would it not be disrespectful to your girlfriend that you would chose lunch with me than with her." His eyes of citrine gold held nothing malicious about anything. It was like declaring that it's raining outside. Shin raised an eyebrow at this and shook his head. "What are you saying? That's---" Shin said as he looked at the direction where Yukito pointed and his eyes of lavender widened slightly in surprise. "It's you, that girl..." He muttered under his breath.

Yukito then stood from his seat. "I would be leaving you both to it then." He then went towards the exit as Shin quickly returned his attention to the younger boy. "Huh? Wait, Yu--" Yukito smiled at him. "You better clear things up. No one wants a player, Leech-kun. I'll see you later then." He exited the room with only a wave of hand while he had that devilish smile inwardly, because his outward appearance never betrayed any of his malicious deeds. As for Shin, he released a rather frustrated sigh and could feel the stares from the other students. It was like piercing wanting to know the truth between him and this girl who he had thought never to see again.

In regards to the other newcomer to the school, Aina was rather pleased in the overall experience she is having thus far. Everyone was rather friendly including her seatmate. When she told him about something on his face, he immediately removed. "It's all gone now. You did a good job, Kitomura-san." She noted as she pulled away and settled comfortably in her seat. She was like that for the remainder of the classes and she was rather studious as she listened intently to the teacher. The thunder and lightning did not bother her as much as her seatmate is concerned or another girl in the class who excused herself. It made her wonder if the girl was fine. It would be terrible if she got sick or something. Perhaps, she could offer some medicine. Her grandfather is quite the apothecary.

She jotted it down and soon lunch had arrived. She stretched her arms forward and noticed that Kitomura was already out. He must be going to the cafeteria for lunch. As for her, she prepared her own packed lunch. She took it out as other of her classmates mostly boys asked to have lunch together. She did not see any harm in that and was about to agree, but the girls quickly blocked it and instead invited her. "Why don't we all eat lunch together?" And that is what exactly happened, as they all eat together. Aina's friendly and comforting presence made the transition of having lunch rather a pleasant experience. It was at that point, they started to leave her when Kitomura returned, but not before saying that her cooking was exceptional. Well, it is.

ImageAina was oblivious that Kitomura rather has a bad personality reputation which most students try to be out of the way for. Soon, it was just her and Kitomura but then, the female student who was not feeling well appeared and gave him a bento. That was a very nice gesture and the two seemed to know each other. She gave them their space as she simply jotted the events in her journal to remember by. She was only startled a bit when she remembered there was still some fruits she packed for deserts. She took it out and then opened it which revealed it to be strawberries. It was quite a lot since someone gave them to her grandfather. It would be best if she shared them. She was still in her thoughts when she heard Kitomura saying oishi, that meant delicious as she looked at him.

"I'm glad you're enjoying your lunch Kitomura-san." She warmly smiled and then remembered her strawberries. "Oh, would you like some for dessert?" She added as she then showed him the strawberries. She was unaware that it was something that her seatmate liked it very much and here she was going to share it to everyone in the class.


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(Ignore the words on the GIF, it was the only rain one I could find. xD)


Himeko had just removed her bento and chopsticks from her bag, but she immediately dropped them on her desk. Thankfully, the boxed lunch did not open, but she didn't even glance to check on it. She was mortified as she stared at Yukito and his companion. It was THAT guy, the guy she bumped into yesterday, and the cause of this huge mess! What was he doing here, in her class to beat it all! Her blood was boiling. She couldn't tell what he was saying to Yukito, because she never was any good at reading lips, but she didn't care. The fact that those two were friends, suddenly didn't surprise her very much. They physically complimented each other, which kind of sickened her more. She lost a bit of respect for the white haired male for associating with someone as cocky and teasing as Yukito. Perhaps it was just a bias? Likely. Did Himeko care? Not really.

"I see, but would it not be disrespectful to your girlfriend that you would chose lunch with me than with her."

"Eh?!" She asked in a surprised tone, blinking several times to make sure that she had heard him right. Immediately Himeko rose from her desk, smacking her hands down on the wooden surface with a glare, "I am NOT his girlfriend!"

"What are you saying? That's--- It's you, that girl..."

She didn't even hear what Shin said, to the boy in return, mostly due to her loud denial, but when she saw him saying something quietly while looking in her direction, she immediately grew irritated. Why was he acknowledging her!? Especially after Yukito had said 'girlfriend'! Was he TRYING to spring about more rumors!?

"I would be leaving you both to it then."

"You can't go around spreading lies then tuck your tail between your legs, you scardy cat asshole!" Himeko snapped at Yukito in a loud tone, her teeth gritting now. Despite being quite pretty, she definitely had a temper. She also had it out for all males. She began to imagine the violent things that she would do to Yukito, but since he was across the room, she'd have to make mental notes for later. She'd never catch him.

"Huh? Wait, Yu--"

She was a bit surprised when the other guy tried to stop Yukito, but she shoved her thoughts aside. He was probably just asking the guy to wait for him. She doubted that he intended to tell the truth about the article. Why would he? Guys enjoyed being able to say that they had been with multiple girls after all. Whether it was true or not, she was now seen as one of his hookups by the general public at the very least, and that angered her even more.

"You better clear things up. No one wants a player, Leech-kun. I'll see you later then."

"The next time I see you, Kitomura-Teme..." Himeko hissed, clenching her fist tightly. Her left eye was visibly twitching out of irritation. She wanted to pummel Yukito to death, but she had a feeling that several of the girls in the room would get in her way before she got a chance to strike him even once, at least right now. She'd wait for a chance some other time, but she vowed to herself that she would let him have it if she ever got another chance.

She noticed the dagger-like glares that she was receiving, a sour expression crossing her lips. She thought that she had squashed this for good, yet she was once again caught up in this mess, "He might enjoy the publicity, because it boosts his popularity, but I don't want it." She snapped, her voice not nearly as cheerful as usual, in fact she looked fairly pissed. Her eyes were narrowed, her her voice was sharp, demanding attention. Her tone refused to accept nonsense, and her stance was strong. She was fed up with this, but in truth, she felt alone. She didn't want to be friends with any of the boys, and thanks to this guy, all of the girls would hate her too, "I don't want anything to do with this guy. Honestly, I don't care about boys, especially attention craving ones." Her voice was a bit lower, and she was slightly shaking under everyone's gaze. Despite her strong front, she was utterly terrified. Was it happening again? Would she have to switch schools again? Why was she always judged because of this school's pretty boys?

She grabbed her bag and shoved her way through the crowd, stopping near Shin, "I have no feelings for this guy, he's a stranger to me. He's all yours, he's not my type anyway." She stated to all of the insanely jealous girls in the room, wishing to get them off of her back at any cost. She didn't care about his feelings, after the way she was treated in middle school, she felt that boys didn't have hearts anyhow. Her gold eyes kept straight at the wall, but she whispered to only Shin, "Tell your boyfriend that I don't give a shit who you are, and I don't need or want this attention that circles you... Just stay away from me." She had a strong start, but her voice finally hitched toward the end, when she demanded that he keep his distance. She wanted to befriend the girls in her class, which would never happen if this news article didn't blow over. He was ruining her high school experience before it even got a chance to start.

As the class began discussing whether or not to believe her or the news article, Himeko could feel tears beginning to swell up in her eyes. This felt just like before, and the faint whispers were driving her nuts. She had to get out of here. Painful memories of Kurou denying her love confession and the bullying that followed were surfacing, and she didn't want anyone to see her like that, because they'd probably misunderstand the cause of it, or worse, remember her.

She was so upset that she left her bento and chopsticks on her desk without taking even a bite out of it, but she had to get out of there. She made her way up to the roof. When she opened the door, she noticed that although the storm was over, it was still lightly sprinkling. She stepped out into the sunlight, approaching the protective fence that was put up to prevent suicide. She let her forehead press against the cold, wet metal and she gripped at it with both hands and closed her eyes. She was of course getting a bit wet, but she didn't really mind. In fact, it was helping to soothe her angry soul. This day is the worst, Ren.. In fact, there's a boy in my class named Ren too.. Every time that someone says it, it stings a little.. I wish you were here.. It's so hard without you, Ren..


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"T-That's a relief." Nemui didn't realize that what she had said was strange or could have been taken as a joke. She wasn't very comical, and seldom caught on to jokes when they were told to her. She was quite oblivious to most forms of humor, mostly because she didn't spend much time watching television, "Uhm, I-If you want we can print out copies from my textbook in the library until you get a new one...?" She offered, turning her attention the window and lowering her gaze. Though there was so much commotion in the room that she was distracted from her nerves for a bit. Yukito was giving the new girl a hard time, even though she knew that he heard her say the rumor was false.. Why would he do that... Revenge? Is he really that kind of person though?

"I forgot mine at home."

Nemui couldn't help but giggle at Ren's reaction before he told her that he had left his food at home. He wasn't intimidating like Kurou and Yukito, or even Yukito's friend that was in the rumor article Himeko was also in. Ren was somewhat silly, and easy to talk to, well easier. Nemui still was a shy person, so it didn't matter if he was Siri, she'd still get nervous while speaking.

"Y-you can have half of mine, I have a second set of chop sticks..just in case I drop mine." Then her cheeks flushed as she realized how sharing a lunch might have sounded. She sat the decently sized bento on his desk, then raised her hands in a defensive manner, "W-we don't have to eat out of the same compartments." She stated quickly. She read a lot of manga and deeply understood the meaning of an indirect kiss. She found it a bit embarrassing to eat out of the same rice that has touched the chopsticks that touched his lips, but the baked chicken was safe for them both to eat since they were in slices and did not touch each other. She knew it might have been strange to worry about an indirect kiss, but she had never even shared her bento before with a girl, let alone a boy.. But she couldn't let him starve, he didn't call the police on her for trespassing the night before, after all, "Y-you can pick whatever dish you like and I won't touch it with my chopsticks. T-The rice we can each pick one side to eat from." She was definitely nervous, but it was against her nature to not help out when she could, especially when he told her directly that he had nothing to eat. He had looked so pitiful, like a starving baby kitten... No, not like that. Not like that at all.. She did NOT want to compare him to a cat right now, or ever. She had bad luck with cats..

Before her mind wandered too far from having lunch, She opened her bento to present an arrangement of food including rice, macaroni, baked chicken, and scalloped potatoes. Nemui presented him with a fresh pair of unused chopsticks and pulled out her own chopsticks shaped like samurai swords. Nemui left to quietly pull a seat over to where the bento and Ren were. Once she returned, she smoothed out her skirt in the back and sat down. She waited for him to sit again, and clapped her hands together "I-Itadakimasu.. I-I'll eat the right side of the rice? Oh! D-do you like chamomile tea, Suzuki-San?" Nemui inquired and she pulled out a thermos filled with tea. She was definitely ready to dig in, but it would have been rude to not share her tea with him, wouldn't of it? She definitely thought so.


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Kurou Kitomura
Your strawberries surive.... this time!

Kurumi was not the only one plagued with memories of the past, though his thouhts weren't of the time they spent together, at least not entirely. Kurou could remember every sickening detail of the kid he used to be before his mother's death whenever Aina spoke to him, the one Kurumi had liked. Her words were always sweet and genuine, and that damn smile that irritated him too.... they were both things Kurou was guilty of in the past.

Sick. Disgusting. Foolish.

Could she just stop? She seemed so dense, and Kurou was used to people picking up on the fact he wasn't a very kind person anymore. But she didn't. Aina repeatedly attempted to interact with him, a smile on her face the entire time, and because Kurou was used to people immediately realizing he was not going to be their 'friend', he was put off by this behavior. Sure, in the past he'd encountered people who originally appeared as though they were just paragons of good, but they never were. All it typically took was one or two sharp, impolite responses, and they would drop their false personas and reveal their inner, selfish selves.

He liked them better like that.

So he was wondering what the case was here. Aina seemed genuine. Genuinely stupid. Only a fool goes out of their way to be nice to others, when it won't benefit them. It annoyed him almost to no end, those words laced with sugar. He still couldn't rule out the possibility she was a fake, however. It was even possible that she was out to cause him trouble. Maybe he did something to her in the past and she wanted some revenge? He did recall purposely making a big deal out of a breakup before, didn't he? But he didn't recognize her, so unless she went to some extreme lengths to plot out this revenge, then this wasn't her. And what would she even accomplish, were this the case? A "Ha-ha! I was really that one girl the whole time!", after getting "close" to him? Yeah, that'd happen. I've been watching too much TV or something...

Well, whatever her reason was did not matter in the end. She would suffer eventually. He knew that. And eventually she would take the hint, or he would have to get serious. So he should just get up and leave her to her....

...to her......



Aina, having been looking directly at Kurou as she spoke to him (presumably), would likely have noticed how she did not exist. At least not as far as Kurou was concerned. He had met her gaze as she began speaking, but as soon as the strawberries were revealed, his eyes locked on to them and nothing else. He was so focused on them that it took him a moment to snap back to reality. He instantaneously got suspicious. Is this it? Her goal? Is she trying to poison me? He thought that maybe his earlier theory was not so crazy anymore, considering she apparently knew his weak point, and was offering them to him. Well, he was on to her now!

Unfortunately, he still wanted them, whether or not he would die afterwards.

Kurou nodded to the offer before helping himself with little regard for respect. It did not take him too long to devour half of the strawberries himself, but because he ate two bentos, he was actually stuffed and incapable of eating them all, though it was very apparent he would have finished every last single one, if given the chance.

"They were good." he said, more to the strawberries than to Aina, before standing up from his desk. He still, however, needed to leave. Perhaps go somewhere where he wouldn't be found. That way, this girl couldn't watch the poison as it took to his body. He would die a happy man, knowing that she wouldn't be able to witness her plan's completion. That, and he really didn't want to hear or speak to her, or else he would eventually get more annoyed than usual. "See you later." So, he departed from the classroom after only looking once more at Aina, throwing away the trash he had a trash at the corner of the class, and headed out the classroom door so as to find somewhere he could be in peace until next class. Perhaps even then. But because of the raining, it was unlikely anywhere inside was going to be safe, even if it had lightened up, there would still be a lot of people inside. And, just like Aina, people weren't fun. Crowded, tight spaces always made Kurou unhappy. School was still as bad as anywhere else, but he had no choice and oftentimes focused on something else to help him feel more comfortable. That being said, he still didn't like them. So he figured a place where it was highly unlikely anybody else would be, given the weather. He was confident, too. After all, you there was only one place there where you couldn't get wet, and you did need to be leaning against the wall even then.

So that's why...

He was confused. Because there was someone else there. And they did not seem to mind the rain at all, letting the sprinkling pelt them without a care in the world, so it would seem from Kurou's perspective, given he was behind her. For a moment, he wondered why there was a girl out on the roof by herself. But that curiosity turned to irritation immediately, because it was possible she would try to bug him. He clucked his tongue accordingly, but decided he was going to stay up here because that's what he wanted to do. So, taking shelter under the roof of the exit onto the roof of the school, he remained quiet. Whether she heard the door close or not was of no interest to him. He just wanted some time to himself.


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"It is not like I detest having interactions with people. I just feel it would be too much for me to handle, so no forcing okay?"

The offer about getting copies of her textbook was a solution that was not going to give him a lot of effort. That's why he had no reason not to accept it in the first place. It would conserve his energy (another term for being lazy) "That would be good." Ren answered with that casual tone of his before letting his attention turned towards the commotion which was centered around Yukito, Katsukawa, and a new guy with white hair. Whatever was being said, Katsukawa threw into a fit of rage. Well, it was not like he didn't hear something about 'not her type' or 'girlfriend'. He just didn't want the effort of involving himself in something like that. It was going to be tiring and just cause him trouble in the end. He was sure of it.

That's why Ren instead returned his attention to Nemui who offered her bento to share with. Outwardly, there was no expression on his face, but his brown eyes shimmered in delight like a kitten who was given some delicious treat. Furthermore, those imaginary cat ears of his were now perking up. Well, this was a great bonus as he wouldn't have to worry about what to eat for lunch and the hassle of buying one. However, he was not understanding why she was really being defensive at the moment like eating in different compartments or something like that. It felt like he was going to infect her, if that was so, "Do you really want to share with me?" His question was to determine her aversion in having to eat together as if whatever he touches is banned from hers. He was not offended as there are reasons for that.

"You don't have to force yourself if you fear getting something from me." He added, but there was no animosity in it, just curiosity and he wouldn't want to force her. She was even asking if he liked chamomile tea. The answer to that would be. "No. It's fine." He really did not want it and it was not done to offend her. "I don't like tea." This was not out of contempt. That was simply the truth of it. He just likes water and other beverages were something in his preferences of dislike. That is just the fact of that. Anyway, there was another matter he would like to discuss.
"I can find another way to have a lunch." Ren suggested as he did not take the chopsticks offered to him even though the fact that the contents of the box were very enticing to him. He could already feel that his stomach is grumbling. It seemed that despite his very observant and perceptive skills, his lack of interest in the romance department had blunted his analyzation in terms of what Nemui was really concerned about. Whatever it may be, he waited for her response. It was only polite to do so. "It is not like I don't appreciate what you did. Thank you." He continued on as he bowed his head to emphasize that point and with those eyes of his gazed at Nemui. "I just don't want you to feel forced into doing this."


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For a moment, at least as far as Himeko was concerned, time stood still. Himeko began to lose track of time, but was woke from her daze when she heard the door close. The only thing that could mean was that someone was on the roof with her now, or that there was a ghost haunting the school, but the first choice seemed most logical. Great, has he come to taunt me or is it one of those girls trying to start trouble with me? Either way, she was definitely fed up, and wanted to just be left alone. Ever since her brother died, it seemed that no one ever let her have a moment to herself, her mother especially. She just wanted some one-on-one with her thoughts, but there was someone at every turn. This place was constricting, and she felt asphyxiated.

"If you're here about the article, then get lost! I don't want to talk about it anymore!" Himeko snapped in desperation without turning to look at her roof companion. Though curiosity eventually got the best of her, and she quickly tilted her head so she could peer over her shoulder. Her eyes widened for a fraction of a second, and a blush appeared on her cheeks. This boy was very attractive and seemed to be minding his own business well enough. ....Kito..mura...Kurou...? Why....Why now? ...Crap.. She mentally questioned, blinking a few times. Immediately her look of shock transformed into mortification. What were the odds that she would end up on the roof with the only person in the school that she wished to avoid more than Ogawa, Shin? An irritated pout formed on her lips and she immediately turned her head back towards the fence in front of her, "Oops, wrong person. Gomen ne, Kitomura." She stated in a halfhearted tone, but there was definitely a sense of enmity in her tone. She didn't even bother to use an honorific, or call him Senpai, despite the fact that he was a Junior and she was a Freshman. She was definitely being quite rude as far as manners were concerned, and she also indicated that she knew his last name, despite being a 'new' student that Kurou probably didn't recognize anymore. At least she assumed so, she guessed that he tormented so many others after she left that it wouldn't be logical to remember her. She wasn't particularly special back then after all.. The resentment she felt towards him was clear as daylight, but she offered no clarification as to why she felt this way. Honestly, her voice was revealing far more emotion than she initially wanted, but meeting him when she was already upset didn't do anything to aid her in concealing her emotions. She wanted to be more mature than this, but he simply arrived at the most inopportune time, ever. Let me guess, did you hear about it and decide to add fuel to the fire? Come to tend to an old interest? I won't let you tear me down like you did before. I'm not that shy little girl that I used to be... if you even remember her.

Himeko wiped her eyes for good measure, because if he was the same Kurou that once knew, he surely wouldn't stand for her snapping at him as she did, or her sassy attitude. Sure, she apologized, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was insincere and felt incredibly bitter towards him. Himeko was the human version of the term 'an open book'. Every single one of her emotions gave way, she was never good at concealing them. Whenever she was mad, she would throw things or shout. When she's sad, she'll cry. She was always a terrible liar, even in childhood, and has gotten no better with age. Not that she minds, she hates people who live by false pretenses, and is fine that she isn't a sufficient manipulator. To ignore the tense atmosphere that she created, Himeko removed her girly cell phone from her uniform blazer's pocket and checked the time. Unable to find another way to busy herself, she managed to locate a long pause in the conversation, and being Himeko, she absolutely couldn't handle a long pause in a conversation.

Despite her better judgement, she spoke up again, likely only fanning the flames, "Forget it, I'll just find somewhere else to go. I didn't realize that I'd have company. Class will be back in session in around ten minutes anyhow." Himeko stated venomously. She then ran both of her hands through her damp hair to brush out some of the water droplets. No good would come staying around Kurou, so if he had nothing else to say, she would soon take the hint to leave him to his thoughts on the roof.


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Kurou Kitomura
Wow, rude.

Even though he was always made uncomfortable during storms, it was never because Kurou hated the rain. Rain itself was actually enjoyable, and especially now that it was barely raining, Kurou could listen to it. The sound of the raindrops pelting the ground at the beat of nature was soothing in its own way. But with rain came lightning, and with lightning came thunder. Thunder was obnoxious and abrupt. It reminded him of the worst memory he still owned and he hated it. But it was not always that thunder needed lightning.

"If you're here about the article, then get lost! I don't want to talk about it anymore!" a storm nearly boomed.

Kurou jumped, having not expected the sudden outburst from the girl. He was not sure what it was exactly that she was referring to, but it certainly wasn't relevant to him. He regained his composure long before the girl turned around, his arms crossed and a very sour look on his face to follow. He certainly wasn't happy he was yelled at for now reason. Are most of the woman this year going to be this rude? he thought, though when he thought of Aina being the exact opposite, he preferred this in some ways. People being too nice just didn't sit well with him. But perhaps she had noticed her misdoing, because immediately when she turned her head to face him, her expression was priceless. Kurou's own expression lightened for a moment as he had a very difficult time resisting the urge to grin, though this as well didn't last long at all.

"Oops, wrong person. Gomen ne, Kitomura." she apologized, though it felt like anything but.

Kurou's eyes narrowed immediately as he was suddenly put on guard. He hadn't even spoke yet, let alone give her his name. While it was true that she could know him simply from gossip, that did not explain the tone she was using, which was sounded less friendly than the earlier one she was using. It was as if she knew him, and had a reason to hate him. But I don't know who this girl is, do I? He looked her over with little to no subtlety, not particularly caring about whether or not it would make her feel embarrassed or not. All he could really say was she was beautiful, and that he especially liked her hair. Wait.... that does look familiar.... But that's all it was. It was that vague sensation that you've seen it before, but you didn't have enough to go on to figure anything out. Perhaps he'd seen it on someone in a commercial, or an actress? Honestly, he couldn't figure it out and since it wasn't a strong feeling, he didn't think too much more about it.

"Forget it, I'll just find somewhere else to go. I didn't realize that I'd have company. Class will be back in session in around ten minutes anyhow." she broke the silence that had formed between them, her voice still betraying a complete lack of positive emotion towards Kurou. It reminded him of himself in a way, but his displeasure was directed towards pretty much everybody, not just one person, so it was nearly as strong a feeling.

Oh, he'd better say something before she runs away. He was curious now.

Kurou pushed himself off the wall and finally spoke to the girl."You know, I don't believe anybody's ever been this nice to me before." he began. "Why, with the way you laced my name with sugar, I had almost thought you were about to confess or something. You really do sound like you like me, after all. To what do I owe this admiration?" of course, every word was laced with almost the lethal dose of sarcasm and a heavy dose of obliviousness as well. He was unintentionally as cruel as he just was.


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This was indeed being troublesome more than he wanted to invest his effort in. Shin had decided to ignore this rumor mill and have the agency launched an official statement that he has no relationship with that girl in the tabloids. That it was just a misunderstanding and just a passing interaction between two strangers. It was already been approved judging by the SMS he received earlier while looking for Yukito's classroom, but that won't be the case anymore. He and that girl attended the same school, this would certainly feed the fires and Yukito was not certainly being helpful in the matter, more like the idol has no intentions of lending a hand at all.

Speaking of feeding the fires, the girl caught up with him in the rumors was like a blazing one. She was obviously a firecracker with that mouth of hers. He was right to think that she was different from those run-down the mill girls he had often been dragged to socialize with. He had only one problem with that. His eyes instinctively narrowed in displeasure which only lasted for a second. He is after all in front of an audience. He was fine if people speak nasty things about him. He's used to it all of his life. He would proudly say that he's immune to it, but it was a different matter when it comes to Yukito. This girl was earning points in his negative ranks, a place no one would want to be in.

He wasn't able to say a word since the girl took the high and mighty approach and left. It seemed his conclusion that was drawn last night about her being caught up in her own thoughts was true as well. She just took her interpretation and didn't care for the others. He understood the trouble of the rumors on someone like her and he didn't want that on anyone especially someone who was innocent in the first place. That's why... "Hey." His voice was low but was loud enough to make everyone else remaining in the room and others from the outside peeking in because of the commotion hear him. "She has nothing to do with me and those rumors are lies." His voice was calm yet stern, meaning that what he was saying at this moment was equivalent to a law.

"I would like it if you don't connect me with her any longer as it clearly bothers her and me. If you want details, I suggest waiting for my official statement later in the day. If you would excuse me then." That is all he would have to say about that topic. He then left the room without another word. There was no use after all staying there since Yukito was not there anymore. The students started to make their own conclusions and were actually pleased with his words because it meant, the ever-popular model was still a bachelor. As for the said person, he strode the hallways looking for Yukito. He was actually irritated and wanted to say a few things to that coffee girl in regards bad-mouthing his light. Shin decided against it, since he wouldn't want to further blacken his mood or be infected with idiocy.

That's when he turned to a corner and saw a group of guys, encircling his classmate, that should be the term. They were like a pack of dogs in heat and that was disconcerting not only to him but to the girl they had their eyes set on. "You should leave her alone." They looked at him and the guys instantly knew that he was someone not to be trifled not only because of his physique, but of his spreading reputation in school, moreover when he reached for one of the boys hand that held his classmate's wrist. He pried it off with enough strength to imply he was not someone to be messed with. "You guys should know your limits and pay attention to others." The group of guys immediately apologized and took their leave, more like have their tails tucked underneath their legs. "Malik-san, you should know when to say no. It's not a bad thing to do so." He noted as he looked at his fellow newcomer. "Be careful." He then continued on his way.


It seemed that Kitomura-san liked the strawberries which made her happy and bid her goodbye. "Yes, see you later Kitomura-san.". Aina said with a gentle smile and then she finished her own meal and took a few minutes to settle herself. There was still time before classes start so, she decided to take the liberty of looking around. She knew that it would be wasted since she would forget it tomorrow, and that's why she took her journal to write the directions down. It would be awfully suspicious to others if she had been here for months and still couldn't find her way around.

There were other students she passed by who were obviously gossiping about her. She does stick out like a sore thumb due to her uncommon features and the fact she's exquisite to look at. Boys ogled at her and girls envied her, but she was completely oblivious to it and not because she was arrogant or something. She was just simply not paying attention to it as she was fixated on her physical surroundings and taking down notes. It was because of that she bumped into someone. She recognized her carelessness and immediately offered her apologies. "Oh, I apologize for my carelessness." Her eyes of of silvery purple gazed at the one she bumped into. It was a male student accompanied by his friends. "I hope that you did not get hurt. Are you fine?" Her very existence radiated pure concern which was taken advantage by the boys who instantly identified her as a beauty to possess even for a while.

They started to speak over-exaggerated lies about having a broken bone and that she should compensate which she was actually willing to. "This is my fault. Please tell me what I should do to compensate." That was the boys' win as they began to ask her out and even started to grab her hand as she was going to be dragged to some place where they could do anything with her. She was increasingly feeling uncomfortable, but held strong as she was filled with guilt for causing harm. It was during that moment when a voice entered that roused her to reality. It was her fellow newcomer and from what she had gathered a famous model. "Ogawa-san..." She was surprised as Ogawa grabbed one of the boys holding her wrist and pried it off effortlessly.

It didn't take long before those boys left them while apologizing profusely and then Ogawa telling her to say no and be careful. He then turned his back at her and began to leave. She instinctively reached for him and grabbed hold of the ends of his jacket. "You seemed in a hurry, but I just want to properly thank you for your assistance." She then released his jacket and formally bowed her head, something she had learned to be a proper way in Japanese of saying thank you. However, she was the kind of person who show her appreciation in a physical manner. Not able to hold back her joy, she closed the gap between her and Shin and embraced him with her arms finding its way around his torso. "Thank you so much, Ogawa-san!" It was at that point that other students began to fill the hallway. It seemed, there was another rumor that would be going about with the every intimate and incriminating scene between her and Ogawa especially, when that playful yet polite remark echoed as a certain idol witnessed it, to Shin's further problems, and due to Aina's ignorant innocence.


Well, Yukito knew from the very beginning that Nemui's new female friend was an interesting person. School life was starting to be his own stage of entertainment and that wasn't bad at all. It also meant he won't be bored anytime soon. He wasn't even offended when the paranoia girl lashed out at him verbally. He actually found it cute like a hamster who didn't get it's meal. Anyway, that leech was there to clean it up. That guy was dependable on those matters, something like that of a dog who would stand by his side. He absolutely finds it pathetic, but it does have its uses. His mind was indeed becoming very dark which was the opposite of what he's presenting outwardly, like how he was having lunch with others in a friendly manner. He was even laughing a bit and joining in with their lame jokes. It was a perfect act that no one ever sees through.

He was even asked about Nemui being his older sister as he had announced it earlier and he answered it with an effortless. "Aren't I lucky?" matched with that smile of his. No one attempted further to pry and soon, they were going to return to their class. It was at that point, his phone vibrated, he had placed it on silent as he took a quick look what it was, apparently it was a call which he wouldn't dare to miss. "Why don't you guys go ahead first? I just have a call I need to take." He was soon left on his own as he found a place where he could not be interrupted and have a moment of peace with just himself and the one calling him. "Hello. Good evening. It should be night there, right?" He leaned on a nearby wall and a female voice filtered through. "Of course, I know. So, how is the shooting going on?" It was clear as day that there was deep affection seeping through his voice. It was far different from the ones he casually showcases.

"That's amazing, but that was a given with you. You should rest since you would have an early day tomorrow." His eyes crinkled in delight as he even taken a moment to chuckle lightly. "Ah, yes you are far older than me, but senpai is less mature than me." There was objection on the other line and he couldn't help but smile at that. "So, what is it that you had to call me for so late over there? It must be important." There was a moment of silence before it was answered and those words related to him made his eyes darkened ever so slightly. His hold on his phone tightened and his silence evident. "Oh... Ah, yes I'm still here. Congratulations to both of you!" He managed to end his sentence with joy though, his expression was the complete opposite of that. "So, I'm the first one to know? That makes me feel very special."

His eyes were now covered by his bangs and his head lowered, though his tone did not change from its upbeat nature. "I shouldn't hold you for too long senpai. He must be waiting for you and I do have classes, so..." He removed himself from the wall and approached one of the windows in front of him and opened it. The petrichor of the dwindling rain welcomed him completely to reality as he placed his arms on the sill. "It's no bother. I'll see you two when you get back then. Yeah, goodbye." The call ended at that as he lowered his phone and kept it. He took a deep breath and sighed. "Special, you say... Not special enough..." His eyes revealed itself as he looked at the scenery before him. That's when he noticed someone under the tree, a familiar face.

"What are you doing over there, Kurumi-san?" This was a good thing. He needed a distraction and she will do. There was his usual friendly expression. His eyes related a gentle concern and his lips revealed a kind smile. "Did something happen? Are you feeling sick?" He then removed his arms on the sill and instead placed his hands on it. There was not a second of hesitation as he pushed himself up and athletically got himself out of the window, and believe it or not, he did it with such poise. "If so, would you like to share it with me? They say that a burden is lessened even for a bit if you have someone take a share of it." He noted as he approached her and reached out his hand towards her, an offer to stand with that kind smile on his face.

"But, I won't force you." He added and whether Kurumi took his hand or not, it was fine with him. "We should get back inside, classes will start soon and I wouldn't feel fine if I leave you here alone, in the rain even if it's already weak." Whether, she answered positively or not, Yukito was forceful just a little bit though by holding her hand and pulling her towards the building. It goes without much saying that the students they passed by looked at them with jealousy and with gossip. It's because those two were still holding hands together and apparently, Yukito was not mindful of it. That was at that point in the hallway where another scene was unfolding as Yukito stopped on his tracks. His orange eyes widened a bit in surprise which soon reflected interest. There it was Shin and an unknown girl embracing each other. Shin's hands were on the girl's shoulders while the girl's face was filled with cheer while placed on Shin's chest. It was quite romantic.

"My, what a wonderful scene, Leech-kun. So, she's your real girlfriend?" He noted with his cheerful self and that friendly smile. "But, I suggest that lovey-dovey scene be limited. We wouldn't want everyone to be jealous." He was actually having a grand time even if outwardly, he was acting cordial and polite. That was when the the bell rang, meaning lunch was over. "I guess. It's time to go back to class then." He then looked at Kurumi which he noticed that he was till holding hands with. "Oh, sorry about that, I guess I just liked holding your hand. You won't mind doing that again sometime right?" He then released her hand and waved her goodbye as he proceeded to go to his class passing by Shin and the girl which would be known to him as Aina.


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"You know, I don't believe anybody's ever been this nice to me before."

She took a single, subtle step back as he finally decided to speak up, and part of her was tempted to leave the rooftop. She didn't realize it in her distress, but this roof was a lot higher than she had thought. It was starting to make her really nervous and dizzy, "E-Eh!? What did you say? Are you being a smartass?" Himeko hissed, keeping a tough front despite her fear of heights. Her right eye twitched a few times in irritation as he made fun of her, just like old times. He was still able to get under her skin with ust one sentence, which only enraged her even more in the end. Even though she felt no romantic feelings for him anymore, his words still retained a certain level of weight, and she couldn't understand how or why. It was mind boggling, and it made her want to pull her hair out in frustration.

"Why, with the way you laced my name with sugar, I had almost thought you were about to confess or something. You really do sound like you like me, after all. To what do I owe this admiration?"

Forget it, you're still just as vile as the Kitomura that I remember. Himeko glared, her fists gripping the edges of her uniform sleeves. She wanted nothing more than to punch his lights out, but she knew that violence would get her nowhere fast. Her brother Ren was a violent person, and all it did for him was put him in an early grave. She never found out what really happened to him, and that was the hardest part. She was rather startled when he mentioned 'confessing', and was terrified that he had finally associated her with the girl that he publicly humiliated, "Who would confess to someone you?" She asked in a defensive and mocking tone, quirking one eyebrow at Kurou as if the mere notion were absurd. She didn't feel the same way about him now, not anymore, once she realized what kind of person that Kurou truly was, she wanted no part of it. She couldn't believe that she had spent so much time pursuing a guy with such an ugly soul.. He had ruined her life here, and despite moving on, she could never forget that. She no longer held him accountable for the bullying, but part of Himeko couldn't help holding a grudge against him. The way Himeko saw it was; if they never would have abruptly transferred schools, then Ren would have still been alive today. Although she forgave him for what he had done to her, she doubted that she could ever forget what his actions brought upon Ren. Even if it was indirectly, Kurou put Ren on that path, and despite her typically forgiving nature, she's held a grudge against men ever since.

She almost took a step towards him, despite her better judgement, but the bell rang just in time to snap her out of her anger. She was glad to have had the wake up call, finding herself quite relieved that it caught her before she did something stupid, like busting Kurou's nose. That would have been a bit suspicious and she was almost certain that someone would have put two and two together if she had done something so blatant and personal, "Whattya know? There's the bell. Sayonara, Kitomura." Himeko mumbled putting harsh emphasis on his surname, not even bothering to wave as she made her way to the door, opening it and making a casual stride down the stairs as if nothing had happened. On her way down, she noticed a poster about tryouts, and signed up for cheerleading. She was a cheerleader before she left, but now she had the aspiration to become the captain. She had gotten a lot better at her last school, what with all of her pent up anger and all. Ren used to joke her that she only grew taller due to her hatred, because she was lactose intolerant, so she couldn't grow any because of milk. Somehow she kind of believed him, yet she eventually had gotten over her hatred for Kurou... yet it quickly returned the day the police officer knocked on her door with Ren's bloody Letterman jacket.

She wasn't out for revenge or anything, that would be petty, which was something Himeko typically tried to avoid becoming. Besides, how does one get revenge for a dead brother anyhow? It wasn't like she was willing to kill anyone to make things 'even'. Regardless of what she chose to do to Kurou, it would never be equal to her brother's life, at least not in her opinion. Though she was torn from these thoughts when a girl from her class named Ayusuri, Shino grabbed her by the wrist and drug her towards their classroom, "Wah!" Himeko called out, but kept up with the nerdy looking girl, despite nearly tripping every so often. She was glad to have another girl looking after her, but she didn't understand why this girl was helping her, "A-Arigato, Ayusuri-chan.." Himeko said to the girl who pulled her along. They passed the guy known as Ogawa, Shin, the one who she wished to avoid with another, not to mention, beautiful girl. She probably had unnecessary paparazzi lined up outside of her house, and it would no doubt continue for a week or so if it ever was released that they attended the same school.. Coincidences are maddening... This is so troublesome. I just wanted a fun and peaceful school year, how did I get stuck with this? She let out a depressed sigh, but was in the classroom before she knew it. The other girl smiled to her and offered for her to sit with her, which meant she'd be sitting behind Nemui this time around. Nemui wasn't back in her seat yet, in fact she was sitting with that boy named Ren, which perked Himeko's interest, but she kept silent. She sat down, even if it meant it brought her a little bit closer to that demon, Kitomura, Yukito. She made two friends, and she couldn't be happier that she got to sit near them both. First Nemui, and now Shino.. She felt so lucky, despite all the horrible things that were happening to her in the last two days. Himeko's eyes landed on her unopened bento, and she suddenly regretted leaving it behind. She let her eyes dart to the teacher's desk, smiling when she realized he was not yet present. She quickly leaned toward her previous seat and reach over to retrieve her bento. It was a long stretch, but she managed to grab it without losing balance. She sat upright again, letting out a relieved sigh as her stomach softly growled in anticipation. She hurriedly snuck a few bites in before the teacher arrived and put the bento back inside of her bag, as if nothing had ever happened. I'm so hungry.. Himeko thought to herself as she closed her eyes, wondering if she'd even be able to pay attention like this.


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Kurou Kitomura
Kurou Kitomura: Rivaling a neutron star in density since *DOB here*

||Thought Color = c2150f||||Speech Color = d6a91c||

"E-Eh!? What did you say? Are you being a smartass?"

Why yes, yes I am being a smartass, and I am glad you could tell.

The reactions he was getting from this unnamed girl were entertaining, to say the least. Perhaps it was a bit cruel to tease someone he did not even know, but she was being quite hostile, and judging from the intensity, he could not claim he did not know her with his full confidence. That being said, he could not figure out who she was just yet. So tease her he did. As he continued, he noticed it got to her more and more, especially after he mentioned a confession. Maybe she was unpopular and never got a confession herself? He could see that. Despite her attractiveness, she'd been nothing but aggressive since he'd arrived up here. If she was this way with everybody, then it wouldn't surprise him at all, hypocritical as it may seem. But he liked to believe it was just him, since the anger in her voice betrayed that she held some sort of contempt for Kurou himself.

"Who would confess to someone like you?" at this point, she seemed more than just angry, her hands keeping her uniform in quite the deathgrip.

So he continued, hoping to see just how far this anger would go. "Quite a few, actually. I've been getting confessions since I was 12, you know. Must be because I'm devilishly handsome or something" he shrugged his shoulders, still too dense to notice that she was one of the first to actually confess to him, despite giving himself a very big hint. Thankfully, he had never claimed to be a genius, or he'd have rosey cheeks right about now.

Before he could do much else, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch and his interaction with this girl. It was very hard to tell given her excellent ability to hide what she was feeling, but he couldn't help but notice that she wanted to get away from him as soon as possible. She left down the stairs without a moment's delay. Kurou shook his head. "People are just so rude nowadays." he muttered as he looked over the roof and then realized something. He was on a roof. He didn't realize it before because he wanted to get away from the physical manifestation of kindness, and then because he was dealing with that girl, but now he felt a bit nauseous. He quickly departed from the roof after he was sure he wouldn't just run back into that girl.

Class was not so far away from him that he panicked to get back. So he walked at a leisurely pace, trying his best to recall that girl from before. Aside from him being a dick just then, he couldn't imagine any reason she should be that mad at him. He could only think she was jealous of something, but even then he couldn't figure out just what that was. He begun to think back to when he was younger. Did he do something back when his mother di-----

....What is she even doing? Aren't there rules in place against PDA?

Whatever train of thought Kurou had just then was immediately cut off by the sight of Aina intimately hugging some guy, who Kurou would have assumed was her boyfriend if it weren't for the fact she had just got here today. Unless she knew him from somewhere else, or was just really quick at finding a partner. It was not as if he particularly minded, but seeing that kind of stuff in the middle of a hallway was not normal.

"You two know class is about to start, right? I would suggest finding a room if you plan on ditching, or hurrying up. Either way, nobody wants to see that stuff." he commented while briefly stopping next to them, then continuing to head to class once he'd finished.

Today is.... eventful.


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"Do you really want to share with me?"

Nemui was not expecting that question at all, because it wasn't what she meant at all. He didn't see a problem with directly sharing food that her chopsticks have touched? That's the only way she could fathom that they weren't on the same page. She was shocked, but she knew she had to say something before the misunderstanding stood permanently, "I-It's not that I don't.." She raised both of her hands gently, shaking her head as well. She did want to share, but she was just a little apprehensive. She didn't get sick very easily, so aside from her embarrassment, she would be fine if their chopsticks touched the same places.

She felt horrible for making Ren think that she didn't want him to eat with her, because she did owe him, and she had no idea how to fix it otherwise. This isn't going that well.. How is it that I always get in these situations?

"You don't have to force yourself if you fear getting something from me."

"I-I promise it's nothing like that..." Nemui replied in a soft tone, shaking her head one more time to reassure him, "It is just kind of a girl thing.. I suppose.. E-Etto..."

"No. It's fine. I don't like tea."

"Really?" Nemui asked, in a rather surprised tone, blinking a few times to make sure that she'd heard him correctly. She had always thought that tea was almost a universal drink, yet she already knew two people who disliked it. She couldn't control her facial expression, so a warm smile crossed her lips before a small laugh escaped, "You remind me of my ____, Kuru-chii."

"I can find another way to have a lunch."

Nemui felt herself deflating as this debate continued and she shook her head silently, "I-It's okay, I'm not afraid of germs or anything weird like that." She tried to reassure him without bringing a lot of attention to the two of them. Unlike Himeko, she didn't like to be the center of attention, and she couldn't handle everyone's eyes being on her. She just wanted to move past this roadblock and eat.

"It is not like I don't appreciate what you did. Thank you. I just don't want you to feel forced into doing this."

deciding that the two of them had misunderstood each other for too long, Nemui let out a short and slow sigh before forcing a determined expression on her face. Time was running g short and she did not want to finish her classes on an empty stomach, "I-it's not that. I just didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.." Nemui breathed the words out, half terrified of speaking honestly, but the other part of her was excessively relieved. She had to admit that it felt really good to finally get what she had wanted to tell him this entire time off of her chest in a direct manner. Somehow, Nemui still couldn't shake that he could somehow get offended by her words or possibly even misunderstand her again, "I'm not exactly someone that is a smart choice to hang out with.. I only said it because it's a little embarrassing, but mostly so no one gets the wrong idea about it and decides to pick on you too."

Nemui lifted up her chopsticks and retrieved a piece of chicken from her bento, politely chewing and ushered for him to eat quickly as well, swallowing before speaking, "C-Class is going to start soon, we should eat something. T-There isn't much time." She informed him hastily and ate her second piece, leaving two for him before starting at one side of the rice. She wasn't sure if he was convinced, but now that she caught a glance at the clock, All Nemui was concerned with was getting a bit of food in her stomach before classes started again.

She got to eat a little, but for the most part Nemui barely ate, not because she was sharing, but due to the time the two had wasted discussing their eating arrangements. It was a bit funny, and was definitely something she'd never forget. Nemui quickly cleaned up, waving to Ren before returning to her seat next to Yukito's. She wondered if they would sit together every day.. My hat would eventually cause her problems in the future... She could already tell that the glares on her back were far more intense than usual, in fact, until now, most of the class never knew that Nemui even existed. Yukito made Nemui infamous, and now that she had something to compare it to, she couldn't help but kind of prefer being invisible. Her life was going to permanently become far more complicated from now on, and she wasn't certain that she would be able to survive it. Oh man.. Why me? I'll never get to finish Moe Kare at this rate.. I'm gonna die...

The strict teacher waited for students to flood in, then began calling roll once more, and anyone who was not seated would be counted absent when their name came up, "Fujioka, Nemui?"

"Hai!" Nemui called out, raising her hand briefly, before lowering it in a timid manner. She was a bit louder than she intended to be, but her voice still held a fragile and gentle quality. She was just so distracted, what with all of the new changes in her life. It was hard to adjust when nearly every aspect of her life was altered overnight.